Why do animals haunt?
My spiritual beliefs have taught me that animals don't haunt…period.  They have no reason to. If this is so, then why are there so many reports of people encountering their longed lost pets, long after their deaths?  Why do we cross paths with strange mysterious animals that seemingly vanish in to thin air?  How have so many paranormal investigations turned up EVP's with feline meows and bizarre howling or barking?  Unlike humans who could become earthbound and anchored here for personal reasons…..animals don't carry the burdens or reasons to remain here as we do.  They are guilt free and carefree from the everyday reasons humans become anchored.  So what reasons could they possibly have to not successfully make the transition into forever land?  We may never know.  This page is dedicated to all these unexplained encounters with ghostly animals….including visitations from family pets, to possible animal possessions.

I myself (Kimberly) have had a many encounters through out the years with ghostly animals….from cats to bats to hearing our pet hamster running in his wheel, months after he passed away.  One of the most bizarre encounters I can recall with an animal ghost was the time I saw a headless cat walk through our foyer/living room area.  We see phantom cats quite often in our home, all over our home.  My son Justin could share a few stories that would have your hair standing on end.  One such encounter was when he was in his bedroom (now my older son Corey's room).  He described hearing what sounded like a dog beneath his bed, frantically scratching and snorting to bite off flees.  He came running to me, convinced our dog Judd who had died months before, had returned to us.

Other relatives have also had encounters: Anthony was spooked by a visit from Rita's dog Googles. He claimed he witnessed the dog peering in at him through sliding glass doors in his bedroom. Oddly, Googles had been buried right outside those doors, days prior.  Toni had an encounter with watching a black cat, mysteriously come up through the floor and then vanish as it surfaced completely.  Juanita was sent running from Toni's home one morning because she witnessed Toni's cat walking through her home, calling out one of Toni's children's name as it went from room to room.  Rita had an encounter with her dog laughing in an evil, man's tone of voice.  Judy heard her dog howling beneath the floor in her home, long after the dog had died and been buried.  My mother's beloved pet and best friend was sent to live in another state, because it apparently was possessed by something negative. She said the dog's eyes, literally glowed red.  Glen witnessed a ghostly pet at his mailbox.  Toni's husband visited and as they left our home, looked back through the window and saw a phantom cat, lying above my shoulders on the sofa.  The encounters are endless and still continue to date.  Feel free to scan our site and read more details about these and other events occurring with ghostly pets and animals.

Below you will find encounters readers have submitted through out the years to our website. If you should find more stories on our website that weren't included here, please email me with the page you found the story on and I will post it here.  Thanks and enjoy.

Taken from the Indiana page of our website.
One night I was babysitting for some of my mothers friends. They lived on a highway. I watched their children many times before and had never had anything strange happen there, although all of the children claimed the house was haunted by the spirit of a man named Henry and an Indian. While we were upstairs in the playroom, the curtain started to move so I thought the window must not be shut all the way. I pulled the curtain back and saw that the window was shut tight. I looked down and saw a small white dog with brown and black spots on it. This didn't strike me as odd because I knew they had a dog but I thought he was out back. I just dropped the curtain and went back to playing with the children.  When their parents got home I told their father that the dog was cute. He asked "What dog?" I thought he was being silly, so I said "Your dog" and told him where I saw it. His face grew very serious and he asked me what the dog looked like. After describing it he said "We don't have a dog anymore, because the one you just described got hit by a car two weeks ago".

Taken from the Indiana page of our website.
When my aunt was around eleven years old she had a yellow cat who she loved very much. The cat ran away for about two weeks and when she got back home she was very sick.  There was nothing no one could do to make the cat better so my aunt tried to make her last days as comfortable as possible.  Finally the dreaded happened, so my aunt went about the task of burying her.  It was a very cold winter day and the ground was frozen, so my aunt dug a hole and laid chunks of frozen dirt on top of her.  After saying a small prayer, she went inside and sat in the living room feeling very sad.  For some strange reason she looked toward the front door and saw her little yellow cat walking away from the door, towards the stairs.  She got up and followed the cat up the stairs and to her room.  The cat jumped on her bed and disappeared.  She said she could see right through the cat but she didn't have any fear of it.  That was the last time she saw her little yellow cat.

Taken from the Louisiana page of our website.
My house has been haunted ever since my mom was young. My sister and I use to play this game called if you touch the floor you're an alligator. We would play this game all the time and two of the times I saw this guy outside of my window mowing the yard. I went to tell my mom that someone was mowing the yard but she didn't believe me. So I got my other sisters and told then, which they saw the same thing as I did. He was an old guy, with a baseball hat. He then smiled at us and waved his hand. We all looked at each other, looked back at the man and he was gone. We also have a dog that haunts our house. Late at night you could feel a dog scratching at your bed and you look down and nothing was there. When I was younger I had to go to the kitchen to pour my mom a glass of coke and then this big wind came and was dragging me. I started to cry and scream so my mom and my sisters came to see what was going on and found me sitting in the middle of the floor. It was pretty scary. My sisters slept in our living room one night and they both sat up at the same time and saw a black figure walking out of mom's room and into the living room and them into the kitchen. Then there was another time where I would wake up and couldn't move. It was like someone was holding me down and wouldn't let me up. Sometimes the ghost would play tricks on you. They would sound like someone you know except that person wouldn't be home. I remember one time when I stayed home from school I would hear my sisters talking and I would yell to my mom "Is everyone home or something" and she told me they were still at school. We also would see a tail under the bed that looked just like my dog's tail but it wasn't her tail because she would be in the bed with us. We have seen a lot of unusual things happen to us in that house and these are just a few things that we have seen.

Taken from the Minnesota page of our website.
One night I was sitting up in my bed reading a book, when I saw a reddish purple light; that could have been an orb in my hall way.  I also saw a whitish blue light which could have also been an orb with it. At the moment I saw them, my cat went nuts running around from my room to the hallway. He then stopped where the light was and began hissing.  He then ran quickly into my sons room (which is directly across the hallway from mine), then ran back through the hall and stop again. Then he ran it to our room. This went on for about 10 minutes then as suddenly as it started, the lights disappeared. Like someone shut a lamp off. I went and investigated what could possibly make those lights for 10 minutes straight. I thought perhaps a colored bulb was is one of my lamps, but after investigating, there were no colored bulbs. I couldn't sleep that night at all I was just too creeped out. A few nights later when we came from my mother-in-law's, our cat was sitting at our front door.  When we walked in, he just sat there as if he wanted to leave the house and even tried to run out. My husband grabbed him and sat down with him. He was petting him, but whenever he went to touch my cats face the cat cried as if something grabbed him hard by his head and hurt him... like he had bruises on his face and neck but we couldn't see them. After that night he would not go into my son's room. He stayed out of that room for a good 3 months of more especially at night.

Taken from the New Jersey page of our website.
The Monday after Thanksgiving 2004, our 12 year old black lab Alex got sick and lay in one spot in the kitchen.  I noticed that he didn't get up to go outside, he just laid there.  Alex was my 12 year old niece's dog since he was born in December, just like her.  My younger brother came to get my younger niece; who we watch now.  Alex, no matter what; made sure he greeted my brother at the door.  This time he didn't.  This was before I realized he was sick. Finally, I tried to get him to get up, but he didn't move. My mom called my dad and he said he would look at him when he got home...Alex was my dad's buddy too.  We used to call him the "Big Oaf".  Well my dad got home and he didn't greet my dad either, but I'm sure he tried to.  So, my dad came in and looked at him and he said "We have to put him down."  He called my brother to come over.  By this time, my mom and I were in tears. They loaded him in the car and took him to the vet's office.  During this time, my mom had to go to the store for something and I was home alone with my daughter who is 4, sitting on my parents bed.  I looked down the hall and that's when I saw a black shadow...I saw Alex walking down the hall to me to say goodbye.  My daughter says to me all the time "Can we go up to heaven and bring Alex home?" We explain to her, that he is in a better place now...He is in no longer in pain.  Last summer, my mom got a Bichon and we call him Chaise.  I was up early one morning, sitting looking out to our porch and I thought "How did Haylie get here?"(My brothers other black lab).  I saw the shiny black coat and I thought: "No wait, Haylie isn't here...it's Alex!!!" But then, our dog Chaise moved into the sunny spot where Alex was and I knew it was Alex he had come to visit us again...We Miss you Alex!!

Taken from the Ohio page of our website.
My husband's dog died around the same time we were trying to save a cat fighting for its life.  We had been experiencing a lot of activity with voices calling my mother in law day and night. We've also witnessed someone or something walk down the hall and outside the door (See Picture Below, Titled: "FACES IN DOOR").  At the time we took this photo, we were just taking pictures of our puppy as it grew.....not realizing we'd get a picture of what we had seen walking outside this door. What's odd is that you can often feel as if someone is standing at this door, looking in or watching you through this door.  We even saw an orb go right through our living room once. We were shocked to see that it showed up in our photos (See Picture Below, Titled: "ORB".  We have also seen the cat that had died bouncing around the rooms near lights casting shadows. It was pretty trippy and the dog that died, we saw him a few times as well. He even stood on my husband right after his death like he used to do before he died.  My husband was napping and he felt this. He didn't see him, just felt him and heard breathing after a few minutes. It just left and he looked up and nothing there. He was happy it happened we think he was saying goodbye to him.

Taken from the Texas page of our website.
When I was a freshman in high school I lost a beloved cat of mine. A few weeks after he died, I decided to get a snack from the kitchen. It was getting dark and the lights were out in the kitchen. As I walked in I could make out a dark figure on top of the washing machine. It was in the shape of a long haired cat. When I turned on the light, the figure disappeared. I wasn't scared by this at all because I knew who it was. My cat Pelis was a long haired cat and his usual sitting place was on the washing machine. Every once in a while when I am at my mother's house I will catch a glimpse of Pelis, either out of the corner of my eye or I will see his tail wrap around the corner as he makes his way from room to room. Up until a few weeks ago I was the only one that would see Pelis. A family friend of ours was over to visit my mom. Like all 8 year olds, she likes to color and she was in the living room coloring away. My mother then said that Kelsey (our friend) came into the kitchen and asked my mother where the cat was. Thinking that Kelsey was talking about my present cat, my mother said "Oh, Whitie probably sneaked in". That is when Kelsey said, "Oh no Connie, it wasn't that cat. The cat I saw was a gray cat with lots of fur".  Kelsey had gone on to describe my cat Pelis. It surprised my mom at first because Kelsey was only a baby when Pelis died. My mother then smiled at Kelsey and told her that it was "Becky's ghost kitty" and to not be afraid of it if she saw it again.

Taken from the Australia page of our website.
When I was sixteen, I moved into an apartment with my eighteen year old boyfriend, Guy. All my life, I've been crazy about cats, my family has always had one, and a cat was something I felt really made a home. So in November of 1999, we went to a local veterinarian and picked up a free kitten, lovingly named Chainsaw because of his purring. Then we heard about a family four floors down from us who had two kids, two adults, a bird, a dog, a cat and a litter of kittens all in one tiny two bedroom apartment, this was around Christmas time and I just had to get one of those kittens, I'd heard that they were being treated really badly and wanted to save at least one, so I did after a long day convincing Guy. I picked up the kitten and took him home, in the spirit of our cat names; we called him Power Drill, Drill for short. Chainsaw and Drill got along famously until one night. It was New Year's Day of 2000, we'd gotten drunk for the occasion as people do and it was midnight, I was rushing from one end of the house to the other to see the fireworks around Perth. Our apartment block and the one beside it were notorious for causing a wind tunnel and a strong breeze picked up as I had once again rushed out the front of the house. Drill had been sitting in between the front door and screen door as the wind had blown the front door shut, it slammed into him and broke his leg quite badly. Unfortunately, we couldn't afford to get him well again so, against my wishes, as I was very fond of both my cats, we had to have him put to sleep. Even now, I can't forget the scream, as the door slammed shut. A few weeks later, Guy and I were on our way out to grab some take out for dinner, a normal night, when suddenly we heard a cat scream behind us. My first thought was it had been Drill, but my rational mind ignored it since he was dead and buried in Guy's parents' backyard. I rushed back inside to check on Chainsaw but he was fast asleep on our bed. We shrugged it off and went to get food, ate dinner and went to bed. The next morning, I woke up with the worst food poisoning I had ever had and the distinct feeling that Drill had warned me about it. For months after, off and on, we heard Chainsaw playing with another cat or skitters of cat claws on the linoleum outside our bedroom door when we knew that Chainsaw was comfortably curled up beside me on the bed as he did and still does. Whenever we heard it, one of us would call out a hello to our dear dead cat or tell him to go to sleep if it was late at night. Since then, I've moved out of the apartment into my own place, Guy still lives there and when he comes to visit, sometimes he'll comment that he heard Drill at some point during the week, or Drill was playing in his bedroom and bumped something across the floor. We feel that our dead cat is watching over us and his best friend, our other cat, Chainsaw. We still greet our old friend whenever we hear from him and we're happy to know he's still around and watching out for the rest of his family.

Taken from the England page of our website.
I've been living in my house all my life, well I should say for 17 years now.  Our house is over 100 years old and this area was bombed quite badly during the war. My mother and sister have always been able to sense ghosts.  On our landing there is an out washing machine, but it used to be an old washing cupboard.  The bathroom door is right next to it and my sister has said that she has seen faint outlines of a person standing there; my mother says she has also felt something there.  I've only heard noises up there.  My sister says she believes it to be an old lady, from the outline of her and my mum says that she feels that it is as well, so we nicknamed her Mrs. Cooksley.....that was the old lady that lived and died in this house.  Recently I have seen what can only be described as a little black dog out the corner of my eye.  I mentioned this to my mum and she said she has seen it as well run out from under the stairs.  When I have had friends over to sleep they have also said they have seen a dark shadow walk from the bottom of the stairs and out through the kitchen. The other day I was lying in bed with the door shut and suddenly I heard as if someone had kicked the door, so I shot up to open the door and nothing was there.  I went downstairs and everyone was in the front room and no one had left that room for about an hour.  Odd things go missing in the bedrooms, and as I walk out of the bathroom I "ALWAYS" get a cold rush come over me.

Contributed: 10-27-2005
We had a family dog, he was a long haired black lab.  He was the  sweetest dog.  He got pancreatic cancer about two years ago. He was very sick, he passed away about a week later.  After that every night my dad could hear the dog sigh and plop down beside the bed as he did every night. You would occasionally see him pass from the living room to the bed room.   My parents then had a stray dog come on the property and she has been there ever since.  We have not seen or heard our dog Blackie since then.

Contributed: 10-27-2005
I am 14 years old and when I was younger, my grandma gave me her cat, Callie. I had her for a few years, but one year around Christmas, I got a new kitten and Callie wasn't very happy about it. Then a few days later, she disappeared.  I was very, very sad. One night, I took a shower, got dressed and went out in my front yard.  I prayed that I would get a sign that would let me know that Callie was alright. That night, after I went to bed, I woke up and saw the white shape of a cat. I said "Hi Leo" because I thought it was my new kitten (he's white), then I put my right hand on the figure, but my hand went right through it. I then started to hear bells.  Callie was wearing a pink collar with bells when she disappeared. Then I said,"Oh, hi Callie." Then she was gone. I think she came to say goodbye. She must have gotten eaten by coyotes. I sure do love and miss her very, very much. There was also one night when I was crying and really, really thinking about her.  I went in my room to look in my closet, when something fell down from the shelf in my closet. I looked down to see what had fallen and it was one of those decorations that you put on the eraser part of a pencil.  I had it since I was really little. The decoration was a calico cat that looked just like Callie. Then that same night; when I was in my mom's car waiting for my mom to pick up my little brother from a friend's house, I heard a song on the radio that always reminded me of Callie. The song is called "Wish You Were Here".  I'm always thinking about Callie and every morning and night, I always say, "Love you Callie, miss you Callie." I'll never forget one of the best cats, "CALLIE."

Contributed: 2-11-2006
When I lived in Akron, I was visited by a calico cat one night while sitting on my bed. I could make out every part of this ghostly cat. I am an extreme animal lover.  This cat would come visit every night to make sure I was okay. I got extremely attached to the cat and I even named it "Tabby".  Tabby would lie at the end of my bed for a little while, every night and just purr. Well one night Tabby was laying there purring and I heard a creak outside my door.  All of a sudden the door knob started to turn and the door flung open.  Tabby started clawing into thin air and when I tried to calm her down she attacked me as if something had possessed her. I have not seen Tabby since that night. I always have a ghostly animal watching over me until something happens then I get a different animal.

Contributed: 6-13-2006
When I was 13 years old, my mom got a cat from one of her friends from work. He was already a year old, and his name was Oliver.  He was a great cat, who became very attached to me during my teen years.  Everywhere I went in the house, he was always there!  He also had this funny habit of following people in the bathroom, and if you closed the door before he went in, he would scratch or stand up and press his weight on the door to be let in. Anyway, last year (I'm now 27), he got real sick, and a tumor had formed in between his eyes (there was nothing that could be done at that point), so my dad and I took him to the vet to have him put to sleep.  Needless to say, my parents and I were very saddened by this, and my dad buried him in their back yard.  A few days later, I was at my parents' house, and I went to use the bathroom.  After I closed the door, I heard the distinct (but light) sound of Oliver pressing his weight on the door, as if he wanted to be let in!  I couldn't believe what I heard, because I knew he was put to sleep just a few days before.  Of course when I opened the door nothing was there.  It happened just a few more times after that, but that's it.  It hasn't happened any more.  I think Oliver was just trying to let me know that he was there, and probably wanted to say "Good-bye".

Contributed: 8-2-2006
One Christmas my daughter got a hamster, named Jingle Bells, Jingle for short. He lived to be 3 1/2 years old. It was one night she found him dead, by his wheel where he loved to run. She was terribly upset. So we burried him by our dog Nikki's grave. We sprinkled sunflower seeds he'd left behind over his grave, a few weeks later beautiful sunflowers grew. Then one night, as we had come back from our outting, we heard he creaky old wheel. We ran to her room, where we had left his cage, everything the same as he'd left it. The wheel was spinning as if he'd just been running on it. We were amazed at the sight. It has happened three other times since, once just last week. We think he is just letting us know he is still there, to come back for a visit.

Contributed: 11-08-2006
This happened in September when school had just started. One night my cousin found three little kittens no bigger than an adult's hand; on the street, meowing and crying. My cousin brought them home and fed the kittens every two hours with warm milk. They were obviously very cute! Their eyes were still closed. Unfortunately the next day all the kittens died. My cousin took them out and buried them somewhere. For two weeks I came home after school sobbing and feeling sad about the kittens. One night, I was sitting by the computer when I heard a meowing sound. I wasn't scared at all. The sound was so strong and clear that it sounded like a cat was right beside me. From that day, I never seen or heard the meows again. Perhaps they just came back to say good bye. I know and I'm sure that they are living happily in heaven right now.

Contributed: 02-03-2007
I personally have only seen this dog once, and so has my mother. Once I can't remember when I was sitting on the floor in the front room eating a sandwich I saw out of the corner of my eye what I thought was our dog of the time (a red setter kind of breed) walk into the room.  I didn't think twice about this and went to pat his head as he passed, then I got the shocked my hand went straight through his neck and he quickly faded.  I rushed out to tell my mother when she said that she had seen this dog in nearly the same place a good ten years before our dog was born!

Contributed: 01-18-2008
When I lived in WV, my cat started to make a fuss at something in my bedroom closet while UI read a book, he came running to me and was all excited, I put him back on the floor near the closet, he jumped right back up on the bed and stayed close to me, I got up ant turned the light on (it was a walk out closet) and found nothing, I wasn't scared but it was odd. Another time in the same house my daughter and I were talking and a soda bottle and a lava lamp were on our coffee table, all of a sudden the soda bottle (it was full) started to wobble back and forth and hit the lava lamp, nearly knocking it over, I grabbed the bottle and looked at it, nobody had touched it to move, my daughter and I just looked at each other, I started to laugh, she started to cry!, we still talk about that at times, that happened in 1998. Strange but true!!


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