The house I grew up in with my four sisters seems to have been haunted.  We would always hear doors opening and closing abruptly.  As a child when I was growing up I often would be falling asleep and would catch a glimpse of a face while my eyes were closed.  It looked evil.  Sometimes I'd open them to find nothing and other times I'd be too afraid to open my eyes to see if anything was there.  Occasionally, I'd wake up and find I couldn't open my eyes or raise myself or my head up. Oddly, it was like I was being held down or something. Just when I start to panic I'd break free from this horrifying grip. My wife and I lived there for awhile after getting married. One night, while my parents were out of town, we decided to sleep in their room.  We had just settled down for bed and turned out the lights. After a few minutes, my wife turned one of the lights back on and asked what I was doing....then she asked if my mouth was bleeding.  I didn't know what she was talking about at first, until she pointed out a wet spot on her arm that looked like saliva with a reddish tint to it. It honestly looked like a substance with blood mixed in it.  Looking at it puzzled, I asked what it was.  She said she'd thought it was something I had been doing, because she felt "what she thought was me" sucking on her arm and pulled away quickly. That's when she asked what I was doing. Well, we didn't figure it out. Turned out the lights and went to sleep. After that, I don't know if it was in my head or an actual paranormal related feeling, but I began sensing a presence in the house. But nothing ever came of it.

My mother passed away in 1999.  She had a heart attack, then two days later, a brain stroke. She passed away at 4:05 p.m, my address at the time, was also 405.  Her name began with the letter "C" (Courtney), my apartment was Apt. "C".   My mother's nickname was Suggie, since her death I moved to Tennessee and a street near my post office is named Sugg.  The facility number on her death certificate has a four-digit number on it, that is also the exact same last four numbers on my social security card.  My address now is 503 and when I was a little girl, living in New Orleans, that was our address, 503.  I also had a best friend who passed away in 1977.  My bank account code is the last four numbers of what used to be her phone number....and still is her father's phone number to this day.  My daughter's birth month and day, just so happens to be the digits of one of my accounts.  My mother's sister passed away 3 weeks before her, her address began with the number 59 (5900), which so happened to also be the age of my mother when she passed away, 59. 

When my mother passed away, the entire family went to see her.  My cousin Kathaleen stayed there with her.  I had just left the hospital, then about an hour later, my daughter Tiffany came to tell me of her passing.  It was as though she waited until she saw all of us to let go of this life.  When it came time to making the arrangements, I feel that my mother gave me the notion of which casket to pick out.  It was called the primarose.  After the funeral, my father, my daughter and myself had a disagreement in the cemetery parking lot.  That night, I had a dream that my mother was moving her casket to another wall area.  I called and told my father and my Aunt Linda about the dream.  About a week later, I went to the cemetery, to ensure that her name and the dates were all correctly placed on the wall.  Well all was correct, except for one thing.....All the information was on the wrong wall plate (Exactly as I had dreamed it).  When I saw this, I went straight to my father's friend's son, who was the funeral director.  I told him what happened, and felt this was her way of saying she was not pleased about the disagreement in the cemetery.  Floyd couldn't believe it; he was very close to my parents.  Some time later, my father had another disagreement.....He said something to the affect to me about "Now how I have a dove to remember my mother by"....and this hurt me.  The very next day, in the courtyard in front of my door, I found a big beautiful, pure white bird feather.  I had it laminated and will cherish it forever.

My father has told me that every day at about the same time, 9:30 or 10:00 p.m, his phone at work would ring.  My Aunt Linda (my mother's sister) and my daughter too have claimed at around the same time, 9:30 or 10:00 p.m, they too would have the phone ring, with no one on the other end.  At the time, which was a few weeks before my mother's death; I didn't have a phone, because I had just moved into my apartment and the door bell was broken, but my doorbell would ring a half ring.  Could this be contact from the other side? I believe so.

My house has been haunted ever since my mom was young. My sister and I use to play this game called If you touch the floor your an alligator. We would play this game all the time and two of the times I saw this guy outside of my window mowing the yard. I went to tell my mom that someone was mowing the yard but she didn't believe me. So I got my other sisters and told then, which they saw the same thing as I did. He was an old guy, with a baseball hat. He then smiled at us and waved his hand. We all looked at each other, looked back at the man and he was gone. We also have a dog that haunts our house. Late at night you could feel a dog scratching at your bed and you look down and nothing was there. When I was younger I had to go to the kitchen to pour my mom a glass of coke and then this big wind came and was draging me. I started to cry and scream so my mom and my sisters came to see what was going on and found me sitting in the middle of the floor. It was pretty scary. My sisters slept in our living room one night and they both sat up at the same time and saw a black figure walking out of mom's room and into the living room and them into the kitchen. Then there was another time where I would wake up and couldn't move. It was like someone was holding me down and wouldn't let me up. Sometimes the ghost would play tricks on you. They would sound like someone you know except that person wouldn't be home. I remember one time when i stayed home from school I would hear my sisters talking and I would yell to my mom "Is everyone home or something" and she told me they were still at school. We also would see a tail under the bed that looked just like my dog's tail but it wasn't her tail because she would be in the bed with us. We have seen a lot of unusual things happen to us in that house and these are just a few things that we have seen.

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