Special Notes:

LESLIE RULE (Writer Of Mysteries And True Ghost Stories):
First let me thank my dear friend Leslie Rule, for having confidence in me and believing me, it was you who have finally put my mind to rest, it was you who stood by me, helping me with my pursuit for the truth and answers to the hauntings occurring in our home, I will be forever grateful to you, you are truly a dear friend and I will always hold a special place in my heart, to appreciate the great friendship that has grown, through our quest together, to find answers!

Leslie contacted me after stumbling on my website for stories for an upcoming book she is writing about true ghost stories. What began as an interview, flourished into a friendship. She began investigating the facts behind my hauntings, searching for answers to the history of our home. She urged me to pursue my own investigation and see what information I could come up. Maybe deaths of previous owners and/or events associated with the property. After so much time researching and running into dead end leads, she urged me to begin asking my neighbors about their knowledge of any events that might have happened in the past, prior to our moving in. This is how I found out about their experiences....they too were experiencing similar events. Leslie mentioned she had a friend who was a renown psychic and would be in contact with her. So I sent Leslie a picture of my home, so she could mail it to Nancy. We ended up on a three way call (Leslie, Nancy and myself) and here is where so many unanswered questions, became a reality.

NANCY MYER(Internationally Renown Psychic Detective):
I'd like to thank Nancy Myer for spending so much time with Leslie and I, putting an end to our journey to find answers. You have put my mind to rest and explained to me about each ghost that shares our home with us, this will better help me understand what we're dealing with...and with this.  I now have a better understanding of what is going on.

Prior to speaking with Nancy, I had read a book she wrote about her experiences as a psychic detective, my friend Leslie mailed to me. It was this book and Leslie's confidence in her, that I knew I could be confident she would have many answers to what was occurring here. Leslie set up a three way telephone session and Nancy immediately began picking information up, using only a photo of our home, Leslie sent her. She began telling me about an elderly woman (possibly named Rose) who loved this house, especially sitting and looking out the window. She also loved the sounds of the birds singing (which I have 5 birds in my home) she said this woman smiled a lot, and laughed. When mentioning the woman's voices calling out my name, Rose made it clear to Nancy, it was not her, who had been calling me. Nancy also mentioned that Rose was the one who kept everything in order with the other ghosts around here. She also picked up another female, a young woman. Perhaps in or around the age of 16 or 17. This woman, had married and moved here, from maybe Virginia. Her and her husband were pioneers and lived in a pioneer community. Their cabin sat about where my detached garage sits now, she mentioned the woman had a baby, this young woman got a terrible fever which was passed on to her young infant. This infant, died at around 3 weeks of age, the mother being in a fever state, did not know about the death of her child. When she was well, she discovered the child was not around, so she went on a hunt for her child. She spent so much time, calling for the child and searching for her infant and when she discovered the child would probably not return, she drowned herself in a pond. Nancy believes this mother, is still here, searching for her child, crying, moaning and distraught over the missing child. Nancy also picked up a 12 year old female. This female, lived here briefly, but did not pass away in the home. She believes this child died in a hospital of polio. Nancy then picked up on another female child, around the age of 6. This child too was handicapped. She was a loving and ambitious child, bound and determined to learn to skip, with no regard to her handicap. This child loved to sing. Very happy child, Nancy adds. Then there is another child, a boy, around the age of 9. He was thought to have died of chicken pox, but Nancy said in addition to the chicken pox illness, he had diphtheria and this was most likely the cause of his death. Now, this is the most astounding of all, as you will read below, I had been finding canon balls through out my yard. One in the front yard, several in the backyard, digging plant beds. My neighbor, too had found canon balls about 6 feet down in his backyard. Now, Nancy, wanted to make me aware, (without knowing anything about the canon balls we'd been finding) that there was a Civil War battle on our property. Our home was built on a battlefield! Our home and our neighbors home were both affected by this horrific battle. Nancy said, this was such a brutal battle with terrible deaths, that it scarred the land. There was this gigantic portal, that had been created by this battle and that soldiers still roam about to this day. Nancy also told Leslie and I that she had never spoken to anyone over the phone who had as much energy as I did.  She sensed I was an untapped psychic and unconsciously blocking my abilities. She urged me to develop my gifts, because she felt I could be helping the authorities solve crime cases.  Oddly, neither myself, nor Leslie ever mentioned to Nancy that all my life, I had indeed been psychically picking up information on unsolved crimes and I found this troubling because I didn't know what to do with the details my visions provided me. I had contacted the authorities a few times on several cases, but they weren't willing to work with psychics.  So, to date, I still get information on missing persons, serial killers and murders, sometimes the victims visit me, providing me with details of their deaths, but I am unable to do anything with the information either because the details are so vague and not enough to do anything with (like small pieces to a puzzle) or else the authorities aren't willing to take my information.  Either way, I've been working to try and develop my gifts so I'm able to turn it on and off...as it is, I never know when the information will come to me.  I can't seem to turn it on when I need to, so it's basically useless to me.

G.A & M.A (Our Neighbors):
For some time now, I have been investigating the history of our home....in hopes of finding more about previous occupants, deaths, it had never occurred to me that what was going on in our home had anything to do with perhaps the land history. Anyway. As I had been researching off and on for nearly 12 years now, or since we've lived in the home, only recently, have I intensified my research. I decided that being the activity keeps increasing. I must find out what is happening here.  Upon doing a lot of research, via Internet resources, I came up with a few dead end leads. A dear friend of mine, urged me to ask around the neighborhood, maybe someone knows something that could possibly open another door or present a new path of information and this is what I did. One afternoon, I was outside playing with the kids, and the little boy next door came by to play. I saw that his father was outside, so I decided, what the heck, now or never. So I asked the little boy to go home and ask his father to come over for a moment, I wanted to speak with him. The little boy returned to tell me that his father was unable to make it at the moment, but his mother was on her way. She came over and we greeted each other. I was trying to figure out how I could ask her about things. I wasn't sure about her beliefs in ghosts, they were a very down to earth, friendly family and I was debating whether or not I should or I shouldn't. So I bit the bullet and began the conversation. I first confirmed with her, her friendship with all the other neighbors. She confirmed. I then asked her, if she had ever heard from any of the other neighbors, about the family living in our house, before we bought the house or anything prior to that family. She replied she hadn't. So now, I had to figure out what was next but the conversation, took off on it's own two feet, before I could think of another question, she asked why, and I told her, because I have been doing a lot of research on our house, about previous owners, etc. Her curiosity, further led the conversation and she asked why. Well, I ran out of excuses to beat around the bush about what I really wanted to know, so I just blurted it out "Because something very strange is going on in this house, we hear and see things and I have to find out what is going on here".  At this point, I thought she would either laugh at me or try and convince me that everything has a logical explanation (that typical reaction when I tell someone I live in a haunted house) but her eyes began to tear, and she apologized for her reaction to my statement. I was now puzzled about her overflowing emotions.  I asked if she was ok, and she was replied she was just overwhelmed with shock, her husband had been telling her from day one of them moving in the house 8 years ago, that he had been having strange experiences, with ghosts. I found my tongue all tied in a knot.  I couldn't speak, my mind was going a million miles a minute, but my mouth just laid wide open, frozen. I finally picked myself up off the floor and asked for details, but she couldn't explain, she expressed to me that the mere thought of ghosts would have her out of the house, moving as far away as possible, so she had always asked her husband not to speak of the incidents keep them to himself. Well, I went on to briefly tell her some of my experiences, keeping in mind, I didn't want to frighten away, one of the nicest families in the neighborhood, so I tried not to go into great detail or scare her. After much brief conversation, and little detail, she excused herself and headed home. My husband pulled in the driveway about then and we called the children in to begin dinner. I mentioned to my husband the strange coincidence that the neighbors too were experiencing some kind of hauntings at their home, when suddenly we were startled by a wrapping on our front door. We both went to investigate, to find both our neighbors on our front porch. Her husband had to find out what was going on....get answers to questions he'd been holding back for so many years. We all stood on the front porch comparing notes, seems that exactly what we'd been experiencing, they too had been experiencing. Upon further comparing notes and experiences, we found that their ghosts always traveled in a certain direction, always from one end of the house to the other, as if to go towards our home. And this made me stop to think, I hadn't realized it before, but it was true, our ghost did the same thing, but in the opposite direction, as if to always go in the direction of their home. Are these energies traveling back and forth to each of our homes, or are they somehow meeting somewhere in the middle? This, we are now on a quest to find out. I will update this page, upon further research and investigation of our similar experiences. At least one thing is for sure.  I don't have to worry that we're alone in this phenomena, we share more with than a friendship and a piece of property in this neighborhood with our neighbors, we're also going to start asking around, to find out if there are any other neighbors experiencing similar events!

Research and Records:

I did go to the library and confirm that a woman died in our home....and her name was Rose XXXX (which confirms what Nancy Myer told us). Also, Juanita and I went to the library and did extensive research on the area....to see if there were any type of battles on our land.  There seems to be quite a bit of controversy surrounding several different wars that had occurred here and from what Juanita could determine in her search, one of the wars, the commanding officer, didn't keep accurate logs of their locations, but the location did sound like this area.  Also, we discovered that the outlet to where we are living, might of been one of the possible locations that this battle took place.....but being the records are so inaccurate, we have no way of truly identifying or confirming this.  We did also come across records that showed back in the 1800's there was a yellow fever epidemic....which would also confirm what Nancy Myer told us about the young woman having a fever and passing it on to her child.

After having our property researched, according to the sources who researched our property...according to the historical society in our area.....there are records of several skirmishes occurring on our land...but because the records are so incomplete, they were not able to determine or say for sure if there were any deaths associated with these small skirmishes.

I was also told by a paranormal investigator, who claimed he did remote viewing (I'm with holding his name for privacy reasons because I'm not sure if he wants to publicly announce this information, considering the field of work he is in now).  He told me that he sensed a small boy in our home.  He said he believed the boys name began with the letter "M". (Years later, my youngest son encountered an energy making faces at him at the table who he called "Max".  Although I did speak with someone else who claimed the child's name was "Michael".  He told me that the young boy actually never lived in our home, while alive.  The child had lived in a nearby subdivision and that the young boy (who he believed to be around the age of 9 years old) had drowned in a pond, behind his home. He said the young boy found his way to me, because the child knew I had the ability to sense and communicate with spirits. He described the boys home to me and said it had a brown garage door.  He also provided me with various clues on how to find his home.  To look for a sign with the word "wood" in it, a recreation center, a bus stop, a playground.  Following his instructions, I drove the nearest subdivision near our home (We live on a dead end street. At the end of our street is a tall wall. Behind this wall is a subdivision).  Using only the details he provided, I drove through the subdivision for hours.  The subdivision is massive....and I found myself continuously driving around in circles, constantly lost...because this subdivision was like a maze. Finally, by some chance, I found a small road that I hadn't been down before.  I circled around the street and came to the only...and I mean the only home with a brown garage door. And I thought at first "How hard could it be to find a home with a brown garage door? I thought it would be more common, but it wasn't..there was only 1 home that I found that had that color garage door.  In the front yard was a man raking leaves. I stopped and asked him if he knew of any ponds in the area. I found no ponds while driving around.  He said "Yes as a matter of fact, there's one right behind my house....but it's all dried up now."  I thanked him and left, astounded how accurate the information was.  Also, the remote viewer was able to provide details of objects in my home that I did not have published on my website, nor at the time did I have any photos of the interior of my home.  He also sensed a portal (which I had not been aware of at the time), in our hall. He also told me that on his way to an investigation at a prison, that a ghost had kept contacting him, trying to give him a message.  He said it was very hard to understand this ghost, because he spoke with a stutter.  He said the ghost's name was "Jose".  Oddly, the year before, I had a cousin die.  He spoke with a stutter, his legal name was Manuel, but he went under the alias of "Jose".  No one knew this, other than our immediate family.  This was information that no one could possibly obtain, unless they were the real deal.  He also described an elderly woman neighbor of mine, who waved at me as she walked outside....in fact, I did have an elderly neighbor who would wave at me when she went to her mailbox.  He described another neighbor, driving a small pick up truck, wearing a brown uniform.  My brother in law, lived right across the street from us....he drove a small pick up truck and wore a brown uniform.  The real shocker was that he knew of a man, who claimed to be a father figure who had passed away, going under the first name beginning with the letter "B". I am adopted and my biological father's name is "Bob".

About the evidence gathered in our home:

1.  I had taken many pictures using the Sony Mavica and what I captured on film....I was baffled about.....all the images contained diamond shaped objects.  So, I was in contact with a paranormal investigator (Brent Fair with TAPS) who viewed the pictures and stated that these images, diamond in shape were what is known as a rare form of orb, known as "diamond orbs". Click link at bottom of page to view photos of diamond shaped orbs.

I was later in contact with several another paranormal investigator (Tracy Eastman with Ghost of Idaho) who viewed the same photos and he stated that he didn't believe the orbs were actually diamond shaped orbs, but rather circular orbs and that my camera was somehow making them look diamond in shape.. 

I contacted Sony about the images I'd been capturing and sent them copies of the photos containing the diamond shaped images.  They respond by stating that they were not anything of natural causes, such as dust particles, moisture or humidity....that they believed them to be of unknown origin, but did also state that this camera's iris was diamond in shape and this could be the cause for the unknown anomalies to appear diamond in shape.

I contacted another paranormal investigations group about the images.  They viewed the photos and stated that they were nothing more than dust particles. That all images diamond in shape are nothing more than that. I tried contacting them again, but they would not respond back to my second email.

I was scanning the Internet and came across a site that disputed this theory that all diamond shaped orbs are nothing more than dust particles.  This site showed where they had run many different test to disprove this theory and said that they were definitely orbs....and they referred to them as "shields".

After all these different theories and opinions on my diamond shaped orbs....I was ready to pull my hair out.  So, I went out and bought a Kodak digital camera....and began taking pictures with this camera......all orb photos taken with this camera were circular in shape. So, in my opinion this confirmed the theory of the Sony Mavica iris causing the images to be diamond in shape. Click link below to view photos of circular shaped orbs.

2.  With the guidance and instructions of paranormal investigator Brent Fair with TAPS, Brent instructed me on how to gather evidence of activity in our home using a camcorder.  So, I went out and bought a Sony Handycam, equipped with infrared and nightshot and began filming in our home.  I sent copies of the videos to Brent to analyze and he was able to confirm that these were genuine orbs and evidence of paranormal activity in our home.

3.  The second step of my proving the photos of orbs were genuinely paranormal activity, I decided to try an experiment.  I set up the camcorder on a table in the hall to film continuously while I snapped still photos.  When ever I would see orbs flying on the camcorder screen, I would snap a picture.  Wait until there was no activity being recorded and then snap a picture.  I continued to alternate taking pictures this way.  I then compared the video footage to the still photos and were able to determine that I was not taking still photos of dust particles, but taking pictures of the orbs flying around our home. Click link at bottom of page to view videos.

4. The next phase of my gathering proof was using a cassette recorder with an external microphone.  I walked through out the house, room by room and began asking questions in each room.  The answers to my questions were astounding.  In addition to the recordings I have captured through out the years, we also had a formal investigation conducted in our home and the paranormal group was also able to capture EVPs as well. Click link at bottom of page to hear these recordings.

5. I also use other various equipment, digital thermometer, K2 meter, EMF detector, laser security alarms and digital voice recorder.
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