January 01:
The problems with the table we bought last year (2005) continue.  I was sitting at my computer and as I turned to say something to John and Justin (who were sitting in the living room)….I was stunned to find one of the chairs from the table sitting right next to me (to my left).  It was turned in a way that it was facing me…as if someone had pulled it out to sit beside me.  Justin claims that while he was sitting on the sofa playing his video game he just so happened to look up in my direction and saw the chair jerk outwards.  He said he was too scared to say anything and then next thing he knew I was commenting on the chair.  I didn't hear it move…I just know that chair wasn't there before. And the reason I'm so sure about it is because maybe 20 to 30 minutes before, I walked right where that chair was to get to my computer.  If that chair would have been there, I would have had to push it out of the way to get to my computer.  There's not much room between where the dining room table is and the aquarium.

January 03:
Corey stayed up late with me while I worked.  I was at my computer, waiting for a call to come in, he was sitting at the dining room table.  We were discussing his home school studies, when we were suddenly interrupted by light tingling sound.  I thought the sound came from the hall…he was closer to the kitchen and said it sounded like it came from in there.  Either way, we both agreed it definitely sounded like someone rang a glass bell….odd thing is…we don't have a glass bell!!  He walked all through the house clinking and clanking things to see if he could find the source of the sound, but nothing he did was the same sound we heard.

January 10:
Against my better judgment I began filming in the house once again.  For me…it was no different than walking through a thunderstorm with lightning rods in both hands.  But, it is something I know must be done.  Since having the recent voice recording analyzed, it has come to my attention that they (the experts in the field of electronic voice phenomenon) feel this recording was not just any typical evp.  It wasn't Uncle Henry wanting to say hello….no, it was something more sinister in nature.  I asked an expert why something would try so darn hard to make an attempt at contacting me.  His response was "It isn't….it already has".   So, once again, feeling as though there is something here and wanting to prove it to the world that it's not just a figment of my imagination.  I got out the ole Sony, turned on the nightshot and began filming.  And if you think filming in the pitch dark, with only the camcorder screen to guide you around isn't hard…think again.  I was attacked a few years ago, doing just this and it wasn't exactly a walk in the park.  The results were the same as before….orbs flying.  But I will say…the last time I filmed in this house….I got one or two orbs flying around…now I was finding that they were showing up in swarms.  At first I thought perhaps it was just dust particles circulating…but then when I flipped off the air conditioner and noticed that they were some how responding to my filming….almost as though acrobats putting on a show…I became worried.  I laid the camcorder down and filmed these things follow close behind me, as if to inspect my every move.  They were jumping out from over my shoulder, flying up to my leg and then swiftly backing away.  This wasn't just dust….if it was, I should be catching these things, selling them on ebay, making millions.  This stuff was equally fascinating to watch as it was disturbing.    Night after night, for about a week, I filmed through out the house…focusing mostly on the living room, hallway and dining room.  I would set up the camcorder to face the dining room table in an attempt to capture the chairs moving on their own accord, while I went to bed.  I had no luck.  It was as though what ever had been moving these chairs prior knew I was trying to catch it in the act and was outsmarting me.   After the first week, I grew tired of watching light anomalies flying around….and the chairs obviously weren't moving anymore….so I put the camcorder away and called it quits.   Would you believe the first night I didn't have the camcorder by my side…something unusual happened. It was as though something had waited for that moment to pull a fast one over on me.   I was sitting on the loveseat watching tv for a good hour or so when all of a sudden I saw something move out of the corner of my eye.  I looked over and got a good look at what it was….and it wasn't like anything I've ever seen before.  It was a dark misty looking shadow.  On the top part of it, which was slanting downwards, were these humps, lumps or circular shaped fin like objects. Then it seemed to just fade downwards towards the floor.  As I turned and looked at it, it just dove straight in to the wall.  I literally lunged up from the loveseat and ran to grab my camcorder.  We set the camcorder up on a table, in hopes that it would either return or we'd get something else significant.  I left the camcorder running all night, but never got one single orb or otherwise….we were once again, outsmarted.

Then last night, right after I got off work, I was working on a picture I wanted to hang in our hall.  It's a picture with a religious prayer on it written by the Saint Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio).  It's a beautiful prayer entitled "Stay with me, Lord".  Well….as soon as I began working on it, I started feeling as though someone was watching me.  Then it progressed in to light ticking, tapping type sounds….and worked its way up to what sounded like light shuffling and steps getting closer to me.  As soon as I would turn to look….it would stop.  I'd go back to working on the picture….and it would start again.  This went on and on, until it got so distracting that I had to pack everything up and go to bed.

January 16:
This actually happened Saturday, January 14th.  My sister Regina and a family friend Gail came over to watch the football game between The Patriots and Denver.  During a commercial in the 3rd quarter, Gail asked me about a bible I had sitting on the coffee table.  It was an "Open" version.  I showed her how it contained the New Testament and the Old Testament….explained it was like a learning bible…it has study references in it.  Then one thing led to another….we were discussing bible scriptures and then the conversation led in to our home being haunted, things that ghost do and why I chose to use religious provocation as a method to get the latest evp I captured in the dining room.  Well….  I had to start work that night at midnight….so about 11:28 pm; they said they were going to leave (just before the game was over).  I began getting everything ready so I could start working (I work from home on my computer).  Next thing I knew, the phone rang.  It was Regina.  She said that while she and Gail were walking through our yard leaving, they heard a sound behind them. Startled by it, they both stopped and turned around to look real quick, but no one was there.  Regina said she turned to Gail and said "Did you hear that?" Gail said she had.  She said they both agreed it sounded like a voice saying "Ha" behind them, in a low, deep…hissing sound voice.  They said at first, they thought Justin had snuck up behind them to scare them….but when no one was there, it really freaked them out.  Oddly, I worked until three that morning and didn't experience anything at all.

January 28:
I'm a little slow on my updates, so please bear with me.
This actually happened on Friday the 20th.  I was getting ready to leave home to go visit my mother for the day.  I was sitting in John's recliner, waiting for the kids to get their things together to go.  I looked over in to the dining room and noticed a lantern I have hanging on a stand was swaying back and forth, back and forth.  At first I didn’t think anything of it….just that it was moving.  Then when I saw that the other two lanterns weren't moving too…just the one….it hit me how bizarre that was.  I called out to Corey and Justin "Hurry, come see this!"  They came in and saw it swinging with full momentum, but as soon as Justin said he was running to get the video camera, the darn thing just stopped all at once. Even though this was really, really strange, I wasn't totally convinced it was anything ghost related until later that day.  I brought my mother back to our house.  My sister Regina came over for a visit….and I brought up how the lantern was moving to her, John and my mother.  I got up to show them how just the one lantern was moving and the other two were very still….but no matter what I did, I couldn't duplicate what we saw that morning.  Even John tried to get the one lantern to move…but it's impossible.  When the one lantern moves, even slightly….the whole stand kind of wobbles a little and causing all three lanterns to move, not just one.  But I saw it…the kids saw it….just this one lantern was swaying front to back, over and over.

This happened either Tuesday or Wednesday (the 24th or 25th).  I had gotten up early to start work.  I was sitting at my computer, answering calls.  At one point between the calls coming in, I heard the dryer door make the sound it does, when it slams shut…it makes a snap sound, when the door locks in to place.  I looked over….the door was closed… I thought well, maybe it wasn't the dryer door and just sounded like it…the window is closed, maybe the cat was at the window trying to get in and it just sounded like the dryer door.  So I got up to check.  I went to the window, looked out…no cat. I opened the window, called "Fry" he didn't come.  I thought well maybe he jumped off the windowsill and is at the back door…I went to the back door…called out…he didn't come.  I walked through the laundry room, in to the area that used to be our garage, but we're closing it in to make it a bedroom….and as I was standing in this room….all of a sudden I heard what sounded like someone up in the attic, jumping up and down.  It didn't sound like walking…this was like someone was just jumping up and down, over and over in one spot above my head.  I looked up and thought "what in the hell?" and it stopped.  I walked over to the door to get out, it was locked.  I walked back around through the soon to be closet, through the laundry room and back in to the dining room….in a state I can only describe as "shocked, puzzled…a little un-nerved at what I'd just heard".  I sat at my computer….took my phone off hold, started getting calls in again.  After a call, no sooner did I hang up my phone; I heard humming behind me, coming from the living room.  It sound like a child humming a few notes to a song…it lasted long enough for me to tell it was humming, but not long enough for me to tell what song it was.  I thought it was Justin awake…so I turned and said "shhhhhh…..I'm still working".  I turned around to tell him to go to my bedroom to watch cartoons…but no one was there.  I got up from my chair, checked where both kids were….they were both sound asleep.

February 06:
I was standing in the kitchen cutting open a bag of candy to put in a candy dish.  I heard what I thought to be Corey call me.  Just as I called back to him, John walked up behind me.  He asked me who I was talking to.  I told him Corey had called me and I was just answering him back.  He gave me a puzzled look as if he didn't understand what I had just said to him.  I once again; while John was standing there, answered back "What?....Corey…..are you calling me?"  No reply.  I walked in to the living room where I thought he was calling me from; John right behind me….Corey isn't anywhere to be found.  John then told me it couldn't have been Corey I heard because he and Justin are in our bedroom playing.  As I'm walking to our bedroom and the kids are just coming out.  I asked both of them if either had just called me…they both said no.  They went back in our bedroom, it wasn't even two or three minutes after I heard someone call me….I'm standing in the entryway between the living room and dining room, about to say something to John and I see a dark shadowy mist (no shape or form to it…just a blob of light gray, misty looking smoke or cloud) pass right in front of the grandfather clock…only it didn't completely pass by it.  Just as it got a little half past the center, where the clock door is, it just vanished.  I did a double take and John whipped around to see what I reacted and jumped to.  By then it was gone.

February 11:
Last night we were up until almost five in the morning, calming our weekend guest down after an apparent appearance by one of our ghost.  Toni and Avalon went to sleep in the guest room (which used to be John and my bedroom…we have since remodeled the garage and converted it in to our new bedroom).  They were up in bed talking for a while.  Avalon said she saw something in the bathroom, near the bathroom door.  She said at first she thought it looked like a bubble, the kind you'd blow with soap….but just figured it didn’t make sense to see a bubble floating, so she figured it was some sort of light reflection coming in through the bathroom window, like car lights driving on the next street over.  She said she didn't give it two thoughts afterwards and just continued talking.  Then they decided to go to sleep.  Avalon was in the bed closest to the dressers, facing Toni.  Toni was in the other bed closest to the bathroom, facing Avalon (her back to the bathroom).  Avalon said at some point (she hadn't fallen asleep yet, because she wasn't tired), she heard the air conditioner come on, then followed by the grandfather clock chiming three times. She briefly opened her eyes for a minute and that's when she saw a man standing in the bathroom.  She said he was just a dark shadowy silhouette.  She couldn't tell if the man was standing and facing them or if he had his back to them….because she couldn't see his face, but he was deep in the bathroom, near the shower area.  She said he was tall, with short hair, but couldn't make out anything beyond the chest area.  She closed her eyes and began to immediately call out to Toni.  They jumped out of bed and ran to get me.  After hearing what had happened, I wasn't too thrilled about going in the room to see if this man were still around.  But eventually, I did go to the room to grab the pillows and blankets for them to sleep on the couch and loveseat.  When I walked between the two beds to turn off the lamp they had left on, I walked right in to a pocket of hot air. It was as if I had walked right in to a heater….yet the rest of the room was chilly. (Listen to evp I captured in this area after our guest went home...on our evidence page)

February 16:
Since moving in to our new bedroom (the garage remodeled in to a master bedroom and the old master bedroom made in to the guest room), I've been experiencing something weird at night.  Not all nights....but every so often.  I seem to be waking up in the middle of the night and for some bizarre reason my attention is immediately drawn to the bedroom door.  We're not completely finished with the room…there's still more to do in the coming months, but one thing we did do was extend the duct work to the central heat and air to the new room….and we obviously didn't run the duct work properly because in these last few weeks, the room isn't heating as much as we'd like.  We usually keep the door closed, but it's been extremely cold in the room, so one night we decided to leave the bedroom door open in hopes some of the heat from the rest of the house would help warm our bedroom.  It didn't do much good.  Anyway, as I said, I've been waking up in the middle of the night and for some strange reason, my attention is drawn straight to our bedroom door.  Two nights prior, John and I were up in bed talking and he asked me how I liked the new room. I told him fine, but I guess he could tell by the tone of my voice, I was holding something back.  He asked me what was wrong…and I asked him if he had been waking up in the middle of the night, like I was.  He said he hadn't.  I went on to tell him how not only was I waking up, but for some reason, I found myself looking at the bedroom door….almost as though I felt something there, but couldn't visibly see it.  I told him I didn't know why, but had the feeling that either what ever it was can't enter the room or won't enter the room…..something's holding it back.  Two days later, I was conversing with Shaun, founder of South Florida Ghost Team….talking about the evps I'd sent to her through email to listen to and analyze.  I brought up the door thing…how I felt something was there.  She suggested that perhaps something was blocking it from entering the room.  I agreed and the subject of our upcoming investigation in March continued.  That very night, the invisible wall that prevented this thing from entering, obviously crumbled to pieces….because it was now in our room…or at least sounded like it.  I had gone to bed a few minutes after two in the morning.  I have no clue what time it was, but I once again, I woke up in the middle of the night. This is the same night we left our bedroom door open to help heat up the room.  I woke up…and as many times before, I found myself sitting up in bed, looking towards the bedroom door (now open door).  I looked and focused my eyes as best I could…..wondering if I'd see something in the dining room, roaming around….perhaps pacing, trying to figure out how to take that one tiny step in to the room.  Nothing there….I sat there, staring in that direction….sure I could feel it there, but not seeing what ever it was.  I decided "Ah….maybe it's my imagination….I'm going back to sleep".  No sooner did I lie back down, get comfortable, pulled the covers up to my face, something said something to me.  Only what it said made no sense.  What it said, would be what I would have expected it would have said if it were outside the room…not inside…and what I was hearing, was right up to the blankets, where my face was.  It said "Are you in there?".  Besides almost jumping right out of my skin, the first thought that popped in my head was "No, I'm not here, go away".  Then I started calling out to John, which led to screaming, poking and nearly kicking him off the bed to wake him up.  He got up, turned on the lamp and I told him what had just happened.  We left the light on all night long.

Two evenings later, my cousin Dean called me on the phone to chat.  One thing led to another…the conversation went from "How much did you and John finish the new room" to "Something's been hanging around our bedroom door and I think it's in the room now".  That conversation led to us discussing negative energies, demons…so on and so forth.  Which led to the discussion of being spiritually strong and how if you have faith, these things don't have a leg to stand on.  Well, obviously what ever was listening in on the conversation didn't like it because our phone conversation was immediately cut off.  The phone went dead.  I called him back…and he agreed it was no coincidence that right at the peak of our conversation when we were talking about these negative energies and how to lasso them and send them back to the depths of hell….the conversation went cold.  Ironically….a few days prior to my hearing something in the new bedroom say something to me, my sister Toni and I were having a similar conversation.  We were discussing her ordeal at our home the weekend prior….and I began explaining to her how she had to be strong in her faith and not let this stuff frighten her….when the phone went completely dead on her end….exactly like my call with Dean did.  So, what ever is around….obviously doesn't like the conversations we've been having about them.

March 14:
I don't know where to begin….
Last week, Tuesday the 7th to be exact…something happened that I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. I didn't want to jump the gun and assume it was anything paranormal related, but as other things began to happen…I couldn't help but wonder.  So, I'm including what happened Tuesday morning here.

I woke up to the dentist office calling to remind me about Corey and Justin's appointment on Thursday.  Justin has a heart condition that requires him to take antibiotics an hour before his appointments.  Anyway….I didn't have the number on hand for them to call the pharmacy, so I told them I'd have to look it up and call them back.  I hung up the phone….went to the bathroom and as I walked out of the bathroom door…I was hit with the oddest feeling that someone was right there, watching me.  It was a very intense feeling…but being it was so dark in the house (earlier than I'm used to waking up), I just figured that I was spooked walking in that hall in the dark.  Anyway….I made my way through the kitchen and in to the dining room to get the phone book to look up the pharmacy number.  Still…I felt something was nearby…watching me…staring at me.  But I dismissed it as nothing.  Well….I was looking up the phone number and the phone rang.  I picked it up…no one was there….but the line was open and I could hear odd little sounds like someone was there, but they weren't speaking. I kept repeating over and over "Hello…hello?"  No reply.  So, I hung up to disconnect the call so I could call the dentist office back.  I called, left a message that I had the info…please give me a call back.  Anyway….I made myself a bowl of oatmeal…was sitting in John's recliner eating when I heard loud pounding or knocking on the glass of the front door.  I jumped up, oatmeal still in hand….went to the door…no one was there.  Now…we live on an acre of land and the time it took for me to stand up and walk to the door….if anyone had been there and walked off…they wouldn't of made it out of the yard fast enough, unless they had rocket boosters on the back of their shoes.  I stepped out on the porch, looked around…no one, anywhere nearby.  I went back inside…sat back down and then Chewy (our small dog), began to bark like crazy.  The same kind of response he has when strangers come to the door.  I kept shhh him…but he continued to stand facing the door, barking and growling.  I walked over, while he was still barking….looked out….no one there.  Even though this all seems to be quite a bit to experience all at once….I just wasn't convinced it was anything paranormal…odd yes…but not anything I could definitely say for sure was ghost related….until a few days later.

I woke up…went to the bathroom…and while I was washing my hands I heard three distinctive knocks on the wall where the mirror is.  It sounded like someone was in the adjoining bathroom, knocking on the wall.  Figuring one of the kids got up and because I was in the front bathroom…they used the back bathroom…I just figured it was one of them.  But when I didn't hear the toilet flush or the sink come on…I started to wonder.  I called out "Corey…is that you?"  No answer.  "Justin…you in there?"  No answer.  I stood there thinking for a second…wondering who knocked on the wall.  So, I thought "What the heck".  I called out "Is there a spirit present wanting to communicate? Knock once for yes…twice for no".  No reply….dead silence.  I then called out "If you just knocked on the wall…will you please knock again"…no reply.  So, not meaning to yell out….it was more like I shouted out what I was thinking….I said something along the lines of "Damn stupid ghost…I'm sick of the games already".  Right then and there, there was just one loud pound on the bathroom door.  It sounded like someone either punched it or kicked it as hard as they could.  My heart leaped right in to my throat…and I knew right then and there…I shouldn't have said what I said.  But, still…not sure if one of the kids knew I was in the bathroom….deciding to have a little fun with me…I called out again "Corey…Justin…was that you?"  No reply.  I opened up the bathroom door…looked around…walked through the whole house, both kids were asleep in bed.  That very night….Regina came over and was in the spare room with Corey, both playing their guitars.  It got late and Regina decided to head home.  She said she went back in the room to pack up her amp and cords…and as soon as she walked in the room, she was hit with the most horrible feeling…like she needed to hurry and get out of there.  She rushed to get out and I ended up having to go back in there with her.

Then, last night (Monday the 13th), Regina and I were in the living room watching TV.  I looked over as Regina sat up and was apparently looking for something on the floor between the sofa and the coffee table. I asked her what she was looking for…and she replied that she swears she just saw a yellow cat, walk by.  She saw the tail sticking up as it traveled right past her…yet no cat was around.  We do have a yellow cat…but he's an outside cat and he only comes in through the doggy door in the mornings to eat and lay around for a little before he's out tearing up the neighborhood.  I looked around, but Fry wasn't in the house anywhere.

While updating this page...and I'm talking not even a minute ago....I'm sitting here, waiting for this page to load on the screen, when I hear loud stomping footsteps go in the kitchen (which is right next to me, but a wall is blocking me from seeing in there)...and it sounded like it stopped about where the stove is.  It took me a second to realize that Justin is sitting not even two feet behind me and Corey is sittting in the recliner, with his feet up, just beyond the wall to my right.  I just asked Corey to get up and walk around so I could see if it was the same sound I heard....it wasn't.  But when he started stomping his feet walking from the hall  in to the kitchen, it was almost exactly what I heard, except I also heard what sounded like clothes shuffling. Odd....I just finished typing the above and twice, I've just seen things moving out of the corner of my eye...like something is looking over my shoulder...but from a safe distance...a few feet back and slightly to my left.  Both times...when I turned to look....it took off real fast out of my view.  I'm not liking this one damn bit!!

March 19:
It hasn't been easy these last few days.  The night before the paranormal investigation was to be conducted (March 17th), my twin sister Rita and Regina were over watching TV with John, the kids and myself.  The next afternoon they came by to bring Justin a NASCAR jacket they found on sale.  We got to talking and they both agreed that while we were all watching TV, they both kept seeing movement in the dining room…twice…like someone walking by real fast.

Then the day of the investigation (March 18th), I was sitting in the living room, explaining to Corey and Justin that the investigators would be arriving at our home later that evening, etc… Well….right then we all heard what sounded like something crash to the floor in one of the rooms.  It was a very dull sound, like a bunch of boxes had fallen over and hit a wall or something. I got up to investigate and couldn't find any source for the sound.  Then I once again I began explaining to the kids what to expect while the team was here…how I expected them to be as quiet as possible and try to be on their best behavior when we were once again interrupted by what sounded like someone trying to push open the front door.  We all turned to look…but no one was there.  I tried calling the team to let them know what had been happening, but to my horror I discovered the phone lines were out…I had no phone or cell phone to call anyone.

I won't go in to great detail just yet what happened during the investigation…some pretty odd things happened but I will post here what happened immediately following…which I have to say, is very common after an investigation is conducted. I am aware of and the team did explain to me the possibility that the activity could increase due to the investigation.  More on that later.  Anyway….right after the team left….I was standing at the dining room table, putting my center piece back in place, when I heard in the kitchen this loud knock.  It sounded like someone was in the kitchen and slammed something down on the counter. I turned to look….but no one was in there.  Then I immediately went to bed.  I was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep….when I began to hear whispering…a male voice, softly whispering to me.  I thought to myself first "This can't be happening".  I listened closely, but couldn't make out any words…it was whispering much too low.  Then it quickly stopped.  I focused in on all the sounds inside and outside…the air vent, Chewy wandering around the room in the dark…etc…but nothing was even close to what I heard…but I figured "Must be nothing….maybe I imagined it".  Then with in seconds it started again….whispering…a male voice softly trying to say something to me.  I couldn't make it out; I tried listening as closely as I could….but nothing he said I could understand.  Then I said "No…I'm not listening…you have to go"…and it stopped.

The next morning…or I should say afternoon…because the team didn't leave until about five thirty that morning and I didn't go to bed until around six….at just after two in the afternoon, I woke up, fixed lunch for John and the kids….was so tired and drained I had to lay back down to take a nap.  I got back up an hour and a half later….went to get my shower…and something else happened.  After my shower, I was standing at the sink brushing my teeth…when all of a sudden, out of nowhere was this…I don't know what to call it….a black colored bird? Or something resembling a bird…came flying from behind me, whizzed right by head and flew right in to the wall by the mirror.  I got out of the bathroom, headed to my bedroom….motioned for John to follow me and I told him about the whispering I heard when I went to bed and then seeing this bird looking thing in the bathroom.  Well…I followed John in to the living, sat down on the love seat to watch TV…when Corey came rushing out of the back bedroom to tell him he heard pounding on the wall.  Justin went in the bathroom to take his shower right after I got out….so I figured what Corey heard was Justin horsing around in the shower.  I told him it was probably Justin making noises.  Later,  Regina came over to practice playing the guitar with Corey in the spare room and I went back there to talk to them.  Corey then explained to me that the sound he heard came from the corner of the room, near the closet area. Like someone had pounded on the wall in that area.  Exactly where the sensitive from the paranormal group stated she felt "one of" the negative energies hid out in our house.  I don't know what to expect from here on out….it was recommended we bring in a professional to rid these energies from our home…so we're working on getting that done…because we can't continued to live in this home with these things happening.

March 23:
Last night was a real hair raising experience.  Justin and I were in the living room watching tv.  John had fallen asleep on the recliner and Corey, Avalon and Adam were in the backyard camping out in Corey's tent.   At some point I heard sounds behind me…and I'm not sure what I heard at first, it was loud enough for me to take notice, but not distinguishable enough to know what it was.  I leaned my head to the side to see if I could tell what it was and where it was coming from, but what ever it was…had stopped…so I figured maybe it was the ice-maker or something…I didn't know and wasn't concerned about it.  A few minutes later, I heard something again…only this time, it was very clear and distinctive what the sound was.  It was the sound of footsteps, dragging slowly down the hall….and even though it sounded as though it was moving very slow…it seemed to be getting closer quite quickly.  Next thing I knew, I was hit with….how do I explain this??? It was like for one second I was sitting there and was listening to these footsteps approaching and as soon as it registered in my brain what I was hearing….at that moment….that very moment it sunk in, it was as though something just rushed up to me. I jumped up from the sofa and screamed "Shit!"  Took off towards the TV and Justin was pretty quick on his feet, because when I turned around, he was right there beside me.  I yelled John's name a few times to wake him up, he sat up and I told him what I had just heard.  He got up, went to the hall and while he was walking down the hall to go to the bathroom, I knew then….what I heard was footsteps, because it was very close to what I was listening to as John walked down the hall.  When he came out of the bathroom, I asked him to stop and walk to the end of the hall and walk slowly towards me….but don't pick up his feet, just drag them….so I could see for sure if that's what I heard.  Listening to him come down the hall dragging his feet in his socks…I could tell that the sound originated at the end of the hall or one of those back bedrooms.  Now the point where I felt that it just leaped and rushed up to me was about when John got up to the bathroom door.  The sound of him walking beyond that point was much closer and louder than I heard.  Now, this morning I started walking down the hall towards the living room and ironically just as I get to the bathroom door….is exactly where if anyone were sitting where I was sitting last night, they come in to view if you're in the hall.  In other words…let's say Corey wanted to surprise or scare me….if he were sneaking down the hall…as soon as he got to the bathroom door….he would see me sitting in the loveseat.  So…this tells me that this thing, what ever it was coming down the hall…as soon as it got up to the bathroom…it could see me sitting in the living room…and it just took one huge lunge at me.   I have to admit, it wasn't that I was startled or caught off guard….what ever came at me, scared the hell out of me, I felt really threatened.

March 24:
Last night, Rita and Regina came over to practice the electric guitar with Corey and Avalon in the spare room.  I went in there to check to see how things were going and to share with Rita and Regina what the investigator and I had discussed on the phone about the preliminary results our investigation….what they've gotten so far.  While talking to them, Rita said she didn't know why, but she started to feel very dizzy.  All of a sudden she seemed to do a double take, looking out the door.  She said she could swear she just saw someone peeking around the corner at her.  I jumped off the dresser (where I was sitting) and ran to the hall and looked around, no one was there.  She got up and went to the hall to show me what she'd seen.  She said it appeared to be a tall man, wearing like a Dick Tracey type hat and he just peeked around the corner real quick and then he was gone.  Oddly…something very similar happened to the founder of the paranormal group that came to our home to conduct an investigation this past weekend.  While Shaun (the founder and head of the main division) and I were in the kitchen talking, she looked down the hall and said she just saw what appeared to be someone peeking around the corner at her.  Rita didn't know about this incident, I hadn't spoken to her since the day before the investigation. It's very interesting they experienced nearly the same thing. Then later that night, after Rita and Regina went home...something else happened.

Corey, Justin, Avalon, Adam and myself were in the living room talking.  I was reading a Woman's World magazine (there's a page dedicated to "Guardian Angel" stories).  I was reading this month's stories to the kid's…and explaining to them how they can ask for a sign from their angels.  Anyway, right in the middle of me reading the first story, we all heard a loud thug come from the hall.  It sounded like someone had fallen and hit the wall real hard.  Avalon literally leaped in one single bound from the love seat to the long sofa where Adam and Corey were sitting.  We discussed the loud sound and I told the kids not to worry about it...trying to play off it was nothing to worry about…it had a logical explanation.  As our conversation went on, Corey and I were talking about prayers and how important it is that he pray everyday, so on and so forth.  By now, Adam and Justin had fallen asleep and only Corey, Avalon and I were awake.  John had been in bed for hours (he had to get up for work at four in the morning).  Anyway, while Corey, Avalon and I were praying out loud, there were three loud…I mean to tell you very, very loud thugs on the living room wall, near one of the book shelves I have on both sides of the tv.  It was so loud that it basically interrupted us finishing praying.  So, we discussed what the loud pounds were….then went back to our prayers…and once again, right in the middle of our prayer, it happened again, only this time it was two, loud pounds on the wall.  To me, it sounded like someone hitting the wall with the ball of their fist.  Now, I thought maybe we were being too loud and were keeping John awake…and he was pounding on the walls.   So, I went to the bedroom to see what was up…but he was fast asleep, with one leg hanging out of the comforter, snoring away.  When I came back to sit down; Avalon kept glancing in to the kitchen towards the hall, like she was seeing something.  I asked her what she kept looking over at…and she said she wasn't sure.  She said every so often, she would see like a bright light or something flash around the corner where the refrigerator was.  I got up and took a look around, didn't see anything, but I did feel strange in the kitchen, almost like I wanted to hurry and get out of there.  By the time we all headed to bed, Avalon and I pulled one of the mattresses out of the spare room and laid it on John and my bedroom floor to sleep.  Corey wanted to sleep in the tent they set up in the backyard, but after talking with him and letting him know that he shouldn't let this stuff frighten him from sleeping in his own room…he and Adam ended up sleeping in his room.   Oh….and I want to mention…I've actually started keeping a log of this….we're starting to notice on the nights when it's really active….John keeps finding that his alarm clock is shut off….I don't know what's up with that yet…but something doesn't want him to wake up on time.

April 16:
We were all in the living room watching tv….I got up to go make myself a cup of coffee.  Just as I was walking in to the kitchen, I got a glimpse of something in the hall.  I stopped and did a double take and it was gone.  All I remember seeing was pants and a belt….nothing else, except that.  The pants were either gray or light blue in color and I don't know why, but it was like the pants were too tight around the thighs, because I remember seeing gathers, like the material was pulling and tugging on the upper legs.  I can't remember anything about the belt, other than I know I saw one…the buckle may have been square shaped….but I'm not absolutely sure.  The very next night after I saw the lower half to a body in the hall…something odd happened in the back bathroom. 

Corey was in the front bathroom, so I recruited Justin to go with me to the back bedroom, so I could use the bathroom in there.  He sat on one of the twin beds right outside the door.  I didn't get any odd or strange feelings that I normally do when something's around, but there was something odd about the atmosphere around me.  My arms all of a sudden were covered in goosebumps and it felt almost as though there was static blowing in the air, brushing up against my arms…only my arms…and I rubbed my hand up and down my arm to feel the goosebumps and saw that the hair on my arms were standing straight up.  I was standing at the sink to wash my hands and decided to call Justin in there….not that I was feeling anything around me…but just in case there was something nearby.  I stepped out of the way of the door, he walked in and no sooner did he walk in the bathroom, he tells me "whoa, Mama…look at my arms".  I looked at the arm he was holding up and the hair on his arm was also standing straight up. I showed him my arm…and by now, Corey was outside the door yapping why it was taking so long for us to come out and what were talking about.  Justin ran out of the bathroom, Corey walked over to the bedroom door to wait on me and just as I turned off the light in the bathroom and walked out, Corey turned the light off in the bedroom on me.  It went totally black in that room…if it weren't for the hall light being on, I wouldn't have found my way to the door…that's how dark it was.   I yelled something like "Darn you, don't do that!" Closed the door behind me and went to the dinging room to work on my computer.  A few hours later, Corey and Justin came running in shouting that there was a light on in the back bedroom.  I went to see what was going on…and when I got to the door…there was definitely some sort of light illuminating under the door from inside the room.  I opened the door to find the bathroom light was on.  I know for a fact that light had been off….because I not only remember turning it off…but also when Corey turned off the light in the bedroom on me, it was pitch dark.  I know the kids would have never gone in there…no one dares to use that bathroom, except me, because of the things that we've all experienced in there….so that left only John.  John was in bed…so I woke him up and asked if by any chance he used that bathroom before going to bed and left the light on.  He said no, he used the front bathroom.  So…how that light came on, is a mystery.

April 21:
Well…last night I drove myself nuts trying to figure out what the heck was going on.  I stayed up until 3:13 watching TV….not because I want to, but because I've been working nearly every night until four in the morning and my whole clock is turned around now.  Anyway…I went to bed and while I was saying my prayers, I hear a bird outside, singing away.  I'm thinking how odd it is for a bird to be singing at that time of the night or morning…I've never heard a bird singing outside before…it was a very beautiful, soothing sound.  Anyway, after I finish my prayers, I'm laying in bed, trying to fall asleep…when Chewy (our little dog) starts to growl.  I flip on the light…he's in an upright position, just staring at me.  I turn off the light…he starts growling again.  I was trying to tune him out, figuring he must hear something outside that I can't.  Then our new kitten "Moody" starts bouncing off the walls.  I turn on the light…she's sitting in the big green chair, staring back at me, as if nothing's going on.  I turn the light off…she's back running around.  I again turn on the light, now I find her looking up; grabbing in to thin air at something…something I couldn't see.  It seemed as soon as I turned off the light it was either Chewy growling or Moody running around, keeping me awake.  Then suddenly it goes totally silent…not a movement, not a peep from either critter.  Relieved they'd settled down, I try to fall asleep.  Then it hits me…there's a presence in the room…I can feel it, but I can't see it.  And I have to say, it was like nothing I'd ever felt before.  I felt as though what ever was in the room, was someone I'd known…but wasn't very fond of. Almost like an acquaintance or co-worker or neighbor you don't like very much…but you try to be polite to for what ever reason.  It was like that…like this presence was familiar, but not on the top of my list of people I'd care to run in to.  It wasn't anything threatening. It was just a feeling as though I didn't like who ever was in our room, hanging around.  I can't explain it.  Then the next day….I went to my mother's and brought her to our house.  I had been outside, swimming in the pool with the kids….came inside and found her talking to…get this…a cat…an invisible cat.  First thought was that she must have been talking to our kitten "Moody"…but when I went to walk away…Moody was laying on the rug in front of the tv. in the living room.  Then I though…if it wasn't Moody, it had to be Chewy (these are the only inside animals, besides our birds and hamsters).  Chewy was in the kitchen…no where near my mother.  But I just brushed it off as having some explanation…and went on my merry way.  I drove her home, came back home and began to mop the floors. I'm in the hall…and what do I see? A white cat, just as it went towards the spare room.  Now, I have an outside cat "Zelda" and my sisters who live across the street also have a white cat "Cookie"…so I thought they must have gotten in the house, when I left the door open earlier to wait for my mom to come out to the car.  But when I went to the bedroom and looked around for Zelda or Cookie…there's no cat in sight.  Moody is all black and Chewy is brown/red…so it wasn't them…this was definitely a white cat.

May 03:
Things have been really, really peaceful around here….but not anymore.  We seem to have a mischievous ghost playing with the lights, pulling my hair and running through the house now.  I'm standing in the kitchen….pouring myself a soda by the light of the refrigerator and suddenly the kitchen light flips on all by itself.  This continued, day after day for a few days…I figured the light bulb is about to go out.  So, John replaces the bulb…no problems for the next few days.  Then, two nights ago, I'm standing at the refrigerator, cleaning the water tray where the ice melts and something tugs on the back of my hair.  I figured, John wants in the kitchen and I'm blocking his path.  Then my hair gets tugged again….I turn to see why he's pulling my hair, only John's not there…no one's there!  Then this evening, Corey is in the kitchen at the counter and he said he saw what looked like Justin run past the kitchen entrance, from the hall to the living room.  He didn't think much of it, until he heard me call Justin and Justin came out of his bedroom….he wasn't in the living room, where Corey thought he saw him run in to.  Then, tonight….I decided to wash the dishes by hand, rather than stick them in the dishwasher.  So, I'm standing at the kitchen sink drying the dishes when suddenly the light goes off.  The stove light is still on and the small light above the sink is on, but that's it.  I suddenly feel as though someone's behind me…not right at my heels, but more like there's a presence in the room with me.  I keep looking in the reflection of the window, wondering if I will get a glimpse of what I'm feeling around me…I don't see anything….but I can definitely feel it there.  So, I decide what the heck…I'm going to see if I ask for who ever turned off the light to turn it on….will it???  So, I say out loud "Ok…enough is enough…turn the light on…NOW!"  I count 1-2-3, the light goes on.

May 09:
Friday night (the 5th), after getting home from visiting my mother's, I walked in the house with my hands full of bags, laid them down on the stove....then proceeded to turn on the kitchen light.  No sooner did I turn on the light, it went off.  John was witness to what happened next.  Angry that the light went out I yelled "Turn that light back on...NOW!".  By the time I got out the last word...the light was on again.  A few minutes later, Rita and Regina came over to visit.  They went to sit down in the living room and sure enough, I was in the kitchen making a pot of coffee and the light went out again...and I yelled again....but this time I laid the rules down "Turn that light back on and so help me God, don't you dare turn it off again!"  The light flipped on and it's been four days now...and the light has yet to go off again.

My sister Toni and her two children (Avalon and Adam) came to stay that night, for the weekend.  After Avalon saw that black shadowy figure in the bathroom of the guest room….no one will spend the night in the guest room anymore.  They prefer sleeping on a mattress on the floor in our bedroom, on the loveseat or sofa and/or the recliner.  When I woke up Saturday morning, Toni had a real eerie story to share.  She fell asleep on the recliner….woke up and for some odd reason, thought someone else was up (she must of sensed something around).  She said she sat up in the recliner….leaned in the dining room…looked around….didn't see anyone so she leaned back in the recliner.  She lit a cigarette and suddenly; not only did she feel, but also heard at the same time, a swooshing sound behind her…and thought someone rushed up to sneak up on her and scare her.  She turned around real quick to see who it was, but no one was there.  She got so scared; she didn't know what to do, except go sit in the dining room to read until someone else woke up so she wouldn't be alone.

Then later that same night, she was in the dining room and I was sitting at the dining room table.  She looked down and started looking around.  I could tell she was looking for something…but figured she dropped something.  When I asked her what she was looking for….she replied "The cat…I just saw a cat right there" pointing around the table.  Knowing our two new kittens "Moody and Olie" were locked in our bedroom…it couldn't have been either of them she saw; but just to make sure, I checked on the kittens and they were in our room.  She must have seen one of the many phantom cats that tend to show up every now and again.

May 15:
Two very unusual things happened on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday, after guests we had over visiting went home, John and Justin went to bed, Corey went to his room to play his guitar and I stayed up by myself in the living room.  I was sitting in John's recliner, watching TV when out of the corner of my left eye I saw something near the window.  It was about a foot long and about a foot off the floor…running vertical. I tried to keep looking straight ahead and only slightly turning my eyes to try and make out what it was I was seeing and something else began to manifest higher up. It looked like an arm reaching for the curtain.  Without even thinking, I whipped around in the chair to yell behind me down the hall for my son Corey and right when I did…the tan mist was suddenly gone and a black mist reappeared a few feet from me by the coffee table.  Before I could even respond and jump out of the chair, it bolted right before my eyes…it split in to two parts. One part shot straight up in to the ceiling and the other part shot straight in to the floor.   By the time Corey to see what I screamed about, it was long gone.  I wasn't sure whether to go to bed right then and there or stay up and stand my ground…not let it know how terrified I was.  So…I stayed up and finished the program I was watching….Corey stayed up with me.  I went to the kitchen to put my coffee cup in the sink…and I heard what I thought was Corey say something to me from the living room.  I called back to him to ask him what he had said…walking back to the living room.  He said he hadn't said anything at all…he hadn't spoken….and he didn't hear the talking I heard either….it may have been the TV, I don't know…it sounded like Corey, but I could be wrong.

Sunday night, I was getting ready for bed…I had turned off all the lights, except the dining room light (which is the last light to turn off before I go in to our bedroom).  As I walked by the birds, I noticed the parakeet's water was low.  So, I took filled their water, gave them fresh seed…and while I was lifting their cage to put it back up.  I heard in the hall, what sounded like a skateboard roll by and in to the living room.  That definite, distinctive sound of the wheels rolling on the floor.  I didn't think anything of it…until I looked over my shoulder, expecting to see Corey in the living room behind me on his or Justin's skateboard….but no one was there.  I turned on the kitchen light…walked up to the hall entrance….looked both ways…no Corey…no skateboard.   Right then and there…I said to myself "Corey's playing a joke on me…I bet as soon as I turn the light on, he's going to jump out from the bathroom at me".  I turned the light on….nothing happened….except that weird feeling that someone…something was right next to me, about to scare the hell out of me.  It was just a strong expectation that something was about to happen…but it didn't.  I called out to Corey…he came out of his room. I told him what I had heard and asked if he was playing a joke on me.  He got his skateboard out of his closet…I went back to where the parakeets were and he rolled the skateboard to see if it was what I heard.  First it wasn't…he rolled it too fast.  But when he rolled it slow….it was exactly what I had heard.  Why I heard a skateboard roll down the hall and in to the living room, I don't know…but that is exactly what I heard.

May 18:
We've had a sudden burst of phantom cat activity.  In the last three days, I've seen two different, full grown cats…a black cat and a yellow ginger cat.  Tuesday night I was sitting in John's recliner and saw out of the corner of my eye a black cat jump on the dining room table.  Thinking our new kitten "Moody" got out of our bedroom and was roaming the house; I sat up in the recliner to see where she went so I could scoop her up and take her back to the bedroom….but found no cat anywhere.  I sat back down….a few seconds later….I see the same cat jump off the table, on to the chair and as I turned to look as it would jump to the floor…no cat….anywhere.  I got up…checked to see if "Moody" was definitely in our room…she was laying on the green chair in our bedroom.  I sat back down…minutes later, I see the same black cat, appear to come from our bedroom and head toward the kitchen.  I sat up….looked, no cat.  I resumed watching TV and out of the corner my eye, once again, I see the cat run by as if to go back to our bedroom.  I got up again, opened the door…."Moody" is still asleep in our bedroom…."couldn't be her".  I walked to the bathroom….no sooner did I get in the bathroom; the same black cat runs right in.  Only this time, it wasn't out of the corner of my eye…I saw it full view.  It was semi-transparent and as it casually walked from one floor tile to the next, it disappeared as if to walk in to an invisible wall.  I watched as this almost clear black cat vanished before my eyes from head to tail.  The next night…not one single sighting of the cat.  Then tonight (Thursday), I'm doing laundry and I pick up a shirt off the washer to fold, I see a yellow cat run from the memorabilia cabinet area straight at my computer chair I have parked next to the shelf by the utility room door.  I pop my head out and say out loud "where did it go?"  No cat….anywhere.  I call out to the kids to see if perhaps they let our outside cat "Fry" in the house….they yell back no.  I go about my business.  Then a little while later…I'm in the kitchen, pouring myself a glass of iced tea and as I close the refrigerator door and turn to pick up my glass from the counter…I see the yellow cat, laying on the counter, with it's paw resting on the edge of the kitchen sink. I don't know if it just disappeared before my eyes or I blinked or what happened…but the cat was there one second and gone the next….that fast…just gone.

June 01:
My apologies on being a little late on my updates….but I've been very busy preparing for a new position with the company I work for.  Anyway….this past Friday (the 26th), I was sitting and watching TV with Rita and Regina.  Suddenly I felt as though we were being watched…the feeling was as if someone were behind me (around the kitchen or hall area).  I turned to look…nothing/no one there.  I turned back around to watch tv, then reasons I don't know….I can't say that I felt that we were being watched at this exact moment, but happened to turn or I felt the need to turn and look towards the dining room.  As I turned to look…as clear as day I saw a mass of smoke (very similar to cigarette smoke…but thicker in mass and much darker) swoop in to the living room from the dining room and go straight up towards the air conditioning vent.  It's so hard to explain how it moved….because it happened so fast I couldn't keep up with it from the point I saw it to the point it was gone.  It curved upwards as if to go under the beam where the dining room enters in to the living room….and it curved up and trailed off and disappeared.  I naturally assumed if I saw it…Rita and Regina must have seen it too…because it wasn't a small amount, barely noticeable…this was a large mass...but they both said they hadn't seen anything.

Then on Saturday or Sunday…I believe it was Sunday (the 28th), Regina and a friend of mine Gail, were over visiting.  Regina and Gail were in the kitchen making themselves a cup of coffee and I was sitting on the loveseat.  All of a sudden to my right…I saw a cat who looked exactly like my kitten Moody (5 months old), run in to the living room and just as it got to the coffee table, like it was going to run under it…it vanished.  Regina was waking right behind it…and my mind told me that Moody was running to avoid being stepped on by Regina but when it vanished before my eyes…I knew this was no living animal.  I asked Regina if she saw the cat running in front of her…she said she wasn't looking down, but as she got up to where I was sitting…she saw me looking down at the floor and saw me move as if I were leaning over to get something off the floor.  I told her "I was about to reach out and grab my cat…until it vanished".

Then Monday, Memorial Day (the 29th), after I drove my mother home…I was in the bathroom and heard three separate knocks….all coming from different walls in the bathroom.  I mustered up enough courage to ask "who's knocking" and I heard one single knock on the wall by the towel rack.  I then asked "is anyone in the back bathroom?" No answer.  When I came out of the bathroom….John and the kids were in the living room and they all said they hadn't been in the back part of the house where the knocking was coming from.

June 25:
It has been insane the last couple of weeks.  A few weeks ago, I attempted my usual cleansing and blessing of our home.  I do this every few months, in hopes at one point…it will work…and this time was no different than any other…rather than it calming things down, it only fueled the fire.

The very night I cleansed the house, I was saying my prayers before I went to bed…as I do each and every night.  Right after I finished praying…I began to hear music and light talking…like a conversation consisting of not just a few people…but like a lot of people…I wouldn't even begin to try and guess how many different voices I heard.  Anyway….our son Justin refuses to sleep in his room any longer…so he now sleeps with John and me.  I sat up in bed, wondering where the music was coming from….because it honestly sounded like it was either directly in our bedroom or coming from the attic above.  Justin asked me what I was doing, because he was still awake when I sat up.  I asked him "Do you hear music and talking?" He said he didn't.  I thought to myself "I hope the TV in the living room didn't come on by itself again"….so I climbed out of bed…and the music and talking immediately stopped.  I walked over to our bedroom door, cracked it open and stuck my head out to see if I could hear anything.  I didn't hear Corey's TV on….the TV in the living room wasn't on…everything was totally silent.  So, I headed back to bed.  I climbed back in to bed…..closed my eyes…the music started again…I asked Justin again "Do you hear it now?" He again, said he didn't hear anything.  I got out of bed…walked over to the window, opened it….listened for a few minutes…thinking "maybe someone's in their driveway with the car radio on or something"….I didn't hear anything, except the usual sounds you hear of crickets and distant dogs barking, etc…  I never could figure out where the music and talking were coming from, but I will say that I'm an avid listener of music…I listen to a great variety of music….from blues to oldies to country to heavy metal…and the music I was hearing was nothing I recognized…I couldn't even try to guess what type of music it was…it was almost of a different era or something.

The very next day…..Corey experiences something.  We were all outside, doing yard work.  Corey ran inside to use the bathroom.  He came outside asking "Did anyone go in to use the back bathroom?" We all said "No, why?"  He went on to explain that after he used the bathroom, he went in to his room for a minute and heard what sounded like someone rattling the door knob either to the back bedroom or the back bedroom bathroom.  He said he heard the sound of a knob rattling and then a door close.  He walked out of his room and looked and saw that both doors were wide open.  He came outside to find all of us outside….which led him to think that while he was in the front bathroom, someone went to use the back bathroom and when he went in to his room, who ever it was, must have exited the bathroom….making the sound he heard.  But…no one had gone inside, except him.

A few days later….everyone had gone to bed and I was up, working on my computer alone.  I got tired and decided to go to bed.  I went around doing my usual routine of turning lights off, locking doors…feeding the fish.  I turned everything off….so I thought…until I came out of the bathroom and discovered the back bedroom light on.  I didn't notice the bathroom light was on also…so I reached in and flipped the light off to the bedroom.  Right when I went to close the door is when I realized that the bathroom light was on also…so I flipped the light back on in the bedroom….walked to the bathroom, flipped that light off and as I was walking through the room to leave….I felt this incredible feeling that someone or something was right on my heels.  I flipped the light off, slammed the door and proceeded down the hall.  At this point, the only light left to turn off was the dining room light, which is right outside our bedroom door.  I could not shake the feeling that something was right on me….that had I stopped it would have slammed right in to me…and I rushed through the kitchen in to the dining room and as I got up to our bedroom door, before flipping the dining room light off I shouted "I know you're there…stop following me!"  I went to bed without further incident.

This week….my niece Avalon and nephew Adam came to spend the week with us.  Regina came over to watch TV….I needed to use the bathroom, but Avalon was taking a shower.  I decided to use the back bathroom.  As I came around the corner of the back bedroom and got near the front (main) bathroom door….I saw what looked like someone with a flashlight, shoot a circular shape of light from under the bathroom door and it zoomed right in front of me and went under the door to Justin's bedroom.  I stopped…waited to see what happened next…nothing.  I rushed by the doors….went to the opposite end of the hall and stood there waiting to see if the light came out of Justin's room.  Meanwhile, Avalon came out of the bathroom…saw me standing there….saw the look on my face and rushed over to me asking "Did you see something?"  I told her "A strange light…it shot across the floor" We stood there together…but the light never came back out.  Now…what I saw…looked very much like what an orb looks light when I've filmed them flying around in the past…but it was slightly larger…this was about the size of a beam of light from a flashlight.  There are no windows in that area I saw it and Justin's bedroom door was closed….so it couldn't have been a light shining from a window…and it certainly wasn't one of the kids playing a trick, because they were all in Corey's room.  Normally….orbs aren't seen with the naked eye….but a few years ago, I did see something tiny and white whiz by head and shoot in the computer cabinet and I was told by a paranormal investigator, it sounded like a fast moving orbs.  Orbs move very quickly….but as I said, their normally not seen with the naked eye….but they can be seen…it can happen.

Last night…Regina and I were watching TV.  John had gone to bed and the kids were all asleep.  I began to smell what smelled like someone cooking something.  I asked Regina if she could smell it…it smelled like something being fried….her nose was stopped up, so she couldn't smell anything.  She asked me if it could be something I cooked earlier….I told her no, because we picked up fast food (hamburgers) and that had been hours before….this aroma was strong, like someone was cooking right then in the kitchen.  It smelled like breaded steak with onions….but I couldn't really pin point the exact smell…it was something being fried…something like that.  As I was sniffing around….looking towards the kitchen trying to describe what it was I was smelling…I turned around to talk to her…and right behind her, where a picture is hanging on the wall…I got a glimpse of a shadow shoot across the picture.  It just faded as it crossed the picture. I got up and looked in the dining room to see if anyone was in there, walking around, crossing in front of the hanging light above the dining room table, but no one was around.

Then tonight….John, Justin, Adam and I were in the swimming pool.  Corey and Avalon were in the living room, watching TV.  John got out of the pool to talk to talk to my cousin Dean on the phone.  I was watching and listening to John talking when I saw movement in the back bedroom window. What I saw out of the corner of my eye was a dark shadow go towards the window….and when I turned to look, it looked like it either backed away from the window or someone turned around and went towards the direction of the bathroom, in that room.  I said to the kids "I just saw Corey or Avalon in the back bedroom by the window".  Justin remarked that Avalon was probably getting dressed to come in the pool.  We waited, but neither she nor Corey came out to go swimming.  John got up to go inside, so I asked him to ask Corey and Avalon to come outside.  They both came out and I asked "Who was in the back bedroom by the window?"  They both looked puzzled at one another, saying neither…they were in the living room.  I asked Corey if he would go in to the room and walk in the bathroom…so I could see if I could see his shadow.  He did…and we all watched and waited for him to see him in the room….next thing we know, he's walking out the backdoor asking if we saw him….we couldn't through the white curtains.  So, I asked him to go back in the room…this time, walk up to the tree in the corner and then walk up to the window and look out.  He and Avalon went to the room….we couldn't see him or his shadow until he was right up to the window and pulled the curtains back and tapped on the window.  What I saw was dark….a shadowy figure and it was right up to the window, where the curtains were…it moved in one direction and then went right back in the same direction I saw it come from.  I can't explain how I saw a shadow figure through the curtains if I couldn't even see Corey until he pulled the curtains back.  Corey came out and got in the pool with the rest of us.  John got back in the pool….and I was describing to him what I saw, telling him how I wished he would have been in the pool when I saw it, he may have seen it too.  Corey, joking around said to me "I don't think the cleansing went well…I think their doing little stuff to upset you and their mad at you for trying to make you leave".  I told him not to say that…it sounded scary and I needed to go in the house to wash the chlorine out of my hair and make a pot of coffee…and if he kept it up, someone would have to go inside with me….because I didn't want to be in there alone.  Sure enough……I went inside, gathered my things to shower…I was putting conditioner in my hair when I heard three hard bangs on the bathroom door.  I turned off the water and shouted "Ha…ha…funny"…thinking John or Corey was in the house trying to scare me.  I pulled back the curtain….cracked open the door…shouted out "John is that you?"…looked down at the floor, expecting to see a puddle of water when they ran in from the pool and stood there banging on the door…no water…John didn't answer me back.  I quickly rinsed my hair, dried off and was getting dressed when I heard talking.  I once again tippy toed to the door, looked out to see who was there…it was Regina and Gail coming over for a visit and watch TV.  I asked Regina if she may have been banging on the door…she said no….I told her "Don't go anywhere…don't leave me in the house alone".  I got dressed, came out of the bathroom and immediately rushed to the back door to find out who came inside to scare me while I was taking a shower.  John swore up and down that none of them left the pool.

July 18:
After spending the whole day moving Corey's bedroom furniture in to the old master bedroom and moving Justin's furniture in to Corey's old bedroom….and then moving the spare room furniture from the old master bedroom in to Justin's old bedroom…we decided to take a swim in the pool to cool off.  We were sitting on the back patio relaxing after our swim….Justin decided to go in the house to get something to drink.  He was standing at the kitchen sink when he said he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He said he turned to look and right between the opening to the kitchen and dining room, there was a black shadow standing there.  He said it was so thick, he couldn't see through it…and it had a definite shape of a person.  He could make out the shape of a head, neck and shoulders.  I asked him if he saw arms or legs….but he said that it disappeared so fast he didn't have a chance to look it over.  I asked him how long it was there and he said "maybe to the count of two".  I asked him if he felt scared or anything….if he got any bad feelings, but he said "no…just that it startled me that it was standing there".  I asked if he thought it was a girl or boy….and he said he thought it was a man because he didn't see that it had long hair or anything….it had short hair and it was tall like his Daddy.

July 29:
This actually happened on Tuesday 7/25 night.  My sister Toni, along with her two children Avalon (13 yrs old) and Adam (11 yrs old) are living with us for a while.  Their looking for their own place in our neighborhood and decided to stay with us until something they like becomes available.  Anyway….I worked late…and the kids were still up, enjoying the last week of summer break.  I got off work and was in the kitchen making John and Toni a sandwich to take with them to work for lunch the next day…..the kids decided they also wanted sandwiches….so I called them all in the kitchen to ask who wanted what on their sandwiches.  Corey and Avalon came in, told me what they wanted and went back to Corey's room to watch TV.  Justin and Adam stayed with me in the kitchen.  All was quiet….when we "ALL" heard as clear as day, a male voice call Adam's name.  Knowing John had been bed for a while….I immediately assumed it was Corey calling Adam.  I turned to look at both Justin and Adam…and by their expressions on their faces, there was no question…they heard Adam's name being called too.  I asked Adam to go ask Corey not to be so loud because Toni was sleeping and had to get up very early for work.  Corey and Adam returned….and Corey kept insisting he had not called Adam…and soon brought Avalon to the kitchen to verify he hadn't.  Within that hour….the kids ate their sandwiches and were all in bed, except Corey.  Corey was in the living room with me, watching TV.  I was sitting in John's recliner and just so happened to turn and look to the dining room when I saw….in mid air….between the height of the top of the table edge and the top of the chair cushion….a black and white cat leaping like one of Santa's reindeer.  All I remember was two front legs, stretched straight forward and see the head and back of this cat as it flew through the air….then in a blink of an eye, it had disappeared…while still airborne.  Right then, I told Corey it was time to go to bed.  The next day, when Toni got home from work, I was telling her about the two incidents (Adam's name being called and seeing the cat disappear while leaping through the air).  She checked the calendar and sure enough…it was a new moon.  Now also....I can't swear by it, but the same night, I think I may have also seen the face of an apparition (and only a face or head)....I'm not absolutely, positively sure....so I'm a little hesitant about adding this event.  After Corey headed to bed, I was walking around, feeding the fish, locking the doors and turning off the lights and when I was standing at the light switch to the living room....I turned to look toward the hall way and for just a split second, I saw what looked like a face....a white face.  But in a blink of an eye.....where I thought I saw the face...it was no longer there, but rather three little white square pieces of paper taped to Justin's bedroom door.  I've sinced looked down that hall, every chance I get to see if somehow those pieces of paper if you look at them just right or wrong would form a face....no matter how you look at them....it doesn't look the same as it did that night...no face forms, no way, no how.  But who knows...I may have been just so tired, my eyes may have played tricks on me and I thought I saw a face....who knows (which by the way...the term for doing this is known as "matrixing").

August 24:
Something is obviously fascinated with our new houseguests….especially Toni.  Toni and I were at the sink washing dishes…I was looking down in to the sink, rinsing a cup…when out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like a very tall, dark figure appear out of no where behind her and it looked as if it were leaning down, looking over her shoulder.  I immediately took almost jumped to the side, but it was more like a very fast step away and I looked upwards (because this thing was tall…Toni is about 5'2 and this figure was towering over her), but when I looked directly at it, it was completely gone.  I immediately told her "Don't freak…but something was just behind you".  She shouted something like "sole le via" (Latin term or slang for "go away or get the hell out of here" and anyone familiar with this saying, feel free to translate or correct me on the spelling or definition…I'm not too familiar with it).  A few nights later…I'm sitting at my computer working.  Toni walks in to ask me something.  I answer her…she leaves the room.  She comes back with another question…only this time when she walks out of the room…and out of no where a shadow shoots in to the room (like someone ran in to the room)….I sat here, looking at the kitchen entrance…expecting Toni to walk in….only no one came in.  I began to put two and two together "If the shadow wasn't Toni's…then who or what was it?"  The next time she entered the room, I paid careful attention to see whether or not the lighting would play tricks on the way her shadow cast as she walked in to the room and as she left the room….it never happened again….no shadow what so ever, except while she stood in the room, what cast on the doorway behind her….that's it.  Very bizarre.  That very, very night…..while I continued to work….Toni finished up with the things she had to do and decided to sit in the living room and read her book.  We both heard as clear as day, rattling and movement in the kitchen.  John was out of town at a managers meeting…and all the kids were in bed….so we didn't know who was up. I called out "Who's up?" no answer.  I waited…called out again "Who's in the kitchen?" no response.  I rolled back in my chair, leaned over and asked Toni "Am I hearing things…or was someone just in the kitchen".  She said she heard it too.  When I rolled back to my chair back to my desk….real quick out of the corner of my eye, I saw what looked like someone had peeked in to the room….like they stuck their head real quick and leaned back to avoid being seen.  I then said "All right already…I saw you….you need to get back to bed"….no response (that I heard)…Toni said "I heard them".  I rolled back over to her and asked "What do you mean you heard them? What did you hear?" because I didn't hear anything…I saw something.  She said she heard someone make a sound as if they breathed in or sighed or sniffed".  I told her "I didn't hear that…but I did see something.  It looked like someone peeked around the corner in at me".  After that…nothing else happened the rest of the night.

Then last night, Regina came over to watch tv, Corey, Adam and myself were in the living room where Regina was…and we were all setting up a pin for Toni's kittens, so they wouldn't escape from the room she's staying in.  All four of us heard as plain as day a weird growl type sound come from where Regina and I were sitting. I was on the loveseat, she was on the long sofa…and I have the edges of the sofas touching, as if to form an L shape.  It came from the corner.  All four of us, looked at each other and said simultaneously "What was that" or "What in the heck was that?"  Everyone pointed their fingers at each other, accusing the other of making the sound….but we were all baffled, because each of us knew without a doubt in our minds, none of us had been the source of that sound.  For the next half an hour, we tried to figure out what the sound was and where exactly it came from.  Only Regina and I agreed it sounded as if it were near us….Corey and Adam heard it, but couldn't tell exactly where the sound originated from.  Another strange…unexplained event!!

August 31:
An old family friend and neighbor asked me if I would mind taking care of her two dogs and watch her home while she went out of town to visit family.  I was happy to help. It's only the second of nine days…and something paranormal has already happened to me in her home….while I was alone.   I was getting ready to get in my car to leave, when I realized I had forgotten my glasses in the house.  I went back in the house, ran over to the alarm system to disable it…turned the light on…found my glasses and as I was enabling the alarm again…I suddenly felt a strong presence right behind me…almost right on top of me.  It was as though something just rushed up on me and stood right there, right on my heels.  I didn't dare turn around….nervous and uneasy with what I felt behind me…I fumbled the numbers on the alarm a few times before I finally got it right.  Just as I was walking to the door to exit…a robot bank she has sitting on her dining room table blurted out "Thank You…have a nice day".  Any other time, had that stupid thing gone off I wouldn't have given it two blinks….but the fact that I'd been there two days already….in and out of that house….that robot never sounded off once.  Then of all times for it to speak up….right when I felt a presence.  Oh…I almost forgot….when I was standing at the alarm, just before I felt something come right up behind me…one of the dogs began to bark….facing me….but not looking at me, looking beyond me…behind me....that dog knew something was there, I have no doubt in my mind.  Thinking about it now…I was stupid not to turn around to look, because an intruder could have very well been in the house….but I guess it didn't cross my mind because I had just been in the house for almost 2 hours, caring for the dogs and knew I had the alarm set…so no one could have gotten in without me knowing.  But anyway…..now that I'm aware of this presence, I plan on taking a video camera and tape recorder with me tomorrow…just in case.

September 10:
It has been a really active weekend.  About 8 or 8:30 last night I was on a three way call with two friends….when I heard what sounded like three wrapping sounds come from the kitchen.  Corey and Avalon were in the room with me and my sister Toni was in the living room….they all heard it too.  My friends on the phone heard me ask out to everyone "Did you hear those knocking sounds?"  Pastor Wayne asked me what I was talking about and I told him and Todd that we all just heard three distinctive knocking sounds come out of nowhere (from the direction of the kitchen).  Then later that night, around 2 something in the morning, I was working (I work on my computer from home)….and I heard what sounded like someone rush from the direction of the hall way in to the living room. I didn't hear footsteps….but I did hear what sounded like clothes rustling together….but it was a very quick sound and I could hear it migrating from the hall in to the living room.  I turned around in my chair and looked in the direction of the living room, expecting to see the kids out and about….but no one ever popped out or showed up.  So, I turned back around in my chair…and don’t think for a minute I wasn't wondering what the sound was….because I was….but being no one was around that I could see…I didn't want to jump to conclusions, but I did have my suspicions.  Anyway, I was looking at my computer screen….when I heard what sounded like someone walking in the kitchen…dragging their bare feet…real slow.  At this point I thought "Ok….the kids are trying to scare me".  I called out…no answer.  I waited and called out again….still no answer.  I got up from my computer, walked through the kitchen….looked in the living room and hall….no one around.  I went to Corey's room where all the kids were gathered to see if they were walking around….all were asleep, except Corey, Justin and Adam….they were watching a movie…and they insisted they had not left the room.  I knew they hadn't already….because Corey's door is so noisy…that I would have heard it open.  Nothing happened the remainder of the night…but something odd happened the next night.

This happened tonight (Sept 10).  I had just let Chewy outside the back doors to use the bathroom.  I was standing (with the blinds open)…waiting for him to come to the door to be let in when he was finished.  While standing there…and I was maybe a half an arm's distance from the door….when the door knob began to twist and turn violently as if someone were trying to open the door, but were having difficulty getting it to open or as if it were locked.  I'm looking right through the blinds…and no one is there trying to get in.  Toni heard it too, because she walked over to me and said "What was that?"  I told her that the door knob was just moving…like someone trying to open the door.  We walked right up to the doors and looked out and Chewy was just starting to run on to the back patio to come in.  No one was outside that door.  Within, maybe an hour….all the kids took off outside, except Avalon.  She went to take a nap in Justin's room.  Next thing Toni and I know, she came in to the dining room and asked Toni and I who was rattling the door knob, trying to force their way through the door….it woke her up and when she went to the door to let them in…no one was there.  Toni and I just stood there with our jaws dropped…not knowing what to say.  I thought quick and told her it was probably just Corey, Justin or Adam…..but Toni and I both knew…Corey, Justin and Adam were outside in the back garage…no one, I mean no one was on that end of the house.

September 23:
Wednesday was like grand central station around here…starting around dinner time.  First….my sister Toni and I were sitting at the dining room table eating dinner.  I was facing the living room with my back to the French doors; she was sitting in the chair to my left.  We were talking back and forth, when all of a sudden she stopped talking and did a double take, looking at the floor behind me.  I didn't say a word; I just turned around to look down to see what she was looking at.  I could tell right away she saw something, by the look on her face.  I didn't see anything, so I turned back around to look at her and said "What?"  She said she thought she saw a black and white cat at Chewy's (our Pomeranian) food dish.  She said she saw it as plain as day and no sooner did she blink…it was gone.  Later that night, right after I got off work (I got off at 3 am)….I was at the sink washing what little bit of dishes were left over from everyone having coffee….when I saw out of the corner of my eye…something brown, like Chewy bouncing and moving around a chair that was kiddy corner between the kitchen and the dining room.  I thought it was Chewy. Assuming he wanted my attention to let him outside to go potty…I turned to look over at him…Chewy's gone.  Corey woke up about this time….so I asked him to find Chewy and let him outside….turns out….Chewy was in our bedroom the whole time.  So, I finished with the dishes…sat down in the living room for a minute to watch a little tv before going to bed, when I saw….I don't even know how to describe it.  It was like a little streak of faded pinkish-orange color light shot up from the floor in a 45 degree angle, straight towards the coffee table.  I turned to see what it was and where it went….nothing.  When I turned back around in the chair to sit straight, I saw a person in the dining room….well….part of a person head towards our bedroom….but he never actually got to the door.  It was like I turned to sit straight, saw this person….turned my head and looked straight at it and by the time it sunk in that I was seeing this person, it had already progressed ahead about a foot and was gone. I barely made out the head and upper body….there was nothing beyond the waist line…except an arm.  I saw it long enough to tell it was a young man….I couldn't even guess how old he looked.  He had dark hair, short and straight…thick….and I don't recall what he was wearing except that there was a white or light colored sleeve on the arm I did see…I couldn't tell if it were the right or the left arm….all I know is that it was sticking out behind him….as if he was swinging it while walking…only it wasn't really swinging and he wasn't really walking…there was absolutely no movement what so ever…only a smooth motion of him, I want to say…gliding. So I find myself sitting there, not knowing whether to go to bed…because this person just went in the direction I needed to go or stay up and take my chances on what else may or may not happen.  I sat there…and waited….and waited…..when it seemed like the coast was clear, no more mysterious cats or dogs or little lights shooting up from the floor or people gliding by….I went to bed.  And I didn’t actually fall asleep until after John got up to shut off his alarm clock to go to work.

October 1:
Even though I'm adding this as an October update, these events actually happened on Wednesday (September 27th) and Friday (September 29th).

Wednesday morning, I woke up to what felt like John caressing my check.  I could feel his hand as it made a "C" shape on my cheek from my jaw line up to the sides of my mouth.  I even had a tickle on the roof of my mouth from it.  I laid there thinking "what's he doing now?" (The reason I say this is because last weekend, I woke up to him tickling the bottom of one of my feet in attempt to wake me up to let me know he cooked breakfast).  So…I just assumed he had made breakfast and was trying to wake me up.  I opened my eyes and realized his side of the bed was empty.  I rolled over….and to my shock…he wasn't standing on the next to the bed either.  I got from point A to point B real fast…in one single leap.  I was at my bedroom door, looking back at my bed in shock.  I walked out of the bedroom, Toni was sitting at the table putting on her make-up and John was in the shower getting ready for work.  When John got out of the shower I told him what happened…he thought perhaps I was asleep and dreamed the whole thing. That would be fine and dandy, except I woke up to the endearing touch….and in the middle of it, woke up…laid there continuing to feel it, pretending to be asleep…opened my eyes and it was still going on.  It wasn't until I turned to roll over it stopped.  So I was fully awake while it was happening….besides…for some bizarre reason, I've remembered every single dream I've had in the last week.  Normally, I rarely remember my dreams…and in the last week…they haven't been actually dreams, they've been nightmares.  This particular night I dreamed I was hitting black widow spiders with a broom in my laundry room before they infested the entire house.

Friday night…I got up to go make the kids and me a snack while watching TV.  I had just gotten up to the loveseat where Corey was sitting when I heard an odd, almost high pitch thump in the hall.  I turned to look….and got just the very end of someone walking in to the bathroom.  It hit me that it couldn't be Toni or Adam…when the light didn't come on or the door didn't shut.  I stood there a few seconds, watching and waiting….still the door didn't close and the light never came on.  I turned around and looked at Corey, then Justin (who was sitting next to Avalon, who fell asleep on the sofa)….and Justin asked me "what are you doing…are you looking to see where that sound came from?" Both Justin and Corey had heard it.  They both described hearing the exact same sound I did.

October 2:
What a horrible…horrible night! (Sunday)  I was watching a show (Judge Judy) I had recorded earlier. The only other people up were Corey, Justin and Adam (Adam didn't have school Monday, so he stayed up late).  I put the show on pause for a second to run to the bathroom.  I walked up to the sink to wash my hands when I heard a dull knocking sound on the wall.  It was enough to get my attention, but not enough to put me on alert or anything (I just figured it was one of the kids in the adjoining room…which by the way is our old master bedroom bathroom…now our oldest son Corey's room.   I washed my hands….walked out of the bathroom and Justin was walking down the hall, heading in to the living room.  When we both got in the living room, I asked him "Were you just in Corey's bathroom?"  He shook his head no and asked me why.  I told him something like "Nothing…I didn't know if you were waiting to use the front bathroom, that's all".  He went on to look around the shelves for what ever he was in there for….went back to his room.  Five or so minutes later….he's back, standing next to the recliner where I'm sitting.  He asked "Did you just go in Corey's room?"  I told him "No, I've been watching tv….Why?" He said he saw someone walk in to Corey's room.  He described sitting in his bedroom, with both Corey and my nephew Adam.  He was facing the TV, watching them playing the game.  At some point, he saw what appeared to be someone walk real fast past his door and go in to Corey's room.  I immediately put the foot rest down on the recliner and headed to Corey's room.  We stopped just before we got to Corey's room so he could show me what he saw.  From what he showed me, the figure was about my height, maybe slightly shorter.  He said he didn’t make out anything specific other than it was dark or had on dark clothes.  I was wearing a dark shirt, so that's probably why he mistaken it for me.  We then proceeded in to Corey's room to take a look around.  I looked in the bathroom, looked around the closet...nothing strange…..until I stood in the middle of the room.  I started to get really, really dizzy and light headed….then I felt this enormous pressure on the on the top, right side of my head.  I don't know if I began to sway or what, but Justin asked me "Mama, what's wrong?"  I told him that I felt dizzy and thought we needed to go back to the living room.  By the time I got back in the living room and sat down…Corey and Adam came in to see what was going on.  I was feeling perfectly fine then.  I told Corey that Justin had seen something go in his room…and just before that, I heard knocking on the walls when I was in the bathroom…so I wasn't sure if maybe he and Adam wanted to sleep on the sofa or what.  At some point, I don't remember if it was Adam, Corey or Justin, but one of them asked "What time is it?"  I looked up at the clock by the TV and it was 3:18 am.  We all sat in the living room, discussing what would be best (for them to sleep in the living room…for them to sleep on the floor in my room).  Then I decided; before anything else, I would go back in the room and pray.  I went back with the kids….two us with bibles in hand….one with a cross…and we all began to pray together.  Justin and I both read out loud together, several prayers from the bible and I closed with a prayer for protection and made the sign of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Before I could even put my arm down from making the sign of the cross, both my arms were covered in goosebumps.  I didn't even say this happened, when Justin held up one of his arms up and said "Look at my arms".  We all looked at his arms and the hairs were standing straight up in the air.  I held up one of my arms and said "Look at this" showing them my arms were covered goosebumps.  We all headed back in the dining room and began talking about the bible, Jesus, Angels…Arch Angels…Michael the Arch Angel…etc…Corey even went on the internet and printed a picture of Michael the Arch Angel and I went back in his room to hang it up.  Funny thing…when I returned to the room….I wasn't dizzy anymore or anything…I felt fine….everything felt normal.  We ended up staying up until almost six in the morning.

October 10:
Sunday night (October 8th), I was working...when I turned around to find my niece Avalon walking in to the room (we're talking a little after midnight).  I found it odd she was up, because she has school the next day…so I asked her if everything was ok.  She didn't answer at first, she just looked stunned about something and her eyes were all red and watery.  I then asked her "Did you see something?"  She turned around and looked at me, then I asked "Avalon, did something happen?"  She shook her head yes and then began "trying" to describe to me what it was she experienced.  She said she was lying in bed….she had fallen asleep.  She woke up and at first, she wasn't sure she was actually seeing what she was seeing (because she was half awake, half asleep).  She said at first, it appeared to be a streak of light.  But she said, it wasn't exactly a streak of light…it looked more like a glass reflection…only what ever was reflecting the light wasn't there….only the reflection.  She described it as almost glass or metal looking….but so shiny; it looked like a brilliant, small streaming glow of light.  She said it disappeared.  She closed her eyes….opened them…nothing was there.  She rubbed her eyes (she said because she thought to herself "Maybe something was on my eyelashes").  She was staring at the aquarium across the room when the light appeared again.  She said it was in the same area as before, to her right, near her guinea pig cage, and then suddenly it appeared to shoot towards and out the window real fast.  She looked over and briefly watched as it disappeared again.  She said she closed her eyes again….but this time, a few minutes had gone by….trying to force herself to go back to sleep.  At some point, she decided to open her eyes again…just to make sure what ever it was…was gone…but it wasn't.  It had returned….but this time it was deeper in to the bedroom.  She said now it frightened her…because she wasn't sure why it kept coming back….and the fact that appeared to get closer to where she was, she took off out of the room to where I was working.  I had turned around in my chair, facing her (she was standing in the living room; I was in the dining room).  When she suddenly jumped back.  I said "What" and whipped around in my chair to look towards the two French doors…in the direction she was looking.  I didn't see anything, but she said she saw what looked like a black shadow sitting on the patio chair outside the window.  She said when I turned around in my chair it seemed to gather in to a large round mass and swell outwards, until it was gone.  The say she described it to me as if it had almost exploded (but that's not what she said….she showed me with her hands…this thing form in to a large ball and then threw her hands outwards as if to show me too faded outwards.)  I put my incoming calls on hold and headed to the bedroom.  I laid on the bed where she had been laying, in the exact position she was laying.  She came in the room with my son Justin…he stood near the bed and she described to me what she witnessed….showing me the exact locations of each sighting.  As I turned to shift my body in the bed…I saw up on the ceiling, just to my left a small cloud of smoke or fog.  By the time I turned my head to look directly at it…it was gone and then with in maybe a second….there was a tiny sparkle of light, just below where I saw the smoke.  Justin said "Did you see the light flash?"  He saw it too.  Avalon then said she saw a black mass behind me…almost like a shadow, but when I turned to see if what she was seeing was my shadow being cast on the wall….nothing was there, not even my own shadow…I was too far away from the wall to cast a shadow, I assume.  Justin and Avalon then drug the mattress off the bed to go lay on the floor in my room, so they could sleep in there, safely.  About an hour later…give or take a few minutes….Avalon went to sleep and Justin and Corey decided to stay up and sit in the living room (scared, I'm assume).  I heard…and both Corey and Justin heard it as well…a sound in the kitchen.  It sounded like someone had taken a metal utensil and hit a baking pan with it.  I called out to the kids (because I can't see them in the living room from where I sit at my computer)….if they were in the kitchen.  They both yelled back "No, but we heard a sound in there".  A few minutes later…a plastic cup that was sitting on the dining room table behind me, mysteriously hit the floor.  I turned to look, thinking either Corey or Justin came in the room to sit at the table….but no one was there.  They got up and ran in the room asking me who knocked the cup on the floor….they heard it hit and when they looked, it was still slightly coming to a stop, rolling back and forth.  The cup had been sitting about ¾ from the center of the table….no where near where it would be in a position to fall on its own accord.

October 14:
It's been a while since I've seen anything as weird as this….so bare with me as I try and describe it.  John, myself, my sisters: Toni, Rita and Regina along with our neighbor/family friend Gail were all in the living room watching tv.  Toni, Regina and Gail were on the long sofa, John in his recliner and I was sitting on the loveseat with Rita…then Rita left…so I was now sitting by myself.  Anyway….Toni was talking…I leaned over to get my cup of coffee…and as I brought my coffee up to my mouth to drink…I looked over towards Toni, who was sitting beside Gail.  Up in the air, about a foot above Toni and Gail's heads, slightly behind them….was a head…and only a head!  It was a man….it had slight color to it…yet, it was transparent…I could see the wallpaper behind it.  I can't describe the face, because I didn't see it long enough to focus on any features, but I did see that he had hair that was thick and curly…and the length was between where his ears would be and where shoulders would be (I didn't see either of these features).  When I saw it….I immediately did a double take and jerked backwards (how I didn't spill my coffee all over myself I don't know)….but it was shocking to see this almost hologram looking, large head just levitating between them up in the air.  It is probably one of the craziest things I've seen in this house, next to the headless cat and the torso with only arms.

October 30:
This actually happened Saturday the 28th.  I was working on updating one of my websites when Corey, Justin and Avalon decided to go outside and sit on the back porch.  Next thing I know, Justin and Avalon came tearing in to the house.  They had been outside watching the night sky.  Corey had come in to get the telescope.  During the time they were waiting for Corey to return…..they were standing in the backyard deciding which star they were going to try and look through the telescope at.  Avalon was facing Justin (which was in the direction the house is) and Justin was facing in a northwest direction (the back end of our property).  He said he was looking up….but when he looked down towards Avalon, he saw something white run by real fast at the end of our property.  When he told Avalon what he'd seen, she grabbed him by the wrist and they ran in the house.  When they first came in and Justin told me he saw a person running through the backyard, I immediately locked all the doors, not knowing if an intruder was in our backyard.  But as Justin began to describe what he saw…I realized he'd seen an apparition.  What he described was….he saw this person run out near one of the trees.  He said it looked like a girl or a lady. He said she was a very bright white color, glowing like a lamp….like she had a light bulb inside of her dress.  He said he never saw anyone run that fast before. He said she ran in the direction of the tree at the end of the swimming pool….but before she got to it, she disappeared.  I questioned him extensively about what he saw and he said when she ran by, he didn't hear any sounds…like the sounds of her running across the leaves on the ground…it was very quiet.  He also said because her clothes were glowing so bright, that's all he looked at, he didn't see her face. And he said her dress went all the way down to the ground.

November 03:
This actually happened Tuesday, the 1st.  My niece Avalon and nephew Adam had missed the bus, so I decided to drive them to school.  I woke up Corey and Justin to ask them if they wanted to go for the ride.  Justin wanted to go along, but Corey decided to stay home (he's almost 16 years old).  When I got home, I expected to find Corey fast asleep...instead I found him wide awake and anxiously waiting for us to get home.  Once again....our ghost always like to show themselves when someone's alone in the house.  He said he was laying in his bed after we left, watching tv.  Our cat Moody (who is a black angora) came strolling in and laid on the floor.  He was looking down at her....getting ready to pet her...when suddenly he saw another cat appear.  This cat was in the hall....peeking around the corner at him.  It too was jet black, but not fluffy like Moody.  He said he said to himself "Wait, if Moody's here....then who's that?" and as soon as he leaned up to go look....the cat vanished in to thin air.  He said even though all he saw was it's head, neck, shoulders and two front paws, he could tell it was a short haired cat....and very  young...like a teenage cat...not full grown like Moody and not small like our new kittens.  This was a thin, young cat. And Moody is the only black cat we own...our other cat Ollie is black and white but has a white face...and the kittens are calico, tiger and gray and white.

November 08:
This happened, Wednesday, November 07th....after midnight. Corey was in his room and said the cats (Ollie, Moody and three kittens: Autumn, Pee-Wee and Sam-I-Am) were starting to misbehave, knocking things down…playing and chasing each other.  Moody took off out of the room and went in to the front bathroom.  Ollie followed along.  Corey said he went in the bathroom and decided to turn the faucet on until it was barely dripping…to see how the cats would react.  He said they were totally engrossed with it, and Ollie actually tried catching the drops as they slowly fell from the faucet.  He came in the dining room, wanting me to go see how funny it was that Ollie was playing with the water.  I couldn't go right away because I was working, so I told him I'd be in there in few minutes, after I put my calls on hold.  About ten or so minutes later, Corey came back in the dining room….out of breath.  At first, I thought he was just excited and anxious for me to go see the cats….but then I realized that it wasn't excitement...it was fear. He said he was standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame…when he felt someone behind him. He said he could feel his shirt begin to touch his skin (as if someone were leaning in really close, touching his back)…and out of the corner of his eye, saw someone visibly behind him, looking over his shoulder.  He said he thought it was me coming to see the cats…but when he turned around to look…no one was there.  In Corey's own words:  "It didn't scare me at first, because I thought it was you standing behind me.  It was there about five seconds.  What scared me was when I turned around and didn't see you there….that freaked me out….because I felt something touching me….it was there Mama…right against my back, looking over my shoulder….man, that was so freaky and weird…something touched me…something had it's face right next to mine….looking over my shoulder….I can't believe it!"

November 12:
I am adding these events, only hours after they happened.  I was standing at the sink…my niece Avalon was standing at the stove.  Suddenly I felt this quick tug on the back of my shirt (where my back shoulder blade, upper arm is)….then very quick…hard…taps.  I turned around and said something along the lines of "Yah...or Huh?" but no one was there.  I turned to John (who was playing chess with Adam at the table) and told him what I'd just experienced.  I went back to what I was doing.  About 10 or so minutes later, I was putting pots away….as I stood up, I saw what appeared to be someone dressed in light colored clothing, come from the direction of the living room and appear to be heading in to the kitchen….except when I stood up to close the cabinet door so they could get by (not thinking it was a ghost), they rather continued down the hall.  I walked over to see who it was and to tell them they could come in, I was finished…no one was in the hall.  In fact, John, Corey, Justin and Adam were in the dining room…Avalon was with me in the kitchen and Regina and Gail were in the living room, watching the football game.  No one could have gone in that area of the house without coming back down the hall to leave…and everyone was accounted for.  Again….ten-fifteen-maybe twenty minutes later….Avalon saw something.  I was standing near the dining room doorway…Gail was making a cup of coffee.  As Avalon walked in to the kitchen…she walked forward…stopped…turned around and looked over her shoulder, then she looked side to side at the window, then  I saw her step back a few steps…then she walked forward again…back again…forward…and I asked her "Avalon, what are you doing?" She looked like she was doing some funky looking dance or something.  She said she could see through the reflection of the kitchen window, someone in the living room, standing in front of the lamp.  She said she saw almost like a silhouette of someone…just their neck and shoulders…blocking half of the light.  When she stepped back and turned around to see who was standing there…no one was near the lamp and when she looked back at the window to see if the reflection was still there…it was then gone.

November 24:
I was sitting in John's recliner, watching tv…when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye.  I turned to look to see what it was…nothing was there.  A few seconds went by…same thing…movement, low to the floor…but I didn't see it long enough to tell what I was seeing…all I know it that it was movement.  A few seconds…same thing, but now it was closer to the corner of the tv.  I turned to look…nothing there.  About five minutes by…when Justin called out to me (he was laying on the sofa).  He said he saw a cat walking by the tv…yet when he saw it, it wasn't the same time I did…but from he described, it was exactly what I had seen minutes before.

November 30:
My desk is set up in a small corner of the dining room.  The wall that my desk faces is the wall to the kitchen…and then to my left is the kitchen/dining room entry way.  This particular night (Monday, November 27th), everyone was scrambling to get ready for bed….it was just a few minutes before I started working (I work from home).  About five minutes in to my working…the house finally became quiet.  I don't know if I felt something there or I just so happened to glance over….but for what ever reason I did turn and look…I saw what appeared to be a black mist rush by as if it were entering the room I was in.  But….before it even got to the entryway…it vanished.  It was transparent looking…no particular shape or form…just like a puff of black smoke…it covered the entire front of the dishwasher and went as high as the pitcher of iced tea that was sitting on the counter top.  It moved extremely fast.  I don't know if it was because I was startled by seeing this thing entering the same room I was in or the fact that I saw so much of it for as long as I did…but I kept saying "Oh no…Oh no…Oh no" the whole time I watched it.  About two hours later….my son Justin woke up.  He came in the room I was in…by now, Corey was also up and sitting at the dining room table.  Which I found odd…both my kids were up.  But anyway…Justin got up from the table and was walking around the dining room table (closest to the living room) going towards the kitchen, when he stopped suddenly.  It was as if his feet became glued to the floor, but his upper body continued in a forward motion.  His mouth opened wide, I heard him gasp and then he squeezed his eyes shut.  I rolled back in my computer chair, leaned in to look in to the living room….nothing was there….that I could see….and I asked him "What?"  He said he saw a black shadow, walk up to the recliner….and stop.  I asked him if it was still there (because I couldn't see it…and Corey didn't say he saw anything), he said "No, it's gone".  He described to me a shadow, which was tall like a grown up, rush up to the recliner; stand by the arm of the recliner and when he stopped. He closed his eyes and when he heard me ask him "What?" he opened his eyes and it was gone.  I can't help but wonder if it was the same thing I'd seen earlier, even though what he saw, he described with a more defined human shape to it.

December 15:
I'm a little slow on the updates, sorry.  Tuesday the 12th I was working…it was somewhere between 1:30 am and 2:00 am (because Toni remember going to bed at 1:30 and this happened after she'd gone to bed).  Anyway…I'm working at my computer and I heard knocking at the door.  Very distinctive sound of knocking on the glass of the French doors.  Assuming Corey was still in the living room, because that's where he was when I started work…I called out to him "Corey, see who's at the door".  I heard a voice, as clear as day answer back "Ok".  I sat at my desk….waiting for Corey to come in to the door to look out the blinds on the French doors….he didn't come in to the room.  Again…knocking on the glass of the French doors.  Clearly the sound of someone's knuckles hitting the glass on the doors.  I once again called out to Corey "Corey….come see who's knocking".  Now, I was assuming, being I'm working and my sisters who live across the street know I'm working…didn't want to ring the door bell and maybe thought I wouldn't hear them knocking on the front door, decided to come to the back door…perhaps Regina forgot something here when she went home…I didn't know, but wasn't suspicious of it being a burglar or anything bad….just that someone was casually knocking at the door.  Right after I called to Corey, who this time I didn't hear answer me back….my phone rang and I took the customer's call.  I got off the call…and again…knocking at the door.  Three knocks…then there was a pause and then three more knocks.  I turned around in my chair, looked over at the door….it was locked….I once again called out to Corey "For crying out loud, are you coming to see who's at the door or do I need to put my calls on hold?" I then heard a response and though I'm not clear on what it said back exactly…I do know it said "Ok (as it did before) and it said something like "Ok, I'll check" or "Ok, I've checked"…it said definitely, very clearly "Ok" and very clearly  the word "check".  I sat at my desk and waited…and waited…no Corey.  He never came in the room.  I thought to myself "I bet he's checking the front door, rather than coming in here where their knocking".  I put my phone on hold….got up, opened the blinds…looked out…no one there.  I walked over to the kitchen window, looked out in to the yard...no one there.  And it couldn't have been more than two or three minutes since I heard the knocking last.  I walked to the living room, opened the front door, called out "Yoo-hoo"…thinking Rita or Regina would or should be walking through the front yard about now…but nothing…no one.  I closed and locked the door….looked around the room…Corey's no where in sight.  I walk to his room; he's laying on his bed, with headphones on, playing a video game.  I asked him "Why didn't you answer the door, like you said you would? Why are you in here?"  I could tell he was puzzled with my questions…and he said to me "Huh….what do you mean?"  I went on to tell him how he answered me back, not once…but twice that he'd see who was knocking at the door and instead came to his room.  He jumped up and said "Mama, I swear….it wasn't me answering you, I came in my room as soon as you started working".  I ran…not walked…but ran to our bedroom and woke John up.  He got out of bed, he went out the front door, I went out the back door, we looked all through the yard….no one anywhere.  After we got to talking about everything, John said "I don't think anyone was at the door." "It's funny that the dogs weren't barking….and funny that anyone if they were knocking to see if anyone was home would stick around after they heard you talking and knew someone was home….and funny that they stuck around, not knowing if you called the police".  So I asked him if someone wasn't there, was he saying I imagined it?  He said no, he thought maybe it was ghost….what else could it be?  I was shocked…to hear this coming from John….but it made sense.  There's no doubt…I heard knocking three times….and definitely heard out of the three times I called out to Corey, twice they answered me back…and it did sound like Corey's voice.

About three or four days later…I was sitting in the recliner watching tv…Corey was asleep on the sofa, Justin fell asleep on the loveseat.  I saw out of the corner of my eye a black cat (which from what I saw looked just like our cat Moody); jump up on the right side of the couch.  When I turned to look….there was no cat there.  Off and on for through out that week, I kept seeing movement out of the corners of my eyes…all over the house…just wisps of movement here and there.

Then tonight…not more than three hours prior to me adding this….which is what triggered me to finally update what happened last week with the knocking at the door….I again heard someone answer me back when I called out to Corey.  I was shopping online and saw a bracelet I liked.  I took a piece of paper and wrapped it around my wrist to see how large this bracelet would be on my wrist.  I called out to Corey (who I thought was in the living room reading) "Do you know where there's a ruler?" I heard a voice…but it definitely wasn't Corey's voice answer me back "No".  I wheeled back in my computer chair….looked in to the room…no one in there.  I walked down the hall to Corey room and said to him "I thought you were in the living room…asked if you knew where there was a ruler…etc…"

Now…let me back up a bit.  The day before yesterday, Justin went to the back garage with his guitar…said he walked in to the garage…and for just a second saw a man standing by Corey's amplifier.  He said it scared him because the man was there….then he kind of jumped back, because he was shocked to see someone in the garage and then he just vanished.  And…he too has been coming to me for the last week telling me he keeps seeing things moving around the house and when he turns to see who it is or what it is…it's gone….and I have not said a word to him about the things I've seen...in fact, the night I heard the knocking…he slept through all the commotion about everything going on.

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