When I was four, we moved into a home in Rochester.  Things started happening in that house immediately after moving there.  My sister Hanna reported seeing a hand reach in her door and move things around on her dresser.  One night, a girl about fifteen years old, who was all white walked into Hanna's bedroom.  She sat on her bed and started to rub her leg.  Another thing that happened was that one early morning Hanna woke up and said she couldn't move.  It was as if someone pinned down her hands and legs.  She began screaming and when my mother and sister Rachelle came in, they didn't believe that she was stuck, so they just left the room.  A minute later, what ever it was must of let her go free.  My brother Ian also encountered something.  He said that one night he woke up to get a drink of water, went through the living room and saw our old rocking chair rocking all by itself.  Also, in one of the pens we kept our horse in, the weeds would grow really high during the summer.  He would have to go out there and weed out the area, using a hand held weed wacker...the kind that looks like a shovel.  Just as he started to weed, he heard footsteps behind him. He turned around, but nothing was there.  He turned back around and then heard the bush start to shake.  On another occasion, he and my brother Joe woke up to hear their door rattling.  We had a small furnace in the living room and my mother and father would take turns stocking it.  Once, my mother went down to put wood in it and out of the corner of her eye, she saw a little girl in white sitting on the stairs. Probably the same child Hanna saw.  She ignored it and went about her business...when she was done, she took another look and the girl was gone. For one reason or another, I used to sleep on the couch upstairs. At the time, there was a door going from that room into the master bedroom.  Sometimes at night I would hear footsteps going from the bathroom through the room I was in and into the master bedroom.  I can't recall anything else happening in that house until I was about ten years old.  The only one's who witnessed these things at the time were my sister Lilly and I.  We would go outside to feed the chickens during the day and could hear what sounded like children in the woods.  You could hear laughing, singing, crying and even screaming.  At the time, we just figured kids snuck onto our property and were playing.  When we'd run to go spy on them....we wouldn't see anything, but could hear sounds of footsteps.  Another weird thing that was happening around the same time as this....was that we'd hear hammering at night.  We'd take turns locking the chicken coops so that no animals would get to the chickens and one night I heard the sound of someone hammering...and it seemed to be coming from every direction.  At first, we didn't any mind to it, figuring one of the neighbors must be working late on something...but as it continued every night after began to freak us out.  We'd be so scared, we'd run into the house calling for our mother.  No sooner would she come out to see what was going on, the hammering would abruptly stop. When she'd go back in, the hammering would start again. As a kid, I was in the habit of waking up just as the sun would start to come up, even on the weekends.  One morning when I woke up, I saw what I believe to be the same little girl my sister and mother saw....a girl in white, floating a few feet off the floor in the corner of my downstairs bedroom.  I was so scared, I grabbed the covers and pulled them over my head.  When I pulled the covers off, she was gone.  The last thing that happened in this house was...every time I went upstairs by myself, I would get this terrifying feeling.  I could not stand to be up there for more than a second or two.  I would run downstairs as fast as possible.  I never felt this weird feeling downstairs, it seemed only to be upstairs that I would get those weird feelings.  One thing I did find out, but haven't been able to confirm it, was that the man who built the house died while building it.  This may explain the hammering sound we'd hear.  A friend of my father's said that he used to live in the house and was always told that the man who died there, got into trouble for using old broken tombstones on the house.  I never saw any type of engravings or anything on the house, but it would certainly explain the weird things going on in the house, like the children in the woods and the little girl in white.

When I was eleven years old, I lived in a house in a small house in Centerville. It was a nice house, surrounded by trees.  We only lived in the house for about a year. One of the first things that happened was one day while I was in the shower.  I heard a bunch of noises like shaking and banging and then it would stop and then start up again.  I didn't know to think, so I finished up my shower, went to the bathroom door and yelled out to everyone "Who's making all that noise"? No seemed to know anything about it. I was a little suspicious about it...still not knowing what to make of it. But the next time I took my shower, it happened again.  This time, I jumped out of the shower, waited and when saw the closet door shaking and the sounds of banging were coming from inside the closet.  I opened the closet door, thinking it was probably just the cat stuck in there or something....but when I opened it, the cat wasn't there. The closet was a complete mess though, things were all over.  I got dressed as fast I ever did in my life and got the heck out of there.  After that, I quit taking showers at night.  Another time, my parents were going out for the day.  They left about eight that morning and returned about eleven thirty that night.  It was only myself plus my sisters Lilly and Hanna.  We decided to just have a movie the entire day, we did nothing but watch movies.  From the living room, you could see my parent's room.  The door was open and the lights were off.  At about ten that night, nothing but commercials were on t.v. so we all decided to take a break.  I went to the bathroom, Hanna to the fridge and Lilly to dress into her pajamas.  I was the first one to return to the living room and witnessed our parents bedroom light turn on by themselves.  My mother likes wind chimes and she used to have one hanging from her ceiling fan.  One day, we all heard this loud crash, so my mother and I ran to her room to see what it was.  We found her wind chime had fallen off the ceiling fan.  My mother brushed it off and thought maybe the cat must of pulled it down.  I searched the whole room and didn't find the cat anywhere.  I began thinking about the wind chime falling and how the cat could of possibly pulled it down, but it just didn't make any sense.  If the cat would of pulled it down, it would of been pretty hard for it to pull it off the ceiling fan chain. On another occasion, I was in my room one night, looking at my bookshelf at the opposite end of my room, when I saw a small hand held fan on my dresser, come on all by itself.  It took me a while, but I slowly built up the courage to go over there and turn it off.  After that, another incident happened with a fan.  My mother, myself and Lilly were all sitting in the living room, watching t.v., when a big box fan turned on all by itself.  My mother remarked about being chilly (which was strange, because everyone else was hot), so she told me to go turn the fan off.  I went to the fan, turned the switch complete off and sat down.  Within a few minutes, the fan turned on all by itself again. We all just stared at each other for awhile....then I went over and turned it off again, this time, I unplugged it too...just to make sure. One night, while I was sleeping, I woke up to a loud thumping sound. It was like someone was jumping on the floor.  The sound kept going on and on.  I tried falling to sleep, but I was too freaked out to sleep.  During this time, my sister Lilly and I were sharing a room.  Eventually the sound stopped long enough for me to get up enough nerve to get up and nudge Lilly.  I asked her if she'd heard the thumping, but she said no and fell back to sleep.  I got back in bed and tried to fall back to sleep....but it started up again.  I got up again, nudged Lilly and when she woke up, the thumping suddenly stopped.  I asked her if she'd heard it that time, but she said she still hadn't.  I realized I wasn't going to be able to sleep in that room, so I got my blanket and pillow and built up the courage (which took a while) and went out to the living room to sleep.  The living room was just down the hall and as I laid on the couch trying to started again. This time it wasn't so loud, I guess because I was further away from it.  The last thing I experienced in this house before we moved, was one night at about eleven thirty, my mother, Lilly and myself had just come back from a long day at the county fair.  My two brothers Ian and Joe and my oldest sister Rachelle came by for a visit.  My whole family was there and we were all talking in the living room, when the doorbell rang.  My brother Joe and I opened the door, but no one was there.  The door was right there in the living room, so it only took us about four seconds to get to the door.  When we didn't find anyone at the door, we turned on the outside light, looked under the porch, looked all around the cars and still couldn't find anyone. We ended up going back inside, needless to say, I was pretty freaked out, because I pretty much figured what had happened, must of been a ghost.  My mother suggested that the batteries on the doorbell must be low and that's what caused the doorbell to ring all by itself.  I knew better....I have hard the doorbell when the batteries are low and it makes a completely different sound, it makes a slow ring type sound.  And besides...that is the first time I've ever heard the doorbell ring by itself like that.  Although I never actually saw a ghost in this house, I tend to believe that maybe one of the ghost from our other house may have followed us there.

Since moving in our home about 6 years ago, my wife and I believe our home is haunted. One thing we witnessed was we've seen an older gentleman walking up our long driveway. Both my wife and I described him exactly the same, even though we saw him on several different occasions. We also had music boxes turn on for absolutely no apparent reason. Our dogs would act very strange as if they were looking and interacting with someone. As engineers, we ignored all these signs and felt they were normal....not paranormal.

The story I speak of happened on May 8, 2002. I had left town for a few days leaving my wife to take care of all of our dogs (we breed show dogs). She was to meet me on the way to a show in Ohio the next afternoon. Our friend was coming to house sit and take care of the "gang". 

At 5:00; Shari, my wife, called to tell me everything was a-ok and she was heading in for dinner. I told her we were also going to get a bite and would be returning to hotel later. We confirmed our plans for the next afternoon. I then hung up and was anxious to get something to eat and finish our preparations for the meeting.  About 10 minutes later, Shari called back and sounded VERY DISTRESSED.  I immediately knew something was horribly wrong and asked her what happened. She told me she heard the dogs fighting and went to the yard to break it up. At that time, she slipped, fell and was being mauled. She was all alone with 10 dogs, acting like a pack and was in real trouble. She already received multiple punctures in her arms and legs and was having her lower calf muscle ripped from her when she cried for help. She literally cried out "Would somebody please HELP ME!!!". We live in a remote area several hundred yards from the next neighbor. She was simply calling out in desperation "HELP ME"! At that moment, the dogs snapped away and she was free. They looked like nothing was wrong and Shari crawled to the house to get herself to the Hospital.

I drove home the 3 hours to meet her at the emergency room and was shocked to see how much damage was done. We sat together while they stitched her leg; then got her home for a long recuperation. She asked me to retrieve her shoes which had come off in the back yard. I looked in the yard and was amazed to see a fog so thick I could not walk through it. It felt like electric needles in my legs.  I turned back and tended to the patient.

It was a few days later, we began to piece the incident together and have since taken photos and EVPs of the spirits here. We thank them often and welcome their visits. We hear things and feel things from time to time....but that story cinched it for us.

My parents bought a house in 1966 and from the very beginning things were not quite right there.
There were two bedrooms upstairs and a huge walk-in closet lay between the two rooms. I was fairly young and was given the smaller bedroom, while my two older sisters shared the larger one. My youngest sister slept in my parent's room downstairs in a baby crib. Being very young, I can never remember all the things I saw at night, but they terrified me.  My mother would have to sit in my room until I went to sleep. I do remember hearing what sounded like a rocking chair rocking; the trouble is, there was never a rocking chair in the room!  Many nights I woke up, ran down the stairs and climbed into my baby sister's bed and slept with her. Eventually my mother tired of sitting up with me every night and moved me in the other bedroom and put my oldest sister into my creepy old room. It didn't take long for my oldest sister to also start having "scares" at night. She would often come into our bedroom and beg my other sister to come sleep with her. Her bed would shake and she would hear that invisible rocking chair creaking away. But sadly, whatever lived in that small bedroom ventured out. I awoke one night from a deep sleep to see a man standing in the hallway in front of the walk-in-closet. Our bedroom had no door on it so I could see right down the walkway to the door on my sister's room. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and opened them again to find this man still standing there. At first I thought it might be my uncle, since whoever it was had on a orange hunting outfit (which he often wore.) But I realized my uncle wouldn't have come to our house in the middle of the night to stand in our hallway in the pitch dark. Whatever it was....I was terrified. I jerked the covers up over my head and prayed whoever it was, would go away. Through the years it got even more scarier. We would often hear a baby crying when there was no baby in the house. This usually happened around 2:00 in the morning. Only myself and my two older sisters ever heard the baby. One night when I was around 15, I came home after it was just getting dark. The way the house was set up, if you came in the backdoor there was the kitchen. Straight across the kitchen was an archway into the living room. To the left of the archway, in the living room was the staircase. Well, I came in through the backdoor and no one was least I thought no one was. The only light on in the house was the kitchen light. At the archway on the living room side, by the stairs I saw a shoulder and an arm. The backdoor had a window on it so I saw this when I stepped up to the door.  As soon as I opened the door, the arm and shoulder suddenly jerked away toward the stairs. I thought it was my younger sister or one of my younger brothers playing a joke on me so I hollered, "Okay, I saw you!" I proceeded to go in the living room and looked up the stairs, even though I heard no one climb the stairs trying to hide from me, plus it was pitch black up there. I started to go up the steps and the hairs on the back of my neck literally stood straight up. I was suddenly so creeped out, it was all I could do to turn around and run out of the house. I knew whatever had been in there was not one of my siblings. I waited outside until my parents came home a while later. I told them what happened...but of coarse, they thought I was nuts. But it gets even scarier.  Not long after that my older sisters have moved out and I once again inherited the creepy, small bedroom. It is a terrible feeling to wake up every night and scan your bedroom for any ghostly figures. The foot of the bed would shake and yes, even the rocking chair was still around.

What I am about to tell is the truth, I have no explanation for what I saw or what it even was. I have been told it was possibly an imp and that there might have been some type of portal in our house. All I know is that I did not dream this. One night I woke up startled and instantly looked at the foot of my bed and the memory of what I saw is still just as vivid to me as if it had happened only yesterday. I looked and there before me, sat this black figure about 2 feet tall with orange cat-like eyes....just staring at me. To me it was sort of shaped like a cat but it most definitely wasn't one. I mustered all the courage I could and kicked at it and yelled for it to go away. Suddenly it floated up off the end of the bed and floated right through my closed bedroom door, then vanished. I did not feel that this thing was evil, but it's appearance made it seem like it was. I often thought people would think I was nuts and never told anyone about this until years later. It was the scariest thing I ever saw and I have prayed I would never see it again. So far I haven't. That house still stands and my youngest sister lives there now. I live behind it and I still get the creeps even if I look at that house. I have often wanted to ask my sister if any odd things still go on around there. One of these days I might.

I am dealing with my own ghost here in my house right now. I call him "The Shadow Man" because he has made his shadow well known here. I see him often, walking across the front room, but he only lets you see him out of the corner of your eye. Not too long ago I brought up the shadow man to my husband and told him I thought our house was haunted. I told him I see it walk across our front room all the time. My husband suddenly turned white and told me he also saw a shadow one night in the same room, but thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. I told him they weren't. The shadow man doesn't bother us, he walks the same path every time, from the kitchen out the front door. Once in awhile we'll be watching TV and it turns off by itself which is more annoying then scary. I think one time our house guest saved my life. I was going down the basement stairs with a load of laundry and started to fall forward. It was like someone touched my shoulder and pushed me back up to balance myself to keep from falling. If that hadn't happened I would have fell head first down the steps. One night when my husband was working nights and I was alone in bed asleep, I heard someone running up the stairs. I had just taken the carpet off the steps,  so whoever was running up them was making quite a bit of a clamber. I woke up terrified not knowing who was in the house. I got the courage to get up and check. I turned on every light in the house and found all the doors locked and no one there. Well, needless to say, the lights stayed on until the morning. I am pretty sure it was the shadow man, but I don't think he was trying to scare me...he must not have realized the carpet was not on the steps anymore, silly as that sounds. It never happened again. I don't want him to leave either, I feel he protects us and this house.  It just amazes me how one house with ghosts can be so terrifying, while others can be just opposite.

Kera was four years old when her step mom took her life at my house. She died on a Monday and come Tuesday night…I was woke up about 11:00 pm by pennies dropping on the floor. At first I thought I was crazy, but it would not stop, so I woke up my husband….he sat up and we heard nothing.  Ok…I'm thinking I must have been dreaming, so we lay back down.  Next thing I know, my husband says "Mar, what's that noise?" I asked him "What does it sound like?"  He stated a penny dropping on the floor. I turned the light on and there was a penny on our hard wood floor. So, I picked it up and put it on the night stand.  A few hours later it was happening again, but this time, I could not find the penny. Not long after her funeral, things really started happening….toys would come on by them selves (with or with out batteries), lights off and on all night long, the t.v off and on, strange noises and smells would just pop up (mainly the smell of a baby). My oldest daughter ran from my house when the toilet kept flushing by its self.  She cried all the way to Grama's house. Now years later, my oldest daughter wakes up with claw marks on the inside of her legs and arms. My youngest son won't sleep in his room because he says the kids in his room play with his toys too much and talk all night.  I have even been wakened by him screaming at them to leave his toys alone and to be quiet. When I went in his room, he was sitting up…sound asleep and yes…the toys would be on and making noise. I am past being scared now. I feel if I leave my house, I would be leaving Kera. Things have gotten worse…I see a man's shadow on the wall at night watching my husband and when I'm asleep, things fall off the walls. My husband was walking in the kitchen one day and the clock jumped off the wall and went about 3 feet, making sure it hit him right in the head. One day he was eating cheese cake and his fork just started jumping up and down.  He got so scared afterwards that we're not even allowed to talk about any of this around him. I have four kids now; ages 22, 20,17 and 9, they all know our house has ghosts…and it's not just Kera anymore.  They still get the willies and their friends still won't stay here at night. My oldest was 11 when Kera died and things still continue to happen. I feel we have good ghost and bad ones…because you can feel the differance when they are near you. I have one that pulls on my shirt…that I think is Kera.  I had a sheperd and a rott that bark at the wall for no reason.  They would watch it like it and move around from side to side.  It would get so bad that I would have to put them out. I have lots of stories about my house, but could never leave it for very long….I feel the ghost come and go as they please. I know hey are here for some reason and I hope one day, I will find out why.  (Just a quick note to readers of this story whom are curious about how Mary knows one of her spirits is named Kera.  Kera was a beautiful, loving four year old child that died a tragic death in Mary's home while Mary and her family lived there…May God bless this little angel).

When I first moved into this apartment, I didn't notice anything unusual.  I was pregnant with my first child and as her due date approached….things really began to happen. The first thing I noticed was a feeling of being of watched.  I used to have this white ceramic angel.  I had a dream that the angel had a dead baby mouse in her hands with blood running down her dress.  I gave the angel to my mom because she thought it was too nice to throw away.  I wrote this incident off as one of those vivid dreams pregnancy makes you have.  It didn't bother me living right across the street from a cemetery, because I have family buried there….but now I wonder if the cemetery had anything to do with all the hauntings. Yes, I said hauntings because it wasn't only in my apartment but throughout the entire complex. After I had my daughter, I began to feel very uneasy upstairs and could no longer sleep in my room. I was so frightened that I would only shower in the day. My baby also had trouble sleeping upstairs.  As soon as I would leave her room, she would wake up and start screaming. I ended up moving her bed into the living room. One day I went upstairs to take a shower and left her downstairs in her bed napping. I heard the front door open and close and thought it was my boyfriend.  I hollered asking if it was him. When I got no response I wrapped a towel around myself and as I was about to step out of the bathroom a transparent man walked quickly by and into my daughter's room. He walked by so fast that I barley caught sight of him. I looked into my daughter's room, but nothing was there. I checked downstairs, but all was fine. I quickly rinsed off and never took a shower when I was the only adult home, ever again.

One day it was storming out and I was on the phone chatting with my mom.  I heard my bedroom door slam shut upstairs and the sound of someone running back and forth in my room stomping very hard. I slid my baby's bed by the backdoor so that if I needed to run out the door I could just grab her on the way out. The sound was real, so of course I thought someone was in my apartment. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the biggest knife I could find and started up the stairs with my mom still on the phone. The running and stomping was still happening and I was so scared, I was crying. As soon as I got to the door everything went quiet. I checked the room and looked in the closets, but it was all empty.  My mom tried to convince me it was my imagination but that did not work of course. It was after this that I began to feel a new set of eyes watching me. I felt there was something truly evil in the apartment.

My dad was injured in a motorcycle accident and had to come stay with me because he had to go up stairs to get to his house. My front door started opening, when no one was home. We would leave and come home to the door standing wide open. My dad left one night and locked the house up.  When he got home he couldn't believe the front door was standing wide open.  I had been out of town for the day, so he knew I didn't do it. This went on the rest of the time I lived in this apartment. One day I was on my way out to my boyfriend's car and I turned around just in time to see the front door opening by itself. I had just shut and locked it. I told my boyfriend to go lock it back up because I was too scared to go near it. Of course when we got home it was wide open again.

Another strange thing that happened was the time I separated the laundry because I was going to do it the next day and just thought I would get it ready. After that I watched some TV and went to sleep. The next day I couldn't find the remote. All day I searched. I had used it after separating the clothes. When I put my whites in the wash the remote was on the very bottom of the basket.
My daughter had now grown some and was walking and talking a little and would often act as though she was playing with another child. Even one of my aunts witnessed this. My neighbor said that if a spirit wants to contact you, it will ring wind chimes. It just so happened I had some butterfly chimes hanging between my dining room and living room. I had a dream the same night that my chimes were spinning in a circle and a little boy was there trying to warn me about something. I woke up from that dream and was so scared that I didn't sleep the rest of the night. I also had another dream about corpses floating in my living room that really shook me up. I talked with a friend of mine who lived on the other side of the complex and she said there was definintly something in my apartment because as I was telling her we both started getting cold chills.

Later, I was ready to take my house back and started sleeping in my room again. Well that didn't last but one night.  Something kept picking my feet up and when I opened my eyes to look at it, my feet dropped and I saw a black shadow dash out into the hall. Once while sleeping downstairs something that felt like a child's hand kept touching my cheek and tickling it. I don't know why but my thoughts went back to the little boy in my dream. Strangely, I wasn't scared of this energy. I still sensed evil in the apartment, but also felt other spirits there.

One night I was recording myself sing while I had headphones on.  When I played the tape back on the part that I wasn't singing, there was a horrible growling noise and whispering in the background.

One night I had some friends over for drinks. We were just talking and telling jokes when all of a sudden my bedroom door slammed shut. My friends were convinced someone was in my house but I knew better. Just to satisfy their worries, I let them see for themselves that the room was empty.

One night two of my neighbors were sitting outside talking when they heard someone stomping in another neighbor's apartment. The thing is, no one was home in that apartment because she was in Kentucky at the time. The other two neighbors called the police thinking someone broke in. The police went in and had their guns drawn and took search dogs inside. Before they went in we all watched the lights come on in the living room and kitchen so the police told whoever was in to come out. They searched and found no one. It really freaked everyone out even the police were a bit shaken. No one could have went out the back because the backdoor is a sliding glass door and can only be locked and unlocked from the inside. The police said the apartment was secure and there's no way someone was in there.

Right before I moved out, my mom was staying with me. I let her sleep in my room since I wasn't about to. She woke up around five one morning and saw the closet door open by itself. A neighbor once said to me don't worry they stay in the hall.

One night I was babysitting for some of my mothers friends. They lived on a highway. I watched their children many times before and had never had anything strange happen there, although all of the children claimed the house was haunted by the spirit of a man named Henry and an Indian. While we were upstairs in the playroom, the curtain started to move so I thought the window must not be shut all the way. I pulled the curtain back and saw that the window was shut tight. I looked down and saw a small white dog with brown and black spots on it. This didn't strike me as odd because I knew they had a dog but I thought he was out back. I just dropped the curtain and went back to playing with the children.  When their parents got home I told their father that the dog was cute. He asked "What dog?" I thought he was being silly, so I said "Your dog" and told him where I saw it. His face grew very serious and he asked me what the dog looked like. After describing it he said "We don't have a dog anymore, because the one you just described got hit by a car two weeks ago".

When I was about thirteen my best friend and I were really into the paranormal.  I found a black magic book in the kitchen cabinet and of course we had to experiment with it. We didn't believe it would make anything happen, so we didn't follow any of the advice on protection. We were sitting on my bed when I decided to read the spell on conjuring up a spirit. Right after I finished I closed the book and it flew right out of my hands, across the hall and landed in the utility room. My friend and I were speechless. It just so happened that my mom was coming down the hall right when the book flew out in front of her. She asked "What was that all about?" I told her what we had been doing. She threw the book in the trash. Later; after my friend had gone to sleep, my mom called me back to her room. I was expecting her to give me some sort of lecture for messing around with such things; but instead, I was shocked by what she said. As she was about to make her way past my room she noticed a smoke cloud hovering right outside my room and stopped because she stepped into it. Had she not seen this, the book could have hit her. She said she didn't say anything earlier because she didn't want my friend to think she was weird. She was so scared she asked if I would sleep with her that night. My dad worked third shift and my mom had never before asked me to sleep with her. When my mom told my dad what happened, he couldn't believe the book was in the kitchen cabinet.  He always had kept it in his closet and hadn't even looked at it since he put it there when we moved in. He also said he didn't order the book; it just came to him in the mail one day with his name on it so he just kept it.  I only saw the smoky thing one time right before we moved out. My mom, my aunt and I were all sitting around watching TV one night when I saw it float down the hall and sit right next to my mom. I could see dark spots where its eyes and nose were and dark lines where its arms were. My mom and aunt could not see it and it would not go away even though I was pointing at it and talking about it. My mom and aunt got so spooked they ran and sat by me. I got so nervous, I screamed and then it vanished.

One of my aunts told me this story.  When she was a little girl, she lived in a haunted house with her mom and dad. They would often hear silverware drop in the kitchen and the toilets flush, but no one would ever be in these rooms at the time. One night, her dad was heading up the stairs to go to bed while his wife was in the kitchen getting something to drink. He heard someone join him on the stairs and assumed it was his wife. When he got to the room, no one was behind him so he assumed she must have gone to use the restroom that's at the top of the stairs. He turned the light out and laid down in bed.  A few seconds later someone climbed in bed with him. Assuming it was his wife; he just kept his eyes closed and began to relax.  The bedroom light came on and his wife was just then, entering the room. He jumped up from the bed and screamed something is in that bed. After that they started packing and looking for a new home.  My aunt had a bad habit at picking plaster from patched holes when she was a child and this led them directly to the source of their hauntings. One day while picking at a rather large spot on the wall, my aunt formed a pretty deep hole. She started to pull out long red strands of hair. Startled by this, she screamed for her mom. Her mom couldn't believe what she was seeing so she started to pull the hair out too. When she realized it could in fact be human hair, she started to try stuffing the hair back in the wall. She plastered the hole back up and later after much thought called the landlord. The landlord told them that a long time ago an elderly couple and their granddaughter, who happened to have long red hair lived in the house. Rumor has it that one day no one ever saw the girl again and that when the old couple moved they didn't take the granddaughter with them.

I was raised by my stepfather who I call dad, so I didn't really see my real father as I was growing up. When I was about seventeen I had to go stay with my real father at his sister's in another town for a short time. I awoke one morning when it was still dark out. I saw a man standing at the end of my bed, so I said "Dad?" It did not respond. Again I said "Dad?" and again it did not respond. It was at this time I was becoming more awake and realized that I could see right through this man. I could tell he was wearing a red hat and shirt. I screamed, but he just continued to stare at me.  I screamed once again and then he vanished. My dad's sister came running through one door and my dad through another. I told them I had a nightmare because I didn't want them to think I was crazy. When my aunt left the room I asked my dad if he would sleep in the room with me. While we were laying there trying to get back to sleep, I told him what really happened. He promised he would not tell my aunt so I don't know if she has had anything happen to her or not.

When my mom was a girl, her two brothers, sister and mom moved into a big house across the street from an elementary school.  My mom and her sister wanted the upstairs bedroom that faces the road. The room was black with dirt so my grandma told them if they wanted the room they would have to clean it out. They wanted the room really bad because of the big windows so they agreed. They didn't have a closet, but there was a small crawl space they would store things in.  My aunt said she would always sit her things as close to the front of the crawl space as she could because she would get a very uneasy feeling in there.  My mom said she would feel like someone was watching her when no one was even around. Their room would also smell like urine really bad sometimes. One night my mom was up watching tv with a friend when they saw a gray smoky looking cloud float through the dining room into the living room and disappear. She had moved out and put this experience out of her mind until I was a young girl. My mom started working at some factory as a seamstress and met a woman who she ended up becoming best friends with. The women invited my mom over and when she saw the house, she told the women she had lived there when she was a young girl.  As their friendship grew, this woman finally felt comfortable enough to ask my mom if she had ever had anything strange happen while living there.  My mom told her what she saw and how one day her mom lined her and her siblings up in front of the stairs one Easter morning to take their picture.  When they got the film developed there was strange ball of light on the stairway. Then my mom's friend told her that sometimes they will hear a baby cry,  but when her or her husband go to check on their children they are sleeping.  She also said she won't go down to the basement to wash the clothes without someone else with her because when she's down there it feels as though someone is watching her.  She has also felt someone breathing on her neck in the basement.  She also said that the upstairs bedroom will sometimes smell like urine really bad.  My mom's friend ended up moving out so I don't know anything about the house now except that it's still there and someone lives in it. I ended up going to the school across the street from that house when I was a kid and would look over at it hoping to catch a glimpse of something strange but it never happened.  My mom still has the photo which I now know is a picture of an extremely large orb.

When my aunt was around eleven years old she had a yellow cat who she loved very much. The cat ran away for about two weeks and when she got back home she was very sick.  There was nothing no one could do to make the cat better so my aunt tried to make her last days as comfortable as possible.  Finally the dreaded happened, so my aunt went about the task of burying her.  It was a very cold winter day and the ground was frozen, so my aunt dug a hole and laid chunks of frozen dirt on top of her.  After saying a small prayer, she went inside and sat in the living room feeling very sad.  For some strange reason she looked toward the front door and saw her little yellow cat walking away from the door, towards the stairs.  She got up and followed the cat up the stairs and to her room.  The cat jumped on her bed and disappeared.  She said she could see right through the cat but she didn't have any fear of it.  That was the last time she saw her little yellow cat.

I am sixteen years old and I’ve always been a strong believer in the paranormal. My mom and I have had many experiences in our life that could scare the most stubborn skeptic. When my mom was in her early to mid twenties, she was just coming back from Madisonville with her friend. It was a fairly clear night and Kelly and she had just passed the train tracks when three stair step faces appeared in her window. They were all boys, around the ages of 8 to 11 years old, and were wearing the old fashioned yellow raincoats. Apparently as fast as they appeared, they disappeared just as quickly. Mom was convinced she’d hit someone, or something, and she started panicking. Pulling off the road, she scanned up and down looking for a body or animal. After retracing her path, absolutely nothing was found. Mom has often said that it never occurred to her until she got home that night that what she had seen was of another realm.

Several years ago, back when I lived in Evansville, mom and I were out with dad, accompanying him while he was doing barricade checks (he was a project engineer and it was one of the many things he was required to take care of.) At one of the last stops, dad had gotten out of the truck to do whatever it was that he was doing. I was extremely bored and tired, so I’d turned around in my seat to stare out of the back window. About five minutes after looking out my window, a really creepy (I hate using that word) shadowy male figure was standing there, staring at me. I wasn’t able to make out his precise facial features, but the most uneasy feeling came over me. I asked mom to turn around and see if she saw anything. At the time she insisted that absolutely nothing was there and I was imaging things. She told me to turn back around in my seat, but I couldn’t for the life of me turn around. Finally, dad got in the truck, turned the engine on, and the backlights turned on as well, but the figure was gone. Several years went by, but one afternoon, during my 9th grade year, mom confessed that I wasn’t crazy, and that she had seen the “thing” I was talking about. I’d asked her why she lied, and she told me that she was scared (at that point in time, mom was in denial about all things paranormal, she knew they existed but I think she was trying to convince herself otherwise.) And while I’ve had other scary experiences in my life, I’ve never again had that extreme drawing emotion I had that night.

When I was younger, my family would gather around the table and tell the spooky stories that they encountered throughout their lives. I would just laugh them off as if they were making them up until my Grandmother told one that sent chills down my spine. When her mother, my Great Grandmother lay upon her death bed, Grandma asked her daughter, my aunt to sit with Great Grandma so she wouldn't be alone. While my Aunt was reading to her from the bible, a black smoke-like cloud began to gather above the bed. My aunt was extremely frightened and screamed. Grandma heard and ran back to the bedroom. She saw what was frightening my Aunt and grabbed a small bottle of holy water a priest had left for anointing of the sick. She threw the blessed water all over the hovering black smoky cloud and Great Grandma. Within seconds, the cloud disappeared entirely from the room and within the hour, Great Grandma had passed away. To this day, we were never sure if the black cloud was the angel of death or one of satin's minions coming to try and steal my Great Grandmothers soul. Great Grandma was a very religious woman, so we like to think it was just death coming to take a weary soul home.

This occurred right after my sister-in-law was killed in a car accident. At the time, my brother was going through a very messy divorce and straying away from the church. Dick had been working late and had just walked to his truck, after he climbed in and started it; he had a very uneasy feeling wash over him. As he was about to put his truck into gear he glanced toward the passenger window, next to him was my sister-in-law who had died. At first he was startled and thought it was a sign that she may want him to pass along word to her husband Ron. He just smiled and said to the apparition, "Hi Heidi!" He then said that a feeling of pure evil begin to permeate out and transform the image, slowly turning it from my loving deceased sister-in-law, into a hideous demon with long fangs and sunken red eyes. As the evil thing sat snarling at him he said a quick prayer of protection and then told the spirit...and these are his own words. "Satin, get the hell out of my truck!" He said with a bit of unnerved surprise that it disappeared instantly. He never saw the image again.

My brother Ron (Heidi's husband) would often see a shadow-man with a pointed head. When he saw him, Ron would race to the spot. Every single time he saw him, he would always find money on the ground. Mostly coins, but sometimes it would be bills.

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