The end of 2003 was pretty quiet and I was "almost".... "ALMOST" convinced that things were going to start looking and feeling a little brighter around here.  I can't explain it, I could still feel something around, but not those odd, intense feelings I'd felt before, that made me uncomfortable in my own home.  Now, I'm sure I'm right....their here...but their, for the time being....laying low.  We had four peaceful months of small incidents that I chose to dismiss and ignore.  The two rose vases had been moved a couple of times. John woke up to go to work and found the front door wide open as if someone had either entered or left and forgot to close the door behind them....when I knew, without a doubt in my mind, I'd closed and locked that door before heading to bed that night.  I've experienced a few times,  something would catch my eye and when I turned, nothing was there....but other than voices, no sightings, no nights of waking up, thinking our home was being turned upside down.  Then we had guest visit from out of town and it was their third night here that our ghost decided to do something to let us know, their definitely still around.

I'd gone to bed around eight that son woke me up at eleven for something and then I went right back to bed.  I woke back up around two in the morning, I couldn't get back to sleep, so I decided to do a little laundry.  My father in law was still awake, in the living room, watching t.v. and reading the newspaper.  I had been going back and forth between the garage and our bedroom....watching a forensic show and doing laundry.  By the time I got the last load of laundry in the dryer, my father in law had already gone to bed.  I walked out of our bedroom, into the hall and the house was pitch black....not a single solitary light was on.  I worked my way through the dark to the dining room, turned on the light and went into the garage to retrieve the last load of clothes.  I turned the dining room light back off, went to the bedroom and while folding laundry, I thought I heard voices.  I leaned over, turned the t.v. down and I could hear the living room.  I got up, walked to our bedroom door, cracked it open to hear better and sure enough....I could hear talking, like the t.v. was on.  When I stepped into the hall to look and found the t.v. was on, I just assumed my father in-law couldn't sleep or something and had gotten back up.  I walked into the living room, but no one was there.  I circled my way through the dining room, kitchen and stopped at the hall. I looked at their bedroom door, but their lights were off.  I walked over to the t.v. and found not only the t.v. on, but every component on it on as well...the receiver, the dvd player...the vcr.  Second time this has happened in the last few months and again.....all these components all have to be turned on and off don't turn one on and they all come on....they all work it's odd that all were on at the exact same time.  I turned everything off...and raced back to the bedroom...I wasn't going to stick around for anything else to happen. Nothing did and it's been two days since finding the components on.

I can't say I'm a bit surprised....I am however, very disappointed (that our ghost are still around or back or worse scenario...we have new arrivals).   I've been conversing for the last few days with a very nice lady about our ghost and how I feel our faith has kept us safe from our ghost....or what ever is here.  Basically, in simple terms, I was feeling very comfortable and quite confident....because our home has been so peaceful and without incident....well only a few little things now and again....but nothing to shake me out of my shoes....but enough of the little things were happening, to keep my guard up.  In fact so little was happening, that I was almost convinced that what things did happen, probably had some logical explanation and that I was just being paranoid.  Things hadn't happened full force for so long, that I thought that maybe what small incidents did happen, I was allowing my imagination to run wild, because I was so afraid of things starting up again.  I was enjoying the solitude and definitely enjoying a good nights sleep, for once in almost sixteen years!  Then it all that peace and confidence went right out the window.  The kids and I were in the dining room, playing a board game.  At the same time, I had laundry going in the garage and in between my turn on the game, I'd get up to check on the laundry.  Well, that only went on for so long, before the kids started to lose interest in the game and began getting up from the table and horsing around.  I have a twelve year old (almost 13) and an eight year old....both boys and it doesn't take long for the fun to turn into an argument with them.  I'd just come back in from the garage and was sitting at the table, calling them back to the game....they were too busy monkeying around to pay any I told them, if they didn't get back to the table, I'd pack the game up.  They both darted back to the table, because they knew I meant business.  As Justin reached the table, he plowed right into it, knocking a few of Corey's little men to the floor.  Corey wasn't too happy about that and insisted Justin pick them up off the floor. Justin's very hard headed and anything to annoy Corey....he gets a real kick out of, so he took off to the living room, to avoid picking up the pieces.  Corey's mouth was going a mile a minute, upset that Justin took off and didn't pick up the pieces.  I was leaned down, trying to see where the pieces went on the floor....and when I sat up to call to Justin to come back and help find the pieces....I was blown away with seeing something standing right in front of Justin.  It was a smokey gray....transparent....a person.  It was very, very tall, it appeared to be wearing a cape with a hood.  I remember the cape or what ever it was wearing was long and flowing....I could make out creases where the material just hung down and the hood was oversized and hanging forward, very bulky looking, about where the face would be.  I couldn't speak...I just sat there, looking at this thing and within a blink, it was gone.  As soon as it disappeared, I began calling out to Justin "Come here...hurry, get in here".  I was so shaken up, I didn't know what to think.  I couldn't lie to the kids about what I'd seen, they could tell something was wrong....and they got right where I was at, asking me what did I see....I only said to them "Something....I don't know, just something....stay in here with me".  At this point, only seconds after this thing had disappeared what to do. I didn't want to send the kids to bed, not knowing what else might happen....if anything would happen to them in their room or what.  Corey has the eye...he sees things too...and I knew, if I'd seen this thing and it showed up in their room, he would surely see it too.  I didn't know what to do and though it seemed like forever that we sat at the table and I thought about what I aught to do...wake John up, go to bed, get of the house...what?????  I looked into the living room a couple of times afterwards, to see if it were still there and I remember the second time I glanced over is when I saw something else.  Just a gray spot....just a small mass...not in the real shape of anything specific, almost like a cloud of smoke, pass right in front of the lamp near the front door.  It was as if what ever was there, was leaving the room....going in the opposite direction of what the thing I'd seen was facing.  When I saw that, I told the kids we needed to go to bed.  Corey didn't want to....he said he was too scared.  I figured well, I don't want to send him to bed scared, so maybe if I stay up with him, that fear will kind of ease down....he'll settle down and when he gets really drowsy, he'll go to bed.  So, I sat up watching t.v. with the kids....and I didn't like that one bit....I was really afraid of something else happening....but if it made Corey feel better, then that's what I had to do.  I was sitting in the recliner and Justin was laying next to me....Corey was laying on the long sofa.  Justin fell asleep and I looked over at Corey, he was watching t.v., all covered up.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw what looked like a white cat...jumping...and I mean jumping up and down on our fact, like jumping like a rabbit.  I turned, looked...nothing there.  I looked back at the t.v., again, I saw this white looking cat, moving and walking around the table....I turned, looked again, nothing.  I took my glasses off, thinking maybe I'm seeing some sort of reflection through the leg on my glasses from the t.v.  I stared straight ahead, again....the moving around.  I thought "No way, what is this?"  It seemed everytime I'd see the white cat move around and I'd turn to would be gone, but I started trying to watch it from the corner of my eye....which is very, very hard to do.  I stared at the t.v. and at the same time, tried to watch it through the corner of my eye....but I could only do it for so long, without me feeling I had to turn to look.  It eventually stopped and I saw that Corey was starting to doze we went to bed.  I must of laid in bed, for hours, praying....scared of something else happening...but luckily, it didn't.

I don't know quite how to explain this event....without recapping how this event all came about.  In order of events, I will tell how this all came about.  About a year or so ago, John bought me a pair of earrings I'd been admiring.  I only wore them for a few months...never taking them off for anything....when I woke up one morning with one missing.  I assumed it got hooked in my hair or in the bed linen.  But after the kids and I tore my bedroom apart looking for the earring....taking each piece of bed linen off one by one and going through like a forensic detective....moving furniture, looking high and low...the earring was gone.  I had a gut feeling our ghost took it...I don't know why, but that's what I thought then and now more than ever, I believe that's what happened to the's been who knows where, in the possession of our ghost up until a few days ago, when it was finally returned to me.  Now....after the earring disappeared....several things happened.  For one, I completely retiled our bedroom floor. I remarked to the kids while gutting out our bedroom to have an empty room to work in...that if the earring was in there, I would surely find it then....but I didn't.  I sickened.  Several months went by and our neighbor was selling his vehicle, a Bronco.  We thought it was a great deal and decided to buy it so we'd have a spare vehicle on hand, if ever we ever needed one.  Well, needless to say, being we both drive new vehicles, the need for a spare, never arose.  John had only driven it maybe twice, since owning it...just to keep the battery charged and to not let the tires dry rot.  Well, after it sitting in the yard, collecting leaves and it basically being abandoned....we decided to sell it.  My sister wanted to buy it, so we sold it to her.  Within the same week of selling her the vehicle, we ended up buying new bedroom furniture....bedding, dressers, nightstands and an armoire.  Again....assuming taking out the old furniture and bringing in the new, if I missed finding the earring during the tiling process....I'd find it when I gutted out the old drawers and such....but again, it didn't turn up.  I pretty much gave up on ever having the earring show up.  Then about two days son Justin was looking through my jewelry box, being nosy...trying to find an old chain he wore as a baby...and stumbled on my one earring I still clung to, if I ever found the matching one that vanished.  He brought it in the living room and asked if this was the earring our ghost took and I asked where he'd found it. He said "In your jewelry box", so I knew it was the one I already had. I told him that it wasn't the please put it back.  As he walked away, I said out loud, just for the heck of it "If those ghost have my earring....they'd better give it back, I want my earring"!  Well, the very next day, my sister was visiting...the one who bought the truck from us.  The kids were showing her something to read and she remarked she couldn't see without her glasses and then went on to ask me if I'd ever found the glasses that disappeared....I told her no and along with the glasses, that earring never showed up either.  Well...she looked at me and said that earlier she'd been cleaning the carpets in the truck and came across the earring. She knew darn well that earring hadn't been there before, because when she was vacuuming it, she knew it wasn't there then....and suddenly, here's an earring on the floor that just showed up out of no where. I told her "no way....where's the earring...I wonder if it's the one I asked our ghost to give me back".  She went home to retrieve the earring...and sure was the one that's been gone all this time.  Had I lost the earring during the time, we owned the truck...and I'd only ridden in it twice myself....after the earring disappeared, then I would of thought, well, it must of come off in the truck....but the earring was long gone, for months before we got the how it got there, is a mystery to me.  I put the earring on that night....and had to take it off, because I got the weirdest vibes off of it.  If I had the guts to do it, I would take pictures of that earring to see if anything odd showed up in the photo. I've pretty much promised myself to not get into taking pictures and videos again, after the horrific incident that happened back in October of last year, so I'm contemplating whether I should bite the bullet or not and take pictures....I don't know how I would re-act if something did show up in the picture. I'm kind feel like I should leave well enough alone and just be glad they gave me the earring back....but I swear, there's something odd about that earring...that one just gives me the weirdest feeling when I put it on....and the odd feeling subsided immediately when I took it off.  I don't have the earrings on anymore...I put them away and maybe someday....I'll try and put them on again.  Maybe I'm just being silly about it all and the earring has nothing wrong with it.....maybe....I just trust my gut feeling and something tells me not to wear it, not now at least.  I'd also like to note that the earring is not the only thing to have mysteriously disappear.  I have a pair glasses that have yet to turn up.  I was watching t.v. one day when our door bell rang. I got up and it was my sister and brother in law.  I laid the glasses down on top of my pack of cigarettes.  We got to talking about our blood hound and my brother in law decided to go in the back yard to see the dog.  I got up from my chair, was going to grab cigarette, looked right at my glasses sitting on top....decided not to smoke around my brother in law, because I didn't want to be rude, blowing smoke in his face, he doesn't I put everything back down, the cigarettes, the lighter and then laid my glasses back down, beside the cigarettes.  We went outside for a while.....they left a little while later.  After they left, I sat back down, reached for my glasses to watch a show on t.v. and my glasses were gone.  To this day, we have never found the glasses.  I can only assume....someday they will turn back up in the oddest place....til then, I continue to use my spair pair.

Corey, Justin and Avalon were in the living room, getting ready to watch a movie.  I was working on my computer, responding to email.  Next thing I knew, all three kids were at my side, out of breath.  I asked what was going on and all they could say was that Corey had seen something in the hall.  Immediately, my heart began to pound right out of my chest....worried that what I'd seen back in October was back.  We sat in the dining room and I asked Corey to tell me what happened, in detail.  Before he could begin talking, Avalon said she had to use the bathroom, really bad.  So, all three of us walked to the hall (where Corey witnessed this thing) and stood outside the door, while Avalon used the bathroom.  Perhaps it was just the fear of knowing Corey had just experienced something....I don't know...but I got the weirdest feeling that we weren't alone in the hall.  It was almost as if the air were thick or something....there was a very strange feeling about us standing in the hall....again, it could of just been the jitters, I don't know....I just know that I got the strangest feeling that something was around or I was feeling the aftermath of what was just there.  Anyway, Corey was very reluctant about talking about what he'd I didn't push it.  I suggested we all head to bed and forget about what happened.  I tried to compose myself, because I didn't want the kids to know just how scared I was.  We all headed to bed and I felt compelled to close our bedroom door, because I didn't want what ever it was, to wander into our room while I was laying there, scared half to death.  Even though I know it wouldn't of made me feel better, safer.  I ended up having to wake John up, because I couldn't fall asleep...I was so scared and worried.  He woke up and asked what was going on, I told him that Corey had seen something in the hall and I couldn't go to sleep now, I was too scared.  The next day, Corey described to me what he'd seen.  He said that it was all white, kind of wavy on the sides as it faded down into the doggy gate in the hall.  It didn't have any distinctive features, like a face or he didn't notice it having arms or legs....just a mass of white color....but he said it was shaped like a person...because he thought he made out shoulders and the shape of a head.  He also said that when he saw it, it wasn't moving or anything, it was like it was just one spot.  He said that when he saw it, he blinked and at that moment, it just disappeared.

I'd taken a nap earlier in the evening, so I was having a hard time going to bed at my usual time.  I was up, alone, watching t.v.  It was getting close to three in the morning and I was sitting on the recliner, in the living room.  Out of the corner of my right eye, I saw movement in the dining room.  It looked like someone had walked by real I turned quick to look, nothing.  Within, I would say five minutes or so, I began to hear knocking sounds.  It almost sounded like someone was dropping something over and over.  I turned around in the chair, in the direction of the hall, because that's where it sounded like it was coming from....but when I turned to listen, it wasn't doing it anymore.  A couple of minutes went by, after I'd turn back around in my chair, watching t.v. and it started up again.  It was like a bang or a knock, over and over...but I couldn't tell if it were coming from the hall, the kitchen or one of the bedrooms.  I didn't get up to check....because, for all I cared, it could do it all night, I wasn't going to investigate.  This sound would go on for about a half a minute, then stop...then start back up.  It did it a total of three times, then it finally just stopped.  As I sat there, thinking about the sound, wondering if it would be better if I just went to bed and laid there awake or should I just stay put, where I was at....because I didn't want to get up and encounter something on my way to the bedroom. So, I just sat in the recliner, watching t.v.....trying to ignore everything around me, except the t.v. I wasn't going to sit there, thinking and worrying about it. The show was almost over and I still wasn't tired, I scanned through the guide to see what else was coming on....when I about jumped right out of my seat.  I heard what sounded like a high pitch...but kind of faint....scream.  It sounded like a child, just let out a temper tantrum was just a very, very high pitched wale.  I sat this point, not knowing what to think....thinking to myself "Geez, that sounded like a scream".  I sat there probably another few minutes and it was like I thought "this is bull crap...why's this happening" and in that instant I heard in my left ear, a snap. It sounded like someone snapped their fingers right into my ear.  That was I'd had enough. Something was obviously trying desperately to get my attention....and you know cruel as this sounds, I wasn't in the mood to give it. So, I got up....well, when something snapped in my ear, I practically jumped out of my chair and headed to bed.  Let me tell you, there's nothing worse than having to go around the house, turn off all the lights...alone, knowing weird stuff is going on.  There's that edgy feeling that you just know you'll see something just pop up in front of you.  But, I didn't see anything.  I did get to bed, took me a while to fall asleep, but as far as I know, nothing else happened....I was able to go to sleep without any further incident.

I'm trying here...I reeeeeeeally am.  For the life of me, I can't make any sense of  this, no matter how I twist and turn it and tear it apart...there's just no sane explanation for it.  Last year, the kids found a stray cat (Linxy) living in our back garage.  Within a few months...she was delivering a liter of kittens.  Of the entire liter, only one made it....our now family pet "Fry".  If you read all of the things that went on here last would of read that after this liter passed away, within a day or two....we started hearing a kitten crying in the living room. Never found the source of it....and the sound eventually stopped after about a week. it is a year later and we discover that Linxy is pregnant again.  It kills me to say, Linxy...passed away on Sunday.  We're assuming she must of tried to deliver the kittens early and something went terribly wrong.  I went to the bedroom to change clothes for a birthday party we had to go to and when I walked up to my bedroom door...there she was. And I tell you, I stood there, not even realizing what I was looking at. I stood there for a while, wondering why this cat would be laying on our bedroom floor....looking like she did.   I won't even describe what she looked like.  Then it hit me "Something is seriously wrong here...she's not moving". I began screaming like a maniac to John for help.  Everyone came running in and I asked John what was wrong with her and he went over to her, and said she was dead.  My heart stopped.  If only I'd been there....I could of probably rushed her to the vet. I could kick myself for not having her spayed after she had that last liter. On Monday evening, after returning home from visiting my mother....Justin was in the hall and called to me to come in there right away.  I went to see what was going on and he said he heard a kitten crying.  Keep in mind...this was the very next day...just like last year.  I stood there with him for a while, didn't hear I told him he must of heard something on the t.v, blah blah blah.  Well....then it happened again today.  I was in the bedroom, putting my shoes on to go to the post office and I heard a kitten cry.  I jumped up, thinking "Oh no...she must of had a kitten before she passed away!"  I went crazy tearing my bedroom and bathroom apart, looking for this kitten.  I put everything back, still frantic and worried that I might of missed it, so I tore my bedroom and bathroom apart again!  There is NO kitten....and it didn't dawn on me, until I was putting everything back, for the second time, that this happened last year too.  And if that wasn't enough....John came home from work and said he had something strange to tell me.  He said when he got up this morning, he went into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee.  Fry wrapped himself around John's legs to play.  He said next thing he knew, he heard the doggy door we installed for the cats (Fry and Linxy) to come in and out of the house, begin to swing, as if something had come in or gone out through the door.  He knew very well, it couldn't of been Fry...he was at his feet for a while...and he knew it couldn't be Linxy, because she's not with us anymore....he didn't know what to think.  He said he walked over to the door, opened the garage door and looked around....but didn't see another animal.  He asked me what I thought about it...and I then told him that I didn't know....I was still trying to figure out what it was Justin and I had heard last night and today.

This was pretty shocking.  John, the kids and myself were out shopping and decided to stop for an early dinner. We stopped at an Arby's.....which this particular one was built on a vacant lot, maybe a year ago.  Anyway, we're all sitting at the table, Corey was sitting directly in front of me, John to my right and Justin in front of him.  The manager had just brought us our fries, because we had to wait on them.  I picked up two curly fries, put them up to my earlobes and said to everyone "Look, I have new earrings".  Everyone looked at me and laughed.  Then all I did was look down at my sandwich sitting on the paper, to pick it up and was startled to see to my left a child standing nearly right on top of me. She was young, dirty blonde hair, blue dress with some sort of dark pattern on it...I'm not sure if it were polka dots or tiny flowers or some other type pattern....that's all I can recall about seeing this child.  It startled me, I guess because I didn't expect to see anyone right there...and I jumped away from her, waving my hands back and forth and let out a sudden half-baked scream.  I looked back and she was gone.  I looked at Corey and asked if he'd seen her....he said he didn't.  I grabbed John's arm and said to him "I just saw a little girl right next to me...did you see her?" He said no, he didn't see anything. I turned around in my chair, hoping to see the child wandering around the restaurant, but the only other people in the restaurant were three adults standing at the counter ordering.  I'm assuming what I saw, was a ghost, because I can't understand how if it were really a child standing there, how Corey didn't see her too, considering he was sitting directly across from me...but he said he didn't see anything.  I'm not losing my mind...I know what I saw, whether anyone believes me or not....I saw her as clear and plain as I saw everyone else in that restaurant.  I was very tempted to ask the woman walking around wiping down the tables if anyone ever reported seeing a child there....but I couldn't get myself to do it. I figured if my own family thought I was goofy...then what would a complete stranger think??

I purchased another item for the grandfather clock.  Being it's such a large item, I had to re-arrange everything in the clock to make room for the new long stem crystal rose.  I resorted to moving the three rose vases (two of which our ghost are fond of moving) the opposite end of the clock.  Now, every single solitary day, I will look in this clock as I pass by it....probably fifty times or so just to make sure all is where it's supposed to be.  Because in the past, I have found items moved four to six inches overnight.  It's not the clock....because if it were, then I would find these items moved often or other items, not just the two rose vases and I've only discovered these roses moved maybe three times in the last year or so.  Now....this one particular day I looked into this clock, I don't know how many times and all was where it was supposed to be.  Later that evening, we went out to eat dinner to celebrate my son's thirteenth birthday.  Got home...and discovered several things in the clock in disarray.  The two rose vases the ghost have tampered with before, were moved.  One right at the edge of the mirror base, just about to fall off...and the other slid to one side about two inches from it's original position.  You can plainly see where these items were before, because of the small amount of dust gathering around the items on the glass....there's no dust where the item originally sat.  And the two rose vases.....were moved in different straight forward the other slightly back to the left.  Then, where the rose vases used to be, is now a crystal dragonfly, along with other items.  Only the dragonfly was moved and laying on it's side, on the wing.  I called everyone over to see this....because I couldn't believe earlier in the day the items were fine and now they were moved to such an extreme.  What's odd is that these items are very delicate and the dragonfly must of been placed on it's side very carefully, because there's no way it fell over without breaking off the wing, plus the roses showed no drag marks through the dust, if they slid over.  I remarked to everyone that I guess our ghost didn't like me moving their rose vases around and were perhaps trying to put them back where they wanted them or trying to tell me to do so.  Later that evening something else happened.

Later that evening I went to bed.  I was in bed for a while, trying to fall asleep, when I heard an odd sound in the hall.   It kind of sounded like someone lightly walking in the hall, while tapping on the wall with some sort of a stick. It seemed to stop for a second and then I heard it again briefly.  Then all of a sudden I got this overwhelming feeling that I was being watched or stared at.  I rolled over, keeping my eyes closed....laid there for a few seconds, still felt it....rolled over again and rolled over again...scooting closer to John.  I don't know why, but I got the strangest feeling....almost like I could picture someone pointing at me.  I scooted even closer to John, contemplating waking him up, but then the feeling just passed and everything seemed quiet and normal again.

Two nights later, John and the kids went across the street to do something for my sister's Rita and Regina. I was home alone and not really thinking anything about it.  I was doing little chores through out the house, when I got the uncomfortable feeling that I wasn't I was being watched.  I tried shaking the feeling...but it seemed no matter where I was in the house, for a short while, I'd be in one room, get that strange feeling of being watched, I'd leave the room to do something else and within minutes I'd get that overwhelming feeling again, like something were following me!  At one point, I thought enough was enough....I didn't like what I was feeling, so I'd figure I'd just go sit outside on the front porch...until John and the kids got home.  I opened the front door and discovered immediately...not a second went of the two rocking chairs going all by itself.  I think my first reaction or thought was that the wind was making it rock...even though I could feel no apparent breeze...and as I was walking up to it....I glanced over at the other rocker, but it wasn't moving at all.  When I looked back the rocker that was rocking...the one I planned on sitting was as still as a stone.  I didn't like what I saw, nor the weird feelings I was getting, so I proceeded to go back to the front door and just stand there...and wait.  As I was standing there, I can't explain it...I just suddenly got an impression or feeling or what ever that something just rushed up on me, from behind.  I literally jumped off the door ledge onto the porch, turned around to look behind me and when I didn't see anything, I decided I'd just go across the street....I wasn't staying home alone a minute longer. As I began to walk across the porch, John and the kids, along with my sister Regina were coming down the driveway across the I stopped and shouted to John to hurry up.  When he got to where I was, I asked him what took him so long....I guess he could tell I was tense about something and asked what was wrong with me, why I was so jumpy....I told him, that I just kept feeling like something was around, that's all...and I didn't like being alone so long.

A few days following the above incident...exactly three days....I was in the living room, watching t.v., by myself. My sister Regina had been over visiting, we watched a movie, the kids and John had already gone to bed hours before.  After she left, I laid out on the couch, watching a home improvement show...trying to get some ideas on dressing up our house, when out of the wild blue, I felt a gush of cold wind at my feet. Without budging an inch, I laid there, thinking to myself how odd it was that I felt that cold wind at my feet.  About a minute went by and I felt it again, but it felt as if it were a standing....still coldness at my didn't feel like before, like someone rushing past me and causing a gush of was just lingering in one spot.  It went away...and I figured, well it must be the air conditioning kicking on.....but I didn't feel it again at all...and figured if it were the air conditioner, why did I only feel it that two times, why didn't I continue to feel it as the air kicked on?  Then I also thought about my sitting in that spot, I don't how many times before and never feeling the air circulating around the room like that at my feet before. I decided to change how I were on the sofa, instead of laying down, I would sit up and see if I felt it again...I had my legs sort of laying across the cushions across the sofa....and just then out of the corner of my eye, I saw something white fly by real quick in the corner of the room.  I turned to look that way, expecting to see a moth or something that would of made me see movement....but nothing was around.  I was getting any good ideas from the t.v. show and I wasn't going to stick around to see if anything else happened, so I went to bed.  After going to bed, I woke up a few times, thinking I'd been awaken by different odd sounds in the house...always falling back to sleep after not hearing anything while fully awake.  The next morning my youngest son Justin brought up that something kept waking him up. I asked him what kept waking him up and he said "just sounds...lots of sounds in the house" basically what kept waking me, was also waking him as well. Ghost...I don't know...but something was making sounds to wake us up...and would stop when we were awake and waiting, listening for more wouldn't happen while we were awake, only while we were asleep and off guard, is what I think was happening.

My sister Regina, my youngest son Justin and myself were in the living room watching a movie.  Something caught my eye in the corner of the room, behind the large green chair.  I turned only my eyes to see what it was and there was this weird looking black thing. It was long and cylinder in a long inflated oval balloon. It was sitting horizontal and it appeared to fade into the wall that separates the living room and dining room. By the time it sunk in that I was actually seeing something, I yelled out to Regina "Do you see it?" and right then it just seemed to disappear.  I think it must of went into the wall, I'm not really sure how it disappeared.....because what few seconds I watched it, it wasn't completely still, there was some sort of movement to it, like a slight hovering back and forth motion. I asked Regina  "Did you see it.....did you see that black thing over there?" pointing to the area I saw it in.  She said she hadn't....she'd dozed off for a minute.  For the next few minutes following, I found myself not being able to focus on the movie and found myself more focused on scanning the room to see if this thing came back.  After a few minutes of nothing happening or seeing anything, I went back to watching the movie. I couldn't say if it were five minutes or ten minutes later, I just so happened to look towards the dining room right at the moment something entered from the dining room.  In proportion to the speaker that this gray mass of a person walked in, I would have to say that what I saw was probably a child.  It was gray, a smoky or cloudy looking gray, no head, no apparent feet and it must of been wearing a dress that protruded outwards as it went downwards, because there was a triangular shape to this thing as it faded down and there was a thing sticking out in front of it, like an arm.  As soon as I saw it, I turned my head away from it, to avoid looking at it...and yelled probably loud enough for the neighbors to hear "Oh my God.....something just walked in to the room!"  Regina sat up real quick, not saying a word and just stared back at me.  I told her again "I just saw something....someone walk in here from the dining room, over there by the speaker".  She looked over that way and asked where it went.  I told her I didn't know, because I looked away when I saw it....I didn't want to know where it went.  I then added that she wasn't about to go home and leave us alone with this stuff going on. She stuck around for awhile, until the movie was over.  She joked around a bit that when I went to bed, I'd probably wake up to my bed levitating off the floor or it jumping around....I told her "Yah...and we'll all be at your house when that happens".  After Regina went home, I was up for about an hour afterwards and nothing else ever did happen...nor did anything happen after I went to bed either, thank goodness.

One night when I went to bed, I laid there, saying my prayers as I always do...and I heard a thump on the window above our bed.  I turned to look upwards, laying there, thinking about what might of made the sound...and at the time, ghost was not one of the things I thought may have caused the sound.  So, there I was, laying and imaging maybe a bird flew into the window or something fell from the tree and bounced off the window sill, hitting the window....things like that.  When suddenly I heard a man's voice say "Kimberly".  Right then and there, I knew "ghost" and I could literally feel someone standing in our bedroom doorway looking at me.  I could almost picture a man standing there....but I didn't dare look, because I was too afraid I would see something.  I laid there, I can't explain why...but I actually contemplated waking John up....I don't know why, it was as if something were telling me not's very hard to explain.  It was as if my mind were playing games with me "wake him....I better not wake him up....but I need to wake him up, I'm scared.....but I better not wake him" But I thought, the heck with I reached to grab his arm when I heard what sounded like footsteps.  At first I thought they were leaving, going towards the living room....and I did think for a second "He's leaving"....but as I listened, even now I remember it and there is no mistaking it....the footsteps were approaching....not leaving.  I listened to each step as it got closer and closer and could picture where this thing was with each step....the spare room, the bathroom....and just before they got to the turn in the hall where our bedroom door is, it sounded like someone was tapping a stick or a cane on the wall. I then grabbed John's arm and woke him up.  I asked him to stay awake with me for a while, I was as I put it to him "A little freaked out and unable to sleep....I'm hearing things".   He stayed awake for a little while, never hearing anything else after I woke him up or after he feel back to sleep.  Nothing happened for about a week following....then it started again.

I was in the living room, watching t.v. when something caught my eye....movement.  It looked as if someone had walked up behind me and cast a shadow and then maybe ducked down to I sat up, turned around, looked down on the floor behind me, thinking one of the kids are playing around...but nothing there.  It didn't happen again, until later that night....I was then in the recliner....watching t.v. when again something caught my eye....this time, white.  I turned to look, but no one was there.  That's all that happened that night....but enough for me to know....and I've experienced it enough to know....something was around and I was getting little glimpses of it.  A few nights later....things got going again.  I was watching a movie with my sister...I was sitting on the love seat when again I got a glimpse of movement, I turned real quick and nothing was there.  It happened once after that, but Regina was looking at me at the time and trying not to bring up to her that I saw something....I did say something, but played it off as if it were something else.  As we were facing each other talking, I got the glimpse, swung around real quick to look....and I know she must of suspected I saw something, so I said to her "I saw something, but I think it was the shadow of my arm when I moved" but really, it wasn't.  Later that night....hours later, as I were laying in bed, trying to fall asleep....I heard voices.  Almost like a group of people having a conversation...and my first thought was ghost....then I tried listening real hard to see if it could be the kids t.v. left on....and the longer I listened, I could hear what was on their t.v. but at the same time, I could also hear these voices coming from a different area, from the hall, discussing something, but I couldn't make out what they were saying.  I really didn't try to make out what they were saying....I didn't want to know....I just started focusing on surrounding myself, my children, my husband and our home with a divine white light of protection from God. I don't know when....but during my focusing, repeating it over and over and imaging we were all engulfed with this white light and praying....the voices at some point were gone.

Sunday we spent most of the day at a birthday party and by that evening John, the kids and I were wiped out, so we headed to bed earlier than usual.  Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up.  When I woke up, I felt as if someone had woke me up for something. I don't know how I woke up, I just woke up for no reason. I was laying on my stomach, with my head facing John.  I rolled over, tucked my arm under my pillow and was facing the bathroom.  I had my eyes closed, trying to fall asleep when I heard the voice of a child say something to me.  I can't remember the exact words he said, but he said something along the lines of "He stabbed me in the back and killed me".  The voice was at a normal level that a person would talk if they were talking to someone...not whispering and not shouting...just a normal level....but it said it in kind of a faster pace then a normal person said it kind of if to say it and get it over with.  Immediately my adrenaline just kicked in....I had butterflies in my stomach and my head was buzzing.  I laid there, trying to pretend that I were asleep, imaging this child standing right next to me.  After a good while of complete silence, I turned over on my back and opened my eyes, trying to adjust my eyes in the dark so I could see if I saw anything or anyone around.  Nothing or no one was there.  I laid there for I would say a good half hour to forty-five minutes, because I heard the grandfather clock chime a couple of times.  Nothing else happened and I didn't feel that what ever was there, was there anymore, so I ended up falling asleep.  Then when I woke up....later that evening, things got going again.

After I got up Monday morning, the kids and I headed to my mother's.  We did the usual....home schooling, I run errands for my mother, work in her yard, etc...  John got off work, we ate dinner and then about nine we headed for home.  My sister Regina came over for coffee and we were sitting in the living room talking....I was telling her about the little boy I heard in the bedroom.  We got to watching tv and I don't know why, but I just so happened to glance over at the aquarium when something caught my eye in the kitchen. I would say it were a little taller than my youngest son Justin and it were pale and skin toned and I jumped when I saw it and before I knew it, it was gone....vanished.  At first I did think it were Justin and I leaned back on the loveseat to see if I could see him in the kitchen....but nothing was there.  I turned to Regina and said I think I just saw something in the a kid, but it vanished before I knew it.  Just before midnight, we were still watching tv and the little black circles we see from time to showed up and zipped across the living room floor, past the coffee table and out of my view. I said to Regina "don't look now, but one of those black circles just went your way".  She sat up and looked around and if to look for it.  She asked me when's the last time I saw one....and I told her it had been awhile, why?  She said a few nights earlier, while she was over watching a movie, our cat Fry was laying on the corner chair when she thought she saw one on the floor and it looked like it went up in the air and on the chair where Fry was. It was as if it just hopped right up where the cat was laying.  I told her I didn't see it....this is the first time I've seen one in a while. Off on and on while watching tv, I kept looking around to see if anything showed up on the floor and ever so often I'd turn real quick and look into the kitchen, but never did see anything else.

I also want to say that within the next two months, we're about to have part of our backyard dug out to put in an inground swimming pool.  We've been contemplating having this done, because we were told by the psychic detective that if we ever dug in our backyard (twenty-five feet either way from our back garage and beneath the garage) we'd more than likely find insignias, belt buckles, silverware, etc.... So, to my own personal opinion....I'm afraid we may be desecrating graves, if the area we're putting in the pool is the area she spoke about.  So, between now and then...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and digging up this area, won't cause things to get worse around here.  The last time we dug in our backyard, which is in the area where we're going to have the pool put about where we've dug up canon balls before. Not to mention, if we were to draw a straight line from the area we dug the canon balls up before, to our neighbors's where he also dug up a canon ball in his yard.  So, for now, we're keeping our fingers crossed.

I've come to the conclusion that a new ghost has found it's way to our home. How it got here and why he's here...I haven't a clue, as of yet.  It's definitely a young boy.  Last night, he made two more verbal attempts to communicate and/or he's trying to make me aware of his presence...which he's done a pretty good job at.  The first incident happened while I was turning off all the lights, getting ready to go to bed.  I had just turned the tv components off and as I turned and began walking towards the corner lamp to turn it off, he called out to me from the hall.  I only understood the first word and the few words that followed, I didn't understand at all.  His first word was loud and clear, but the other words seemed to fade away as I turned and looked in the direction he was calling from.  He shouted "Hey...(and everything after that was completely inaudible)".  I wasn't scared or anything....but I was bothered by the thought he chose to do this while I was up by myself.  Anyway, I finished locking all the doors, fed the fish, turned off the lights and headed to bed.  The second time I heard him, was while I was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep.  It sounded like he were crying or whimpering about something in the hall, just outside our bedroom door. It didn't go on and just happened briefly then stopped....almost as if he stopped when he realized he'd gotten my attention.  Even though, this were the third time I've heard this child within the last few days, I still needed to make sure it weren't one of my kids I'd heard.  Reluctant to do it....I did....I got out of bed, walked to the bedroom door, opened it, reached out the door to turn on the hall light, walked into the hall, looked down the hall towards the living room, opened the door to my sons' room, checked on them....they were fine, asleep....and I just stood in the hall, wondering why this child who was obviously in distress was suddenly here....and what I was going to do about it.  At this point, I do know what I could or should do...."BUT", I'm still spooked by the incident in October and the last thing I want to do is have anything to do with ghost.  I went back in the bedroom, laid down and thought about it......and it wasn't a very comfortable feeling either, because I don't know if I allowed my imagination get the best of me or what, but I could swear I felt this child....I could visualize this child standing right next to my side of the bed, just standing there, looking down at me.  I've pretty much made up my mind that I'm not going to let this stuff get to me....this is our home and as long as they keep to themselves, I will oblige as well.  So, up to the point of me adding this to the site, I'm still wondering what the best thing for me to do is....or I should say....what I feel comfortable doing.

I was working on my computer, posting my sister's resume for her on the internet.  I had several print outs I was working from and had the pencil resting on the top keys of the computer keyboard for easy access when I needed to write notes on the papers.  I was busy typing away, needed to jot something down and when I went to grab for the was gone.  Not thinking anything of it, figuring it must of just fallen off or I may have laid it down on the paper and it rolled off the computer table...I leaned down and began looking around my chair and the computer for the was no where. I turned around in my chair, looked under the papers I had neatly stacked on the table, sorted by categories.....not there either.  I stood up, got on my hands and knees looked all over the floor and all around my desk, all under the table for the was no where.  So, I got out another pencil from my pencil bag, went to the pencil sharpener, sharpened back and there was the pencil laying on my computer as if it had been there the whole time. Ok, I thought "Well, I must be losing my mind....back to work".  Then next thing I know, I'm typing away at my computer when I noticed movement next to me....I look over and all the papers I had on the table were now, flying all around me.  As if a big gush of wind just blew them all over the place.  Where I sit and work, has no windows and even if the air conditioning kicked on....the papers had been sitting there, already over two hours how the papers began to fly all over, I don't know. I gathered them all up, resorted them....and got to thinking that maybe the pencil and the papers "may" be the work of our ghost....and no sooner did that thought come to mind....the dining room light flickered off and on.  I stopped what I was doing, looked up at the lights and announced (assuming it were the work of our ghost) "Ok, enough is enough...don't be playing games with me now...I'm busy trying to get Toni's stuff into the computer". Went back to work and maybe a ten minutes later, I'm not sure how much time could of been five minutes, but a little while later, I heard what sounded like someone in the kitchen dropping things.  I turned around to look to see what the kids were doing up....but the light was off and no one was in there.  I finished up what I was doing and went to bed without any further incidents.

In the middle of the afternoon...and I the middle of the afternoon, around two o'clock, I was sitting at the dining room table eating lunch.  John, Corey, Justin and my niece Avalon were sitting in the living room, eating and watching t.v.  I was looking down at my food, when I saw something from the top of eyes move towards me or move across the table.  It looked kind of like an arm....and when I looked up to see what it was, nothing was there.  "BUT" when I looked in the direction I saw this flesh colored thing reach out....I saw a tiny toy, that was laying on the table about a foot in front of me, begin to move.  It started out rocking back and forth very slowly...then went into a full spin around and around in a circle over and over again.  I sat there, shocked at what I was watching  happening right in front of me, so I got my hand and pounded on the table real hard as if to tell it to "Stop"....and it did, it stopped dead.  John asked me what I was doing, because I guess I pounded so hard on the table that it got his attention....I didn't respond at first.  But as I sat there, looking at this toy as still as a piece of wood, I got to thinking that maybe it were moving from something I did....maybe shaking my leg or the way I moved my arms I had resting on the table.  So, I began doing things to try and get this toy to move again.  I pressed my arms down, moving them around, I got my leg and pressed it against the bottom of the table and began shaking it...I rested my feet on the table legs and shook them, moved them around, kicked the table.  Still it didn't move, but just very, very slightly as if to just jar the toy around.  Then I got more aggressive with trying to get the toy to move, by pounding on the table over and over....I picked up the table edge and shook it and dropped it....I grabbed hold of it and shook it back and forth....that got it to move more, but it only made the item slide around, not rock back and forth and spin around in a circle.  Nothing I did would make this toy move the way it did while I was watching it move and by now, with all the commotion I was making, John and the kids were shouting at me what in the world I was doing....because I know it had to seem to them, like I were trying to destroy our table with my bare hands.  I told them they didn't want to know and went on to eating my lunch. I later told John about the incident...and because we were expecting guests at our home to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday later that evening, I had to call a few of the guests who get easily spooked with our home and forewarn them that our ghost were up to no good.  But everyone showed up without further my knowledge.

We had just gotten home from the movies and I went into the garage to finish up some laundry I'd started before we left.  Justin came into the garage and began playing with his wrestling figures.  At one point he came over to me and whispered something about playing a joke on Corey.  I went on with doing the laundry when I heard a voice whispering behind me.  I said out loud "Hold on, let me get these clothes going first"....but the voice continued to whisper.  I wasn't really paying a whole lot of attention to what they were saying....only that I could hear someone just whispering away about something.  I then said "Wait, wait, I haven't heard anything you've said" and as I turned around, no one was there and the whispering stopped.  I looked over at the hockey table but Justin wasn't there. I saw that the door going from the dining room to the garage was open and figured Justin must be behind the door, so I started to walk that way when I heard the whispering again.  It was again behind me, but on the opposite side of the room, coming from the window. I thought that Corey and Justin must be playing a joke on me now....and I said "Ok guys, get in the house, it's too late for you to be outside".  They didn't answer or pop their heads through the window, so I walked into the dining room to go to the back doors to tell them to come in, when I saw them both laying on the loveseat and sofa....they looked asleep.  I stood in the living room doorway and said to them "Were you two just outside?", but they didn't answer...they were asleep. definitely wasn't them I heard whispering to me.  The very next day, something else happened.

We'd been working in the yard all day Sunday.  I needed to run to the grocery store to buy something to make for dinner.  I asked Justin if he would run with me to the store and he said he would.  I told him to hop in the shower while I ironed my clothes.  He got out of the shower and I went in.  I was standing in the shower bathing, when I saw someone walk past the shower curtain and go to the sink.  Figuring it were Justin getting something or brushing his teeth, I didn't think much of it, until it dawned on me, I didn't see his shadow at the sink.....I saw someone go by, but I didn't see them still in the bathroom. I called out to Justin a couple of times before he finally answered.  I asked him if he'd just been in the bathroom for anything, but he said no, he was in the living room putting on his shoes.  When I got out, I asked him again if he'd been in the bathroom, because I saw someone come in and go to the sink...and he remarked "no, I wasn't in're starting to freak me out....was it a ghost?"  I told him I didn't know and we left for the store.

About eleven in the morning, the kids and I were getting to run to the school board to drop off their test scores for the school year.  I was in the bathroom, getting ready to take my shower when I heard as clear as day, my son Corey call Justin.  It sounded as if Corey were in his bedroom, with the bedroom door closed....because it sounded muffled and almost distant.  Within maybe a minute, I heard Justin outside the bathroom door calling to me "What....what....Mama....what?"  I answered "Corey's calling you".  He replied "Uh huh, Corey's in the living room with me".  I didn't answer back right away, because I was trying to figure out what had just happened, with me hearing Corey calling for Justin.  Then just before I stepped into the shower, Corey was outside the bathroom door, calling me.  He asked if I'd just called Justin and I told him I hadn't.  I then told him, I thought he had called Justin....from their bedroom.  He said, "No, I thought you called him....I heard you call him from your bedroom" then there was a pause, because I didn't know what to say back, because right then and there, I knew something wasn't right.  He then added that I sounded far away when I called him.  I then told Corey, under no circumstances, if you or Justin hear what you think is me calling either one of you, do you answer.  He then told me he was scared, what should he do.  I told him to go watch t.v. and get his mind off of it, I would be right out.  I got dressed and we left the house immediately.  While driving to the school board, Corey brought it up again.  He asked if I was sure I didn't call Justin.....and I assured him I hadn't....that I heard him calling Justin.  I explained to him the voice I heard, definitely sounded like his call out "Justin".  Justin added that he didn't hear either one of us call to him....he was too busy watching t.v and then Corey told him I was calling him, so he came to see what I wanted.  What I don't understand is this....if who ever, what ever it was called for Justin, then why was Justin the only one who didn't hear anything.  And why did it want me to believe it were Corey calling Justin and why did it want Corey to think I was calling Justin.....what was the purpose of that???

Wednesday night....after everyone went to bed, I stayed up to finish up a few things I needed to get done.  I decided to smoke one last cigarette before heading to bed.  I was sitting in the living room, with all the lights off, except for the kitchen and hall light.  I was just sitting there smoking, when Corey came out of his room and asked when I was going to bed.  I told him as soon as I finished my cigarette. He kissed me goodnight and went back into his bedroom.  I honestly don't know how long it were after he went to bed, but it didn't seem very long....I was about done with my cigarette when something caught my eye to my left on the floor, near the t.v.  When I turned to look, I saw what appeared to be a miniature comet, arc as it passed over a floor tile. I didn't see where it came from or if it came out of the floor....when it caught my eye and I reacted it was already midair, heading in an upwards motion and then it just began to descend downwards and it then it just disappeared into the floor.  It was small, I would say about the size of a nickel and very, very white and it had a faint glow to it, with a trail behind it.  If I had to draw it, I would draw a comet or falling star....that's what it looked like....but miniature in size. I don't want to say that I got scared by it....I think I were more startled....and when I went to bed, I think I felt a little worried that it was the start of things.  Nothing did happen after I went to bed, but for the next several days following, it's all I've thought about.  I've been trying to figure it out....what was it....was it an orb....because it looked a lot like the orbs I've video taped flying around the hall....only this one was different, it had a trail behind it.  I don't know what it was....I've been telling my family it were an orb....but I really don't know.  Then come niece came to visit for the weekend....and other things began happening.

Every since Friday current, which I'm updating this page on Sunday night...the 18th.....something has been calling my niece.  The first time Avalon came to me and asked if I'd called her, I didn't think anything of it.  Then it happened a second time, a third, a forth and now......I've counted her coming to me and asking me five times.  Five times, this child has heard someone calling her....but it wasn't me.  I think she thinks I'm playing a trick on her....I don't want to ask her just yet about the it sounds, etc....because she's staying another night and I don't want to frighten her.  But she swears I've called her...and after the second time, I just smile and say "Wasn't me".  When I think it's safe to ask her....when we're away from our my mother's visiting....I'll ask her about the voice calling her...then I'll update this page with what she tells me.  So, for now....I'll move on to what my son saw earlier tonight.

My sister Regina, Corey and my niece Avalon...along with myself were in the living room, watching a movie.  Corey was sitting with me on the loveseat.  Next thing I knew, Corey had scooted all the way over and ducked down on the sofa, pressed up against my arm.  I turned to him, because he was basically crowding me right off the sofa....and I asked him "What are you doing?" He didn't answer me.  I could tell by the look on his face, something were wrong....and by now, I could tell, he'd seen something.  So, I began going through the routine of prying the information from him, by asking him questions and he nodding yes or no.  I asked if he'd seen something....he nodded yes.  I asked him "In here?" He nodded "No".  I asked if it were next to me, he nodded no again.  I asked him if it were behind me and he nodded yes.  I asked him if it were still behind me, he nodded no.  I asked him if it walked past me, he nodded no.  I asked if it were near the aquarium, he hesitated....and then nodded yes.  I asked if it were in the kitchen....he nodded yes.  I asked him if it were still there, he nodded no.  I asked him if it were big like a grown up, he nodded no.  I asked if it were small like a kid, he nodded yes.  I asked him where it went...he didn't answer and motioned towards the hall.  So, I asked if he'd seen a kid, come out of the kitchen and go down the hall and he nodded yes.  I dropped it...and about two hours later, we went to the convenient store to pick a few things.  On the way home, I asked him about the incident.  He said he were sitting on the sofa and noticed something out of the corner of his eye.....still, like someone just standing in one spot.  When he turned to look, he saw something, dark, like a shadow, up against the doorway to the kitchen and when he looked at it, it took off down the hall.  I asked if it ran or walked....he said he didn't know, it just took off real quick.

A little after ten in the morning I'm sitting in the dining room, talking on the phone with a relative.  Actually through out the morning, I'd been talking on the phone with three relatives (Juanita, Dean and Judy) and also my husband John.  Well, at this particular time, I was on the phone with Juanita talking about different things.  I was sitting in my computer chair with my feet propped up on one of the dining room chairs.  I was facing the aquarium, watching the fish while Juanita was talking.  Well, through the reflection in the aquarium can see a good part of the living room.  As I was sitting there, I saw what looked like a size, walking through the living room, heading towards the dining room where I was at on the phone.  I turned to look to see if it were my son Corey (because he's taller than I am...and the only other person home now that would be that size)....but no one was there.  I tell you, the hairs on my arm, literally stood on end.  Because Juanita doesn't like talking about ghost, I didn't interrupt her to tell her what I'd just seen.  After I got off the phone with her....I called my husband and told him that Dean had called and wanted to meet us somewhere later that evening.  Got off the phone with John....called Dean back to let him know we'd be there.  I began telling Dean about the reflection I'd seen and while I was talking with him, I lit a cigarette.  I took a couple of drags off it and while I was talking away, I set it in the little groves on the ashtray and began twisting it around to remove the excess ashes.  While I was doing this.....I don't know why, but I decided to turn around and move the mouse on my computer so that the screen saver wouldn't pop on while I was talking on the phone and have the blaring music startle me....I was still a little jumpy from seeing the person walking in the reflection.  I turned back around in my chair to retrieve my cigarette....a cigarette I'd just lit seconds ago....and now it was gone.  I remarked to Dean about the cigarette disappearing....he told me I'd better find it.  Well, I looked all over the table, all over the floor, I stood up and checked my clothes.....that cigarette was gone, no where to be found.  I continued talking to Dean, we were talking about the reflection I'd seen and now the cigarette turned up missing....when my phone started to beep, as if I were getting another call in.  It beeped a few times and I told Dean I'd just call him later before we got together.....hung up with him, went to get the other one was there.  I hung up, brought up my caller call came through at that time....the last call I got was at 10:21 in the morning and here I'd just heard another call coming through at 11:07.  I hung up the phone, called Judy and told her that things are really starting to get weird around here. I told her all that had happened so far, got off the phone with her and decided to get my mind off it, because I wasn't going to let it bother me.  I figured I'd focus my attention on other things.  I was sitting at my computer, about to go online when Chewy, who was laying by my feet began to growl. I turned around in my chair to see what he were growling at....nothing there.  He kept growling off and on a few times, when at one point, I went to turn around in my chair (left) towards him....when I saw what looked like someone walk up to my back shoulder on the right.  I didn't know to swing left or right.  I sat there as still as a board.....and felt this cold breeze all around my ankles, as if someone had just turned a fan on and faced it towards my feet.  I said out loud "Ok, enough is enough, leave me alone already".  I sat at my computer a little while longer, Chewy still continued to growl every so often.....and I still don't know what he were growling at.....but he doesn't growl for nothing.  I guess what ever was around, never fully left, but it hasn't bothered me anymore.  I sit here typing this out and it may just be me being paranoid about all that has happened, but I can feel as if I'm being watched right now.  If anything else happens, I will update it later....I've got to go do something to get my attention and focus on something else.  I just feel if I keep talking about it and thinking about it, I'm just feeding it the attention it's wanting.....and I'm not going to give it one single solitary ounce of's got to go!!

I was laying in bed, facing the bathroom and with my back to John.  I finished up my prayers and was just laying there, thinking about this and that, trying to fall asleep.  I don't how long it was....several minutes, fifteen was a little while of me laying in bed that I suddenly felt something on top of me.  It wasn't someone or something sat on me or was trying to hold me was a lighter kind of someone lightly laid a blanket over me, like that.  It was a soft, slow feel of something being draped or laid over me.  I thought "hmmm.....not good".  So, I waited a few seconds and then rolled over and faced John.  Then he started making all these weird sounds, like he were trying to call for help or trying to talk in his sleep.  He mumbling and screaming and acting as though he were having a really bad nightmare. I know you're not supposed to try and wake someone when it's apparent their having a bad nightmare, so I just laid there and left him to carry on.  It got silent and then I heard him say to me "Kimber, are you awake?" I told him I was and asked if he was o.k. He said he'd had a really bad dream. I asked him what it was about and he said "ghosts".  I asked him if they were trying to get him or something, because he was really carrying on something awful. He said no, they weren't trying to get him, they were trying to get me (Kimberly).  I tried to reassure him that it was only a dream and it was over...but then he said something to me, that kind of disturbed me. He said that ever since we switched sides of the bed, he's been having these same reoccurring dreams about ghosts.  I asked him it were the same exact dream over and over or just different dreams involving ghosts...he said "no, it's the same dream every time".  Which, I may be wrong...but I think that it may be that something is attempting to contact him....but I couldn't be wrong.  Anyway, we were up talking for a little while and went to sleep.  The next morning, it continued.

A little after eight in the morning, my sister Toni called me. I had just woke up, so I told her I'd have to call her back.  I went into the living room, got on the phone and called her back.  I was sitting on the recliner when all of a sudden I heard what sounded like someone wearing work boots or heavy shoes, stomping their feet as they ran down the hall...and pounding their fists real hard on the walls and doors. And weird thing also sounded like my floors were wooden (which our floors are concrete) and I can't explain it, but something about the sound, sounded as if sand or debris was flying as they ran.  I had to shhhh Toni for a second, because it caught me off guard....and when she got silent....I asked her if she'd heard that sound over the phone.  She asked me what sound....I then told her I'd call her right back...something weird just happened. We got off the phone, went down the hall, turned on the bathroom light, looked around in the bedrooms, nothing.  Just as I closed the kid's bedroom door, I heard the phone ring. I rushed back into the living room, grabbed the phone on the second ring, but when I picked it up to say "hello" all I got was a dial tone.  I did *69, it said the last call came from Toni's number.  I figured, well she must of called me to find out why I had to hang up so quickly....but when I called her and asked if she'd just called a second ago, she said she hadn't....that the last she called was when she woke me up and I said I had to call her back. I told her I needed to check my caller ID, because the phone definitely rang twice.....but if weren't her....I didn't understand why *69 said it was her number.  I checked my caller ID and it showed the last call came in at 8:03, which is when Toni called earlier...yet the phone rang at 8:17.....that didn't show on the caller ID.  I don't know, but I'm assuming, while I was looking around, to find the source of that weird pounding noise, something must of tried to either get me out of the hall or distract me or lure me into the living room.  Nothing's happened since then.

Things are getting to be quite active around here.  A few weeks ago, Johnny and I were helping my sister move from her house...and because the storage unit they rented wasn't quite large enough for all their belongings, I told my sister to put the rest of it in our front garage.  Wellllllllllll.....I think maybe....something in her stuff in our garage may have a ghost attachment and is now in our home.  Let me explain.  About a month ago, Toni's brother in law was in a terrible car accident.  At the time the phone call came in to my mother's home....Toni was shopping with Juanita and Judy was sitting home with my mother and Toni's daughter Avalon.  Toni's husband John was home, two houses away.  So, Judy went to Toni and John's house to tell him his mother had called about his brother being med-vaced to a nearby hospital.  When Judy arrived at the door, she heard a child laughing really loud in the living room.  She said it kind of stunned her for a minute, because she knew the only female child that would be there, would be Avalon...and she was at our mother's home.  So, she proceeded to knock a few times...until John answered the door.  She told him about the call and by the time she walked back to my mother's home....Toni and Juanita had returned.  John immediately rushed over to pick up Toni so they could rush to the hospital.  What Toni later told the family was very disturbing.  She said that John was worried things were worse than they turned out to be, because something had happened to him just before Judy knocked on the door.  He said he fell asleep in the living room, watching t.v.  He woke up to the sheet he was covered up with, over his face...not thinking much about it...he pulled it off down to his chest and proceeded to try and fall back to sleep.  While he was lying there, still awake, he felt the sheet jerk and cover his face again.  He pulled it off and looked around, figuring the kids must of come home and were playing a joke on him.  He pulled the sheet down again and again, the sheet yanked over his face.  He was worried that what ever was doing this to him, was trying to tell him that someone had died.  He associated the blanket being pulled over his face to what they do to a corpse when someone dies.....they cover the face with a blanket or sheet.  His mind was put to rest when he discovered that no one died....but there was still the worry of why something were pulling a blanket over his face and at the same time this had been going on, Judy heard a female child laughing and carrying on.  So, I believe that this child ghost was perhaps playing a game with John and Judy heard the laughter from it.  Several months later, I encountered the child as well, briefly...and I now believe she could be in our home now.

Toni and John were moving out of their home, storing their things in storage and our front garage until a new home is ready for them to move in to....hopefully within the next few months.  The last night of helping them move their things, my husband Johnny, Toni's husband John and my cousin Crissy's husband Billy were hauling things to our home to store.  Toni and I were the only one's left in Toni's house, packing.  We were in her bedroom putting things in boxes.....when I had to "pardon my bluntness".....pee.  I went to the bathroom and next thing I knew, I heard a was like a tap or what I remember as a single footstep.   Toni was in the room working, so I just figured it was here, moving things about.  Well, before I knew it, a child was laughing really, really hard outside the bathroom door and the odd thing about this laugh was that it had an echoing sound to it.  Figuring the kids ran over from my mother's home....I hadn't locked the bathroom door, I called out to who ever it was "Hello", as if to let them know I were in there and not to barge in.  Silence....not another giggle, not another sound, not another nothing.  Puzzled I didn't hear anyone walk away, I finished up washing my hands and called out one last time before I stepped out the door.  Frankly....there was something disturbing about hearing this child laugh.  I don't know if it's because I realized what I heard was a ghost or because some old fears stirred up from living in our other home and being terrorized in the bathroom by something pounding to get in.  Toni swears up and down she didn't hear the child laughing....and I don't doubt she didn't.....but I did and for what ever I did and she didn't.....I just soon not go back to that part of the I just stayed in the kitchen and packed things up in there.   Then....later that night, after we brought over the last load, something again happened concerning a female child...and it's what makes me believe that perhaps something either followed me from Toni's or this child is attached to something brought over and stored.

After we got home from helping Toni and John move.....I realized I'd forgotten to stop at the store to pick up milk on my way home.  So....I asked the kids if they wanted to run to the 24-hour grocery store with me to pick up a few things.   John had gone to bed, Justin decided to go with me and Corey decided to stay and fix a toy he found at Toni's that didn't work.  So, Justin and I were off to the store.  Right when I got to the check out and was putting my things on the belt, my cell phone rang.  I asked Justin to grab it, because I needed to finish unloading our groceries.  It was Corey.  Justin handed me the phone and said Corey was really upset about something.  Corey wanted to know how much longer before we would be home. I explained that I was just checking out and would be home within ten or fifteen minutes, why?  He said he was scared and wanted to know if it were o.k if he sat on the front porch and waited for us.  He didn't want to tell me what happened over the phone.  I told him to go wake up Daddy....but he said he didn't want to go to our bedroom, because the hall light was off and it were dark.  So, I told him it would be fine for him to sit outside until we got home...and needless to say, I raced home.  Corey stood at the car and handed us to the groceries to carry in....I could tell he was doing this, to avoid going in the house.  After everything were put away, we sat in the rockers on the porch and talked about what had happened that had him so scared.  He said while he was in the garage working on the toy, he had his back to Toni and John's things.  He had the toy taken apart on top of the washing machine and that's when he heard voices talking to him.  He said he turned around real quick, but the voices stopped.  I asked him if it were two men, two women....a man and a woman?  He said, it was a little girls voice....except it was hard to tell if it were just one little girl talking or two.  I asked him to explain and he said because the voice had an echo to it, he couldn't tell if it were just one little girl talking or two little girls talking.  Right then, I made the connection to what I heard at Toni's earlier that evening....because the laugh I heard also had an echo.  So, now I'm wondering if something from Toni's house is now here.

Late in the morning, I was doing my household chores....when I decided to take a little break.  I sat on the recliner and called John at work....he wasn't available, so I started talking to Laura.  While I was talking to Laura, I heard water running.  At first, I thought it was the water from the icemaker in the refrigerator, but when that kicks on, it usually shuts off immediately....and this was steady water running.  So, I got up, while still talking to Laura and walked over to the wasn't coming from the kitchen.  I could still hear the water running, so I figured "Well, one of the kids must be up".  So, I began walking to the bathroom to see if they were ready for cereal.  But as I approached the bathroom, I could see the light was off.  The door was closed, but not completely.  I said something along the lines to Laura like "What the hell is going on here....wait....I need to check something".  I could hear the water was coming from inside the bathroom and as I reached and pushed the door open....the water sound stopped.  I flipped the light on and looked around.  The sink was dry, the tub was dry.....and the it wasn't the toilet.

Later that night.....I was already in bed, when I remembered I was supposed to leave John a note to not forget to take Laura her birthday gift with him to work.  I got up and saw that the hall light, the bathroom light and the kitchen light were on.  When I walked to the kitchen, Corey and Justin were up, grabbing snacks to take with them to their room.  They went to bed and I grabbed a note pad and pen and began writing John the note.  Out of the corner of my eye....I'm not sure exactly what I saw, but what little I did, it looked like someone walked past the kitchen doorway and in to the living room.  I remember seeing black and gray and I swear the black and gray looked like hair streaming long strands of hair whoosh by.  I put the note down by the coffee maker and walked up the kitchen doorway.  I looked into the living room, but it was dark and no one was in there.  I turned off the kitchen light, turned off the bathroom light and then as I got to the end of the hall, I opened the kid's bedroom door to make sure it weren't one of them I saw go by....but they were both in their room.  I told them goodnight, turned off the hall light and went to bed.  Needless to say, I had a real hard time falling asleep, worried something else would happen....but it didn't until the following morning.

I was in the living room, sitting on the recliner, watching t.v. The kids were in their room, watching t.v.  Again, out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement in the dining room, I turned to look....Chewy was under the I figured I must of seen Chewy.  Then a few minutes later I saw movement again, but a longer someone walk by real fast, yet slow enough for me to see enough movement to know....this was much larger than a little dog....this was adult size.  I turned to look, one there.  I didn't see movement after that, so I figured "Oh well".  Well then a few minutes later I'm sitting there, back to watching my show on t.v. and I hear "Pssssst", like someone trying to get my attention from the dining room. I leaned up in my chair, looked around, no one.  I sat back and heard it again.....again, I sat up, looked around, nothing.  Well, now I figured it must be one of the kids trying to play a joke on me, so I got up, walked through the dining room, walked through the kitchen, went to the kids on the bed, one on the floor, watching t.v.  I asked if they had come out of their room, but they both said they hadn't.  And I could tell, if it were one of them joking around, when I asked, they would of started laughing....and I could tell, they were engrossed in what they were watching on t.v.  So, I left their room, went back to the living room, sat down and nothing has happened since then.

It was already dark outside and being I love to swim at  night, I asked the kids if they wanted to get in the pool for a little while.  We headed out to the pool and were probably in it for maybe a half an hour before something strange happened.  Justin and I were having a floating contest, Corey stood near the stairs and decided to be the judge.  I was floating face up, with my ears and half my body under water.  While floating around, I heard an eerie moaning sound....and it was loud.  I jumped up, Justin was still floating and I looked over at Corey, who was now making his way to me and I asked him "Did you hear that weird sound?"  He asked "What sound".  I told him it sounded like a man moaning real loud.  He replied "Dah" as if to tell me "What do you think?!"  Justin bobbed up and came over to where Corey and I were huddled together discussing what we'd heard and what direction we thought it came from.  Justin said he didn't hear it.  I told Corey to run and get Daddy.  John came out and stood at the edge of the pool with Corey and we told him what we'd both heard.  He went inside and got the flash light.  He looked around the yard....but couldn't find anything. Corey said he thought it came from around the side of the back garage....I didn't know where it came from, only that it was loud enough for me to hear it under water, with ear plugs in my ears.  John walked around that area and looked, but didn't find anything.  I chalked it off as probably one of the neighbors out in their yard, saw us in the pool and decided to have a little fun with us....but then the next night, something else happened and now I'm starting to wonder.

The next night, John and the kids were in the pool and I was in the house, making a pot of coffee, while talking to my sister Judy on the phone.  When the coffee was done, I went outside with my coffee and continued to talk to Judy.  John saw that I'd made coffee and asked if I'd make him a cup. He got out of the pool and sat down at the patio table.  I went inside and while I was standing at the counter, making him a cup of coffee....I heard behind me, somewhere between the refrigerator and the living room....a man talking. I didn't understand one single solitary word...just the brief sound of a male voice talking.  I remarked out loud "What the heck was that", whipped around and looked towards the living room.  I said to Judy "I just heard a man's voice talking behind me".  She said she heard it too.  I asked her what it was she heard.  She said, I was just talking away and in the background, she heard a man's voice saying something....but assumed it was John talking to me, but when I remarked "what the heck was that and then told her I'd heard a man's voice, she realized something wasn't right.  She asked me if John was in the house with me, but I told her "No, I'm in here (meaning the house) alone....John's outside by the pool with the kids".  After that, I went outside and stayed out there until John and the kids came in....there was no way I would or could be in the house alone after that.   Weird thing is....just prior to hearing the moaning the night before and this happening....I'd woke up at four in the morning from a horrible nightmare about a man murdering a family in a two story house.  I don't know how significant the dream is to these two incidents, but it's really odd I dream about this man killing a family and then encounter something with a male presence twice in two nights.

The nightmare was that this woman asked me to go to a home and tell her if I picked up on anything in the home.  We walked around the first floor of the home and I told her that I didn't pick up on anything in that part of the house. We walked up the stairs to the second floor and entered an empty room.  I suddenly felt this overwhelming feeling of horror and panic.  I told her that I believed something horrible happened in the house...from the feeling in the room...and also felt the presence of children. She confirmed that the room we were in was a children's room.  Just as she were telling me this, I looked through the doorway and saw the silhouette of a man's face against the wall in the hall.  I pointed towards this face and told her to look, there's (and I picked up on a name then) Mr. Crumpton or Mr. Crompton (a name like that).  She kept asking me where the face was, because she couldn't see it....and I continued pointing at it saying "over there....right there".  Well all of a sudden I felt this rush of horror and the need to hurry up and get out of the house...because something really horrible and negative was coming into the room and I began shouting at this woman "Hurry,".  We darted down the stairs and out on to either a back porch or deck. I stood there asking her if she could feel all that horrible negative energy coming into the room where we were at, but she just stood there, bent over trying to get her breath.  I told her that something really, really bad has happened in this house and didn't know what it was, but was sure it had something to do with people dying horrible deaths.  She confirmed that I was right and said something about a family named Krauss and I don't know if she said they were murdered or they owned the house or something like that...but said an entire family was murdered in the home.  She also said that since this family had been murdered the home has nearly or has caught on fire twice since then.  I woke up and I was literally dripping in sweat.  I was so upset from this nightmare that I had to wake John up to sit with me, give me my bible to hold on to and sleep with the lights on.  Maybe it were just a nightmare and has no meaning or significance...I just started thinking how odd it was that I dreamed this and only sixteen hours later Corey and I had that encounter in the pool and then the next night, a man is heard by not only myself...but over the phone by my sister too, talking.  Maybe it's just coincidence....but if it is, it sure is strange.

We were getting ready to watch our favorite weekly tv show.  I had made an apple pie earlier and asked John and the kids if they wanted a piece....John did.  I went to the kitchen to get John and I a piece of pie, before the show started.  As I walked through the dining room to go to the living room, to give John his pie...there sitting at the table was a little boy.  And I don't know how I knew it were a little boy, because all I saw was the back of the head....the dark hair as it just showed over the top of the back of the chair.  Then within a few steps of me walking in that direction...he just vanished before my eyes.  And it was like, I saw him there, realized I'd seen him sitting there....but before I could stop myself from taking any further steps in that direction, he was gone.   Two nights prior to seeing this boy, I was working on my computer, trying to link missing persons to John and Jane Does.  As I was sitting there, busy at work...I saw someone walk up behind me and just stand. Because I was so engrossed in what I was doing, I held up my finger as to say "Wait a second".  When I finished what I was doing, I looked over, no one was there. And I saw this person approach me, saw them standing there and felt them there, but when I looked, there wasn't anything or anyone there!

Well....our ghosts really decided to show their behinds while we had guests visiting.  My sister Toni and her two children (Avalon and Adam) came to spend the weekend with us.  It wasn't the first time they'd stayed for a few days....but the first time our ghosts acted up while they stayed overnight.  Toni has had only one encounter in our home...but it's been nearly thirteen years ago since she felt something/someone standing over her while she put my son's shoes on in the nursery.  Now, when she visits, one of the first things she does when she walks in our house is announces she's here, as a visitor and asks our ghosts politely to please not bother her during her stay.  Well....for what ever reason...and I have a few theories, they decided to really get her goat.  She and I had stayed up late, watching tv and talking...until about three in the morning.  I did my usual, check and lock all doors, feed fish.....turn the lights out.  Well, I had turned the tv off, went to the garage to throw in a load of laundry in the wash and headed to bed.  I was in bed maybe a five or ten minutes.....which was well over a half an hour since I'd went through the house, turning everything off.  Well, next thing I knew, I heard this loud sound of either a tv or radio, blaring through the house.  I got up, assuming one of the kids had gotten up and turned the tv on in their room a little too loud (well...way too loud) I got up to check.  I got out of bed, walked out the bedroom door and just before flipping on the light switch in the dawned on me "the tv's on in the living room and there's a light on".  I walked down the hall, looked into the living room to see who was up...empty.  I went to the room Toni was in and told her "the tv in the living room just came on by itself".  She jumped out of bed and we both went into the living room.  We remarked about the lamp being on...and I wasn't sure at the time, if I'd turned that lamp off or not....but after going back to bed and recounting everything that happened...I remembered that when I'd gone to bed the first time....the bathroom light was on, so I had to walk over, shut it off...which left me in a pitch black hall way and I remember how I rushed to the hall light switch to flip it on, so I could get to my bedroom door, without being stuck in the dark.  Anyway....Corey, Adam and Avalon ended up waking up and coming in the living room, where Toni and I were at, discussing the tv coming on by itself.  I was telling her how it hadn't been the first time...and we were trying to figure out why our ghost, of all the times she'd been over visiting, did they pick this particular night.  During our discussion, Corey said he was going to the bathroom.  I'm just sitting there and we're all talking.....when Corey comes and stands right in front of me, looking towards the hall.  I asked him what was wrong and he said when he came out of the bathroom, he looked over towards his bedroom door and saw white smoke exit their bedroom. I remarked something along the lines like "well, with my luck, it probably went into my bedroom".  We stayed up probably another hour before finally going back to bed.  Toni had to sleep with the lights on in the room she was staying in.  When I woke up the next morning....I don't know why....but the activity continued. 

I decided while everyone was still sleeping, I would go ahead and use that time to update my page with the incident that happened the night before. I sat at my computer typing and retyping....trying not to forget any details, etc.... Well, while I was working on typing the incident with the tv, the dining room hanging lamp kept turning on and off, on and off....continuously.  But the weird thing is...and I get goose bumps thinking about this....every time that light, which has three bulbs in it (so it couldn't be that a bulb was about to burn out)...would flip on and off, my birds....all six of them....simultaneously would laugh along with the lights going on and off.  Their cages were covered with a sheet....both cages....and I can understand one bird laughing...but all six...exactly at the same moment, nearly all in sync!  Then to top it all off....the lights would be turning off and on and the birds would be laughing along with the lights flipping....which has never happened before.....all of a sudden it came to an abrupt stop...just a split of a second before my nephew Adam walked up. I've had the hanging lamp on ever since....and it has yet to flicker since then...and as of adding this incident, it's already been well over seven hours.

Now for my explanation or theories as to why our ghosts decided to act up...or act out.  My friend Leslie Rule wrote a very fascinating book about true ghost  encounters called "Ghosts Among Us". This is her second book about the paranormal, her first being "Coast To Coast Ghost".  Anyway...Leslie sent me a copy of her new book and her publisher also sent me a I gave one to Toni.  Toni has been reading this book "Ghosts Among Us" non stop, since receiving it.  Well, she finally finished the book and had been commenting to me how much she enjoyed the book and much it scared her, she couldn't even sleep with the lights off....she had to sleep with the tv on, three nights in a row.  Well, since she was so pleased with the book, I figured Leslie would enjoy hearing from Toni.  So, when Toni came over last night, I called Leslie on the phone so they could discuss the book.  They spent a good while talking about the stories, the photos, etc... At one point, Toni mentioned to Leslie that when she arrives at our home, one of the first thing she does is lets the ghosts know she's visiting and to please leave her alone.  She also mentioned how some of the stories scared her so much, she had to sleep with the tv on.  Well....I find it ironic....of all things to happen was that they turned the tv on....which is something Toni had been doing for the last few days, because she was so did they turn on the tv to scare her or to help her?  Then I also find it ironic...of all the times Toni visits our home....and it had been nearly thirteen years since her last incident...why now, of all nights, the night she was speaking to Leslie about ghost...did they decide to do something?  It's all just so strange.  But then there's the thoughts about the birds.  Did my birds actually interact with what ever was turning the lights on and off? Or....was it even my birds I heard? It could very well be that our ghost were imitating the sound of our birds laughing or vise-versa.  I know this all sounds crazy....but when it comes to ghost....their very good at making you wonder if you're losing your mind!

Things weren't looking too good around here, but it's finally subsided.  The day after the incident with the tv coming on by itself...two other things happened.  I had just finished taking a shower and shut the water off in the tub....but I could still hear water running, inside the bathroom.  I pulled the shower curtain back to find the sink on.  Obviously...with the door locked and company visiting, no one had been in the bathroom while I were taking my shower, so I have no clue how in the world this sink came on all by itself...well, I take that back...I do (ghost), but as a figure of speech....that water shouldn't of been on.  The water was turned on so hard that it had everything on the counter splashed, including my clothes I had placed on the counter and the floor was nothing but one huge puddle.  That same night...later again, in the bathroom something else happened. My sister Toni and her children had already left.  I was using the bathroom when I heard what sounded like someone right outside the door, in the hall, dropping or hitting something plastic.  This sound kept on over and over....and then right before it stopped I heard someone call in a questioning sort of way "Mama?" someone were looking for me or verifying  I were the one in the bathroom. Not thinking at the time it could be a ghost, I answered "Yah?"...but no reply.  I opened the bathroom door, looked out, no one around....come to find out, everyone was outside in the backyard the whole time.  More happened the next day, but that happened at my mother's you will need to go to Mama's page to read about that weird stuff.

Everyone had already gone to bed and I stayed up, finishing up some work I had to do online.  After a little while, I decided to head to bed. I did the usual, turning lights off, checking doors, feeding fish, etc... At one point, while I was turning off two small lights I have on a table and a shelf, near the tv., I got the weirdest feeling I were being watched.  I turned around to look behind me, but didn't see anyone....or anything.  I stopped by the kitchen to grab something to drink real quick before going to bed.  I was standing at the kitchen counter, near the refrigerator, finishing up my glass of tea, when all of a sudden, I heard this really loud sound come from the living room.  I'm not even sure what it was I heard.  It kind of sounded like a mixture between a man with a deep voice, trying to yell something and someone sliding a heavy piece of furniture across the floor.  It was a loud, deep and garbled.  It happened so fast that I think by the time I comprehended that I'd heard something, it was gone.  But I wasn't the only one who heard it, because my little dog Chewy barked right as it stopped.  It was one of those little attack type barks he does when he's around another animal, he thinks is going to go eat his food.  I just stood there for a second....stunned by the sound.  I can still hear it in my head, it was the oddest thing....almost like someone straining to scream out or like someone trying to scream with something stuffed in their mouth.  It all happened so fast and it was only a few seconds afterwards that, I took a few steps sideways into the hall, leaned into the living room to look...and there was Chewy, sitting on the floor in front of the t.v.  When I walked all the way out, to get a better look around, he growled at me....which was unusual for him to do.  I don't know why he did it....but when I called out to him, asking him what was wrong, he began wiggling his tail and little behind at me, as if to show me he were happy to see me.  I called him over to stay with me as I put my glass in the sink and turned off the kitchen light.  I laid in bed, I don't know how long, thinking about that sound....if it could of been something else I heard that made that sound...but I couldn't think of anything at all.  What ever it was, Chewy heard it too and was very defensive about it.

John and I were in the living room watching a t.v. show, the kids were in their rooms playing.  I got up to get a new pack of cigarettes from the kitchen and as I turned to go back into the living room, right in front of the book shelf, near the front door...I saw a semi-transparent black and white cat "WITHOUT A HEAD". It walked about four and half to five feet; in a normal stride, then began disappearing slowly from the front shoulders down to it's tail, as if it were walking into something.  To me, it looked like it were walking into a wall....but that area where it was at, there isn't anything there....just wide open space.  When we first bought the house, there used to be an opening going from the foyer to the living room...then we later closed it off with a half wall...but then several years ago, we knocked that whole area out and made out living room just one wide open space.  Also...where the head was missing....looked really strange. It was rounded if someone had taken something circular and just blocked that area where the head would went in an inwards, rounded shape.

I think I may have discovered what has the energy attachment in Toni's things she has stored in our garage.  Toni wanted to start taking some of her things, little by little to her new home....but before doing so, she wanted to know if there were a way of seeing what, if anything of her things were haunted.  Well...we got out the ole divining rods. Now first let me explain that I am neither into any sort of witch craft, etc... At one point, years ago, I was trying to find how I could prove our home was haunted...and amongst the means of taking pictures, recording evps, using emf detectors, etc... I also stumbled on the theory of using diving rods.  So....that's how I discovered their variety of uses....including locating water sources.  Anyway....I got the diving rods, walked around the garage and allowed them to lead the way.  They crossed over the general area where her son's bachelors chest is...which there are several things stacked until that area is slowly cleared away, we won't know exactly what is causing the rods to cross in that spot. Then it crossed over her daughter's dresser. Which Toni stated she acquired it from her best friend, who bought it at a thrift store.  That's still iffy as well...because there are things inside of it as well as all around we can't be sure as of yet, if it's actually the dresser. Then it crossed over a box of toys belonging to her daughter.  The most obvious....porcelain dolls, stuffed took out one by one...which none had any response to the rods.  But when I held the rods over what still remained in the box, the rods crossed immediately.  Well, again we started taking things out one by one...we finally came to a small gray, cute stuffed gray and pink mouse.  The rods had an immediate reaction to the mouse.  To make sure it were definitely the mouse, I moved the mouse away from the box and held the rods over the response.  I went back to the mouse and again the rods crossed.  I then asked my kids to hide the mouse anywhere they wanted...but out of my view, where I couldn't walk around and see it.  They did so...and following the direction to where the rods pointed...I found the mouse, using only the diving rods...twice.  So, I tossed the mouse back in the box and left it there, until the next time Toni came to pick up her I could show her how the rods responded to the mouse.  Well....the very next day, I went in the garage to do a load of laundry...the mouse was out of the box and sitting on top of Toni's washing machine.  Figuring one of the kid's got it (to keep it separated from the other toys or until we could show Toni the mouse), I tossed it back in the box.  Hours and hours later, I went back in the garage, the mouse is again on top of the washer.  I heave it back in the box...still not catching on to what may possibly be going on.  Next day...same thing....different place. I walk into the garage, the mouse is now on the very tip top of a ladder that's leaning against Avalon's (Toni's daughter) dresser....another item that the rods responded to. I again, picked it up and threw it back into the box.  Later that night...I went back in the garage to fold towels...and the mouse is again on the ladder...the very tip top, just like before.  Well...when Toni came by to get a few more things...I showed her how the rods respond to the mouse....she freaked out....asking me to get rid of it.  I said "Ok, I will....but what do I do with it???  I'm not donating it to a thrift store....because what if there is something attached to it...I would hate for some unsuspecting child to end up with it".  So...I figure come trash day....I'll toss it.  Well...when Toni left, the mouse was in the box...I tossed it there myself.  I go into the garage maybe a half hour after she's out of the box again and sitting back on the ladder....only this time it's on the third step up.  I get it, put it back in the box...only now I realize...I've found this mouse out of the box, one too many times.  Well...hours later, I go in the garage to get John's uniform out of the dryer to iron...and the mouse is once again on the ladder....back on the steps.  This time, I didn't touch it...I just left it sitting there.  I called Corey and asked him if he or Justin keep taking the mouse out of the box....he said no...he wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole, since seeing how the rods crossed over it.  Well....I took him to the garage, showed him the mouse sitting on the ladder...just sitting there as pretty as you please.  I take it, toss it once again in the box and threw a suitcase over the box.  Before going to bed, Corey and I made a pact.  We agreed that if the mouse turns up out of the box again...we're taking it in the backyard to burn it.  The next day, I called John at work to see if he's been messing with the mouse, putting it on the ladder to scare me. He said he didn't even know where the mouse was, he assumed I'd already thrown it away.  I talk to Justin he pretty much gave the same answers as John and Corey...he thought I threw it away like Toni told me to do and the last time he saw it, was when I showed it to Toni. I even tried to trick this kid into telling me that he'd been moving the mouse...but he stuck to his word...he had nothing to do with the mouse being moved.  When John got home from work....I took him in the garage, showed him how Corey and I barricaded the mouse in the box...and if that mouse moves again from that spot, all hell's going to break loose.

I'm on the computer, responding to email.  Just sitting, typing away.  All of a sudden I get the feeling that I'm being watched.  I turned around to see if anyone else were up...because as far as I knew...I was the only still awake.  Next thing I know, I see movement out of the corner of my eye, like someone had just walked by real fast. I turn to one.  I go back to what I'm doing...and I start to hear a tapping noise in the kitchen...almost like someone had a pencil, tapping it on the counter.  I went to get see what's making the tapping sound, only when I stand stops.  I go ahead and walk up to the kitchen entrance...look around...nothing.  I sit back down....go on to my next email...just typing away.  Again, I get the feeling that I'm being watched...and it's a really intense type feeling.  Every so often, I turn around to look behind me...because I know I'm being watched....I can really, really feel it strong.  All of a sudden, I see what looks like a shadow, over my shoulder, lean in on me.  It looked like someone behind me, lean over me and look down at my lap. I turn around real quick, because it startled me....nothing there.  Then I see this weird thingy....almost like a cob web hanging or a thin line of smoke from a cigarette.  I could see it out of my left eye, kind of to my side, but more behind me, but when I turn to look...nothings there.  I figure, I'm just creeped out about all these weird things going on....I'm up by myself...and I'm just thinking I'm seeing and hearing things...I'm trying to convince myself...I'll be ok, up alone...nothing's going on...except an overactive imagination.  Well.....I still feel like I'm being watched...I still continue off and on to see things out of the corner of my movement. Now...I feel this cold draft on the back of my neck. Like someone turned the air vents (which is impossible with our vents) in my direction and it's pointed right at the back of my neck. It was a cold, cold sensation....only on my neck.  I take my hand and feel my neck....the coldness is gone.  I tried, I really did...but I just couldn't stay up alone anymore...I was just too creeped out. I just kept feeling that something were around me, watching me...and moving in on me....getting too close.  So, I head to bed.  I'm in bed, maybe two minutes...and I start to hear voices....faint, but loud enough to tell that there's a conversation going on.  I lay there, trying to listen real hard to see if it could be one of the kid's tv.  It didn't last long and it almost seemed to me, like as soon as I comprehended I were hearing a conversation, it they didn't want me listening in or something. You have no difficult it is for me to tell people that I go through these things...without thinking to myself how insane all of this sounds. How I would react or what I would think if someone else were telling me these things were happening to them (had I not been through it myself).  All I can say is...those of you who have been through know what I'm talking about and those of you who haven' could never imagine.

I'm in the living room, sitting on the loveseat, with both feet up and crossed.  My sister Regina came over for a cup of coffee....and ended up falling asleep on the long sofa.  So...I'm watching tv by myself.  Suddenly the room starts to get dark...I'm sitting there watching as a long shadow crosses the room, towards where Regina's sleeping. It looked like something right out of a cartoon.....long and stretched....coming from the dining room and it completely crossed the living room and up on the wall behind her. It was like I'd noticed the room was starting to get dark, happened so fast, I sat there wondering what in the heck just happened.  I'm still not sure what happened. It actually takes me longer to describe what I saw then the total time the whole encounter was like it all happened in a split second.

Also....I noticed two of the four roses in the grandfather clock have been moved again. I don't know when it happened....because it's been so long since they moved last.  I don't check on them on a daily basis, like I used to.  I think the last time I looked at the stuff in the clock was may have been Wednesday, I'm not sure.  And because I haven't had time to dust inside the can see where the roses were sitting...there's no dust in that area...and see where they slid....there's a trail.  Yet, nothing else in the clock is disturbed....and these two roses aren't the same one's that were moved before....these are two completely different ones. So that tells me, it has nothing to do with the rose vases themselves or their location in the clock.  These are two completely different objects, in completely different places than the other items moved in the clock previously.   I'm still not comfortable taking pictures in our house....but if I can get my husband or someone else to take the pictures of the roses, then I'll post them on the site.

I was working, online.  I thought everyone had gone to bed....but then I heard someone in the kitchen doing something at the refrigerator.  I called out "who's up" and Corey answered.  While he was getting what ever he was getting out of the frig, he was talking to me about his video game.  All of a sudden I was hit with the strong scent of perfume.  You know how when you or someone just sprays perfume or if you happen to breath in at the moment it's been sprayed, you can feel it go right into your nostrils...almost like tiny fumes?  Well...that's how it was like someone had just sprayed way too much perfume and I breathed it in.  It was so strong, it was almost breathtaking.  I interrupted Corey talking to ask if he'd just sprayed anything. He said he hadn't. I could still smell it really I motioned to Corey to come over and told him to hurry see if he could smell anything.  He couldn't of taken three to four steps towards me when it just vanished....there wasn't nothing, no smell at all anymore.  When he got up to where I was, I was inhaling real deep to see if the smell was still around.  He said he couldn't smell this point, I wasn't smelling anything either.  I asked him to stick around a little while to see if the smell came back...but after about a half an never did.  I'll say was definitely a female perfume and it was definitely something very familiar....I know I've smelled that perfume before, somewhere...on someone...I just can't put my finger on it....but I know, I know that smell.

Almost a week later, I was again up late...this time, alone....working online.  I was sitting there, typing away when the lighting (the large stained glass lamp hanging over the table) in the dining room seemed to become dimmer....before I could even turn around to see what was going was now nearly pitch dark.  The only lights on were the aquarium light and my computer monitor.  It hadn't dawned on odd it was that "three" lights would burn out all at the same time.  I got up to take the bulbs out to change them...when I discovered that all three light bulbs had been unscrewed to the point that I don't even know how they were attached to the sockets.  I was the only one there was no way anyone were playing a trick on me...anyone living that is.  I screwed the lights back actually did spark when I went to screw it in, so I left that one alone....loose.  I finished up my work online and because I wasn't tired yet, I decided to go in the living room and watch a program I'd tape while we were out earlier.  I was sitting in the recliner, which is right against the doorway to the dining room...watching my show.  Next thing I know, the lights in the dining room start to go off again.  When I sat up to turn and look, I just got a glimpse as something large and black shot by the doorway.  It almost looked like a long sheer piece of material or cape.  I just sat there...not knowing what to do.  I don't know why....but it wasn't the lights going off that scared was more of the bad feeling I got...almost a threatening and intimidating feeling.  I was sitting half off the chair, debating whether to get up and go or just sit it out...because I really didn't like the feelings I were getting.  If there's one thing I've learned when it comes to ghost and the paranormal, it is to stand your ground and put your largest faith foot forward...and not allow what ever is around to make you feel you're not in control of the I decided (for the moment) the smartest thing to do was to stand my ground. As awful as I was feeling...and as scared as I was....I felt I should try and stay there, pray and let what ever it was making me feel this way know....I wasn't going anywhere and it was not going to get the best of me.  And I have to say, it's been a very long time since I felt this way....this scared and for a minute, I had second thoughts about my decision to stay. I sat back in my chair, reclined back...lit up a cigarette and tried to focus on happier things....Christmas, holding my children in my arms when they were babies... vacations we've been on....just anything I could think of to take my mind and focus off the situation I was in...the way I were feeling...and I was so horrified at this point that it wasn't easy and I could literally feel my pulse pounding in my neck. The feeling never did I figured I'd go ahead and go to bed....and try not to rush and make it obvious that I was trying to make my escape.  I had to force myself to walk into each room to make sure the doors were locked and all lights and aquariums turned off...and that was a task in itself.  But I did...and I'm proud of myself that I was able to do that.  I went to bed, scooted as close to John as I could, grabbed his arm and pulled it up to my chest and held on to it for dear life, for security.  I had also left John a note by the coffee pot with what time I wanted him to set the alarm clock and a note asking him to check the breaker box for the dining room had been acting up.  The next day...the whole day, the dining room lights remained off...I tried to convince myself that everything going on with the lights and my seeing something was only my imagination.  But...when John got home from work, I asked him if he'd checked to see if the breaker flipped or not....he checked and it hadn't.  What he did discover was not only were all three lights burned out completely, they were also unscrewed again. Something weird happened and I don't know why it happened or how three lights could get unscrewed on their own accord...and I won't rack my brain trying to figure it out either....I'll just accept it just happened, however it happened for what ever reason it happened...and that's that.

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