When my friend Mallory was little, she went up to her mom and said, "Mommy,  who's the lady in the living room?" "What lady?" her mom said "She has long brown hair and had on a pretty dress." Mal's mom dismissed the incident as a little girl making up tall tales.  Then when her brother Drew was around her age, he goes up to his mom and  says, "Mom, why does that lady keep on following Mal around?" "What lady?" "The one with the pink dress. You know, the one that tucks her in at night when you forget." Then, Drew and his mom were looking at an old family album. Drew points to a picture and goes, "Who's this?" "That is your aunt Lucy at her prom. I was pregnant with Mallory when that picture was taken. She died while coming home in a car accident. She was  looking forward to being an aunt and taking care of a baby" "But, that's the lady that follows Mallory around!"

It was Christmas of 1987.  I would have strange things happen, like I had a music box sitting on top of my t.v. that would start playing out of no where. Then one evening in the middle of the night my 6 year old daughter started screaming, so I went to see what she needed. As I stood in the doorway I saw 3 ghosts flying over my 1 year old daughter's crib. They shared a room together. And the side rail to the crib was lowered. So, I went over to the crib and raised it back up. Then, I went over to my 6 year old daughter and laid in bed with her. She slept in a bunk bed on the bottom bed. She told me the ghosts were flying over her in her bed and they would not let her move or speak. Then they flew over her sister's crib and she watched them lower the side rail to her crib. After that night, we heard or seen nothing of them again. We tried to tell people but nobody would believe us...soon after we bought another home and moved out.

I'm eighteen years old and have been living in our "haunted" house since I was four.  The house was built about 135 years ago.  My first experience happened when I was about thirteen years old.  My cousin Megan was staying over and we had just finished watching the movie "The Others".  Because we were so creeped out by the movie, we were having trouble falling asleep.  We were lying on the floor with our heads near the furnace vent when all of a sudden we were startled by the sounds of footsteps coming from the creepy basement area.  There was no way anyone could be down there walking around, because we were home alone at the time.  We were so scared, we couldn't move and just sat there listening....when suddenly we heard what sounded like a conversation between two people (ghost).  We could hear clearly what they were saying. One said "Sorry Suh (meaning: Sir) ....Don't hurt me Suh (meaning: Sir)....Please!"  The other voice said "Run....Run....Run Away!"  The voice sounded like a man's voice and it sounded like he were crying.  I researched our home and discovered at one time, servants and slaves stayed in the north part of our basement.  This confirmed to me, what we heard that night must have had something do with the history of our home and the spirits still lingering in it.

My friend Meggy's house is over 200 years old and haunted!  One of the encounters I had there happened when I was seven years old.  I spent the night and were sleeping in her room.  She has two separate beds for when friend's slept over.  About 1:00 in the morning, I woke up to Meggy's ballerina spinning around and playing music.  Weird thing was, it wasn't even plugged in.  I got so scared, I put my head under the covers and put my earphones over my ears.  The next thing I encountered in her home happened a number of years later.  We were sitting on the stairs playing with the Ouija board.  We were asking any ghost to talk to us and at some point were contacted by a little boy.  We were having a very difficult time understanding the things he were trying to tell us.  The first thing we asked as if anybody were here that were willing to talk to us and he spelled out "*E*A*L".  We didn't know what that meant, so we asked how old he was.  He pushed the pointer to "10".  We then asked how he died, when all of a sudden we started shaking and felt as though we were falling....then our chest started to hurt really bad. Not understanding what was happening to us and why we were feeling these things, we asked once again "How did you die"?  He then responded "Murder".  We then asked him who killed him and he responded his father killed him.  We were so overwhelmed by the sad feeling that we started crying for no reason.  He then closed the session by sending the pointer to "Goodbye".

One night I was sitting up in my bed reading a book, when I saw a reddish purple light; that could have been an orb in my hall way.  I also saw a whitish blue light which could have also been an orb with it. At the moment I saw them, my cat went nuts running around from my room to the hallway. He then stopped where the light was and began hissing.  He then ran quickly into my sons room (which is directly across the hallway from mine), then ran back through the hall and stop again. Then he ran it to our room. This went on for about 10 minutes then as suddenly as it started, the lights disappeared. Like someone shut a lamp off. I went and investigated what could possibly make those lights for 10 minutes straight. I thought perhaps a colored bulb was is one of my lamps, but after investigating, there were no colored bulbs. I couldn't sleep that night at all I was just too creeped out. A few nights later when we came from my mother-in-law's, our cat was sitting at our front door.  When we walked in, he just sat there as if he wanted to leave the house and even tried to run out. My husband grabbed him and sat down with him. He was petting him, but whenever he went to touch my cats face the cat cried as if something grabbed him hard by his head and hurt him... like he had bruises on his face and neck but we couldn't see them. After that night he would not go into my son's room. He stayed out of that room for a good 3 months of more especially at night.

(Jessica and Sean)
When I turned 18, I moved into my own apartment, where I have been living for more than two years now.  My paranormal experiences started out in a small and subtle things being knocked over or disappearing.  I just assumed I'd misplaced them...until other things began happening and I put two and two together.  The real eye opener came when my husband encountered something that scared him so bad that he couldn't or wouldn't even talk about it right away.  We were getting ready for bed and all the lights were off.  He ran to the kitchen to grab something to drink.  When he got to the doorway, he looked at the wall and saw a short, skinny man he believed to be in his 40's floating about six or seven inches off the floor.  Although he could see right through this spirit, he saw enough to make out the details of his clothing, etc...  The apparition was trying to get through the wall, but seemed to be having some difficulty in accomplishing the task.  My husband darted from the kitchen into our bedroom.  My husband believed the ghost must not have noticed him there, because he said he stood and watched this spirit for a good five minutes or so.  On another occasion, my husband was up on the computer browsing around, while I was in the living room, playing a game.  He came to where I was at and remarked that it were time to go to bed, because he could not believe what he'd just witnessed.  When I questioned what he'd seen, he went on to tell me that while sitting at his desk, he saw a reflection of a man's face staring at him through the monitor...just a face and nothing else.  He turned around to look, but nothing or no one was there.  He then turned back to his computer and the face seemed to still be in the monitor screen, piercing back at disbelief, he again turned around to look...and again...nothing was there.  When he turned back to his monitor, the face was now gone.  He said the face had no real expression on it....but he got the distinctive impression that something wanted him to go to bed. What happened the following morning, still puzzles me to this day.  We woke up to our closet shaking violently.  It was as if someone was trying to either get in or get out.  I tried to recreate what we heard, but was chilled when I discovered how hard I had to shake the doors to imitate the sound we heard.  We can only assume, what ever it was....must of really wanted us up and out of bed.  Another incident that happened was when my husband was up late talking to his friend in the living room. The room was dark, because the lights and tv were off.  He looked at the wall and in front of him, he saw a grayish-black shadow with thick fog.  It seemed to float from one side of the room to the other, then back again...then it just vanished.  Needless to say, he finished up his conversation and hung up.  He got up to go to bed and decided to stop at the kitchen first...only to discover it appeared in there as well.  It seemed to be floating away, towards the same wall where he saw the man having difficulty passing through.  He believes it must of seen him there, watching it, because it disappeared immediately.  What we discovered about our apartment is that it was once a junior high school and I also found out the woman who lived in our apartment before us, died.  I'm not sure how or where she died, but I'm trying to further research the history of our apartment and building.

(Jessica and Sean)
On a recent visit to the graveyard to visit my husband's father, we had a pretty strange encounter.  It so happens to be one of the five top haunted cemeteries.  This one particular night, it were warm outside.  We drove though a small patch of fog, which we found odd....because usually in that type of weather, there shouldn't be any.  I couldn't believe my eyes, so I decided to turn around and go back to verify I saw what I did....but when I went back, it were gone.  I don't know why...but I had the oddest feeling of something negative in the area, so we decided to leave and return a few nights later.  When we went back....Sean thought he would be funny and stick his hand out of the window and announce to any spirits in the area that wanted to give him a high five, to go right ahead. his shock, something did.  He said he felt as if something ice cold had touched his hand and it was as if something traveled through his body.  He jumped and said he felt as though he were just flooded with all sorts of energy.  Right at that moment, we was just too much to handle, we were both pretty freaked out.

Last year I took my wife to a quaint little bed and breakfast in Stillwater for our anniversary. The establishment is located just off Main St. in what is reputed to be the oldest standing structure in the state. After reading a brochure about it; when I booked the room, I learned that the inn was supposedly haunted by one of its former tenants. I didn't tell my wife of this at the time, as she is easily spooked. Upon our arrival, I couldn't resist the temptation to tell my wife about the apparent paranormal activity at the bed and breakfast. As we pulled into the driveway, I began telling her all I knew about the place and its ghost. We entered the front door of the home only to find the place empty. A note on the front counter said: "Out for Lunch - be back in an hour - make yourself at home". We decided to deposit our bags in our room and then go sight seeing around town. As we walked up the steps to the second floor, I was trying to reassure my wife that there were really no such thing as ghosts and not worry - we wouldn't be seeing one anytime soon. As we rounded the steps to go up the last five or six, I jumped as if I had seen a ghost nearly giving my wife a heart attack. I laughed and said "Just kidding - there aren't any ghosts, sweetie".  I was unlocking the door to our room and as I said sooner had the words "...there aren't any ghosts, sweetie" come out of my mouth....the lamp on the table next to the door clicked on by itself!  It was as if the spirit were announcing her presence and letting us know that she was, indeed, very much real. We both looked at each other in shock, and my wife said "I'm going to pretend I didn't see that." The rest of our stay was uneventful, but an odd feeling of being 'not quite alone' persisted. I never felt frightened by this spirit, rather I felt she was benevolent and willing to share her space with any who chose to stay.

(Jessica and Sean)
One night my husband Sean was playing a video game.  I was sitting next to him on the couch watching, when suddenly I felt a cold draft. It felt like a window was open on a cold night. The funny thing is, it wasn't even that cold that night. The cold sensation finally passed, when Sean said to me "Feel this", handing me the controller. I reached over and it felt cold and oddly, as if it weighed about 5 pounds...which is pretty heavy for a controller.  I also noticed, it was like something was pushing on one of the buttons real hard. Then it started to get warm....then got lighter in weight, until it returned to normal. It really creeped me out because it was that close to me. I think it was a child messing with us, because I uncovered a little history about the building. I found out, this place was once a school. I later found out, that it also had a pool and a little boy about 5 or 6 died in the pool....which management didn't want anyone to know.

I really didn't have any thoughts about the truth behind ghosts before my experience. I honestly could say I didn't really care whether they were real or not. The first night it began I was lying on my bed watching TV. I heard my door creek, so I turned around.  The things I had hanging off my door knob where moving back and forth. I slowly got out of my bed and opened my door. As I opened my door, my sauna door slammed shut.  I was curious at this time, so I yelled for my dad. He was upstairs and the only people home at this time were my dad and I, or so I thought. I didn't have the guts to look in my sauna either. The next night I was listening to music when I heard a strange noise, as if something was trying to sing with the song. I would turn my radio off and the strange voice would go for a couple of seconds then stop. I turned my radio back on and it would wait for a couple seconds then start up again. It did this for a while until I got mad because I couldn't figure it out, so I turned my radio off and I went to bed. That night I woke out of a dead sleep and I looked around, I didn't see anything. After about 5 minutes I heard a loud knock on my door. I was scared at this time, so I didn't look that night. The next day I woke up and started getting ready for school and thought about the night before.  I looked around outside my bedroom door, to find nothing even remotely close to the door that could have made that sound. I came home from school that day and as I was shutting my house door, I felt an extra force on the door and my fingers got slammed in the door, this scared me...the fact that this thing could actually hurt me. Anyway, that night I had a strange urge to look around my I did. I found nothing, but as I was walking by my food-shelf room, I saw something out of the corner of my eye that almost looked like a cat hanging from my ceiling. I glanced again and it was gone. Now I was thinking to myself that these things can't possibly be true, it's my mind playing games on me. To my surprise it wasn't!  I found out that there is actually a satanic cult that sacrifices cats. I am and was always a strong believer in God, so I started screaming at this poltergeist thing to leave me alone. I yelled at it and told it if it wants to live here, I don't care...but it is my house deal with it!  I asked God to protect me from this thing, whatever it was, and I haven't had anything happen to me since then. That was a very powerful thing that happened to me in my life and now I do believe in spirits whether they are good or bad. The only thing you need to do is ask God to protect you from it.

Christmas night, I decided to go to my friend’s house. About 3:30 in the morning, I fell asleep on her couch.  About 5:00 in the morning, I woke up out of a dead sleep. I could hear footsteps coming from the kitchen. I looked around but I didn’t see anything. They sounded like the footsteps were getting closer and closer, so I lay back down on the couch. All of a sudden I felt my entire body sinking into the couch. It was as if some kind of unseen force was pushing down on me. I couldn’t move and I couldn’t speak. I panicked and finally pushed myself up. I looked around… nothing was there. I left the house right after that happened. The next day I told my friend about it. She told me that she heard the footsteps too but didn’t think anything of it. She also told me that about 5 years prior, a man committed suicide in the house.

One night when i was a teenager, i had two friends spend the night.  It was around 1:00 am.  We were in the kitchen talking on the phone to some other friends of ours and we saw lights through the kitchen window.  We looked to see who would be at my place that late at night but no one was there.  We thought it was strange and proceeded to go in to the living room to chitchat.  One of my friends said "Look at that window…it looks like a shadow of a man wearing a hat."  Scared; but trying to be brave, I decided to look out the window to see what she was talking about.  No one was there.  I looked all around to see if there was anything that could have made that shadow and form my friend saw around the window, but couldn't find anything.  I did notice it was chilly by the window and in different places around that house.  Also at another time, my sisters and I heard someone walking in the house but when we looked around, no one was there.  Later someone told us that someone had killed themselves in our house many years before we lived there.  It makes me wonder if that spirit is still there or not.

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