I am 14 years old, and I have always believed in ghost. I have been visited many times by spirits good and bad. But one in particular that "I KNEW" was bad visited me once and scarred me for life. It all started when I was twelve, and I had a friend sleep over. He brought over his Ouija Board, and we decided to play with it. We brewed up a spirit named "Nicky" or at least that's what he said his name was. He said he died in the 1980's from a bullet wound. He kept predicting our deaths through this mysterious board, and we said goodbye after about 15 minutes. That night a man appeared in my room wearing a stovepipe hat. He was almost seven feet tall, and dressed all in black. After we both saw him, he disappeared. Now he visits at least once a week and scares me every time. I try locking my doors, windows, and even covering the air vents with duct tape, but to no avail. I hope to find out someday what he is.

Since I was 5 years old, I always believed in ghosts and even more so, since my mother told me that when my Great Grandfather died, he       the less when my Great Grandmother died, I've heard her in our house.  Sometimes, I can even feel her pushing me at night and when I move, she stops and the next thing I feel is her lie down on my bed. Well, all the ghosts in my house aren't nice, some of them are evil! I see red orbs in my living room and one night I also saw a man. He appeared to be at least 7 feet tall and he had on a black trench coat. It scared me half to death.  I don't know why, but everything seems to always happen around 12, midnight. We have also managed to capture one of the ghost on film.  (See Kimberly ghost photo on "Reader Submitted Proof" page).

(Jack F.)
I am 19 years old and spirits have been part of my life since the beginning. My mother's side of the family has been known to be either haunted by spirits or they are psychics (not in a business though, just within the family). Of course when I was younger I was said to have a strong magnetism for spirits. It was also said that after my grandmother died when I was young, they could feel that she was around me watching out for me. After I started telling my parents about things I've seen and heard for awhile, they had finally told me about what was predicted about me (which was around of 16). Since then I've been known to go to "scary" locations and see if I can find anything. One particular weekend, my friend, my brother, and myself had gone to this broken down barn that was the next town over. We brought with us a two flashlights and a video camera, both with newly charged batteries. There were a total of four different rooms in the barn.  The first three we went into were so hot, because of the summer night heat, but the last room we went into was even worse. The heat was almost unbearable. We did the same thing we did for the other rooms, taped for about a couple minutes and then leave, but then something happened that kept us there longer. We noticed that the intense heat that we had been experiencing vanished and we were now swept with extreme cold air. We kept tape recording everything and saying what the temperature was. Before I knew it one of our flashlights were dead and after 20 minutes of taping, my camera went dead as well. It got to the point where my brother really wanted to leave, so we left. We came back the next night with one more friend of mine. My first friend and myself went to the room again and my brother and another friend stayed in the room below. After 5 minutes my brother  and friend ran up the stairs to the room we were in and asked if we heard the girl screaming. My first friend and I didn't hear anything but my brother claimed that it was loud. As we talked up in the room we felt the cold chill again, this time it seemed to come from above. We ran out and into our car to go home. The next day we all got together and played our tape and that's when we got the worst chills of them all. During the time we stated that the temperature was getting cold, you could hear clearly on the tape, the voice of a girl talking above the camera and at some points even screaming. We still go on ghost hunts to this day, but since the night of the girl screaming in the barn, we have yet to return to that place and probably will not return there again for a long, long time.

This event didn't happen recently. It happened about a year ago. I was in my house alone. I was upstairs in my room playing my video games. My dog was laying on my bed watching me. Sometime during my game, I felt this very cold wind come into my room. It was traveling very slow. My dog perked up and her ears shot straight up. She looked like she had seen a ghost. Just then, my door opened without me hearing it. I always close and lock my door when I'm in my room. The door was open, but it was still locked. Then all was silent. I checked my windows to see if they were open, they weren't. It wasn't even a windy day out! To this day I still think about it, trying to figure out what happened. I may never know. I do have one other experience. Sometimes when I come home from school or from my dad's on the weekend or from a vacation, sometimes I find items that were in my room, directly under my bed. I always ask my mom or grandparents it they put it under there, and they always so no. This still occurs to this day.

The Monday after Thanksgiving 2004, our 12 year old black lab Alex got sick and lay in one spot in the kitchen.  I noticed that he didn't get up to go outside, he just laid there.  Alex was my 12 year old niece's dog since he was born in December, just like her.  My younger brother came to get my younger niece; who we watch now.  Alex, no matter what; made sure he greeted my brother at the door.  This time he didn't.  This was before I realized he was sick. Finally, I tried to get him to get up, but he didn't move. My mom called my dad and he said he would look at him when he got home...Alex was my dad's buddy too.  We used to call him the "Big Oaf".  Well my dad got home and he didn't greet my dad either, but I'm sure he tried to.  So, my dad came in and looked at him and he said "We have to put him down."  He called my brother to come over.  By this time, my mom and I were in tears. They loaded him in the car and took him to the vet's office.  During this time, my mom had to go to the store for something and I was home alone with my daughter who is 4, sitting on my parents bed.  I looked down the hall and that's when I saw a black shadow...I saw Alex walking down the hall to me to say goodbye.  My daughter says to me all the time "Can we go up to heaven and bring Alex home?" We explain to her, that he is in a better place now...He is in no longer in pain.  Last summer, my mom got a Bichon and we call him Chaise.  I was up early one morning, sitting looking out to our porch and I thought "How did Haylie get here?"(My brothers other black lab).  I saw the shiny black coat and I thought: "No wait, Haylie isn't's Alex!!!" But then, our dog Chaise moved into the sunny spot where Alex was and I knew it was Alex he had come to visit us again...We Miss you Alex!!

My friend and I always wondered about her house. It was haunted by a ghost! this is the story of her. There was this lady with two children and a husband at a business trip. Unfortunately she had gotten a call from her husband's friend that her husband got into a car accident and he had died. she couldn't bear the horrible news. she had told her mother-who was visiting her at the time-the she was going to kill herself and her children. Her mother called the police. The lady was about to drown her children but her mother wouldn't let her. So, before the police arrived she had hung herself from the fan in her bedroom-now my friend's parent's bedroom. So this is the story of her. One day my friend invited me over for a sleepover since her parents weren't home. So that day when we were in her garage getting our bikes we heard some lady call my friends name-and nobody was in the house except us, the tv was off and so was everything else,and the garage door was closed. We got scared and just ran out of the garage. Then later that night when we were in her parents room playing on the computer, the light turned off , my phones battery went completely dead-even though i charged it until it was full-and the computer screen went blank but then it started typed things at random all at its own. We got scared and went downstairs. Then it got freezing cold in the living room even though it was a hot day and all the fans and air conditioners were turned off. Then her parents pictures fell. We put it up but it fell again-it probably fell because the lady's room was now my friends parent's room. Then my phone turned on by itself and i received a text message. it said to leave at once. i threw my phone at the couch and it turned off again. We tried calling my friend's parents but the phone wouldn't turn on even though it was plugged in and in the phone jack. Then we realized we were in danger. Then we heard a voice saying HELP ME HELP ME PLEASE! I screamed out with some bravery left in me, WHAT DO YOU WANT? Then we stopped hearing her voice. Then the room got to its normal temperature, the clock turned on, my phone turned on and it even said no one texted me, and her home phone turned on, the lights and the computer screen were ok upstairs, and everything was ok. It was like this never happened. We never spoke of this again...and nothing continued to happen.

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