Added January 17:
As we endure yet another near tragic death in our family, it is during these times that it is apparent that something in our home is feeding off our pain and turmoil.

My oldest son Corey's friend was visiting and we were on the discussion of all that our family has had to deal with last year and our hopes that this year would bring forth new beginnings and an end to all the trauma our family has had to face.  As I described one particular incident to my son's friend, I decided it would be best to just show him where the event occurred.  So, I took him to the former master bedroom (now my oldest son's bedroom).  It was night time, so the room was dark as we entered.  I walked in to the bathroom and before I even put my hand on the doorknob to open the door, an eeriness seemed to overwhelm me.  I brushed it off as just reliving the event as I explained what happened, step by step...moment by moment.  But when I opened the door, there was a sudden, quick flicker of lights.  It was almost as if someone had flipped a strobe light on and off real fast (We were in the pitch darkness, I hadn't even fully entered the bathroom, much less even coming close to where the light switch was....and the lights....all the lights were completely off when we entered the room).  I turned to my son and his friend, asking "Did you all see that?"  They hadn't because they were still just entering the bedroom and couldn't see in to the bathroom.  Hoping that it was just my eyes playing tricks on me, I exited the bathroom, re-entered and exited again and again....trying find an explanation for the flashing of lights..

The very next night, I was sitting in the living room, speaking with my sister after we'd arrived home from the emergency room.  My youngest son Justin was sitting in his gaming chair, facing us....with his back to the rest of the house.  As we continued to all discuss the day's events (the tragedy)....Justin got up and walked over to me and sat on the floor next to where I was sitting.  He sat there with his hand over his mouth, looking towards the television.  I asked him why he moved (from his chair to the floor next to me), he said "There's something in the hall....listening to you talking."  I asked "Something? or Someone?"  He said "I don't know....but I could feel something in the hall, watching me...."  I yelled out "Ok, we've been through enough today, unless you here with a purpose to help or unless you were sent by God, you are not welcome here."  Without realizing that I too must have sensed something, there was a change in the entire environment...a change in the air....if that makes any sense.  If you've ever felt watched or felt a presence and felt the moment it know exactly what I'm talking know that feeling.  We were back to our conversation, when I did feel something if I were being starred at or I once again, interrupted our conversation to ask...well, I was more demanding that what ever is around to wasn't welcome.  And again, there was a total shift in the if someone had opened a window and let fresh air in...or a feeling of was just a completely different feeling.  I think my sister got a little spooked and decided it was time to head home.  And to no surprise, this all occurred a little after three in the morning.

Added January 20:
A couple of audible experiences to report.  Sunday, the 18th, I was in my office, on my computer.  Justin and my nephew Adam were in the living room playing a video game.  Off and on, I could hear Justin and Adam conversing back and forth….but then out of no where (when it was quiet and no one in the house was talking) I heard a voice say (from right outside my office door) "Ma…Mama." The tone was very calm, yet it sounded almost like it was drained or almost like it was hesitant to call out…like it was afraid of disturbing me or who ever they were calling out to or who ever they thought I was when they called out.  As soon as I heard the voice, I knew immediately…this was not a voice I recognized…the voice was of a very young child. I didn't get a response back, so I got up, walked down the hall to where Corey's room was…he wasn't in there….I went to the living room and there was Corey, Adam and Justin.  I asked them "Did one of you just call me?"  They all shook their heads "no". 

Then, Monday the 19th, my nephew Adam also had an unexplained, audible experience.  He said he was standing in Corey's bedroom doorway, talking with Corey.  He said he heard what sounded like me, behind him, call Corey's name.  He said he thought I was behind him, trying to get in to talk to Corey (because the voice was right near his ear), so he scooted to the side to let me by, but when he turned around…no one was there.  He said he asked Corey "Did you just hear your mom call you?" but Corey hadn't….so he went to the dining room where I was sitting at the dining room table talking with a family friend to ask me if I had called Corey, but it wasn't me. 

Added January 21:
I was physically touched today….actually, I was hit.  Two-thirty this afternoon, I was home schooling Corey.  Our birds (cockatiels) were being out of the ordinary, noisy.  Corey kept trying to quiet them down so he could focus on his lessons….but, they just wouldn't calm down.  So…I got up to go to the bird cage to see if I could occupy them and distract them.  I saw they could use fresh seeds, so I opened the bird cage, reached in to get their food dishes, when I heard a scurrying sound behind me (in the kitchen) and out of the corner of my eye, I saw like just a quick movement coming towards me…then I was hit twice on the back.  The impact of the hits were hard enough to jerk my upper body forward. like shove me and shift my shirt kind of sideways, but it didn't feel like I was punched…it felt more like two open hand slaps on my back.  Two really fast hits.  I turned around to look to see what was going on, only no one was there.  Corey wasn't paying attention to what I was doing, so he didn't it happen….Justin was in his bedroom and my niece Avalon was in the living room resting, so unfortunately I didn't have anyone to witness what had happened and there weren't any sort of marks or hand prints left behind.

Added March 29:
It has been an explosive week…..both personally and paranormally.

It all began the day before (Thursday, March 19th) our little dog Chewy passed away (he was 14 years old).  My sister Regina came over for a cup of late night coffee and to watch television.  John was in the kitchen, Corey and Justin were in their bedrooms, I was in the living room.  As Regina went to sit down on the couch, she said she watched as a young boy (about Justin's size-he's about 5' 4") walk through the dining room, wearing a white, button up dress shirt.  The next morning, I found Chewy had passed away, laying near the area where the apparition of the boy was seen.

Next day (March 20th, the day I found Chewy had passed away).  I was sitting at the dining room table, talking to my niece Avalon.  We were reminiscing about Chewy…the conversation then led in to the complications I had giving birth to both Corey and Justin.  I was sitting at the table, facing the living room and Avalon was sitting directly across from me, facing me, with her back to the living room.  As I was talking, out of nowhere in the living room, I watched as this mass of what looked like fog or smoke began to manifest.  As it continued to form (and it was forming very, very quickly), I could make out what appeared to be the outer area of an arm, the shoulder, it curved inward in what looked like the neck area on the left side of the body…again, in a very thin stream like swirl (the entire area where the face and chest would be was blank)….it arched up, over and down in almost a swirl like stream and then it began to sort of fill in, forming the upper part of the head (where the forehead would be and formed almost the entire right side of face.  I could clearly see the shape of a head, the right eye socket, the cheek area, part of the nose and nothing from there on down.  Avalon could obviously tell that something wasn't right.  Next thing I know, she literally leaped out of her chair, rushes over, grabs on to me and hides behind me.  I told her "Don't panic, I just saw something in the living room." She responded "I know….I could tell by the look on your face."

Same day….Avalon and Corey were in the dining room on Corey's laptop.  I was in my office.  Avalon said while she was watching Corey on the computer and talking…she watched as Moody (our black cat), walked under the table (the table has a clear glass top) and next to her chair.  I can't recall whether she said she reached down to pet her or if she just looked down, but when she did….Moody wasn't there….Moody wasn't anywhere.  She came in to my office to ask me something and when she did….Moody was in my office.  It was then that Avalon discovered what she saw, couldn't have possibly been Moody…she'd been sleeping in my office near my desk for hours.

Four days later (Tuesday, March 24th).  I was in my office on my computer.  I got up to go use the bathroom.  As I exited the bathroom, I saw on the floor, in the hall, near the wall, right out side my office door…Chewy.  By the time I saw him, blinked and turned my head (and I mean I only slightly turned my head)…and it all processed "It couldn't be…I must be seeing things"….he was gone.  It was odd, because what I saw…Chewy….almost looked like a hologram.  He was just sitting there, almost as if waiting for me to come out of the bathroom…..sitting, very, very still.  I shrugged it off as my mind playing tricks on me.  About an hour later, I was in the kitchen preparing John's lunch for the next work day….when Corey came in and said "Mama….I swear, I just heard Chewy.  It sounded like he was either in the hall near your office or in your office."  He said "Think I was imaging it?"  I told him "I don't think so….because I just saw him in the hall, right outside of my office door."

Wednesday, March 25th,  I was in the kitchen, preparing John's lunch for work the next day.  Justin was leaning against the entrance that leads from the hall/living room area and kitchen.  As we were talking back and forth….right in the middle of our conversation, Justin takes a few steps forward, towards me and says "I just saw something in the hall, either listening to us talking or watching me."  He said as he was talking, he happened to turn and look down the hall and when he did….he saw a black figure, close to the wall.  When I asked him what it looked like, he said "I don't know…just a black cloud of smoke, tall like a person….just standing in the hall and then it disappeared before my eyes."

Friday, March 27th.  My sister Rita had come over for a visit.  We were sitting at the dining room table, talking.  I began telling her about our encounters with Chewy.  She said "You're not going to believe this….but I had one too."  She told me how the night before (everyone had gone out to dinner for our son Corey's 18th birthday, then gathered at our home for cake).  She said while she was standing at the table, waiting for the cake to be served, she felt something brush against her leg.  She said it was the same type of feeling she felt many times before when she came over and Chewy came to greet her. 

Added April 17th:
Chewy makes his presence known once again….this time to John (this happened last week...Monday, April 6th)   I was in my office with Justin when we heard John yelling from the living room "What was that?"…."What was...that?"…."Who's making that sound?"…."Who's in there making that sound?"  then before I could even respond, he was standing outside my office door asking "What were you all doing?" He was looking all around on the floor and down the hall the whole time…almost in a panic.  We just sat in our chairs dumbfounded what he was talking about…because we never heard a thing.  Then he started asking Justin directly "Was that you?" "What were you doing?….What were you doing to make that sound?"  Justin looked at me puzzled and I explained to John that neither of us had even gotten up from our chairs and didn't have a clue what was going on.  Justin then said "Maybe it was Corey."  John went to see where Corey was….Corey was in his room on his computer.  I then insisted "Ok, what’s going on?  What sounds? What are you talking about?!"  He said while he was watching television, he started to hear what he thought…he felt….sounded like Chewy.  The were definitely the sounds Chewy used to make and he just couldn't figure out what would be making that specific sound..  Oddly, he claims the sounds came from around the same area both Corey and myself had encounters with Chewy.

Tonight (Friday, April 17th)  Corey was startled by a partial apparition.  He said as he exited his bedroom and started walking down the hall towards the living room, he saw something that resembled either a head or hand shoot out real quick from the bathroom and then shoot right back in.  He said it was very quick...out, then back in.  He thought someone was hiding in there, about to jump out and scare him….but as he slowly approached the bathroom and looked in to see who it was….he found the bathroom totaly empty.

Added May 24th:
Corey's ability to sense, see and hear the energies in our home is becoming more predominant with age.  Wednesday night/Thursday morning…1:30 a.m., I was sitting in my office with Corey.  I was working on my computer, he was on his laptop and we were talking back and forth to one another.  Normally at this time of morning, Corey is in his room, asleep….and something must have been missing him….looking for him.  While we were sitting talking back and forth….out of the wild blue, Corey said to me "I just saw something."  He said he saw what he thought was someone shoot past the doorway of my office, down the hall.  He described it as a dark, misty black figure about five to six feet tall.  He said it moved really, really fast…it just darted by the door.  I got up, looked around a little….sat back down and told him "If you see it again, let me know."  It couldn't have even been 20 minutes later when I saw him jerk his head real fast and say "I just saw something again." Only this time, he described what he thought to be a head peek around the door way and as he turned to look, he saw he pull back, as if to hide or leave.  I got up to go get my emf detector.  I stood in my office doorway and began calling out "Is there anyone here?" "Hello…is there anyone here?"   Then I asked "Are you looking for Corey?" Right then…the bathroom door, slowly started to move…and it stopped about a half a foot from being completely closed. I walked over to the bathroom, pushed the door back open…looked around...I did a sweep of the bathroom…nothing…but as I turned to walk out, as I was about half in the bathroom, half out…the emf detector spiked…went flat and then spiked again.  I did another sweep and retraced my steps just to make sure there wasn't another explanation for the spike…but it never responded again after that.  I waited for a while to see if the door would try to close again or if anything else happened, but it never did.

Added July 1st:
These are the latest events happening in mid to later part of June.  While my son Justin and I were on our computers in my office, I heard what sounded like our back door slam.  Knowing Corey was in his bedroom and John was asleep, I could imagine who would be coming in or going out of the house.  I looked over at Justin and asked if he heard the door slam. He said "Yah, it was the backdoor".  Both Justin and I got up to go see who it was….only to discover the backdoor not only closed, but also locked.  We went back to my office, puzzled over what we heard.  Not even a half an hour later, I had just turned to say something to Justin, when he turned to look at me and suddenly he jumped and gasped saying "Holy crap…I just saw something!" He said when he turned to look back at me, he saw a dark figured, in a hunched over position, shoot past the door way, down the hall, going in the direction of the living room.

    Another incident that happened was, Corey wanted me to take him to the video store to rent a movie. John was already asleep and Justin decided he wanted to just stay home.  While we were gone, he said he decided to surprise me by washing the dishes from dinner.  He said while he was washing dishes, he though he heard the door knob to the front door rattle. He said he turned to look, but it wasn't moving.  He walked over to the door, looked out the glass to see if me and Corey were home….but my car wasn't in the driveway.  So, he went back to washing dishes.  A few minutes later, he said he clearly heard my voice call out his name from the hall area.  He knew I wasn't home yet….didn't want to wake his father, so he decided to go sit on the front porch until we returned home.  When I pulled up in the driveway and got out of the car, Corey took off in the house to put the movie away and to see if his girlfriend called when she got off work.  While me and Justin grabbed the grocery bags to take in, Justin explained to me everything that happened. The next day, after lunch…Corey came in to my office and sat down.  He said to me "Want to know what happened last night?" I thought he was talking about what happened to Justin, but before I could answer him, he began telling me how he had fallen asleep and woke up to what sounded like someone walking in his bedroom.  He said he sat up and looked around….no one was there.  He said he laid back down, but couldn't fall asleep because he kept getting this very uncomfortable feeling that he was being watched.  He said when he sat up and looked toward his closet he noticed something odd…that he said he knew from the first time he woke up, wasn't like that before.  He said his computer chair was pulled away from his desk and was turned facing him…as if someone were sitting in it, watching him.

    The last thing that happened, only happened a few days ago.  I was in the living room watching tv and eating lunch with Corey and Justin.  I got up to go grab my glasses from my office. It was exactly 12:32 in the afternoon.  As I walked down the hall towards my office, just as I got up to my office door….out of the bathroom, comes this figure. It was tall….extremely tall….as high as the top of the door frame….it was a misty…gray looking color and very splotchy….yet it had the distinct human shape.  It just looked like light and dark spots or patches that formed the shape of a person.  By the time I processed what I was seeing and reacted by yelling "Oh my God!" It moved very quickly in the direction of my office and just vanished before my eyes.

Added July 29th:
    Things were really going full force.  It started on July 3rd with Justin seeing a phantom cat.  Justin said while he was walking out of the living room,  he saw a white cat run several feet in front of him, from the grandfather clock in to the kitchen.  We don't have a white cat….so he said he immediately ran to go see what the heck this strange cat was doing in our house.  He found no cat.  Later that night, both Justin and myself were in my office on our computers.  He got up to go grab chips and a soda….but he walked out of my office, he was stopped by what he said were bizarre white streaks of light shooting from the area where the foyer is, near the grandfather clock in to the kitchen.  He called me to come see, but by the time I got up and stood next to him…the lights had stopped. I waited for a good ten minutes with him, but the lights never reappeared.  I went back in to my office, only to have Justin call me back because he saw the lights appear again.  I went back in to the hall…but the lights never came back.

    July 16th I went to sit on the back patio.  It was pitch dark outside, so when I sat down, rather then turning on the porch light, I decided to light the small candle that was on the table next to me.  As soon as I lit that candle….I heard what sounded like shuffling….within minutes, I heard walking on the roof….heavy walking (like someone wearing heavy shoes or boots) and I watched the ceiling as this walking sound migrated from just about center of the roof, towards me and just when it got right above me…it stopped. I was sitting against the exterior wall, so I immediately looked up and out towards the edge of the roof to see if anything jumped off the roof.  I got so spooked, I blew out the candle and went inside the house.  While I was standing in the kitchen, looking out the kitchen window to see if I could see if there was some sort of animal on the patio roof….Justin walked up.  I told him what I had heard and asked if he would go outside with me to see.  We grabbed the flashlights and out we went.  We walked around the entire parameter of the house, but couldn't find anyone or anything.

    About an hour later….Corey woke up, because he couldn't sleep…so he went and laid down in the living room to watch tv.  I heard him shouting "Mama….Justin!" When we went to see what was going on.  He said while he was watching tv, he saw this black circle moving along the floor….how he described it, is exactly what my sister Regina and I have seen on many, many occasions. We have no explanation for what these little dark circles are.  I told him if he sees anything like that again, to call me.  Within in minutes, I heard the front door open and shut.  Then I heard "Mama!"  When I got up to go see what was going on….Corey was standing by the aquarium.  He said while he was watching tv, he saw the dark circle reappear…only this time, it was moving on top of the blanket he had covering himself up as he laid on the sofa. He jumped up to shake the blanket….and when he stood up…he heard noises on the porch…like someone was outside, moving around on the porch.  He walked over to the door….looked out through the glass…but couldn't see anyone there.  He said he opened the door….walked out and stood on the porch, looking around to see if it was raccoons….he said he heard the door knob rattle, like someone was getting ready to open the door and join him on the porch.  But, no one came out…and he couldn't see anything standing on the other side of the door, through the glass. When he walked back in the house, immediately he saw what looked like a young boy run through the kitchen and towards the dining room.  He then shouted for me to come….when I did….I couldn’t find any explanation for everything that he had just experienced.

    The very next night….I was once again sitting on the back patio, smoking a cigarette.  I heard three distinct knocks on the roof above me.  I got up, went in to the house and told John, Corey and Justin "I just heard something on the roof again."  I went back outside.  I was sitting where I could see through the French doors in to the house.  I watched as John, Corey and Justin all jumped up and started flipping on all the lights in the house…it appeared that they were looking for something.   Justin came to the door and said to me "Did you hear that?"  I hadn't heard anything since I heard the knocking sounds on roof a little while before.  He said while they were watching the movie, they heard a loud bang….like something slammed something or something heavy fell in the house.  When John came out to tell me what happened, he said it was extremely loud…yet had a muffled sound to it….but he said what ever it was, it sounded like someone hit the walls with extreme force.

    Hours later, I was in my office, on my computer.  Everyone had gone to bed, except me.  Actually…I didn't realize I was still awake, alone.  I knew Justin had gone to bed, but I didn’t know John and Corey had also gone to bed too.  So, there I was sitting at my computer, when I started to get this very uncomfortable feeling that I was being watched. I kept turning around and looking at my office door to see if anyone was standing there.  Then, I suddenly felt this really cold breeze hit me…it was so cold that when I touched my shoulder, it was freezing…the whole left side of my head was cold…my ear, my hair and my cheek.  It was as someone had opened a freezer door on me.  There was no explanation for the coldness, because the air vent in my office is closed because I usually keep my office window open for my cats to sit on the window sill and look out.  While I was feeling my hair and face, trying to figure out where the cold breeze came from….suddenly I saw a shadow travel along my office wall and disappear near the window…right where the curtains are. It was like something passed through and went out the window.

    On Tuesday night (July 28th)…well actually, early Wednesday morning…I went to the back patio to smoke a cigarette.  While I was sitting on the patio, about 20 feet away from where I was sitting….I saw a little girl walk through my yard.  She was wearing a light colored dress or short night gown…she had shoulder length hair and it appeared she was carrying something…it looked as if she was carrying something…the way her arms were bent in front of her.  She walked right towards where Corey's car is parked in our backyard, near a tree…and then she vanished out of sight when she reached the tree.

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