Added January 16 (Happened January 7):
Well….the first encounter for this year came in "humming" form.  January the 7th, I was in the kitchen cooking….John and Corey were outside and Justin was laying in our bedroom watching t.v. (which is right off the dining room).  Now...first let me say that I couldn't hear the t.v. from where I was, but knew he was in there watching it.  Anyway, I was at the sink when suddenly there was this loud…and I mean, extremely loud outburst of humming.  I turned to look and right at that moment, I see Justin leaping out of our bed…and he came rushing in to the kitchen.  Before I could even ask him anything, he was asking me "Did you hear that?"  I asked (even though I knew it wasn't) if it was what he was watching on t.v.  He insisted it wasn't and I walked straight to our bedroom, turned the volume up…rewound the show…nothing even remotely near what we both heard.  I then asked if he did it and were just kidding around…he insisted he hadn't done it and looking at him, I could tell he was very disturbed by it.  I tried to repeat what I heard…and he did the same….we heard the same exact thing….but it wasn't any tune I recognized.  John and Corey came in about that time that we were both trying to figure out what the tune was….John and Corey both said they didn't recognize it.  When I say it was loud…you can not even imagine how loud it was…it was as if someone were on a speaker or something…that's how loud it was….just blaring…and it could have very well come from anywhere in the house, but Justin and I both agreed, it sounded like it was right around the dining room table…from that vicinity.

Added January 28 (Happened January 25th through 28th):
I'm adding these incidents on this page at 2:38 am (Sunday morning)…..while waiting around to see if anything else happens around here. 11 year old (Justin) woke me up about an hour ago….petrified after having an experience.  I'll get to that in a minute….I think I need to back up to Thursday night when everything really seemed to really get going.  Thursday, late night…just before bedtime….Justin and I were sitting on the loveseat watching TV when I noticed he reached his hand up behind me as if to grab something.  I didn't think anything of it…only until he said "where did the cat go?"  We now have four cats….Olie, Moody…and two kittens Sam and Autumn.  He sat up, leaned over the back of the sofa…no cats.  He swore that he saw a cat on the back of the love seat and reached up to pet it.  I thought…hmmm….okkkkkkk.  Later….everyone had gone to bed…..I was working….he (Justin) got up.  He couldn't sleep…he came in the dining room; where I'm working and was drawing his favorite cartoon characters on a piece of paper with coloring pencils.  I heard him say "Uh…Mama….Mama….did you see that?"  I turned around in my chair and he was pointing just above the back doors.  He said he saw something out of the corner of his eye and when he turned to look….there was a black mist hovering above the door.  By the time he called out to me to look…it had vanished.  I again, shrugged it off….because I was smoking a cigarette at the time and just figured perhaps…somehow, someway the smoke worked its way to that area across the room and that's what he was seeing.  Then….slowly….one small incident after another started to pile up and now it's all starting to make sense.  All those little things I'd shrugged off as having an explanation are now appearing to be more like incidents that were happening, but it just didn't sink in with me.  Now….Friday comes.  My niece (Avalon) and nephew (Adam) came over after school to spend the weekend with Corey and Justin.  All was fine…..everyone went to bed and I worked until a little after three in the morning.  After locking down the house, shutting off the lights…I was dead tired, so I headed to bed.  I wasn't even asleep for a half an hour when I was woke up to the sound of shuffling and what sounded like someone whining and whimpering.  I leaned over, shook John awake and asked him "Did you hear that…what was that?"  Our bedroom door was wide open….and when I sat up….there were these two silhouettes standing in our doorway.  It was Avalon and Adam.  I turned on the lamp…and Avalon rushed over to my side of the bed, scared half to death and in tears.  She said that after they went to bed….the birds (I put our cockatiels and parakeets in the spare room while I worked) were making a lot of noise.  She said she tried to quiet them down by saying "Shhhhhh" to them.  They got quiet….started to make noise again after a few seconds…and before she could "shhh" them again, she heard another voice in the room say "shhhhh".  She said she thought it was Adam…..until the birds started acting up again….she "shhh" them again and then when they got quiet…she said she heard right near her face someone say "Ahhhhhhh".  Like a deep sigh or hard breathe out.  She yelled and yelled for Adam to wake up, because when she turned on the light…she realized it wasn't him because he was sleeping.  When he woke up, they tore out of the room and came to our room.  We ended up having to pull one of the mattresses off the spare bed in to our bedroom, so they could sleep on the floor.  Now….to what happened tonight.  And just to let you know….it's now 2:59 and all is quiet now…nothing else has happened.  Anyway…..I was off work tonight, so I decided to go to bed early.  I woke up….I don't know what woke me up…I just woke up…it must have been a sound or something, I don't know.  I'm lying in bed and I hear something at our bedroom door.  It's Justin.  He and Avalon went to bed in his room…..he said he got out of bed….sat in his chair to play his video game for a while…when he heard what sounded like someone walking down the hall with boots on.  He said he was wondering who was up walking around, so he opened his door to look out to see…but no one was there.  He told John and I, he doesn't know why, but when he opened his door, something scared him.  I asked him if he saw anything…he said "No".  I then asked him if he heard anything, he said "No".  I then asked him what it was that made him scared….he said he couldn't explain it….it wasn't that he didn't see anyone or because he heard footsteps…that wasn't scary….only when he opened his door, he said he just suddenly felt really, really scared.  I can only assume that being he's very sensitive to the spirit realm…he must have picked up on some sort of energy.  I didn't want him to go to sleep scared, so I fixed him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and he is now sleeping away in our bed.  Avalon, poor thing is still in the room…asleep…unaware that Justin took off and left her.  Nothing else has happened thus far….so I'll give it until about a quarter to four and then I'm off to bed myself.

January 28th Night Continued....
After going to bed last night….(after Justin woke us up from hearing walking in hall and then my printer going off on its own)….I ended up going to bed about 4:15.  I couldn't tell you how long I'd been asleep….but I woke up to a child whispering "Mama" in my ear.  Knowing Justin was lying between John and I…and assuming he was the one calling me, I answered "What?" …but didn't get a reply back.  I again asked "What?"…twice….still no answer, so I rolled over to face him.  I could see he was fast asleep.  When I went to roll back to my original position, I saw in our bedroom doorway…what appeared to be a shape of a person.  Now, it's dark in our room….but there's enough light coming from the windows to get a descent view of our room and the dining room.  I'm looking at this shape…not thinking ghost or living person…I'm thinking "What's in there that's making that shape? (thinking something in the dining room is casting some sort of shadow or something I'm seeing in the dark is giving off that shape)" I continue to look at this figure….and the longer I look at it (which is only probably a minute or two)…the more defined it becomes and next thing I know, I'm looking at a more defined image….a man, bald or close shaven hair….ears sticking out…with both hands in his pockets….either hiding close the edge of the doorway to avoid being seen or leaning in to the room looking around…and the door starts to move back and forth, like it's trying to gain momentum to close on it's own.  I reached my foot over Justin and gave John one hard kick and he pulls back the comforter and asks me "What?" I said as quietly as I could "There's a man at our door…and the door is moving."  John sat up and when he sat up, I looked over at him for a second and when I looked back at our bedroom doorway…nothing's there….no man, no shape, no shadow…nothing…absolutely nothing there.  We sat up for a little while longer, waiting to see if we heard anything or saw anything…but nothing else happened.

Added March 06: (Happened February 21st, 28th):
This happened Wednesday night (February 21).  I worked until three in the morning, so when this happened it had to be anywhere between 3:30 and 4:00, because right after I got off work, I ironed John's uniform for work and made him lunch for the next day.  I was sitting on John's recliner watching Judge Judy (a show I had tivo'd earlier in the afternoon).  John was already in bed, Corey had fallen asleep on the loveseat and Justin was asleep on the long sofa.  I watching TV, when I saw movement in the far left corner of the room.  I turned to look…and watched as this very dark gray colored shadowy thing went past the lamp, past the window and up to a picture I have hanging right above the long sofa on the couch.  When it got to the picture, it didn't go any further, it's as though it evaporated right in to the frame.  With in seconds….I felt this horrible feeling of dread and fear, almost as though I needed to hurry and get out of the house as quickly as possible.  Looking at the kids asleep on the couch, I knew there was no way I could wake them up to get them out of the room, without frightening them both in the process.  So, I decided to pretend as though I didn't see anything and try to stick it out.  I went back to watching TV, and it didn't go without event.  I saw something, I don't know what it was…out of the corner of eye in the dining room.  Just quick movement and when I turned to look…the first time I looked, nothing was there…but the second time I saw movement, when I turned to look….I don't know how I didn't flip right out of John's recliner, because it looked as if someone had thrown something black at me.  I jerked back to avoid being hit…but nothing actually, physically hit me.  That's when I called it quits and woke the kids up to go to bed.  Then something very similar happened again on February 28th.

Added March 06:
Last night (well this morning, because it was already the 6th at 4 in the morning)….I went to bed….I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep, when I heard a female voice call out a name (in a loud whispering type voice), it kind of sounded like it called out "Katherine".  I opened my eyes to look and immediately in our closet…I saw a spectral of colorful lights flickering.  And yes….this was one of those moments that you do something and after you've done it you say to yourself "what was I thinking", but I got out of bed, walked over to the closet and looked around to see what the colored lights flickering was….but nothing was there…nothing I could see, that is.  I turned on our bedroom light, got a better look around….still, nothing in there that would make those light blinking and sparkling.  Went back to bed and then it hit me "Why did I do that?"

Added March 11:
Friday evening my sister Toni had just dropped off my niece (Avalon) and nephew (Adam) to go to the mall with Johnny, Corey and Justin.  She then went home to do a few things before my sisters picked her up to go to the hospital to visit our mother.  I decided to stay home and rest, because I wasn't feeling well and the muscles in my neck and shoulder were killing me.  Everyone was gone….I was home alone.  Toni called on the phone to ask Avalon something (but she had already left to go to the mall).  While Toni and I were talking back and forth…Toni asked me something and before I could answer, I heard a voice in the room with her reply "Hold on".  At first I thought it must be Rita and Regina (because they were supposed to pick her up).  But as we continued to talk…..I kept thinking about the voice and how it didn't really sound like Rita or Regina, how it had more of a masculine sound to it.  After we hung up, I called her back and asked "Was that Rita or Regina?"  She seemed puzzled with my question and it didn't dawn on me she was alone…no one was there with her until she said "Kimberly….there isn't anyone here….Rita and Regina haven't gotten here yet".  I had her lay the phone down and walk to different parts of the house to see if I could hear about where I heard the voice before… wasn't until she came back on the phone that we discovered that evidently, who ever was speaking at the time, must have been standing right behind her…..because that's the point that I told her that I thought the area was that the voice sounded like it came from.  After I got off the phone with her…..I mean, minutes afterward….I was in the dining room.  Our bedroom is right off the dining room and the door was wide open.  I heard a child in our bedroom talking…..I couldn't tell if it were male or female and I couldn't make out anything it said at all….only that it sounded like a very young, young child.  It sounded as if it were talking to someone or having a conversation with someone.  For all I know, it could have been talking to me.  I said out loud "Aw man…not now….don't do this….I'm all by myself, give me a break".  I don't know if my voice drowned out it continuing to talk or it shut up at that point…all I know is after I said what I had to say….I didn't hear anything after that.

Added April 08:
Being home alone, once again proves to be a really, really bad idea.  Twice, in the last two weeks….I've been home alone and both times…things have happened.

The first happened last week.  John had taken Corey and Justin, along with my niece Avalon and nephew Adam out.  I stayed behind because I'd been sick with a really bad cold.  After everyone was gone, I went to the kitchen to take cold medicine and get something to drink.  I went to the living room to lounge in John's recliner and watch TV.  I was sitting there, when out of no where….I heard a door slam down the hall.  It slammed 5 times….5 TIMES!  I just froze.  The cats were in our bedroom, with Chewy (our dog) and no one else was home….so there was no reason I should have been hearing a door slamming, over and over.  I didn't even want to get up to grab the phone…..afraid if I got up, what may happen.  So I sat there, very quietly until I felt the coast was clear to get up and go call John to tell him what was going on.  Later, after everyone came home…something again happened.  But before I go on to that….I did go check all the bedrooms to see if one of the kids left a window open and wind blowing in to the room would have caused the door to slam.  Not one single window was open…and the only two doors I found that weren't completely shut tight was Justin's bedroom (formerly what we referred to as the "scary room…also the room the paranormal investigators captured an orb coming out of a pillow and shooting up to the window and also the room the investigation resulted in a sudden 10 degree temperature drop)…and the bathroom door was wide open.  Anyway….later, after everyone had come home and my sister Toni came over, I was standing at the kitchen sink…talking with Toni (who was sitting at the dining room table).  I was turned and facing her, listening to her talk…when it felt as if someone had opened the kitchen drawer and bumped me in the hip.  I scooted over so who ever bumped me, could get to the drawer.  I turned to look to see who it was….no one was there.

This happened earlier this week.  Again, I was home alone.  I was on the phone with my friend Pam.  While we were talking, I heard what sounded like a door knob being rattled, like someone trying to open a door….I mentioned to her that someone must be home…..waited to see if anyone came in…then it sounded like someone dragging their feet, really, really slow.  I mentioned to Pam again "Someone's here…let me go see who it is real quick, hold on." I laid the phone down, got up….looked around, went to the door, looked out, called out a few times…no one answered.  No sooner did I sit down and tell Pam "Hmmm…that's strange, no one's here."  We went back to our conversation.  I joked about it probably being my ghost….and said something along the lines of them acting up and misbehaving when I'm alone.  Suddenly Chewy started to growl….one of those types of growls he does when he thinks one of the cats is going to swipe his cracker or snack.  All I said was "Chewy, what's wrong?"  As soon as I said that…he went ballistic.  He started acting as though he was trying to attack something….then he just went totally quiet and ran behind the coffee table.  I said to Pam "I don't know what's going on"….no sooner had I said those few words….I heard the sound of someone dragging their feet again, only it sounded faster and it sounded as though it was steadily getting closer.  Because I couldn't tell what direction it was coming from…I turned to look towards the kitchen (which was to my left) then I turned to look towards the living room (which was to my right).  I don't know what happened….I can't explain it…it was as if something just rushed up right in to my face….lunged at me.  I let out a scream and yelled "Oh my God!"  Pam was so upset.  She kept asking me what was going on and if everything was ok.  Afterwards, I could barely speak, I was so scared…my heart was racing, I nearly fell out of my chair backwards when I jerked back.  I think she thought someone was in the house trying to hurt me….poor thing. She stayed on the phone with me until my family got home.  After everything calmed down, I got to thinking about the whole ordeal and how upset it had my friend and how these things continue to happen when I'm home alone.  I went from scared to just really being ticked off.   Mostly because the incident just didn't affect me…it also upset my friend and that's when it just gets to me.  I can pretty much handle myself…I just deal with it and then move on (because that's what I've had to do my whole life)….but when it upsets my kids or family and friends…that's when I just get really fed up with it.

Added April 25:
Once again, John has an experience.  His experiences are far and few….and as horrible as this sounds, when he does….it's one of those moments, I'm glad someone else was there to verify something happened.  Yesterday when John got home from work we were out late running errands and shopping.  We got home a little after 9:30 pm.  Normally, John's already asleep by this time.  He was sitting in the recliner…..I was sitting on the loveseat with Corey.   Justin was standing about six feet from John, next to the TV. (Which the TV was off).  Justin was talking to us when suddenly his voice was drowned out by a loud male voice whispering next to me.  I could hear Justin still talking, but at the same time, I could also hear this male voice briefly whisper something inaudible. I turned to look at John, because it came from my right…and John was the only one sitting to my right….but his mouth wasn't moving, so it wasn't him.  No one else seemed to react to it…so I thought I was the only one who heard it.  So, as with much of the activity that goes on here…I pretended as if it didn't happen and I didn't say anything to anyone.  I just sat there, continuing to listen to Justin talk.  I don't know if it took a while for it to sink in with John or if he chose not to say anything at the moment he heard it….but a few minutes later, when Justin was through talking, he turned to Corey and I and said "Did you hear that?"  My heart sunk…..because I was thinking I was the only one who heard it.  I asked him what he'd heard…and he said "Whispering….coming from where you and Corey are".  I explained to him, I'd heard it too….but it was coming from his direction….which means, it must have been right between the both of us…to my right and to his left.  At first he thought Corey and I were playing a joke on him….because he said "Come on, Corey whispered something…right? Tell me the truth."  Corey and I both insisted, Corey hadn't said a word.  He was like "Are you sure?" We agreed, we couldn't make out what it said…but the whispering was long enough and loud enough to know it was definitely a male voice trying to say something.  That wasn't the only thing that happened here either.  This past weekend, Saturday…three days prior….in the same night, I saw three figures in the house. Dark shadowy silhouette looking figures.  The first time I was in the kitchen cooking.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone walk by real fast.  When I turned to look, going past the entry that leads to the hall and living room….I barely got a glimpse as this person shot by.  I barely got the end of it as it disappeared, going in the direction of the living room.  I walked over to the entry way, looked both ways, no one was around.  The second time, again I was in the kitchen…I called out that dinner was done.  I was standing at the stove….when I thought John walked up and stood next to me, slightly behind me and to my right.  I didn't just feel someone there, I saw someone there.  I turned to take his plate, but when I turned…no one was there.  A little while later, I was standing in the kitchen, my sister Toni was in the dining room talking to me….when I saw what appeared to be a man, standing near the front door, next to a book shelf I have there.  I could make out the shape of a tall male figure, but couldn't see any features….no face, nothing….just like only his silhouette.  It startled me so much, that when I saw it…I gasped…and started choking.  By the time I caught my breath and looked back over where he was…he was gone.

Added May 10:
Things have been…ah….not so good this past week.  Sunday, my sister Regina came over and while in the kitchen pouring herself a cup of coffee…she came to the living room to let me know that she felt someone standing behind her.  When she turned around to see who it was, no one was there.  Come Monday….John and Corey were in the living watching t.v. and eating.  Justin and I were in the dining room, eating.  Our bedroom is right off the dining room…and the door was wide open.  Justin said he saw something move in our bedroom and when he turned to look, he saw a man standing in front of our television.  He described the man as a dark shadow, tall and very skinny…wearing what he thought was a top hat, but instead of the top of it being flat, it was round. He said when he went to tell me about the man…the man disappeared.

Added May 13:
We were all getting ready to go out to eat dinner for Mother's Day.  John was in the front shower and Corey was in his bathroom in his bedroom taking a shower.  I was sitting at my computer, checking my email….and at this point, I thought Justin was in his bedroom picking the clothes out he was going to wear.  I heard as clear as day a male child yell out (very loud) something like "Man!"  Then immediately afterwards, I heard Justin call out to me from the living room "Mama…did you hear that? What was that?"  I answered him back "That wasn't you?" He ran over to my desk and said "Ut-un…who was that?"  I asked him what he heard…to see if we heard the same thing and sure enough he says "A kid yelled: Man!"  When John got out of the shower, I asked him if was calling out to us (knowing darn well he'd say "No" because what we heard was a child's voice) then when Corey got out of the shower, I asked him the same thing.  We have no explanation as to why a child would yell like that.

Added June 09:
Sadly, my mother passed away last week.  On the day of the viewing, I was sitting at the dining room table with Toni and Juanita.  I went to get my things together to take a shower, Toni remained at the table and Juanita got up from the table and the last I saw of her…she was walking through the kitchen.  I got my clothes and headed to the bathroom.  When I got there, the door was closed…so I assumed Juanita must have gone in.  I called out "Is anyone in there?"  and a woman's voice replied very softly "I’m here." I walked back to the dining room, sat at the table and started talking to Toni.  A while went by….and Juanita never came out of the bathroom…so I said to Toni: "I wonder what's taking so long."  We sat there talking back and forth…a little while went by….still, she hadn't come out of the bathroom.  I mentioned to Toni "I hope she's ok, she's still in there."  Toni shouted out to her again "Juanita, what's taking so long?…Kimberly needs to get in there."  I waved my hands at Toni to stop shouting at her….then Justin walked in through the back door.  I stopped him and asked him when he went by the bathroom, to please knock on the door and ask Juanita if she's almost through in there, I need to take my shower"  He came back, stating the door was closed, but no one was in there.  Toni and I got up to look…sure enough, the door was closed, but no one was in the bathroom.  As it turns out, when Juanita got up from the table…she didn't go to the bathroom, she left my home and walked across the street to Rita and Regina's house.  When I went to the bathroom and called out….no one was in there.  Who the woman was that answered me, I don't know.  And thinking back on it now, I'm not even sure if the voice sounded like Juanita's….I just assumed it had to be her, because who else could it have been??  No one else was here, except Toni and me.  Everyone else was either outside or across the street at Rita and Regina's house.

The day after the funeral, my 15 year old nephew Gabriel spent the night.  This was the first time Gabriel had ever stayed the night in our home and the first time he's ever experienced anything.  He came to me and told me he kept seeing things all over our house, moving around.  When I asked him to describe what he was seeing…he said "I don't know what it is.  I keep seeing what looks like people walking by out of the corners of my eyes.  When I turn to see who it is, no one is there."

Added June 14:
Tuesday and Wednesday, a few things happened.  About a month ago, we converted the spare bedroom in to my office.  Tuesday night, Corey was in my office on my computer.  I was in the kitchen, cleaning when he came in and grabbed my arm and asked me to come with him.  I followed him back to my office.  He said while he was at my desk, he heard a sound behind him…like a scrapping sound.  When he turned around to look…he saw the black chair I had in my office (it's a folding chair), slowly sliding and slightly turning counter clockwise. Using the tiles on the floor as a guide, we estimate the chair moved about a foot.

Then Wednesday….after John got off work, he took Corey, Justin and my niece Avalon to the beach for a while.  I stayed home to work and then later started dinner.  While I was in the kitchen, cooking, I got the weirdest feeling that someone was in the room with me.  I actually turned and looked through the kitchen entrance towards the front door to see if someone walked in.  I was standing at the counter, peeling potatoes, when suddenly the top cabinet in front of me slammed. 

Added June 28:
This has been a very odd week.  Monday, we went to the meat market to pick up steaks for dinner.  It had just started to rain and I was standing in the parking lot waiting for my nephew to get out of the car.  While I was standing there (in the rain) waiting, I heard a woman's voice call me. It was a very calm, very soft, very high pitched voice.  When I heard her call me, I turned to my right to see who it was….right at the moment I turned to look…a bolt of lightning came down and hit…right next to me.  In all reality, I should either be in a hospital or dead right now.  But…but…..and everyone saw this….the bolt of lightning came down a few feet from me…but it didn't hit anywhere around me.  It hit mid air; a few feet above my right shoulder…like it was hitting something invisible. All I saw was this extremely bright white and blue flash and this loud explosion next to me.  It was loud; all I could hear was ringing in my ears and John faintly scream "Run!"  I a little conflicted about what happened.  First….who or what could have called me, other than a guardian angel??  Ok….though I want to believe this is who or what it was….why did she call me??  When I heard the voice, I wasn't walking…I was standing still…so it wasn't like I was about to walk in to the bolt of lightning coming down….and in the time frame between when I heard her call me and when the lightning hit….there was definitely not enough time to respond…to run inside…so why did she call me?? If I weren't able to do anything…to run or move??  And….if it were an angel….when the lightning hit…did it hit her? Did she stop it before it hit me??  So many unanswered questions.  All I know is that I'm grateful that I wasn't hit….and it would have been a direct hit.

Come Tuesday, Regina, John, Corey, Justin, Avalon, Adam and I were in the living room watching TV.  Out of the corner of my right eye, I movement.  When I turned to look, I watched as this a black silhouette came from behind me, it went past me, then it passed over the aquarium stand… the time it got to the end of the aquarium stand, it faded and was gone.  I asked anyone else if they saw it, but no one did.

Then last night (Wednesday), I was working in my office, John had gone to bed, Corey, Justin and Adam were in the living room playing a video game.  Avalon was alone in Corey's room watching TV.  Avalon started calling Corey….soon after; Corey came in my office telling me Avalon just experienced something in his room.  Avalon described while sitting on Corey's bed watching TV, she noticed a video game sitting there.  She picked it up to look to see what game it was, then put it back down…within minutes the game shot across the room.  She said she wasn't even moving at the time the game flew through the air.  She sat with me in my office for a while, and then went to the living room to watch the other kids play the video game.  A few hours later…I was still in my office working when I started to feel like a bug was on the crown of my head…it was like a fluttering type feel.  I put my hand on my head to knock it away, but nothing was there.  Within that hour, I started hearing humming.  It sounded like a child humming just a section of a song, repeatedly.  Because the sound was emanating from the closet, I just assumed it was one of the kids humming from the living room (because the living room is on the other side of the closet wall).  I couldn't’t figure out what tune they were humming, so I got up to go see what it was.  When I got up from my chair to go see, the humming stopped.  I went to the living room, but no one was humming and they all swear neither was humming or singing anything.  I went back to my office and said out loud "Who was humming?  What was the song you were humming?"  I didn't get any sort of response, but I got the weirdest feeling that I needed to leave the room immediately.  I stood in the hall for a while with the door open…two of our cats, came walking up to the doorway…hunched down on the floor…but wouldn't go in the room.  Justin came over and got one of the cats and laid him down on the floor in the room.  He went in the room, walked towards the closet, hunched up, hissed, then he took off out of the room. 

Added July 23:
We've had two odd incidents happen, two nights in a row.  The first incident happened on Sunday night, but I didn't find out about it until Monday when I was talking with Regina.  She said she didn't think anything of it, until I was telling her what happened to me.  So, I'll start by explaining what happened with me and then share what happened with Regina and Adam.  About 10 pm, I decided to go check on the plants we put in pots along a new walk way we laid out.  (We just had a new roof put on and redid our entire landscaping in the front yard, which included removing an old walk way that was in the middle of our yard, along with an old plant bed and laying out 2 new walkways.  One going from the street to the porch and one going from the driveway to the porch).  Anyway…I was looking at two small flower pots I had along the walk way (the one going from the driveway to the porch), insuring the pots were draining properly.  I took the plants that are still in their original planters out of the new flower pots…took the pots to the porch to cut holes in the bottoms.  While I was standing on the porch, I heard what sounded like someone either running or walking extremely fast up the walkway towards me.  I turned to see who it could be, because it was so late….but when I turned to look….I could still hear the fast heavy footsteps getting closer…coming right at me, yet no one was there.  I ran real fast in to the house (both pots sill in hand), shutting and locking the door real fast behind me.  I made such a commotion when I came in that John jumped up from the recliner to find out what was going on.  I waited a little while to make sure the coast was clear…headed back outside to put the plants back in to the flower pots.  About a half an hour later, Regina came over for a late night cup of coffee (she lives directly across the street from us and comes over every night for coffee).  She was sitting on the couch and I started telling her what I'd heard outside.  She told me to call Adam (my nephew) in to the living room, so he could verify what she was about to tell me.  They both began describing how the night before; they were alone in the living room.  Adam was playing a video game, while Regina watched.  John was in bed.  I went to the store, taking Corey and Justin along with my niece Avalon with me to pick up sodas and a few things I needed.  Again…it was around 10 pm (I remember, because when I walked in the store I asked the security guard what time the store closed and she said "11 pm, you have about an hour."  Well, Regina said that while she was sitting on the couch watching Adam play the game….she heard loud pounding or knocking.  She said she could tell where it was coming from, Adam said he thought the sound was coming from somewhere down the hall.  They both described the exact same sound, same number of knocks or pounds.  Regina said she looked at Adam and said "Did you hear that? What was that? Was that a sound coming from the game?" Adam replied "No…it came from back there." pointing down the hall.  Regina said "Oh, it must be Corey or someone nailing something up." Adam said "Can't be…their all at the store…John's the only one here and he's in bed."  They said they didn't hear it anymore after that and we got home shortly after.  Regina said she didn't think to say anything about it until I began telling her what I'd heard outside.

Added August 04:
Sunday (July 29th) I was in the living room watching TV with Corey and Johnny.  Out of no where…a faint shadow figured appeared….of a very tall person in the space between the bookshelf that is butted against the side of the TV and the wall that joins the living room and dining room.  When this figure appeared, it quickly went in to a motion of rocking or swaying sideways….once towards the TV and then once towards the wall…then it was gone.  It happened so fast that by the time I saw this thing in motion and leaned forward on the couch and said to Corey and John "Did you see that?" It was gone.  What's frustrating is…we were all looking in the same direction when this happened, yet I was the only one to see it.  Then hours later….I was in my office working on my computer.  I heard what sounded like someone outside my office door….they were walking…like the sound of someone dragging their feet around, bumping in to things….and tapping sounds, like someone tapping something on the doors.  I heard it, but didn't pay much attention to it….because everyone was awake and just figured it was John or one of the kids roaming around the house.  Next thing I know, my office door opens and Justin comes in asking me if I heard the voice in the hall?  I hadn't heard anything except sounds of someone moving around.  He said he heard that too….but then he also heard outside the bathroom door, a deep muffled voice. He said it sounded like someone pressing their mouth up to the door and whispering real loud.  I thought it might have been Corey or my niece Avalon or nephew Adam horsing around, trying to spook him.  But they were all accounted for and were pretty disturbed by what we told them we heard going on.  Everyone hung around in my office…too scared to be off alone….I guess afraid they'd encounter something too.

Then come Monday night (the very next day) my sister Regina came over to visit and have coffee.  She was sitting on the long sofa and I was laying on the loveseat.  Suddenly, she sits up and says "Wow..Did you see that?"  From where I was sitting, because I was lying on my side….I didn't have the view of that part of the living room she did, my view was blocked by John's recliner.  Had I been sitting upright, I probably would have seen all this going on.  And by the time she watched all this take place and could tell me what she'd seen…it was done and over with.  She described first seeing a mass of smoke with dark speckles in it. (Same spot I'd seen the shadow figure sway side to side the night before). She said as it just hovered there for a few seconds, it was kind of moving and rotating around. Then she said she saw a young woman, standing with one arm lying at her side, with straight blonde hair, staring at her.  She was dressed in pioneer type clothing (the dress with the apron over it).  I hadn't even had a chance to tell her about the things that went on the night before.  And it sounds like to me…being what she saw was in the same area of what I saw the night before…it could have been one of the same thing, but in different forms.  Also…the young woman she described was very similar to something I'd seen in the hall one night….except Regina said the young woman she saw had blonde hair…the child I saw had dark hair in braids.  But the clothing was exactly the same…something like you'd see on Little House on the Prairie.

Added August 31:
A note about the recent video I posted on our evidence page….the date I posted is incorrect…we didn't record it on August 31st (that's the date I uploaded the video to my computer)…the date we actually recorded the video was August 24th.  Sorry about that.  And what led me to get out the camcorder and start recording was this.  I was home alone and while working in my office, I heard what sounded like a stuffed toy with a bell on it, hit the floor and bounce a few times.  Knowing my cats were locked in my bedroom (because I had just finished mopping and didn't want them running on the floor getting their feet wet), and knowing I don't have a single cat toy or dog toy with bells on it….I was a little puzzled at the sound I heard.  I got up from my computer, walked around the house and couldn't find anything.  With in minutes after returning to my office to resume working on my computer, I swear when I turned to get a piece of paper from my printer I saw something very briefly at my office door.  It was so quick, I couldn't even tell you what it was.  It was like just a black mass or shape there…then in a blink of an eye it was gone.

Added September 01: (Experienced by Toni)
I decided to have my son Adam's birthday party at Kimberly's house.  I arrived around four in the afternoon.  I unloaded the groceries out of my car and was in the kitchen, unpacking the bags.  I was standing, facing the stove when out of the corner of my eye, I saw what appeared to be "what I thought" was Kimberly walking slowly towards, hunched over….leaning, looking at the items I had laid out on the stove.  I turned to look to see what she was looking at….but when I turned…..all I saw was this hologram looking figure as it disappeared before my eyes.  I yelled for Kimberly, because we were the only two home at the time.  She didn't respond right away, so I called her again.  She finally came in the kitchen to see what I was yelling about.  I described what I'd seen to her and all she said "So…you finally saw something in my house".  This was the first of a visual encounter, but not the first incident I've had in her house.

Added September 10:
John took the kids to their guitar lessons, I stayed home to clean and cook dinner.  I was in the bathroom cleaning.  All of a sudden, Chewy started to bark, then I heard what sounded "exactly" like my sister Toni talking to me. It sounded like she was talking to me from the dining room.  I didn't understand or make out what she said, then there was a pause….then she started talking again, then there was a pause again…then I heard her say something very short…just a few words.  Then it went silent.  I walked out of the bathroom to go see what she was saying….but by the time I came out…she was gone.  No one was there.  So, I called her on her cell phone (thinking she just left and must still be in her car)… tell her the reason I didn't answer her was because I didn't understand a word she said.  Well…come to find out….it wasn't Toni.  Toni was at home and hadn't been out of her house all day.  So, I thought "Well, who else sounds like Toni that I would have thought it was her?" So, I called Rita and Regina… wasn't them….they were off shopping and hadn't been anywhere near my house.  What ever I heard…it wasn't any sounds from outside, it wasn't a TV or radio (none of those things were on)…I don't know what it was…all I know is it sounded exactly like my sister Toni's voice talking to me….but I couldn't make out a word she/it was saying.

Added October 20:
(These events actually happened October 06 thru October 17)
It's October…and as always, whether it just a coincidence that October is associated with spooky activity…it has always been one of the most active times of the year around here....for the last 20 years.

On October 6th; a dear friend of mine, Leslie Rule came by for a visit.  While she was visiting, I asked her if she would be interested in me getting out the camcorder and tape recorder to see if we could get any evidence.  She, along with my all three of my sisters were all for it.  Little did we realize what we were all about to witness.  The teens had all planned to go to the back garage, while we conducted our make-shift investigation…and I assumed that's where they all were when this happened.  Leslie, myself, along with 3 of my sisters (Rita, Regina and Toni)  were all in the hall…camcorder in hand.  I thought I had turned the tape recorder on....but as it turns out...the recorder was totally blank....not even the sounds of us all talking was just totally blank.  Anyway, while video taping, there was one small light anomaly that shot across the hall…that was it.  So…I started calling out, asking what ever was present to allow me to film it.   And...just a note, taking in consideration my previous history of getting attacked while trying to gather evidence, I proceeded cautiously…or so I thought I was being careful.  I began calling out…as if I were calling out to a child, willing to play "Come out, come out where ever you are." "Don't be afraid, we're not here to harm you…show us your beautiful light." "Please, show our guest your beautiful light."   When that didn't work, I then called out "Ok, enough is enough….if anything is here, show yourself now."  Everyone gasped that I was being so aggressive, so I followed up with "I'm sorry…I was just kidding…please come out, we aren't here to harm you." Next thing I know….there was this intense crying coming from behind us.  We all turned around to find my nephew, sitting on the floor behind the loveseat, with his hand over his ears. At first I thought "Oh my…we've scared someone."...not realizing who it was.  To say the least, I shocked to see it was my teenage nephew.....this isn't someone who is so easily shaken up or frightened.  So, I knelt down next to him, asking him what was wrong….to see if he was ok.  All I asked was "Are you ok? What's wrong?" He responded with "You have to stop…they don't like what you're doing."  I then asked "They? Who's they?"  He looked at me with this wild look in his eyes.....So, then I asked  "What did you mean by 'They don't like what I'm doing?'"  He then said very serious "They said you're being condescending." Then he began to gag, as if he were about to throw up.  I asked him "Are you ok?" He said "No, I feel sick."  I called out to my sister to immediately take him out of the house.  Once he got outside, he was fine.  I was worried at this point, because I knew this was not a good sign.  This exact same thing happened to three people during an investigation in our home, during provocation.  Myself, my son Corey and one of the investigators all responded in the same manner....very emotional and a sudden bout of being sick to the stomach.  But what really worried me was, my sister told me the next morning that on their way home, she reached over to pat my nephew on the leg and he yelled at her in a deep, disturbing voice "Don't touch me."  Once she told me this…I knew, something was seriously wrong and I needed to find out what to do.  So…I contacted Shaun with Florida Ghost Team and then immediately called John Zaffis (world renowned specialist in demonic energies).  Both agreed that we should keep a close eye on my nephew while he was visiting our home in the future, to ensure he wouldn't be targeted again....because now he was "a familiar" to what ever energy/energies used him to convey the message to us to stop to leave them alone....they didn't like me poking at them, nor did they like me insulting them, with the sort of tone I took to get them out, to film was very insulting.  So nephew has had no further problems (crossing all fingers).

Then the Friday following ; on October 12th, I was working in my office….my son Justin came in and told me that the little dark circles that we often see roaming around the floors in the living room, were back and going crazy.  He said they were just going all over the place, lots of them.  I got up from my desk went to the living room to see…looked around, I didn't see anything.  So, I went to the kitchen to grab a glass of iced-tea.  When I came out of the kitchen to go back to my office, I looked over in to the living room and saw what appeared to be a cat jump from the floor towards the love seat.  I walked a few steps closer to look at the cushions, because from what I had seen thus far...there should have been a cat sitting right on top of the back of the loveseat….but...there was no cat, anywhere.   Justin tapped me and said "Did you see a cat?" I told him "Yes, how did you know?" He said "Because I saw it too."

October 13th, we were out eating dinner with my son Corey's guitar teacher.  When we got home, my sister Regina called to ask me if I would mind going to our neighbor's home.  She said she kept feeling as if someone were touching her hair and the lights were flickering on and off every so often.  Regina had been feeding our neighbor's dog while she was out of town.  So, I headed over there.  As I pulled up the driveway, I saw Regina standing outside, by her car.  I just assumed she was either out there because she got spooked and was waiting for me before going back in the house or else, she was walking the dog.  The driveway is extremely long…so I continued up the drive way, very carefully…in case the dog was running loose; I didn't want to hit it with my car.  As I got about 10 feet from Regina's car….I parked my car, looked towards where Regina was standing….by now, she had her back to me, walking up the driveway towards the garage.  I gathered my things, got out of the car and noticed Regina's interior light was on.  So…I walked through the garage, to the door and knocked.  No answer.  I knocked again, this time I heard Regina yell "Come in the door's open."  I walked in and she was standing by the sliding glass doors leading to the back yard.  I told her "You left your interior light on."  She was like "Huh?" I repeated "Your interior light is on in your car…you must have left it on when you were out there when you were out with the dog...or were you waiting on me?" She said "What do you mean when I was out there?" I replied "When you were in the driveway, when I pulled in….you must have left the light on." She said "I wasn't out there…I've been sitting on the back porch the whole time, waiting for you to get here."  Immediately we knew...something wasn't right.  I can't say for sure if the person looked like Regina….because didn't study what the person looked like.....I just automatically assumed it was her….because who else would it be?  And on that note....last year… of the ladies that lived in that house, passed away, in that house…so perhaps what I saw was her.

October 16th, Corey was in the kitchen frying cheese sticks.  I heard him yelling for me from the kitchen "Mama…hurry!"  Thinking the worse (with him cooking), I jumped up to find everything going just fine.  Except…Corey described to me, feeling as if someone walked up behind him.  He turned to look, but no one was there.  Next thing he knows…a few seconds later, he felt three hard taps on his left shoulder, like someone poking him with their finger.  He turned to look again and still…no one was there.

October 17th, while waiting for John to get home from work to go out for dinner for Justin's birthday, we were all sitting in the dining room waiting.  It was Corey, Justin, Avalon, Adam and myself.  Avalon got up from the table and walked in to the living room…stands there for a second, looking towards the door….then turns around and looks at us with this puzzled look on her face.  She swears she heard our front door open and the sound of someone sighing.  She walked in to the living room to see if John was home….but found no one there.

Added November 16:
(These events started happening November 8th)
Either something that has been here a while is just making it’s presence known or else something new has wandered along and made itself at home.  Either way, I think it's possibly fond of our son Justin; who is 12 years old.  And…assuming this is one of the same energies…I may have gotten a glimpse of it too and it may possibly be the same energy we captured an evp of saying "Ask him now" the Saturday, the 3rd. (view our evps page to hear this clip)

Thursday, November 8th…I was in the bathroom, facing the shower (the shower curtain was pulled opened).  To the right side of the shower, two tiles from the corner…I watched as a crescent shaped white light appeared out of no where, traveled across the two tiles (which are 12" x 6"), around the corner, across two more tiles and disappeared behind the shower curtain.  Now…had there been a window in this bathroom or I would have been moving around the bathroom, cleaning…perhaps it could be explained by reflection of something being cast through the window or the lights reflecting off something I was moving….but there is no window in this bathroom….the door was closed and I was standing still when I saw this light moving through the shower.  Later that same night, while John, myself and my sister Regina were watching the TV show "Without a Trace", I saw out of the corner of my eye, a shadow move across the wall and head towards where Regina was sitting on the sofa.  By the time I could call out that I'd seen something, it was gone.  She just so happened to have acquired a new camera that day, brought it over to show me…and with that camera, she snapped some pictures…capturing an orb near the television.  I'll ask her to give me the picture (if she hasn't deleted it from the camera yet)…so I can post it with our photos.

All was quiet for the next three days…then both Corey and Justin began encountering things.  Corey was rearranging his bedroom.  I was taking a break between my shifts at work (I work from home).  Corey came in my office and asked me if I would mind going and sitting in his room with him, while he finished moving his room around.  I followed him to his room.  He said for some odd reason, for no explained reason…he just suddenly got this very eerie feeling.  He couldn't explain it…but I knew exactly what he meant by what he was trying to describe, because I've felt it many, many times.  It's a very threatening feeling…almost like you want to just hurry up and get out of the area you're in.  You feel this intense feeling of being watched and it's almost as though you can feel something is right there near you, even though you can see it…you can feel it…and it's just a terrifying feeling.  Well…that's pretty much what he was describing to me, he felt.  He felt that feeling of "Hurry up and get out of here…something's not right." And Corey, isn't the type to be easily spooked…especially in his own bedroom, where he basically hangs out 90% of the time.  He finished moving a few pieces of furniture around and it was time for me to get back to work…my break was over.  So…I headed back to my office.

About fifteen…twenty….maybe 30 minutes later, Justin comes in my office with a terrified look on his face.  He said he walked in to the kitchen…put his cup down on the counter to get something to drink and as he turned towards the refrigerator….he saw what looked like someone in a white t-shirt standing near the kitchen entrance.  By the time he fully turned in that direction…where he would be looking directly at it…it had disappeared.  He didn't recall any details…no arms, no head…no lower body…only a white t-shirt.  He stayed with me in my office the rest of the night while I worked.

Then something similar again happened with the figure wearing the white t-shirt.  I'm developing a really bad cold….and was sitting on John's recliner, trying to grab a few winks.  Justin and Corey were playing video games.  I woke up from my nap….went to my office to check my email…when Justin came in, telling me about the figure in the white shirt again.  He said, he was in the kitchen playing with our cat "Sammy", when suddenly Sam just shot off, like he was scared by something.  When he turned around to see if Corey was behind him (because he said he felt someone was behind him), he watched as this figure in the white t-shirt shot off down the hall.  He took off after it…still with the assumption it was Corey.  By the time he came around the corner and ran down the hall…it was gone.  He opened Corey's door to find Corey in a black t-shirt.  He said the oddest thing to me afterwards…which still gives me chills.  He said "Mama, I think the thing in the white shirt is starting to follow me around."  He's tough guy though because he told me that when he realized the last encounter wasn't Corey…he went in to the hall and said to it "Don't follow me around and try to scare me anymore."  I told him that he did a great job, but deep down…I'm worried.   I've got to make sure that this thing hasn't set its scopes on Justin.

I failed to add that on November 3rd, the same night we captured the evp "Ask him now".  While Shelby (my son's guitar teacher) and myself were in Corey's room, attempting to gather evidence, as we were starting to walk out of the room.  Shelby stopped and said to me "Who was that?"  When I asked him what he was talking about, he said that he'd just seen a dark shadow heading down the hall towards Justin's room.  When we headed to Justin's room to see who it was, because he and I were the only ones walking around at the time...we found no one in there.  He said it looked like almost a silhouette, but it wasn't flat against the wall.  It actually looked like it was away from the wall (more towards the middle of the hall)...and it traveled in a sweeping motion, very fast and it traveled towards the bedroom.

Added November 26:
The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, John took Corey and Justin to a wrestling match and I was home alone.  My niece Avalon was due to come over so she could go grocery shopping with myself, my sister Rita and brother-in-law Gary for Thanksgiving groceries.  I was in the bathroom, getting dressed when the phone started to ring.  I started rushing to get dressed when I heard what sounded like someone shuffling their feet really fast down the hall, past the bathroom door, towards the living room.  Then I heard a big crashing sound.  I assumed Avalon must have been there and was trying to get to the phone before the answering machine picked up.  I yelled out "What was that?" (Inquiring what the bang was)…."Tell who ever it is I'll have to call them back."  The phone stopped ringing and the answering machine recording came on.  I thought "That's odd." Because I thought Avalon was there and by all that I heard, she should have reached the phone before the machine picked up.  Then I started worrying that the crashing sound may have been her hurrying so fast to get to the phone, that she perhaps fell over something or slipped and fell.  So, I rushed out of the bathroom towards the living room….no one was there.  I circled through the dining room, the kitchen and back to hall and living room….no one.  About 10 minutes later, Avalon came through the door.  I asked her "Were you just here….and left?"  She said no, that her mother had just dropped her off.

Wednesday night, John took Corey and Justin to a hockey game and I stayed home to get a head start on the holiday cooking.  My sister Regina and neighbor Gail came over for a visit.  I was standing in the kitchen at the stove, making the first batch of pudding for the banana pudding.  Gail came in to see how I make pudding…..I explained what I was doing…telling her about the various ingredients and techniques for making homemade pudding from scratch.  Afterwards, she headed back to the living room.  She got to the hall…stopped for a minute….looking down the hall.  She then turned and headed down the hall towards the bedrooms.  About this time, Regina walked up…stopped at the kitchen entrance….looking in the direction Gail went.  Regina turned to me and said "I think Gail saw something."  I walked to the entrance to see what was going on….Gail was now walking towards Regina and I asking "Where's the kids?"  I answered "John took them to a hockey game."  She looked at me puzzled, turned around and pointed in the direction of my office….then asking "Then who was just in your office?"  I replied "No one's here except us." She went on to describe what she'd seen.  She said as she was walking towards the living room, she saw something moving in my office.  When she turned to look, she saw what appeared to be an arm and hand reaching over the dresser I have in my office, towards the light switch.  She assumed someone was in my office and went to see who it was.  Funny thing is…Gail is a die hard skeptic.  She doesn't believe in ghost, she doesn't believe in anything paranormal at all. After we all sat down and I began questioning what she saw (curious to see how she would explain away what she'd seen with her own two eyes)…I was shocked to find her baffled and admitting, for the first time in her life…she actually believes she'd seen a ghost.  When Saturday rolled around and she'd come back over for a visit…I brought it up again.  Wondering, after she'd had time to think over what happened…I was curious to know if she would have a different opinion or if she would have convinced herself there was a logical explanation for what she'd seen…but to my amazement….she admitted again, she couldn't explain what she'd seen.  She said she absolutely saw what looked like the arm and hand of a living person and the only thing it could have been, was a ghost.

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