When I was sixteen, I moved into an apartment with my eighteen year old boyfriend, Guy. All my life, I've been crazy about cats, my family has always had one, and a cat was something I felt really made a home. So in November of 1999, we went to a local veterinarian and picked up a free kitten, lovingly named Chainsaw because of his purring. Then we heard about a family four floors down from us who had two kids, two adults, a bird, a dog, a cat and a litter of kittens all in one tiny two bedroom apartment, this was around Christmas time and I just had to get one of those kittens, I'd heard that they were being treated really badly and wanted to save at least one, so I did after a long day convincing Guy. I picked up the kitten and took him home, in the spirit of our cat names, we called him Power Drill, Drill for short. Chainsaw and Drill got along famously until one night. It was New Year's Day of 2000, we'd gotten drunk for the occasion as people do and it was midnight, I was rushing from one end of the house to the other to see the fireworks around Perth. Our apartment block and the one beside it were notorious for causing a wind tunnel and a strong breeze picked up as I had once again rushed out the front of the house. Drill had been sitting in between the front door and screen door as the wind had blown the front door shut, it slammed into him and broke his leg quite badly. Unfortunately, we couldn't afford to get him well again so, against my wishes, as I was very fond of both my cats, we had to have him put to sleep. Even now, I can't forget the scream, as the door slammed shut. A few weeks later, Guy and I were on our way out to grab some take out for dinner, a normal night, when suddenly we heard a cat scream behind us. My first thought was it had been Drill, but my rational mind ignored it since he was dead and buried in Guy's parents' backyard. I rushed back inside to check on Chainsaw but he was fast asleep on our bed. We shrugged it off and went to get food, ate dinner and went to bed. The next morning, I woke up with the worst food poisoning I had ever had and the distinct feeling that Drill had warned me about it. For months after, off and on, we heard Chainsaw playing with another cat or skitters of cat claws on the linoleum outside our bedroom door when we knew that Chainsaw was comfortably curled up beside me on the bed as he did and still does. Whenever we heard it, one of us would call out a hello to our dear dead cat or tell him to go to sleep if it was late at night. Since then, I've moved out of the apartment into my own place, Guy still lives there and when he comes to visit, sometimes he'll comment that he heard Drill at some point during the week, or Drill was playing in his bedroom and bumped something across the floor. We feel that our dead cat is watching over us and his best friend, our other cat, Chainsaw. We still greet our old friend whenever we hear from him and we're happy to know he's still around and watching out for the rest of his family.

In 1990 I was fresh out of the Army and working as a casual security guard for a large security company in Sydney Australia.

At very short notice I was rostered to work five twelve-hour nightshifts guarding what I was simply told was a construction site. All I was given was an address. When I arrived at the address just before sunset I recognized it as being part of Gladesville Hospital, otherwise known as Gladesville Mental Hospital. This was the place the government sent the criminally insane, the ones that were too violent to let out into the community or hospitalize anywhere else.

The foreman gave me a brief tour of the building explaining it was going to be a new administration block for the hospital and issued a two-way radio and flashlight from my security company that had been left at the site for the duration of the contract.

Before leaving for the night he pointed to several half buried bunker type buildings spread across a large hill nearby and said that's where the patients are locked up at night, you will hear them but don't worry they can't get out.

The building was a large two-story sandstone block structure built in 1830 or thereabouts. The structure was almost a shell in that the complete second level wooden flooring had been removed and a lot of the ground floor was missing as well making it dangerous to move about in the dark. There was no electricity.

The building was located next to a flowing creek that was heavily lined with weeping willow trees that were so close they touch the building with the slightest breeze. It was a windy night.

Around sunset I discovered that the batteries in my flashlight were virtually flat and my two-way radio appeared to be in much the same condition. I informed my company of the situation and they told me to do the best I could and they would try and get someone out during the night with fresh batteries. I will tell you now that they never showed up. It was getting dark fast, so I thought I'd do a search through the building and try to find another torch, or some form of lighting. I never did.

Unfortunately however, when searching the building I did find out the name of the creek. In the room that was used to display architectural plans I made the mistake of looking at the name of the project which was written on some plans that were laid out on a table. The project was called "The Tarban Creek Lunatic Asylum Building Restoration Project".

Now I had about eleven hours to go, cut off from outside help, alone in the dark inside the ruins of a former lunatic asylum with the modern working version literally a stones throw from my location.
I found myself looking towards the sky thinking how it was going to be an interesting shift. I noticed the moon had risen for the night, and yes it was full.

I could see long strands of fast moving clouds moving across the full moon as the weeping willows belted and scrapped the side of the sandstone building and tin roof.

Then it began, the thing that made me feel really at home. The patients from the bunkers at Gladesville Mental Hospital started to howl and moan like tortured animals. I am serious they were actually howling, I have never heard anything like it before or since.

Pumped with adrenalin out of the fear of bumping into an escaped patient I spent most of the shift exploring the building and surrounds with the constant feeling of being watched. I had frequent cold chills running through my body and found my hand reaching for my sidearm on more then one occasion.

Even with my best efforts to conserve the batteries in the flashlight it gave up completely around 1am. By this time I had a good knowledge of my surroundings and had grown more relaxed. The howling had slowed, with now only the occasional relapse set off by one patient with the others joining in as if by some primal instinct.

I now had less then five hours to get through the shift and knew now that I would be fine. I had found an old wooden chair and placed it against the front wall of a small-detached building at the rear of the main in a position that gave the best vantage to see anyone approaching. The detached building was made of the same sandstone blocks as the main and appeared to be some kind of tool shed. The only access was a single door and window at the front between which I placed the chair with my back against the wall for safety.

By 5:30am the overnight winds had completely stopped and a thick fog rolled up from the nearby creek, which somehow seemed fitting. There was only 30 minutes until I could go home and I had now relaxed as the sun was starting to make an appearance. Then it happened!

I stood up to stretch my legs in anticipation of going home and made the mistake of having another look through the tool shed window.

I put my face up to the glass cupping my hands against the window so I could see inside as sunlight was now reflecting against the glass. My heart almost stopped. Sitting there on a chair at the bench facing the window was a person with their head hung forward facing down. I jumped back from the window to gather my thoughts. After a moment I looked again and the person was still there, but this time he looked up. It was a young man with shaggy blonde hair, his eyes looked inhuman; his face was contorted as if in pain. He did not react to my presence, but just kept looking straight into my eyes without a sound.

That was enough for me; I quickly put my flashlight and radio back in the office, headed straight for my car and the exit gate. I made up some lame excuse for not being able to complete the other rostered shifts and never went back.

What I have experienced with ghost, practically spans over my entire childhood.  I can't remember the exact order of these events, but do recall my first memory of something being in my house was when I was very little.  I would hear strange noises at night, like creaking sounds. My dad told me it was just the house settling, but it wasn't just creaking I heard, I also heard footsteps too.  One night, I heard the snooker balls hitting each other in the rumpas room, so I got my sister, who was two years younger than me and we went to investigate.  When we opened the door, we saw that all the balls were still in their pockets.  After that, I began hearing things often...more creaking and more footsteps.  One night I heard the front door slam so hard, it shook my bedroom.  I ran into my parents room and got dad.  He told me it must of been a dream, but had an odd look on his face.  The door was locked and the chain was still on it.  After that night, I heard the back door open and shut violently.  Doors in the house would creak open and the front door would often open and slam shut.  This was just the beginning!  The real evidence of the entity in our home came after I moved into a different room in the house.  This room was always the coldest in the entire house.  My parent's room was right next door and facing in the same direction, yet their room always stayed relatively warm.  Even the rooms at the back of the house that were in the shade were warmer than my room.  My bed had a wooden headboard that was detached from the bed.  When I was laying perfectly still, I could hear it tapping against the wall. I thought that must be moving slightly, so I tested it out.  While I was still laying down, I would bounce, but the board didn't move....only when I remained perfectly still did it move.  I had a stained glass unicorn ornament sticking on my window.  One day, I was just about to leave the room, when just before I opened the door, the unicorn hit it, then flew onto my bed.  Now my room was about a meter and a half wide and my bed was just in the middle.  I don't think it just fell off....because if the suction cup failed, wouldn't it have just fallen to the ground and not fly to the other side of the room?? I also had a shell with my star sign painted on it, that also used to jump.  It was in a lounge room on the wall unit about a half meter to a meter away from the coffee table.  When I played certain songs, then left the room....I would hear a bang. When I went back in the room to see what the bang was, I would find the shell on the floor in front of the coffee table.  It has a lot of chips on it now.  I tested this too, thinking maybe the vibration from the music caused it to fall....but when I turned the music up as loud as it would go, I would stand and watch...but the shell didn't budge.  On another occasion, I was in bed and I heard a scratching noise on my sheets.  I thought it was my cat, because he normally slept on my bed.  I looked around, but nothing was there.  When I laid back down, my blankets got ripped off my bed with great speed.  I was so scared, I couldn't move.  Some other time, I fell asleep listening to my music.  My stereo had a remote control.  Later that night, I woke up and saw a glowing female figure floating above me, holding my remote.  I closed my eyes and when I opened them, she was gone and the remote was laying right next to me on my bed.  To this day, I can't figure out whether I was dreaming or whether this really happened....but it sure felt very real.  My cat knew something was in the house.  When he was on my bed, he would sit up and all of a sudden stare at me dead in the eye, with an evil sort of look.  Then his eyes would dart all over the room, in a terror type state, all the while, hissing and growling.  Sometimes he'd be in a hurry to leave the room.  If I didn't let him out quick enough, he'd try to scratch his way out, growling and crying.  A very strange thing happened one time. I was lying on the floor in the lounge room, when my cat walked right past me and into the kitchen.  Next thing I knew, he was running towards me, pounced on my face, grabbed my head with his claws and started biting my forehead.  He's never done anything like that before, nor has he done it since.  After he finished attacking me, he ran away real fast.  Then a while later, he returned and apparently in a complete transformation from before, tried to make up for the attack.  I was terrified of the ghost at first, but after a while, I became accustomed to it.  I was even able to ask it to stop doing things, like shaking my headboard and it would oblige.  I honestly don't think it ever intended on hurting me....I believe perhaps it just wanted to be acknowledged.

One morning before my father went to work, he was heading to the shower and just as he was about to enter the bathroom, he said he saw what looked like a foot at the corner of the L shape in the hall.  It was as if he'd seen someone running down the hall and around the corner towards the rest of the house. He was pretty freaked and raced around the house, checking every room to see if he find the source of what he'd seen.  He didn't find anything, except locked doors, which indicated to him, no one could of entered the house.

One night while my sister was in bed, when it suddenly began to shake. She was so frightened that she jumped off the bed and ran into my mother's room.  That incident never happened again after that night, but something else did. One night she was very spooked by a spirit and had to ask it to leave and it did.

My brother had many different dreams, sightings and even spoke to our spirit.  The one thing that was always consistent about his experiences was that it always involved a female spirit.  The first thing that I can recall him telling me was when my parents were renovating our bathroom and he dreamed that he when he opened the door to the bathroom, it was very dark inside.  He walked across the room to the other side to where the light switch was and when he turned around, there before him stood a figure all in white.  On another occasion, my brother went to talk to our mum, because he thought she was in the back bathroom and he was telling her what ever he had to tell her.  He said he could hear her answer back from inside the bathroom "Yes" or "Mmm".  He said he finished up what he needed to say and went off on his way.  Not too long later, he went looking for mum again and found her in her bedroom, ironing.  He started up his conversation with her again and mum looked at him as if he were completely mad or something. She asked him what he were talking about, because it made no sense to her and he explained to her that he'd just talked to her while she was using the bathroom.  She insisted she hadn't been in the he was talking to someone and someone was responding....but it wasn't mum!  I believe my brother had spirits around him a lot because when he was younger, he and his mate decided to climb into a old abandoned lighthouse right out on the rocks.  He said that he went in after his friend and they climbed down into an area of the lighthouse. He said there was some sort of ladder that went down to a darkened area, so that particular day, they decided to explore it a bit. He felt this heavy feeling, as if he were being pushed down and found it very hard to breath.  The feeling was really bad, so he and his mate left. He also said that as they left, he and his mate kept looking at each other, because they felt as if what ever was there, was following them. He kept looking back behind himself to see if anything were there. He said at one point, he actually could feel what ever it was, walk right between him and his mate, then it seemed to just stop. Then they just walked right past it.  After that, they didn't look back and just continued home.

I lived in a one bedroom part of a house with my partner. For some odd reason, I don't know why, but I didn't like the bedroom we were living kind of freaked me out.  Anytime my partner wasn't home, I would close the door and sleep in the lounge room, making sure I was never facing the door.  One night I was watching a video and fell asleep.  When I woke up, the video was off and ejected from the VCR. At first, I didn't think much of it because when the video got to the end, it would normally do this.  However, when it does this, it also will rewind the video before kicking it out.  So, I put the video back in and pressed play and it was then that I realized the video hadn't was only half way through.  On another occasion, I had this horrid nightmare.  I dreamed that I was asleep in bed and when I woke up, in the dream, I saw a black figure standing at the door.  It was solid black and it started to come towards me. I started shaking my partner, trying desperately to wake him, but he would not wake up.  I tried screaming, but nothing would come out.  So, I ran at it, trying to attack it, but I ended up floating over it, to get away.  When I woke up from this nightmare, I found it hard to sleep in that room again, because it seemed so real.  Later that month, my partner's brother had come for a visit.  He went to bed in our spare room, which was near the door, I had this dream about.  The next thing I knew, we woke up to him screaming about a black figure attacking him.  Odd thing is, I hadn't told anyone about my dream I'd had about a black figure.

About three years ago, we lived in a house what we were trying to buy.  At the time, we had a lot of strange things go on. Every time l tried to have a sleep on the couch in the lounge room, it felt as though someone were shaking me like they were trying to wake me up. At night you would here footsteps up and down the hall.  Also, lights would come on by themselves. One year l had a very bad car accident and l was at home in bed.  The whole time l was in bed, l would feel someone sit down on the end of the bed and you would look up and there would be no one there. My little staff dog Abby would sit there a growl at nothing at the door.  She would never go in the spare room at all. It always felt like someone was watching you. But in the same sense, it felt as though what ever were there were protecting you when you where sick. In the lounge room we had a gas heater and there was always a cold spot in the corner of the lounge room. I remember one day that l woke up in the middle of the night thinking it was my 5 year old son (at the time he was 5) standing about 1 foot away from me staring right into my face.  I woke up with a fright and told him not to do that again and said "Get back to bed". About 30 seconds later, l had to get up and go to the toilet.  Oddly, I found him fast asleep in his bed.  He wouldn't have had time to get back into bed that fast. So that just freaked me right out.  I'm not too sure what that was. Now here is the strange thing…after we moved out of that house l had never told anyone about these things and a dear friend of mine and her sister moved into that house.  She came and asked me in around about way if anything had happened to me while we were living in the house.  She went on to share with me, the things she too had been experiencing.  I'm glad to see, I'm not crazy or that it's all in my head.

I was asleep one night and woke up to a voice talking at the end of my bed. 
When I looked up there was a black figure standing in front of me.  I looked to see where I was and when I looked back and it was gone. (Please visit our Ouija page for more of Christine's experiences.)

My grandmother has since passed on, and living in Australia I felt very sad that I couldn't say my goodbyes in person. I was lying in bed at my mother's house with my 2 boys asleep on mattresses at the base of the bed. I "felt" someone enter the room. Thinking it was my sister, I didn't turn over to see who it was. I heard them cross the room over to where the boys were sleeping. My youngest son started murmuring in his sleep and my oldest became restless too. The person then walked up the side of the bed to where I was lying with my eyes closed. I got an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness and felt better about my grandmother immediately. I opened my eyes and there was no-one there. I think that Granny came to say goodbye herself, and to see her great-grandchildren one last time before moving on. She let me know that she was ok and that she was at peace.(Read story submitted by Niamh, on the "Ireland" page.

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