October 27, 2008:

Missing Pieces
2008 Halloween Special
with Todd Matthews

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August 2008:

Ghost in the Mirror
Real Cases of Spirit Encounters
by: Leslie Rule

Chapter 3: Ghosts on the Road
"The Last Bus Stop"
Pages 56 through 62


May 8, 1980.  It was 7:38 a.m. when a near 2,000 ton vessel slammed into the Skyway Bridge.  A quarter mile section of the steel bridge collapsed, sending eight cars and a Greyhound bus (with 28 passengers) plummeting in to the bay.  Thirty-five people died.  Most from the 150 foot fall, while a few survived the drop, only to drown.

Nearly thirty years later, on a trip home to Tampa Florida, Juanita glanced at her side view mirror and saw the reflection of the bus, she sensed something strange.  It wasn't that she thought it was a phantom bus.  She simply found it odd that it stayed framed in her mirror for many miles.

Kimberly also remembers the treacherous trip. "I was only fourteen when it happened." she said.  "But, I remember clear as day the leaping Greyhound dog on the side of the massive bus as it went by and I remember all the commotion aferward when they saw the bus transform."

Juanita was so puzzled by the experience that she contacted the Greyhound station to ask which one of the buses was on that route, but she didn't mention the ghostly bus.  The answer was chilling.  Greyhound had no buses on that stretch, during that time.

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March 2007:

Ghost Cats
Human Encounters with Feline Spirits
by: Dusty Rainbolt

Chapter 3: Strange Footprints In The Night: Eerie Encounters With Feline Phantoms
"The Phantom Invasion"
Pages 75 through 78

With all the ghostly comings and goings, Kimberly only became alarmed when she saw a headless cat - a brown tabby - walking through the foyer and disappearing as if he had walked through an invisible door way.  She had no idea who the cat was.

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August 2001:

Coast To Coast Ghosts
True Stories of Hauntings Across America
by: Leslie Rule

Chapter: Haunted Homes
"Someone To Talk To"
Pages 10 through 19

"One day while I was standing beside the closet, it felt as if someone came up behind me
and sucked the air right out of the room," she said.

Another time, as she was showering, she heard a distinctive "Hello".

"This might sound strange," Kimberly ventured," but I didn't just hear it, I felt it!  It was a deep muffled voice, and it felt like a mild pressure on my face."

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December 2005:

WCAN Radio
Phenomenon Show
Hosted by: Pastor Wayne Fitzpatrick and Eric Meadows
(Lorraine County Paranormal Investigations)

Guests: Keith and Sandra Johnson
(New England Anomalies Research and Investigations)

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November 30, 2007:

Paranormal Phenomena
Paranormal Guide: Stephen Wagner

EVP Gallery, Page 10

Gallery Excerpts:
This evp was captured in our home about two years ago. We had just purchased a used dining room set from a thrift shop and discovered the chairs were moving on their own. I captured this evp before we got rid of the dining room set. There are two voices. The first says, "Help, help... need help... take my hand." Then a second voice interrupts saying, "Blah, blah, blah." Then the first voice closes with, "Need help." Then there are three distinctive growls or sighs at the end. - Kimberly

This evp was captured in our home on November 2, 2007 while gathering evidence of our haunting. It appears to be two voices conversing. The first says, "Ask him now," and the second voice replies, "Who? Ahh." - Kimberly

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October 16, 2007:

Missing Pieces
Episode 62: Mystery and Suspense,
The Many Sides To Writer Leslie Rule
Hosted by: Todd Matthews
Guest: Leslie Rule, Ghost Writer

Episode Transcribed Audio Excerpt:
TODD: You know we were talking earlier and I mentioned that you were part of the early part of this family of Missing Pieces, you book before this book 'Coast to Coast Ghosts', you actually interviewed the program director, Kimberly B., about her home. She has a haunted home and I like to say, I don't really think our homes are haunted, as far as my self and Kimberly, I think we're haunted, as a matter of fact. I don't know if that's the case with her but she's extremely open to these types of things so it could be something surrounding her rather than her home. You recently visited her home.

LESLIE: It very well could be. It seems to be that, a lot of people may think that we're nuts when we talk about this but it is part of our lives, that there are people on the other side that have things that they want the world to know and they pick people who are sensitive to try to talk to, and I'm somewhat psychic and Kimberly is extremely psychic so she seems to have a lot of people that are trying to get through to her.

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