I had just fallen asleep and something literally just shocked me right out of my sleep. What happened, was not part of a dream, sleep paralysis or something I imagined....this was real, very real.  When I woke up, I was literally jolted awake by the feeling of something walking, very slowly on top of the bed.  I sit here typing this, visualizing what happened, like an animal stalking it's prey....that's how slow this "thing" crept towards me.  When I first awoke it was at my ankle area, by the time I swung my right leg over and began kicking my husband awake and him knocking everything over on the table to get the lamp on, it came to a sudden stop at my waist. While I was kicking him and he was fumbling to get the light on, he asked me what was wrong and all I could get out was "Somethings on the bed"!!  The whole time this was going on, I could feel the comforter tugging and the bed sinking with each step closer to me and it was horrifying!

   It's been a while since any of us, living in the house, had actually had any type of verbal experience.  And ironically, on this day, I had been telling my sister's Regina and Judy just that...."It's been a while since we've heard anything talking or whispering, etc...." Then that very night....it was as if something heard me saying this and couldn't resist the temptation of letting me know that it could still be verbal. I had done my routine check of the house, lights out, doors closed and when I got to our bedroom, as I was walking (in the dark) around the bed, towards my end of the bed.....and it was then, that I felt as if something were in the room with me, trailing close behind me.  I brushed it off at first, being scared from a few nights before of something walking on the bed.  I got into bed, didn't feel comfortable so I rolled over....and it happened.  In a very soft, non-threatening voice, in my right ear, I heard "Hello".  I laid there and thought to myself "geez manetti, I jinxed myself....I guess I spoke to soon".

    I was at the kitchen sink washing dishes and suddenly I felt "someone" walk up.  What I briefly saw, was sort of light in color, yet large and tall like John; my husband....in fact, for just a brief second, I did think it was John that came and stood between me and the counter.....but when I turned to look at him, thinking he was there to say something, nothing was there.  I then turned to my left and there John was, in the dining room talking to the kids.  At that moment I realized there was no way it could be him....I just stood there in disbelief.

    My son Corey and I were in his bedroom setting up a new aquarium.  Corey was standing in the doorway and I was at the aquarium, pouring water into it.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something just wiz down the hall, past the door (like a person running real fast).  I turned to look and saw Corey step out of his room and look down the hall.  I asked him what he was doing and he responded "I just saw something go by".  I walked over to where he was at and commented that I had seen it too and then asked which way did he see it go.  He said he saw it pass by the door and then it seemed to disappear near the bathroom.  We quickly finished up what we were doing and headed to the sofa in the livingroom where my husand was at.  We huddled on the couch close together....hoping nothing else would happen.

    Valentine's Day 2002....We'd gone to bed around one in the morning.  I woke up to what sounded like someone taking a stick or something and scrapping it down the metal vents to the return air duct in the hall.  I laid there for a few minutes, not knowing what to make of it.  After a while of tossing and turning, not being able to fall back to sleep.....I decided to get up and finish up the laundry I didn't finish from earlier that evening.  So, I got up and threw the first load of clothes in the washer and headed to the kitchen.  I poured myself a glass of soda and as I was sliced myself a piece of chocolate cake.  All of a sudden, I was taken by what sounded like a fairly large animal running towards me.  I immediately swung around and frantically looking towards the dining room (where the sounded came from), I couldnn't see anything.  But it was as if everything were moving in slow motion and this thing was rushing in on me, running very quickly.  All of sudden I got this tingling all over my body, like a static or eletricity through out my body.  Maybe it was my adrenalin, I don't know.  I can't really explain how I felt, all I knew was this thing was homing in on me, zooming in, right there where I was at....but still I couldn't see it, but I could definately feel it there, like some sort of weird, invisible force.  All I remember is standing there and taking one huge gasp in disbelief.  Right then, with all these thoughts running through my head, everything just was broken or stopped by the sound of my little dog Chewy running down the hall.  And I said outloud "Geez manetti, now "that's" Chewy".  And turning only my head that way, Chewy ran up and stood in the kitchen doorway.  I grabbed my stuff and rushed towards him, following him into the living room.  I sat on the sofa for a while....quite a while, long enough to eat my cake, finish up my soda and smoke several cigerettes.  Finally I heard the buzzer to the washer go off.  I got up, went through the dining room (laying my plate and glass on the table) and headed into the garage to finish up the last load of laundry.  By the time I folded clothes, etc....I wasn't thinking two thoughts about the running incident.  As I passed through the dining room, I stopped at the table to pick up the plate and glass and just then something spoke to me.  This is quite bizzare....and I'm not sure this is what it said to me, but this is what it sounded like it said.  It said "Pick me".  Now when I heard it say this, it was as if the sound was of an older woman.  I headed straight to bed, covered my head and nothing else happened...until the very next day.

    My sister Regina was over.  We were all watching television and talking.  I was telling Regina about the incident of the thing running at me from the dining room into the kitchen and the conversation went into other ghostly things we'd been experiencing.  All of a sudden, Regina sat up, with a shocked look on her face.  She said to me "Did you smell that?"  I didn't, but my son Corey replied "No, but I felt something cold go by".   Regina went on to tell me that while I was talking, she suddenly felt something rush past her, followed by a horrible stinch and an incredible feeling of dread.  She said it kind of smelled like something rotting.....something foul.  We couldn't find anything that would cause what she and Corey experienced....and her final comment was "I hate to tell you, but what just happened, that awful smell.....well....it's not a good sign", and I agreed.

    My cousin Laura and her boyfriend Alex came over for a visit.  The conversation of ghost was brought up.  Alex had never had any type of paranormal experience before and he was curious about the ghosts Laura told him is in our home.  I began telling him the different things that had been happening in our home....and I'm sure, being a skeptic, he wasn't sure whether to believe me or laugh.....but anyway, they had to leave for awhile.  I invited them to come back after they finished doing what they had to leave to do, and when they returned I told them, I would show them proof our home was haunted.  I had video footage of orbs flying around our hall way and also of one flying around outside in my backyard.  Several hours had gone by and they returned....anxious to watch the videos I had.  I couldn't find the one of the orbs flying around in our hall way.....we looked everywhere....it's as though this thing just banished into thin air!  So, I had an idea.  I got out the camcorder and told them we'd just see if I could get something again on video.  Not sure I could....because my ghosts are pretty unpredictable....but I figured, what the heck.  So, Laura, Alex and myself stood at the edge of the hall way, turned off all the lights and began filming.  My husband John, our kids and my sister Regina were in the living room.  As we stood there, I began getting pretty discouraged, that I wasn't getting anything on film....and Alex would go home, still a skeptic.  But, after a few minutes, I bit the bullet and decided I'd try talking to what ever was there, asking them to show themselves for Laura and Alex.  Almost immediately, one single orb was seen shooting through the hall, from one wall to the other.  The more I spoke, two came out, then three.  I even had one come out of the wall and begin coming towards me. As it approached me, it would go bright, then dim, then bright again and it came right up to my feet.  I have to say, that even though I have experienced many things in our home....I was shocked that they would respond to me, come right up to me.  I thanked them for allowing me to film them, and we took the video to the t.v. and watched it.  A few days later, I took this film to my mother's home to show my sister's Becky and Judy.  That night, I began filming in my mother's home, thinking I had switched tapes, but somehow, I don't know how it happened, but the tape of my glowing orb, was still in the camera and the new tape was later found laying on the table.  I was sick when I discovered I'd taped right over my proof that these ghosts are in our home and even sicker that I had cought a very amazing thing of it glowing and dimming as it got closer to me, and how stupid I was to tape right over it. 

    It was around noon.  Our phone line was done from a tree branch hitting it, so I had to rely on my cell phone.  I was sitting on the recliner in the living room.  The big screen t.v was off and I could see the reflection of the window, foyer and door in t.v.  The screen is a 65" screen, so you get a pretty good view of the room.  And being it has a protective glass over it, it's as close to looking in a mirror as you can get.  Anyway, as I was on my cell phone, calling my voice mail, I heard "what I thought at the time" the front door deadbolt unlock.  My eyes immediately went in that direction on the t.v. screen reflection, and I was actually thinking at that moment, my husband John was home from work.  Then suddenly the front door flew open, hit the foyer wall and it hit so hard, that the door nearly went back completely closed.  When the door finally came to a stop from the hit, I saw a small person, about the size of my youngest son Justin walk out the door.  I then yelled to the kids "who just went outside"?  My sons Corey and Justin and my niece Avalon came running into the living room.  I looked at them dumbfounded, because I know I saw either Jusin or Avalon walk out the door.  Justin ran over to the door, looked out and said that no one was outside.   I didn't know what to think.  The weird thing about this is, other than the door's deadbolt unlocking and the door flying open, and the child walking out.....was that when I was reinacting what I saw.....the sound that I heard of the deadbolt unlocking, wasn't actually that.  When I unlocked the deadbolt, the sound was different.  The exact sound I heard, was actually what the deadbolt sounds like when it's put in the "locked" position.  So, that is sort of confusing to me.  Because the door should of unlocked, not locked.....and the sound I heard was of it locking.  And the door, was absolutely locked.....so how did this door relock, or make the sound of locking, when it should of actually unlocked, for it to fly open...and then this person walk out of it??? But, as everything else that happens here, I don't know....I just don't know what to think.

    I couldn't get over that I'd taped over all the orbs flying around in our hall when Laura and Alex were over.....so while Regina was over (the same day the door flew open and I saw the child walk out) I told her I was going to try and see if I could catch something on film again.  After taping for about ten minutes, it started to seem hopeless....but then just suddenly, and orb flies out of no where.  Then there was two, then three, then four, and soon there were five flying all over the hall.  I set up a toy truck in the hall and asked if they would move it....but even though they didn't cooperate, by moving the truck, they did, every time I asked them to move the truck, they did fly right up to the truck, as if to understand what I was asking them to do.  It's pretty amazing footage.

    I was updating our website when I was interrupted by my son Justin.  He was very excited....and to know Justin, you would know that he is not one to make up stories for attention or such.  Anyway, he wanted me to follow him to his bedroom, where he said our dog Judd was under his bed.  Now, Judd died back in November of 2001, so there was no way possible what he saw or heard was Judd.  So, being I knew what he heard/saw couldn't very well be Judd....I questioned what he meant by it being Judd.  He again, insisted I follow him to his room, where Judd was underneath his bed.  Again, I insisted to him, it couldn't be Judd, because Judd was in heaven.  He was very aggravated with me at this point, so I told him...."Go back in your room and make sure it's Judd".  He returned, obviously disappointed and stated to me, it was now too late, because Judd was gone.  And then went on to question why I wouldn't go in there to see Judd, while Judd was under his bed.  I again, wanting to assure myself that he had made the whole story up....but the details of the sounds Judd was making, etc.....there was no mistaking that he actually had some sort of bizzare experience, with our beloved Judd.....after death.

    I was in the kitchen making the kids lunch, while they were both playing with their little toy cars at the table in the dining room.  I don't know what made me turn to look towards the hall....but I did.  I got just a quick glimpse of something very white looking as it was leaving the foyer and going into the wall.  Now this thing was about the size of an adult....I don't know if it were man or woman, but after seeing it....I did think to myself that I just saw a woman go through the wall.  I only saw the very end of it as it disappeared into the wall....and if I could of just froze it in motion at the exact time I saw it....and measure the height of it, I would say that it had to be over six feet tall, because it was quite taller than myself.  Then if I took a measuring tape to measure the area that had not yet passed into the wall, I would probably say that it were some where around six inches from the wall outwards.  Pretty strange.

    The same exact day as the above incident other things happened that night.  We had went out to dinner and then shopping.  When we arrived home, John gave Corey the keys to the front door to open it, so we could carry in our bags.  When I got to the door, he had yet to open it....and held the keys out to me.  I made a remark that I couldn't get the keys, my hands were full....and he remarked that he was too scared to open the door.  I put the bags down and while opening the door, I asked him what was wrong....he replied that while he was putting the key in the door, he heard a voice from the other side of the door say something to him.  He couldn't make out what it was, but he said it was something like "na-na".  So, I told the kids to help me with the bags and proceeded into the dark house and turned on the hall light.  When I walked into the kitchen to put the bags down on the counter....I saw that the light on the toaster was on.  I got my handles loose from the bags and walked over to the toaster....popped up the lever that you push down to cook toast and by then, John was in the kitchen.  I told him "That's strange, the toaster was on".  He replied back that perhaps I had left it on.  I told him there was o way, because when I did use it that morning, I unplugged it and pushed it to the back of the counter, behind another appliance.  So, I told him "Go ahead feel it....it isn't even hot."  He put his hands over it and agreed that it wasn't hot.  So, I asked him to explain how the light could be on, the lever be down, it was plugged in and yet it wasn't hot.  He said that perhaps it had been left on and then just malfunctioned.  So, we plugged it back in and immediately it began getting hot.  So, I would say maybe twenty to thirty minutes later, after I'd unpacked the bags and put things away, I went over to the toaster to put it back behind the appliance (where I know I had already put it that morning)....and when I picked up the cord, I was jolted with electricity.  I couldn't believe this, because the darn thing wasn't even plugged in.  I don't know....if anyone finds this normal and doesn't seem to think that it might be something of an unusual nature or if you have a logical explanation for it....by all means, let me know.....because I can't make any sense of it.

    The same night as the above incident, it was late, everyone else, but myself had all gone to bed.  I was up watching t.v. and doing laundry.  After watching a show on forensic science, I was scanning the channels and saw a movie about ghost on.  Now, I wasn't really sure if I was going to stay up that late to completely watch the whole movie or not.  The movie was about a child ghost....and after watching about ten minutes of it....I decided there was no way I could stay up by myself and watch this movie, especially after everything that had happened that day. (Although I have had many experiences with ghosts....I am still a chicken about it, I admit.  And if there's one thing I've learned, never watch anything about ghosts, talk about them, etc....especially on an active day, because your asking for trouble....personal opinion there).  Anyway, I got up, turned off the t.v. and began my usual rounds....feeding the fish, checking that doors were locked and turning off lights.  Right after doing everything else, I made my way to the front door, made sure it was locked and walked into the living room to turn off the last lamp left on.  No sooner did I turn that lamp off, the t.v. came on!  Now, if that weren't bad enough.....of all things that could of been showing from that movie I turned off.....the one scene that was showing that moment the t.v. came on all by itself was.....of all things....the child ghost from the movie, just sitting there, staring straight ahead.  I tell you, I was really freaking out now....and I rushed over to the t.v. turned it off real quick and I ran, not walked....I ran to our bedroom and hid under the covers.  I laid there quite a while before falling asleep....I was so sure that something else would happen, like something jumping on the bed, or something like that....but I finally fell asleep without anything else happening.

    The entire evening, weird things kept happening.  I was in the living room watching t.v. and off and on I kept hearing what sounded like one of the kids going through one of the toy boxes in the "scary room".  The door was closed to that room, so I couldn't see what was going on in there....and I was not about to go and check either.  This is not the only thing that happened that night.....I would also keep getting a glimpse, out of the corner of my right eye, of something moving around in the dining room.  It was dark, maybe even black....but what ever it was, it was moving all over the dining room.....and at one point, I even saw something jump from one of the dining room chairs onto the table.  Now, this I have seen before, but sort of brushed it off.....not knowing what to make of it.  It looked like a white cat or something....I don't know....it happened so fast....that's just the impression I got when I saw this thing jump on the table.  I also kept getting this eerie feeling of being watched.  Enough so, that I didn't want to turn around and find something standing there staring at me.  At one point, I felt as though someone kicked the back of the recliner and this made me jump up off the chair....and this is just about when I'd had enough.  But before I knew it, I saw something again, only it was at the lamp by the sofa....and this thing was kind of tan or beige.  It was there one second and gone the next.....so I wasn't able to really see it well enough or long enough to say what I saw....but it was there and the impression I got when I saw it, was that it might of been part of a face.....I don't know.  It was like something in the air, the level of the lamp shade (which is forest green) and this thing was right there, in front of the shade, just bits and pieces....nothing significant or identifiable....and when I turned and looked that way, to see what it was, I only got a glimpse of it.  This is when I'd had enough and headed to bed, I couldn't take anymore.

    I had climbed into bed and covered up, began saying my prayers, when suddenly I was interupted by the sound of something metal being scraped against the return air vent in the hall.  It was like one long scape, like something passing by it and scapping it.  This made me move over to John's side of the bed and then that's when the whispering began.  It was very hard to make out and I couldn't understand what it was saying....I couldn't even tell you if it were a man or a woman's voice....but it was whispering something.  The whispering, did go on and on, like someone having a conversation or something....it wasn't a word here  and there, it was a constant kind of talking....like long sentences.  I was pretty shaken up now....and laid there, trying to make out what it was saying....and all of a sudden....now I don't know what it was that I heard at this point.....it was one of two things.  It was either something knocking on the screen of the t.v. on my side of the bed, or something walking on the floor in that area.....but it was sort of a heavy sound....not a clicking or tapping....this was a solid deep sound....like heavy shoes walking on the tile floors or like I said, slow solid knocks on the t.v. screen.  Then it stopped and nothing else happened.....well while I was awake that is.

    I was restless and couldn't sleep so I decided to get up and do a little cleaning, hoping it would tire me out so I could get some sleep.  I was just standing there holding a toy, trying to put a piece back on it.....when I felt this sudden coldness all around my feet area.....like someone had just opened a deep freezer, only it wasn't anywhere else around me....just my feet, both of them.  I can't really explain what I felt/thought at that moment, I was a kind of scared, but I wasn't sure what it was.....why I felt it, so I kind of tried to brush it off.  I looked up towards the air vent and thought to myself "I pray that's what I just felt".  I went on picking things up, putting things away.  I didn't think anything else about it.....until it happened a second time.  I was sitting on the floor, sorting legos and I felt it again......that cold, cold air, all around my feet and ankles.  Now I had already heard when the air kicked on and then kicked off....and that had been a while ago, so I knew definately that this is not what it was this time.....the air conditioner.  I sat there saying to myself "I'm not going to let this scare me" and with that, John's alarm clock began beeping.  Then he startled me when he opened the door and asked me what I was doing.  Relieved he was awake, I got up off the floor and proceeded to the kitchen.  I was at the sink washing my hands, when I felt John walk into the room.  I began talking to him....and I could swear that I saw him, standing just behind me, to my right at the coffee pot, so I turned to talk directly to him....and no one was there.  I was really scared now....and just stood there, thinking that what ever was in that room, had followed me into the kitchen.  I was standing there a couple of minutes before John "really" walked in.  I told him what happened, and while he was taking the garbage bag out of the trash can to take out, I was sitting in the living room.  All of a sudden this fine stream of smoke floated by me and just sort of slowly disappeared before it got within two feet or so of the t.v.  It looked like someone was smoking and blew a fine mist of smoke.  It wasn't the normal mass of smoke that normally happens when someone exhales....it was just kind of a fine, thin stream, passing straight across the room, past me.  I yelled out to John "Are you smoking?", hoping I'd hear him right behind me, answer back.  But he yelled back, still in the kitchen "No".  So, I pretty much stayed awake until the the sun came up.

    We were in the living room watching t.v. The kids were sitting with me on the love seat.  My sister Regina had just left.  All of a sudden it sounded like someone dropped something in the hall.  I looked down, saw my little dog Chewy laying there by my husband, so that excluded him.  I leaned over, looked in the hall and didn't see anything out of the ordinary.....so I got comfortable in my seat and then I heard what sounded like a child.....maybe more than one.....I don't know.....but I heard giggling coming from the hall.  Nothing else happened after that for the rest of the night.

    Ever hear the saying, don't count your chickens before they hatch? Well, that applies to this incident.  I had just responded to an email from someone asking me when the last time something happened around here was....and of coarse, being it had been; give or take, about three weeks....I was pretty comfortable in saying that nothing had recently happened.  Well......I spoke too soon.  The very next day, something happened.  Earlier, I had gone to the drug store and while there, I picked up my two sons several toy medical kits.  I was laying on the love seat watching Unsolved Mysteries, Justin (my youngest) was laying next to me.  My husband John was on the recliner and my oldest Corey was on the sofa, near the lamp.  Corey got up and walked over to me and was showing me the little medicine bottle in his hand.  I replied "yah, hmmm....yah"  then Corey had just started to walk away and he while still in front of me.....all of a sudden the little bottle looked as if someone had jerked it out of his hand and it flew past me and hit the wall, full force.  John sat up in the recliner, turned and looked at me and asked what in the heck that sound was.  I then sat up, still shocked at what I'd just seen.....Corey was still standing in the same spot....I think he was in shock....and I replied to John that the toy just flew out of Corey's hand and hit the wall....I saw the whole thing.  I stood up, shook the blanket, expecting this toy bottle to be in pieces from the impact, but it wasn't.  John had Corey retrace his steps a few times to see if it would happen again, but it didn't.

    It was the same night as the above incident.  We'd gone to bed around 12:30.  Sometime after falling asleep, I woke up to Chewy growling at something.  I laid there, fully awake trying to listen and see what he might of been growling at....what I did hear was a thump on the wall, behind the headboard.  Shortly afterwards, I heard something moving around in the hall and then I heard someone in our room.  It sounded like someone walking with heavy shoes and as they walked, they seemed to be dragging one of their feet.  It was like a step then a drag, step then a drag....and it stopped right when it got past our bed, to the closet.  Well, I woke John up because I was pretty shaken up over what I heard....and I know what I heard, this was not my imagination running wild from the earlier incident with the thing snatching the toy from my son's hand.  Anyway I did finally fall back to sleep....but not without being jolted from my sleep again.

    What happened was something that I will never forget....I haven't been this scared since I lived in my other house.  I have seen a lot of frightening and disturbing things in our home and experienced many experiences that I would say was definately scary, but never really demonic per say....nothing I would say was trying to drive us from our home....but this time was different from any thing we've experienced in the thirteen years we've been here.  John and I were both sleeping....after talking with John, I believe I woke up first, because what we experienced, I remember it lasting longer than he did....he says it only went on for a few seconds, I remember it a little longer than that...maybe a minute or so.  Anyway, what we heard was like something right out of a horror movie. It sounded like a wild wolf or something howling so loud, it was nearly deafening.  It was an some sort of intense whaling.  He remarked to me "what in the hell was that?" and I replied, with the first thing that came to mind "oh my God, that is the howl of death". It reminded me of a dog howling when someone dies.  This was not our dog Chewy, because he's a little pomeranian and his barks and growls are very high pitched....this was something very deep in tone....like a blood hound...that deep vocal tone....but I can't really say that it sounded like that either...it was more of like a wild animal....like a wolf....nothing human or familiar to either one of us, that's for sure.  John turned on the light and we just sat there, looking at each other, not knowing what to make of it.  We both agreed that what ever it was, it was obviously intending to wake us both up.  I couldn't fall back to sleep after that, I grabbed up my bible, and prayed all night.  All night all I could think of was getting my kids and getting the heck out of there.  But a few days later I was talking to my sister Rita about the incident and she agreed, what ever it was, it definately didn't sound good. She said that we did the right thing by not leaving....because if that's what it was trying to do, then we would of been giving in to it...allowing it to overpower us....so by staying, we pretty much were letting it know we weren't giving in to what ever it's intensions were.  I agree with this logic, but it wasn't a point I was trying to make that kept me there....it was pure fear.  I was so knumb with fear, I couldn't of left at that moment, even if I wanted to....that's how scared I was.  All I could think and worry about, was that it was something demonic.  I grabbed my bible and prayed all night long.

   It was around one something in the morning.  My son Corey had stayed up with me watching a movie.  We did the rounds after the movie was over, feeding the fish, turning off the lights, etc.  I was laying in bed and I heard in the dining room, one of the chairs either being pushed in or pulled out from the table.   I could hear the legs of the chair scrapping the tile floor as it was being moved.  Almost instantly after that I heard the dishes in the dish strainer, in the sink, being ruffled around, as though someone were in there looking for something.  It was quiet for a while after that, then I heard what sounded like someone throwing toys or throwing something into the toy box in one of the bedrooms....assuming it was my son Corey still up....I thought "Good, Corey must be up".  Before falling to sleep I did kind of sit up and glance around the room several times, because I felt as though I were being watched.  It was an intense feeling.....I really thought I'd look up and see someone standing there in our bedroom doorway, that's how strong it was....but I never did see anything.  The following day, I didn't give any of this two thoughts, because I did assume what I'd heard in the dining room, kitchen and bedroom to be my son up.  But then my son came in from outside and asked if he could ask me something.  He asked if after we'd gone to bed, if I got back up and was in the kitchen getting something out of the dish strainer....I looked at him shocked and replied that I hadn't, I thought it was him.  He went on to describe everything he'd heard.  He had heard someone rattling the plates around, just as I had heard, but he'd also heard someone also rattling around the silverware....I didn't hear that.  He didn't hear the dining room chair move or the toys being thrown into a toy box.  I don't know why we both heard the dishes moving around, but things he heard I didn't and vise versa.  Strange....but not surprised.

    I was on the computer, updating my website. I had lost track of time and didn't notice everyone had gone to bed and left me awake in the dining room all by myself.  I did take notice when something odd happened.  I was sitting at my computer, typing away when I thought I heard something.  It sounded like someone were walking around in the attic with heavy shoes.  I looked up and thought to myself "now that's weird".  It dawned on me that the attic area just above me has o flooring there.  The flooring part is only above the garage....there are only beams where I was sitting....so it didn't make sense, what I was hearing.  It had stopped, so I just kind of when "hmmmm" to myself and went on with what I was doing.  Suddenly my little dog Chewy came over and laid right under my feet and twice while he were there, he would begin growling.  when I would look at him, I noticed he was looking towards the kitchen area (which was to my back area).  I turned around in my chair to see what he was growling at, but didn't see anything.  This is when I looked around, and noticed I was the only one up.  Next thing that happened was that Chewy ran off....I don't know where he went, but he was gone....and that's when I got this intense feeling as if I were being watched.  I went to swing around in my chair to see what might of been staring or looking at me when something to my right came up.  It was all black, like a shadow, large like a person and it was right there where I was sitting.  When I swung around in my chair, it was just to my right....If I would of moved just a few inches, I would been right in it's path.  It just went right past me and disappeared as it went into the door of my computer cabinet.  I was so shaken up that I sat in shock for a minute or two.  I then just pushed the button on my computer, not saving any of my work....not shutting my computer down properly....just pushed the button and I was gone.

    Corey and Justin were in the scary room, going through the toy boxes, looking for little cars to play with.  Corey came in where I was at and all he could do was mudder out his words.  He said while he was sitting on the floor, going through the plastic container under one of the beds....he felt something on his lower back.  He couldn't distinguish whether it were tapping or something tugging on his clothes, from underneath the bed, where he was leaning against the bed frame.  But something hit him or tugged at him three times.  When he turned to look, thinking Justin were under the bed trying to scare him, the only thing nearby that could of touched him was a broom sticking out from under the bed.  I asked him to re-inact what happened, so I could see if perhaps he somehow hit the broom a certain way, that it would hit him....but nothing.  There was no way that broom, could lift off the floor, under the bed and hit him where he was hit, without someone/something physically lifting the end of the broom.

    I was sitting at my computer, answering e-mail.  I had stopped for a moment, to get a cigerette off the dining room table behind me, when I did, I thought for a moment that I'd seen the recliner/rocker in the living room move.  I sat here, staring at it for a few minutes, but when I didn't see it move anymore, I went on with what I was doing and thought my eyes must of been playing tricks on me.  The whole time I was sitting at my computer, I kept seeing something moving around or pass by in the room, out of the corner of my eye....both eyes....both sides of me (at different times), but everytime I turned, nothing would be there.  I was about done on my computer and was getting ready to get off of it, when Corey suddenly ran in to where I was at.  He was shaking all over.  He went on to tell me that as he was laying on the sofa watching t.v. he leaned over to get a Stars Wars toy off the coffee table, and saw the recliner/rocker moving as if someone were sitting in it.  I walked in there and asked him to show me how he saw it moving, and when I walked up to that spot, I got a chill....and I got a very eerie feeling, as if I could literally sense that someone or something were still in that rocker.  Corey was still quite upset, so I thought I'd be smart to show him that it was probably just nothing (I did this so he wouldn't be scared anymore), but that was a big mistake.  A few minutes after I sat down, raised the foot rest.....all of a sudden, I felt something pinch the upper part my left leg, just above my knee.  I closed the foot rest and told Corey it was time to go to bed, not telling him, that I had just felt something pinch me.

    (Same night as above incident) I'd done the usual rounds of feeding fish, lights off, doors locked, etc...  I was laying in bed, about to fall asleep when I got this incredible feeling of someone entering our bedroom.  Thinking it was Corey still shook up about seeing the rocker moving, I sat up to see if it were him, but no one was there.  For sometime I kept getting this very strong feeling that I was being watched.  I laid there trying to brush it off, so I could go to sleep and hopefully, what ever was making me feel this way, would just leave.  After nothing happening for sometime, I thought everything was o.k, but still I had this strong feeling as if someone or something were in the bedroom, watching me.  That's when I felt as if something walked past my side of the bed, brushing their hands or something like that on the mattress.  I could hear the sound of the material being brushed and at the same time, I could feel a slight movement on the comforter and sheet.  I still, tried to brush this off.  Then about a minute later, I felt someone sit on the foot of the bed, right next to my feet.  Now I'd had enough....and I scooted over, and rolled over to face Johnny.  Another minute or two went by and I could hear whispering.  I could hear what sounded like a young boy or girl, more so of a boy's voice tone.  I couldn't make out what he/she was saying and it was coming from the direction of the foot of the bed, where I felt something sit down.  Then I heard rattling around the closet (which is in that same area), as if someone were going through the things in there....and with that, it was gone, and so was that eerie feeling of someone in the room watching me.

    John was laying on the loveseat, Regina was laying on the long sofa and I was sitting on the rocker/recliner watching a movie and the kids were off playing.  As I sat there, suddenly I felt this ice-cold sensation pass over the top of my hand.  I had my hand holding on to the arm of the recliner....and the first thought that came to mind was that Johnny was smoking and as he exhaled, perhaps that's what I felt.  I turned in the chair to look to see if it were him, but when I looked, he had fallen asleep watching the movie.  So, I looked at Regina and told her that I'd just felt this cold breeze pass by, going in the direction of the t.v.   Later that night, after the movie, Regina told me that she had also had an experience, but didn't want to say anything. (See Rita, Regina & Gary's page for what Regina experienced).

    Finally, after fourteen years of living in this house, something positive has happened!  I had just gone to bed.  Only after of about a minute, I felt something/someone stroking the top of my head.  I felt my head with my hand....nothing there.  A few seconds later, it happened again.  Again, I took my hand, felt my head, nothing there.  Now I was starting to think that it was John, trying to play a trick on me.  So I felt around my pillow to see if his hand was there....nope, nothing.  This time, it was much longer before it happened again, maybe a minute or so and again, then again, I felt as if someone were stroking my bangs, back to the crown of my head.  Just as I put my hand back to feel my head, something told me to go to "the scary room" because a lamp was left on, and there could be a fire.  I didn't verbally hear a voice, it was more like a thought....like something spoke to me with my mind.  So, I turned on my lamp.....walked over to the "scary room" and I could see a light shining, from underneath the door.  I opened the door, walked in (not scared....and this I can't explain, because I'm always fearful of this room)....and the lamp was on.  It was just hanging off the edge of the dresser, with the drawer full of clothes, wide open...and this could have been something that could of been fatal, had that lamp fallen over into the drawer and caught fire.  I pulled the plug on the lamp, wrapped the cord around the base and took it out of the room and placed it in the hall.  I went back to bed and fell asleep.  It was only until the morning when I woke up, that I realized what had happened.  What baffles me is....not that something was touching my hair and then the mysterious message thought of the lamp being on in this room....but the fact that all of this occured, and I didn't feel scared, frightened or anything about the whole thing when it all occured.  I am sitting here adding this event, shocked at myself that something physically was touching my hair.....I got up in the middle of the night....walked straight into that room, without fear, hestitation or anything....I can't explain it....I just can't believe this.  I have never, even walked by that room, without getting the creeps, much less walk in there, pull the plug on the only light in there, and just stroll out of there like nothing.  Well, what ever happened, it had to be something good....and something that helped me do this....and accomplish what it wanted me to do.

    Corey, Justin and I were sitting in the living room.  The kids were sitting on the loveseat watching the movie Space Jam, I was on the phone with my sister Judy.  We were talking about the above incident with the lamp on in the scary room.  The conversation shifted to something else, then some how shifted back to ghost again.  No sooner did I get the first few words out, I heard something odd coming from the bathroom.  Just then, Corey said to me "Mama, do you hear that? What is that?".  I turned to see them both, still sitting in the same spot....and realized, the shower came on by  itself.  So I told Judy about it.....she responded by reminding me about the incident where her and her daughter Laura heard the kitchen sink running water, but when they went to look, it wasn't on.  So, I got up, the kids following close behind.....we went into the bathroom, and sure enough....the shower was on!  I leaned in the tub, turned the knobs, turned off the shower and got out of there.  All I could do was think to myself "Geez, what next with this house"?!

    We were watching the movie Harry Potter on DVD.  I kept hearing noises coming from the back area of the house.  I didn't know if anyone else heard it too, so I didn't say anything the first few times I heard it.  Then after I kept hearing what sounded like someone digging into a toy box or ratting things around, I asked outloud "Does anyone else hear that?", no one answered except for Corey.  I noticed Chewy (our dog) on the blanket with the kids, so I knew it couldn't of been him.  After asking if anyone heard the noises, I never heard anything after that....it was as if someone realized they were too noisy and quieted down. That night, I was up pretty late watching t.v. and the kids fell asleep on the sofa.  I got them up, fed the fish, did the usual routines with the doors, lights, etc....  While I was walking down the hall I felt this very intense feeling of something following me or I really should say, a feeling of being chased.  I headed to the bedroom, turned the aquarium light on, fed my fish in there and then turned the aquarium light back off.  Off went the hall light and I closed our bedroom door (I did this because it gave me the feeling that I was locking out what was following me....I know this was probably a waste of time, but it made me feel better).  I was now in the pitch dark.  I made my  way to my side of the bed and quickly turned on my lamp.  I scooted as close as I could to John, because still, I felt as though something wasn't right.....as if something were in the room.....a feeling of being watched, a feeling of a presence, I don't know.....I just could feel this strong feeling as if something were there with us.  I leaned over, turned off the lamp and the feeling was still pretty strong, so I pulled the comforter and sheet over my head and began praying. I then heard a clicking noise and I was really freaking out then, but it was getting too hot under the blankets and I needed to get some fresh air to breath.  Just as I opened my eyes and pulled the blanket off my head, I noticed the room was all lit up.  I looked over and the aquarium light was on....and our bedroom door was wide open.  I was pretty much freaking out...it took me hours laying there, waiting, expecting something else to happen, but it never did and I can't even remember when, but somehow I finally fell asleep.

    Oddly, the very next day after finding that something had turned on my aquarium light....it did it as well in Corey's room.  I had walked the kids to bed, kissed them goodnight, watched as Corey fed his fish, turned off his aquarium light and then I turned off his bedroom light, as he climbed into bed.  The next morning, Corey was startled to find that something had also turned his aquarium light on while he was sleeping.  Later that same night, the kids were watching t.v. in the livingroom, while I was on my computer answering email.  Next thing I know, they were both screaming for me to come into the livingroom real quick.  What we heard was something I hadn't heard in nearly fourteen years.....the sound of something walking in the attic.....with wooden shoes on.  The bizarre thing is, the area in the attic, above the livingroom is not like the space above the garage where there are wooden floors for storage....it's only beams and trusses.

    All night I kept getting this strange feeling, like I almost knew or expected something was going to happen.  I wasn't sure what, but having felt this before I was pretty sure something would.  This strange feeling pretty much was the reason I headed to bed early....I didn't want to be awake during the usual time that things get going around here.  I went to bed, laid there, waiting for something to happen, but somehow fell asleep.....apparently after nothing happened.  Sometime during the night, I woke up to the sound of our little dog Chewy barking from outside our window, in the backyard.  I thought for a minute "How in the heck did he get out?" I knew darn well, he followed me to bed and I even remember him going underneath our bed, instead of getting on his floor pillow.  Not giving it two thoughts, I turned on my lamp, got out of bed....and that's when it hit me.  There were lights on in the house.  I know, without a question in my mind, I turned off all the lights in the house, with the exception of one that lights up a picture in the livingroom.  So, figuring it must be that light on.....even though I really knew that light doesn't shine that bright.....I went ahead and proceeded to hurry up and let Chewy back in the house.  But when I got to the hall area where the living room is, I saw that the corner lamp was on.  I freaked, because I knew, I climbed over that corner chair to turn that lamp off....and here it is, on again.  So, I walked over, flipped the switch to the living room light....and turned off that lamp "again".  I went into the dining room, to the back door, called Chewy.....nothing, no Chewy.  I turned the dining room light off.....figured he headed to the front part of the house, called out to him from the front door, still no Chewy.  Now I was getting scared.  I called out to him and he didn't respond, so I knocked on the wall.....to imitate someone knocking at the door....and he barked.  He was in our bedroom.  I turned off the livingroom light and headed back to the bedroom.  It didn't take long, I don't know if at this point, I was convinced something wanted me up or what, but I was scaring myself laying there.....thinking about it. Next thing I know, I heard whispering.  It was coming from the hall.  I couldn't make out what was being said, I can't even tell if it were one voice or more than one voice, I just heard whispering.  Then I heard a thump on the t.v. screen, which is on my side of the bed and Chewy must of heard it too, because I could hear him growling under the bed.  Then it was quiet for a moment....and then I heard something.....it sounded like someone ran into our room....just a very fast sound of barefooted feet running into the room.  I scooted close to John, put my arms around him and could feel my heart beating real fast.  Just then.....I heard a slow knock on either the hall wall or the scary room door.....again Chewy responded to this sound by growling. It was almost like something was mimicking me knocking earlier to call out to Chewy.  I began praying and tried to wake John up, but he wouldn't wake up.  I laid there, with my eyes covered and basically the only thing exposed was my mouth, to breath.  I kept getting this weird feeling that if I uncovered my face and opened my eyes, I'd see something right, staring at me.  I laid there for quite some time, then the eerie feeling just kind of went away.  I felt relaxed, almost sure that what ever was there, was now gone.

    I'm really, really trying to accept our ghost and the fact that we're going to have to learn to live with everything going on here.....but sometimes that's easier said then done.   I pretty much made up my mind that when things happen, I'm not going to worry about it or let it get to me and scare me.  Then I had an experience and blew that thought right out of the water.  I was sitting on the recliner, in the living room talking with Rita and Regina.  I don't know how long it was that we were talking, when something caught my eye in the dining room, someone walking around.  So, I turned to look and no one was there.....I thought to myself "o.k, no problem".  Then it couldn't of been more than a half an hour later, I was turned slightly, facing Rita, listening to her talking....and I saw as clear as day, a person....walk into the room and just as he/she would of been right in front of me, I turned to look....and no one was there.  What I saw, was definately, without a question in my mind....someone entering the room.  Oddly, no one else saw it, only me.

    A few days ago, I picked up Chewy a new dog collar and put his tags on it....so now everywhere he goes.....he jingles.  I had gone to bed, Chewy followed me in as usual, got on his pillow and was moving around.  I turned off the lamp and could hear him still jingling, from him moving around.  He eventually worked his way under our bed and it was finally nice and quiet.  I was laying there, ready to fall asleep when I heard, what sounded like Chewy run "into" the room.  I thought for a minute "Wait, Chewy's already in the room"....so I thought he must of run out of the room, so I called out to him and then I knocked on the headboard.  He barked.....from under the bed.  So, I thought "ok, then it wasn't Chewy" and it dawn on me that when I heard what I thought was him run, I didn't hear the jingling. I convinced myself that I must be hearing things. Next thing I know, I heard one knock on the wall in the hall.  About a minute passed, then I heard two knocks.....then again, one knock.  But this time, immediately following the last single knock, I heard someone also giggle.  I can't be sure if it were a woman or a child, but it was definately the sound of someone giggling.  I laid there for a while, praying and eventually fell asleep.  I did wake up off and on all night long....but nothing happened during these times while I was awake.

    A few weeks ago, we went out and purchased a new grandfather clock for our fourteen year wedding anniversary.  Needless to say, with no place to put it, we resorted to knocking out the wall in the foyer to extend our living room.  At this point, I can't be sure that this has any significance to what's been happening, but it is ironic that since doing this, I've been hearing quite a bit of knocking in the hall plus the incident that happened a few days ago.  We'd all gone to bed and I was pretty comfortable and ready to fall asleep when I heard what sounded like the wood in the wall behind our bed, either expand or settle.  This pretty much caught my attention and I was laying there.....thinking about this sound.  Just then, my attention shifted to the living room or dining room area, that part of the house.  I heard what sounded like someone kicking one of the exterior doors....followed by a click, like one of the deadbolts unlocking.  Almost immediately I heard a lot of activity of footsteps rushing around and things being moved around.  It didn't sound like things were being broken, not that kind of sound....but just that someone was in the house and they were going through our things.  Scared someone had broken in, I began shaking John to wake him up and whispered to him to get up....something's wrong....someone's in the house.  He kind of sat up to listen, but then as we laid there listening, we didn't hear anything.  I couldn't believe it....I honestly expected to hear them still in the house.....because I really believed we had an intruder.  Upon checking things out....nothing was out of place....the doors were all locked and no one was in our home.  I was pretty much dumbfounded by all of it.  I don't know whether to be grateful that we weren't being robbed....or worried that something was trying to tell us something.

    We've had two weeks (exactly two weeks to the day) of peace and quiet....then suddenly things started up again.  Odd thing is.....three things have happened this week, but two of them happened to Johnny.  I just find this odd.....maybe because his experiences are so far and few...and now it's as though things are focusing on him.  Anyway, things began when one night while John was sitting on the recliner watching t.v.  I had gone to bed early and the kids were in their room watching t.v.  John said he heard the front door open, at first he thought someone came over for a visit and walked in....but when he turned around, no one was there....but the front door was wide open.  He called out to the kids, expecting one of them to be hiding behind the loveseat....but no answer, then they came out of their room.  He asked if either of them had opened the door or gone out for anything, but neither did.

    I woke up and John told me that the weirdest thing happened to him while he was sleeping.  He said he fell asleep with his shirt on, he said he was too tired to change it, so just decided to get in bed the way he was.  But when he woke up....he realized something was odd.  When he sat up, he noticed his shirt was off.....and laying on the bed, as if someone had laid it out to not get wrinkled.  If you've read anything that we've experienced in this house, before this.....then you know, John sleeps like a rock.  The roof could fall in and he won't wake up.....but when he does wake up.....he knows it.  And he said he definately did not wake up and take his shirt off....and told me that he pretty much would have to swear that something took his shirt off of him, while he was sleeping.

    I was in the kitchen making the kids and I, bowls of easy-mac (one of the best inventions in the food industry yet!).  The kids came and got their bowl....I walked to the frig to make me a glass of soda, but when I turned to get my glass from next to my bowl....my bowl slid away from me....I would say about four or five inches.....maybe a little more.  I stood there, wondering if I really saw it slide on the counter.  So, I wasn't really sure I saw what I thought I saw, so I went on to pour my soda, Corey walked in then to get a juice....and again, I turned to pick up my bowl and glass of soda.....this time my bowl, spun in a complete circle, while in the same spot.  I turned to Corey and he asked what was wrong, because he obviously didn't see it move too, but he must of read my expression of shock....and I just replied "nothing".  I didn't know whether to reach for the bowl or not.....afraid it would fly across the room....who knows.  But after Corey left the room, I reached for it....very cautiously....but it didn't move that time.

    Corey and I just finished feeding the fish and the usual things of locking doors, etc... before going to bed.  Corey remarked that Unsolved Mysteries was about to come on, so I decided to go ahead and watch the show, smoke a cigerette then go to bed.  The first story was a repeat and pretty much almost over, when I saw what I believed to be John walk from the garage area, through the dining room, very, very fast....as if to rush, going towards the kitchen.  My first thought was that it was John, but I knew he'd been in bed for hours....and then it hit me.....I'd just seen a ghost.  Every hair on both my arms were standing on end.  There was no way I was going to sit there, knowing that I'd just seen a ghost go by.  I turned to Corey to tell him we needed to go to bed....NOW, but he'd already fallen asleep on the sofa.  I woke him up, turned on the main light in the room and as Corey was working his way to his room....I was turning off the t.v and the lamps.  I have to climb on top of the corner chair in order to get to the floor lamp behind it....when I got off the chair and turned around, I saw something else.  This was not like the first thing I'd seen.  The thing walking through the dining room, was life-like. It looked like a man, enough so, that at first I thought it was John.  This thing I'd just seen was smaller, but I didn't see it long enough to tell very much about it, only that it was small and a beige or tan looking color, not complete....just part of something. I assume I must of blinked, I don't know, because I just froze when I saw this thing enter from the dining room and it was as if it were either entering the room or coming towards me....but what ever it was, one second it was there, the next it was gone.  I ran and I don't mean walked....I ran all the way to our bedroom.  When I got to our room, I turned on the lamp very quickly, jumped into bed and began praying.  Just then, I heard someone shout my name from the living room.  The sound of the voice was very familiar.....it sounded just like, if not was one of the same voices I'd heard before....years ago in the shower.  It was a mixture between a man's and a woman's voice.  I was so scared....I can't even begin to explain what I was feeling....except pure fear.  I laid there most of the night, praying....and too afraid to look up or around to see if anything was around.  Eventually.....probably hours later, I finally fell asleep. When I woke up, as usual after falling asleep after something happens.....I wake up in a state of shock.  I wake up and practically springing from the bed.....still feeling as if what I experienced, had just happened and shocked that I'd fallen asleep.

    I'd just climbed in bed, said my prayers and was laying there, ready to fall asleep.  It was quiet for a few minutes, then I heard a child crying....assuming it was my youngest son Justin, I pulled the covers off of me to get out of bed to see what was wrong.  About the same time my feet hit the floor, the crying stopped and I heard something say "Mommy?".  Right then, I knew, without a doubt, this was not Justin.  My kids always call me "Mama" and this was clearly "Mommy".  I was back in bed, fully covered, nervous, afraid.....waiting for something else to happen, waiting for it to say something else, all the while thinking why this child would be crying and why it called for it's Mommy.  I laid there, sad, feeling helpless and feeling guilty that I couldn't get my nerve up to call out to this child or help this child in distress.  I laid there for a while, expecting something else would happen, but it never did.

   I'm adding this incident only a few hours after it happened....mainly because I got spooked out of the living room.  I was watching a movie, John was on the recliner (he'd fallen asleep), the kids were in their room watching t.v.  I was laying on my side, with my right arm propped up on the arm of the love seat.  I saw something dark walk up to me, I turned, thinking it was Corey, because he has on all Navy blue....but when I turned, no one was there.  I called out to Corey a few times, before he heard me and he came in the living room.  I asked if he happened to just come in the room or go in the kitchen and he responded that he hadn't.  Needless to say, I got the heck out of there.

    We decided to remodel the front bathroom.  I got up early, so I could get as much stuff done as I could, while John was at work.  About a half an hour or so of removing the tile off one wall and part of the wall around the vanity, I decided to take a little break.  I was sitting, thinking that I probably should of waited for John because it was more than I bargained for, more work than I thought it would be.  Just then, from the doorway of the bathroom, I heard a whistle.  It sounded like someone whistled, as if to say "wow" or "man oh man".....that kind of whistle.  I turned around to look to see who was standing behind me, but no one was there.  I can't say that I was scared half to death, because it wasn't something that seemed to be trying to warn me or stop me from working....it just sort of spooked me that something was there.....watching me and reacting to all the work that apparently needed to be done.  Maybe it was a whistle to say "boy, your making a real mess"....what ever it whistled about, it was definitely responding to me working in the bathroom.  Right then, I decided maybe I needed a longer break, so I went into the living room and called my sister Judy on the phone.  I told her about the whistle and she was remarking that maybe one of the ghost was sympathizing with me about all the work....and I agreed.  Next thing I knew, I heard someone walking down the hall, dragging their feet, like someone wearing slippers....and it walked right  up to the back of the recliner, where I was sitting.  I stood up real quick and turned around to see what was behind me....but of coarse, as I expected, no one was there.  It's weird, because when I heard this sound coming towards me, my gut told me that it was not one of the kids awake....that it was something else.....I got that strange feeling, like I knew......and when I got up and didn't see anything there, I confirmed this feeling.

    I was sitting on the floor in the living room, assembling the new bathroom vanity cabinet.  I called out to John in the kitchen to come help me flip the cabinet over, so that I could add a piece to the bottom.  When I looked up to see if he were coming yet, something caught my eye in the hall.  I saw a shadow.  There was the shape of the head, shoulders and I can't say if there were arms, because everything below the shoulders, was just a complete mass that faded downwards.  I watched as the shadow seemed to begin on the door of the scary room (it was there for a while, in that one spot, like it was just standing there), then very slowly, it passed over the door frame, traveled along the wall in the hall and headed towards our bedroom and then it was gone.

  The following night after the above incident was quite active.  I said my prayers and was laying in bed going over all the things I needed to get done when I woke up (run errands).  All of a sudden I heard a sound in the front part of the house....it sounded like a cabinet door slam....but I wasn't sure.  I lay there, wondering what the sound was, because I knew I was the only one still awake....then I heard it again.  This time I was sure what it was....it was the sound of the fish aquarium door slamming.  I wasn't scared at this point, just curious why I would hear the door to the aquarium slam.  Next thing I knew, I felt as if someone had brushed over my leg, from just above my ankle to just half way before reaching my knee and while I felt this sensation, I jerked my leg away really quick.  Before I could do anything else, the blanket that I had pulled up to my chin was pulled down, away from my face just a little.  It wasn't a hard tug or anything like that, just as though, someone slightly pulled it downward and I heard a weird sound in my ear.  It sounded like someone choking to get a word out....but not exactly.  It sounded like someone whispering something, but their voice was obstructed by something.....kind of a gasp and struggle to get words out.  It was definitely a whisper, but like the words were broken....very hard to explain.  I associate the sound that I heard with someone choking and not able to speak, just kind of choke a few sounds out.  When I heard this sound, I was so scared that I felt a butterfly flutter type feeling run down my  spine....then after a while nothing else happened.

    The activity has once again, rolled in like a bad storm.  John and I were in the living room watching t.v.  The kids were in their room, also watching t.v. and playing.  Just out of no where, I saw someone/something walk up to me....I turned to look, but no one was there.  At the very moment I was thinking to myself "oh crap, their back (meaning our ghosts)", Chewy jumped up and ran to the kitchen entrance and stood there, looking in an upwards position, barking and growling at something. I just sat there, looking in the direction he was barking, but the only thing I could see was the calendar hanging on the pantry door....but I knew, that what ever I saw moments before, he must now be looking at, growling and barking at it.  He then just suddenly, as if to be startled by it....jumped a little and ran next to me, and again stopped to growl at something in that direction.  Then he stopped again, ran and hid under the coffee table, growled one last time, then stopped.  Within the hour, Regina came over and we were watching t.v.  Something caught my attention in the corner of the room.  I thought for sure Regina would of saw it too, but later she told me she saw something else....which had me startled.  But anyhow, back to the thing I saw in the corner.  It was almost like an outline to something.  It was only like a darkened border....like drawing a picture of something, but only darkening the border of the image and leaving the inside of it invisible or blank.  It was a very dark, smoky-looking outline, barely there.....very hard to make out....but I could see it and it was just slightly moving, like a wavy motion, like fumes from gasoline or heat on a road.  Then it was as if it jumped from that one spot to another.....because as I was trying to figure out what this smoky-outline looking thing was.....the next thing I knew, it was gone from that spot and was now between the chair and the side of the t.v.....then it just vanished, as if to go in the t.v. through the side.  I looked over at Regina, expecting her to look back at me, shocked that we'd just seen this thing.....but it was obvious she must not of seen it too, because she never looked back at me.  Later on, well several hours later, she told me she'd seen something....and I went on to tell her what I'd seen.  She said she didn't see that....but she did see a round shadow on the floor about the size of a tea cup saucer, travel along the floor and then it just disappeared as it went underneath the television.

  I was half sitting, half laying on the love seat, waiting for Regina to come over to watch a movie.  I had my arm up, with my hand on the side of my face and I was startled by what looked like something dark walk up to me, from my right side.  I turned to look and it was gone.  A little while later, Regina showed up and we began watching the movie.  Immediately afterwards, John went to bed and Regina and I proceeded to watch a show on forensics.  After the show, I was sitting up, turned towards Regina talking to her and she was looking down, putting on her shoes....when I saw, what I thought at the time was John walk up stand next to me.  The whole time I was running my mouth, I could still see him standing there (well, what looked like his tan work shirt, I should say), like he was waiting for me to finish talking to say something.  Figuring he remembered something he needed to tell Regina, he must of gotten out of bed, so I shut up and turned to tell him to go ahead....but no one was there.  I turned back to Regina, who was now starting to stand up and asked her if she saw John standing next to me...and she said no, she hadn't seen anything.  I didn't think much of it, only that, the whole thing was pretty weird.  She went home and I worked on my computer for a while, then decided to watch another forensic show that I knew was coming on later.  I went into the living room, sent the kids to bed and as I was sitting there, watching this show about a serial killer.  Sometime during the show, I saw tiny little white thing, that looked like either a tiny piece of paper or a bird feather, just descend very quickly downward at my feet and go towards the floor.  At this point, I thought it was probably a feather.....but as time went on, something else happened.  I was sitting there, still watching the show....and I saw smoke rising next to me, in the opening between where I was sitting and the dining room.  I turned towards the table next to me, thinking I had a cigarette lit in the ash tray, but there wasn't one.  Then it dawned on me.....I hadn't smoked a cigarette since I was at my computer...and I looked over in the dining room and sure enough, there was my pack of cigarettes and lighter on the table.  I thought to myself "whoa...now it's getting too weird around here".  Not a second or two went by....barely enough for me to turn my head back towards the t.v., when I just got a glimpse of something dark, walk past me and disappear, as I turned to look to see what it was.  Right then, I got off the recliner, looked down, hoping that little feather or white thing was on the floor, but there wasn't anything there....nada!  So, I quickly began the routine of feeding fish, turning off lights (as fast as I could)...and went straight to bed....nothing else happened.

***Quick Note: I recently had an experience posted here,  where I thought the bed was slightly shaking and swaying one night....but have since removed that incident from this site, because I found an explanation for why that incident occured.  Seems, since we've tiled the bedroom floor...and the floor is a little slicker....the bed slides very easy.  So, when John moves, even though I don't feel him move an arm or leg, it will cause the bed to move, like it's in motion, especially if the bed isn't pushed all the way against  the wall. I remembered the kids were in the room earlier that night, watching t.v. and probably moved the bed, playing on it. So, I removed this incident, because it had nothing to do with anything paranormal.  But other things we've felt, like jumping on the bed, things walking on the bed, things touching us....that still remains to be something definately associated with ghosts.

    I had gone into the scary room to turn off the aquarium light and feed the fish....when I walked out, I got that ill feeling to close the door quickly.  I had then went on to bed and while working my way to my side of the bed (light was off), I suddenly felt this feeling of something rushing up on me.  So, as quick as I could I jumped in bed and covered up.  I laid there for a while, trying to convince myself that I was only imagining that feeling that something was coming up to me very quickly, from having to go into that room, so late at night and alone. So, while I was laying there, trying to fall asleep, I again got this strange feeling that something was right there next to me, staring at me.  I remember saying to myself "I've got to quit psyching myself out like this, it's not good"....and still I could not shake that weird feeling that something was standing right next to my side of the bed, staring at me.  So, I decided to turn on the lamp and maybe if I didn't see anything in the room, I could just go to sleep and quit worrying myself sick.  I reached for the lamp and when I did, I know I must of leaned forward that way, because I was hit with this very, very strong aroma of flowers......roses, that was the first thought that came to mind, but now I'm not sure, because when I recall what I smelled it almost smelled like an imitation rose smell or maybe it was carnations or some other strong smelling flower....I don't really know.  So, scared that I was suddenly smelling something that obviously wasn't there before, I leaned back in bed, deciding against turning on the lamp and when I did, I covered up real quick.  I could still smell this smell of flowers and it seemed to be on me.  I thought about the time my two sisters smelled perfume at my mother's house and they swear it was stuck on one of them...and now, I was knowing what that felt like.  I held my breath and then took in a good whiff, but the smell was gone.  I can't explain it....and as I add this experience, I can't help but wonder if I might of stuck my arm right through what might of been next to the bed and it somehow lingered on me.  Today, I went into our bedroom and smelled everything, I even smelled underneath our bed (crazy I know, but I did), to see if anything around that area could of made me think I was smelling flowers....but there isn't anything there, not linens, not anything on the nightstand....nothing has that smell.  And if it were something around, I don't know why it suddenly just disappeared, especially that it was such a strong smell.

    We were all in the living room watching a movie.  The kids were on the floor by the coffee table, Regina was on the loveseat, John fell asleep on the sofa and I was on the recliner.  We were pretty into the movie when all of sudden I heard what sounded like a single knock on the wall in the dining room.  I looked that way.didn't see anything, but I knew something was about to happen.  I have noticedand I don't know if this may be coincidence that this is happening prior to things happening around here.but for the last, I'd say, almost a year, just before something happens, not always, but sometimesI will hear what sounds like the wood pop in the wall.then something weird will happen.  Anyway, a few minutes went by and I heard what sounded like a plastic cup or bowl drop to the floor (at the time, I wasn't sure where it came from).  I looked at the kids and they had both turned around, also to look to see what the sound was. Right then, I knew, they heard it too.  I looked down and saw Chewy laying next to the kids.so I turned around to Regina and asked her if she'd heard that sound.  She said yes. I asked everyone where it came from and Regina and Corey said the kitchen, but Justin said he thought it came from near the grandfather clock in the hall (which is right there, near the kitchen).  We all described what we heard and each of us agreed it was definitely the sound of something plastic hit the floor.  I got up and went into the kitchen, expecting something to be laying on the floor, but nothing was there.  I went back in the living room and told everyone, nothing was on the floor.  A few minutes after sitting back down to watch the movie, Chewy went running in the direction of the kitchen and began barking at something.  Before I could get up to see what he was barking at, he quit and ran back into the room where we were at.he must of seen or heard something after we did, because he was definitely reacting to something.

Things are getting weird around here again.  Last night,  I was preparing to go to bed and did the usual routine with locking doors, turning lights and lamps off.  Well, when I got to the corner lamp in the living room, the same area, that twice already, something weird happens after I turn that light off.....it did again.  When I turned the lamp off, the television came on.  I was pretty freaked out, so I hurried up and pushed the button to turn the t.v. off...and headed to bed.  I opened our bedroom door, the fish aquarium light was on, lighting up our bedroom, so I turned the hall light off and it was very dark then.  I fed the fish, turned the aquarium light off and took off as fast as I could to my side of the bed.  I was laying there, saying my prayers, when all of a sudden, I smelled a flower smell.  I'd smelled this before, but the smell was different, it was apparent, I was smelling a different aroma then before.  The first time I smelled flowers, I was sure what I smelled was almost like an imitation rose smell.  So, still freaked out from the t.v. coming on mysteriously....I covered my head and continued with my prayers.  When I uncovered my head, I really expected that I would still smell the flower smell lingering around, but it was gone.  And I need to clarify that this smell was not the same imitation rose smell....this was a different flower smell....very familiar, but I didn't recognize exactly what type of flower I smelled....if I see a flower and smell it, I will definitely recognize what kind of flower it was, but right now, I'm not really sure what it was.  Anyway, back to what happened, after I uncovered my head.  It dawned on me that the room was lit up.  I turned and looked towards the hall, and there was definitely a light on, somewhere in the front part of the house.  I got out of bed (and I can't explain why I did....I just did....right now, as I add this, I couldn't tell you where I got the guts to do it, but I did), well, I turned on my lamp on my side of the bed, walked to our bedroom door, looked down the hall and sure enough, the living room light was on.  This happened about a week ago, but at the time, I had already fallen asleep, woke up with indigestion and when I got up to take something for it, I noticed the light on and thought to myself "I could of swore this light was off".  Anyway, I did get up and go into the living room, turn the main living room light that was on, off...and went to bed without any other incident.

    The night following the above incident (tonight 8/28/2002)....Regina, Justin and myself were watching Corey play a new video game in the living room.  All of a sudden, we heard a knock come from the hall or bedrooms.  I looked at Regina and asked  if she'd heard it too, and she replied that she did.  Then within seconds we heard what sounded like tapping.  Almost like what you would expect to hear if someone were visiting and knocking on the front door, but not knocking....this was definitely a tapping sound. Chewy heard it too, because he jumped up and began growling.  Again, I turned to Regina and the kids and asked if they'd heard that too...and they did.  Then all of a sudden, we heard something walk into the room where we were at.  All I remember is that it startled me so much, that I jerked real quick around to look to see what was walking towards us, because it sounded like it walked right up to the back of me.  Nothing was there.  Regina got up to put her coffee cup in the kitchen and I asked what she'd heard just then and she said, it sounded like someone dragging their feet as they walked into the room, I agreed....it sounded just like someone wearing a pair of slippers, walk into the room, then stop right behind me.

    My youngest son Justin went to the bathroom and next thing I knew, he came flying out of there.  He ran over to me, before I could even ask what was wrong....and told me that while he was using the bathroom, he felt someone tap him on the back.  When he turned around to look, but no one was there.

    Something happened here today that I am still trying to accept that it really happened and that I've not just completely lost my mind.  Just to tell you a how it all came about, we've been remodeling the inside of our house.  First we re-tiled most of the house, we still have the three bedrooms to complete.  Then we tore down the foyer wall, to extend the living room.  Then we completely remodeled the bathroom, with the exception of the shower, that's going to take more time, so we're saving that for when we have more time to complete that.  Now, currently we're re-doing the walls in the dining room.  We removed all the old dark paneling on the walls, that was here when we bought the house and have put up (on the top half of the wall), a lighter, brighter, cheery looking wallpaper and putting a lighter paneling on the bottom half of the wall.  Ok, now yesterday, John was hanging paneling when he had to stop, because he got liquid nail all over his pants.  If you're not familiar with liquid nail, it's a permanent adhesive.  We're using it to glue the paneling to the sheetrock.  Anyway, back to what happened....John got it on his pants and had to use paint thinner to try and get it off before it dried.  So, we ended up side tracked with dinner, etc....and he put off finishing the paneling until another day this week.  Well, I got up in the morning....walked into the dining room, looked around at what we still have to finish and noticed the aquarium, that we have shrimp in, was unplugged.  So, I walked over to the wall, plugged it in and was shocked to see liquid nail, squirted and smeared all over one area of the new panel.  This piece of paneling isn't glued down, it's just leaning against the wall.....I was furious.  I was upset because I figured when John got the liquid nail all over the side of his pants, he probably leaned against this paneling and got it all over that.  I stood there, staring at this stuff all over the paneling, in total disbelief that he would just leave it on there, to dry and then we wouldn't be able to get it off.  I thought about getting that cleaner he used on his pants, to try and get it off (now the whole time, I'm thinking, I'm still looking at this stuff on the panel).  I then thought I might ruin the finish or stain on the paneling if I tried getting the adhesive off, so I then thought about just leaving it to finish drying, because the thicker parts, weren't as light as the smeared parts, so that told me, it was probably still partcially wet.  So, I also thought I might smear it worse, if I tried wiping it off....then I was back to just leaving it to finish drying and letting John figure out how to get it off, maybe he could scrape it off.  Well, I walked away from that area, turned around, looked at it some more, thought about how I couldn't believe he probably ruined that one piece of paneling....then went to my computer and got my mind off it.  I was updating my site, with two stories, readers sent to me...finished that.  It was still bugging me about that paneling.....I turned around in my chair to look over in that area and nothing was there.  The adhesive was no longer on the paneling.  I am still in shock....I can't believe that what I saw, I stood and stared at for who knows how long...is now not there....just gone.....vanished.  I have been sick all day thinking about this....because if I hallucinated this stuff all on that paneling, then I must be completely insane.  If it isn't my imagination, and I was pretty close to actually touching this stuff, just to see how dry it was....but I didn't, because I didn't want to have to clean it off my hands too.....then if it were there, if I did see what I know I saw and it just vanished.....then what ever is here....is certainly playing some serious head games with me...and to me, that's not a good thing.

    Since the above incident, it's been pretty quiet around here for several weeks now.  Then about two days ago, I was feeling pretty comfortable that we were in one of those quiet stages, we get from time to time, but then I was caught off guard by something.  It was late, I shouldn't of been up by myself at that time, it was sometime after midnight...but like I said, nothing had happened in a while, so I just felt comfortable roaming around, not giving two thoughts about things that go on around here.  Anyway, I was in the kitchen, made myself something to drink and was heading back to the living room to watch a program, I was watching on t.v.  Just as I got to the kitchen doorway, that goes out into the hall/living room, something passed right in front of me.  It startled me so bad, that I found myself jerking backwards, to avoid walking into this person.....what I thought for that small moment, was a person....then it hit me. This was not anyone living in this house, awake....what I saw was dark and looked exactly like the shadows we see moving around the house sometimes.  I proceeded to the living room, sat down on the recliner and it started to bother me.  I almost walked into something.....almost walked right through it, had I not stopped.  Now I was really scaring myself.  So, being where I was sitting, was the direction it seemed to be heading, I decided the program on t.v. wasn't so interesting anymore....or enough to distract my attention off what had just happened, so I decided to get on the computer.  I went to an online auction, to find something.....anything interesting to occupy myself and get my mind off that horrible thought, I'd almost walked through a ghost.....and without realizing it, I was on for about an hour and wasn't thinking about what happened anymore.  Then I drank my last bit of soda, got up for a refill and it happened again.  Just as I stood up, picked up my glass and turned around to go to the kitchen, something grayish-white in color, just sort of flew by real quick, but not right in front of me....it was in the living room....I just got the end of something, as it went by, behind the wall.  Now, I'd had enough and turned right back around, shut my computer down and headed to bed.   Two days went by and nothing else happened.  Then as I was sitting at my computer, I heard a soft thump on the ceiling, then several seconds later, I heard it again, but couldn't tell where it came from.  Then all of a sudden, within minutes, I got this weird feeling I was being stared at or watched, I turned around, figuring one of the kids were standing there, waiting to say something....but when I turned around, there again, I saw something walk through the living room, really quick....just fly by.  I couldn't see enough to know what I saw, only the color of it, because when I looked that way, it just disappeared behind the wall that separates the room I was in and the room this thing was in.  It wasn't long afterwards, that I decided not to stay up and see what else might happen so I headed to bed.  While I was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, again I heard the same kind of thumps on the wall in our bedroom, but nothing happened afterwards. Well, I did hear a weird sound, but I couldn't make out what it was.  I couldn't even say what I heard was a voice or a noise of some sort...it was just a quick, sudden sound of something close by....within in the room.

    Rita came over to take a look at our dining room, since we've finished remodeling.  She decided to go to the back area of the house to see what the kids were up to.  She thought the kids were in the far room (what we call the scary room), so she opened the door, but the lights were off. All of a sudden she said she was overwhelmed with the strange, eerie feeling.  It frightened her so much that she said she couldn't get the door closed fast enough. She didn't say anything about it until I was telling her about something that happened here, later that night after she'd left.  She said she wasn't surprised, after what she felt coming from that back room.

    It was time for bed and we did our usual routine of feeding fish, closing and locking doors, lights off, etc.  Corey and I were in the hall and I asked if he'd fed Justin's fish (their in the scary room).  He said he had, and I noticed the light off in there, so I reached over and closed the door before heading to bed.  The next morning John asked why we locked Chewy in the spare bedroom all night.  I explained that we hadn't.  I remembered when Corey and I were talking before we went to bed, that I saw Chewy run into our bedroom.  Corey mentioned that he'd heard Chewy running up and down the hall way all night....and I remembered this too, but didn't think anything of it, except how strange it was that he wasn't in his usual spots under the bed or on top of his pillow beside our bed.  So, what ever happened to Chewy must of happened after we'd all fallen asleep.  I just can't believe that something would lock him in that room all night long or why?!

    Johnny, Corey, Justin, Regina, Gail and myself were all in the living room watching a movie.  All of a sudden I got this very intense feeling that we were being watched.  It was a bad kind of feeling....not the usual feeling of being stared at or being watched....this was a more sinister type feeling.  I would definitely associate this feeling with something bad.  I'll say this, it was so strong and so bad, the feeling I got, that I contemplated getting up and telling everyone we should leave the house immediately.  But for some odd reason, I just sat there, waiting and hoping someone would look my way and see what it was that was giving me this horrible feeling.  Before anyone did finally look my way, the feeling was gone.  After I felt confident what ever it was, was gone, I finally said out loud to everyone that I thought we were just being watched, by something...and I didn't think it was anything good.

    We were gone all day, visiting my mother.  We arrived home around 10 p.m, maybe just a little bit earlier than that.  I was standing at the sink, washing a few cups we'd left before going to visit.  I called out to Corey to bring me the hammer off the front porch, because after I finished with the dishes, I was going to hang some things in the hall, I'd bought.  No sooner did I call out to him, I felt this sudden gush of cold air on the back of my legs and back.  It wasn't a real strong kind of wind....just a mild gush, like when someone rushes by.  When I went to turn to look, I could of swore for just a second, I saw someone behind me.  My first thought was that it was Corey with the hammer, but when I turned completely around, no one was there.  Odd thing is, last week on Friday when I was at my mother's visiting, nearly the same thing happened....(see Mama's page for this experience).

    It was early in the morning, the kids were still sleeping.  I did a few chores around the house and headed to the shower to get ready to head to my mother's house.  While taking a shower, I could of swore I heard one of the kids crying and calling for me.  So, I called out to let them know I was in the shower, but didn't get a response back.  A few seconds or so went by, I heard it again, crying and a child calling "Mama".  I turned off the water, called out "I'm in the shower", still no response, nor did I hear crying or anything else.  I turned the water back on, again, I heard it....a child crying and calling me or calling for "Mama".  I thought the first two times, that maybe my ears were playing tricks on me....but when I heard it the third time, I knew for sure, one of the kids were calling me.  So, I walked to the end of the tub, pulled back the shower curtain, cracked the door open and called out to the kids "I'm in here".  Well, needless to say, again there was no answer...and no crying.  So, while turning the water off and getting ready to get out of the shower to dry off.....I heard it again.  I wrapped the towel around me, opened the door, looked around, nothing.  I went to the kids room, they were fast asleep.  I can't say for sure if what I heard was one of the kids crying and calling me in their sleep....it's never happened before, but I just think it's very strange that every single solitary time, I responded, the crying would stop completely and wait until I resumed my shower, to call me, as if wanting my attention.

    The same night as above, I had just arrived home from visiting my mother for the day.  I had the kids make little halloween ghost decorations for their home schooling art project, which were going to be hung up for my son's halloween dress-up birthday party.   I brought them all home in a bag and we were taping them to the ceiling in the dining room.  I had finished hanging what needed to be hung in the dining room and asked if John would hang a few in the living room.  He said he would, so I sat down and waited.  I looked around and asked if he thought they were hanging too low, that perhaps guest would walk into them or mess around with them, pulling them down.  So, after contemplating over it, I decided to pull the strings up higher, so that they wouldn't wad around in anyone's way.  I finished up, John was still watching the news, so while waiting for him, I decided to take a break.  I was sitting at the table when all of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I swear I saw my oldest son, walk into the room from the kitchen and jump upwards, swinging his arms back and forth, as if to try and knock one of the ghost down.  I swung around and called out "hey" to tell him, not to do that....but when I looked, no one was there.  I turned back around in my chair, to find both the kids on the floor in the living room.

    The same night above, after I'd gone to bed.  I went to bed pretty late, because I was up doing last minute preparations for the birthday party.  I had gone to bed about half after three in the morning.  I was once again, jolted out of my sleep by a strange sound.  The last time something similar to this woke John and I up, it was coming from our closet, this time, it was coming from the hall or our bedroom doorway.  I think it was in the hall.  I know without a doubt in my mind, I was neither dreaming or imagining what I heard, because when it woke me up, I could still hear it making this horrible sound, as I attempted to kick my husband awake to hear it too.  When he woke up, it stopped that very instant, so he didn't hear anything.  I had hoped he would of, because I don't know what it was that I heard.  It wasn't like before, a howling type sound....this was more of an agonizing, wheezy, congested type of whaling in agony sound.  It sounded kind of like someone squeezing a squeaky toy, real, real slow and then releasing real, real slow....but I don't have that kind of thing in our house, so I don't know what it was.  The sound, the vocal sound of it, was almost congested, wheezing and it sounded as if it were hollering in extreme pain....like something was being tortured or killed.  That's how horrible this sound was, and me describing it, does it no justice, because what I heard, was something, I can't even begin to explain, describe or compare it to, anything I have ever heard before.  Needless to say, I was all the way on John's side of the bed, as close as I could get, without knocking him out of bed.  I was actually laying there, feeling like something was still around....and I don't know if what happened next, was my imagination, from being scared half out of my mind or what....but the next thing I knew, I felt as if something had grabbed and squeezed one of my ankles really hard.  It wasn't like something grabbed a hold of me with hands....this was like two fingers, just squeezing my ankle on both sides, really hard.  My instant reaction was to jerk my leg...but nothing was there.  I swear, if I would of been pinned down or if I would of felt like I actually kicked my leg lose, to break free of something there....I would of been gone out of this house in a heart beat.  I can't help but wonder if what I felt on my ankle, was my nerves and my mind playing tricks on me, because I think....from what I know about this stuff....I don't think I would of been able to move my leg....I would have been pinned down or unable to move as freely as I did.....so, with that thought in mind, it kind of puts my mind at ease.....but the thing I heard in the hall....that I can't get over....that was just too creepy and weird.  Just a note....I have never prayed as much as I did this night.....it is the only thing I think that saves and protects us.....prayer and our faith!

    Guests arrived for my son's dress-up birthday party.  Everyone was having a really good time and before cutting the cake, I decided to take some pictures of all the kids in their costumes.  I took several pictures, one having a fairly large orb, on the wall right behind two guests.  I wasn't able to take anymore pictures, inside the house, because the camera kept dying on me.  It worked fine outside, but inside, it would just shut off and not come back on.  About an hour, maybe a little less, Rita and Judy were walking down the hall, talking.  All of a sudden, Rita jumped back and told Judy she'd just seen something.  She described something white in color and transparent, walk out of the bedroom (which is the same room we call the scary room), and it went into John and my bedroom.  I asked her if she'd made out the shape of a person or anything, but she said it moved so fast, she couldn't see anything, only that it was kind of white, see-through and she said that she did notice that it didn't go all the way down to the floor.  This was a very important event that has occurred, because Rita tends to lean more towards the skeptical side about paranormal activity.  It isn't that she doesn't believe in it, because she does, she's had many experiences herself....it's just that she doesn't believe everything she hears.  So, to hear her say that she had a visual encounter, was very significant.

    The kids and I were out running errands most of the afternoon and didn't get home until after five in the evening.  When I got to the door, unlocked it and opened it, I heard loud voices coming from inside.  We walked in, I looked towards to the t.v., assuming I must of left it on when we left....but it wasn't on.  I went to the kitchen to put the bags down on the counter....and before even going to the kid's room to see if it could of been their t.v. on, I knew it wasn't....because I would probably still be hearing it....it was so loud when we walked in.  I went ahead and walked to their room to look, just the same, and sure enough....it wasn't on.  I headed back to the kitchen to begin putting things away, saw that the kids had thrown their shoes onto the middle of the floor, asked that they put them away before someone tripped over them and went about my business.  Before I knew it, Corey was flying into the kitchen where I was at, telling me that someone was in the bathroom.  I asked how he knew and he said that when he went to his room to put his shoes away, when he opened his door, he heard the toilet in the bathroom flush.  He said he turned around after throwing his shoes into his room and saw that no one was in the bathroom, because the door was open and the light was off.  Hesitant about what else might happen.....I went ahead and went to check the bathroom.  I had no idea what I was supposed to go look for, but I did see that when I went in the bathroom, the water was beginning to fill up in the bowl.....so it definitely did flush....just....none of us, flushed it.  I want to quickly say that the voices I heard when we walked into the door, and I'm not speaking for my son.....I'm only describing what I heard.....to me, it sounded like a group of people talking so loud, that it was almost as if they were talking over themselves or having a loud discussion about something.  It was really, really loud.

    It was mid-evening, around five and Corey went into the spare room (what we call the scary room)....and before I knew it, he came running out, apparently frightened by something.  He said while he was in there, going through the toy box, he could hear something whispering to him, so he immediately ran out.  I asked what the whispering said, but he said he didn't know, it was whispering really low and and he couldn't make out any of the words....but it was right near his ear.  I have had this happen to me as well....and know exactly what he's talking about.

    John and the kids headed across the street to Rita, Regina and Gary's house to work on their computer.  I was home, by myself cooking dinner.  I noticed that Chewy was standing in front of the refrigerator, with his furry toy duck at his feet.  I thought to myself "awww, how cute".  Well, next thing I knew, he stood up, went to run out of the room and the duck, somehow went with him.  I walked over, checked to see what was wrong and saw that the fur to the duck, had gotten hooked on his collar.  I unhooked him, tossed the duck into the living room, in front of the grandfather clock and didn't give two thoughts about the duck again, until something odd happened.  I happened to look towards the refrigerator and saw the duck, back in the kitchen, laying on the floor where Chewy had been a few minutes before.  I didn't think much of it, except that it was strange the duck was there, because Chewy doesn't play fetch with toys....so couldn't imagine he'd carry it back into the kitchen and leave it there....but oh well, as I said, at the time,  I didn't give two thoughts about it.  Well, again, I looked that way and now the duck was closer to where I was, about half way between myself and the refrigerator...now I thought that was odd and it did kind of bother me.  Well, I didn't do anything about it, so I went on with the cooking.  I even walked past it, to get to the refigerator to get the butter.  Well, I had some things to toss in the trash and when I turned around to go to the trash can, I stumbled and got my feet caught up in something, looked down....and saw that the duck was now, right there at my feet.  Now, I was pretty freaked out by it.  So, I got on the phone, called my sister Judy, was telling her about it, picked up the duck and again tossed it into the living room, right about where it was before.  The whole time I was telling her about this duck, mysteriously working it's way closer and closer to me, she made a remark about how that would have her scared and asked what I'd do if it worked it's way back into the kitchen and began walking towards me.  Well....I remarked to her "That's when I'd be running out of this house as fast as I could"!  Well, next thing I knew, I turned to look at the duck after saying what I did....and all I saw was this duck, coming at me.  I began screaming at the top of my lungs, she began screaming back, because I scared her when I began screaming and within a flash, like a blink of an eye....there was our outside cat, walking towards me.  My legs were like jelly.  I had to go sit down, I w so upset by what had happened.  Now, I understand that maybe when I saw the cat walking towards me, it had to obviously be the cat and maybe because I was so freaked out about this duck working it's way closer to me, little by little....but what really puzzles me is, first, how did the cat get in the house to begin with.  She wasn't in the house, when John and the kids left....I would of seen her, not to mention I asked them when they returned if they remembered seeing the cat when they left and they said yes, she'd followed them across the street....so how did she get in??  Second is....I'm bothered or I should say worried that maybe, just maybe....something here, knew what I'd said about seeing the duck walk towards me and how it would scare me....that maybe, just maybe it made me think that the duck was coming towards me, using the cat...in some strange way, to play tricks with my eyes.  I can't but wonder if that's what happened.  It somehow let the cat in.....and used the cat to walk towards me, and somehow made me not see the cat, but see the duck instead.  Stuff like this....just makes me wonder if I'm losing my mind....because I just can't believe....I just can't understand how and why these things keep happening here!

    I was sitting on the love seat, watching a movie.  The kids were sitting with me, Regina came over and she was laying on the long sofa.  John was sitting on the recliner.  All of a sudden I heard what sounded like someone in the kitchen, doing something to the garbage can.....it sounded like they were hitting the lid on it or something.  I turned and looked at the kids and they were looking at me, because they heard it too.  I looked at Regina and saw that she had dozed off....so I kept trying to call her...but I guess she couldn't hear me.  So, Justin jumped off the loveseat and went over and tapped her.  Just then, the sound stopped.  I looked down to see where Chewy was and he was laying on his pillow behind the recliner.  I told her what we heard....and then we just sat there, waiting to see if we heard it again, but it never did start back up.

    Two days later, I was sitting on the loveseat, in my usual spot, watching a new movie that came out.  John and the kids had already watched it earlier, so I was watching with Corey, up until he fell asleep....then it was just me watching it.  I was just sitting there, when I got this eerie feeling that someone walked up behind me.  I turned to look, nothing was there.  A little while went by and then I heard a sound in the kitchen....like someone was in there doing something.  I couldn't tell what the sound was....so I turned the volume down on the t.v. so I could hear better and it didn't do it again.  But right when I went to turn the volume back up, I heard two steps...only two footsteps....like they were coming out of the kitchen and it sounded like someone dragging their feet with slippers on.

    John seems to be the focus of attention with our ghost now. I don't know if they've tired of spooking the kids and I or if they might of overheard a conversation I had with my sister, stating that I wished they'd bug John for a while and give us a break....I didn't mean it literaly, I was just saying it in a matter of speaking that most of the activity seems to happen to everyone, and John seems to be excluded because either the activity happens after he falls asleep or if he is experiencing as much as we are....just doesn't realize it or isn't admitting it.  A few days ago a kitten mysteriously showed up in our back garage. Don't know where he came from, but he's a cute as a button and we decided to welcome him with open arms.  Anyway, the kitten is an outside cat, along with our other two cats....and this particular morning, sometime before six....John woke up, was getting his things together for his shower and noticed that the kitten was laying on our bed.  He said he wondered if we'd let the kitten in to sleep in the house or how it had gotten in....but just kind of watched it sleeping there for a couple of minutes and thought "what the heck" and went on with his business.  After getting his shower, he returned to the bedroom to get dressed and realized the kitten was gone.  The weird thing is, exactly where he saw this kitten sleeping, was exactly where Chewy was laying.  He said it freaked him out, because he knows and swears, that this was the kitten laying there before, not the dog.  He went off to work and later called me to ask why and how this could of happened.  I just replied that perhaps something in the house, was playing tricks with his eyes....I didn't know.  After seeing the liquid nail on the wall and seeing the duck running at me.....anything was possible.

    The very next day, following the kitten incident....well actually that same night....when I was turning the lights off to go to bed, I climbed over the video game cord, to get to my dragonfly lamp and noticed John's work shoes next to the video stand.  Didn't give it two thoughts, other than being careful not to break my neck, climbing over this stuff. Well, that morning, John woke me up around six something in the morning, frantic that one of his shoes were missing from where he'd left them in the living room.  I got up, muttered that he must of missed one, because I saw them as plain as day, when I went to bed by the video stand.  Well, we both searched the house, high and low and I made mention that maybe one of our ghost hid the shoe from him....to go look in the scary room. That's where I found a pair of my shoes once, when I couldn't them.  Well, after turning the house upside down, John finally decided that we'd checked everywhere, except outside and in the kid's room.  Sure enough, there was the shoe, as pretty as you please, laying on top of both of the kid's on their bed as they slept.  How the shoe got there, I have no idea....because they fell asleep on the couch and I put them both to bed myself...and that shoe, was not there when I left the room!

    We were all sitting in the living room watching t.v., with the exception of the kids....they were in the dining room playing at the table.  Chewy caught my attention, when he began to growl, looking in the direction of the hall way.  I just sat there, watching as he was laying on his stomach, head up and growling....then I watched as he slowly stood up, dropped his head in a downwards position, acting as though he were going to attach something.  I began snapping my fingers, to get Regina's attention and when that didn't work, I began clapping....still she didn't look, but the kids obviously heard me because they came running into the room, asking "What?" that's when Regina finally turned to look at me and I told her (by now, Chewy had settled down), that Chewy must of sensed something....because he was growling, etc.... She said she didn't notice....but heard me snapping.  I told her, that when he did that, I kind of got this weird feeling that something was in the room.....just a feeling.  Well, nothing else happened for about fifteen minutes, my attention was now back on watching the forensic files show.  Next thing I knew, I saw this dark figure, walk out from the side of  t.v. or from behind the t.v. and it went by really quick and just vanished into the wall.  Just then, Corey came running in from the dining room and said he'd seen something come out of the wall (which is the dividing wall I saw it go into).  He didn't know where it went, because when he saw the shadow come out of the wall, he took off running.  He described the exact thing I'd seen.  It looked like the profile of a person, body and all and it was a faint black looking color and moved real fast.  A few minutes, just a couple of minutes later....I was just sitting there, sitting sideways on the loveseat, with my feet dangling outwards....and for just a split second, I felt something brush one of my heels....like a cat's tail brushing on me.  I looked down, but nothing was there.

    I had just gone to bed, when I heard in the far part of the house, a single sound of either the back door slam or a kitchen cabinet slam.  I reached down to see if Chewy were laying on his pillow on the floor and he was (which I'm really surprised he didn't react to the sound).....right then, I don't know if my imagination got the best of me, wondering if what I heard was that someone had broken into the house or what, but I could of swore I heard a couple of footsteps in the hallway.  I turned over, began poking John to wake up, but before he woke up, all became quiet.  I didn't force him to get out of bed to check what I heard out, assuming if someone were in the house, we'd eventually hear something else....but nothing ever happened.

    I was sitting in the recliner, watching t.v., while the kids were sitting on the floor playing. Corey had gotten up to go to the kitchen, when within a few moments after he left the room, he came walking backwards back into the living room, all the while saying and pointing "Mama, what's that? Mama...what's that?".  I got up and went up to where he was standing pointing and asked him "what's what?".  He then explained that he'd seen what looked like smoke coming out of the wall in the hall.  He described a white looking smoke, almost like fog coming out from the wall and it curved as if to go down the hall.  I inspected the entire area, to be sure that something didn't catch fire in the walls, like the electrical wiring, etc....but didn't find anything. I personally didn't see the smoke and asked him how long it been coming out of the wall...and he said he didn't know, that when he began walking that way, towards the kitchen, it just began coming out of the wall, he called me and when I began getting out of the chair, he turned to look at me and when he looked back to where he saw the smoke, it was just gone.

    It was around nine or so in the evening.  I was in the dining room, cleaning the birdcages.  I was using John's shop vac to vacuum all the birdseed from the floor around the cages....when I heard a man's voice yell real loud.  My first thought was that it was my brother in law, from across the street, calling me from the front door (John and the kids were at their house, working on Regina's satellite hook-up).  So, I turned the vacuum off and yelled back "Huh?".  But no one answered back, so I then called out "Gary?" But still no one answered.....so I walked into the kitchen and looked at the front door, then looked all around....no one was there.  Who ever or what ever it was, yelled loud enough that, it was louder then the shop vac and that shop vac is extremely loud and it did sound just like my brother in law Gary's voice.

    I was up late, watching t.v., alone. Nothing had been happening around here in a couple of weeks now, so I was feeling pretty bold.  A couple of times, I could of swore I saw something out of the corner of my eye, but every time I'd turn to look, I wouldn't see anything.  I didn't give it two thoughts, so after a while, I got tired and headed to bed.  I was lying in bed about to fall asleep, when I heard as clear as day, three knocks on either one of the doors or the walls.  Just three, light knocks, as if someone were wanting someone to let them in.  I scooted closer to John, expecting this was their warning of other things to come...but nothing else happened...to me, that is.  The following morning John told me something very bizarre, and I'm sure there's got to be some sort of medical, scientific or logical explanation...I just can't figure any out.  Maybe some sort of muscle spasm or something, I don't know.  Anyway, he said that night, he dreamed that someone came into our bedroom and gave him a shot in his arm.  When he woke up, he didn't remember the dream, until he moved his arm and it was extremely sore.  He showed me where he said he'd dreamed he'd gotten a shot and weird thing is...he had a mark on his upper arm, that looked like he'd gotten a flu shot. It was raised and red and tender to the touch. My theories on this is as I mentioned before...he had a muscle spasm and his brain interpreted it as he was receiving some sort of shot in the arm...or something more unexplainable.  Perhaps something in our home, either did something to his arm that made him think he was getting a shot, perhaps something thought it was really giving him a shot. What ever it was...it definitely left trace evidence of this shot, he dreamed he'd gotten!

    I was on the phone, telling my sister Judy about the strange incident with John and him dreaming he'd gotten a shot and we were tossing back and forth a few theories about what this could of been, when I was interrupted by seeing something walking by, to my right, in the dining room.  It was pretty early in the morning and I didn't think the kids were up yet, so I asked her to hold on, because I knew I'd seen someone walk by. I saw the skin tone and shape of a person go by.  When I called out to the kids, no one answered, so I got up from the recliner, checked the garage, because that's the direction I saw them go in...but no one was there.  I sat back down and a few minutes later, it happened again, going in the same direction as I saw it go before. This time, it wasn't as if I were caught off guard, I know that I definitely without a doubt, saw someone pass by the dining room opening from the living room...got up, leaned into the dining room, no one.

    I'd just gone to bed a little after midnight.  About two something in the morning, I woke up, as if I were wide awake and it were time for me to wake up.  I tried going back to sleep, but couldn't.  I decided to do a little Christmas shopping online and ended up being up longer than expected, until a little after four.  I decided I was too tired to continue looking for bargains online, so I headed back to bed.  No sooner did I get into bed, roll over and get comfortable on my side, I heard something speak to me.  It only said one word "Mama".  It was right there, in a very slow whisper, right in my right ear.  I turned up real quick to look around the room, really expecting to see something in the room, but I didn't see anything. I got this weird, kind of sad kind of feeling after I heard the voice in my ear. I guess, maybe it was the way it said this in my ear, I don't know, it was just a weird feeling I got. Nothing happened after that.

    I don't know what time it was, but I woke up sometime in the middle of the night to voices talking in our bedroom.  One specific voice stood out more than the rest, it was a man's voice, deep in tone and had a very scratchy sound to it, as if he were straining to shout.  I didn't make out a whole lot to what was being said, but I did make out a few words about a flag.  He seemed to be shouting out an order or something.  I couldn't make out what their responses were, but I got the feeling they were agreeing or acknowledging what this louder voice was telling them.  He said something to the affect about either getting or retrieving a flag, I don't know, I'm not sure.  I actually laid in bed, while all this commotion was going on, saying to myself that I must be dreaming....but the longer I laid there, listening to voices speaking and not making out anything they said (all of them), I realized I was fully awake and not dreaming at all.  I don't know how long it went on, maybe a minute give or take, but long enough for me to realize that the room was apparently full of people.  The voices seemed to be all around the bed and the main voice, the louder one, was near John's side of the bed and as I said, what I heard him say, was just brief when I first woke up and it was something about a flag.  In that split second, when I realized I wasn't dreaming, I was going to tap John to wake him up, but right at that second, the voices just stopped.  I rolled over on my back, looked up at the ceiling, while thinking I couldn't believe what I'd just heard, and I saw what looked like a chandelier above me and a small flag waving above that, closer to the ceiling.  It was bright enough to see in the dark, yet when I recall what I saw, I remember it was faded and gray looking.  I pretty much guess that what I heard were probably soldiers in our room, probably not even realizing that they were there....still back in what ever time they were in.....but the chandelier, that I can't put a place in all of this.  I don't know why that was there, along with a small flag.

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