I've been living in my house all my life, well I should say for 17 years now.  Our house is over 100 years old and this area was bombed quite badly during the war. My mother and sister have always been able to sense ghosts.  On our landing there is an out washing machine, but it used to be an old washing cupboard.  The bathroom door is right next to it and my sister has said that she has seen faint outlines of a person standing there, my mother says she has also felt something there.  I've only heard noises up there.  My sister says she believes it to be an old lady, from the outline of her and my mum says that she feels that it is as well, so we nicknamed her Mrs. Cooksley.....that was the old lady that lived and died in this house.  Recently I have seen what can only be described as a little black dog out the corner of my eye.  I mentioned this to my mum and she said she has seen it as well run out from under the stairs.  When I have had friends over to sleep they have also said they have seen a dark shadow walk from the bottom of the stairs and out through the kitchen. The other day I was laying in bed with the door shut and suddenly I heard as if someone had kicked the door, so I shot up to open the door and nothing was there.  I went downstairs and everyone was in the front room and no one had left that room for about an hour.  Odd things go missing in the bedrooms, and as I walk out of the bathroom I "ALWAYS" get a cold rush come over me.

My mother and sister used to live on their own before they met my dad. They lived in a house that is just down the road from where our current home is, as I said before the area was bombed quite badly in the war. My sister who was 5 years old at the time said that she used to see an old lady standing next to her bed while she fell asleep, but if she woke up in the middle of the night she would be gone. She also used to tell my mum that her "friend (The old woman)" told her that her husband had been hurt in the war and she was now very lonely.  My mum thought this was strange to be coming out the mouth of a 5 year old.  This was an old house, so as you come out of the back door on to the patio, you have to go down some steps to go into the garden.  The thing that sent chills down my spine was when my mum told me that her and my sister had gone into town one day shopping, as they do every Saturday.  My Auntie had come down to do the gardening and after a few hours she looked up towards the upstairs window and saw what she thought was my mum, so she waved, but didn't get a response, so she went up to the house to find out why my mum was being rude.....only to find that the house was empty and all locked up!

My best mates neighbors were telling my mate and I that they used to live in a house over on the other side of town. This house's previous owner committed suicide in his garage, by sitting in his car with the engine running, with a hosepipe running from the exhaust through the window.  They moved into the house about a year later.  One day, while the husband was at work and his wife at home.  She was about to leave to pick up her husband but as she walked into her garage through the side door, she noticed the garage was filled with smoke.  Oddly, she discovered her car engine running and a hose pipe running from her exhaust through the window, just as the scene probably was when the previous owner committed suicide.  There was no one else around and no one was in the car.

My friend Jake told me of a incident when he was younger.  He was about 10 years old and he was lying in bed in his mum's house and fell asleep.  When he woke up, he turned over to find the head of a soldier lying next to him on his pillow, just staring at him.  He could see down to his chest and he said it could only be described as a world war II uniform.  As you can understand he didn't sleep in that bedroom again and moved out rather soon afterwards!

Where I go to college,  there is a big mansion that used to be the owner's house.  In the days it was tradition that the gatehouse and the mansion was never joined by a straight path. It used to wind right through where our drama room is now.  History has it that the groundskeeper's son got trampled to death by a horse and cart, exactly where the drama room is now.  Even in the middle of summer, the drama room is always freezing cold. The room has blacked out windows and huge black curtains.  Sometimes the curtains will move and sway when there are no windows open.  I'd also like to add that I  always get a cold chill when I walk past a certain point.  The curtains also open slightly and close on their own, it's a really strange place.

My sister used to have the bedroom that I have now before she moved out.  At the time of this experience my family and I were on holiday and she was looking after the house with her boyfriend.  She had to be at work in the early hours of the morning, so her boyfriend dropped her off at work.  As he came home he was walking up the stairs and he told me he could swear he could feel someone watching him from the top of the landing.  But as he turned round there was no one there.  He went back to sleep and was woken up by someone calling his name.  He was half asleep, so he answered, thinking it was my sister but there was no reply.  It was then that he realized that no one was home.  He tried to put it down as his imagination, but as he was trying to get back to sleep, he said he could feel someone towering over him, watching him and then he felt something sit on the side of the bed.

I have always had strange things happen to me when I was younger in my old house and even though I don't live there anymore I still have dreams about the horrible thing that went on. I am now 15 and we have since moved away from that house 5 years ago. When I was about 5, I remember my older sister Julia and I sitting in the biggest bedroom of the house getting ready to go a bed. My other sister Kelly came runny in telling us that my mum had just pulled up outside. As my sisters ran downstairs, I stood at the top of the stairs. As I stood there waiting, I suddenly felt something grab at the collar of my pajamas and push me down the stairs. I have a scar above my left eyebrow where I cracked my head open as I hit my head at the bottom. Recently I keep having dreams about going to a big castle and getting lost in the hall ways, that never seem to end. I end up in this big hall that is massive and everything is gold.  There are statues of mythical creatures all around this great hall.  I always feel everything in my dreams. I can touch, taste and smell everything around me.  In this dream I am standing at the door way and there is a tall man dressed in black, looking at me.  There are also voices all around me, going in circles.  There's also whispers, like children and their talking very quickly.  Also, there seems to be a great force pushing and pulling me to the other side of the hall.  At the other side, I hear a child scream in my ear and then shout "Get out"!  Then I always wake up. I have been having these dreams for about a month and they seem to come and go.

(Note: The true names of the individuals in this story have been changed, to protect their identity)
In 1984 I was stationed at RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters, the twin bases in Suffolk England. I was the Sergeant in charge of the Security Police flight that normally worked mid-night shifts. As with all personnel I was briefed on the local information and some general dos and don'ts. I was told a story about a German WWII pilot who crashed at RAF Woodbridge, which had been a "crash" base during the war, and when he crashed, he was able to exit the plane, however, the plane was on fire and as he exited the aircraft he too was engulfed in flames. The responding emergency flight crews observed the German pilot completely engulfed in flames running around the East end of the runway, trying to extinguish the flames. As he approached the East Gate area he stumbled in the path of a staff car, he spun around and faced the car and placed his burning hands upon the hood, and he then fell to the ground dead, burned alive. The gate guard noticed the staff car had a set of hand prints burned into the hood where Charlie had touched the car. I dismissed this as pure fancy and continued to process into the Squadron.  A few weeks later I would come face to face with this so called apparition, and my belief in the Supernatural would be seriously shaken. I was working on a midnight shift, I had ensured all my Security personnel had been posted to their respective posts and I was about to conduct a post check to see that all was well with everyone. I had conducted a check of the Main Gate personnel and the roving patrols, I was now going to check on the East Gate Guard, that night it was Airman Myles, Airman Myles was very nervous that night, he told me he had seen strange things at the far end of the East Gate. My response was, don't worry about it, it was just a trick of the light. I told him I would personally go over in that area and check it out. This seemed to calm him down until the heavy gate swung closed by itself. The gate made a loud clanging noise that brought me to my feet. I exited my patrol car and with my 9mm pistol in my hand I checked the entire area within 100 meters. I located nothing, but my 6th sense was running wild, something was very wrong, I just couldn't put my finger on it.  Airman Myles told me he was not going to stay at that post. I looked at him and I realized nothing I was going to say would change his mind, even the threat of Military punishment was not going to make him stand that post. I contacted the Flight Officer Lt. Freedman, and I told him how Airman Myles was acting, and about the sounds I heard, I told him I was going to close the gate until I could have the area searched with a canine unit. The Lieutenant agreed to temporarily close the gate and have a full search conducted.  As we were swinging the gate closed we saw a flickering light to the immediate left of where we stood, the light grew in intensity and I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, I could feel an electric charge in the air. I told Airman Myles to secure the gate with the padlock and I was going to sweep the area on foot. Normally I did not use a flashlight, mainly because I did not want to give away my position, that night I was damn glad I hadn't used that flashlight, because if I had seen the apparition in full light I might not have survived with my sanity.  Just as I turned to walk across the roadway toward the blast wall I felt a terrible heat to my left side, I looked to my left just as Airman Myles blurted out, "Oh My God, what the hell is that?"  All I could see was a mass of flames and what appeared to be a human figure in the midst of the searing heat. The "thing" walked directly toward where I stood, near the patrol car, I dodged behind the car and brought my pistol up in an attempt to acquire a good target. The "thing" then walked directly to the front of the patrol car and seemed to lean upon there hood area, then it vanished.  I looked at Airman Myles and said, "get in the damn car, now, we are leaving this @!*&% place!"  Airman Myles wasted no time in entering the car and we both left the area in a cloud of smoke from the tires.  When we reached the Main Base, we drove directly to the Law Enforcement Desk, as we exited the car we noticed something very strange in the yellow vapor lights of the parking lot. In the hood of the squad car were a set of hand prints burned into the paint, I could only assume it was from East End Charlie. Needless to say, from that day on, if any of my men said they weren't going to man the gate that night, I would close the damn thing and wait for Charlie to make his evening walk, then I would open the gate again and thank God he didn't want to do anything more than leave a hand print!

Four years ago my family was living on the bottom floor of an old victorian flat in London.  It was built in 1898 or so.  My brother and I had separate bedrooms and one morning we got up to have breakfast before going to school.  My brother told all of us that he got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and saw an old lady with long white hair, wearing some sort of dress floating.  She came out of my room and went into the bathroom.  He walked into the bathroom, looked around, but nothing was there. He then ran into my parent's room and stayed there the rest of the  night. When he told us, I believed him, but our parent's didn't.  Soon after that, we ended up sharing a room.  About two weeks later, I ended up having my own experience. My brother and I had gone to bed and he was asleep, but what I didn't know was that my parents were arguing.  I was trying to go to sleep when I heard a man's voice say to me "shut the door kid... shut the door", then whoever or whatever it was went off whistling and shut the door.  With that, I hid under my covers and after a while I got up and asked my mum and dad if they had come in or heard anyone tell me to shut the door.  I also asked if they were watching any army films on the telly because of the whistling, but they both said no, then my mum put me into bed.  Soon after my 9th birthday we moved into a different house and my experiences continued.

Soon after we moved into our new home, my dad left and it was just me, my mum and my brother, which made life different. Me and my brother had different rooms but no matter what room I switch to, I would have experiences in it. I was in my first room and I had a cabin bed.  One night I was going to sleep and I always slept with my door open.  This particular night,  I thought my brother was standing outside my room so I repeatedly told him to go to bed, but my requests seemed to go unheard.  I gave up on telling him to go away, so I sat up and told him to come here, then said again for him to leave, but whoever it was vanished. I shut my door and went to bed.  Another night, I was going to sleep when I heard really heavy footsteps enter my room and start walking towards my bed very slowly.  Scared, I closed my eyes and hid under my cover until it stopped.  Once on a Sunday morning, I woke up with what felt like something push down on the mattress behind my head.  I turned over quickly and my cover got pulled off my bed and thrown across the room.  With that, I ran down the stairs and watched t.v. with my brother.  Often when I'm home alone, I will stay downstairs and make sure all the lights are on and watch t.v.  I will sit on the sofa and sometimes, I will see things moving out of the corner of my eyes or hear voices say one thing, then stop.  This happens nearly every few days.  My mum's doesn't seem to be a skeptic anymore.  I told her what I have been experiencing and she told me that she was crying one night and she saw her grandparents and they told everything was going to be alright.

One night three of my friends stayed around and in the morning we were all laughing and we all heard a woman's voice (high pitched) call out my best friend's name, Emma. There was no other woman in the house, but we stayed in my room for a little while, then went downstairs and asked my brother if he heard it and he said no.  Another time, me and my brother have been sitting in his room playing on his playstation, when the door has opened closed and opened itself again and again, we were sat there so shocked because there was no one in.  There was no possible way it could have been the wind, because you have to push the handles right down to open the doors in my house.  Another time when I was ten or eleven, we visited a church, because my dad liked to visit historical places.  He is a teacher but while we were there, I didn't want to go in but I was dragged in by my annoyed mum and saw a face next to the altar.  It was behind a wooden sort of gateway.  I have always been fascinated with ghosts and paranormal activity, so I went to a library with my mates and looked for ghost books with pictures and saw a  picture of what I saw in the church that day.  It turned out to be a 'grim reaper' believe it or not.  My brother and I get weird feelings at the same time and my boyfriend also gets weird headaches and feels sick when he feels something paranormal.  One time my two dogs were barking at the air when nothing was there and I got the heebie-jeebies (shiver) and he got his headache.  Also my friends are scared of my house and my best friend Emma has seen the bin lid lift off in the middle of the night.  Another time with my friends it was just me and my friend Jeni and we were up watching a scary film on the t.v. when we heard what sounded like someone falling down the stairs then someone rustling in the cutlery draw.  On Halloween, I had all my friends stay round as it was my birthday party and as everyone started to fall asleep I saw a light moving around the room which didn't scare me, but amazed me.  I watched it, while it floated around all of my friends but it didn't come near me.  After a while, I went and slept upstairs with two of my friends.

As a child we used to live in a different home than the one we currently live in.  I was never sure of the history of the home or land and can honestly say that I never really took the time to look into it either. But I will say this, ironically my brother is friends with the daughter of the people currently living in the home.  And from what I understand, they claim to also experience strange occurrences in the home.  I would love to inquire about what experiences they have had in the home and whether they occurred in my old bedroom, but don't know how to go about inquiring without influencing them with my own personal experiences. I would like for them to first tell me what they are experiencing to see if it concurs with my own experiences there.  My first experience must have been around the age of five or maybe even before then, because I can remember my dad decorating the bedroom next door for my brother, who at the time, wasn't born yet.  My room was against the creepiest room in the house.  It was a very small toilet room.  I can't recall feeling anything threatening about it, except there was an uneasiness about it and that my Mum would get into all sorts of stupid positions while vacuuming the hall, to avoid turning her back to the area.  After growing up, my Mum told me about a few instances where I would tell her to "Make the old lady go away"!!  She also said that I used to say that this woman would come sit on the end of my bed and talk to me.  In all honesty, I can't remember this happening but do remember one night after going to bed, I woke up and as I woke up, I looked over my covers.  I had the quilt lifted just enough so that only my eyes were showing.  I can remember seeing as clear as day a very distinctive white woman float from one side of my room to the other, then to my brother's bedroom to the creepy toilet area.  She wore a nightcap with some sort of cotton wool buds around the bottom.  She had a crooked old face and wore a long nightgown with the same sort of cotton wool thingies at the bottom.  She was also carrying a candle and seemed to have her index finger hooked into the holder.  The other strange thing I recall is that she had no legs.  She never looked at me, she just seemed to pass by. Then the only other thing I remember happening in this house was that  one night I fell out of bed from having a bad dream.  When I woke up on the floor in a panic, I opened my eyes and heard what sounded almost like a ghostly cartoon type wail....sort of a Wooooooooo! I ran out of the room as fast as lighting and to my Mum and Dad's room.  My Dad would always say to me that he thought it was an owl.  All I can say is that it must have been a pretty strange owl!

Ever since I was young, I have always had strange things happen to me. I lived in a small house just on the outskirts of London with my mum and two sisters. Because of my dad leaving when we were young, we were always a very close knit family and always had some kind of psychic link. The house that we lived in was very disturbed and was always really creepy.  We had always had weird experiences, such as cupboards flying open and seeing people. Things didn't start to get bad until I was about seven years old. When I was seven, I started losing sleep and constantly having really terrible nightmares. I would always wake up and see distorted faces in my room or in other rooms. I found out that I had a sleeping disorder called Night Terrors. I was banned from watching TV for months. I had to take a really strong medication which made sure that when I slept I didn't dream.  I was just kind of dead and wasn't allowed to even see my friends. They became even scarier when this happened, but faded and I had forgotten about anything that had ever happened until now.  I'm now 17 and I live in a different house about 20 mins walk from the last house. This house is a million times better. It's not as if I'm a depressed person, I have always had a good time.  But recently; about 10 months ago, I met my new boyfriend Rob. Everything was going perfectly until I started to stay around his house and my night terrors came back. I did research and found that it is very rare for night terrors to come back and even at this age, it can be more dangerous. It first started out as waking up crying, but not remembering what I had dreamed about. I started sleep walking and laughing in my sleep too. My boyfriend recalls that one night while he was playing on his computer, I had fallen asleep next to him and started to shake.  It was almost as if my body was being moved by something else. He started to call my name to see if I was ok. He said that I shot up in front of him with my eyes wide open and started to crawl towards him really quickly with a really distorted laugh.  As soon as this happened, I woke up and I had no idea that any of this had happened. After about 2 weeks of having the night terrors, I started to have the same reoccurring dream over and over. My dream was that I was sitting in my room with some kind of ancient knife and was slicing into my arms.  I could feel every pain imaginable. When I woke up; the first night after this dream, everything was ok and I just passed it off as a bad dream.  But then as the months went on, I began waking up in pain and finding that my left arm was sliced. I don't keep sharp objects next to my bed and haven't really ever been depressed enough to do this sort of thing to myself. The cuts became worse and only showed up on the left side of my arms. My boyfriend looked after me most nights and sometimes he even had to hold me down when I has sleeping.  It was clear that I couldn't control myself when I was asleep. I also began to have conversations in my sleep but talked in a strange voice and talked about stuff I don't even understand. I started to talk about a house very close to where my Nan lives and where I could find something.  Most of the time I didn't know if I was asleep or awake.  I also began to see a little boy about 4 or 5 years old, walking around in the living room. He was a very sweet boy and mainly walked around with Rob's dad. After a short while he would disappear after giving me a wave. This boy did seem very familiar to me, as if he was in my one of my family members. I felt very attached to him as if he was a brother or a son. But as if by magic, everything I was experiencing stopped. I'm afraid it will all begin again, like it did before but I just hope that if it does, it won't be as bad as it was this time around. If anyone who has read this has had the same problem I would love to hear what they have experienced.  Please email Kimberly and she will forward your email directly to me...Thank you!

(T. Stokes)
An ordinary looking modern 3 bed terraced house in a socially deprived area, 397 Wellfield St. Bewsey, England, Is on the market at 11,9950 pounds. The house it typical of the modern small build homes hurriedly put up for the mass influx of foreign incomers to our shores in recent years, and would not really merit a second look, except the house hides a very dark secret.Donella Schofield was strangled here by her boyfriend of 15 years Steve Rankin,in a demonic rage, the boyfriend then committed suicide on December 25th 2005, this is becoming known locally as the "Christmas day murders"  There are many cases on record of murder victims leaving a luminous imprint
at the murder spot, including one of Jack the Rippers victims Catherine Eddowes, The kitchen where Donella ended her life, also shows a luminous body imprint.  This is technically called  "penumbra" and is seen by experts as part of the auric signature.  Unfortunately the photos we took were not of sufficient standard to show what is sometimes called, the light body in religious literature. These photos when taken alongside advanced electronic voice phenomena, (A.E.V.P) Can give both amazing visual and vocal proof, if taken within approx 4 days of death, before the astral and etheric energies have dispersed, Although sworn to secrecy, we did hold a small prayer and deliverance service for the souls of the tragedy, which I am told was not entirely successful in placating the anger of the sad couple. For many years I would be asked by estate agents or realtors, to discreetly visit homes that would not sell, these are called in the trade "stickers" and spiritually cleanse through, The word "exorcism" is never used.Halifax the estate agents selling the property, have tried to suppress all publicity and are trying to pass this off as an ordinary house to unsuspecting buyers. Properties which have been the focus of major tragedies such as this, are magnets for later unhappiness and broken relationships, and often occupy that category known as "sick building syndrome" The law in Britain is still being broken on a weekly basis by the suppression of information which should be in the public domain on homes such as this, Mis-describing of product is the term used recently in crown court.

(T. Stokes)
The world war two airfield known as R.A.F. Bircham Newton in rural England,  has long been a Mecca for both students of the paranormal, and spiritualist mediums arriving on a mission to help and heal. The part of the airfield where even sceptics hear voices, and old aircraft noises on a regular basis, is actually on what are now the tennis courts, and it is here most paranormal activity occurres. So it was here that we focused our main attentions. Such things as the setting up of machinery and the gadgetry of the paranormal, inevitably attracts attention, and soon we had the obligatory bunch of "Mickey takers", with the usual jokes that was probably older than they were. The words of Horace Walpole came to mind:"The world is a comedy for those that think, and a tragedy for those who feel ". And it was into the world of feelings that we were to trespass. Ghosts fall roughly into two categories, there were those who were just the emotions of long ago impressed into the ether, and like mindless recordings doing the same round time after time, year after year, and those that were alive to their surroundings but trapped in time, and it was these that we wished to communicate with, to see why they would accept no mediums help to pass on to their correct sphere. In order to gain a verifiable record for posterity, we had with us the paraphernalia of the E.V.P. specialist. Plus some M.O.D scanning devices not normally available to investigators, which meant we could snatch whole conversations from the past. Electronic Voice Phenomena, is the means with tape recorders, and some small metallic amplifiers, S.T.R. conductors, kilner jar and sound plates, to regain sounds lost in the past, on a recording.

The government consistently denies using mediums and psychics during world war two, but due to the negligence of Winston Churchill, whole intelligence departments were run by soviet agents and a lot of their material on the contributions made by British psychics has been available from Soviet files, thanks to people like Vasili Mitrikhin, Constantin Volkov, Oleg  Bzorski and others. In fact the British agent Peter Wright of " Spy catcher" fame, spoke of the possibilities of E.V.P. reclaiming voices of the dead during the troubles in Cyprus, and experimented from his home in Essex, this man a great British patriot, was cheated out of his pension by the very government he served,  while the soviet defector Anatole Vrinisky has described him as an electronics genius and one greatly feared in Moscow. However, we stood about for quite some time on the tennis courts, and the shouts and comments of the dead airmen caught on the wind, both amazed us, and gave explanation of why these men would not go to gods allotted place, until they had their say.  One airman acted as spokes man for the others all gave their names and rank, He said there were many airmen gathered here, which really shook me, and I wondered the reasons why this could be so.Steve an old hand in these areas, who held the sound plates began to weep and was shaking visibly.  With an emotional voice the airman told us that these bomber crews had been targeting not enemy soldiers but, dormitory towns, where German soldiers wives and children lived, these towns were largely undefended against attack, for surely there would be no need to defend them, and Winston Churchill ordered not the German army, but the families of German soldiers to be mass fire bombed. Again, it was Churchill who refused to allow Germany offers to surrender since 1942, he and "Bomber" Harris wanted only complete destruction, they called this many times, "total war".  This airman's spirit then said one cold, lonely and noisy bombing run, he suddenly found himself with other British airmen, in a pushing throng of  women and children, making for a large staircase that arose up to quite where he could not see, but saw a mother trying to carry two injured children, and on offering to carry one was shocked to see and smell, the child's burned flesh, it was at this point that he realized that although he spoke no German, he could understand every word spoken, and on turning to his air colleagues, he suddenly knew they were all dead. Gone was any feeling of enemies for all helped each other to reach the stair But almost all the British airmen decided to remain behind.  These men are both trapped and guilt ridden, they plead for their voices to be heard, they see themselves as war criminals, they signed up to fight soldiers, not the wives and children of soldiers, and need some degree of closure, their anger after all these years is still palpable. Asked if they wish for help to progress on, almost to a man they do not, one  man with a Scots accent, said it is justice for the dead for which they wait. And please to tell their families they were all O. K.

We read together for them the address of Canon Henry Scott -Holland, once dean of St. Paul's: "Death is nothing at all, I have only slipped away into the next room, I am I and you are you.    Whatever we were to each other that we are still.  Call me by my old familiar name; speak to me in the easy way you always used. Put no difference into your tone; wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow. What is this death but a negligible accident? Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight? I am waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near just around the corner, All is well." Further reading; Falsehoods in wartime by A. Ponsonby From admiral to cabin boy by Barry Domville  Was the wartime bombing of civilians, a necessity or a crime ? A.C Grayling Unfortunately the Churchill papers have been so sanitized as to be virtually worthless.

Recently I've been having quite a few things happen to me that have been really REALLY scary. I have always had things going on around me that can not be explained or that are just that little bit creepy but it seems that due to personal experiences lately it has got that little bit more. You see 5 months ago I found out I was pregnant. the first thing my mum happily said to me was "when your pregnant your most likely to have scary encounters and to sense spirits" in a way she jinxed me on that one and I got more than I bargained for. In my first to second months I went away to a great place called Torquay in Devon which is south of England. After a 8 hour drive (VERY BAD TRAFFIC) from London to Devon I was dead all I wanted to do was sleep but my partner had other plans and we ended up going out till late and then rushing around looking for a place to stay and found a great Bed and Breakfast. The house was beautiful and huge! It was like a little home from home and I couldn't believe our luck when we got two room for the price of one. We ended up getting a family room so there was the main bedroom which we would sleep in and then another room off of that which had another double and a single bed. The owner also said that we would be the first people to stay in this room because he had only just converted that room to a room to rent after having it as a personal space. Obviously not needing the other room we switched off the lights and shut he door. After being asleep for about 3 hours I woke up very suddenly, bolt right up in the bed seeing that the door to the other room was continuously opening and slamming violently along with two cupboards either side of the door. To be honest I didn't click on at first I just woke up my partner and said "shut the door its banging". Its only till his reaction to the chaos I realized what was actually happening. I just froze but somehow he got out of bed and went to the door, before his hand could reach the door handle it shut and the handle turned around to lock the door and everything stopped. I don't know how but I fell back to sleep. Due to morning sickness I didn't eat the breakfast that was served up but he was straight out there in the kitchen eating his. While he was eating I got up to have a wash but as I passed the door to the other room the handle turned and opened, I was straight back under the covers while texting a very frantic message to him in the other room telling him to get straight back I here. I don't know why but we stayed another night but not much happened. We slept with the door open but with a bag in between the door and door frame so it wouldn't bang and with the TV on. I remember waking up to see that the door was closed, thinking he had got up to close it I fell back to sleep. Waking up again I noticed the door was wide open now clearly seeing into the other room, I just got under the covers and fell asleep (I have no idea how I do it!) The next morning we woke up and got ready and left. In the car I asked him why he played with the door all night and he just looked at me and said " well don't know what your talking about I slept like a log and the bag was still in between the door this morning". Got to say it was a great hotel and lovely people but not staying there EVER again, not in that room!

After coming back to London I had my 3 month scan and carried on with my pregnancy. I started to get really bad pains in my side and my back but was advised this is due to stretching and that it was perfectly normal. Due to these pains I didn't sleep much, if it wasn't the back pains it was the sickness if it wasn't the sickness it was the heat! laying in bed not having anything to do but moan silently I could hear banging on the wall right next to my ear. leaning closer to the wall to hear all of a sudden was the biggest crash up against the wall it scared the life out of me.The bang was so big and such an impact on the wall my bed shook, I have never experienced and earthquake but I thought there was one going on in my bed at that seconds it was that huge. I shot up an ran out of my room to check what it was but nothing. On the wall joining that particular wall is only a picture but the picture was fine.There is no explanation for it and the wall is a partition so no pipes or anything going through it to make that noise. My partner sometimes works nights so if I cant wait up or I will go to bed without him. Through that week the sleepless nights didn't get better and when I did finally sleep I would wake up to the feeling of someone getting  in bed or sitting on the bed next to me, thinking it would be him I would get up to look only quite hauntingly find my self in an empty dark room.

During four months of pregnancy the pains got worse and I got a fever and was very drained. Most of the time I would sleep. Being alone in the house I  would be in and out of sleep not knowing if I was awake or not due to being so drowsy. I would hear people talking either round me or in the other room but being so out of it I didn't react to it or reply I just listened to it. It would sometimes be so quick I couldn't understand a word they would be saying but it was panicked like they didn't have long to talk and had to say it fast, sometimes it would just be crying or really quiet sobbing. The worst is when I was having a dream and then I was woken very abruptly by a deep manly scream/shout right next to my ears. A week later I lost my baby due to my illness and had to have an operation. While in hospital I had to be put under and I was very worried because I have only been put to sleep when I was very young and worried if I was strong enough to pull through. Laying in the bed with the needle in my arm only two nurses were with me but the room felt so crowded as I went under it was as if I had a room full of people crowding around me an looking down on me then within seconds I was asleep. When waking up I could feel someone stroking my hair, I couldn't understand what they were saying but I just felt so calm and relaxed it was hard for me to see and it was so bright I didn't see anything when I finally opened my eyes I was alone, no nurses, no family I was just completely alone.

Its only just gone a month since it happened and I've now moved to my sister's house to stay for a while just to get my self back together and rest. Even after being in a new environment ill still wake up in the early hours hearing either to a baby crying or someone whispering next to me but as soon as I am fully awake to try and listen harder it will just go.

I don't know if everything that did happen to me happened as a sign to tell me what was coming but it all just links together. It all built up more as the months went on. It is almost as if I had someone watching over me while I was sick and after loosing the baby. I feel comfort in the a way that someone was there with me looking over me and the baby and that now maybe they are looking after the baby for me. All of the scary stuff that happened before could have been warning signs or maybe something else I don't really know. Obviously what my mum said is true you can sense things more when your pregnant.

All of my dad's side of the family seems to be able to see ghosts so it wasn't a surprise when I said I had seen things.

When I was 2 in 1979 we moved to a house in Dagenham Essex England (if anyone else has lived in this house and can give me any info on their experiences or history please let me know the address is No 88 Rugby Rd) My dad first of all started seeing little men running around the bedroom and smoke on the floor. Then GIANT spiders crawling on the ceiling and walls (he actually used to get up and look for the spiders behind his wardrobe because they always went). In the April of 1982 my dads father (my granddad ) died, the night this happened my dad couldn't sleep he saw a ball of light above the bed perfectly round and glowing blue he got up moved the curtains put his hands round it didn't make it disappear or anything it just sat there in mid air. So he laid down and tried to sleep all of a sudden he started feeling little electric shocks through his body and the at about 2am bam deep sleep . At about 3am my dads elder brother called to say my granddad had died at about 2am of a lot of mini heart attacks and then one big one.....When he died he fell out of bed and put his hand on my nan to wake her, a few nights later my nan was in bed when she saw my granddads hand on her leg gently tapping her she knew it was him saying he was ok and not to worry although she never heard him say it she just knew.

A couple of years later I found out my dad woke up one night to see a little girl standing next to him just staring he elbowed my mum a few times to wake her, I believe his exact words were "Dor (my mum is named Doreen) door look at this, there is a little blonde girl looking at me " as my mum turned to look the girl walked to the end of the bed and just vanished. My mum missed it all but she believed him because she has seen an old woman in Victorian clothes bending over a crib in that room before. Shortly after my nan decided to come for the weekend the day after her first night she informed my dad of a little blonde girl she saw standing in My bedroom doorway looking at her, when asked to describe her she gave the same description as my dad had seen, I have seen her myself once in my bedroom doorway but after that I tended to not look around my room at night.

There just was a strange feeling about that house as I got older I felt it more, things started going missing I wouldn't go up stairs in the dark on my own I had to run down the stairs I couldn't walk or " it " would get me ( I don't what " it " is but it was there ). One Christmas my brother and I received toy light-sabers we were big star wars fans after a couple of weeks mine went missing it was just gone we (my brother and me ) searched everywhere and couldn't find it. One afternoon a couple of months later we forgot about it and we were tidying my room ( I had a big square wooded toy box by my door so it didn't shut it hit the toy box and there was a gap ) All of a sudden my light-saber comes flying through the gap, we looked at each other and both jumped out of the room thinking my dad had done it no sign of him upstairs so I ran down and asked my mum where he was she replied in the toilet with a puzzled look on her face , I told her what had happened and she told me it couldn't have been my dad as he had just gone in to the toilet.

Even now 20 years after we moved from that house I still have nightmares about it I'm sure what ever was there lived in the attic.  We moved in 1988 to a different area but again into a haunted house where my parents still live today (brave people).

In my time as an estate agent (thankful it is over!) a couple of houses stood out as having the above (the uneasy) energy in various locations, or over the entire property.

One property we had on the market was a Regency Mansion, built in 1820 occupying 5 floors. The owner had moved abroad, and the property sat empty for a considerably amount of time. No one wanted to purchase it (probably due to its price tag).

Me and my colleagues looked around the property when it first came onto the market, a splendid piece of history with original fitted mirrors and tables (listed to the building so could never be removed), and a drawing room with its original cloth wall covering. Large stone stair case in the centre of the property, and a small servants spiral case hidden next to it.

When we all looked together I had the same feeling as in my previous experience (the feeling of unease), which seemed to come and find us after some time in the property and continued to follow us around. I took little notice of it, I was with two other guys, one of which did mention it but soon stopped after being laughed at by the other.

A year later, the property is still vacant and still on the market. I decided to go to the property, to check everything was ok with it as no one had been there for a while (out of sheer curiosity, really) and I took with me my camera. It was a nice, sunny day.

I entered the property, climbed over the mountain of mail, and started to look around. I was appreciating the buildings beautiful architecture, so much fitted furniture (including the toilet!) all having been there since the 19th century. After 10 minutes, as I got further into the house, I started feeling something I had completely forgotten about; I felt a presence following me.

I shrugged it off, I wanted to spend as much time here as possible to have the maximum amount of time out of the office, and went further. Snapping some images with my camera for my own enjoyment (it looked like a museum).

The sensation that there was a presence about me grew stronger and stronger as I reached the top of the stair case. I couldn't shrug it off any longer. I felt it was coming from my right, so I pointed my camera and snapped at it. Low and behold I saw a huge orb, followed by two small ones. I snapped again, it was following me. It was coming around the stairs towards me!

I thought 'wow, this is exciting' so continued further into the house, snapping more images. I went to go down the servants spiral stair case, and this was when the feeling grew. The feeling went from 'that's interesting' and slightly uncomfortable to being a heavy, and powerful oppressive sensation. I made my way down the stairs fast. I didn't look over my shoulders, but snapped some images behind me. I was then in the main hall. I could see the front door to the street, the sunlight pouring in. I thought to myself 'stop being paranoid'. I calmed myself down, but was unable to shake the feeling. I had to set the alarm, going back further into the house to do this.

The feeling then swept over me stronger and more oppressive than ever before (anywhere) I panicked, set the alarm and bolted for the front door at speed. Outside I stopped; looked back, gasping for air (not from the sprint as I am a keep fit freak) it was as if the air was pushed from me before I ran.

I locked the door never to return, even the commission I would earn from selling a £2million house wouldn't entice me back.

Here is the interesting point of my experience, the images I shot. My Panasonic Lumix 6mp camera has never shot orbs before (bar one occasion when I had a similar feeling, not as intense, in another property) and I have photographed lots of properties and varying times of the day and conditions. This struck me as odd.

I shot no orbs within the first 10 minutes of being in the property, but then they seemed to appear along with the sensation of a presence.

I reviewed no images in the property (but the one on the stairs mentioned above as the orb was unmistakable on the screen and freakishly where I sensed something to be). There were a few orbs dotted in the basement, appearing to be heading in the same direction together (away from me), and some dotted in other rooms with good lighting just as clearly as the others. No flash was used, even in the basement. They appeared to give off their own light.

The orbs on the stairs were very clear when I zoomed in, the large one must have been 12-15 inches in diameter (football sized), and it had a bright ring with a mottled gray, but still bright centre. It was round, but not perfectly so, and was floating at about chest height on a regular person. The second shot of it showed it apparently follow me up the stairs, as it had moved towards me by a few feet in as many seconds (I hadn't moved) and was still the same height from the stairs, but higher in actuality as it was climbing the stairs towards me.

When I started to panic and click photos over my shoulder I caught lots of orbs (mostly dust particles from my running, there was a clear difference) they appeared to follow me - at speed. I had photos of the same location from when I entered the property with no orbs at all.

I live in East Sussex, England and I worked as an estate agent (now you're not going to believe anything I say!) for a couple of years.

I have noticed throughout my life, that although infrequently, I do get an uneasy sensation from particular locations for no apparent reason. These seem fixed to certain points and tend to stay more than they do come and go.

This incident occurred upon visiting my girlfriend at university in Cardiff (she was in her second year and was renting a room in a Victorian terraced house).

She shared the house with two other girls. Upon my first visit I looked around the house, on the top floor was the bathroom, and three bedrooms. Two were occupied. One directly at the top of the stairs, behind the bathroom stood vacant. I had an uneasy, edgy feeling as she showed me this empty room. This feeling occurred every time I visited the bathroom, a feeling that I did not want to be there (or proceed further). I dismissed the feeling, but experienced it throughout the whole year I visited her there.

With my girlfriend on the 4th/5th visit, in bed one night I awoke to a cool breeze and creaking floorboards, I felt a presence pass me. A pin then fell from her cork board on the wall (near the presence) more as if it was thrown, as it fell hard scatted at speed across the floor, under the bed, to the other side of the room (15 feet in total). My girlfriend said semi-consciously ''don't worry, its only a ghost, he means no harm'' I questioned her, and she said that she feels a presence come and go through her room from time to time and that it was nothing to worry about. I commented on my uneasy feeling at the top of the stairs, towards the empty room and she seemed shocked, saying that she feels it too and doesn't go there at night even if she really needs the toilet.

The strange thing is that neither of us believed in ghosts/gave them much thought until this incident. I felt calm and at ease in her bedroom, I felt the presence here a few more times in the coming months, this brought with it the feeling of ease and calm. It made me smile for no obvious reason, but I always felt edgy/wary of the back bedroom even when many people were in the house, avoiding it myself at night.

The next year she moved to another house, identical in appearance and layout (these were terraced builds) and in this house she occupied the back bedroom, and it felt neutral. No incidents in this house. I am unable to explain the energies in the previous property.

I have lived in the same house in Nottingham for 19 years now and I have always had some sort of paranormal senses, when I was roughly about 6 years old (I'm now 19 by the way) my mum and dad split up then divorced soon after.  I had always heard stories about an elderly gentlemen that died of old age on the sofa in the front from, his wife had passed away around 1967, the gentlemen, named George died in October of 1971, my dad moved in 74 and I was born in 89. Now my dad has 2 other kids from his 1st marriage, who used to come stay every weekend, I have spoken to my older brother and it is only myself and him that have ever had contact with George, neither my sister or my younger brother have seen him, the strange thing is George died on the sofa as I said, but doesn't stray from out landing, he just wanders back and forth between my mums room, and my room. Many skeptics out there probably won't believe me, but he has spoken to myself and my older brother (hence how we know how and when George and his wife died) and is generally friendly, I still see him and talk to him and he tells me not to be afraid which I've never been of the supernatural beings and the strange thing was about 2 years ago now, he told me I would see something I wouldn't expect. True to his word about 4 and a half months after he told me I would see something, I woke in the middle of the night due to a strange feeling I got that someone I didn't know was in the house, it came as a big shock to sit up in bed and discover a little girl in Victorian clothes, sat underneath my window holding her legs and rocking back and forth smiling at the wall opposite, I tried to talk to her but got no response so I reluctantly forced myself back to sleep. The next night I woke again with the same feeling and sat up to not only find the young girl but also a young boy who could have been no older than 6 or 7 also wearing Victorian clothes, I tried to talk to the young boy as I had the young girl and he replied, telling me his name was Jonathan, and that he had lived in Wolverhampton before dying but he didn't know why he had died. Since that sighting I have only seen the children on a few occasions, they seem to feel peaceful and safe in my house or more specifically my bedroom. Who knows why they're here maybe one day I'll find out.

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