As promised, I will try and recount all that I went through
on that horrible night in October of 2003.

Here's what happened:

I had been exchanging emails with someone stating that they felt the orb pictures I have on our website were nothing more than particles in the air or something having another explanation, other than ghost or spirit related.  I have to say that to a degree, I too believe that not "all" orb photos are something of a paranormal nature.  There are other explanations for the anomalies that do show up in pictures from time to time. Getting true spirit anomalies on film, depends greatly on the environment, the weather, the surroundings and other factors, but I won't go into grave detail about that at this time.

Now, here I was, video camera in hand....ready to capture orbs in flight to send a clip to this man.  At this point, I had no doubt in my mind they would show up willingly...and the debate with Russell would soon be over.  Well, for some unknown reason to myself....they weren't cooperating. For the first time, in all the times I'd gotten out that video camera, they weren't showing up.  Why, to this day, I don't know.  I had never had this problem before....whether it was cooperation on their part or pure luck on mine, I'd always gotten something on film.  Not this time...and not for the next several nights following either. 

I had just about given up and said to myself "It's not worth it....I know what's here, there's no need for me to prove it to anyone else....if they want to believe...fine....if they don't....that's fine too, it's a free world".  And I did give up....until one night, after everyone had gone to bed, I was still up and I got that sudden urge to give it one more final go at it.  Big mistake, something I will regret for the rest of my life.  I knew it was stupid to go at it alone, but what the would probably prove fruitless anyway....I'd been unsuccessful at getting anything for the last several nights. 

There I was, up alone, standing at the hall, filming. Not saying anything verbal at first...just standing there, camcorder in hand, with the majority of the lights off...and waiting. Hoping I'd get lucky and something would just so happen to fly by and I'd have it....evidence to send to this guy.  It must of been a half an hour....before my oldest son came out of his room.  He saw that I was awake and decided to stay up and watch t.v. in the living room while I was filming in the hall.  I did think at that point "Good, at least I won't be up by myself".  Well, again quite a bit of time went by....and being I wasn't alone, I was feeling a little more comfortable and confident, enough to talk out loud and request they show up on film. 

I was calling out "Come out, come out where ever you are", "I want to get your light on film....don't you want me to film your beautiful light?" , "Russell thinks your nothing but dust, don't you want to prove him wrong?"  I got zip...with a capital Z....and getting quite discouraged and very annoyed.  So, I got a little braver and thought I'd be smart, so I said out loud, for the first time I have ever video taped....I said one of the most stupidest things a person could probably ghost.  "Come on, show yourself, I'm not afraid of you....I demand you come out and show yourself", "If you don't show up now, you'd better not show up later while I'm in bed, trying to fall asleep...bugging me as you always do".  At that point, my camcorder just died.  I can't even begin to explain what thoughts flooded my brain, but physically, I felt something standing right behind me....right on my heels. I turned around to look...but nothing was there.  I knew it was there and for what ever reason I did what I did, I still felt that compelling need to get it on film.....even though I knew, deep down I should of backed off right then and there. 

I turned my camcorder back on....and it turned itself off again.  I continued to turn it on and it did stay on long enough for me to go into a complete circle around myself, trying to capture what ever I was feeling near me.  But what ever was, decided to turned it off again....just as I turned towards the hall way. I was through with dealing with the camcorder shutting off on me, so I walked into the dining room and dug the power plug out of my camcorder bag.  One way or another, I was going to get it on film. I grabbed an extension cord and off to the hall I went.  I plugged the power cord into the camcorder, I plugged that into an extension cord, near the grandfather clock...and I was ready to go.  I turned the camcorder switch on to record, looked down at the screen, saw that "REC" was on the screen....filmed myself walking past the grandfather clock and up to the hall. 

No sooner did I get to the hall....I positioned the screen, so that I could see what I was filming....and before me, almost at the end of the hall, hovering just about a foot above the floor was this thing.  I about dropped dead on the spot.  Here was this thing, about the size of a car tire.....round, gray, having two bright around the outside, like a border and another ring just inside this round mass.....the rest of this thing, I can only remember as being a foggy gray. 

I took one good look at it and said out loud "Oh, my God" right at the moment the last syllable came out of my mouth, these two very bright balls of light came shooting at me. It was as if they were torpedoes or bullets, heading right at my left shoulder, full force.  I did all I could, just to dodge out of their path.   At the exact moment, these two balls of light came at me, the camcorder went nuts. It was frantically turning itself on and off....just over and over, as if to go haywire....short circuiting.  And I also felt, if you can imagine this.....every single solitary negative emotion a person could feel. I felt hate, anger...sadness....just all at the same time, balled up.  I had never felt that before, ever. 

Before I knew it, I felt thousands and I mean, thousands of tiny things crawling up both my legs, like bugs.  I screamed something along the lines of "Get these things off of me" and my son ran over, asking what was wrong. He obviously couldn't see what I was feeling, crawling all the way up to my knees by now. I screamed "bugs, it feels like bugs are crawling up my legs" the whole time, jumping around, trying to swat these invisible things off my legs.  I don't know what made me do I had the sense or knowledge to do it....but I began reciting the Lord's prayer and they abruptly just disappeared.  I mean to tell you, it was all gone, all at just a flash of a all just stopped.  I stood there, shocked, looking at my son....not knowing what to say to him.  I told him I was o.k., to go finish watching t.v.  I walked over to the plug and yanked it straight from the wall.  I took everything into the dining....knowing darn well, I'd gotten it all on film.

I sat there, smoking several cigarettes, trying to gather myself, contemplating whether or not I should sit and watch this attack I'd known, without a doubt in my mind was on film.  I saw the REC on the screen, when I turned the screen up to was there, I knew it was there, I saw that I filmed it...if nothing else, if not the balls of light coming at me, at least I got one good shot of this thing hovering in the hall before me.  I thought about it and I wasn't sure if I wanted to look right then or wait until tomorrow....but after thinking about it, I decided to rewind the film and see all that I'd gotten.  I sat there, waiting for the film to rewind, thinking how stupid I was to push my luck like I did.  Picturing this thing, this gray circle, the two balls of light heading at me...over and over again. When the film finally completely rewound, I looked up at my son, sitting on the recliner, making sure, he didn't come over curious to see what I filmed....I wasn't prepared for him to see this thing.  I hit the play button and I watched all the stuff I'd filmed earlier.

I sat there, holding my breath, not sure if I was as prepared to see this thing again, as I thought I might be.  Just as I'm passing the grandfather clock.....up to where I am standing in the hall...and you see where I lift the camcorder up from filming the film down the hall....the film just goes blue.  I didn't get any of it on film....not a glimpse, not a nothing. It was as if when I turned the camcorder up and faced it down the hall....the camcorder quit filming.  Yet...when I looked at the screen, when I turned it so I could see what I was filming, I saw as plain as day, the REC on the screen.  I didn't get the gray thing, I didn't get the balls of light, I didn't get me jumping around....I got not a single solitary thing, except the grandfather clock and the floor. I just broke down and cried.  I mean, cried and cried, until I couldn't cry anymore.  I couldn't believe I didn't get any of it on film...and I knew darn well, no one was going to believe me when I described what I'd encountered.  No one could possibly imagine what it was I was describing, unless they'd seen it for themselves with their own two eyes.  I sat there, sick at the thought that what ever it was, hovering, waiting for me as I walked up with that camcorder....prevented me from filming it. 

I decided to contact a paranormal investigator I'd spoken to many times before.  I thought if I described to him what I'd seen and experienced, perhaps he could explain to me what it was. So I got on my computer to contact him.  I logged on the internet, hit the link to his website from my favorites folder....and I got the message on the screen that the site didn't exist...and then my computer shut itself down.  I thought "That's odd", I hadn't had any trouble with my computer prior to I couldn't figure out why it shut down.  I turned it back on, couldn't get on the internet, without my computer shutting down again, but I wasn't giving up.  I turned it back on, it shut itself off, I turned it on again and kept doing this over and over, until finally, the computer stayed on for me to go back to the internet, go to my favorites folder again and hit the link to the paranormal investigator's site.  I got to his site, which now, did exist....which a minute or so ago, didn't.  I hit the link to contact him....and next thing I knew, there were these hands and fingers all around me, surrounding me, grabbing at me.  They never actually, physically touched me....but they were in my peripheral vision, just grabbing and clawing at me from all directions.  I screamed out loud "In the name of Jesus Christ, leave me alone" at that very second, they disappeared and my computer once again, turned itself off.  It was as if the computer lost power at the moment of their exit.  You talk about freaking out....I was freaking out.  I whipped around in my chair, jumped out of my chair and shouted to my son "Time to go to bed". We both went around and turned off what few lights were on, then we both went to bed. 

I couldn't sleep....I was too distraught over what I'd witnessed...the gray thing, the balls of light shooting at me, the hands grabbing at me.  So, I woke John up and told him I was scared. He sat up and asked what was wrong, but I could only tell him, I couldn't talk about it right now....I was afraid the hands would try and get me again. He didn't have any earthly idea what I was talking about, but I'm sure, he knows me well enough to know, I'd been through a lot in my life with ghost and other things....including almost being kidnapped several times....and that I'm a strong woman and not much gets to me...and when I say I'm scared, it has to be something pretty bad to get to me.  He sat up with me, never saying a word or asking any questions...he just held me close and tight and we both laid complete silence.

Before I knew it....he must of dozed off, because I heard him snore....and right then, the voices came.  Our bedroom was filled with what sounded like hundreds of people. They were calling to me from all over the room, calling out to me saying things like "Over here", "I'm over here, look over here", " I am" many voices, all at one time, calling out so many things all at once, I thought I'd lost my mind.  And as crazy as this all sounds, I have never, in my entire life, ever suffered from anything mentally, medically or emotionally.  There was no sound explanation why I was going through these things....why I was feeling and hearing and seeing all these scientific or medical explanation for it at all! While these voices were calling out to me, I tried over and over to wake John up. He wouldn't get up for shoving and shouting, shaking and poking at him, didn't faze him in the least...he laid there like someone in a coma.  Nothing would wake him up. So, I began praying over and over again, until, as earlier in the praying made them go away.  When they disappeared, I poked John again and told him to wake up....he woke up problem....not like before.

I reached to get my bible, knowing I had to have it...there was no way I was going to get through the night without it, but it wasn't in it's usual place. I keep it on the night stand, on my side of the bed....but of all nights, it was gone. Never in the sixteen years we've lived here, has that bible ever been moved from that spot and it was gone now.  I told John it was gone and I couldn't sleep without it. So we both got up and looked under the bed, looked under the mattress....searched all over the room. We even went to the extreme of looking in the closet, the bathroom closet, in all the dresser drawers....all over the was no where to be found.  He said he would just hold me tight until we both fell asleep...but I just knew, there was no way I would be able to sleep. I just knew, if I fell asleep, these things would come back for do what, I didn't know, I just knew, I had an uneasy feeling...and they were waiting for me to fall asleep, to get me off guard.  I know all this sounds crazy, maybe even sound like I have some sort of mental condition, but I assure you....there is nothing medically, mentally or emotionally wrong with me, that I'm aware of.  I have never suffered paranoia or anxiety or anything else that would lead me to think that I have some sort of disorder that made me imagine all these things were after me....I did however know that I have ghost in my house, and knew at that moment...this one night, I pushed my luck too far this time.  I pissed something off big time and didn't know what else it had in store for me....I asked for it and it gave it to me lock, stock and barrel!  You know the old saying "Careful what you ask for"...well, I learned that lesson, real quick!

Anyway, being I didn't have my bible to hang on to when I went to sleep that night, I resorted to praying over and over, surrounding myself with God and my faith and prayed to God, over and over to protect me and my family from any harm. To removed these unwanted spirits from our home and keep our family safe.  I prayed every prayer I could remember by memory and recited the Lord's prayer as many times as I could before finally falling into a deep sleep.  When I woke up the next morning...I didn't just wake up....I sprung from bed, shocked I'd ever allowed myself to even fall asleep. I stood next to my bed, in total shock, I'd fallen asleep, leaving myself off guard and unprotected, should anything decide to come back again.  Well, needless to say, in the nearly forty years I've been alive, I have never slept as sound as I did that night. I honestly think God heard my cries for help and got me through that night. I never felt so refreshed as I did that was as if I'd slept for days on end. 

I decided that if something were still around, I wasn't sticking around the house and wait for it....I had to get the kids out of the house and the sooner the better.  We all took showers and were going to head to my mother's for the day.  My two sisters were there and they would surely get my mind off what happened.  I wasn't sure I could tell anyone about what happened, just yet....I wasn't sure myself what it was I encountered and the last thing I wanted at that moment, was to talk about it...I just wanted to forget it ever happened.  On my way to the garage, I got a grim reminder, real fast.  I was walking past the bookshelf in the dining room, on the way to the garage when something told (a gut feeling) to look at the bookshelf.  When I looked, there as plain as day....was my bible. But weird thing was, it was turned upside down. I was speechless, in shock and very upset.  To me, that was a symbol of take something sacred like a bible and flip it upside me it was a bad sign.  I grabbed it and took it back to my room, where it belongs, along with a bottle of holy water.  I laid it back where I kept it and that's where it's sat, since then and to this hasn't been moved or touched again.

I went to my mother's.  I never said a word to my mother or sisters about what happened....I couldn't....there was no way, I was going to think about it, much less talk about it or have to explain it all.  My one sister is very, very religious and I just knew she'd be lecturing me about it all being the work of demons or something...and I wasn't about to listen to that.  I had enough on my mind....the worry of how I would take my kids back into that house.  Later in the evening, another sister dropped by and I happened to be sitting on the porch at the time.  She came out and I guess she could immediately sense something wasn't right.  I wasn't being my normal, silly, joking self.  I was isolated from the rest of the family, sitting by myself in deep thought.  She asked me what was wrong and all I could do was shake my head "no".  Trying to tell her it was something I couldn't talk about. She began to toss guesses at me "Is everything ok with you and Johnny?" I shook my head "yes".  She then asked if my health was ok, if the kids were ok, if our finances were ok, she went on with this big list, trying to guess what was wrong and I wasn't answering.  Then she asked the big question "something happen to you with a ghost or something", then I broke down crying.  She came over and sat beside me, putting her arms around me and asked me what happened.  I told her that she wouldn't believe one was going to believe me and I just knew if I told anyone what happened...they would think I was crazy, think I must of had a nervous breakdown or something.  She assured me no one, especially her, would think that....that I was the most sane person she tell her what happened.

Just as I went to tell her, to try and describe into words what it was that I experienced, my voice was drowned out by the sound of a pig snorting.  Both her and I jumped right off the swing, looking at each other in fact, I think she even began screaming, she was so scared.  What we thought was a pig snorting, was actually the dryer in the laundry room, kicking on...and to this day, both us of, don't in the world, when that dryer came it made that sound, of all sounds....a pig snorting real loud.  To this day, when we talk about it, we both agree....that was really, really strange.  We've always been told that when you hear that sound, it's not's usually associated with demons and such.  We don't know for sure, but find it very odd....of all sounds to hear, to drown me out, when I'm trying to talk about something so disturbing....something that haunts me to this day.

I'm still afraid to walk down that hall at night.  And odd thing is....ever since this incident happening....the activity in our home, hasn't ceased, but it has slowed down more than it ever has before. The incidents are far and few.  I don't know what happened that night....I try not to think about it too much. Sometimes it's hard not to, but I try not to put too much thought into it.  What happened, happened....I leave it at that...and I don't use a camera, camcorder or tape recorder anymore in our home.  What's here is here....I've learned to just leave it alone.

After much research, I think I've found an explanation for what happened this night.  If you believe in what world renowned psychic Sylvia Browne says about orbs….than you would believe in the theory that all orbs are angels.  Hmmm….something about that theory just felt right for me.  Maybe because I found comfort in it….maybe because it's the only theory on orbs that logically, scientifically and most of all…spiritually made sense to me.

I have always insisted that what I'd been filming and taking pictures of in our home were not only interactive, but very much intelligent and quite friendly.  Once, I was even left breathless by the beauty of one that came right up to the tip of my toes, also witnessed by two adults standing next to me.  Everything about this thing I witnessed in the hall was different from anything I'd ever filmed before.  I've been saying this, since day one. The orbs I'd filmed prior to this, were small….never larger than the size of a half dollar.  They were always misty looking and moved in a quick, swift manner…never standing still.  They always had some sort of fluttering motion to them when they did slow slightly down…and were never perfectly round…they had some sort of distorted circular shape to them.  This thing I encountered, was a still as a statue….massive…about the size of a very large car tire and perfectly round.  It was the same color as orbs I'd filmed before, with the exception that this thing had some sort of bright border or ring within in it.

I researched until I could research no more about what this thing could have been…always focusing my research on orbs and paranormal anomalies.  Well, hit me like a ton of bricks one day...this was not an orb…this was; I believe, a portal.  The passage in which these energies in our home are freely coming and going.  I was told many years ago by a paranormal investigator/psychic/remote viewer that he sensed there was a portal in our home…and insisted that he felt the vast of activity was coming from our hallway.  I don't know why I didn't put two and two together….but when I exhausted all leads in finding the answer to what I encountered that night, that conversation I had with this guy came back to me. His words echoed in my head…a portal….a portal.  What took me so long to figure this out??

Something about that hall always spooked me.  Even before this incident, I got the creeps in that hall….there was always something about that area of our home…something I could never put my finger on….and now I knew why.  I began going back on all the things we'd encountered and the more I thought about it….from my first experience in this house of seeing a young teen with blond curly hair walking down the hall….where I'd assumed he'd come from…the room at the end of the hall…is not where he'd come from at all…he came from the hall itself…the end of the hall where I'd seen this portal.  Now I realized these things weren't coming from the room, through the door…they were coming from right outside of the door…only inches from this room…in the hall.

This would also explain why the activity is always different around here…it's as though our home is like grand central station…there's always something new happening…the activity is never the same.  One day we could encounter a child…and not encounter that child again, ever…and then suddenly encounter a man or a woman.....than a different child….different woman…several at once, so on and so forth.  It all makes sense now….if there is a portal here, then that would explain why there is so much different activity, why it's never the same.  I have said I don't know how many times to people "Well, I thought there were eight ghost here, but something new showed up and was telling me he was stabbed in the back…and then last week, I saw this and that…and haven't encountered that again, this week, something new showed up".  I believe there are several resident ghosts (not to be mistaken with residual…because there has never been any indications that we have a residual haunting happening here) in addition to now what I believe an explanation to the passing through of or the temporary visits of other energies.  Now that I'm aware of what is happening here….I also have the worry of when if ever, the day will come that something negative will come through…and perhaps not leave like the others have.

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This is a picture I have modified to try and duplicate what I saw that night.  It's about as close to what I saw. It gave me the creeps just trying to make it....but I wanted you to get an idea what I saw that night.  If anyone has seen anything similar or exactly like this before, I would really appreciate hearing from you. It was about three feet in diameter and hovered off the floor about a foot or so. It had a bright outer ring and a bright inner ring. Two balls of light shot out from either inside of it or somewhere around it.
Note: This is not the actual photograph, this is only a recreation.
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