"Please note the dates on this page are the dates I added the encounters to this page. The actual incident date is usually a few days to a week prior to the date shown".

January 14:
This incident happened a few days after New Years….but at the time; it's one of those things when you're not really sure what just happened.   It happened so fast that I just stood there, saying to myself "God, did I really see what I thought I just saw?"  And you go over it again and again for days afterwards…to the point where you've nearly convinced yourself that it was your eyes playing tricks on you…until…something else happens and you start to put two and two together.  I'm that way though…after a prolonged period of time of nothing happening…it usually takes a few incidents before I realize and accept what's going on.  Anyway….we'd all been sick with the flu and was just getting over it.  Everyone had already gone to bed and in between loads of laundry that had accumulated while I were sick, I was also working online.  I was having a half way descent day where I finally had the energy to catch up on house work, etc.  I finished online and decided to go ahead and get what laundry was done thus far and just iron that…and figured I'd finish up what ever was left tomorrow.  I was walking in from the garage with John's clothes thrown over my arm for work.  In the dining room, about six feet from me, is a three foot Santa, standing next to a shelf.  As I walked in from the garage to the dining room, my eyes were looking straight towards where the Santa was…and there before me….for a split second, I "thought" I saw a child.  He/she was hunched down, peeking around the belly of this Santa, smiling.  Now…it was like it was there one second and in a blink of an eye it was gone.  I just stopped dead in my tracks and thought to myself and I remember saying these exact words "Crap…what the hell was that?"  Well, I threw John's shirts over the chair, laid his jeans on the table and walked around to the opposite side of the Santa and looked it over. I stood there, trying to make sense of what I'd just seen.  I started to convince myself, between the skin tone on the Santa's hand and the black belt….somehow, someway….my eyes put that all together and for what ever reasons….my mind and eyes played tricks on me and made it appear to look like a child with dark hair, hiding behind this Santa, peeking out at me.  Well…because I wasn't absolutely sure I'd seen what I thought I'd seen…I ignored it and went on with my ironing and then went to bed.  Days following…I thought about the incident and finally decided it must have been my eyes playing tricks on me.

Well….a few days later…something happened and the first thing that came to mind was the days prior….what I'd seen and dismissed as nothing.  Now, I put two and two together and realized…I probably did see that child there.  I was again up late…and it was around three in the morning.  I was on the computer…responding to emails for work….when the strangest thing happened.  The whole house suddenly went completely silent. No birds squawking…no sounds of the kids TV on from when they fell asleep….not a sound, not a noise…not a nothing…just pure dead silence. And I think that's what caught my attention…because I can't recall the last time it were that quiet in our home…not even when we go to bed is it ever that quiet…you can always hear the little things like the air kick on or the ice maker…the kids sleeping with their tv on…all those normal sounds you get used to hearing.  And when you hear something beyond those sounds or in this case…not hear those sounds, you notice it immediately.  Well…before I could even finish asking myself why it got so suddenly quiet….I heard behind me, close to the kitchen area a child's voice say, very softly "Hello".  It wasn't the greeting, hi, how you doing hello….this were more of the kind of hello you hear when someone is saying to you "Yoo-hoo…over hear".  Immediately….that second I heard that voice….is when I realized that evidentially the other day, I did see a child and now it's trying to communicate.  I finished up my email response and headed to bed…I wasn't sticking around for any further contact or possible sightings of this child.

Four days later….I was getting read to iron what clothes I kept putting aside, avoiding finishing up.  All I had left at this point was one uniform shirt of John's.  I was in the dining room….everyone were in bed and it was already past three in the morning.  I was listening to a TV show that I had on in the living room, from the dining room where I was ironing.  Next thing I knew, I could hear the channel change.  I put the iron down, walked around the corner and sure enough…my show wasn't on the TV anymore…Cops was now on.  I looked over at the clock, thinking well…my show must have ended and I didn't even know…how odd.  Well...the clock said 3:24.  Three twenty-four….the same time, the usual time weird things happen around here.  Ok…figured well, Corey must have gotten back up and changed the channel…maybe he's in the bathroom…because he certainly wasn't in the living room.  I walked to his room, he was fast asleep….John was asleep and Justin up on his top bunk, asleep….and I knew I hadn't changed the channel.  I went and sat on the recliner, hit the button on the remote to see if my program ended early or what…and it hadn't…the channel had physically been changed.   I got up, finished ironing John's shirt, hung it up and figured I'd smoke a quick cigarette before going to bed…and also I wanted to see if the channel would change again….maybe something was wrong with our tv, receiver…remote's batteries malfunctioning…something was obviously wrong.  Well, while sitting there smoking my cigarette, leaned back in the recliner…I heard a faint talking sound come from the dining room.  I didn't understand what it said…but it was definitely distinct talking.  Well, thinking maybe it was something said on Cops and it just sounded like it came from the dining room.  So I rewound the show a little before I heard the talking (we have tivo, so you can rewound and pause live TV)…but the sound wasn't from the show…it must of come from the dining room. But I don't know if it were talking to me….or about me.  It was very inaudible talking going on…and not just a few quick words…this sounded like a long drawn out sentence…I just couldn't understand what it said, it was too low and unclear….and this time, it weren't a child's voice either…this sounded like a man's voice.  So….yah…I went to bed right then and there.

January 18:
Something is really trying hard to get our attention and communicate.  It was about time to go to bed.  While waiting for my oldest son Corey to get his bath, I decided to do a few things around the house. I was walking around, picking stuff up when I heard "Mama….Mama".  Thinking it was Corey, I answered back "Yah?" ….but got no reply. I waited a couple of seconds and as I started to make my way towards the bathroom, I called out again "Corey, what?", I then heard him answer me back and say "What?" and I called out "Were you calling me?" he said he hadn't and we went through this whole routine of "Are you sure you weren't calling me" "No, huh…what did you hear?", etc…  Well, by the time he got out of the bathroom, he acted like something were wrong and he's a smart kid, so I figured, he figured it out…if it weren't him calling me, then obviously something else did.  Well…turns out, that's not what was bothering him….just before I called out to him "Yah" he had been in the shower watching as the shower curtain were being tugged on, like someone or something were trying to yank it down.

February 6:
We've had guest visiting for the last week….and during the first week of their visit…nothings has happened…that we're aware of.  Then….several days ago, a few weird things happened.  I was in the kitchen, at the sink.  I felt that weird feeling of being watched and I also felt as if someone had come into the room…you know that feeling you get when someone walks up behind you or sneaks up on you….you just know that their there?  Well, I got that feeling….like someone had entered the room from behind me and were there….standing and looking at me.  Well, right when I got that feeling, I was about to turn around when all around me there was this slight darkness. I don't want to say that it looked like a shadow or anything like that….it were more like an over cast.  All above me and mostly to my right where the kitchen counter goes into an L shape….all in that area was just darkness.  As soon as I whipped around, it was gone.  That fast….just there one second and gone the next.  A little later, maybe a half an hour…I was in the garage waiting for the laundry tub to fill up with water to throw clothes in. Well…I got that feeling again, that I were being watched or starred at.  I turned around and when I looked at the door that goes from the dining room to the garage, I swear I thought I saw for just a split second…someone standing in the doorway, looking at me through the crack of the open door…tall like an adult. But again….it was there one second and in a blink of an eye, gone.  I hate when that happens….because it happens so fast that you're not really sure that you saw what you think you saw and you don't know how to react.  You don't want to immediately assume that you saw something ….so you kind of try and dismiss it…hoping it turns out to be nothing.  Well, next thing I knew I heard a loud click. Well, I knew immediately what the sound was…it's the same exact sound you hear when the back doors are locked or unlocked. Then through the window next to me, I heard Chewy in the backyard barking. Right then, I went into the dining room and found the back door wide open. And this is all happening like within minutes…it all happened so fast.  Well….when I were walking to the garage, through the dining room…I saw Chewy. He was lying on our bird cage cover (which is just a sheet). I guess it fell off the bird stand onto the floor and he was all curled up on it.  So…I knew without a doubt in my mind, Chewy had not been outside when I came into the garage. Needless to say, I flew and woke John up….and if anyone else were up and did let Chewy out, I would of ran into them…but no one, I mean no one else were awake. He came in the dining room and saw the door still open.  Of coarse he did his usual "try going through everything, trying to find out why it happened….looking for a reason…and I do that too…but when I know darn well, that door was locked earlier and I saw our dog inside….I knew something wasn't right. He thought perhaps the door hadn't been closed all the way and when I closed the garage door, the pressure caused the door to swing open. Well, that would have been fine and dandy…except I didn't close the garage door, so there was no affect from pressure and the door that swung open had been closed and locked earlier….because I closed and locked it myself, along with turning off the back porch light when the kids came in from playing.  I went to bed with that really uneasy feeling…I can't explain it. It's like you know something's near….and you know it's not your imagination from encounter other things earlier…it's just a feeling that you can feel a presence around…I felt that while I were lying in bed. It felt as if John and I weren't alone in that room…like something else was there, watching and waiting.  But, eventually I did fall asleep without further incident. I wasn't home the day following…I spent the whole day and most of the evening at my mothers. Oh, also….before I went to my mother's…I did find that one of the rose vases had been moved again. Which, now I'm starting to notice more and more…there's a connection between the activity and the vases being moved. And their not moving just a hair, these things seem to get moved about an inch or two. The last incident, I hadn't dusted the shelves in our grandfather clock yet and when the rose vase got moved then….you could see a trail where just the one vase had slid.  And it isn't just one particular vase moving….one time you'll find one vase moved and other it will be a different one. So, I know it has nothing to do with the vase itself or where it's sitting in the clock….these vases are moving at random.

February 10:
I was online, responding to email.  While I was typing….out of the corner of my left eye, it looked like someone came up behind me and were looking over my left shoulder, reading what I was typing. I turned around, nothing was there.  I didn't see it again and ended up going to bed soon after….two days later, things got worse.

My in-laws stayed eleven days and on the evening John and the kids took them to the airport….something happened.  I decided to stay home and clean up after dinner and I also wanted to surprise Corey by getting his room back in order before he came back home (because they'd been staying his room during their visit). I had gone in his room, removed all the bed linen, etc…. went back to his room laid new linen and started bringing his things back into his room. On my last trip to his room….I had filled a laundry basket with his stuff.  I was going to put the basket on his bed for him to go through it and put the stuff away. Well, I picked up the basket, walked through the dining room, into the living room…and before I could even get up to the hall….I saw something.  It came right out of the wall and went right towards John and my bedroom.  It was kind of shaped like a person, but not exactly. It was almost as tall as the doorway behind it, and I could definitely see right through it….it was a dark misty looking figure. It didn't seem to be in a hurry or anything….it just seemed to casually come out of the wall and go straight ahead in the direction of our bedroom.  I tell you, my heart was in my throat.  I don't know why, but I don't think it even noticed me there….I kind of feel as if I just so happened to come upon it….I don't know why I feel that way, I just do. I ended up going outside and sitting on the porch. I called my sister Regina to come over and sit with me until the John and the kids got home.  All the way across the street Regina was yelling at me "I don't know what happened, but I already have goosebumps". She knows me…and she knows that for me to call her to come and sit with me, I must have been pretty scared.  When John and the kids came home, she went back home.  About two hours later, John and I were in the living room watching TV.  Justin came in and leaned up against the aquarium. I could tell he were upset about something, but figured him and Corey probably had a disagreement.  So, I asked him what were wrong. He said that when he came out of the kitchen and turned down the hall to go to his room, he saw something.  I asked him what he'd seen. He said he saw a cat standing in the hall near his bedroom door, which looked just like our outside cat "Gannon". He said he walked right by it, but when he turned around to look back at it, it were gone.  I told him that Gannon had probably gotten in and ran into our bedroom, where he likes to lay down and sleep sometimes.  Well, no sooner did he come running back in the living room to tell me that Gannon weren't in our bedroom, Regina came in the door and heard Justin mention Gannon and said that she'd just crossed him outside.  Well…when I asked him to further describe the cat he saw, he described our cat Sabastian that died back in 1995.

February 13:
We came home from visiting my mother around ten or so. I went online and checked my email….then about an hour to an hour and a half later; I went into the living room to watch the programs I set to record earlier. I was sitting with the recliner leaned back, with my feet crossed on the foot rest.  Something caught and when I looked down at my feet I saw this black mass go past my feet, under the foot rest and then it came out and I saw it again in the space between the foot rest and the seat cushion….then I didn't see where it went after that. I didn't want to put the foot rest down, in case it were still in that area….so I yelled for Corey to come in the living room. He looked around, but said he didn't see anything anywhere. We stayed up for maybe a half an hour and then ended up going to bed.  Odd thing is…earlier when I were responding to my email…I had just replied to an email stating that nothing had happened since I saw the thing come out of the wall and my son seeing the cat. That it had been quiet for the last two days…and this happened.

February 18:
I don't know what it is with the sudden burst of animal activity!!  Tuesday night I was up drying John's work shirts for the rest of the week.  I was in the living room, watching TV at the time. Every so often I would see something moving out of the corner of my eye in the dining room…turn to look, but I wouldn't see anything.  Later, when I went to bed, I was laying in bed, faced up looking up at the ceiling and out of nowhere, comes this either bird or bat…something black and fluttering with wings, out of our bathroom and past the ceiling fan.  There was nothing in our room…no bird, no bat, not anything.  Two days later, something again happened involving an animal.

I'd been doing housework….decided to take a break. I went into the living room, sat in the recliner, pulled the foot rest up…and while watching what was on tv….something caught my eye in the dining room. I turned to look….there was this tabby cat, I'd never seen before, strolling through our dining room…walked right up to where I was at and went right under the recliner. Well…I tried to coheres the cat out, but it wouldn't cooperate…and I didn't want to bring the foot rest down and hurt it…so I called the kids to come and get catch this strange cat. And I thought when I saw this cat "Oh my God, where'd that cat come from??" Because it looked as alive as you or I….it wasn't until the kids looked under the recliner and found no cat…and we searched house and yard for this cat that I realized….this cat probably wasn't even a real cat!!

March 03:
On the 19th of February, a local paranormal group came into our home and conducted a formal investigation. I'm hoping to post the results of that investigation by the end of this month….whether their investigation uncovered anything significant or not.  Anyway, three days following the investigation, the activity seemed to pick up.  The group arrived Saturday night and left early Sunday morning.  For the next few days following, it was exceptionally quiet.  John and I even joked that perhaps what ever had been here, followed them home.  But come Tuesday….things started to get weird again. But after having an investigation done…I can't explain why, I were in a complete different frame of mind. It was almost as though I were converting into a skeptic or something. Everything I encountered after the investigation…I found myself trying to dismiss as having a logical explanation or that my mind or eyes were playing tricks on me. I absolutely refused to accept the possibility of ghost. And I didn't feel that way because they'd told us there was nothing here….because we still don't know the results of the investigation…I just came to a point where I'd just prepared myself that if they didn't find anything, then there was probably nothing here and everything we've encountered in the past…had a darn good explanation.  But it got to the point where I couldn't ignore it anymore….John, Corey and Justin all started to experience things too…and….well….what can I say??  It's here and there is no denying it, dismissing it or ignoring it.  So, this is what has been happening lately…since the investigation was done.

I was sitting in the living room, watching TV.  Every so often I would see movement in the dining room. At one point, it even looked like when I only turned my eyes that way….trying to stay real still and not move it looked like someone ducked down behind the table next to me.  I was a little freaked, but kept saying to myself…it was nothing and if it were, it weren't ghost…maybe it were a strand of my hair moving around on the side of my face I were seeing out of the corner of my eye. Sometime later, I'd gotten tired and was ready for bed.  I got in bed, said my prayers and the tapping began.  It sounded like someone walking around the entire parameter of our room, taping a stick on every single solitary wall. It started out with a single tap behind our headboard on the wall….then it moved to where the aquarium is….then near the door, then over by the closet and by the time it got to where our dressers are, it stopped.  But still…I thought…"ok, there's a bug in the room….flying and hitting the walls….not a ghost, nope….can't assume it's a ghost.  But all the while I did remember during the investigation me and three other group members that were strictly observers wandered into my bedroom and one of the members asked if there were anyone who wanted to communicate to tap once.  The thought of that, disturbed me, yet I refused to believe the possibility of what I were hearing was something perhaps giving me a sign it were ready to communicate.

The following day, well the following night…I was in the living room watching TV while doing laundry.  Let me first say, someone emailed me and asked why if so much stuff happens at night do I stay up late by myself. Well….with caring for two kids all day, home schooling, cooking, caring for my elderly mother…I don't have much time to do anything and late at night, when everyone is usually in bed, is my free time. It's not much time to do what I would like to do…but it's enough time to wind down while I get the last loads of clothes washed and dried and time for me to get on the computer to pay bills, respond to email etc….basically it's the only time I have where my attention isn't being yapped and fought over. Anyway….I was up alone, watching TV, washing laundry. In the corner of the room…between the long sofa and TV, I saw something small and black. It almost looked like a really big moth flutter by.  I turned to look….watched that area for a while to see where "what I thought was a moth" went. I was going to get up, catch it and put it outside….but no moth.  Eventually Corey came into the room…he'd been in his room, watching TV, trying to fall asleep.  He laid down on the long sofa…I changed the channel to watch something I thought he'd like to see…and when I looked over at him, he were staring at me.  I asked him what was wrong…he asked me if I were smoking.  I told him no….and couldn't remember when the last cigarette I had was….I think probably about an hour before.  He said because he saw what looked like smoke over in the corner….exactly where I saw what I thought was a moth fluttering around…but I weren't sure, because I saw it out of the corner of my eye.  No sooner did I answer him, I heard a weird sound come from the dining room.  I whipped around real quick and looked and got just a glimpse of something…almost skin toned hit the floor. I sat up real quick to look…but nothing was there. I got out of my seat, knelt down on the floor, looked all over, but still couldn't find anything. I asked Corey if he'd seen it…but he said he hadn't because the statue on the table and the recliner foot rest was blocking that area. I asked him if he'd heard anything…he said he had. He said it sounded like something wet hit the floor….I told him that's exactly what I'd heard, but saw something skin tone hit the floor. I continued to look all over, but never found anything.

The following night, my niece and nephew came to our home to spend the weekend.  Avalon was sitting in front of me, Corey was lying on the long sofa and I was in the recliner.  We were all chit chatting, when Corey said real slowly…"Mammma".  Both Avalon and I turned to look at him, he were now sitting up about to get up and said he'd just seen something go into the kitchen. I asked him what it was, he said a dark shadow. I asked him if it were shaped like a person, he said no….it didn't have any kind of shape. I asked him how big it was…he said it was as tall as the cinnamon broom I have hanging over the kitchen doorway. I then asked him how dark it was…solid, light…what? He said it was just a black shadow…he couldn't tell...just kind of medium dark black.  That's when I said enough is enough…..I need to call these investigators and tell them what's happening.

Well….two days ago…..I woke up to the phone ringing.  I answered, it were my sister.  I went into living room and sat down to talk.  We talked for about an hour and I decided, being it's still early and the kids are still sleeping…I'm going back to bed for at least an hour.  I went back to bed.  No sooner did I arrange my pillow and cover up, I heard a few thumps and then I heard Chewy barking like crazy.  I got up to check…I found Chewy in the hall, standing in front of Justin's bedroom door, barking. But now…Justin's door was open…it weren't open when I went back to bed and the night before, I had closed that door myself after kissing him goodnight.  At first I thought Justin must of gotten up while I were talking to Toni on the phone….even though I never heard him get up or move around the house.  So, I walked into his room to check on him….but he were fast asleep. There were no possible way that child, if he were up….got back in bed that quick…because it couldn't of even been two minutes before I heard the sounds and Chewy started barking. And all of a sudden, I don't know why I were overwhelmed by the feeling that someone were in his room, hiding.  I reached over his bed and starting shaking him awake to get up. When he woke up I asked him if he'd gotten out of bed, he said he no…I asked him if someone were in his room, knowing darn well…if there were someone…he wouldn't know, he were sound asleep….but I felt it so strong.  I got him out of bed and asked him to go lay in my bedroom, in case there were someone in the house. I went around and checked every single solitary door…everyone were locked.  So….no one was in the house. But I thought, well….maybe there was some explanation….Justin was probably already up, didn't remember…being half asleep and what I heard were him going back to bed….next day, same thing….but John experiences it.

I had gone to the grocery store with the kids.  John was home alone….and I didn't know this happened until I called him at work, when it happened again.  That's when he told me how odd that was, because the day before while I were at the store with the kids, he too heard a couple of thumping sounds come from the hall….and Chewy went wild barking and growling. Justin's door was found wide open again.  This time, this morning….I was in bed sleeping….I woke up, I don't know why I woke up but as soon as I woke up, I found Justin rushing into my room, closing the door behind him. He climbed into bed and hid under the covers. I asked him what was wrong….because he were shaking.  He said he woke up and heard knocking sounds coming from his door…when he looked up; the door opened by it self.  I heard Chewy barking, but I thought he were barking because he wanted out….I think now, perhaps he were barking….because he was disturbed by what ever keeps knocking on Justin's door and opening it.  I hate to make fun of this…but at least it knocks before it opens his door….hmmmm.

March 10:
I was laying on the loveseat in the living room, meditating.  All of a sudden I snapped out of it, because I was distracted by what felt like someone walked up and stood right next me. It felt like someone standing over me….even the light from the dining room seemed to be somewhat blocked.  I figured it was probably one of the kids standing there, wanting to tell me something…waiting for me to open my eyes. When I did open my eyes and scan the room…there wasn't anyone around. Before I could even sit up, the TV and all the components just suddenly shot on.  Odd thing is…all this stuff operates separately and you can't turn it all on at once like that. I don't know…I'm starting to wonder if something is using this show as a clue to tell me something…I don’t know what to make of it.

March 21:
I was sitting on the love seat watching TV.  The kids were in the garage playing.  I noticed what looked like smoke rolling into the living room from the dining room.  My first thought was to check on the kids to make sure they weren't in the garage getting them selves into trouble.  I got up to check....nothing...they were just in there playing as I had hoped they'd be.  All I can say is the smoke looked a lot like the small amount of smoke that burns off of incense or like someone were sitting in the dining room smoking and blowing a stream of smoke into the living room.  It wasn't thick like fog rolling in...it was just a small amount, enough to get my attention....and when I watched it roll in....it just dissipated as it neared the center of the room.

April 10:
The activity the last few weeks has been really odd.  Most of what's been happening is that I keep seeing movement out of the corner of my eye.  Most of it happens while I'm sitting in the living room…usually alone.  I will see something just dart by real quick in the dining room or on the opposite side of the room….this happens so much that it's gotten to the point I don't even turn to look anymore.  What's the use?? Chances are it's going to be gone by the time I look that way anyway.  But it's not just while I'm in the living room….I've been in the kitchen cooking or cleaning and it looks like someone rushes by real quick, past the kitchen doorway and towards the living room. One time I did stop what I was doing to go see if it were one of the kids….but I didn't find anyone around.  All this stuff…the sneaking by, seeing things out of the corner of my eye….when it happens so much, so often…it starts becoming more annoying than anything else and I find it's getting real easy to just ignore it.  Well….about five days ago (it either happened on Tuesday or Wednesday), something bigger happened.  I'd just spent the last three days ripping down old wallpaper, painting and redecorating the kitchen.  Rita and Regina came over for a visit.  I was showing them how the kitchen came out….Rita left a few minutes later, Regina stayed.  Within maybe a half an hour, Regina went to the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. She came back in the living room to tell me that she thought she just experienced something weird.  She said while she was standing at the counter, making her coffee…she heard what sounded like someone dragging their feet into the kitchen and she said she felt who ever entered the kitchen came and stood behind her…like they were waiting to get to where she was at.  She said she stepped aside to let them do what ever they were waiting for…but when she turned around…no one was there.  She sat down and we immediately started discussing the theory that my remodeling the kitchen may have had something to do with it.  Well….nothing happened after that for the next two or three days.  Then…something on the disturbing side happened.

I had to go to my mother's that afternoon…but before going there, I had to pick up my sister from an appointment she had that day.  I got up earlier than usual…..went directly to the bathroom to get my shower.  The night before, we'd had a pretty big rain storm, so our outside cat; Gannon, spent the night in our bedroom. He really freaks out when it's thundering and lightening, so we let him stay in our bedroom when we get this weather.  Anyway, I was in the bathroom getting undressed. I noticed Gannon was walking all along the edge of our bed, looking downward.  I just figured he was looking for a good spot to hop down….but the more I watched him, the more I realized something was strange about it.  The hair along his back was upwards, like someone had brushed it in the wrong direction….spiked looking and he would move his head like he were watching something….following it.  I stepped up to the doorway and he never once looked up at me…he just kept walking along the edge of the bed like he were following something….something I couldn't see.  I even got down on my knees to see if I could see anything under the bed….my first thought was that if he were acting this odd….I hope our other cat, Fry didn't catch something…like a snake and let it loose in the house.  We've found all sorts of things he's caught and let loose….numerous frogs, a mammoth moth, a baby turtle…a squirrel!  Well….I couldn't see anything obvious or anything to explain what he was acting this way.  So I went back to the bathroom, started brushing my teeth….now he was looking up and bobbing his head almost as though he were shaking his head "yes".  I looked at the wall where he was looking…nothing there.  I don’t want to say that I was bothered by him acting this way…I don't know what I were thinking….I think it were more just of curious why he were acting so strangely.  Then I got in the shower and that's when it hit me what he may have possibly been acting so strangely about.  I can't explain it….I'm there one minute shampooing my hair and the next moment, it's like I just suddenly felt as though someone were in there with me…..not in the room…in the shower stall.  It hit me…I'm not here alone, there's something in here with me…and it didn't feel right, it felt very negative.  I rushed to get my shower finished and when I came out of the shower, I grabbed the towel and made one huge leap into the bedroom and slammed the bathroom door closed (I think in my mind I were blocking it in that room).  I half dried off, started rushing to put my clothes on so I could get out of there as quickly as I could.  I got the kids up….told them that my shower in my bathroom weren't working…so they wouldn't go in there.  When we returned home later that night….the bathroom door was still closed.  I was very hesitant about opening it….but when I opened it and walked around…it felt normal again…and that happened on Friday…today is Sunday and so far, it hasn't happened again.

May 01:
The peace and quite was much enjoyed while it lasted!  I was in the living room, watching TV alone.  I was kind of lying on my side on the loveseat when something caught my eye near the coffee table in front of me.  To the right of the table….almost directly in front of the table, was what looked like the tail of a black cat, walking in a counter clock wise direction.  I watched as this "cat" slowly made it's way in front of the table…and just as it went around the table, coming towards me….to my left, I sat up to get a good look at what it were…when it just vanished before my eyes.

I had gone to bed…fell asleep and at some point in the middle of the night, I woke up. When I woke up, I heard the distinct sound of talking.  At first and I guess because I were still groggy and half asleep…I thought what I was hearing was Corey's tv….but then I thought maybe the living room tv came on by itself again…because it wasn't like Corey to have his tv on that loud in the middle of the night.  I laid there listening…and that's when it hit me…I wasn't hearing Corey's TV and I wasn't hearing the TV in the living room on…the sound was coming from our bathroom.  It sounded like an old man talking….just a scratchy, delayed type talking.  It sounded like he were having a conversation with someone….because I could hear his muffled voice talking (but couldn't make out what he were saying)…then there would be a moment of silence, like he were waiting for a response or else, I weren't hearing the response…I don't know.  Anyway, I reached over and turned on the lamp next to my side of the bed…and the talking just stopped at that moment.  I got up (and yes…I was scared…very scared) and I walked up to our bathroom door, which was almost completely closed…just barely cracked open.  When I opened the door, I flipped on the light and on the floor, laying on a throw rug…between the toilet and shower was our little dog Chewy. He was facing the shower and it happened so fast, but I swore I saw what looked like two oval shapes…dark shadowy shapes retreat into the shower.  Chewy turned his head and looked back and upwards at me.  I tell you my entire body was covered in goose bumps. I didn't say anything…I just flipped the light off and backed out of the doorway. I got back in bed and started poking John to wake up.  When he woke up, I told him about me waking up and hearing talking in the bathroom…and went on to tell him it sounded like an old man talking.  He could tell he wasn't awake yet…so I had to repeat myself and this time I rephrased what I'd already told him by saying something along the lines of "Chewy's in the bathroom and I don't know if an old man was talking to him or talking through him".  He woke up immediately and I turned off the lamp to see if it started back up, so he could hear it.  It didn't…and a little while later, we heard Chewy's tags jingle on his collar as he came out of the bathroom and went to the area where his pillow is in front of the closet.  We both just laid there listening…and I started to hear what sounded like two people whispering…just a faint, faint whispering sound of voices talking.  I asked John if he could hear it, he said all he could hear was the sound of the aquarium.  I told him I was hearing that too…but this was beyond that…this was whispering.  He said he didn't hear the whispering.  Well, we laid there and then when the whispering started back up again, because it would start and stop and start and stop…but when it started back up again, this time….between all the inaudible words, I heard my name said.  I poked John and asked him if he'd heard my name…but he said he hadn't.  Eventually it got quiet and I didn't hear the whispering anymore.  I was so freaked out that for the next few days, I got the creeps every time Chewy came near me…I just couldn't get over what I'd heard in the bathroom.

I was sitting at my computer in the dining room, updating my website with the above two incidents along with new links and a story on our reader submitted stories page.  I heard someone walk into the room...didn't give two thoughts about it....just kept working on updating my website. Next thing I knew, I heard what sounded like a marble roll across the table. Again...didn't give it two thoughts, until I sat back in my chair to take a break and when I turned around to talk to...what I thought was Corey or Justin at the table...no one was there.  I got up from my chair, walked over to the table and there was this metal ball or metal marble looking ball to one of Corey's toys I'd bought him over the weekend, next to his toy.  I went to his room and asked him if he'd just been in the dining room, playing with the magnetic linking toy I'd bought him....he said he hadn't.  I asked him if he were sure he weren't in there, playing a trick on me...and rolled the metal ball across the table. He again said he wasn't...he's been in his room the whole time, watching TV.  I asked him to come with me and look at the toy to see if anything were out of place.  He immediately pointed out the metal ball and said there was a piece missing from the creation he made of the bars and metal balls.  He looked all over the floor; on the chairs...everywhere...the piece is missing. Something obviously came into the room and messed around with Corey's toy...and to top it off...swiped a piece to it too!

May 14:
Several things have happened this week.  The first happened one day while my sister Toni and I were sitting in the dining room.  Toni and I were talking about my mother-in-law, who passed away about 13 years ago.  Toni was remarking to me how spoiled I have Johnny….and went on to say how his mother also spoiled him, but I've spoiled him more or something like that.  Anyway….I got up to go get something to drink and Toni continued talking about my mother in law and how she missed her (Toni was crazy about my mother in law, they got along great).  Right after she said she missed Christine, my cell phone rang once…only once.  I came out of the kitchen and asked Toni if my phone had just rang.  Toni looked at me and said "Uh…dah".  I walked over to my purse, got my phone out…looked at my incoming calls…none for that day what so ever.  Needless to say, we got off the subject of my in-law real quick.

The second thing that happened, I was sitting in the recliner watching TV.  Corey was sitting on the long sofa and Justin had fallen asleep on the loveseat.  I was looking straight ahead at the TV when I saw what I thought was Justin up and about….walk right past me through the dining room.  I didn't think much of it….I just figured he'd woke up and was walking around.  I turned to Corey and said something like "Where's Justin going" and Corey looked at me with the most puzzled look on his face….he looked over at the loveseat and then looked back at me pointing towards the loveseat and said "What do you mean, Justin's sleeping".   I swear what I saw, looked just like Justin walk past me, coming from behind the wall, go past me and walk towards the door that leads to the garage.

The next thing that happened actually happened about three days later.  It was late…really late, I was loading up the dishwasher before I went to bed.  Justin had fallen asleep on the recliner watching TV and Corey were still up, waiting for me to go to bed.  I called out to Justin "Justin, wake up sweetie, time to go to bed"…and I kept repeating this over and over from the kitchen, so he would hear me and wake up "Justin, wake up, time to go to bed".  Next thing I knew I heard what sounded like his voice behind me say "Goodnight".  I turned around to give him a goodnight kiss…..no one was there.  I went to walk through the dining room to go to the living room….when I stopped dead in my tracks.  As I went to walk into the dining room, I could see in the reflection of the two French type doors (their double doors with one solid glass window from top to bottom on each of the doors) the reflection of a man standing next to me or behind me…just right there where I was at. I could see my reflection and the reflection of a man taller than me.  I took off and went in the living room where Corey and Justin were.  I waited a little while and went back in the kitchen to turn the dishwasher on, when I peeked over at the door, the only reflection I saw this time was my own.  I don't understand why I heard a child's voice say goodnight to me and saw a man....I'm thinking the man must of wanted me to think it were a child.  Just like my evps of a man saying his name is James...it's definitely a man's voice, but when asked "How old are you?" He replied in a man's voice "10".  I just don't know what to think anymore....I swear I don't.

June 05:
We had just gotten home from visiting my mother's.  On my way home, I stopped to pick up a few things at the store.  I laid the groceries down on the counter and ran to the bathroom.  I was in the bathroom (the one in our bedroom) and all of a sudden I heard what sounded like someone either hit or yank the shower curtain, right next to me.  I turned to look…the curtain was just slightly moving…I pulled back the curtain, looked in the shower….nothing was there.  So, I came out of the bathroom, went to John and told him what happened.  I don't know why, but while I was standing there, showing him how it all happened, I just felt weird….I kept looking towards the hall…expecting to see someone/something come walking out.  After John and I discussed what happened, I went to the kitchen to put the milk and stuff away….when all of a sudden, I got that feeling of being rushed up on….the only way I can describe it is….if you've ever had someone come run up to you to scare you and even though you know their there, when you turn and actually see them running up, you jump…it felt like that….Anyway, as I turned to look, I saw what looked like a boy sneaking up behind me.  He looked; I would say to be maybe seven or eight….with dark blonde to light brown hair with kind of a short crew cut…I don't remember what he was wearing.  He was sort of hunched over, with his arms bent upwards and he held his hands like he was imitating a bear/lion/wild animal about to claw someone….all I can remember is seeing his head and these hands with the fingers spread wide open and curled.  I yelled…well, it was actually more like a "Yipe" type squeal….and I jumped back against the sink.  As quickly as he was there, he was gone.  There one second, gone the next.  I took off into the living room, saying something to John like "Geez manetti, did you hear me scream? Something was in the kitchen behind me…I caught a kid sneaking up on me".  The rest of the night went uneventful….but in the middle of the night…well….mmm.

I went to bed when John went to bed…I didn't want to be up and about by myself.  I had fallen asleep….and I don't know why I woke up...but I did.  The room was slightly glowing…and when I lifted my head up to look around….I found our bedroom TV on.  The armoire doors weren't completely closed and the light of the TV being on was shining through the crack into the room.  I climbed across the bed, reached over, swung open one of the doors…the TV wasn't even on any station…it was just a gray static screen.  I turned off the tv and about broke my neck trying to get back to my spot on the bed to cover my head and try to go back to sleep.

July 18:
For the last two weeks, Justin has been sleeping with John and me; off and on….he says he's been too scared to sleep in his room because he's been waking up to his bedroom door open again.  I could assume that he just hasn't been closing it all the way, but there has been mornings that I've woken up before anyone else and known that "I" closed that door myself before going to bed.  Well, last night wasn't so good.  It was one of those nights where I probably got a half an hour of sleep.  I had worked until four in the morning.  I crawled into bed; Justin was laying in the middle and John on his side of the bed.  I fell asleep…and at some point, I don't know what time it was, I woke up.  I could hear faint whispering in our bedroom….I can't really say if it were male, female, adult or child…just a light whispering.  Chewy responded by growling…so that told me…if Chewy were growling…then it wasn't just my imagination or part of me waking up half asleep and dreaming, he must have heard it too.  So, I laid there….listening, I couldn't make out anything that was said, but heard enough to know that I were definitely hearing whispering and it weren't like full length conversations…it was a few words here and there, almost like someone answering someone else back with short answers.  Right at that moment, Justin started crawling on all fours under the covers towards the foot of the bed. I grabbed a hold of his arm and pulled him back up to the pillows.  I wrapped both arms around him and lay there, clutching on to him.  A couple of minutes went by and I was having a hard time going back to sleep….I opened my eyes and saw (again…not the first time), what looked like a bird or bat fly out of our bathroom, towards the closet. It flew slowly enough for me to follow it with my eyes.  Knowing the last time I saw this, nothing was there, I just closed my eyes and laid there…with my heart pounding out of my chest.  Before I could even think anything, there was a flash of light and Chewy started barking and growling.  I opened my eyes, looked around, shushed Chewy, he quit barking and growling.  I lay there the rest of the night….waiting for something else to happen, but it never did.

The very next night, I was in Corey's room, working on his computer.  I left and was heading to the dining room to grab a few cds that I needed to load in his computer. On my way to the dining room, I made a pit stop in the kitchen to load the dishwasher.  I was taking dishes out of the sink and placing them in the dishwasher, when I got the incredible feeling that I was being watched.  I stood up, turned around and as I looked towards the hall, it looked as if someone were peeking out from behind the wall and leaned back…to avoid me seeing them.  Thinking it was Corey, wondering why I hadn't returned to his room yet, I said out loud "I'll be there in a minute, I just want to finish this real quick". Well…I didn't get an answer, so I called Corey by name…no answer.  I called my niece Avalon's name (because she was visiting the weekend), no answer….I called Justin, no answer.  I walked up to the hall…looked, no one was there. I walked to Corey's room….asked if anyone had been in the hall, everyone said no.  Well…I went into the dining room, got what cds I needed and returned…nothing happened after that, until later that night.  After I finished working on Corey's computer and ironed John's work shirt, I went on my computer to read and respond to my email messages.  While typing on my computer….I felt that weird feeling of being watched again.  I didn't dare turn around this time…not knowing what I may or may not see…I didn't want to find someone/something peeking around the corner at me again.  But I did hear every so often, a knock and tapping sound coming from the kitchen.  I ignored it, finished what I had to do and went to bed.

The very next night, after the above incident, I was standing at Justin's bedroom door, talking to both him and Avalon.  No sooner did I close the bedroom door, I saw…what looked like a black cat, fly around the corner…where John and my bedroom door is, full speed, heading straight at me. I jumped back into the door, to avoid being in its path and not even a foot before it reached me, it just vanished before my eyes.

August 8:
It's funny how things happen at times when you least expect them to.  I was in the kitchen.  I had just put frozen peach cobbler in the oven for desert later.  I was standing at the garbage can, pulling apart the glued seams to the box so that I could fold it up nicely and tuck it in the garbage (nice trick to free up space in the garbage, especially with cereal boxes), anyway…I was standing at the garbage and I don't know if I looked up or I just slightly turned and what I saw caught my eye, then I looked up….but I watched as this tall, shadowy, dark silhouette of a person, casually strolled by the kitchen doorway, towards the hall. Then later that night, Corey witnessed something.  He had rolled my computer chair into the living room.  He was sitting directly in front of me. I was facing the TV and he was facing me, facing the hall and all the bedrooms.   Well, his room is the room is at the end of the hall.  So, if you look straight down the hall, you can look right into his room.  Next thing I knew, he stood up from the chair and took a few steps to stand as close as he could to me.  I looked up at him, knowing darn well….this is how he acts when he's seen something. So I just point blank asked him "What did you see?...it's not right behind me is it?"  He shook his head no…then sat back down and rolled the chair right up to the foot rest of the recliner.  He said as we were talking back and forth, he just got a very fast glimpse of what looked like someone walking in a white robe or long white dress, go into his room. He said all he saw was just the bottom edge of flowing white material...as it whished towards his stereo cabinet and TV.  Now…had I even thought he may have overheard me telling John about what I'd seen only hours before, I would of thought maybe he imagined seeing something….but at the time I told John…he and Justin were outside swimming in the pool…so I know darn well, he had no prior knowledge of what I'd seen earlier. What he saw was not something brought on by imagination or influence by what I'd seen earlier and that's when it hit me "Geez, here we go". 

I want to mention, that prior to the above incident, it had been almost a month since the last incident….and even though we hadn't experienced anything significant between these times….something has been going on that I find very bizarre.  Every single, solitary night…we religiously check Justin's bedroom door to ensure it's closed tight. Well…somehow, someway, that door….every so often mysteriously opens on its own free will.  Justin even claims he's witnessed it open, but he never sees anyone walk in.  If it were happening on a daily basis, then I'd figure there would be some sort of logical explanation for it opening…but it happening here and there….I don't know.  Now, Corey came up with the brilliant idea to rig the door.  He took an empty two liter bottle…strung several strands of rubber bands to it….and we open the door, swing the bottle into the door, close the door real quick,  trapping the bottle inside the room. If anyone opens that door, the bottle will spring back outside of the door and just hang from the door knob.  And…odd thing is…since we've been setting this trap….that door has not opened at all…not once.  I told Corey we should have never discussed inside the house what we were doing.  It makes me think of a series I saw on Unsolved Mysteries once about an elderly couple who used to hear a bell ring.  Because the bell was used as a signal to one another, the husband would hear the bell ring, only to find the wife fast asleep. He pretty much decided he'd had enough of the tricks, so he and his wife concocted a plan that if the wife was the one ringing the bell to signal him, she would ring it three times. Well, the ghost must have overheard their plans…because the bell would then ring three times to trick him into thinking it were his wife.  He then said, no more, if the bell rings, he's not going to respond to it…and the bell never rang after that. So….I'm thinking that's maybe what happened here….what ever is opening that door, knows we've got it rigged and knowing we're monitoring it…so their not opening it while we're aware of it and waiting.  Who knows?

August 20:
A few days prior to John going out of town for a manager's meeting….things started to happen.  Which, I have to say, wasn't a very comforting thought.  Only one things happened while he were gone…but before I explain that…let me explain what happened before he left.  I had been back and forth from Rita, Regina and Gary's house (which is directly across the street from us), working on their computer.  On my first trip back home to get discs I wanted load on their computer, I was walking down their driveway, heading home….when I saw what looked like a bright red light, rush through the living room. Our front door has a semi-beveled glass from top to bottom…so you can see fairly well in the house.  From the street, you can clearly see lights and movement in the house.  I didn't think much of the red color, because I remembered Justin had on a red shirt earlier that day.  Just as I began walking through our yard, I saw Corey with his hands up to the glass looking out at me.  I walked in….asked what was up…he asked if I were going to watch tv in the living room….as I walked through the living room to go to my computer to get my discs, I had passed Justin, sleeping on the recliner…and he was wearing a long white jersey…not red.  I turned around and looked at Corey, he had on all black….I was stumped.  He asked me again if I were going to be watching TV in the living room and I replied no, that I had to return back to Rita's, I just came home to get some things.  I didn't dare say anything about the red flash of color I saw….Justin and John were sleeping and my returning across the street, would of meant Corey would be alone…and probably scared if I told him what I saw.  But, when I got to the door I asked Corey if he wanted to come along…but he declined the invite and said he'd just stay home and watch TV.  Well….back I went.  After I finished with their computer, I returned home….and again; Corey was peering through the glass, watching me crossing the street.  Only this time, when I walked through the door and in to the kitchen, he was right on my heels.  I went to put my computer discs away, he followed.  I knew something wasn't right and I could tell by the look on his face, he was scared to death.  He was very reluctant about talking about it….I think he was afraid what he saw, was still around and perhaps listening.  But I kept asking him to tell me…he just stood there, scanning the room…obviously, making sure it were safe to talk.  He said after I left, he went and lied down on the long sofa.  He was just watching TV, when something caught his eye on the floor moving around.  When he looked down…he saw what looked like a big black rat run by, go by the loveseat and towards the aquarium. My heart sunk…I thought immediately a rat was in the house….but he continued and said "It was as big as a rat, only there wasn't a rat there, just a shadow".  He described almost exactly what Regina and I see from time to time, only bigger.  He said he really thought it was a rat, until he got a good look at it and realized it was nothing more than a dark oval shadow moving very quickly…and then it disappeared right into the front of the wood of the aquarium stand.  But if that weren't enough….he said he then saw the man watching him out of the corner of his eye.  He said it looked like the man was hiding behind the wall or leaning against the doorway or refrigerator, poking his head out.  He said it went on for a while, watching as this man poked his head out every so often, as if to watch him.  He said it was really starting to scare him and he didn't know what to do…he wanted to get up and go across the street where I was at, but was afraid of what would happen.  No sooner did he turn his head to look directly at the man, he watched this thing just vanish…and within seconds, I opened the door and walked in.  The way he described everything, I feel as if this energy must of sensed or saw me at the door and disappeared at that moment I opened the door.

Then a few days later, John left for his trip…and I didn't know what to expect would happen after he left….but it was really quiet…except for one incident.  Corey and I have been rigging up Justin's bedroom door so we can tell when the door opens.  It hasn't been opening…and it's almost like something knew we were on to it…and hasn't opened the door since we've set our booby traps.  Well…I decided enough was enough.  Corey installed a lock on Justin's door.  The only way to lock and unlock the door is from the inside…unless you have the little key thing-a-ma-jiggy.  Well…we tossed the empty two liter bottle, attached to the rubber band into the room and turned the door lock to the lock position and slammed the door shut. The door was untouched for almost five days.  Then it happened….we woke up to find the door not only open and the two liter bottle hanging outside the door…but the lock was still in the lock position.  No one, I mean no one opened that door, because I checked and the key thingy was still exactly where I hid it…untouched.  I don't want to…but I think the next step is to do what Corey suggested before, set up the camcorder and see what happens…I'm still juggling that idea.

Oh...I forgot to post something that happened before all of this happened....I don't remember the exact date, so I'll add it here.  I know it was right around the time Corey saw the man watching him from the kitchen....give or take a day or two before.  I woke up in the middle of the night....I don't know why, other than it was very warm in our bedroom and I couldn't sleep...that's what I assumed was the reason. I got up to turn the air conditioner down cooler.  I was lying in bed, trying to fall back asleep when I thought I heard whispering....like two men conversing back and forth.  I couldn't make out what they were saying.....yet it was very clear I was listening to a faint conversation.  I woke John up...but the whispering stopped.  I laid there waiting...and then it started back up...I asked John if he heard it, he said he couldn't....all he could hear was the aquarium water running.  I heard that too...but this was beyond that sound....I told him to try and tune out the aquarium and he'd hear it.  He tried, but he couldn't....but by the time I explained to him how to tune out the other sounds in the room and try to home in on the talking....it had again stopped...and never started back up again.  It wasn't the sound of something else, that my mind was playing tricks on me or I mistaken another sound for this....because I've tried to see if I could hear it again and it hasn't returned and I haven't heard anything since then, that even sounds similar that I could of mistaken what I heard that night...this was definitely men's voices whispering and conversing back and forth.

August 31:
Justin's door still continues to open on it's own...and Chewy is still getting locked in our bedroom when we're not home (and our bedroom door stays closed all the times...so we don't know how he's getting in to the room...the door would have to open to let him in and then close behind him to trap him in there).  Well....today, something really strange happened.  Every night, after Justin goes to bed (he's back to sleeping in his bedroom again), either myself or Corey have been checking his bedroom door to make sure it's closed and locked.  Every morning when I get up, as I walk by his bedroom, I push on the door or turn the knob to make sure it's closed...other times, the door is open about a foot or two as if someone had gone in and left it open.  Well...this morning, when I woke up, I checked the door...it were closed and locked. I went to the kitchen, made me a bowl of cereal, then went to the living room and turned on the TV to watch the hurricane aftermath coverage.  I was sitting in the recliner watching TV when all of a sudden there was this huge crashing, almost an explosion type sound from Justin's bedroom. I jumped up immediately and rushed to his room, not knowing if he woke up and tripped over toys and fell against the door or if he may have fallen out of the top bunk.  When I got to his room....there was nothing there....nothing had fallen, Justin was still asleep in his top bunk....just nothing around that could account for that sound.  Now....what I heard, was not my imagination, nor was it a sound from somewhere else....because even though I didn't find anything to make that sound, I did find his door wide open when I ran up to it. To me...it sounded like someone ramming in to the door...trying to bust the door down to get in...or bust the door down to get out. Either way...that door was wide open and only minutes before, were closed and locked tight.

September 11:
Things started going crazy Thursday (9/1) of last week. The first thing that happened was I was sitting at my computer working.  I got the weirdest feeling I was being watched.  I turned around and looked…nothing there.  This happened twice.  Then about a half an hour later, it happened a third time; only this time, out of the corner of my eye, I saw what I thought was Corey walk up and just stand. I figured he was waiting for me to finish what I was doing and didn't want to interrupt me. Well, when I finished, I turned to see what he wanted, but no one was there…but the whole time….up to the moment I turned around, I saw someone standing there.  Then a few minutes later, I got that odd feeling I was being watched again.  This time, I said out loud "Ok, go on…leave me alone…I don't want to be bothered".  Well, no sooner did I say that…seconds later, the smoke alarm started blaring!  I took the battery out and checked it in the charger…it was fully charged.  Whether it going off is connected to what ever was around, watching me….I don't know, I find it an odd coincidence.  Then come Friday, Corey and I were up, watching of all things "Most Haunted" on the travel channel.  Well…about a quarter into the show, I saw movement in the dining room.  I just barely got a glimpse of what appeared to be a person shoot from my computer, between the aquarium and the dining room table. It happened so fast, I couldn't even tell you what it was…only a lightning fast dark movement…it was like it was there one second and gone the next.  First thing that came in my mind was "I'm letting my imagination run wild, watching this show'….but that was until…I turned to Corey to ask if he saw it too…but he was too occupied looking all around the coffee table to find what he said he saw sneaking up on the floor, next to him.  So, at the same time I saw something, he saw something too…but in different rooms. Guess both our imaginations were running rampid at the same time!  He said what he saw looked like a cat walking up…but our cat wasn't even in the house.  Then Saturday….my sister Toni came to visit for the Memorial Day weekend with my niece and nephew Avalon and Adam.  Earlier that night, while at Rita, Regina and Gary's house (who live directly across the street from us), Toni had an encounter over there (You can read about this on Rita, Regina and Gary's page).  Well….Toni, myself and all the kids returned home.  I was at the stove cooking, when I saw to my right….someone walk from the living room, towards the hall.  It looked like one of the kids….and I didn't think anything of it, until I turned to talk to Toni and found them all sitting at the dining room table.

October 4:
Not much happening for the last few weeks....just little stuff like feelings of being watched. Then late last night...I was talking to Juanita on the phone about my mother's medication.  I'd picked her (my mother) up earlier that day and brought her back to our house for a visit and dinner.  When I took her back home, but forgot to take her bag with her insulin, etc.... So I called Juanita to ask her was it stuff that she needed me to drive back over tonight or if she had extra at home that I could just take it by tomorrow. Anyway...while talking on the phone with Juanita, I was standing at the frig, going over what all that was in the bag....when I saw what looked like someone walk by me, from the hall and go into the living room.  I didn't pay it much mind, figuring one of the kid's saw me on the phone and was going in the living room to take over the TV, thinking I wasn't watching it anymore. I hurried in the living room to ask them not to change the channel...only no one was in there.  I remarked to Juanita about how funny it was I could have sworn I saw someone just go into the living room...but no one's in here.  Well...I continued walking around, talking when I turned to go back towards the kitchen and I again saw what looked like someone come from the hall and whip around the corner into the kitchen.  I got off the phone and maybe an hour later???? I was at my computer, working.  It sounded like someone walk into the dining room, from behind me....I turned around to look....no one there.  I finished what I was doing...got off the computer and went to the living room to watch TV and smoke a cigarette. Let me back up....off and on while I was at my computer, typing....every so often I would hear a sound come from the kitchen, like someone was in there doing stuff....but every time I turned to look, I wouldn't see anything and the sound would stop.  Then, while I was sitting in the recliner, it sounded like someone walked into the living room....dragging their feet...and I turned around in the chair to look behind me.....no one there.  It was like the whole night was nothing but someone sneaking around the house, behind my back.  After I heard it sneak up behind me and stop behind the recliner, I didn't hear it anymore after that....it was quiet the rest of the night.

October 5:
Last night, after we had all gone to bed...  Next thing I know, Corey and Justin are standing at my bedroom door, scared half to death.  The television in the living room came on by itself again!!

October 7:
I was sitting on the recliner, talking to John on the phone (he was out of town at a manager's meeting).  I watched as our cat Fry (who is yellow), walk by, go into the dining room then I heard as he exited the doggy door.  Next thing I knew, I saw this black cat appear out of no where, right at the opening between the dining room and the living room.  He appeared to be rubbing up against the frame of the passage opening, tail upwards, but slightly bent in almost an "S" form.  As soon as I said to John on the phone "Shit…there's a black cat in the house" it began to just dissipate before my eyes.  Odd thing is…it had a grainy, almost static look to it as it slowly faded before my eyes.  Exactly two days later….Justin went to the front porch to put cat food and clean water in the cat dishes.  He came flying in the house to tell me he had seen a black cat walking towards him on the front porch. He said he thought it was Gannon (who is black and white) coming to eat and he said "Come n' eat Boo-Boo Kitty (that's what we nick-named him), he stepped out of the way so Gannon could get to the food, only Gannon wasn't there. Gannon was lying on the rocking chair way on the other side of the porch…and there was no black cat in sight.  I never once told Justin or Corey about the black cat I'd seen two nights before….only John knew about it and he hadn't returned home yet.

October 17:
This actually happened Friday, the 14th.  My sister Toni and myself were up with the all the kids…I should say teenagers, watching television in the living room.  John had already gone to bed and Justin was sitting in the recliner. Toni was on the long sofa with her two kids Avalon and Adam, and Corey was sitting with me on the loveseat.  We were all just sitting there, watching TV. when I started to feel a dull headache coming on...not enough to bother me, but enough to notice.  Then all of a sudden, I got the feeling that something was behind us, near the kitchen doorway and hall….watching or staring at us.  I tell you, the feeling was so strong…the strongest I'd ever felt, that I didn't even want to turn around to look, because I thought for sure, I'd see someone standing there.  I turned to Toni and said "Hey, something behind me…watching us"….then pointed towards the hall and kitchen and said "From over there".  She asked if I'd seen anything and I responded I hadn't…but began to explain that I know when I'm being watched…and this time, I could feel it big time…it was a very intense feeling.  We were all discussing back and forth what we thought it was, etc.  I thought about it a few seconds and decided that maybe I needed to say something to make it go away.  So…..I said something like "Go on, leave, we don't want you here".  And I can't say why, but it was almost an instant reaction to this feeling I got, an impression if you want to call it….like something responded to me with "No, I won't go", like it were letting me know I couldn't tell it what to do ", It was almost like a retaliating response, that I had no say so of what it could and couldn't do. I then saw out of the corner of my left eye….what looked like a very tall man, peeking around the corner of the dining room entrance at me.  Right next to where Justin was sitting. I yelled to Justin "Come here, something's near you, get away from it" He jumped up and ran to where I was.  We then heard a few clicking, light tapping type sounds coming from the kitchen.  I can't remember if Corey had already gotten up to go investigate the sounds coming from the kitchen or if I got the feeling that something was still around and not too happy I was attempting to shoo it off.  But next thing I knew and I swear, I don't know why I did it….it was as if someone had stepped right into my body and gave me the strength and courage to do it….but next thing I knew, I shouted out with every in me, waving my arm around "Oh yes you will…you'll leave and I DO have the authority to say so…this my house…Get out now!".  By the time that last word slipped through my lips we heard this hollow pop sound, like a light bulb had blown or someone had stuck something in an electrical socket, causing the electricity to pop.  Corey and I looked all over but found nothing that could explain what we heard.  The rest of the night was uneventful….like what ever were there, had finally listened and left.  Toni wasn't too thrilled about the whole ordeal, she wanted to leave and spend the night in a hotel….but after everything settled down, she ended up staying over.  I was just glad other people were around to confirm everything that had happened.

October 22:
Last night was the most active it's been in a very long time…in one night.  We had Justin's 10th birthday party last night (Saturday).  Being he's born so close to Halloween, his birthday party theme is always Halloween, where everyone comes dressed in costumes.  Anyway…all was fine most of the night. Later in the evening as everything wound down, Judy, Becky, Toni, Gail, John and myself were sitting on the back porch talking.  Toni and Becky at one point began talking about the Bermuda triangle.  Toni went inside the house and asked John to print up an article off the internet about the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Toni came back out and began reading to Becky the internet article.  Suddenly, Judy began coughing and gasping for air, claiming she could barely breathe.  She said her breath was taken by a strong, putrid stench.  We were all concerned…asking if she were ok…she kept shouting at us all "God, can't you smell it? What is that?"  At this point…no one made any assumptions of this incident being related to anything paranormal.  We just thought being we were outside on the porch…something must be in the air (even though no one else smelled it except Judy).  A few minutes went by…and again, Judy's breath was taken by an awful stench.  I jumped up and ran over to Judy, putting my face next to hers to see if I could also get a whiff of the smell to determine what it was….but smelled nothing. I then asked Judy what it smelled like…and she replied "sulfur…it smells like sulfur".  Toni and I both looked at each other in disbelief. This smell is associated with something bad...something very negative, perhaps demonic.  Toni took off in to the house; I stayed outside, wondering what to make of the incident.  A few minutes later, Toni came back out and sat down, remarking how weird it was that she was reading the article on the Dead Sea Scrolls and Judy began smelling that foul odor.  Well…I thought I heard something near the pool.  I told everyone to shush…I heard something.  Everyone got quiet and by now, Justin was outside, standing next to me. He heard it too.  Justin and I took off to the back part of the yard to see who was back there, choking…but as soon as I got near the pool slide, the sound stopped. We stood there for a while, but the sound never started back up again. I almost want to say it sounded as though someone were imitating the sounds of Judy choking and gasping earlier.  Toni went in the house….and with in minutes came to the door to call me in.  She said while she was in the living room, she heard someone knocking at the front door. She yelled for them to come in, but no one ever came through the door. The knocking continued, so annoyed the person didn't hear her tell them to come in, she went to the door to see who it was, but found no one there.  Then….hours later….everyone had left the party. After cleaning up, I went and sat down in the living room to relax for a while. Being it were so late at night, Toni and her kids decided to just spend the night rather than drive home so late.  She went to sleep in Corey's room with her son Adam.  Justin slept with John and me.  Avalon slept on the loveseat and Corey slept on the long sofa.  Corey said he was watching Punk'd on TV, when he suddenly felt as though someone were watching or staring at him.  He said he thought maybe Toni or I had gotten back up…but when he turned to look…he said he saw something out of the corner of his eye.  He said as it moved closer, near the recliner, he said his eyes seemed to lock in on this thing. He said it was a young girl, maybe Justin's age or younger…wearing a long dress, with something on her head.  He said it looked like a round thing, kind of like a wreath. He said he couldn't tell if what was hanging from the top of this round thing on child's head was a veil or hair…all he could tell was that it was long.  He said she looked like she was running playfully, while slightly skipping.  She ran past the recliner and in to the dining room. As she got to the dining room table, he said she just vanished before his eyes.  I asked him what color was her dress, her hair etc…but all he said was that she was completely white in color and she glowed bright, he said "like the light from the sun shining into the house through the windows…bright like that".  He said he got a real good look at her as she ran past the recliner in to the dining room, when he saw the back of her and that's when he realized it was a little girl with something on top of her head and something flowing down from that thing on her head. So…it was a very, very active night. I think all the collective energy from all the excitement at the party may have stirred things up.

November 02:
A third encounter with a young boy (about 10 years old) has occurred.  Regina came to visit after she got off work.  She was laying on the long sofa watching TV….I was sitting in the love seat.  John had already gone to bed and the kids were in Corey's room, watching TV.  The birds (four cockatiels and two parakeets), were in the dining room.  They were making so much noise earlier that we had to resort to turning off the lights, so they'd think it were time for bed.  Somehow, one of the kids turned the lights on again and slowly but surely…the birds started getting louder and louder again.  Regina said when she turned to me to remark how loud the birds were getting…when she saw what she thought at the time to be Corey walk in to the kitchen.  She said to me "Ask Corey to turn the light off in the dining room again, the birds are getting really loud".  So, I shouted out "Corey…Corey".  Regina interrupted me by saying that she just saw him go in to the kitchen...  I turned to look and again shouted out his name…no answer.  Within a few minutes, he and Justin came out of the bedroom to see why I was calling.  When Regina heard Corey's door open, I thought she'd pass out. Her eyes got so big.  As Corey and Justin stood there to find out why I was calling Corey….Regina began describing what she saw.  From looking at Corey and Justin…she realized it wasn't Corey she saw, the child was much smaller than Corey. She thought it was Corey, because the kid she saw had really dark hair like him (Justin's hair is a light brown to dirty blonde).  She asked Justin to go to the kitchen so she could see if the kid she saw was about his height.  When he went over and stood in the doorway…she said "Yah…the boy I saw must have been around his age, because he was around the same height as Justin….except this boy was thinner than Justin…and his head was really round from the back…and his ears stuck out".  From what Regina described, it sounded like the same boy Justin and I both encountered about seven or eight years ago.

November 05:
Two nights ago.....Corey came in to the dining room to tell me that he came out of his bedroom and just got a glimpse of a shadow as it turned in to the kitchen. He said it had no distinctive shape to it...just a dark mass that whipped around the corner out of his sight.  After that, nothing else happened until last night (the night after Corey saw the shadow).  This happened sometime after three in the morning.  I was working (I work from home), and I got a whiff of what smelled like a floral type potpourri....I don't buy floral smelling stuff ...I always get cinnamon, apple cinnamon or vanilla type smells...so when I smelled what I thought to be a dried flower smell, I immediately took notice and found it really unusual.  But it didn't linger...the smell was there one second and gone the next...like it came in passing.  Then a few hours in to my shift, I heard a sound behind me....in the kitchen...I turned around thinking one of the kids or John was up....but no one was there.  I turned in the other direction...towards the living room, no one there.  No sooner did I turn around in my chair to wait to take the next call....I smelled a very faint, dull smell of what I would say to be a dead animal.  It smelled like something decomposing....but I have to say, it didn't smell like it were right where I was at...it had a faint smell to it, like it was coming from somewhere else.  I put my phone on hold and walked over to the air vent to see if it was on and if the smell were coming from the air conditioning vents.  The air kicked on, but there were no funny smells coming from it.  I walked around the house, looking to see if the smell were coming from anywhere...but the smell was gone, I couldn't smell anything anywhere.  I went back to my computer, my shift was just about over...and I sat there, waiting to see if the smell....the flowers or the bad odor came back, but it never did.  I finished my shift, wasn't tired, so I decided to see if I had any email to respond to....and then it hit me.  I got the most awful feeling that I was being watched from the kitchen.  And I know I must of sat here at my computer for a good ten or fifteen minutes, with this God awful feeling that something was staring at me...so between the smells and that horrible feeling of something in the room with me, watching me...I decided it was time to go to bed.  I fed all the fish, turned off the lights and started towards the hall.  Just before I got to where the bathroom is...I saw...and it happened so, so fast....I saw, what looked like a thick black misty string, shaped kind of like the letter f, but without it being crossed...just a half round, half line thing, about waist high, move to my right...like someone was coming in the opposite direction of me and moved to my right to avoid us colliding.  It happened so fast, I didn't even have time to stop as this weird shape and I crossed paths. I didn't even look behind me....I rushed to the bedroom door and went straight in, closed the door behind me and jumped in bed. I realized I rushed so fast in to the room that I forgot to turn off the hall light....but didn't even bother getting up to turn it off…I just left it on.

December 04:
Thursday night (12-01-2005), after getting off work, I decided to see if there were any email messages I should respond to before heading to bed.  There were a few….I got to the last email…which was from a friend "K.D".  I was just typing away, spilling out my heart about my neighbor's two dogs mauling and killing our cat Gannon a few days prior to Thanksgiving.  I was so upset….still makes me sick. Anyway, while I was telling him about our cat, I heard what sounded like someone walking around….the sound of clothes shuffling or rubbing together as someone walked.  I looked all behind me from side to side in both rooms…no one seemed to be up and moving around…so I went back to my correspondence….not giving it another thought. Then I heard a few tapping sounds in the kitchen and then a knock.  It kind of sounded like someone had tapped on a pot or an aluminum lid or something.  I again, looked around…no one there.  I called out something like "Anyone there? Or who's there? Or who's in there?"  I got absolutely no response.  I was just typing away, when just for a second, I got a glimpse of what looked like someone leaning in on me, as if to peer over my shoulder.  Right then, I decided maybe it was a good time to finish up my email and go to bed.  Well….by the time I had my computer shut down, all hell broke loose.  The sound of someone shuffling around started up again.  Now, before I even go any further, let me explain where I was sitting in relation to where the sounds were coming from.  My computer is tucked in the corner of the dining room…and if I turn slightly and look to my right…I can see the two French doors that lead to the backyard and I can see the kitchen, up to where the stove is.  I can't see the refrigerator…that's hidden behind a wall from where my computer cabinet is.  Then if I turn to my left, I can see the door that leads in to the garage and I can see the living room…pretty much the entire room, except about half of the love seat and I can't see the grandfather clock or the aquarium….because those things are hidden behind a wall that separates the living room from the dining room.  Now….when I heard the sound of someone walking around this time, not only did I hear the sound of clothes shuffling, it also sounded like who ever it was or what ever it was, was wearing slippers. I could hear them dragging their feet as they slowly paced back and forth from the kitchen to the living room.   At first the sound seemed as though it was moving at a slow pace….but then I could tell it started to pick up speed....the sound started going from one room to another at a quicker speed…and now, not only was it moving quicker, when the sound got to the kitchen I would hear two taps and one knock.  Just like I'd heard earlier….but it didn't sound as though it was tapping on a pot or lid, now it was just a general sound…almost as though it could be tapping on the wall or the counter top.  Then it seemed to turn right around and head back to the living room, turn around and go back to the kitchen. This went on for a good while.  Then I don't know what made me do it….because I was actually sitting in my computer chair, following the sound, waiting for it to stop to make a run for it….but when I turned from the kitchen to look in to the living room, I saw what appeared to be the misty shape of a man, with a hunch back…his head protruding outwards…pass right through the dining room table. Right then and there, I yelled bloody murder for John.  He didn't come right away, so I yelled at the top of my lungs again.  Now, he was rushing in the room, wondering what was going on.  I told him to just stay with me long enough to get the lights turned off and the doors locked.  I just saw something walk through the table and it was sneaking all around the house, I guess trying to scare me or something.  He walked around with me while I checked and locked all the doors and turned off the lights.  We climbed in bed…and not even a second or two had gone by…and I heard what sounded like Native American drums beating.  It sounded like something right out of an old western movie.  I poked John and asked "What are those drums beating…do you hear it?"  He said he didn't.  He asked where Chewy was….I didn't respond, because I was trying to figure out where the drum sound was coming from.  It wasn't in the room…but it was in another part of the house.  I asked him again "Do you hear the drums?" He didn't answer, but asked me "Where's Chewy? Is he in the hall?"  I then said to him again "Tell me you hear them now John…you've got to hear those drums beating".  He barked back at me "No, I don't hear any drums" Right then and there the sound of the drums beating just stopped dead.   Now….this is what I find strange.  The very next day, my cousin Dean called me from out of state.  He said that the very night after he got home from the Thanksgiving holiday, something odd happened to him that night.  He said he woke up to the sound of shuffling in his bedroom.  He said it sounded like someone was in his room, walking around in slippers.  He said he got up, looked around…no one was there.  As soon as he would get up, the sound would stop. He'd try to go back to sleep and it would start again.  This went on most of the night.  He said he actually said to himself "Crap, something must have followed me home from Kimberly's".  He spent most of the holiday at our home…and while visiting, he made a remark to everyone that it had been years since he's experienced anything with ghost.  And then this happens. The way he described what he heard is exactly what I heard moving around before I ended up having to scream for John.

December 10:
Well….as if we didn't have enough problems…and enough ghosts…it seems I've somehow managed to bring another one home.  I'll make a long story short by saying that I bought a used table and six chairs from a thrift store.  Little did I know that along with the deal I got on the set, I obviously got a ghost along with it.  The first odd thing about the whole thing is….the table and chairs were fine when I looked at them…but when John unloaded them when we got home, a stain suddenly appeared on one of the chairs. I figured I must have missed it…but John swears he didn't see the stain when he loaded it in to the truck.  Oddly…the stain resembled dried blood.  But…let me back up a second.  When John got off work to pick me up and go pick up the set….and he loaded the set in his truck…while we were riding home, I stuck my hand in the back to feel the material on the cushions and got a weird vibe from the chair.  I told John in these exact words "Holy shit….something's wrong here" I paused and then went on to tell him "A man died at this table".  Well…to our shock, when we unloaded the table and chairs when we got home, my son Corey was helping bring in the table and chairs and out of nowhere asks John and I "Did someone die at this table?"  We both looked at each other in shock.  Corey is very much like me, he picks up on things like this too…and when he asked if anyone died at it…I knew what I was picking up couldn't have been a fluke.   Well…I reupholstered all the chair cushions and gotten over the whole thing about someone dying at the table….that was until…Thursday arrived and things began to get weird. Earlier in the evening before John, my brother in law Gary and the kids left to go to a hockey game, I was sitting at the table making a list of stuff I needed to get when the lights above the table began to flicker on and off.  As soon as I looked up at the bulbs to see if one was about to burn out, the flickering stopped.  I didn't think anything of it…until later, when something else happened and I put two and two together.  When John, Gary and the kids left, I also left to go shopping.  I got home before they did, unloaded the car and put everything away.  The phone rang; it was a family friend asking what the kids wanted her to buy them for Christmas.  We talked for a while and when I went to hang up the phone I saw that there was 1 message on the recorder.  I played the message and couldn't believe my ears.  I couldn't make out what was being said.  I figured John played a joke on me, knowing I was home alone…but when I called to check with him, he said he hadn't called. I played the message for him…he said I should leave the house until he got home.  He said that because usually when I'm home by myself….our ghost get all stirred up and do stuff to scare me.  I called Regina to come over and sit with me until John got home. She listened to the message and said it creeped her out. Everyone who hears it, has different opinions on what they think the message is. (You can listen to this EVP on our evidence page, along with the opinions on what the experts in the field of the paranormal have to say about this evp).

December 14:
(This actually happened Monday the 12th)  Corey was in his room, he noticed that a toy blimp he has hanging from his ceiling began swaying back and forth and then started spinning in a circle.  I told him that it was probably from the air kicking on.  He gave me the most puzzling look…and I asked him "What?"  He said "But it's not near the air vent and it never moved before….why now?" I didn't know what to tell him…so I went with him to his room to see for myself this blimp in action.  When I got there….it was completely still.  So, I stood at his bedroom door waiting for the air to kick on.  I heard the air come on, but the blimp didn't move.  I thought well, maybe it takes a while for the air to circulate its way around the room….so I waited and waited and waited….the blimp never moved. I looked at him and said "Well…you got me, come sit with me in the dining room".  I was sitting at the computer and he sat at the table to read.  Next thing I know, I turned around in my chair to say something to him, but he shhhh'd me.  He asked me "Did you hear that?" I didn't hear anything…so I replied "No, hear what?"  He said he heard a voice whispering his name.  I again said I didn't hear it.  I asked him where the sound came from…he said, right next to him, like someone was standing either next to him or behind him.  About an hour later, he finally went back to his room and I was still at my computer.  He had been snacking on crackers with sausage and cheese while sitting and reading…I got up to pick the plate up and when I leaned over and looked downwards to straighten out the crackers so they wouldn't fall off the plate when I picked it up, I saw what looked like someone in the living room walk towards the television.  Thinking it was Corey back out of his room I said to him "Hey, put this in the frig"….but I got no response.  I looked up…no one…..I looked around to see who may be up wandering around….no one.  I ended up calling Corey back out of his room so he could sit with me, because now I was starting to get a little freaked out.  After Corey came and sat with me, nothing else happened. 

Before I could even add the above event to this page something happened (This happened Tuesday the 13th).  I was sitting at my computer, working….I decided to take a 5 minute break.  When I came back from my break I was sitting at my computer working and next thing I knew, I heard a sound behind me. Nothing I could directly recognize or identify…just a weird sound that got my attention.  When I turned around to look, to my shock, I found one of the chairs from the dining room table had been pulled away from the table and it was right behind me, blocking me from moving my computer chair back.  And to top it off….the darn thing was turned in a way that it was as if someone had pulled it up close to me to sit and watch me work.  Now, I know for a fact that chair wasn't there before….because if it was as close as it was when I turned around and found it behind me, I wouldn't have been able to roll my chair back to get up and go on break and I certainly wouldn't have been able to get to my computer chair to sit down when I came back from break….there was no room to move!! I guess that must have been the sound I heard….but it didn't sound like a chair moving or anything.  Another odd thing is, the chairs are heavy and when we go to sit down at the table and you pull one of the chairs out, it squeaks as it drags on the floor…so….for it to get to where it was without me hearing it being dragged away from the table, means it must have been picked up and put there. I was so scared that I couldn't even move the chair from behind me to get up.  I left it there, right where it was at….I couldn't get past the thought of what ever put it there, may be sitting in it.  Eventually I did take my foot and push it away from me so I could get up.

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