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   With the experiences in our first home, you'd think we'd been a little more cautious about purchasing and moving into another home without checking into the history of it....or the history of the land.....but.....perhaps we were naive, perhaps just desperate to get out of that dreadful first house....either way, somehow, someway.....we unknowingly moved into none other than.....yes.....another pre-occupied home.  More active than the first home?  Without a doubt!  But this house, as you will read, was different.....not as bad as the first.....but still haunted!

   Our ghostly experiences in this home began right away.  My first personal experience came one afternoon while moving into the house.  My husband was at work, I was home alone.  I was in the master bedroom moving a dresser from one side of the room to the other. I was standing in back of the dresser pulling it to a wall.  I was facing the door way and I suddenly saw a young man (in his teens) with blond curly hair and a red shirt, walk out of the adjoining bedroom and down the hall.  I find it hard to describe what I felt at that moment, because I'd never really seen a ghost before.  I'd had plenty of experiences with sounds and other activity, but nothing ever visible before.  All I can tell you is, I knew, somehow, this was not a person walking down my hall, it's movement was different, there was no real movement other than it passing by, there were no arms swinging,  it was very still and staring straight ahead, as if to just float right by.

   Every time I went into the bathroom in the master bedroom, I could hear what sounded like a staticy radio coming from the closet.  I could hear voice sounds, but it sounded like a radio that wasn't quite on the station, a lot of interferance, I could never make out what it was saying.  This is also the closet that we kept towels and medicines in. 

    One day while standing in front of this closet I felt like something came up behind me and suddenly sucked all of the air right out of the room.  While taking a shower one day, I heard (this is going to sound strange) someone say "Hello", but not only did I hear it, I actually felt the voice in my face.  It sounded like a very deep, muffled woman's voice and it felt like a mild pressure pushed in my face. I jumped out of the shower and ran to the phone and started calling my sister Toni.  While dialing her number, I started hearing like fingernails tapping on the wall next me. It was like someone impatient tapping on a table...I quit dialing the number and just sat there and listened for a minute...wondering if this tapping was because what ever was just in the shower, was upset about something.  After I decided to finish dialing the number, right when my sister picked up the phone the tapping stopped.

    Sometimes my husband says I talk in my sleep.  One night I woke him up warning him (in a very strange voice) to get out of the house, there was blood running down the windows and walls, he woke me up and I didn't remember anything, not even dreaming. 

    On another occasion, my husband had just gotten home from the bowling alley and when he got in bed, he said I began talking in my sleep.  He said I kept saying "write it all down" and said I described in detail the awful fate of a woman being murdered.  Well, within a couple of minutes, I woke up and Johnny asked me if I remembered what I was dreaming, because I was talking in my sleep.  At that moment my son Justin began to cry, so I told him to tell me all about it when I got back.  Well, Justin and I went to the kitchen so I could get him a glass of water, as we turned to leave we both saw a blond haired woman, with no clothes on, pass the kitchen entrance.  We ran to the bedoom and I told my husband what we'd seen, he replied how strange that was and went on to tell me what I'd said when I was talking in my sleep....and he said I described a blond haired woman....just like the one my son and I'd just seen.

    One night, my husband got called into work.  It was getting late and I was tired.  I left the hall light on for him, for when he came home and headed for bed.  I got my son Corey (which was around 2 years old at the time) and put him to bed with me.  While we were laying in bed, Corey sat up in bed and pointed at the bedroom door (which was barely cracked open).  Just as I sat up, the bedroom door flew open.  Corey began pointing at the foot of the bed and saying "monster".  I grabbed him up, ran to the kitchen and let our outside dogs in.  The dogs immediately started barking and growling down the hall way.  The next day, my sister Toni came by and asked Corey to show her where he saw the monster...he went into our bedroom and pointed exactly where he did the night before. 

    One night I woke up and saw the shadow of a woman standing next the side of the bed where my husband was sleeping.  She just stood there next to him, as if to just watch him. I must of jumped 10 feet off the bed when I saw her.  I grabbed a hold of my husband and started shaking him to wake him up, while I layed there and watched her just standing next to him.  When he woke up and looked up, she just vanished.

    While in the bedroom folding towels one afternoon, I began hearing a hidious sound coming from the hall.  It sounded a lot like a halloween ghost decoration we had that makes a strange booing sound when it's motion sensor goes off.  So I yelled out to my husband that the joke was not funny....well it kept making that sound, so I got mad and decided to go give my husband a piece of my mind for trying to scare me.  When I walked out of the bedroom the sound stopped.  I looked around, but my husband wasn't anywhere in the house. I found him in the back yard watering our orange I knew it wasn't him.  I decided to look for the  halloween ghost decoration and I found it alright, in the hall closet,  tucked away in a box and with no batteries what ever was making that strange sound, wasn't "that" little ghost! 

    My son Corey one day was walking down the hall to his room.  He said he saw something move in our bedroom, so he stopped to look.  He said he saw a large, dark figure laying on our bed, it stood up and walked across the bed and went into our bathroom.  He came running out as white as a sheet to tell us what he'd seen.  To this day, he's very leary about moving about the house at night alone or without an escort. 

    One afternoon me and the kids decided to take a little I gathered the two kids and put them in my bed with me, this way they would fall asleep and not stay awake and get into any trouble, wasn't them I had to worry about, something else decided to add a little activity to the afternoon.  While we were laying down my son's bedroom door suddenly slammed shut very hard.  We all jumped up and went to investigate.  We found the door closed.  We opened the door and went into the room.  I looked at the windows thinking, maybe one of the kids left one of the windows open and a hard wind forced the door to slam closed, but they were all closed and locked.  We couldn't figure out what made that door slam that way.

    Sometimes I'd be in one room and hear someone calling me from what sounded like the living room. Here are a few things I've heard: "Kimberly are you there?, Kimberly....Kimberly, Kimberly....Hello....Kimberly....where are you?".  One time I heard someone call out to me, as if to find me and it kept calling me, so I decided to reply "Who's there?" and it answered "Me!". The sound was very strange, because it didn't sound like it was in the room with me, or on the other side of the door, it was like the sound was right in the door itself....I have a very difficult time explaining this....anyway, this was the first and the last time I answered it when it called out to me. 

    Sometimes (no matter what time of day it was) I would be in the bathroom, getting dressed, putting on make-up or doing my hair and I would hear what sounded like a man clearing his throat.  Either this person (ghost) wanted me to hurry up, or just acknowledge that he was there, watching me.....who knows.

    While home alone one night, I was sitting on the couch, facing the hall way, reading... with my trusty dog "Judd" at my feet.  Suddenly Judd sat up and began to growl, I petted his back and asked him what was wrong.  He jumped up and ran to the hall and began growling and barking.  He acted as though he were attacking something.  Then he'd stop and calmly walk back over to me and lay back down at my feet.  He did this several times.  So, I called my sisters (Rita and Regina) that lived directly across the street from us. I asked them if they could come over.  I thought something might be wrong, Judd was acting very strange.  They came over with their gun and took a look around and didn't see anything unusual.  After they left, Judd never got back up, so I figured they must of scared away what ever was there.

    Right around the time my second child (Justin) was born, I had a job that I would get off from work around 5 a.m. I would come home from work, wake up my husband so he could get ready to go to work.  One morning, while sitting in the living room, I saw as plain as day a man walk into the kitchen. I thought it was my husband, so I got up to go talk to my him, but he wasn't there, so I went back into the living room and sat down. I looked up and saw a man standing at the wall by the front door.  He was gray in color and had his arms in a crossed position.  He moved his right arm up to touch his face, then he just disappeared before my eyes. 

    My brother Tim came over one day, while Johnny and I were at work.  He decided to work on a car he had parked in our back yard .  He said he got this strange feeling that someone was watching him.  He looked up at our back patio and saw a woman standing, looking out at him through the french door windows. He figured it was me, so he went up to the door and knocked for me to let him in...but when no one answered he looked in the front yard, but didn't see our cars. He didn't know what to think.  Needless to say, when I got home, he let me know he thought I had a ghost and she was watching him from our back doors.

    On another occasion, my cousin Kenny, his wife Cris and their daughter Crissy came by for a visit.  Later in the evening while we were watching a movie, a shell lamp hanging in the corner of the room began to lightly swing.  As we all sat and watched it, wondering why it was doing that, it all of a sudden swang real hard and smashed against the wall.  We all jumped up and Kenny went over to it and looked around in disbelief.

    One night, after our first child (Corey) was born, we heard a toy dog barking in his nursery.  So, my husband and I got out of bed and found a tiny toy dog barking and doing tricks on the floor.  My husband picked up the dog to turn it off, only the battery cover was missing and there were no batteries in the thing.  Needless to say, he threw the toy dog out.

    On another occasion, I was putting some things away in a drawer in my son's room and saw his big wheel (toy scooter) roll across the room.  It bumped into another toy and kept going, pushing the toy out of it's path....normally this would not be unusual....but there was no one on it at the time! 

    When my son Corey was a baby, my sister Toni was over for a visit and the baby needed to be changed.  So she volunteered.  After she changed him, she was putting one of his shoes on his feet when she said she felt like I came up behind her and just stood there watching her.  She said it felt like someone very close to her, leaning over her shoulder.  She said she made a remark to me "am I doing this right?" but when she turned around to look at me, no one was there...she grabbed up the baby and ran to the kitchen where I was at and told me about her ghostly experience in the nursery. 

    My sister Regina had a brief visit from a small child.  She had come over for a visit one night.  We were just heading out the door to go grab some fast food.  Regina said she'd stay behind and just wait until we got back home.  While we were gone, she was sitting on the couch reading a magazine.  She said she looked up briefly to see a little girl standing in the doorway of the dining room peering at her.  She was very surprised by it.  She said as quickly as the child appeared, she just disappeared.  When we got home, she told me about her ghostly experience.  Upon talking about the event, Regina mentioned that this was not her first encounter in the house.  She had a previous one as well.  She said but the other vistor was walking through the dining room and only appeared as a large black haze in the shape of a very tall man, passing from one side of the room to the other.  (For more details about these experiences Regina had in my house see Rita, Regina and Gary's Page).

    Every morning when I would leave to go to work, I would go into garage where we kept our car. I would always hear sounds of someone walking around in the attic.  It sounded like someone wearing wooden shoes.  Well, around a year later we got a call from the previous owners and they told us they had left a trunk in the attic with dolls.  They wondered if they could come pick the trunk up.  Well, when they came by, they got the trunk and some baby furniture that was up there and the lady opened the trunk of dolls and began telling me how these things had belonged to her daughter and how they had sentimental value. So, I figured her daughter was off at college or something, but when I asked her about her daughter, she explained to me that while they lived in our home, her daughter was very young and died in a tragic accident.  After they took the trunk with their little girls things, we never heard the sounds of walking in the attic again, nor did we hear the sounds of a radio coming from our bathroom closet again. 

    My husband used to be on call, and one night his beeper went off and he had to leave for a short while.  While he was gone, I decided to go to bed. I was awoken by our garage door that enters into the dining room, being open and closed.  I thought it was my husband home and doing something in the garage, so I got up to check and saw he wasn't home.  I looked around and didn't see anyone, so I went back to bed.  The next day, he told me when he got home from work, he layed down on the couch for a few minutes and all of a sudden the garage door was being slammed open and shut.  He went and looked in the gargage, thinking it was me up, but when he checked no one was there.  So he went to the bedroom and saw me asleep.  Oddly the slamming he heard was hours after the slamming I heard earlier that night.

    On several occasions, while sitting in the living room, I would see like a black hazzy smoke travel along the ceiling.  It would come out of my son's room and make a turn into our bedroom.  This happened quite often.  Also, I've seen shadows traveling along the walls of the hall way. 

    Once my husband was getting ready to leave for work....after giving me a kiss, he was started heading to the front door.  A picture hanging in the hall next to where I was standing began to trimble and shake....he heard it and came back to see what it was. As we stood there, I put my hand on the frame to check to see if what we were seeing was real...the picture then stopped shaking after a few moments. 

    One night while working late on my computer, I heard what I thought was my husband walk into the room.  When I turned around, there was no one there.  I figured he was playing a joke on me, so I thought I'd be smart, get up and look out the back french doors.  I stood there actually watching my back through the reflection of the room in the window.  I didn't see him anywhere.  After a few minutes I heard what sounded like him leave the room and walk around to the other side of me from the kitchen, but still I could see no reflection, so I thought I've had enough, so when I went to check to see where he was, because I know I heard him walking around.... he was in what was the walking I heard?  I never did find out! 

    One morning around 9:30 a.m I was sitting in the recliner in the living room. My small dog Chewy was laying down at the foot of the coffee table.  Suddenly he sat up and started turning his he does when ever he's looking at something.  This caught my eye, so I turned to see what had his attention.  Just as I turned around, I saw the shape of a person...but it had no fascial features, it was just solid black.  It made a slight movement upwards then dove down next to the side of the love seat, as to hide. I sat there for a few heart was beating so fast, I could literally feel it pounding outside of my chest. I called the name of my oldest son...hoping it was him playing a trick on me.  But there was no answer.  So I called the name of my second son, still no answer.  I got up and turned on the hall light, then I turned on the living room light.  I walked through the foyer and peeked around at the area where I saw this figure.  When I didn't see anything, I went to the kids room...they were asleep...but I think I already knew that, I just needed to confirm it.  I  was so scared I woke the kids up and left the house until 4:00 that evening.  I told my sister and cousin, by now you'd think I'd be used to it, but it always seems to catch me off guard.  Regardless, it still scares the heck out of me!

    I had fallen asleep one night and was awoken to whispering in my right ear.  I just layed there convincing myself, I had been asleep and it had to be me dreaming. I layed there for another few seconds, when all of a sudden it started heart began to race and my body started to tremble all over.  Using my foot, I kicked my husband and called out to  him...when he responded...I said..."Did you hear that?" He responded no.  Another second or two passed and the whispering started again, it didn't sound like something coming from around the was right up to my ear! It was a woman's voice, whispering very quickly, I couldn't make out what she was saying...she was talking too fast and whispering too low, not to mention, I wasn't concentrating on the message so much, because I was scared out of my mind!  Then I heard at the foot of the bed, a man's voice say something like "It was time to go" also in a whispering tone.  I then yelled out to my husband...."Did you hear that?  Was that you?"  He responded no....the whispering never did start back up....I didn't fall back to sleep until my husband's alarm clock went off for him to get up to go to work.

    The very same morning as the above incident, I got up and was in the kitchen doing some things.  I suddenly felt like I wasn't alone, I felt like a presence behind me.  At first I brushed it off from the jitters of the whispering I heard earlier.  Then my little dog started barking like crazy.  He was in the dining room, facing me, barking!  I was so scared, I didn't want to turn around...I was too afraid I might see something standing there.  So I just stood there, very still for a while.  When he quit barking, I left the kitchen and went and sat in the living room.  I turned on the t.v. and told's all in my's all in my head...I hope!!

    After conversing with a professional in this field about my situation in this house, it came to me how many times, how many things that have happened around here, that I have brushed off as just being my imagination, when in fact, it might not have been after all.  But after me asking a few questions and him giving me some logical explanations to these events we experience, I felt compelled to add them to my page. 

    There was an incident with my youngest son Justin that I really never gave two thoughts about until now, but I really shouldn't say that either, because at the time, I did think something was array.  I guess, I just put it in the back of head and forgot about it.  One morning, my son Justin and I were sitting at the table having breakfast after dropping off my oldest son Corey at school.  Justin was around 4 then, so I guess I thought maybe he was developing an imaginary friend.....I thought....I hoped.  Well, as we sat there, I was at the end of the table and Justin was to my left and after a few minutes into the meal, he began to kind of giggle about something.  So I asked him "What's so funny?" and he just shook his shoulders at me.  Another few minutes went by and he started giggling again.  So I asked him again "What are you giggling about?" and he said "The little boy" and I replied "What little boy?" and he pointed across the table, which was to my right and he said "Him" and being we've had other experiences in the house, I thought to myself...."No way!" We sat there for awhile and he didn't giggle anymore after that, so I decided to wait awhile and ask him about the little boy.  When I did ask him who the little boy was, he said, he didn't know him, he never saw him before and that he had a funny face that made him laugh.  Just before I decided to add this story to this page, which he is nearly 5 now, I thought he probably would not remember the incident, but to my surprise he did.  So I sat him at the table like we were that morning and asked him about the little boy.  He said after that morning he never saw the boy again....but remembers that it was a little boy who made funny faces at him.

    One night I was up late chatting on the internet with my cousin Roxanne.  Everyone had already gone to bed.  She was having problems with her computer, so I got off the internet and we decided to finish the conversation over the phone.  I sat at my desk and after about a half an hour, I saw what appeared to be a shadow come up on my right hand side.  I turned to look, but nothing was there.  I mentioned it to Roxanne, how it spooked me and we went on to discuss or try to find an explanation of what it might have been. 

    Several weeks later, again I was up, chatting on the internet with my cousin Roxanne, when I suddenly felt like someone came up from behind me.  I turned to look, but no one was there. Several minutes went by and I was typing on my computer, when I saw what appeared to be a shadow come up from the left hand side of me, but this time, it was casting a shadow on my calendar that sat on my desk.  I just sat there, thinking, this has got to be my imagination running wild, but when I turned to look in that direction, I literaly saw it move as if to go away.  I sat there very freaked out and didn't do anything....really I didn't know what to do. 

    A few nights later, everyone was in the livingroom and had fallen asleep on the sofa and recliner and again, it was late, and I was chatting with my cousin Roxanne.  Suddenly I got that feeling again, like someone coming into the room.  I turned around to look but no one was there.  After a while I was just sitting there typing away, when, out of the corner of my eye a shadow came up to me, like someone coming up looking over your shoulder.  Then as quickly as it came, it went away.  I told's nothing.  After awhile, maybe an hour or so later, the back of my chair; the back rest, began to shake, like someone had a hold of it shaking it, but in a quick, gentle kind of way.  I leaned forward and typed the message out to my cousin, I was going to have to go, because I was getting spooked, the back of my chair is trembling.  I looked at the chair, but didn't see it shaking, so I leaned back in it, all was fine.  A minute or two went by and it started shaking again.  I then told her, I really had to go, and I got off the computer as quickly as I could and went to bed.  The next morning, I sat in my chair, exactly as I did the night before and tried to get my chair to do that again, but it didn't.  The only way I could make it do what it was doing, was to grab on to the back rest with my hand and shake it very quickly, and I have to tell you.....that little test run, gave me the creeps.  Since then, I have sat in the chair quite often, and ironically it has never done it again.

    I was up late one night, everyone had already gone to bed.  It was probably around three in the morning and I had just climbed into bed.  After a few minutes, I felt something hop on the bed.  Then it slowly crept between my husband and I.  It stopped just about up to my knees. I have to say, it scared the heck out of me.  So, I just curled close up to my husband and asked him to hold me, because I was scared.  A few nights later, it happened I was really freaking out, but I thought to myself.....maybe it's nothing.  Maybe it's just my husband moving his foot or something, and my imagination is running wild.  So, I didn't say anything to anyone.  About a week later.....I got up and my husband was sitting on the love seat in the living room.  I went into the dining room to check my email and he called me into the living room.  He said "Have I got something strange to tell you!" I sat down to listen....and I don't think I was prepared to hear what he was about to tell me.  He said, he had decided to stay up late the night before and said, it was around three in the morning.  He had just gotten into bed when all of a sudden, he felt like something jumped onto the foot of the bed.  Then it slowly walked between him and I.  He said, he could literally feel the blanket moving as it walked.  He jumped out of bed and turned on the bathroom light to see what it was, but nothing was there.  He said he went around the house looking for something, he didn't know what, but he was sure he'd find an explanation for it.  After finding nothing, he went back to bed and had a hard time falling back to sleep, because he was so puzzled about it.

    The very next day, following the incident above, I was in the living room, putting on my shoes to go to the grocery store.  I was leaned against the recliner, getting one of my shoes on, when suddenly, out of no where, this little tiny rubber ball the size of a ping pong ball, came rolling down the hall and hit the back of the recliner, bounced, hit the wall and then just kind of rolled around.  I stood there, just looking at this ball in motion, thinking....I don't believe it.  I looked down the hall, but no one was there.  I called out to the kids, but no one answered.  I went to the back door and called out to my husband to let him know I was leaving and the kids ran up, so I knew it couldn't have been either of them.  Just as I was about to leave, I stood at the front door, looking at the hall, thinking.....this is too much.

    Just when I thought I was getting a little peace and quite.  Nothing had happened since the incident with the little ball rolling down the hall on October 19, 2000.  As always, it waits, catching me off guard, then bang....something happens, as if to remind me, what ever is here, is still around.  I don't know why I was so surprised when this happened, because the signs had been approaching me.  For a few days before this incident, I kept seeing things moving about from the corners of my eyes.  I chose to ignore these signs and pretend that what I was seeing, had some sort of logical explanation.  Then, the obvious confirmation came.  I was on my computer responding to an email message and my little dog Chewy, came over and layed at my feet.  My computer started going haywire.  I had to retype my message over and over until finally on the 3rd attempt, the message was finally completed, but not without interruption.  Chewy suddenly sat up and began to growl.  I looked down to see what was going on and I saw him looking towards the kitchen.  He just sat there for a few minutes, growling at something....I didn't see anything, but he certainly did.  Again, for the moment, I brushed it off.  Then that night before going to bed, I passed by my son's bedroom and shut the door.  No sooner after getting into bed and covering up, I heard my son's bedroom door open.  But no one was sleeping in the room.  My son had fallen asleep with my other son on the couch in the living room.  Not a second had gone by, when it felt like someone came and layed down right next to me.  After this thing got into my bed, I felt a small bump against my hip, as if someone were scooting to get closer to me.  Then a minute or two went by and the same thing hit my shoulder blade.  I scooted further away from this area and got close to my husband, because it did feel as if someone were laying right next to me.  At one point, I swung my arm out to see if I could feel anything laying there, but I didn't.  Another few minutes went by and it felt like someone seperating or parting the back of my hair.  I reached back and rubbed my head.  It stopped.  Then a few minutes went by and I felt it again, but this time, I didn't do anything, I just layed there.  And the feeling of something parting my hair went from just below the crown of my head all the way down the back of my skull.  I want you to know, this was not easy for me to do....I was scared to death.  I then reached back to see if my hair was parted, but it was not.  I then got as close up to my husband as I could, because I was so scared.  After awhile, of not being able to sleep after that, when nothing else happened, I moved away from my husband and got back on my side of the bed.  About a half an hour had gone by and I debated about getting up and going to watch tv or just laying there.  That's when the whispering began.  I wasn't sure what I was hearing, because to be honest, at first it sounded like heavy, deep, delayed breathing.  Then it became more distinctive.  It either got closer or louder, I'm not sure which.  My heart started pounding very fast as I just layed there listening.  When the sound got distinctive enough for me to confirm to myself it was definately whispering I heard, I was able to make out part of the message.  Of the whole message, the only part I was able to understand was that it was saying my name very slowly as if to sound out the syllables.  It said "Kiiiiim....berrrrr....lyyyyy".  I began poking at my husband to try to wake him up, with no success.  It eventually all came to a stop.  I want to explain that the sound of the voice, sounded almost like a man were talking into the cups of his hands or into a tunnel type object.  I sit here adding this event to my page....thinking to myself, perhaps nice it would be to live the life of a skeptic.

    I was hestitant to add this event.....because, well frankly, it frightens me to even think about it.  Well, here it goes.  The night after the event above, I had gone to bed a little before midnight.  At exactly 3:24 a.m, I woke up.  I was very thirsty and had a difficult time breathing.  When I turned on the lamp next to the bed, I looked over at my husband and he was laying there awake looking at me.  He asked me what was wrong.  I told him, I was having a hard time breathing and was very thirsty. He made a pun that it was perhaps from all the yacking I was doing.  I asked him what he meant and he explained that I had been talking in my sleep again.  I could tell by the look on his face, it wasn't going to be pretty.  So I proceeded to the kitchen to grab something to drink and when I got back, I didn't like what I was hearing.  He said I woke him up saying a bunch of stuff.  He said he tried to listen carefully and make out what I was saying, but couldn't.  Only a few words here and there.  After a while of rattling on a bunch of nonsense, I stopped.  He layed there, thinking I was through, but I started up again.  But this time, he said as he layed there looking at me oddly (he admits), he said all of a sudden a voice came from somewhere in the room and shouted "Don't look at her like that!" He said that it was the creepiest thing he'd ever heard or experienced.

    The other night (December 19, 2000) I had gone to bed late and I had just gotten into bed when something jumped up onto the bed....again.  This has happened before.  But this time, when it jumped on the bed, it like straddled over me....I could feel four feet.....two on each side of my right ankle.  I never felt it move or walk....just stand there, very still.  I began praying.  I kept praying over and over asking to make what ever was on my leg leave.  Nothing else seemed to happen, so I moved my leg.  I didn't feel anything there, so it must of went away, while I was praying.

    One morning, before anyone awoke....I was up doing some housework.  I headed to the bathroom, to continue cleaning.  After a few minutes of wiping down the sink area, I suddenly heard the sound of a heartbeat in the room.  I stopped what I was doing to try to listen to what the sound was.....because frankly, at first, I wasn't sure what the sound was, it sounded like a heartbeat, but I wasn't really sure.  After a while, the sound was very distinctive.  It was definately a heart beat.  The rhythm.....could not be mistaken.  I was puzzled by I walked out of the room and stood outside the doorway to see if the sound was perhaps coming from somewhere else in the house (I guess I was trying to exclude any other possiblities that could make this sound) and as I walked out of the room, the sound stopped immediately.  I went back into the bathroom and the sound never started again.
    A few days after Christmas, I was working on my computer and the kids were in the back bedroom playing a game.  All of a sudden they both came running into the dining room where I was at all out of breath.  I asked what was going on....and they said, that while they were playing a game, they heard loud footsteps walking around the bedroom.  My oldest son; Corey said at first he didn't think anything of it, he thought it was someone coming down the hall.  After a while, they both realized that the footsteps weren't in the hall at all....but in the room with them....walking around the room where they were at.  They said it frightened them right out of the room.

    It was late one night and I had been working on the computer.  I kept getting these strange spurts of chills and the eerie feeling of being watched. I turned around a few times to see if anyone was standing there, but there wasn't anyone.  I was somewhat creeped out about it and decided that it was late and perhaps I should just call it a I headed for bed. The kids and my husband had already gone to sleep. I checked on the kids and made sure they were all tucked in.  I went to the bedroom, climbed into bed and no sooner after pulling up the covers, something jumped on top of the bed.  At the same time I felt something jump up on the bed, the blanket made a slight tug away from something must of physically jumped on the bed.  I poked at my husband; laying next to me, and told him "Something jumped on the bed again!".  With in a few seconds....I heard a man's voice whispering.  It sounded like it was coming from my husband's side of the bed, as though something might have been right next to him or on that side of the room.  Again, I poked at my husband and told him about the whispering.  He mumbled something about not hearing anything, then went back to sleep.  Another minute or two went by.....and the whispering began again.  This time, the sound traveled from my husband's side of the directly in front of me, at the foot of the bed.  It was there only briefly before I pulled the cover's over my head and started praying for protection.  When I finally pulled the covers off....what ever was there, was now gone.

    Shortly after midnight, everyone settled down for the night.  I had barely fallen asleep when I was awoken, by the strong feeling of someone being in the room.  I sat up, focused my eyes and looked around. The hall light was on, so I could see pretty well, but didn't see anything.  I brushed it off as nerves from the night before.....layed back down and that's when I heard someone call out my name very quickly; it wasn't too loud, but it wasn't a whisper either.... just slightly below the normal level of someone speaking.  It sounded like a child's voice....or a tone similar to a child's. It startled me so bad, that I jumped up onto my husband's side of the bed and latched onto my him.  He woke up and I told him what had happened. He layed there briefly to see if anything else would happen.....but when nothing else did.  He went back to sleep.  Still scared about it...I  layed there a little while longer before finally falling asleep.  What's really creepy, is while laying there, trying to fall back to sleep, I thought about what happened, and it was almost as though, this "child" said my name, as if to tell me "over here" when I was scanning the room to see if I could see anyone.

    It was early in the morning and I was in the bathroom doing some cleaning.  I was stopped by the sound of a light pounding on the walls (and I don't mean quiet, because it was kind of loud, I mean, sort of a dull sound).  As I stood there listening to it.....I realized this sound, was very familiar.  It was the exact sound of a heart beating.  It went on for a minute or so, and that's when I decided to step out of the bathroom and see if perhaps the source was coming from somewhere or something else.  As soon as I stepped out of the bathroom to investigate, it stopped.  I stepped back into the bathroom, thinking it might start back up, but it never did.

    It was around 10 p.m and my husband and I were watching television in the living room.  I had just gotten up from the love seat to go to the kitchen to grab a snack, when John stopped me, by holding out a glass and asked if I would make him some tea.  I turned to him, to take the glass from his hand and something caught my eye in the dining room.  I looked straight ahead and there was a child standing there.  He was very still and staring back at me.  He was standing between the dining room table and my computer area.  He was somewhere between 9 and 11 and he had kind of dark blonde to light brown hair.  I immediately took notice of his hand area, it was like he had his fingertips from each hand touching together, but in a very relaxed position.  Within 3 to 4 seconds, he darted towards the dividing wall of the living room and dining room.  I waited a few seconds to gather myself together and walked into the dining room to investigate.....and of coarse, nothing was there.  I looked under the table, nothing.  My husband obviously didn't see the child because he began questioning what I was doing.  I told him, I just saw a little boy, who kind of looked like Corey (our oldest son). He asked if I was sure, it wasn't Corey....and I said, yes I'm sure, he looked totally different from Corey.....but about the same age.  I can't help but wonder, if this is the same child my youngest son Justin saw a while back, sitting at our dining room table, making funny faces at him.  Because he too described the boy about the same size as Corey....but said, he didn't look like Corey, meaning his face was different....exactly how I would describe the child I saw.

    It was somewhere after three in the morning (which happens to be the most active time around here) and I had been up late watching the I Love Lucy Show....the kids had fallen asleep on the after the show, I carried the kids one by one and put them both in my oldest son Corey's room.  And, I always close all the doors in the house, except our bedroom....mainly because it makes me feel safe....I know it sounds silly, but it's just something I've been doing for years.  Well, after getting the kids to bed, I got the strangest feeling someone was following me around as I was going around turning the lights off  (except in the kitchen) and closing all the doors.  Well, I had just gotten to my son Justin's room (which was empty) and just before I closed his door, this strange/eerie feeling come over me. I almost couldn't close the door fast enough.  I continued onto bed....and no sooner did I climb into bed, I heard my son Justin's door creek slowly open.  And you know each door in your home has it's own distinctive there was no mistaking this was definately Justin's bedroom door.  My small dog Chewy must of sensed something, because he went to our bedroom door and began to growl and bark.  I sat up in bed....looked over at Chewy....and I knew he was seeing something.  I called him over to me....and within a few moments he was back at it. I layed back down, got as close as I could to my husband...and eventually fell to sleep.  The next morning...I went straight to Justin's door to see if it was open, but it wasn't.  I opened it in hopes Justin woke up and went to his room.....fat chance, when I looked in Corey's room, there he was, still tucked on the inside of the bed....close to the wall.  I assume what ever it was, must of been immitating the sound of the door opening....I don't know.  But one thing's for sure, I heard it...and Chewy definately saw it!

    As I sat here adding the previous event about the door opening, my son Corey was in the living room watching television.  He ran over to me to tell me there was someone at the front door.  I asked him if he was sure and he said yes, he heard a knocking sound coming from the door.  I got up, looked out the peep hole....nothing.  I sent him to go get his father.....he came into the room and Corey told him what had occured.  I looked out the blinds, didn't see anyone, so I called out a few warnings, then opened the door....but nothing.  I looked around outside, but no one was there.  Me, personally....I've heard the same kind of knocking through out the house off and even sometimes sounds like someone tapping on the ceiling.  Several weeks back, I heard it while working on my sounded like a tiny wrapping on the I've heard many times before.....a better description of it would be more like clicking of fingernails on a table.

    It was a little after 9 a.m., I had just finished cleaning a lamp in the dining room and had gone into the kitchen to put the glass cleaner away.  As I was standing at the pantry, a child's voice said from behind me "Where's my suppa, huh, where's my suppa?"  I was quite startled by it.  Although the voice was loud and clear, my first reaction was to assume it was one of my children.  As I turned around to see who was standing there, I replied "What?" But no one was there.  So, I proceeded into the dining room and asked again "What?"....still no answer.  I could tell by the accent and the pitch of the voice that it wasn't one of my kids, but I went ahead and walked around to see if one of them were up and about. But as I thought, my children were still asleep in bed.  So, I was able to confirm what I heard had to be a confused ghost asking for supper at nine in the morning.

    It had been almost a month of peace and quiet around here.  As usual, when we least expect it....something happens....and scares the heck out of us.  Anyway, it was around three something in the morning and I was pretty comfortable staying up that late....alone, after all nothing had happened in a while, so I really was caught off guard by this.  Everyone had gone to bed and I'd been up late by myself.  I headed to bed and got all settled in, when suddenly something happened.  It was like either something jumped on the corner, at the foot of the bed, or someone sat down really heavy or really hard.  I immediately jumped up, turned on the lamp.....looked, but nothing was there.  I swooshed my feet around under the covers, to see if I could feel anything....but nothing, not an impression, not a bump, not a nothing.  I must of laid there another 3 hours, scared to death and lamp on, before finally falling asleep.

    I was sitting at my computer, it was a little after one a.m. I felt someone walk up behind me....and suddenly I felt very cold. I swung around in my chair to look to see who was behind me, figuring it was one of the kids up.  When I turned to look, I saw this thing.....about 4 feet behind me.  it was a person, but incomplete.  It was gray in color and it was part of a torso, arms to the side and the this torso thing faded away at the thigh area....I remember seeing buttons on the shirt.  It only lasted about a second or so. I screamed (a natural reaction) "Oh God!!" and rolled back in my chair.  At that moment when I screamed out loud, it just disappeared before my eyes. The dining room table must of shook or something, because I have a ceramic flower pot with artificial flowers in it...and it rattled a little upon it's exit.  My heart was racing so fast and my legs felt weak and they were shaking very fast. I sat there, unable to stand up, because I knew if I tried, I'd fall flat on my face.  I sat, there with my eyes burning, about to break down in tears, my heart racing and scared out of my mind.  The area around me stayed very cold for sometime afterwards.  I was so, so scared, you have no idea how this frightened me. I began saying out loud "what ever is here, leave me alone!"  After several times of repeating this, the coldness finally subsided and the feeling of something in the room also left.

    We recently had company come stay in our home.  My husband's brother George and his daughter Chelsi flew down from another state to come visit us for a week.  We had not told them our home was haunted....mainly, because we did not want to frighten them.  We wanted their stay here as normal and as comfortable as possible.  But also, we did not tell them anything, because we were hoping nothing would happen....that our ghosts would behave themselves with our visitors.....and if something should happen, being they had no knowledge of our home being haunted....we would know that something really did happen and it wasn't just their imagination....from planting the thought of ghosts in our house into their heads.  Anyway, most of the week went well....nothing had occured, until Saturday (6 days into their stay).  George was speaking with Chelsi (she's six years old) about their visit here, to our home.  He asked her all about the people she's met, the places they've visited and then she explained to him that she made a new friend upon their arrival into our home.  He didn't understand what she'd meant by he began questioning her.....afterwards, he came over to me and relayed to me what Chelsi had told him.  I didn't know what to say or where to begin, only to explain to him....that "yes" our home is haunted and what she was telling him, was possibly the truth.  I asked him for details about her experience and when he began telling me what she'd told him, I was speechless.  I asked him, if he minded if I spoke to her in private, to see if I could possibly get more information about her experience.  He didn't mind at all....I think he was actually hoping I'd come back to him and tell him, that it was just her imagination....but after speaking with her....all I could tell him was, that what she'd told me coincided with what a psychic (Nancy Myer) had told me several months earlier.  This is what she had to say about her experience.....Chelsi said that every night, from day one, a little girl would crawl into bed with her at night.  This little girl; Chelsi thought, had a puppy or a pet....because sometimes she could feel it jump into bed with them.  Chelsi said she thought the little girl was about the same age as her; five or six, because they were about the same size.  She said she couldn't remember the girls name, because it was a difficult name to remember.  When I asked Chelsi what the little girl looked like, she first said she didn't know....because she was invisible.  At this point, I thought perhaps this could be an imaginary friend Chelsi created, but when I asked her why the little girl was invisible.....wondering what her answer would be.....she sighed deeply and said "Because she's dead".  I sat back in my chair and thought what I was going to say next....I was really trying to swallow this at this point.  So I asked her "Did she tell you how she died?" and Chelsi replied "yes....she said, she got sick and died".  I went on to ask her if she knew what the little girl wanted....and she said "yes....she just wants someone to play with".  The questioning went on for awhile longer, but she stuck to the facts....she didn't make anything up.  After telling Chelsi it was ok to go into the other room to play, George came over and we talked about what his daughter was experiencing....and I showed him the notes I'd written from Nancy Myer....confirming the child's age, etc..... He was in total shock.  He seemed a bit concerned though....he said that earlier in his conversation with Chelsi she made the remark to him "I like this little girl, she's very nice....and she wants to come home with me". Lets hope, that George and Chelsi on their flight home.....went home with only souvenirs and happy thoughts of their visit with us.

    Things have gone crazy since our visitors left.....pure havoc.  They left on Tuesday morning and that very around 2 in the morning, I heard one of the bedroom doors open, but not close.  I waited for awhile to see if the hall light came on, thinking it might be one of our kids up to use the bathroom.  But no light came on.  I waited a few minutes longer, to see if I could hear a door close, but nothing.  I got up, turned on the hall light, looked around, but both of the bedroom doors were closed.  So, what did I hear? I assume that something must of mimicked the sound of a door opening....that creeking sound. That was just the beginning of things happening here, since they left.  The next day, in the afternoon, my oldest son came to me and asked what I wanted.  I didn't have a clue what he was talking I asked him, what he meant.  He told me, he kept hearing me calling him to the bedroom.....but it wasn't me.  Later that day, he came to me again, and asked again, if I called him.....and again, I had to explain to him, it wasn't me.  That night we went to bed early and I was awoken twice, with the feeling like someone waking me up.  When I woke up the first time, I heard someone walking all around our bedroom.  I just layed there listening.....hoping that maybe being half awake, half asleep it might of been our little dog.....but by the time I fully awoke, it still was walking around, so there was no mistaking that something was definately pacing around our bedroom....and it wasn't the dog.  I ended up falling back asleep, very close to my husband, mind you.  Several hours later, again, I woke up, as if someone had woken me up.  I layed there and this time, the walking wasn't in our bedroom, but up and down the hallway.  After hearing the same sound earlier, I layed there, debating whether or not to get up enough nerve to take a look.  I decided or rather convinced myself....that this could not be what I thought it was, so I did.....I got up enough nerve to get up to see what it was....but when I got up, it immediately stopped.  I walked down the hall, lights on, but nothing....I didn't see or hear anything.  I went back to bed, nothing happened again until I woke up that morning.  I prepared the kids breakfast as usual and after they finished, I was at the sink preparing to wash the dishes.  I was just standing there filling the sink when all of a sudden this huge gush of wind hit me from blew so hard, that my hair on the right side of my head, when flying outward and in my face.  I turned real quickly....but there was no wind.  It felt like someone fanned me or opened this window and all this wind came at me.....I've never felt that was very scary.  That afternoon, I was sitting at the table, schooling the kids and we sat there listening to the sound of something pushing down the trash in the garbage can.  We sat there, just looking at each other, and one of the kids said, who's playing with the trash?  We heard it, but we sat there looking at the trash, but couldn't see was as if only the sound existed. About an hour son looks at me and said "What?" I asked him "What, what?" He said, didn't you just say what? I told him no.....again a few minutes later, only this time, I heard it too, someone said "What?" but it wasn't me or the kids saying really sounded like it came from another room.  Off and on through out these last 3 days, I keep feeling as if someone is watching me....or coming up behind me, but when I turn, I just catch a small glimpse of some kind of movement, or of something in motion.  Once it was gray and a few times, it was a blueish gray color....but I haven't seen anything of a whole form....its like a swoosh in the something moving very fast and I see a trail of it in's hard to explain, but I have definately been seeing shadows moving around the house.  I have three different theories on what might be going might sound crazy, but these are the only things I can come up with.  My first theory is....maybe the little child ghost did go home with our visitors, and one of the ghost or all of the energies left here, are missing or searching for her....Second theory is....maybe the child ghost wanted to go home with our visitor, but didn't or couldn't and now she is aggravated or looking for our visitors who have left.....and my last theory is....which I didn't know about until my sister Toni called me.....Toni said, that in downtown, a group was reenacting the civil war, in uniforms and everything.....maybe this has triggered the stuff that's in our backyard.  If you've read our evidence and photos page, you'll know exactly what I mean by this.  We had been finding canon balls in our backyard and also, we were told by psychic Nancy Myer, that a battle occured in our backyard....did this reenactment trigger something off???  I don't know....I just know, that tonight is probably not going to be a good night for sleeping peacefully.....I hope I'm wrong though....I really, really do.

    Earlier in the day, I had gone out and baught fish to add to our bedroom aquarium.  Everyone had gone to bed and laying in bed, I felt this eerie feeling, like I was being watched or something.  I quickly dismissed it and went off to sleep.  At exactly 3:18 a.m. I awoke to the sound of a fish jumping out of the tank and hitting the floor.  Screaming about the fish, I woke my husband up and he managed to get the fish back into the aquarium.  I sealed off the area I think it jumped out of and sat on the edge of the bed....watching the fish to make sure it didn't get out again.  Suddenly, while watching the fish, I again got the creepiest feeling, like you feel when being watched intensely.  I turned and looked at the doorway and there was this was a black haze, kind of small, about the size of my hand, maybe slightly larger...and this haze began traveling...and went to the spare room and went right through the closed door.  I would say it was about a foot above the door knob, but it went right through the door like nothing.  I ran as fast as my feet would carry me, jumped right back into bed and curled up close to John, with the blanket over my head. At that point, I thought to myself..."If that fish gets out again, it's on it's own....I am definatley not getting up again!"....there was no way, I was about to chance seeing that haze thing again, watching way!

    The day following the above incident....I had pretty much gathered by the evening time, that it probably was not going to be a restfull night of sleep.  All during the evening I kept seeing things out of the corner of my eyes.  Once sitting on the love seat,  I thought I saw something walk up to my right, but when I turned nothing was there.  Then a few hours or so later again, the kids, my husband and I were all watching the final show of Survivor and something caught my eye....something on the ceiling.  It was exactly like someone casting a shadow on the ceiling right above my was very faint....but I sat there and watched it as it drifted from above him (well that's where it was when it caught my eye) and went right through the dining room opening....then it wasn't there anymore.  I watched the dining see if I saw the shadow again....but nothing ever happened.  Later that night, we had all turned into bed early.  My husband had already been asleep for sometime.  I had just got into bed, when I felt this presense in the room.  It was a very eerie the night before, when I saw that blackish haze in the doorway.  This feeling I felt....was very was not the normal feeling I get of fear or being scared....this was a threatening, intimidating is very hard to explain...but if you have ever felt a certain kind of fear, when confronted by someone perhaps you think will do you bodily's that kind of feel....not a spooky scared feeling.  So I layed there, I began praying over and over and saying to myself "I am stronger, it can't hurt me...I am stronger, it can't hurt me" and then began praying again....that strange feeling went away.....but I don't think what ever was making me feel that way, went away, it was still obviously around....because shortly after, I heard a big bang on the wall.  It sounded like someone took the dresser in the spare bedroom and just pushed it very hard against the wall.  I know what that sound is....because when I have moved furniture in that was that exact sound....of the dresser being hit against the wall.....but this was definately done with great was very loud.  Afterwards, I didn't feel nothing was there.

    I was chatting on the internet one night, talking about different events that had been occurring in our home....when suddenly something came up on my right.  It was like something was either very curious about us talking about the things happening here, or else it just didn't want me discussing them......I don't really know.  As quickly as it came, it went away.....the rest of the night, I was constantly having to check over my shoulders, to make sure it didn't sneak up on me again.

    I woke up to my youngest son Justin shaking me to wake me up.  I sat up and he crawled into bed between my husband and I.  I put my arms around him and he was shaking something terrible.  I asked him what was wrong, but he just kept saying he was scared of the black thing in the hall.  The following day, I questioned him again about why he got into bed with us....and he described the event that took place.  He said, he woke up thirsty and went into the kitcen to get something to drink.  He said he heard someone walking down the when no one came to the kitchen.....he went to our bedroom to see if I had gotten up....but his father and I were asleep.  So he ran to his brother's room.  After awhile he heard the walking in the hall again.  He opened the door (to see if it was me or his father), when he opened the door to look out, he saw this blackish thing floating in the hall.  He said it passed right by him and passed right through the closed bedroom door.  He slammed the door closed real quick and hid under the pillow and covers....then he said, he decided to run to our room, to be safe.  My oldest son confirmed all of this happening.

    My husband and I were watching television, in fact we were watching two shows on the Travel channel called "Ghost Detectives and True Ghosthunters" and almost immediately after the first show started, things started happening. It started out with the feeling of something there, a presence....just that odd feeling....then it increased to seeing things moving around the room....I would be sitting there and suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I would see something move (in the room we were in plus the dining room), I would turn, but nothing would be there (that happened off and on all through the night). Once I even saw what looked like a very, very faint shadow being cast on the back of the recliner where my husband sat watching the was there one second, then gone the next.  I also felt (a couple of times) a faint, cold breeze, like you feel when someone passes by you very quickly. There was also a feeling of someone gently brushing the top of my arm, resting on the sofa edge.  A couple of times, I heard walking in the hall and also heard something in the room, we call "the scary room".....that sounded like someone moving things around, like toys in the toy box. The sound of things been moved around, also came from the kitchen too.  At that point, I did look around and account for everyone in the house, including our small dog Chewy....but everyone was in the living room. The kids were asleep on the couch and Chewy laying on the floor at my feet.  Next time....I plan on hooking up the camcorder to see if I can catch this activity on film.....I should of done it that night, I know I would of definately caught something!

    I woke up in the middle of the night with the strong feeling of something in my face.  The feeling was so strong....and frightening.  I rolled over, hoping the feeling would go away, but again, after a few minutes, I felt the presence of "not being I was being watched". I turned over again and turned on the lamp....I looked around, but the only thing I saw was the plant in the corner of the room, haning from the ceiling swinging about, back and forth and in a kind of circular motion.  I layed there, waiting....and watching.  Slowly but surely it came to a slow stop.  I layed there wondering whether this plant was moving around from the circulation in the  I waited for the airconditioner to kick on again.  It came on, but the plant didn't budge.  The next day, I went to the room and layed on the bed for about an hour or so....yes....watching this stupid plant.  I had to know if for any reason at all....this plant would swing like it did the night before, but it never did.  I wonder....I'm not saying for sure....because I'm no professional with the paranormal.....but I can't help but wonder if tt feeling of something being in the room and right up to my face, somehow contributed to the unexplainable movement of this plant.

    I've been told that sometimes, ghost and spirits will come to us while we're sleeping and try to communicate with us.  Well, I honestly believe that this occured with me.  I had a terrible nightmare about something coming to me while I was sleeping and try to speak to me....actually it was whispering in my ear....and in my dream, this is what woke me up.  It was a very dark looking, a shadowy shape of a person....possibly a man. I tried to make this thing leave me alone, but it was very persistent about relaying some sort of message to me.  I remember throwing the ashtray off the night stand at it....but  with no success....this thing was obivously not leaving until I listened to what it had to say....but I was too frightened to try and lay there listen.  I then began shouting out loud the Lord's prayer over and over (in  my dream). In fact, when I actually woke up from this nightmare, I was still shouting the Lord's prayer out loud, at the top of my lungs and I was drenched in sweat.  My husband was awake and staring at me....he asked what was going on....but at the time, I didn't want to talk about it. The following day, when he asked me about it...I told him about the nightmare, and how realistic it was.  At the time, I just didn't realize how realistic it really was....I went to make the bed and it dawned on me....the ashtray was missing from my night stand.....the very same ashtray that I dreamed I heaved towards this thing in my sleep. I looked all over the room, under the bed (anywhere and everywhere) and couldn't find the ashtray.  I really believe either two things might of happened....either I thought I was dreaming, but wasn't...and this all really took place, or I was dreaming the whole thing and all of this going on in our house was just weighing heavy on my mind....but either doesn't explain "what happened to the ashtray....where is it, where did it go?".  Maybe like a few other things in the house, maybe later it will turn up in the darndest place....who knows.

    Speaking of dreams....June 26, 2001, my oldest son Corey; whom seems to have always been very sensitive to the energies who dwell in our home, came to me and told me something very unusual; or was it?  We always try not to talk too much about the ghosts around here to Corey.  He is not only sensitive spiritually, but also in personality. He's the quiet type. The shy one of the bunch, yet other children just love to be around him. Which brings me to this....thing he told me about. He said that he had a dream, it was very realistic, he said. He said that in this dream, he felt that he was being called, but by a voice he'd never heard before. He found himself standing outside our front door. When the door opened, there was a little boy, around his age standing there. He stepped aside so Corey could see into the kitchen. There he said, was a little girl, about the age of his little brother; six years old. She was dancing around, but doing a dance he was not familiar with. When I asked him to do it for me, so I could see, he did a square dance. Then he said there was another little girl. Close to his age, but older. She was also in the kitchen and she was jumping rope. They frightened him, because he said that he knew they were lonely and wanted him to join them in playing. When he refused, they seemed to be sadened by it. Then he woke up. Ironically, all three of the ghosts he described, are the exact same three that I have found out to dwell in this house with us.

    I was sitting at my computer, working on a project, when suddenly out of no where, I first got this strange feeling, like when someone walks into a room....that feeling. Then almost immediately, I heard a child saying something behind me. It sounded like it was either just at the end of the dining room or at the entrance of the kitchen. I don't know what it said, it was very garbbled. I didn't make out a single word it said. But the tone was definately a childs voice, boy or girl I couldn't really tell.

    My son was admitted to the hospital for a second surgery on his hand.  The same hospital, about a year ago, I saw the ghost of a child at.  Anyway, he was admitted for his second surgery, for a near death accident that occured almost two years ago.  It was the night before the surgery and in the room at the time was 4 patients (my son and three other teenage boys), one other mother, and my self.  My son and I were playing a mini board game, while the others where sitting around talking.  The phone to the bed directly across from us rang.  The boy, picked it up, no one was there.  Within a minute or two, a second phone rang to one of the other beds, that boy picked it up, no answer.  Another minute or so went by, the other boy's phone rang, no answer.  We were all remarking how odd it was that all the phones began ringing, but no one seemed to be on the line, when out of no where there was a crashing sound.  The other patients began yelling and screaming, I wasn't sure what all the excitement was about, but when my son leaped out of bed, I looked up and realized that the globe light fixture had fallen from the ceiling just above my son's bed. Someone called the nurse in and she contacted maintenance for them to come in and check it out.  Several minutes later, someone showed up to fix the light.  After putting the light back in place, he remarked to me, that everything should be ok now, that he didn't understand how the fixture had come loose to begin with. I was a nervous wreck about it, so I excused myself for a while, I went outside to smoke a cigerette when something very unusual happened.  As I sat there, in deep thought about the whole thing, thinking my son could of been hurt by that fixture coming undone, it was as though someone was there with me, assuring me that everything would be alright.  Suddenly I felt this gentle pat on my left arm.  It was a sort of soft, gentle feel. I turned, thinking my son had followed me outside, but when I turned no one was there.  I immediately got goose bumps from it.  A few seconds later, again, it was as if someone gently stroked my arm and then patted it quickly.  I have to admit, at first, it was a bit startling, but after thinking about it....I thought perhaps it was just harmless and maybe something was just trying to reassure me that everything was going to be ok.

    It's been almost a month since anything has happened in our home, but I was not surprised when things started back up. I had just gotten into bed, got all relaxed when something happened. As I lay there, I felt someone in the bed with me. I didn't feel it sit on the bed or jump on the bed, as I have before, it was if what ever was here, was already in the bed.  It could of gotten in bed after I did, but I really have no way of knowing. All I know is, after I was all snuggled up under the blankets, I felt someone scoote very close to me.  I rolled over, hoping that I had just imagined it, or there was some other, logical source, when it happened again. Someone or something scooted very close to me, as if to want to get very close and comfortable.  This time, I got as close as I could to my husband, rolling over on my side, hoping I would be as far away from the edge of that side of the bed as I could be, when it did it one final time. I was pretty freaked out over it, but I layed there, waiting to see what would happen next, hoping and praying the whole time, nothing bad would happen, and it didn't.  I don't know if it went away, or just was content laying there beside me. But nothing else happened after that.

    Corey and Justin had just gone to bed.  After about an hour of trying to fall asleep watching television, Corey got up to use the bathroom. He said as soon as he opened his door, he was taken by the creepy feeling of someone standing in the hall. He said he felt the feeling of someone standing there, staring at him.  Frightened by this feeling, he went back into his room, looked around for something he could use against this invisible presence, and found a bottle of spray cleaner. He took it, opened his door, and sprayed it around, the mist just floated about in the air. (Keep in mind, Corey is only 10 and what he did at the time, seemed like the logical thing to do). He said, when he didn't see anything show up in the mist, he proceeded to the bathroom.  Almost immediately, again he got this strange feeling that he was being watched and felt as if someone were in the bathroom with him. No sooner did this frightening feeling hit him, he said he could hear someone moving around in the bathtub and knocking on the inside of it. He walked over to the shower curtain, moved it quickly, but nothing was there. He ran as fast as he could back to him room, closed and locked the door. He had a very difficult time falling asleep after that.

    The following night after the above incident, again something seemed to catch Corey and Justin's attention.  They were in their bedroom, trying to fall asleep, when they "both" heard someone walking up and down the hallway. Corey was a bit hesitant about checking it out, to see if it were John or I, because of what happened the night before.  So he persuaded Justin to go to the door and open it, so they could see who was walking around the house. They sat in bed, listening as they heard someone walking around. Corey said, some time after the walking in the house stopped, he heard voices talking back and forth. He asked Justin if he could hear it too and Justin replied he thought it was Daddy talking to Mama.  They both got up together, walked to our bedroom, where they found us fast asleep....and neither of us talking in our sleep.  After Corey passed this information on to me, I took Justin aside, to get his version of the story and ironically he relayed the exact same event, detail for detail.

    Corey, our ten year old had been complaining all week about something following him around the house and seeing things out of the corner's of his eyes through out the house.  He even rushed over to me one night, exclaiming that he had gone to the bathroom and saw something pass by the bathroom doorway.  He was pretty vivid with his description of the blackish-gray object that just floated by, heading towards his brother's bedroom.  I should of known that this was the forthcoming of what was about to occur a few days later.  Corey had been in the living room watching television, my youngest son Justin had already fallen asleep.  My husband was in bed and I was working on my computer.  Corey had gotten up to go get something from his bedroom and he said as he got up from the recliner and turned to go to his room, he saw what he described as a dark blue or black looking object.  He said that as he stood there watching this thing in the hall, he said that it was then he realized that this was not the usual hazy looking object with no shape or form, this was a man.  I continued to drill Corey on the details of this man...and he kept trying to describe him, but couldn't find the right words to accurately give to me, so that I could understand what he saw.  So I suggested he sit down at the table and try to draw this person....again he sat there struggling to draw this figure. Finally after much patience and persistence, he took it slowly and began to describe the figure little by little. I was shocked when he finished. He had described an old soldier.  Perhaps from the civil war era....this I will have to look further into.  Give him a few pictures to look at and see if he can pinpoint the clothes he saw.  This should of not been shocking to me, because I was told that our home sits upon a battlefield....but to hear my child describe this, was something different all together.

    Two days after the above event occured, everyone had gone to bed, excluding myself and my oldest son.  We were up late watching t.v.  After we both retired for the night to began.  As I laid in bed trying to go to sleep, not more than ten or fifteen minutes passed and the whispering started.  It had been a while since I heard "the whispering", but it was there. I laid there listening to this obvious conversation between a male and a female.  I laid there very still, trying to make out what they were saying, but I couldn't.  She whispered something, he replied and this went on, up until I got up enough nerve to move and roll over.  Assuming I must of interrupted something or gotten their attention, it stopped. I laid there, listening and they never continued or started whispering again.  Pretty comfortable with the assumption that they were gone now.....something else happened.  I could hear a faint....and by this I don't mean loud or obvious....I mean, I could tell it was coming from the hallway, but knew positively that it was not an outside sound...this was definately something occurring in the hall, I heard a commotion of some sort....the sound of running or a group of people moving in a hurried a group of people rushing around.  It came from the living room and as it got closer, I could hear other sounds.  I also could tell that they were either dragging or pushing something.... almost rolling something.  It sounded like something with hard wheels, like a wagon or wheel barrow or....I don't know, something large, with wheels.  Anyway, just before all the commotion stopped, there was a big thug, like something hitting the hall way wall.  I laid there, saying to myself, because it all happened so quickly "Oh my gosh, what was that???!" Right at that moment, something, someone....sat down, very calmly at the foot of the bed.  I would assume a large person.  This was a feel of a large person, sitting right next to where my feet lay.  I quickly jumped away from it and over to my husband's side of the bed.  It took a while before I was able to fall asleep, but I finally did.  That day after getting up and doing things around the house, I was still trying to swallow what had happened that night, when something else happened.  I was in the kitchen, preparing the kids lunch and they came in the kitchen to see what I was doing.  As I turned to talk to my son, something caught my eye in the foyer.  It was a movement of some sort, I looked around my son and I don't know what expression I had on my face, but my son quickly turned and asked me what was wrong.  I didn't say anything at first, because I was too busy watching this blob....this circular, gray, hazy, dark transparent blob, twisting and turning and then just fade into nothing.  I turned to find my son hidden behind me.  Trying not to make a scene about what had just occurred, I continued on with preparing their lunch.  I casually asked if he'd had any more experiences since the seeing the soldier.  He asked why.  I told him I was just asking.  He asked if I had anything happen....I didn't answer.  I asked him again, if anything else had happened to him.  To my shock...he replied "something happened last night".  I asked him to tell me about it.  He went on to tell me about a lot of noise he heard in the hall. In brief, he sat there describing exactly what I had heard....with all the people moving quickly, the sound of them rolling something down the hall and the big thump.  I knew then, someone else heard exactly what I had I know I was not imagining or dreaming all of this occurring.

    Late in the evening, I was in the foyer, working at my memorbilia shelf. I was setting up a new display case when out of nowhere I felt as if someone walked up behind me and were standing there, watching me.  I turned to look, but no one was there.  Several minutes went by and that eerie feeling of someone behind me, crept over me again. This time when I turned to look, I saw this the shadow of a large person quickly rush by.  But the shadow wasn't on the wall, it was, how do I explain in the middle of the area between the wall and where I was knelt down.  I jumped up, stood there for a minute, not even breathing, and then I took a step or two towards the hall and looked both ways.  Nothing was there.  I knew it wasn't my husband or the kids, because I could hear them carrying on in the dining room.  That night when I went to bed, as I laid there, of coarse dwelling on the thought of this thing I'd seen earlier, all of a sudden I heard the sound of a man's voice clearing, kind of saying "Hum".  As usual, I was on the other side of the bed, grabbing hold of my husband.  Nothing else happened that night.

    After going to bed around 11 o'clock, I woke up a few hours later at 1:30 a.m to our youngest son Justin crying.  I got up to go see what was wrong, to find that he had fallen out of bed.  I put him back in, covered him up and gave him a kiss on his nose.  I went back to bed but to only wake up again a little over an hour later.  I was choking and gagging on something.  I sat up to catch my breath and found a long hair in my mouth.  I pulled it out and tossed it aside.  By now, I couldn't fall asleep, so I laid there thinking of all the places I'd like to vist someday.  When that didn't help me to fall asleep, I began counting out loud backwards from 100, then from 1 to 100....but I didn't quite make the count.  I heard the door to our scary room open.  At first, I thought I was mistaken and it was the bedroom to where the kids were sleeping....thinking to myself and waiting to hear one of them up going into the bathroom.  A few seconds went by I didn't hear either of them up.  Then suddenly I felt as if someone had walked into our bedroom.   I can actually say that it wasn't that I heard or saw someone enter the room, I could just feel it.  I laid there hoping that it was one of the kids, wandering into the room......just at that moment.....something slammed down on my pillow, right near my face.  I leaped over to my husband and grabbed a hold of him.  My heart was racing and I was very nervous about what had just happened.  Then the next thing I knew, I was hearing a woman's voice calling my name.  She kept calling me over and over from the hallway.  Although she was only saying my name over and over, I got the feeling that she wanted me to get out of bed and follow her or something.  But I was too frightened....instead I kept repeating over and over "Go away....please go away".....then I would pray, then say it again "Please go away".  The calling stopped, but I still felt very frightened, so I woke up my husband John to get up and sit up with me.  Soon after, the comfort of John being awake with me helped me to finally fall asleep.

    After working on my website for a while I decided to take a break and watch a little television before going to bed.  Everyone else was already asleep so I knew when this happened that there was no explanation for it.  Well, as I sat watching t.v. I kept seeing something moving around in the dining room.  Out of the corner of my eye, it just appeared to be a shadow moving around the room.  I would turn to look, but wouldn't see anything.  After this continued to occur off and on for awhile, I decided enough was enough and headed to bed.   Not long afterwards, I was just laying there saying my prayers, as I usually do before I fall asleep and something happened.  This is very difficult to explain, but it was as if something.....I didn't feel any sort of weight on me, but there was something....rattling or trying to grab a hold of the blanket near my face.  I could hear and feel this strange sensation of the blanket being crunched someone either tugging on it, but I didn't really feel anyone pulling on it, it just felt like something was messing around with the blanket near my face...and it was horrifying.  I sat up quickly, began swinging my right arm to hit my husband to wake him up, while shouting at him to wake up and in between doing this, I nearly broke the lamp, trying to grab hold of it to turn it on with my left hand.  When I finally got the lamp on, my husband was awake.  I couldn't really tell him what had just happened, only that something was on the bed messing around with the blanket.  I shook the blanket, not really thinking I'd shake anything off of it, but I guess to just make myself feel better.....I don't know how to explain it.  After a while of nothing happening we were finally able to fall to sleep.

    Two nights following the above incident, something happened that I'd rather not divulge all of the information about....only that what occurred troubled my husband so much that the following day, he called me from work to talk to me about it.  He said that he awoke to me talking in my sleep.  He said as he sat there listening to this horrible message I kept repeating over and over and then ending the message with the remark "this is a premonition".  He said that he decided to give it a go and ask me questions about what I was saying, to see if he could get more details and information, but after he began drilling me, again I would only respond with the same message and end it with "this is a premonition".  Only time will tell if the message I relayed, actually happens.

    We'd called it a night and several hours after we'd all fallen asleep, John was waken from his sleep....with me talking in my sleep again. Curious about what information I would be passing on "this time", he laid there listening.  I went on to tell him that his mother was there speaking through me....she wanted to let him know that she was o.k and in the company of two close friends of hers (John's mother passed away eight years ago). I was able to describe both women to John and even give him the names of these two women. (Who also passed away many years ago, long before I met my husband).  To make this brief....These two women I told him were in the company of his deceased mother, were his mother's best friends and co-workers.....over 30 years ago.  He said that I accurately described both these women and were nearly correct with their names. One's name I said was Gracy, when in fact her name was Macy.  I would have had no way of knowing this information about either of these women because neither my husband nor my mother in law had ever spoken of either of them, they had no reason to. These two women were also the mother's of John's best friends when he was a kid growing up.  Again....these were people I had no knowledge of....John and I both agreed, it was pretty strange....and what is just as strange is....the fact that John said the week before, the thought of his mother and her passing, and what happened to her after death was heavy on his mind....and somehow this brought comfort to him....because it was as if his mother knew he needed to know this information, so she passed it on, using me as her voice of comfort.

    While chatting with my sister Toni online one night, I was startled by the feeling of someone sneaking up on me.  I sat there typing to Toni while this strange shadow reflected off the casing of my monitor.  I made a mention to Toni about it and she kind of made a joke about it back to me.  What ever this shadow and strange feeling was, also was tampering with my monitor, because no sooner did I see this shadow come up on me, my monitor would flicker as if the cord were loose.  Soon after my computer just shut down on it's own.  I couldn't take it anymore, so off to bed I went!

    Two weeks following the above incident, again I was on my computer working when the same exact thing began to happen.  Only this time, it would not only come up to my right side and cast a shadow on my monitor, but it would also do it to my left.  After this happening off and on for a few minutes and all my birds going crazy, reacting to what ever was in the room....I was just sitting typing on my monitor and all of a sudden out of no where, something just wizzed very quickly pass my face.  It was like someone shooting a rubber band across the room at me. I didn't get a good look at it, but from what I did see, it appeared to be a little tiny round an orb.  It took me a while to calm down and for my legs to quit shaking before I was able to get up and head for bed.

    John made a mention to me about a week ago that it was the third time in a month that he has woken up for work in the morning and found our small dog Chewy locked outside.  He thought perhaps I was letting him out at night and forgetting to let him back in before going to bed.  But, I told him no, because I always check to make sure Chewy's in the house before we go to bed.  So, Halloween night (2001), I was telling my sister Regina about this occurring, but John just brushed it off and made the remark "I think someone's forgetting to let him in at night".  Well, he was proven wrong....because the following morning....again, he found Chewy outside when he woke up.  And we know for a fact, Chewy was in when we went to bed that night.

    The day following Halloween 2001, the same morning John found Chewy outside again, I had gotten up before the kids and was in the living room talking to my sister Judy on the phone.  Suddenly I heard the light switch in the hall flip, as if someone turned on the light, almost immediately followed by the eerie feeling that someone were standing behind me....I turned to look but nothing was there and the light was off.  I got up, walked through the dining room, went through the kitchen and headed to the hall....nothing, no one.  So, I proceeded back to the recliner and sat down.  The television was off and I was facing the screen as I was talking to Judy and suddenly I saw a reflection on the dark screen of what looked like someone (adult size) walking across the living room in front of the love seat, headed towards me, I jumped very quickly, expecting to turn around and see something approaching me, but nothing.  I was talking to Judy about the incident and explaining how there was no way of mistaking what I'd seen reflecting on the television screen. Within a few minutes, I was hit by that eerie feeling again that someone were standing directly behind me....I turned to look and I caught a quick glimpse of something toned, just barely the shape of a head and shoulders as it quickly moved towards the coffee table, within four feet of me, then it just vanished.  I was in shock and shouting at Judy as it was occuring. She made a remark of how she didn't understand how I could stay in a house with all that going on....and I reassured her that if anything else happened, I'd have the kids up and out the door in a flash....I can only take so much in one day.

    My son Justin was in the living room and decided he didn't like what we were watching on television, so he headed through the foyer to his brother's room to watch t.v there.  He wasn't gone a minute or two, when he came rushing back into the living room and as he jumped up on the couch, he stated he'd just seen something black going down the hallway.  Later that night, I was the only one left awake, watching t.v. and suddenly out of the corner of my eye, I saw a quick sudden movement in the dining room at my computer area.  I turned to look, but nothing was there.  A few minutes or so went by and it happened again, but this time, it seemed closer, on this side of the dining room table. Then another few minutes went by and it happened again, still even closer, almost as if something were right there next to the table near me.  I was a bit creeped out by all of this movement.  Maybe a half an hour went by and it happened again, only it wasn't in the dining room, it was now in the living room where the kids were asleep on the couch.  Just a quick sudden movement.  But the next time I saw something, I would swear that, from what I could make out, it was almost as if I could actually see it sit down on the couch, at the feet of my oldest son, but when I quickly turned to look, it was gone.  After this, I got the kids up, put them in bed and I did my normal ritual of turning lights off, closing and locking doors, etc....  Almost immediately after getting in bed, something happened.  I heard the door to the scary room open.  Maybe 2 or 3 minutes went by and all of a sudden, a light began blinking off and on in the hall.  I was shocked.....I just laid there stunned by this flashing light reflecting off the wall in the hall.  It then dawned on me, that this was the lights to the Christmas tree on in that room.  I knew darn well, before I went to bed, the lights were off in that room, in fact the only lights I had to turn off were the aquarium light and main light, the tree was already unplugged and I'd definitely closed that door.  I laid there debating whether to get up and unplug the tree, but I didn't have the guts to do it....I was too scared of getting up and seeing something, something touching me, or something else weird happening. So I laid there for quite a long time watching this light flashing off and on, until I finally fell asleep.  The next morning I got up and went to that room, finding the door slightly open and oddly....the Christmas tree no longer on....or plugged in.

    It was quite cold outside, so I decided to bring the two outside cats in so they could stay warm.  I went to bed and noticed the one cat, Gannon, laying on our bed, snuggled up on my side of the bed.  I got into bed and scooted him over a bit and realized then, how much I missed having inside cats around.  My side of the bed was now pretty toasty and it was nice to lay there, petting the cat, all awhile him purring away.  Just then, I got the creepiest feeling that someone was in the room.  I'd left the kitchen light on above the sink and could see somewhat in the room.....kind of make things and shapes out.  Just then, Gannon stopped purring and jumped to his feet as if to be startled by something.  He stood on all fours and I layed there watching as his head moved across the foot of the bed, as if to follow or watch something.  I looked towards that area, but didn't see anything.  Then right as I was turned to look at Gannon, he looked towards me and I saw something.....a dark movement upwards, towards the ceiling area, like someone leaning over me.....and Gannon must of seen it too, because he was looking right in that direction.  He didn't respond as I expected, I guess......I expected him to react as our other cats did at our other house, hissing and hair standing on end....but he didn't.  He just stood there, looking up in some sort of strange curiosity.  I looked up, but didn't see anything, but no sooner did I look towards the front of the room, I could see it....I could see something hovering above me, near the ceiling....I believe it was moving, or my eyes were playing tricks on me, trying to focus on something through the corner of my eye.  Eventually, Gannon layed back down and began bathing himself, as if relaxed that what ever was there for those few minutes had gone.  Even then.....I was still leary.

    My husband John, my son Corey, my sister Regina and myself were all sitting in the livingroom watching  a late night football game.  My son Justin was running back and forth down the hall playing a bit of football himself.  I heard the bathroom door close.....all of a sudden I saw a quick shadow to my right cast against the wall.  I leaned over the arm of the love seat to see if it was Justin and Corey saw it too, because he headed right over to the loveseat next to me, because he was frightened by it.  Before he sat down, I asked him if that just then was Justin....and he leaned, looking down the hall and replied that Justin was in the bathroom.  I said something like "Yah, that's what I thought".  A few minutes went by and this time, I saw it on the back of the recliner, as if someone walked right up to the back of where John was sitting and just stood there. was very odd, because the shadow was low on the back of the recliner, then it just vanished. I yelled out to Regina "Did you see that? Did you? Did you just see that, that shadow on the back of the recliner"?  She said she didn't, but went on to tell me something she experieced the last time she was over watching a football game with us. She said I was in the kitchen doing something, the kids...she didn't know where they were, but John was sitting in the recliner and something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye.  She went on to get up and reinact what she saw.....she said she could see the 3 foot Santa against the wall, in the foyer, but leaned up against the corner of that wall, facing the livingroom, was a young female child.....about 7 or 8 years old.  She was leaned with her head on her right shoulder and her legs crossed.  As she was trying to make out details of this energy watching the activity in the livingroom, she said she got the impression the child was bored.  Perhaps from the way she was just standing there, or her body language suggested it, she wasn't sure.  She said she turned real quick to look at her and the child was gone.  She then went back to the way she was watching t.v. before, and said there was definately no mistaking what she'd just seen....there was a small female girl there....and it wasn't there anymore. Anyway, back to the shadow I saw.....when my son Justin came back into the room, I tried putting him in different positions in the room and near the hall to see if I could get that exact shadow effect I'd seen and the only thing that came close....and I don't mean exact, just pretty close was nearly putting him almost all the way up to the recliner, on his knees, nearly sitting on the floor and with him leaning and tilted in such a position that he would fall over without me supporting him.  Very strange.
Events occurring in our second home
Years 1989 to 2001
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