Most of the later part of the year 2002 was quiet and the beginning of this year. We were going on just over a month with no incident....and we were enjoying every minute of it.  Then, it the most unusual time of day.  I had gotten up to take my shower and to get on with the day.  I was standing in the bathroom, in the master bedroom.  I brushed my teeth and went on with the routine of laying out a towel, etc... and that's when it hit me...."Something's wrong....someone's in the house"! The feeling was so incredibly strong that for one moment, I actually contemplated calling 911....yes, that's how strong this feeling was.  At the time, I wasn't thinking  "ghost" or anything like that...I honestly felt as if someone had broken into our house and were hiding in our shower. Why I thought or felt they were in the shower, I can't say, I have no earthly idea....but that's just what I felt.  Had I called 911, I would of told them, the person was in the shower, that's how sure I was....again, I have no idea why....I just did.  I was standing in the same spot, basically with my knees like jello, for who knows how long...contemplating what to do, when at the very moment, I did decide to back out of the bathroom and leave (but hadn't budged yet)...the shower door swung open.  I could of dropped dead right then, I swear.  All I remember for that moment, was my eyes beginning to water and my knees and arms tingling all over and I was just standing there, unable to move in shock...not able to scream, not able to nothing but stand there and wait to be basically what was going through my mind. I stood there...unable to do anything, but wait for who ever was in there, to come out and do who knows what.  I stood there and stood there, for what felt like forever and nothing ever happened. No one ever leaped out at me, no one ever peeked out around the corner of the shower wall....nothing, zip happened.  Then I did, finally gain control over my legs and backed slowly out of the bathroom....still convinced, keep in mind...that I was thinking....someone was in there, toying with me.  I backed myself right into our bed and I don't know why I didn't run then....instead, for what ever reason, I sat down on the edge of the bed and just stared at this open shower door.  I think that's when the thought that it might of been something paranormal...or just coincidence, this shower door, would swing open on it's own....for the first time since living in this house...for just some explainable, scientific had to have a reason...right?  Doors just don't open on their own...especially when you're standing there paralyzed with fear that an intruder is in your house.  Anyway....that feeling that someone was in the house, it was gone and I did leave the room for a while, before I returned, checked the shower, checked the closet, to assure myself that no one and nothing ghostly was in there anymore. I took my shower, got the kids up, fed them breakfast and we headed out the door to go shopping.

The incident above, I wasn't sure at the time...if it were something ghost related or just something for what ever reason, my mind decided to play tricks on me, with the pure coincidence and cooperation of our shower door. Anyway, I was working on my computer and did get that very familiar feel of someone standing behind me, watching me. It wasn't the same strong, threatening feeling of an intruder in our house feel, that I felt earlier that morning, just that feeling that I was being watched.  I turned around in my chair, looked around me, no one I went on with my work.  I felt it again a few more times after that, but chose to ignore it, not turn around to look....just keep working.  Well, some hours later, I began tiring and decided to call it a night and start the routine, feeding fish, locking doors, lights out.  I went around doing that and I could swear, I had turned off the light to the memorabilia cabinet in our dining room, but when I went into the kitchen to turn off the stove light....I noticed it was on.  No big deal, I walked over to the cabinet, turned the light off....turned around to head back into the kitchen and that's when I saw something....something in one of the dining room chairs. It was a face, almost transparent, but a reddish-rusty looking color.  Just a face, no body, no neck....just what could barely be made out as a person's face, just the chair.  I don't know if I blinked or what happened, but it there one second, long enough for me to acknowledge what I had seen and then it was gone. I took off running to the bedroom....not because it was a scary face, because honestly, I don't even think I could draw what I saw...but it was confirmation of what I feared was all starting up again around here.  I laid in bed for the longest time, hoping and praying what I had just seen, was not going to follow me to bed or something else happened. I took a while, but I finally did fall asleep.

Two weeks went by and nothing else happened after the shower incident and me seeing that face at the dining room table. We had company for the next ten days and four days later, we left on vacation.  The first night, the strangest thing happened at the lodge...and it's something I have never seen before...and after that first night, never seen again.  I've seen a lot of weird stuff...but I have never seen anything like this...and I will say, I do plan on researching this lodge to see if it has any history or reports of hauntings....because I swear, I think what I saw, was something paranormal.  Anyway, we arrived on Saturday, later afternoon...and went to bed some time after midnight.  I woke up at one something in the morning and then again at 2:25 or 2:35, I'm not sure which. But when I woke up, I noticed in the corner of the room, towards the ceiling corner....a light.  It was small, I would say about he size of a coin and it was almost opal looking. It had all these brilliant colors, swirling around in the center of didn't change color, like go from red to blue, not like was all these clusters of colors, all at once, in the middle of this circular thing...and it was like all the colors were there at one time, just moving around within the middle of it....glowing.  There were several beams of light, come out from the sides of it that, lets see how I can explain it.  It was as if this colorful light, had beams of light coming from it, casting on the walls, only almost looking like this: >0< but there were about four or so beams of light on each side of it.  The light wasn't on the ceiling or coming downwards, towards the floor, just coming out through the sides and they were white in color. At the moment, I thought it was some sort of light in the room, like some weird smoke alarm light or something like that....I didn't know what it was, just that it was pretty and in an odd place in the room.  I didn't lay there staring at it for very long, I fell back to sleep and woke again at three something in the morning....looked at the clock, looked up at the ceiling where the light had been before, but the pretty light wasn't there then. I didn't think anything of it, just kind of figured it must be on a timer, went off sometime while I was sleeping and I ended up falling back to sleep.  Now, when I woke up again after eight that morning and was heading to the bathroom....I looked up to that part of the wall, to see what was there...not a single solitary thing was in that corner.  Not a smoke alarm...nothing at all...just a corner where the two walls met, to make the corner. I looked around the room, thinking there had to be something that came on at that time and cast that light....but I didn't find anything. For the next few nights afterwards, I made it a point to wait to go to sleep around that time, to see if that light would come back on or show up....but it never did...only that first night we were there.  Now...thinking about it, had I known I was going to see this beautiful, unexplainable light appear that night, I wish I would of had my camera with me, because it would of really been something spectacular to have a picture of.

Four days into our vacation, I called my sister Regina to find out how things were going at our house. Her and my sister Rita were taking care of our house, going over every night to check on our birds, feed the fish and check the cats.  She said everything was fine....until I asked her "And how are our ghosts? Anything weird going on"?  She said there had been.  She went on to tell me that the first night we were gone, they were over, with a family friend Gail. Rita and Gail were in the living by the large fish tank....Regina was in the dining room, feeding the fish in that aquarium ,when they were all startled by a loud sound coming from the bedrooms part of the house.  Rita turned to Gail and asked if she'd heard that sound and Gail replied she'd had.  Regina walked into the living room and said she'd heard it too.  They went around to investigate, but couldn't find what the source of the sound was...only that it was the sound of something that sounded large, being either moved or dropped. A few nights later, same thing one of the bedrooms, it sounded as if something large was either being moved or dropped.  This continued happening...up until the last night, before we were to arrive home.  That night, Friday night.....Rita was sitting on the recliner, Regina was sitting in the dining room at the table.  Then it happened again, only this time, it was in the dining room, where Regina was. Rita sat up in the recliner and asked Regina what had fallen....because it sounded as if someone had taken something and smashed it to the floor.  Regina jumped up and told Rita, nothing had fallen, but yes, the sound did come from the room she was in.  They walked all around the room, looking for anything....anything at all, that could of made that sound, but there was nothing.  Needless to say, they let me know when we got home the following morning.....our ghost were going nuts, while we were gone.

Nothing had happened, since returning from vacation....then something happened.  We were all in our usual spots in the living room, watching a dvd of the Superbowl 37.  The first time this happened, I chose to ignore it, but when it happened again and then a third time....I said something about it to everyone out loud. The first time, I had just turned slightly to pick up my cup of coffee from a table to my right, when I could of swore, I saw someone in the kitchen, go from the refrigerator to the counter, very quickly.  I kept looking that way, knowing darn well, everyone was in the living room....and knew then, it had to be one of our ghost. But, as I said...I ignored, didn't say anything about it to anyone and just turned my attention back to the t.v.  A while went by, I would estimate at least a half an hour and it happened again. But this time, I didn't "happen" to look over and see something, I felt something staring at me, so I turned to look and just got a glimpse, again of something move very fast in the kitchen. Again....I ignored it, thinking...hoping.....if I just kept ignoring it, it would mind it's own business and go away.....or go about doing what ever it was doing in the kitchen.  The third time it happened, it was only minutes from the last time. This time, I again felt as if I were being stared at or watched intensely....I didn't turn around to look, not for a while. I ignored the feeling and kept watching t.v. That's when I jumped right off my seat, because I guess ignoring it, wasn't doing the trick, because I could swear, I saw someone walk right past me, as if to walk into the room. But weird thing is, as it got within my vision or I might of jumped, then turned....I can't recall....but what ever happened, just as I saw it there next to me, traveling very fast, as if to rush towards the front of the living room, it disappeared. My heart was pounding like crazy and that's when I finally decided to announce to everyone that I kept seeing stuff in the kitchen, but this time....I saw it walk into the room. Right at that exact moment, that I finished my little speech of what had just happened.....I heard a loud bang in the back part of the house.  I looked over at the kids, they were both looking back at me, so it was obvious, they heard something too.  I turned to look at my sister Regina....she too was looking back at me and I asked out loud, if it were my imagination or did anyone else hear that. They all responded they did and we discussed what we'd just heard.  Nothing happened the rest of the evening....well, up until we went to bed that was.

I had just gotten into bed, John was already snoozing away.  No sooner did I get comfortable, I heard that weird thump sound. The sound, that I've heard just before something happens. Being I'd already been spooked earlier that evening by something in the kitchen and then it rushing into the living room....what ever was about to "possibly" happen, would be no surprise.  Ten minutes, maybe a little longer went by and nothing happened after the thump.  So, figuring it was probably nothing.....I again was trying to fall asleep, when I heard what sounded like another thump in the living room. This thump was much louder then the first sounded as if someone had dropped something very heavy in the living room or that part of the house.  At the exact moment, I thought to myself "what the heck was that?".....I heard what sounded like someone running really fast down the hall way, towards our bedroom.  I rolled over, so that I could face the other part of the room and look towards the hall. Then it happened again, it sounded as if someone plowing down the hall, full speed....and it seemed they stopped short of the bedroom doorway.  It either stopped at the middle bedroom or it stopped at the bathroom....I don't know which....but it stopped somewhere within that area. And to top it off, it definitely was not just me that heard it.....because my little dog Chewy went nuts, not the first time I heard the running, but he did respond the second time. I could tell he heard it, because he always starts this woof sound, just before he goes into his full growl and barking frenzy when he obviously senses, sees or what ever....but it's usually right when I experience I know he knows when something is around or happening.

While watching the war coverage on t.v. with a family friend and my sister, something small happened.  We were all chit chatting, when I was overpowered and I use that word mildly....but the aroma of gardenia.  Of coarse, the first thing that came to mind, was "ghost"....but being I've always heard that people mostly smell the aroma or roses, carnations or mixed bouquets....smelling gardenia, didn't quite fit.  So, I passed it off....and still, knowing myself that there was nothing in our home that would emit that smell....I did ignore it. I have been ignoring lots of things happening around here.  It's been kind of an experiment for me. I am always trying to find ways that work, to keep the ghost inactive or what ever you want to call it. For instance, when I was hearing something calling my name over and over for a while, I answered answered me back and it was then, that I made up my mind, never to respond to hearing my name called again....hoping it would get the message and not do it anymore....and it did seem to work....for a while.  Well, same thing with other little things, like seeing things out of the corner of my eye or feeling like I'm being watched and that weird feeling of being followed right on my heels as I walk down the hall.....these things, happen so often, that I don't even update the site with these events
anymore, because I don't want to keep updating the site with this stuff over and over. that I've gotten that off my chest, I need to get back to what happened with the smell of gardenia.  After the second time I got a good wif of it right in my face, I asked everyone else, if they too smelled anything. Not saying what I was smelling. No one, except Gail smelled anything.  She exclaimed that she'd been smelling some kind of flower off and on. I asked her, if she thought it was gardenia...and by the look on her face, I could tell, that's exactly what she'd been smelling.  Now, if I had anything in the house at all, that even resembled the smell....potpourri, incense, air freshener or what ever....then I wouldn't be sitting here adding this event to the site. But I don't. The only thing I have in the house is a cinnamon broom, here and there....and that's far from gardenia.  We got a good wif off and on, a couple of times after I brought it up and the smell never returned. Proof to me....that had it been anything in the house...we would of continued smelling it.

We have a new addition to the family....a bloodhound, named Yogy!  As John Coffey would say "sounds the same, just spelled different".  Anyway....because he is quite the handful of playfulness....all puppies seem to be, we have to keep close tabs on him, to ensure, he won't go ripping through the house, using his ears and tail to knock over anything and everything in his path.  He's a fifty-pound, six-month-old....and full of steam!  He was barking to be let out and I was in the middle of something, so I called to Corey to let him outside for a while.  While Corey was outside, standing guard, Justin stayed behind in the bedroom, playing  the video game.  Before I knew it, what I thought was Yogy tearing a new path through the house....was actually Justin, making a run for it.  He was so excited that I had to sit him down and wait for him to catch his breath, before finding out what happened.  He said right after Corey left the room, the lights would flash off and on.  He said he thought Corey was hiding behind the corner, doing this, trying to scare him.  I...not knowing if Corey had come back in, without me noticing....was probably the one, playing tricks.  But when I called for Corey....he came in through the back door.

Weirdest thing.  Now, I'm sure someone might argue that sometimes....when something is battery operated it will get a "final" surge in the system...and will have one last go at operating or functioning, even when there isn't a battery in it.  What I say to that is....ok, fine. But, explain this.  I am addicted to keep tabs on our troops and their progress in Iraq and can't seem to break myself away from either watching or listening to the progress going on there.  But, one afternoon, the kids bugged me and bugged me to watch a movie and being I was tired from cleaning house, I decided to let them watch t.v. in the living room, while I got a few winks on the sofa.  I picked up the remote....but it didn't work....opened it up to replace the batteries.  Two problems here....first being the remote had no batteries in it, so that solved that....I didn't need to replace them, only get a new set and put them in.  If anyone reading this has know what I mean, when I say, batteries never last around here.  We must have ten remote controls and not a one, ever has a battery in it.  Anyhow.....I went to the kitchen to get batteries, here's where the second problem arose....didn't have that size.  So, I used my good old-fashioned steam and walked to the dvd player and pushed play (dahhhhh!).  Now, here it is about three days later....and after a long visit at a relative's house, I decided to come home and put a movie on.  Corey took control of the remote, played around with the buttons on the remote, until we all started to shout "start the movie already".  He clicked the play button and we were watching our movie.  Got to a point in the evening that the dog wanted outside, so we had to pause the movie. Corey had the remote and complained that it wouldn't pause.  He handed me the remote to see what was wrong....and just as I opened the back on the remote, before I even looked in the thing....I realized that I'd never put batteries in it.  Took the back off and sure enough....not one single battery in the thing. did Corey manage to mess around with flipping through all the selections before??? Haven't a clue.  If anyone wants to argue there was that last final surge in the remote....well I have beg to differ, because if there was that surge....then relentlessly trying to use the remote a few days ago, would of surely drained it....but it didn't work then....and it shouldn't of worked now either!

I was watching the kids playing in the backyard.  My mother was over visiting and in the living room watching a movie with my brother law Gary and my sisters Rita and Regina.  I came in for a minute to grab something to drink and to see if my mother wanted anything.  As I walked into the kitchen....and keep in mind, this is about five or six in the evening....I saw what I thought at the moment was either Rita or Regina walk pass the kitchen doorway and down the hall.  I walked over to the frig, got a drink, walked into the living room....and there everyone was....just sitting, watching the movie.  Now I was confused....if that wasn't Rita or Regina, then my eyes must of been playing tricks on me, because it surely wasn't my mother. But, just in case it was, I decided to walk over up to the recliner, from the back and look to see if it could of been Mama.  It wasn't.  I turned to everyone and said "Well, that's not good.....I just saw someone walk towards the hall....and everyone's who was it?" Gary immediately began humming the tune from the twilight zone.  That was the end of that, until the following morning.

The following morning, after seeing the person walk towards the hall, I was in the shower, getting ready to spend the day at my mother's house.  Before going into the shower, I asked the kids to give all the pets fresh water and food.  Well, sometime during my shower, the shower curtain went nuts on me.  It began blowing so hard into the shower, that it was if someone had turned a fan on full blast and faced right at the curtain.  I noticed the bathroom door open....and knew darn well, I had closed that door before getting in the shower. But how it got open, wasn't my concern for the moment...I was frantically fighting off this shower curtain that kept getting stuck to me and wrapping around my body.  After a couple of minutes of fighting with the curtain, I began calling for the kids.  Strangest thing sooner did Justin come running up to the door, the shower curtain just stopped blowing and I watched as it just settled slowly laying flat again the inside of the tub.  Assuming and I use that word lightly....because I swear, that is not a normal occurance with our shower's happened before and when it did, I felt it was something paranormal.  Well, just in case, I asked Justin if he'd opened the bathroom door and he said he hadn't.  Well...if Justin didn't open the door, then it had to be Corey.  So, I asked Justin where Corey was...and he said "Outside giving Yogy water".   Ok....well, not Corey...not Justin....I thought to myself...."Let me ask again".  I asked him again "Are you sure, you didn't come in to use the bathroom and open the door?", again he said he hadn't...that he was outside with Corey when he heard me calling for them.  Well, that was enough for me.....finished up my shower, got dressed and we were out of there. 

I was sitting in my usual spot on the loveseat.  John was on the recliner, Regina on the long couch and the kids on the floor, in front of the coffee table.  Corey was playing a video game, while we all watched.  I saw, just a glimpse of something gray approach my right side.  I turned to look, nothing was there.  Right at that very moment, I knew, something had entered the room....I could just feel it.  A couple of minutes went by....and again, I saw something move around my right side, but back behind me.  I again, turned to look...nothing.   After the second time, I made up my mind, I wasn't going to be doing this all night long, turning and looking to see what was near I just propped up the pillow and laid down, so what ever was there...unless it walked right out in front of me, I wouldn't be able to see it.  That did the trick....nothing else happened....that I'm aware of, that is.

The kids and I were taking an evening swim. When John came outside, I asked him if he would run out and get some doughnuts to have with coffee later.  He said he would.  After swimming around for a few minutes, I began wondering if he'd left yet. I asked Corey to go peek into the kitchen window to see.  He snuck up to the window, looked in, but said he didn't see him anywhere. I happened to glance over to our bedroom window. The blinds were closed, except for the two bottom slats. I could see into the window....I could see the t.v. and closet.  Then I saw, what I thought was John walking around the room, in a black shirt. I watched as he walked around and walked around that one area. I was thinking, he must be looking for his shoes or something...why else would he be walking all over the bedroom like that? Well, no sooner did I tell the kids that Daddy hadn't left yet.....I turned around and there was my truck, coming down the street, towards home. My heart sunk....because if it wasn't John in our bedroom...then who was it?  We got out of the pool; came inside, got dressed and I told John what I'd seen.  Then something happened later that evening.

About an hour later,  Regina came over and we decided to watch, what else, but a ghost movie...the sixth sense.  Of all movies to watch....after having an encounter....not a good idea. But, everyone wanted to watch the movie....and that's what we were watching.  The first thing to happen was that I kept feeling as if someone were standing behind me. At first, I did brush it off....because I figured I was probably just being paranoid after what I'd seen in our bedroom earlier.  Well, I kept getting that really weird feeling that someone was behind me...eventually, I couldn't ignore it anymore, so a couple of times, I did turn around to look...nothing there.  Then sometime during the movie...I saw what looked like, reflecting on the t.v., like something pass in front of either the hall light or grandfather clock lights....because you know how when there is light coming in to the room...and something passes in front of it, it just goes dark for a quick second? Well, that's what happened...and obviously I was the only one who saw it, because no one else remarked about it.  So, again, figuring, a moth or something must be in the house....flew past a light...and that's that....then a few minutes later, I heard and again, only I experienced this....I heard what sounded like a clicking sound. Almost like someone taking their fingernails and clicking them together.  Then about a half an hour after that....something else happened.  We were all just sitting there, watching the movie and we all heard this really loud thug.  Everyone turned around and looked at me, all at once. I said "You all heard that, didn't you"?  Everyone said they had. We all agreed, except for Corey...that the sound, sounded as if someone large or heavy either fell against wall, either in the hall or in one of the bedrooms. Corey said to him, it sounded as if someone were in the attic and fell.  Either way, what ever we heard....we all heard the same thing....a huge thug sound.

Corey was taking his bath. Justin and I were in the dining room.  Next thing I knew, Corey was screaming his head off for me. Not knowing what was wrong, I ran as fast as I could to the bathroom.  He was sitting in the tub, shaking, obviously scared about something.  He said that while he was taking his bath, something opened the bathroom door and when he looked, this dark, almost black looking smokey thing came in, went past the tub and over to the sink.  That's when he began yelling for me. Not knowing if maybe he saw the steam from the shower, I suggested this to him....that maybe he just saw the steam from the shower...and he insisted it wasn't the steam, because the steam was a white color....and what he saw was black. And he also insisted that steam from the shower wouldn't open the bathroom door either. He went on to try and convince me that he did close the bathroom door when he went to get his bath.  Before he knew it, he heard a sound, looked towards the direction of the door, saw the door was open.  He said he just thought that either Justin or I went in the bathroom, while he was bathing....but when he looked again, there was thing black thing moving past the shower curtain, towards the sink.  He didn't need to convince me, I've had my fair share of incidents in the bathroom and one very recent one at that.

Regina, Justin and myself were sitting in the living room watching a movie.  John had already gone to bed and Corey was in his room watching something in there.  The corner light in the living room went out and I remarked outloud "darn that bulb just burned out".  No sooner did I say that, the light came back on.  Assuming at the moment the bulb must be about ready to go out....because that's sometimes what a bulb will do...I didn't think anything of it.  A little while went by and I noticed weird lights flickering where Regina was laying on the couch. I turned to look, but they were gone. At this point, I just assumed it was Corey messing around so I said outloud "enough already".  I didn't see Corey I leaned over the back part of the loveseat to see if he were hiding with some kind of toy or something...but he wasn't there.  I called out to him, he didn't I called him a second time. This time, I heard as he opened his bedroom door and then he came into the living room. Regina obviously sensed that something happened for me to be calling Corey, because she turned around and looked at me funny.  I didn't need to ask him if he was in there seconds before playing around, flashing a funny light....because I knew when he came out of his bedroom, it obviously wasn't him.  So, not wanting to scare him, because he was watching t.v. in the back part of the house alone....I just asked him why he wasn't in here with us, watching the movie.  He responded that he was watching something else in his room.  When he left, I told Regina about the strange lights flickering around her head.  These lights were little burst of colors with gold (not yellow...actual gold, like a jewelry gold), blue and pink....there may have been other colors, but those are the only colors that I can really recall seeing.  Again a little while went by and I got that weird feeling that someone had walked up behind me and was just standing there. I turned to look...nothing.  A second or two went by after I turned back around, when all of a sudden, there seemed to be something black standing to my right.  I could see what's to the sides of me and I swear, as I tried to stay focused straight ahead, I kept trying to see what was next to me, without actually moving my eyes...and all I could see what black.  Still trying to keep my eyes looking in a forward position and also trying to make out what it was next to me....I just couldn't get it to work for me....I couldn't make out what it was, without turning to look. I thought to myself "I'm gonna turn real fast and maybe I'll see what it is"....but when I turned nothing was there. When I turned back around to look straight ahead, that black color wasn't there something was definately there and left when I turned.  Off and on, through out the rest of the movie, I just kept getting a strange feeling that something was around, watching us.  At one point, I don't know what I heard, but I thought I heard sounds coming from the someone was in there doing something, making noise. I couldn't distinguish what the noise was...just little noises and clicking sounds.

I'm in the garage, sorting laundry, with my back to the garbage can.  All of a sudden I begin feeling this weird vibration feeling under my feet.  I sweep my feet back and forth, because I don't know what this odd buzzing, vibrating feeling on the concrete is. We don't live in an area where there are earthquakes or anything of that nature, so I can't figure out what it is....other than it must be my feet...not something to do with the floor.  Next thing I know, I'm bent over, picking through the laundry, putting this and that in each pile accordingly and this large box of laundry detergent....empty and obviously from the garbage can, comes flying at me and hits my hip.  This box did not come tumbling out and roll across the floor...this thing had to be mid-air to get to the point it did and  in order for it to do would have had to lift up half way through a 30 gallon can, over the rim and then tumble a whole (about) five feet to my hip, hit me, bounce off and land in a toy crate nearby.  Figure that one out!  And this is not all of it....just yesterday I had was also experiencing things at my mother's house....but you will have to read her page for those experiences (See Mama's page).

For some odd reason, I woke up hours earlier than normal, while it was still dark outside.  I couldn't fall back to sleep, so I decided to do a little housework before getting the kids up for breakfast.  Sometime during my housework, I decided to take a break, grab something to drink and sit down to smoke a cigarette.  After my little break, I sat there for a few minutes, contemplating what to do next.  I stood up, turned and faced the dining room and for a split second....and I mean just a flash of a moment....I saw a woman, in white.  It happened so, so fast, like I blinked and it was gone...that's how fast I saw it and it was gone. But I saw this woman and I don't know if she were a bride or dressed in a fashion that gave me the impression she was a bride....but I saw all white and I can't recall seeing a face.  She was wearing a long flowing type outfit....again, it happened so fast that I don't know if what I saw trailing behind her, flowing towards into our kitchen was a veil or her dress....but it did appear that she had something over her face and around her head. The whole thing, thinking back about what I saw, I keep picturing what I would have to say was a bride standing there....turned in a direction where she was midway facing the garage door and wall that separates the dining room from the living room.  I didn't get any weird feelings or anything, just that sudden adrenalin rush feeling, with the butterflies in your stomach and what feels like electricity engulfing your entire body.  Now the only thing that bothers me or troubles me about seeing this woman is....I don't know if she's one of the ghosts I'm already aware of being here...or if this is someone/something entirely new.

I wasn't feeling too good and told John I was going to go lay down for about an hour.  John was cleaning out the garage, the kids were in the backyard playing.  About "two" hours later, I woke up.  I let John know I was up, checked on the kids and sat down to watch t.v.  John had our blood hound Yogy in the hall, blocked off with a gate.  He did this, because he was carrying things from our front garage to our back garage and didn't want Yogy to escape out of the yard.  While sitting, strolling through the t.v. guide/menu, Yogy began to bark.  No big deal, I figured he must want out.  I called out to John and asked if he thought he'd be much longer, because Yogy was getting a little stir crazy. He said he had a couple of more things to haul back and then he'd lock the gate and let Yogy out.  Yogy, continued to act strange....I could distinguish his barks and this was not the kind of bark that he wanted out....this was different...I can't describe it...almost like a protective type bark, like he was barking at something, not about something.  Well I called out to him, saying something to the affect of "Yogy, what's the matter boy, huh?" and no sooner did I say this, I heard the voice of a young child say "Awwwww" then a giggle.  I jumped up as fast as I could, looked in that direction...and there was Yogy laying on his blanket, asleep.  I called and called for John.  Eventually, John heard me calling and came inside. I told him that something weird just happened.  He thought maybe it was Yogy making some weird sound before falling asleep...and I could accept that maybe the awwww was Yogy yawning or baying or something normal like that....but the giggle????  Had it just been awww.....then maybe I would accepted I was hearing things and my mind interpreted as a child's voice....but the giggle....that was not the dog, no way, no how....that was without a doubt....a child.

I was talking to my sister Judy on the phone when I saw a red/brown color...almost orange or rust looking, swirling and circling all around my ankle area.  Not thinking anything of it, assuming it was Chewy trying to tell me he wanted out, I leaned forward in the recliner to get up to let him out, only he wasn't there.  I stood up, walked around and found Chewy fast asleep on his pillow bed.  I sat back down, told Judy about what had just happened and remarked to her that I hate when stuff happens, when I'm by myself.  We kept talking and next thing I know, it sounded like someone knocking on one of the doors. I told Judy to hold on, I just heard up, went to the front door, no one. Went to the back door and the garage door, no one.

The brilliant colors appeared again...but not as colorful this time. I was stretched out on the loveseat, Regina was over watching a movie with us, laying on the long sofa, John was in his usual spot on the recliner and the kids were on the floor playing with our new kitten "Fry".  As I was looking straight ahead, watching the movie, out of the corner of my left eye, I saw these brilliant colors, sparkling above Regina. I don't know if they were on the wall or hovering above her head, because when I turned to look real quick, they were gone. I remarked about seeing the lights above Regina's head again and nothing else was said about it and they didn't appear again that night.

Regina saw the woman in white I saw in my dining room.  She said that the woman she saw was in the dining room, wearing all white.  The woman had on a long gown with puffy sleeves that either gathered or rippled as they went down the arm. She also had some sort of scarf or cap on her head.  Her impression was that the woman was a pilgrim, from the type clothing she was wearing.  Although my impression was that the woman I saw was dressed like a bride, there's no doubt in my mind, we saw the same woman.  She described almost exactly what I saw, the week before. The only thing about the woman I saw, is that she didn't linger around long enough for me to get a lot of detail about her clothing....I only saw her in a flash of second. Perhaps if she would of stuck around long enough, maybe I could of gotten a better impression of her clothing era, etc... I just recall seeing a woman, all in white, with a full gown, flowing towards the kitchen and with something on her head, perhaps covering her face.  Also, Regina saw the black thing that seems to show up every now and then, traveling very quickly across the floor, then disappears.

I was up late, working on my computer and finishing up laundry...when I kept getting that eerie feeling that I was being watched or that someone entered the room. Each time I felt this, I would turn around in my chair to look around, but never saw anything.  After I finished up the last load of laundry, I shut my computer down and headed to bed.  While I was laying in bed, waiting to fall asleep....I could of sworn I heard a whisper.  Not sure if that's what I heard...because it was so faint...I just thought to myself I was jittery from that weird feeling of someone entering the room and watching me.  A few minutes went by and I heard it again....what sounded like someone whisper something.  Still, I couldn't make out what was was so faint.  At some point after I heard the second whisper I thought to myself for a moment "this can't be happening...I hope I'm not hearing what I think I'm hearing" when no sooner did that thought leave my mind....a man's voice, shouted into my ear. One single word....and a word, I have never heard before, perhaps a language I am unfamiliar with....I don't know. It was one single word, screamed in my ear. Weird thing is....I swear when this man screamed into my right ear, I heard it exit my left ear. Now, I know it's physically impossible to yell into someone's ear and have the sound exit the other ear, but I swear....that's what it felt/sounded like.  I can only describe or compare it to having a phone on one ear and as the person screams into the phone at you, you quickly pull the phone away....the voice seems to fade the further you pull it from your ear. Except, in my case, it shouted into my right ear and the sounded pulled outwards, faded from my left ear.  After that...I didn't hear anything else...and I didn't get much sleep that night either.

Regina and I were in the living room watching a show on forensics...the kids were in the dining room playing with a toy on the dining room table and John dozed off in the recliner.  While I was facing straight ahead, watching the t.v...I saw that weird glob of swirling, glowing, gold light hovering above Regina, out of the corner of my eye.  The last few times I saw this...I turned real fast to see what it was, but every time, it disappeared before I could get a good look.  Well, this time, I continued staring straight ahead, trying really hard not to move my eyes, but to continue trying to watch this thing out of the corner of my eye.  It was there about three or four seconds and disappeared.  It looked like a cluster of gold colored lights, balls of light, just twisting and churning. About a half an hour later, I was watching our new little kitten "Fry" playing in our magazine rack, patting at the page corners....when suddenly I saw what looked like someone come out of the hall and go into the kitchen real fast. I got this really weird feeling, I just saw a ghost go by....but not knowing for sure, I asked Regina where the kids were, because she could see into the dining room...and she said "sitting at the table" what I saw, was what I thought I saw.

I was working on my computer, updating my website and I got this really weird feeling I've been getting every so often that I'm being watched...intensely.  It's a really, really creepy feeling....because when I feel this....I can pretty much bet, when I turn around and scan the room...I won't see anything. I know it's because every time this happens, it's the same routine...stop what I'm doing, turn around....look....see nothing....see no one. Know that I'm probably picking up on something in the room....that shouldn't be there.  Anyway, while still working on my computer, I got that weird feeling of someone staring at me and almost simultaneously...the birds went crazy in their cages.  I took a deep breath, turned around and looked. All three bird cages....all the birds were responding. Coincidence that one bird decided to go nuts and they all got stirred up in the process...maybe. But, the fact that it happened right when I got that feeling, was too weird.  The birds ended up settling down and I went back to updating my site.  After finishing up, my son came to me and asked if I would burn a copy of his CD for my niece.  I did that...and then decided I would burn a copy of different CD for my husband...well, as I leaned down to get the CD out of the computer, I happened to just glance over towards the kitchen and there was this black thing...just standing there for a split second and then vanished. Because I didn't get a real good look...and because it happened so weird feeling it was there, not more than 12 feet or so from me....I freaked.  I called my son to tell him his CD was done and I decided to put off burning my husband a CD...and I headed to bed.  The very next son woke up and said he needed to tell me something. He said when I called him, he came from his bedroom and just as he turned to go through the kitchen....he saw a black thing there, shaped like a person, near the garbage can...then it just disappeared.  That's exactly where I had seen it. Now either this thing, actually disappeared and then reappeared...and that' when my son saw it...or else I just thought it disappeared and it was still there the whole time...I don't know....I don't care, all I know is that Corey confirmed what I had seen.

I had been preparing dinner and decided to go lay down, while the chicken was baking....I had a really bad headache. The usual routine for our dog Chewy is when I go to bed (not John, not the kids...just me) he will follow and get in his usual spot under the bed. After about a ten minutes or so, something obviously was antagonizing him, because he would not stop barking. My head was killing me and frankly...his barking wasn't helping it go away. I called out to my son Corey, because I could of swore I heard him talking in the living room. I called and called...too lazy to get out of bed to just get up myself and let Chewy out. Then I called once again and could of swore I heard him reply "What"? I called out "Come get Chewy...he won't stop barking".....but no response, nor did he come to the bedroom to take Chewy out. I again called to him to come let Chewy out of the bedroom....but still, no response. I got out of bed, walked up to the door and shouted (and that made my headache even worse) "Corey....Corey....come get Chewy and take him outside". I stood there, didn't see Corey...didn't see Justin....didn't see one. A couple of seconds later, Corey and John came into the living room and I asked why my calls had gone unanswered...they both insisted they'd been outside the entire time after I had laid down. I replied that I had heard Corey talking in the living room when I called out and even heard him reply back "What?". They both insisted that they had not been in the house, since I had laid down for a nap. I couldn't believe what I was hearing these two say...because I know what I heard. Either way, Chewy had run out of the room, when I'd opened the door and they had entered the house...and all that mattered was he was out and I was going to get that nap and maybe, just maybe when I woke up that headache would be gone. No sooner did I walk back into our bedroom....lay down, cover up and close my eyes....I heard a child's voice say "You're in trouble" in a singing sort of tune. I opened my eyes, looked around and decided maybe taking a couple of pills for my headache would work as well as a I got out of bed and left the room and left the trouble making ghost to entertain itself.

The same night as above (but hours and hours later), I had gone to bed. While I was laying in bed, tossing and turning and trying to fall asleep....something came over me to get the telephone and put it on the night stand next to my side of the bed. Why? I have no earthly idea...but usually when I get a hunch or feeling to do or not do something, I usually follow that feeling. I got up, turned on the hall light, headed down the hall....turned on the kitchen light....walked through the kitchen and went around the corner into the dining room, where the phone is plugged into the wall. I took the phone off the charging base, walked back through the kitchen and that's when I heard it....footsteps behind me. My very, very, very first thought was that Chewy followed me out and he was behind when I got up to the light switch, I stood there, waiting for him to come out of the dining room and proceed to follow me to bed. But weird thing was....I wasn't hearing the footsteps, when I stopped, the footsteps stopped. But at the moment, I didn't think anything of it....I just figured he may be at his dog dish eating or drinking.....what I probably heard was him coming from our bedroom and heading to his dish...not actually following me to go to bed. Well, figuring he would come to bed, once he heard me walking to our bedroom, I proceeded to switch the kitchen light off....and headed down the hall. I heard it again, walking "behind" me....little tiny, quick footsteps with a clicking type sound....what would be very similar to Chewy running and his nails clicking on the floor as he trotted. Well, just as I got up to the bathroom....and could still hear the footsteps behind me, not giving it a second thought...because I figured it was Chewy behind I glanced ahead...what should I see? Chewy standing at the other end of the hall, peeking around the corner, obviously waiting for me to come back to bed. At that very moment, I was covered in goosebumps....because it hit wasn't Chewy running behind couldn't be....he was in front of me, standing there, looking at me. My pace to get to bed, pretty much went from a casual walk to full speed ahead. I turned off the hall light, slammed our bedroom door closed and jumped...not climbed...but jumped into bed. My heart was pounding so loud I could feel it in my neck and pounding outside my chest. After a couple of minutes, I eventually laid the phone down on the night stand and fell asleep. As I add this event...I realize that I had no need to get up and get the never did ring in the middle of the night, as I had a feeling it would.....that obviously what happened, something tricked me into getting up to get that phone, because it obviously had other get a good scare out of me.

Something really, really strange has been happening...and I can't figure out what's going on.  I am assuming it's paranormal related...and until I discover otherwise...I am posting it here. If I find a logical explanation to what is going on, then I will certainly remove these experiences from our site.  Back in April a cat we found in January delivered a litter of kittens. All were very sick and died...except one. We named him Fry...because he's the color of a fry. Anyway....about two weeks ago, I was sitting on the love seat and heard a kitten crying...assuming it was Fry, I looked down where he was laying with see if it were him whining...but it didn't seem to be him...he was sound asleep.  I dismissed it as I must of been hearing things.  That was two weeks ago, last week it happened again. I was sitting on the recliner, talking on the phone and I heard it again. While I was still hearing it...I was looking straight at Fry while he was playing with the rug in front of the t.v. and knew then...I was either hearing things or something weird was going on.  Tonight it happened again...but this time I had four other witnesses to the event.  John was sitting on the recliner, right next to the dining room, I was sitting on the loveseat with Justin, Regina was on the long sofa and Corey was right behind me....with Fry.  I heard a kitten whining...didn't say anything and Corey said "Mama, did you hear that kitten"? I told him I had...and remarked it was probably Fry. He said it couldn't be, because he was holding Fry...and he hadn't meowed. Then he said it sounded like it came from the dining room...which is where I heard it come's where I had been hearing it come from, the past two times. John leaned up in the recliner and asked if we were positive it wasn't Fry....because he also heard it...coming from the dining room.  Corey assured him he was holding Fry the whole time and that he hadn't meowed.  That's when I went on to tell them about the other two times I'd heard the whining...but thought I must of been imagining it...but now that they heard it too....that I didn't know what to think.  There is no possible way it could be another kitten somewhere around that area. We have concrete floors that sit flush on the ground, so I know it can't be kittens under our house. of now, I don't know what this mysterious kitten sound we hear whining is...but as this moment....we know for sure, it's definitely not Fry.

Corey and I were sitting on the sofa, eating ice-cream cones and watching a movie.  I was looking down at my cone, trying to bite the cone around the edges in a perfect line...when I looked up towards the t.v., something caught my eye in the dining room.  I saw something fly by real fast. It seemed to come from the garage door, going in the direction of the kitchen or bird cages.  It happened so fast that I don't think I actually comprehended what I saw. It took me a few seconds and I remarked out loud to Corey "Don't look now, but something just flew by in the dining room".  To me, it looked like a black and gray scarf....because what I saw was just a swoosh of something go by.   It was definitely higher than the table, but lower than the hanging lamp.  For the next half hour or so, I kept turning around, looking over my shoulder. Corey asked what I was doing...why I kept looking back towards the hall and I responded that I was just making sure that what ever I saw go towards the kitchen, didn't exit into the hall, behind us.  It took a while of not seeing anything else, before I was able to relax and enjoy the rest of the movie.

After going to bed, I woke up...feeling fully it was time for me to wake up.  Because it was so dark in the house when I woke up....I thought that maybe I'd only slept a few hours and just woke up for no good reason. I laid in bed, petting our kitten Fry who was laying between John and I.  I laid there, listening to what I thought were the kids playing around. I could hear them giggling and laughing. I laid there thinking "I know their not still up"..."They probably stayed up playing the video game". So I got out of bed, walked over to John's clock, looked at the time and it was exactly 6:33 a.m.  I could still hear them laughing and carrying I decided I'd find out why they were either up so early or still up from the night before.  Just as I walked out of my bedroom door (and I was tippy toeing) and reached for their bedroom door knob, the giggling and laughing stopped.  I opened their door, looked in their room.....the kids weren't around....they weren't on their chairs playing the game, they weren't sitting up in their bunk beds watching t.v...they were no where.  I walked over to the bottom bunk, pulled up the cover and there was Justin curled up in a ball, fast asleep. I looked at the top bunk, there was Corey sound asleep.  I got chills....I couldn't believe that I'd just heard giggling and laughing...thinking it was our kids and apparently it wasn' couldn't be.  I walked out of their room, went to the bathroom and all of sudden I got the creepiest feeling someone was standing outside the bathroom door. I dreaded and I mean I really, really dreaded opening that door to go out. I honestly expected to find someone standing there, waiting for me. I opened the door and my heart was pounding....nothing was there....looked both ways and took off for our bedroom. I want to say that me feeling that weird feeling was probably from me hearing the laughs and giggles and discovering it wasn't the kids making all the racket....but I tend to feel deep down that something was probably standing outside that door waiting for me and I could feel it there. I do feel when their around, watching me...and I think what I was feeling was that something was there...maybe I didn't see it when I rushed out of the bathroom...but I sure felt it there...what ever it was.

Corey was playing with his legos in the dining room. John and Justin had gone to bed early.  Justin's legos were sitting on the coffee table in the living room, where I was at.  Next thing I know, Corey came into the living room and asked me if I were playing a joke on him or something. I asked why and he remarked that a lego hit him in the back, as if someone had tossed it at him.  He showed me the piece and said that he thought it was the flag pole from Justin's creation.  Sure enough we looked at Justin's legos sitting on the coffee table and the flag pole was missing.  How it made it's way to Corey...we can only speculate.

Ghost are really getting on my last nerve...between them taking my car keys at my mother's house and messing around with my stuff....their driving me nuts!  I am very meticulous about my crystal collection I have displayed in our grandfather's clock. We've had the clock just over a year and never had any problems with anything inside of it, moving or otherwise.  But this one particular night, I guess something in the house either wanted to really get my goat or else just let temptation get the better or them.  Either way, messing with my collection is a big NO NO!  According to the pictures I took twenty days prior to this incident, I was able to verify in some pictures I took of the kids with Chewy and Fry that all was normal in the clock. Then just a few days before this incident, I was looking inside the I always do...and noticed it was time to dust again, but hadn't gotten around to it. So the clock still had dust on the shelves, around my collection.  Well, this particular night, I went to the bathroom and while in there, I heard this weird pounding on the wall. It sounded like it was coming from the closet in the other bathroom, that is just on the other side of the wall. It sounded like someone was trapped in the closet, pounding to get out.  I exited the bathroom to find Corey standing in the hall, near the grandfather clock. He said he was scared because he heard someone knocking on either the doors or walls...I told him I'd heard it too, but it sounded like it was coming from the bathroom in my bedroom.  He then brought to my attention that something was wrong with one of the things in my grandfather clock.  I walked over, took a look and was shocked.  One of my crystal collections was barely on the edge of it's mirror base and tilted, almost as if to just fall over...but frozen in that position.  I told him to hurry and grab my camera.  He brought the camera and I snapped a bunch of pictures.  The following morning  after I woke up, I called John at work to tell him about my crystal flower vase and told him about the weird pounding on the walls. He said he'd heard the pounding too...but thought it was coming from the closet in our bedroom, not the bathroom.  He also said that he'd noticed the crystal figurine....that what he saw at that time was it just seemed like it was not centered on the mirror beneath it. He didn't see that it was toppled over, leaning to one side. I showed him the pictures when he got home and he was shocked. Now I have to worry about something messing around with my collection in the clock!

I found the crystal flower bouquet has moved again, but this time in a different position. Before it was pushed back, to the edge of the mirror, all the way to the left and tilted over. This time it was pushed all the way forward, all the way to the left and left in an upright position, not tilted. I am tempted to sprinkle powder or flour under and around the object to see if it shows any signs of sliding or vibrating to these different spots or is it actually being picked up and placed down in the position. I will also hook up the camcorder to film it every night to see if it's moving while we're sleeping. Odd thing is...and maybe this is just coincidence....the night or morning the object moved for the second time I dreamed it would.  I dreamed a little girl (ghost) reached in through the glass, picked it up and left it completely upside down. Where it would be resting on the flowers.  I woke up, went to the clock...didn't find it in that same position, but it had moved.

I woke up, went about with my usual morning routine and headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get my shower.  After brushing my teeth and rinsing my mouth, I was looking in the mirror when suddenly I saw through the reflection in the mirror, the towel that was hanging over the shower curtain rod move.  It seemed to slide real fast towards me.  It startled me at first and my first reaction to seeing movement behind me was I first jumped and then quickly whipped around to look. I immediately left the bathroom and decided to do a few household chores to build up my nerve to then get my shower.  Off and on, through out me cleaning, I kept seeing movement out of the corner of my eye, like something white go by real fast.  About a half an hour later, I got my shower, woke the kids up for them to get ready for us to go to my mother's for the day.  When John got off work, I asked him if he could remember what he'd done with the towel he dried off with that morning.  He thought about it and said that as far as he can remember, he spread it out over the rod.  I told him what I'd seen in the mirror and thought this would explain why when I turned around, the towel was pushed all the way over to one end of the rod, all bunched up.  Even if he did leave the towel bunched up...which would be out of character for him, that's why I asked him how he left the doesn't explain me seeing this towel, slide across the rod in my direction.

John was out of town for two days at a manager's meeting and the kids and I stayed home.  The first night he was gone, I had the kids sleep in my room with me.  That night, Corey asked if we could sleep with the television on.  I agreed, but after laying there, not being able to fall asleep with the television on, I waited until I knew they were both sound asleep, got up and turned the television off.  I laid there maybe ten minutes or so, still trying to fall asleep when I thought I heard talking in the hallway.  It was a very low type of talking....almost like whispering, but not exactly. It was as if I were hearing talking from far away, but even though it sounded distant, on the same hand, it sounded like it was coming from right in the hall, outside my bedroom door.  I laid there, listening and could tell that there were more than one voice....almost like I were listening to some sort of discussion of some sort.  At one point, I heard one voice say "wait"..."wait".  My heart at that point began to race and my imagination began to run wild.  I went from thinking it was ghost to thinking it was people outside walking along the street and their voices carrying to thinking maybe a couple of people were outside one of the windows about to break into the house, back to thinking I was hearing ghost.  I didn't know what to think.  Eventually, I got up enough nerve to get up and turn the t.v. back on to drown out anything else I might hear.  The next day when I woke up, I didn't give it two thoughts, until something else happened.

The kids and I were sitting in the living room at the coffee table, doing our home schooling.  Corey was reading a story to himself silently about penguins and Justin and I were working on his Language assignment.  I asked Justin to pick a word out of a word box and copy it down onto the blank line.  I watched as he had his right hand with the pencil on the line and his head turned to the word box, scanning the words, reading.  Just then, his hand began to move and he began writing.  I looked as he quickly wrote a word down without ever turning his head. When Justin writes, he is always looking down at the paper as he writes, I have never seen him, look one way, while writing.  Anyway, I looked at what he wrote and asked him why he wrote the word "Sallie" letter and all.  He turned to look and said that he didn't write it.  I told him I watched as he wrote the word....he insisted he didn't.  I took his pencil, erased it and instructed him again to find a word in the word in the word box and let me know which word he chose.  He again, turned his head towards the word box, while his hand rested on the paper with the pencil.  Again, I noticed his hand began to write....and again he wrote "Sallie".  I said to him again "Justin, look, you wrote it again". He moved his hand and looked down and said "Mama, I didn't write that". I asked him then, if he knew what it said and he sounded out the name Sally.  The first time he wrote it and insisted he hadn't, I looked at Corey as if to say "this isn't right".  When he wrote it again, I looked at Corey again as if to say "there is something seriously wrong here".  I don't know much about automatic writing. A friend of mine claims that she's done it on occasion.....normally when she's just sitting relaxed, about to write a letter to someone and at the point of where she stops to think about what she's going to write, she's looked down and found writing that she didn't do.  It makes me wonder if something was channeling through Justin to write that name down.  Weird thing is, just before this happened, I did get a strange feeling that we were being watched and at one point and did turn around to look to see if I saw anything there. Maybe he just subconsciously wrote this name down, it wasn't one of the words in the word box....we don't know anyone by that I just don't know what to make of it.

While I was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep I heard the sound of something crash somewhere in the house.  It sounded like something big had fallen over and everything on it or in it, crash to the floor.  I sat up real quick and listened to try to figure out what it was that I heard.  I then heard what sounded like someone had taken something and hit it down on one of the wooden tables in the house. You could tell it sounded like something hard or heavy hit down on wood.  I got up, tippy toed to go see if I could see what was going on.  One time before, I woke up early in the morning after John had left for work and heard all kinds of comotion of things being knocked over and being broken, only to find that John must of let in our outside cat when he left for work and he was trying to get out of the house, knocking everything off our kitchen window. Before that, on another occasion, we heard what sounded like people had broken into our house and were knocking things around, kicking our front door, only to get up to check and find nothing. So....either I was going to find nothing again or I was going to probably find that the outside cat had gotten in again.  I figured with as loud as the crash sound was, it had to be something big.....maybe even one of the closets, maybe the shelves collapsed or something.  So, off I went, tippy toeing to the kids room. I opened the door, they were still awake and said they hadn't heard anything, nor had they done anything that would make the sound I said I heard, they were just laying on their bed, watching t.v., trying to fall asleep.  I tippy toed to the next bedroom, looked around there, checked the window, checked the closet, nothing.  Went to the hall closet, the bathroom, the living room, the kitchen, I even went into the garage and found nothing out of place.  I don't know what I heard, but it was very, very's hard to believe the kids didn't also hear it.  John was fast that's why he didn't hear it. I ended up going back to bed and when I got up the next morning, I checked everything like the closets again....looked around real good. Really there's nothing in our house that would make that kind of sound....except maybe the book shelf in the dining room....but that was fine, not a thing out of place.  I told John that it was so loud, it almost sounded as if a wall came crashing down, that's how big and loud the sound was.

I was laying in bed, with the side of my head resting on my pillow.  I began to hear whispering....I lifted my head up and it stopped.  I looked around the room, because it sounded like it was either in the room, near the foot of the bed, on John's side or near the door or maybe in the hall....I wasn't sure. I laid back down, it started up again.  I again, lifted my head up, looked around and it stopped.  I must of lifted my head up and laid my head back down, six or seven times before I ended up, sitting completely up in bed, looking around the room and thinking to myself "Man, this is ridiculous". Well, when I laid back down, I didn't hear it never started back up again after that.  To me, it sounded like a conversation or discussion of some sort, it was very faint, yet I could distinct a man's voice that was louder than any other voices I heard....but even though I could make out that it were a man's voice, I couldn't make out any of the words or conversation, it was really, really low in tone....almost distant sounding, yet you could tell that it was right there.  After that, when I didn't hear it anymore, I just began hearing the normal sounds, like the air conditioner kicking on and off, the birds moving around in their cages....stuff like that....but no whispering.

Earlier in the evening, while everyone was up, I kept getting this strange feeling, that someone was watching me. I would turn and look towards the door in the dining room, that leads out to the garage...because that's where I felt what ever it was I was feeling, was in that specific spot.  This went on off and on all evening....then later that night I was up by myself, sitting on the loveseat.  John and Justin had already gone to bed, Corey fell asleep on the long sofa.  I was watching t.v., smoking a cigarette.  I saw something out of the corner of my eye, right around the rug near the t.v.  I looked that way, nothing was there.  It happened again and again I looked, but nothing was there.  Then when it happened the third time, I guess I just so happen to look quick enough or in the right spot, I don't know...but I saw this long (almost foot looking) shadow as it just went underneath the recliner.  It was dark gray and had a really long, stretched out oval shape.  I sat there watching to see if it came out or appeared again, but by the time I finished my cigarette, I didn't see it anymore.  I woke Corey up and sent him to bed and began the ritual of turning lights off, locking doors, etc... I had just gotten into bed, when I thought I heard what sounded like someone walking down the hall towards the bedroom, like dragging their feet.  I only heard it once and it was so brief, I really can't swear that it's what I heard...but I laid there listening and I didn't hear it again. So, if it were something coming down the hall, from what I can gather, it stopped either at the kid's room or at our bedroom door.  I laid there for a good while after that, before falling asleep.

I was in the bathroom, getting ready for the day. I'd taken my shower and was standing at the sink, brushing my teeth....when I rinsed my mouth and looked up towards the mirror, I saw of something/someone walk by in the hall way.  What I saw was so strange.  I saw this dark looked like it was wearing a cape or cloak with a hood over it's head....almost like little red riding hood, but not red....dark, like smoke. And this thing I saw.....wasn't solid was almost transparent looking, but dark.  When I saw it pass by, it's head seemed to be looking to hide it's face??? It took me a few minutes before I got the guts to walk up to the door and look out both ways. I went directly to the kids see if one of them were awake, but neither were. I guess I should of known, because this thing I saw, other than it being dark and transparent was tall, very tall. With it's head tilted still was nearly the height of the door frame.  Odd thing is.....just the week before, I bought both the kids their Halloween costumes....and Corey's is Dark Maul...which is a hooded black cape with a red mask. But this isn't what I saw and even if it were one of the kids....Corey is only five-two and Justin is fifty-two it couldn't of been either of them. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm crazy....but what I saw.....maybe it was something using that costume...not physically using that costume....but like imitating it. I only saw this thing from the side as it swooshed past....but I will swear that I know without a doubt in my mind, it wasn't the kids. I woke them up after I went in their room, because after seeing this thing, I didn't want to stay in the house, any longer than necessary.....and you could tell they both just woke up....puffy eyes, hair going in all directions...walking like their half awake, half asleep.  I just don't know what I saw....all I know is it was tall, dark, transparent looking with it's head down, wearing a hooded something or another.

John had just gone to bed, so I decided to sit on the recliner. Regina was sitting on the long sofa, when she said to me "I just saw that black thing again".  I looked over at her and she was moving her hand across the top of the sofa back, showing me where she'd seen it move across.  A few days before that, I'd seen it too, but I saw it come out of the dining room and out of my sight, somewhere in front of the coffee table. It's a little round, sometimes oval dark circle. It look like the circle a flash light would show if you moved it along the floor, except the difference is this thing is pure black and small....about the size of a half dollar. That very night, after Regina went home, I was up doing a few things and then headed to bed.  While I was laying there, I could hear Chewy by the closet, scratching at a small rug I have there....I guess trying to move it or something to make the area comfortable. Normally, he sleeps under our bed, but sometimes, off and on, he'll sleep on one of the rugs I have thrown on the floor. Anyway, I was listening to him scratching away at the rug, thinking to myself that he was going to shred it up, if he kept scratching at it....and that's when I heard something. I heard a voice....a child...I don't know if it were male or female, say "Careful".  It didn't say anything else....just that. It was loud, not screaming loud, but I would say well above the normal talking range....and it was as clear as day. It said it very slowly, but it had the sound of someone whispering....but whispering loud.  I scooted backwards, as far as I could to get as close as I could to John. I didn't know at this point, if this was just the beginning of other things that would keep me up all night or if this were the end of was the end, nothing else happened.  I don't know why, but for some strange reason, I don't think this voice was talking to me....I think it either just said this word out loud or it was saying it to Chewy....but I really, really don't think that when it said this word, it was intended for me. I can't explain it...maybe I'm wrong, I don't know.

Justin was on his way to his room, when he began screaming for me. I went to check to see what he wanted and he said as he was walking down the hall, towards his room, he saw a shadow on his bedroom door. He said he stopped and when he did, he saw the shadow move away and go towards our bedroom.  This shadow has not only been seen by him, but by me, Corey and my sister Rita.

I was on my computer, answering email and a nice woman by the name of Donna had emailed me to note that the activity in our home seems to have slowed down.  I responded that it had to a degree and remarked that some things that go on here....haven't happened again in a while. One of the things I mentioned was about the crystal roses in our grandfather clock. That hadn't been moved, in several months now...and it was probably because I expressed my disapproval with our ghost messing around with it. No sooner did I respond with my email to her, I got off my computer to mop and head to the grocery store.  I was mopping near the front door, around the grandfather clock and I looked in at the roses...and wouldn't you know it??? They were moved again.  I got on the phone, called John at work, asked if he'd moved it....maybe winding up the clock.....he said he hadn't.  I asked the kids...just to ease my mind, if they'd bumped the clock or did anything that might of shifted these roses and they said they hadn't.  I didn't move it back, I left it like it was, so John could see it when he got home. The roses were moved all the way to the front of the mirror base it sits on.  If it were the clock, maybe chiming and vibrating things around....then why is this the only object being moved?? And....if it were the clock...then why, when I first discovered these roses moved, were they moved within the days apart...and now it's been months. If it were something to do with the clock or anything natural, wouldn't the same amount of time pass between the moves??  Me personally, I think something was trying to make a point with me....that it can do what ever it wants to...I don't make the rules around here...or else it just decided to mess around with it. Ironic it was on the same day I remarked that this object hadn't been moved since the second time. I'm going to be posting the pictures I've taken of these roses...not that you can tell they were moved by a supernatural force, but I thought maybe people would like to see this object our ghost are finding so fascinating.

I'm sorry for not updating my page sooner....but the latest event that happened in our home, did a real number on me.  I wasn't even sure if I could post it on our site, I have been so bothered by it.  A few days prior to this happening, little things were going on.  I kept seeing things moving out of the corner of my eye....but when I turned, nothing would be there.  One night while my son and I were watching the Monday night football game, he saw something white come from the hall way and disappear in to the side of the fish aquarium. I could tell he'd seen something, he had that look on his face that he usually gets when he sees something weird.  When he told me what he'd seen, I looked at the tank and it looked as if a storm had blown threw it. The water was swaying and the fish were all huddled into one corner of the tank.  Later that night, after the game, I was on the computer reading and responding to email.  At one point, I was sitting and thinking what I was going to say in my email response....just then I heard what sounded like someone moan in the kitchen.  I whipped around in my chair and just then, my son walked in and asked if I'd heard that strange sound in the kitchen. He said that he'd heard a man moan....exactly what I'd heard.  I responded to what email I had left to respond to and off to bed we went.  The next morning....I discovered my collection in the grandfather clock had been tampered with again.

The last three times that something was disturbed, they moved my pink crystal rose vase. This time, they didn't touch that piece, that was still in the position I'd put it back in after the last time they moved it. This time, they moved another piece to this collection....the red crystal rose vase. This piece looks very almost exactly like the pink piece, except that it's a little larger and the roses, as I mentioned are red.  I put the roses back in their spot and it's been five days now and the piece hasn't moved again, nor anything else in the clock.

Now...for what happened on Thursday night.  I had received a couple of emails from someone who believed in the theory that orbs in photos are nothing more than particles in the air, such as dust.  Now, his explanation, I will admit, sounded very logical and had I not seen orbs, live, in motion....and had I not done a few test to confirm these anomalies in my photos were actually something other than dust, by taking my camcorder with infrared and night vision feature....watched as these things flew around and interacted with voice request....I would of agreed with this man's theory.  But....BUT....I've had my camcorder out on a table, watching these things flying around, come out when I've asked them to allow me to get their light on film...and when I see them flying around.....glowing and disappearing in the middle of the floor or disappear into walls, fly up to my foot and glow bright like a bulb about to blow....I would snap a picture with my camera...and this is how I was convinced that these anomalies showing up in my pictures, could no way possible be dust or anything other than something related to what we're experiencing in this house. ...ghost. Now....One night, I'd already tried video taping with no success. I'd gotten one orb fly out, but it went by so quick, I didn't think it would be enough to convince this man that it wasn't a bug or something. I wanted a real good clip to send him....something to blow his mind and just make him do a complete 180.  Well, here it was Thursday night...John had gone to bed, the kids had gone to bed and here I was up all by myself....camcorder in hand.  The battery was fully charged, I had a brand new tape in....I was all ready to go.  I stood at the hall way, right next to the grandfather clock and began filming. After filming for a while and not getting anything, I think I got a little to anxious and I'll admit, I was getting quite aggravated. I really, really wanted to get something on film, to show this guy....I was out to prove my point. And of all times for it not to be working out....the time I needed the proof. This exact thing is what I always feared would happen when a team of investigators would show up at our home. It would be just my luck, when they arrived, nothing would happen and nothing would show up on film. I was, standing around like a complete fool, filming wide open space.  Then all of a sudden, my camcorder shut off. My freshly charged battery, dead. Right then I knew, something was around....and why it didn't want me to film it, I didn't know...and at this point, I didn't care, I ran to the kitchen to get the power cord. I hooked up the cord, began filming again and the camera died again. I couldn't believe in the world, could the camera quit on me, while I knew, I could feel it.....something was there. Bound and determined, I fought with the camera, unplugged it, plugged it back in. The camera was back on and I saw the red letters REC on the camcorder screen, so I knew I was recording. The camera shut off again and then came back on, when it came back on, I saw on the screen, this thing.  It was huge....about the size of a dinner plate, if not larger. It had an outer border that was light and an inner ring, just inside the border and that ring was very bright. This thing....which I'm not really sure it were an orb or not....because the orbs I've filmed before were small...the largest I've ever seen was smaller than my fist...this thing was huge. I stood there, watching as this thing just hovered in one spot....and I can't explain it, I feared it. I don't know if I felt this way because I was stunned to see such a large object on the camera or if it wanted me to feel fear. Next thing I knew these two small bright balls of light and I mean they were blinding bright little lights, came flying at me, side by side like two torpedoes. As I jumped out of the way, I seemed to be so overwhelmed with all these negative emotions all at once...anger, sadness and fear. Then I suddenly felt very sick to my stomach. I know it's because I was so scared at what I was seeing. I immediately, while the camera was still on and while I was still filming....I began to pray over and over again. My camera went nuts on me, shutting off and on erratically.  I kept praying, I prayed for their lost souls, I prayed for protection, I prayed for peace....I just couldn't stop praying, I was so, so scared.  When I finally got myself together and felt safe, I took the camera into the dining room to see what I'd gotten on film....because I saw as plain as day, when I was filming this thing hovering in the hall and the two balls of light come at me, the camera had the record feature on the screen. I sat down and when I rewound the tape and played it showed I'd filmed up to the point of where the camera shut off the first time....after that, it was nothing but a blue screen. I didn't get any of it on tape. I was so upset I broke down and cried. I just knew no one was going to believe me when I told them what happened.  By now, I was so shaken up that I couldn't sleep that night. I had to wake up John to stay up with me, I was so scared of what it was I saw in the hall....I was afraid it would get me when I went to bed. I don't really know if it would try to physically harm me or not, but after what I'd experienced in our other home, I knew it was capable of it...I just didn't know if what I saw this night, would or not....but I wasn't going to take any chances. The next day, I had to email the guy to tell him that I'd had a really bad experience and wouldn't be able to send him the film clip I'd promised I would. That was very disappointing....but on the other hand, I made a promise to myself and God. I promised that if he would keep me and my family safe, I would never do anything like that again...and believe me, I won't. More happened that night...but I'm not ready to talk about it. It still scares me to think about it....perhaps next time I update my site, I'll add the other things that happened....I'm just not ready right now. I will say this...these are the times, that you know the good Lord is with you....I will never, ever lose my faith, that's for sure....I truly believe God was with me, protecting me that night!

For the first eleven days following that horrible incident with the thing in the hall, all was quiet...out of the ordinary quiet.  Not a single solitary thing feelings of being watched or any of those smaller things that you feel, but can't prove.  Anyway...on the eleventh day, I was feeling pretty confident that maybe after that blast of activity, it either went dormant or left all together...I'd hoped.  I was wrong.  We were on our way out and I was standing by the clock, when I noticed the pink rose vase moved again. I took it as a sign....that even though it's quiet, it's still here...and ironically I'd just been bragging how peaceful our home felt and how much I was enjoying the new feeling our home had.  We left home and I was upset, very upset....all I could think about was this vase moved...and what it meant. Did it mean they were around, behaving themselves and knew I'd remarked about the peaceful period and it was their way of letting me know I was speaking too soon....or was it their way of letting me there was more to come?  On our return home, all I thought about was what would happen that night, the next day or the next....when it would happen and how bad would it be.  I couldn't take another one of those nights, like the last and I was worrying myself sick.  That night we went to bed without incident and another three days went by before I began noticing things.

I had moved the pink rose vase back to it's normal spot and everyday I checked it....on the third day, I thought it looked slightly off center, but wasn't positive, so I left it alone and just kept tabs on it, every time I walked by the clock. I was also keeping a close eye on the red roses as well, because they'd also moved those once.  I went over to my sisters' house to work on their computer.  I got home, walked in the door, went to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee.....on entering the living room....the vase was moved again.  I was starting to think that maybe it's something to do with the clock.  But, on the other hand, if it were, then why isn't this vase moving all the time or within the same time span apart?? Why here and there and once going months before moving?  Anyway....I left the vase as it is...and I haven't put it back as of yet...and probably won't.  I decided I've had enough with the games and if it wants the vase in a different spot, then so be it...where ever they put, is where it will stay....I'm not putting it back where it belongs, from this point on.

We'd gone to the local department store to shop and upon returning home, I was at the front door, trying to unlock the door.  I heard what sounded like the television on....I'd heard it before and to be truthful, it was an eerie feeling of deja vu.  We'd come home before to the same sounds, opened the door and not a television or radio was on.  I just knew, my gut told me, when I opened the door....I again, wouldn't find a t.v. on....and I didn't.  I walked in, with everyone entering right behind me.  I remarked "I knew it", looking right at the t.v.  Later that night, I was watching Regina play a video game with Corey and after she went home, I turned all the lights off and went to bed.  I was laying in bed and I swear, I heard a man's voice say, in a whisper kind of tone "Help me".  I laid there, heart beating.....thinking to myself "Oh no....I can't believe this" and then next thing I knew I felt something on the bed, next to my leg. I didn't feel it jump on the bed, it was like it was just suddenly there and the comforter was being pushed down.  I sat up, hoping when I swooshed my hand around, I'd feel our cat Fry there...but nothing was in the area I felt the comforter pushed down at.  I laid back down....felt almost like a step or a movement forward towards me. It felt like a soft, scoot forward....just one movement.  I moved my leg around the area....started to wonder if what I was feeling was John I put my foot up against his two legs, so I could feel when he moved.  I laid there, and I felt it again...the comforter being pushed down and that same type of movement closer to if it were scooting upwards on the bed.  I knew then it wasn't John....and I began praying. I laid there, contemplating waking John up....I was trying to stay calm, figuring if I remain in control and don't let what ever it is I'm feeling on our bed, frighten me....maybe it will see it can't get to me and leave me alone. It worked. I laid there, praying for peace in our home, protection....etc...and after that, I didn't feel it at all. I laid there, I don't know how long....I heard the grandfather chime a few times, and it chimes in fifteen minute intervals, so it had to be maybe an hour or so...and nothing else happened. I also forgot to mention that just before I heard the man whisper, I heard Chewy near the closet, growl.

I would also like to mention that I had my son's birthday party this past weekend, wihout incident....with the exception that I did use two disposable camera's to take pictures of the party...and one picture, out of the 54 pictures I took...has two orbs in it.  I will be posting this picture on my evidence page. So, it goes to show, not all orb pictures are flukes of a digital camera....they do show up with disposable camera's too. And oddly, the size of the largest orb in this picture, I would have to say is nearly, if not exactly the same size as the one I saw in the hall that night.

I'd gotten up just before seven in the morning, with a tooth bothering me.  I had to wait for the dentist office to open at nine, to call and make an appointment.  I was sitting in the living room....when I heard a lot of loud banging someone tossing stuff around in the back part of the house, where the bedrooms are.  I got up, thinking the kid's were up....but when I opened their bedroom door, they were both sound asleep on their bunk beds.  I thought to myself how odd it was....because if it wasn't them...then what was it that I heard.  I knew it wasn't the cat and dog playing with each other, Fry had been laying at the edge of my feet on the recliner when I heard the noise.  While walking back to the living room, I saw Chewy laying on his it wasn't him.  I didn't know what to think....just that I know what I'd heard and didn't have a clue what it was.  I sat back down on the recliner and decided to call Judy.  I made up my mind I wouldn't tell her about what I'd heard, because I didn't want to scare her.  Since it's been calm at her house, I didn't want to worry her....because usually when something happens at our house, something will happen either at her house or my mother's I decided to keep it to myself.  While I was talking to her on the phone...and it had to be at least an hour later....I heard it again.  I got up from the recliner, still talking to her....walked slowly to the kid's room...checked again to see if they were up....they weren't.  I checked our bedroom, the spare room, the bathroom.....nothing to explain what I'd heard....twice now.  She got another phone call, so she said she had to go.  No sooner did I hang up with her....I was looking downwards at the phone and when I looked up, I saw something on the t.v. screen. I could see the whole room reflecting in the t.v....and at one of the windows, inside the house....was the dark shape of a person, just standing there. It only lasted like a split second, it was like I jumped when I saw this person there and when I jumped, I don't know if I blinked or what....but next thing I knew, it was gone.  It was definately the shape of a person...I could make out the shape of the head, shoulders, body and it was like their arms were to their sides and sticking slightly out. And where I saw this person, there's a side table next to the sofa, in front of the it's not like anyone could physically be standing there, without having to stand on the table. And it definately wasn't the lamp on the table I saw....because it's a short, tiffany style stained glass lamp....this person, was almost as tall as the window, almost blocking the window.  I immediately called John at work and told him how scared I was and asked that he stay on the phone with me.  He did and while I was talking to him, describing to him what I'd seen and the sounds I'd been hearing, I heard the loud noises in the back of the house again.  I asked if he heard the banging noises over the phone, but he hadn't.  I told him I was going to walk around and see if I could figure out it was that I kept hearing, being tossed or banged around....but he had to stay on the phone with me.  I did a complete check of the house, for the third time...and still didn't find anything.  He stayed on the phone with me as long as he could, but he had to get back to work, so I got off the phone with him and went into the garage with the phone and called Laura. I was so scared, I had to keep someone on the phone with me, in case anything else happened.  I was talking to Laura, left the garage and went back into the living room.  While I was talking to her on the phone, I remarked to her why this stuff always bothers me and not John....I wish it would leave me alone and bug him for a while.  Right then, there was all this static over the phone.  The exact same type of static I get on the phone, when I'm running my microwave.  It wasn't odd that we both heard static.....because I know phones can have static....odd thing was, my phone only does it when I have the microwave on...and I didn't.  The other odd thing was, I'd been on the phone for hours...and hadn't heard any static, until that point.  And....the only time the static was on the phone, was when I tried to tell Laura something.  I would go to say something...and there would be static. She'd talk...nothing. I'd open my mouth to say something or answer her back....static.  At one point, she asked if I'd heard laughing...because it almost sounded like the static was in a laughing tone....I told no, but thought something was trying to prevent me from telling her things....and I yelled out loud "O.k, that's enough, stop it already"!  From that moment on, I swear, we continued talking and we never heard the static after was so weird.  I honestly believe that something was trying to prevent me from telling Laura I didn't like the stuff going on here and how I wish it would just leave us alone.....and why this stuff rarely happens to John.....and when I asked it to stop, it did just that.

I woke up a little after three in the morning, with my mouth still hurting from a tooth pulled last week (dry socket???).  Anyway, I got up to take a couple of Aleve.  I was standing at the counter, by the refrigerator and after taking the pills, I turned around to walk out of the kitchen and was startled by something obviously coming in to the kitchen. It all happened so fast, I can't even describe what I was like a flash of something....just a flash of something toned, but not really the shape of anything in particular like a person or anything....just something, I don't know.  It was like I turned and within one step.....for a split second, I saw someone/something right there, coming at me and I sort of put on the brakes real quick, made a sudden lean back as to avoid colliding with who ever/what ever was right there.  But as soon as I saw it and tried avoiding running into it, it was gone.  I took off as fast as I could to bed, woke John up and told him what I'd seen....he didn't stay up too long, but I was up most of the night.

I was online, doing some last minute Christmas shopping.  By the time I got off the computer, it was a little after two in the morning.  John and Justin had fallen asleep on the recliner and loveseat. Corey was still up, watching a movie and reading a magazine.  I went into the living room, woke John and Justin up to go to bed....remarked to Corey it was late and we needed to get to bed.  I proceeded to unplug the Christmas tree, turn off the t.v. and all the t.v. equipment (dvd player, audio receiver, etc...everything that has to be turned off individually, one by one). I went on to feed the fish, turn that light off, lock the doors, turn off the grandfather clock lights, turn off the lamps and so forth.  I got to the last lamp on and again told Corey it was time for bed...he needed to pack things up.  I stood there, waiting for him to finish up....and as I stood there with my hand on the lamp switch....I gave him the final warning "I'm turning off the lamp".  Just as I began to turn the switch, he shouted "Mama, wait...don't turn the light off".  At the exact moment, I switched the lamp off and he shouted....every single solitary electrical thing in the living room just shot on all at one time!  It is virtually impossible, I mean impossible for everything to turn on at once....nothing is hooked up to each other to do that....especially things on one side of the room, like the aquarium and grandfather could they come on at the same time as the t.v. and other equipment on the t.v.??? And the Christmas tree!....that's plugged in to an extension cord to another electrical which, isn't even on the same electrical breaker as the other electrical outlets in the living's on the same breaker as the dining room outlets!

Nothing in the grandfather clock has been moved for a while.  I check everything, every single day, sometimes several times a day.  I was about to dust the clock, when I noticed the red rose vase has been moved once again....slid all the way to one side of it's base.

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