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These are photos
we captured using a
Sony Mavica MVC-FD51 digital camera.

Notice how the orbs appear diamond in shape.

After consulting with Sony, we have determined these "diamond shapes" are the result of the "diamond" shaped iris this specific model camera has.
These are photos
we captured using a
Kodak DX3700 digital camera.
These are photos
we captured using a
Canon digital camera.
(Photos courtesy of "Regina")
These are photos of the cannon balls found in our yard and our neighbor's yard.
(Pictures courtesy of "Gary")
These are photos of
the crystal roses
we continously find
"moved" or "rearranged" in our home.

Note: I have 4 sets of roses in a variety of colors. Only the pink set I received for Mother's Day seem to get tampered with.  The roses are often found either slid to one side of their glass base or they are found balancing to one side of their beveled base. We've tried a variety of experiments to rule out movement, vibration, etc... nothing seems to affect any items on these shelves. They just mysteriously, randomly move on their own accord. We've gone a year without them moving, then suddenly....overnight their found in a completely different location.
Reader comments on this photo:

One very large face of a woman that takes up the entire left side of the picture. You can see her eye sockets, nose, mouth (smiling) and hair. The other face is within the same large face. It's to the bottom left of the picture. It's unclear if it's male or female and it appears to be looking downward at the kid's huddled on the large green chair. You can see the eyes, the nose, the mouth and the hair.

I was looking at your site and in the picture of the orb on the ceiling….someone contacted you and said that they saw two faces in the picture. But if you look closely, there are actually THREE. The third one is of a girl who is on the right. You can see the side of her face very clearly, as if she is looking at the other two faces. Please look at the picture again to see what I am talking about.
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