So much has happened over the last two years and it will certainly take some time for me to sort through all my notes and sit down with my family to gather their recollections of the events we endured.  So, for now, I will update this page with a brief explanation of what has been going on with our family.

August 2010, we lost our home of 21 years to foreclosure (which if you ask me and anyone close to our family who were aware of what we were enduring, especially those last 3 months in the house, losing that house was nothing short of a blessing in disguise).  We ended up moving in to the home we are currently living in.  For the first 7 months, it was completely uneventful and peaceful.  Not one single thing happened that was even remotely questionable.  Just total bliss.  Then my son met his girlfriend Wendy (now my future daughter-in-law) and everything changed.  Corey and Wendy both live in an apartment attached to the home we’re living in now.  After Wendy moved in, little things started happening.  The events started out small and gradually over the next few months progressed to the point that it became unbearable.  When they both started confiding in me things they were experiencing (and I did witness several of the events myself)….I knew, they were in trouble.  I contacted world renowned demonologist Keith Johnson, explaining what had been happening with my son Corey.  He spoke with my son (who was 20 years old at the time) on the phone and advised that we seek assistance immediately with one of the local churches.  Let me just say, the task of finding a church that could or would help us was near impossible and at one point I literally did just give up.  Then, either by chance or by divine intervention…we found a church willing to help us.

For the moment, I will spare the long details about how everything unfolded and just go straight to the main details about what we discovered.  What we do know is that something (a demon) followed Corey from our other home to his apartment.  This demon (according to the name it revealed itself) is a very, old, evolved, high ranking demon.  It likely has been in our family for generations and generations and likely was attached to me and then moved on to our son Corey.  From what I have recently found out, it was likely the exact same demon I saw when I was a child.  I had not known (up until recently) for all these years, it was attached to me and likely had been following me from one home to another for nearly my entire life, up until it attached itself to my son.  It is believed that the reason the activity spiked when my son‘s fiancée Wendy moved in, was because this demon was very territorial and was attempting to frighten off Wendy as a means of keeping total control over Corey.  It was attempting to frighten her away.

The pastor shared with us that this demon had actually visited them in their home and threatened that they and the church needed to back off from helping our family and according to the pastor, these threats didn’t happen just once, they happened multiple times.

With the assistance of the church and our family banning together, to date I am happy to announce….we are finally living peacefully, safely and thus far….without any repercussions.  We are fully aware that at any given moment, this demonic energy could return, but for now, we are continuing to stay strong in our faith, enjoying a safe and peaceful life and hope that it continues that way.

I also want to mention, that at first…we found out that my son actually had 2 demons attached to him, one of which I mentioned prior on this page (the resilient, controlling one) and another other one, we never found out it’s name, but as far as we know it wasn’t as resilient in leaving.  Again, at a later date, I will certainly update this page with more details about our ordeal, including the time I was blessing my son’s apartment and found out what we (myself and my son Justin) heard knocking on the walls immediately following the blessing, evidently fled the apartment, went to Corey’s work and warned him that I was in his apartment without permission and I pissed it off when I attempted to make it leave.  More details about this and other events later.  Please check back soon.

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