Several of us had just gotten back from a football game.  It was round 2:30 in the morning. While everyone was busy piling out of the vehicle, I managed to work my way ahead of everyone else.  Just as I was passing in between the garage door and the front of the van, I sensed something very odd and got this eerie chill. As I looked up at the windows above the garage, I saw the vertical blinds kind of pushed upwards, as if someone were standing there looking out at me.  I called out to everyone to see if anyone else got a glimpse of what I saw, but no one did.  We headed to the area to see if anyone was inside, but found nothing. It was almost impossible for anyone to be in there to begin with. It took three of us, just to move all the boxes and stuff out of the way of the garage door, to reach the area I caught someone peering out at me. I was never a believer in this type of stuff before, but that sure fixed that. To this day, when ever my wife and I go over for a visit, I still get that same eerie feeling I did that night.

This happened to me when I was a teenager. I had just gotten back from track practice. My family had all run out to get something to eat. After a quick shower and getting ready for dinner, I headed to the living room to catch a little television. After a few moments, I heard three loud bangs coming from the other side of the bedroom. I got up to investigate, expecting to find that something might of fallen in my room, causing the ruckus, but not a medal, not anything was out of place.  Baffled by this, I went back to the living room and within moments, it happened again, then silence.  Not knowing what to think or how to react to all of it, I called out "Could you please stop knocking, I'm trying to watch t.v. here!".  Next thing I know, it sounded as if someone had taken a door and slammed it very hard. I again responded, with a "Thank you!".  When my family got home, I told them about what had happened. My parents went in my room and took a look around, but didn't see or find anything unusual. Although the pounding subsided that night, it continued off and on, throughout the whole time I lived in that house.

For as far back as I can remember I always knew there was more to our family, other than just my two siblings, my mom and my dad. When I was around six years old, I had what I believe to be my first real experience with the supernatural.  I was playing with some dolls in my room, when suddenly I saw a shadow walk by the door.  I thought it was one of my parents, so I got up to go see what they were doing.  I stood there and watched as this shadow walked into my parents room and then just disappeared. I walked in their room and called for them, but there was no answer.  So I walked into the bathroom, but no one was in there either.  I then walked about half way into the closet and felt a very strange, weird feeling.  It is something that I can't explain to anyone.  All I knew was, I had to get out of there! I ran up front to where my family was and asked who had been walking around, my mom looked at me and replied "Oh that was just our ghost".  Well for weeks after that, cabinet doors would open and close, and sometimes the doors would slam so hard that the glass in the cabinets would break.  It wasn't long afterwards that we ended up moving from this home.

We lived in a two story home and I loved it.....even though it looked like something right out of a horror movie!  For the first two months I slept in my sister's bedroom on the floor because I kept feeling as if someone was always watching me. I hated that feeling. Then one night I got enough courage to sleep in my own room. We have a dog named Tux and he was just a little thing. This one particular night, he sat in front of my doll shelf and just stared at it all night long as if something were talking to him. I was so freaked out about this, that I couldn't  fall asleep. The next day after I got home from school I heard footsteps upstairs....but oddly, I was the only one home. The weird thing about it was, in the kitchen you could see the lamp shake from where the footsteps were pacing back and forth.  I also heard a little boy laughing. Other things have happened in this house, such as lights turning on and off by themselves every night.  Things would also move about mysteriously, like when I would put the remote to my radio at the top of my bed and wake up to find it on the floor at the foot of my bed. Our dog would also play by himself or actually act as if he were playing with an invisible friend.  The volume on my radio would turn up and down while I talking on the phone with my friends.  One night about two in the morning, I was on the computer and suddenly I felt as if someone were standing behind me. I thought it was my brother trying to scare me so I turned around to yell at him, when instead I was shocked to find a strange ghostly looking teenage boy standing there, staring at me. Needless to say I ran upstairs and laid in bed with my mother, shaking like crazy. To be truthful,  I don't mind him at all, because I don't think he wants to hurt anyone....I don't think he is a bad spirit.... It's just some of the things he does to get attention, that frightens me sometimes.

On June 1, 1996, we moved to Texas, and purchased a home in what seemed to be a nice, quiet neighborhood. My husband, Paul, our sons Alan and Douglas, daughter Rhiannon, and myself spent the better part of the week getting settled in. We choose the house because we needed a lot of spacious living area, and this place was ideal. We were foster care parents, but had no foster children living with us when we moved into the house. Though other things had happen to me, since the age of ten, I was, nonetheless, frightened  when things started happening here. On the first night, in the house, I had a strange and frightening dream. I continued to dream about the same things, over and over. This went on for weeks, although I did skip a few nights, here and there, and not dream at all. A few months past and I was beginning to become a nervous wreck. There were nights when I didn't want to dream, so I tried to stay awake all night. Not that it helped, because it didn't. I soon found myself at our local emergency room, suffering from, what the doctors thought to be a case of 'overworking.' (I just didn't have the nerve to tell them what was really going on) Finally, they concluded that I should be on sedatives. Though they prescribed them, I never took them. I was afraid of sleeping too much, and more sleep could mean more dreaming. I soon found, that meditation exercises were very beneficial and relaxing.

My husband and I both owned separate businesses, and I, unfortunately, had to keep later working hours. I didn't usually get home until two or three in the morning. In early November, I took some time off to get things ready for the upcoming holidays. Our granddaughter, Angelica, age six, and grandson, Terrence, age four, came to stay the night. One morning, as our grandson showered, my daughter, Rhiannon, and I heard him talking and laughing. We didn't pay too much attention to what he was saying. Suddenly, he darted into the room, looked around, and began yelling at me, "Why did you make my friend leave?" I answered, "What friend?" He replied, "You know what friend!" I asked, "Who are you talking about?" He said, "Come on, you know who he is, because he knows you!" "So why did you make him leave?" He didn't provide us with a name, as he blamed me for making him leave, before he had a chance to find out his name. At that very instant, I felt such fear grip me that I couldn't speak. Rhiannon, said, "Okay, Terrence, tell us what happened." Terrence calmed down enough to clearly state that I had been mean to his friend. He said, there was a little boy who came to play with him. Terrence said that he had asked his friend to go wait in the bedroom, with us, while he got dressed. Then he said, "My friend likes you, he lives here too, so why did you make him leave?" I was trying my best, to hide my fear, but all of a sudden, I lost it. Rhiannon came to my rescue. She told my grandson, that his friend must have snuck away, while we weren't looking. Thank goodness, he believed her. When Angelica found out what had happened, she said, "Don't worry Terrence, there's some other kids here we can play with." Talk about scared, let me tell you, we were more than scared!

A few days after Thanksgiving, I was getting the Christmas decorations together and my husband Paul, was stringing the lights on the tree, when we heard a knock on the door. He got up and answered it, but no one was there. Again we heard a knock, and again he answered the door, to find no one there.  The third time it happened, I offered to answer the door, and found no one standing there either. After having opened and closed the door so much, we noticed that it had gotten chilly inside, so we lit a fire in the fire place. Our sons, Alan and Douglas, were out doing some Christmas shopping with Rhiannon. Since it's our family tradition, to decorate the tree together, we were waiting for them to return. Paul and I were sitting by the fire,  admiring the lights on the tree, when we heard another knock at the door. Paul said, "That's probably the kids." So, I answered the door, but once again, there was no one. As soon as I sat back down, the lights on the tree began to flash off and on. I remember my husband saying, "This is getting spooky now." We both knew, that we didn't have flashing lights, nor have we ever had any! I was starting to panic! On top of everything else, the dreams were still occurring too. In order to break my silent stare, he looks at me and asks, "What are you thinking right now?" I told him, "I'm beginning to wonder if we're alone here?" He nodded his head, and said, "Yeah, me too." I had hoped for a reasonable explanation, since he's such a logical person, but such was not the case. Instead he whispers, "Do you think, if we just talk to IT and ask IT to stop messing with the lights, IT would quit?" I shrugged my shoulders, as if to say I wasn't sure. He whispered, "Go ahead, talk to IT."  I drew a nervous breath, swallowed to clear my dry throat and said, "Is someone here?" The lights stopped flashing and remained on. We watched them for several minutes. Then I asked, "Are you making the lights flash?" The lights started to flash again. I asked, "Can you stop now?" The lights stopped and remained on. I found some comfort in thinking, if there really is a spirit here, it must be a good one. After all, it was getting our attention, in a cute sort of way. Several minutes passed, and then Paul said, "Lets keep talking to IT." So we did! We asked IT several more times to flash the lights, and then to stop flashing them, and each time, things happened as we asked. To say the least, we were amazed. In the midst of our newly captured interest, our children came home. We shared what had happened with them. Of course they found this hard to believe, but wanted to witness some of it for themselves, so we asked IT to flash the lights, several times, and then to stop the lights, and IT did. This night was certainly a night to remember.

After the holidays were over, we decided to have our house blessed. My husband called the parish, and asked if one of the Priest would come over. The next day, Father Joseph came, blessed the house and spoke with us about our strange incidents. He was reassuring and comforting, in a humorous sort of way. As we walked him to his car, he turned back towards us and said, "Everything will be fine now, I think the spirits are getting in the car with me." I honestly hoped he was serious. Could it be that easy? Of course not! In January, I continued to have the dreams. Since these dreams first started, we had kept a journal. Writing down as much as memory would allow, and trying to include every single detail. The reoccurring dreams always involved small children, a certain little boy, and two little girls. In the dream, I am lying in my bed, and I'm startled by a loud noise at the bedroom door. It sounds like lots of people are there, all talking at once in very loud voices. They are shuffling about bumping, banging and pushing on the door. The door suddenly opens and a small child steps into my room. He stares with intent, at the angry crowd, and the noise fades to silence. It was as if the crowd had suddenly been diminished. Then he approaches my side of the bed, stretching out his arms, he begins to cry, saying, "Hold me Mommy, I'm scared." This terrifies me so much that I move away from him, towards the middle of the bed, saying, "No, please, why are you here?" "I'm not your Mommy!" The look on his face told me he was as terrified as me. His voice trembled as he cried out, "Hurry, Mommy, hold me please." When I didn't respond, he placed his hands upon the side of the mattress and tried to climb onto the bed. I keep moving away, telling him, "I'm not your Mommy!" In a convincing way, he begins to speak again, "Mommy, please hold me, I'm scared." "The soldiers are coming again!" I am to terrified to pick this child up. I am crying too, but out of fear. I am afraid of him, for some unknown reason. The noise at the door commences again, and he steps away from the bed, stares back at the door and says, "They're here!" "Please, Mommy, please hold me!" "I'm scared!" The dream ends when I am crying so loudly that my husband wakes me. This was my first dream. Though the dreams that followed progressed in detail, they always started out the same. Sometimes the little boy comes to me and other times little girls. Eventually, I found out their names, and ages. I finally brought myself, out of the fear of holding them, to the point that I would hold, and protect them in my dreams. Once, while I was sleeping, my husband woke to find, my arms formed, as if holding a child. He said, I was sitting up in bed, rocking from side to side. When he called out to me, I awakened puzzled, over the fact, that I was sitting up in my sleep. I have never done anything like that before. Talk about confusing!

One morning, Rhiannon and I decided it was high time we did some investigating. She and I decided to start by questioning the neighbors. Well, that's just what we did, but everyone seemed to be evading our questions, except one, who volunteered a little information. She told us, that a woman, who had lived there, had about nine foster children living with her. She swore that none of them died in the house. She was positive about that, because she remembered the very day that they "all" moved out. For some reason, I felt she was lying. We went back home and decided to call the police department for information on incident reports. The woman I spoke to, began asking me several questions. I thought it best to just tell her about the dreams, and let her take it from there. What a mistake that was! First of all, she didn't believe that my dreams could have revealed so much. Secondly, she told me I knew too much, about three of the children, so I must have called to offer more pertinent information, as I had mentioned other things, that concerned her. I told her that I was just calling to confirm something I had dreamed. I had no earthly idea my dreams were so real, until she began to give me the third degree. She advised me to come in and speak with a detective, or she would send one to my house. I asked if that was really necessary, since the only thing I could do is repeat a dream to them? She bluntly told me, "Look, you know something, I'm not sure how, but it could help us, in reopening this case." "It was closed years ago." "So what are you afraid of?" I answered, "My dreams!" "But I'll come in, if I really have to." I hung up the phone, feeling every emotion, but the good ones. My daughter drove me there, as I was a total wreck by now. I met with a detective, told him everything, about my dreams, the house, and in defense of myself, finished by giving them a piece of my mind too! He wasn't phased, in the least. He just leaned back in his chair, and read the entire reports to us. When he finished, he asked if I was all right? I didn't want to talk anymore, what I had just heard, sent chills over my entire body. I was having an exceptionally hard time just  trying to come to grips with everything, so I nodded a 'yes' gesture. Thank goodness for miracles! This man believed me. He even went on to say, that some people are given a certain gift of insight, and no matter what the means, that they have to use it to help others. Then he proceeded to tell me that our Police department has to follow every lead, no matter what the source, or they would be neglecting their job. This was like a rude awakening for me. Can you imagine being relieved one minute and overwhelmed the next? That's about how I felt. Our visit ended with him asking me to get in touch with him, should I have any more dreams, on this subject, that revealed other information. I agreed to do just that, and left. The irony of it all is, that since that day, I have never dreamed about the children again. There have been times that I desperately wanted to. Times that I hoped I'd dream of just the least little thing. So many nights I've fallen asleep, praying, and asking for something, anything, that could help to put closure to a case that is now open again. So what has really been accomplished? I'm not sure, at this point, but I'm not giving up.

The Police Department's Incident Report revealed this: There was a single woman, (I cannot divulge her name) who lived in the house. She claimed to be licensed to provide foster care. (We have found out, through legal means, that the state of Texas did not grant licenses to single persons at that time) She registered as married. (Using a different last name) There were nine children, on record, whom she was foster parenting. Some of these children were terminally ill, and needed special care. The state paid her very well, for this type of care. One report states, that an ambulance was dispatched to the residence, on a certain date. A male child, three years old, died in the home. The paramedics were unable to revive him. Due to his terminal illness, he wasn't expected to live past the age that he was. The report also listed his biological parents names, and his grandparents, on both sides. (I contacted several of his family members afterwards) It also gave the name and address of the Funeral home that transported the body, and the name of the cemetery, in which he was to be buried. (Description matches small boy in my dreams) Another incident report: An anonymous caller left information, that a female, age fourteen, hadn't been seen coming out of the residence for some length of time, and he was concerned about her. He stated that she had severe emotional problems, and would like to have the police check on her. The report states, that police went to the address and questioned the woman, and she told them, that the girl had ran away. There was no Runaway report ever filed, by anyone, on this young girl. Her whereabouts is still unknown. Another incident report: Ambulance dispatched to residence, on certain date. female child, age seven years. Also terminally ill. Paramedics, in attendance, worked to stabilize her. Death occurred after being placed into ambulance. (Description matches female child I dreamed of) There was another report that stated: Anonymous caller, hearing crying, for long length of time. Loud music. Believed they were having a party that was getting out of hand. Suspected child abuse might be happening at this time also. Gave information stating that there were several men, wearing military uniforms present at the house. Heard them yelling at the children in a threatening way. Claimed the children were terrified. Police went, but found no evidence of physical abuse. Gave warning about noise. Residents stated that their party was over and their guests were just leaving. Another report: Prowler on premises. Search yielded no suspects. Another report: Ambulance dispatched. Emergency attention for child. No transport necessary. Another report: Domestic disturbance. Male suspect asked to leave premises. Another report: Domestic disturbance. Male suspect apprehended. (All domestic calls involved the same man)

It has been difficult to find out anything about the two little girls. The young girl who supposedly ran away, has never been seen again. The other five children, did not reside with the woman after she moved. As for the little boy, I have contacted several of his family members. Here are those findings: Grandfather made funeral arrangements. No obituaries ever printed, in any news paper, at Grandparents request. Only a few people attended his funeral, because no other family members, including his parents, were informed of his death. After his parents divorce, custody was granted to the mother. His father filed for custody, sometime later and lost, even though he proved her unfit and a drug addict. The mother eventually placed him in foster care, because she no longer wanted him. After having lost the second custody battle, his father moved away, and has since remarried. The aunt told me, that his spirit remained, because that was the only home he had ever known. I have been told, that I bear a strong resemblance to his mother, and I have to agree with that. She feels that he was looking for a mother's love, and he found that in me.......It all makes sense now. It's very real to me. I'm not afraid, but I am heartbroken. I have cried many times, thinking about these special little children, starving for love and finding nothing but fear and neglect. Somehow, I hope they know that I'll always hold them close....... in my heart.

My father died in December of 1997. He had always told us that no matter what, that when he died that he wanted to be cremated or else he would haunt us. Well, we had his services and sent the body to be cremated out of town because no one provided this service in our town. During that time my mother had an experience. Late one night when she was asleep she said that she felt something get on the bed with her. She was about to yell out to me but as the words started to form she said this "thing " grabbed her and covered her mouth so she couldn't say anything. Try as she might she could not say anything. Next she said she felt this "thing" place a foot on her side and held her there for at least 5 minutes. Being of strong faith, she began to pray. After a few moments it stopped. She proceeded to call out to me and I came to her room. When I got there I asked if she was alright and she said yes. I was used to her calling me into her room like that, so I didn't think nothing of it. The next day after I came home from school my mother finally told me what had happened to her and she felt that it had been my father that had paid her a visit. At this time we didn't' know if they had cremated his remains or not, so being a strong believer in the paranormal I went into my mother's room and in a strong, firm voice I said, " Daddy you do not belong here. You're dead. You need to cross over to the other side. We love you and we miss you very much but you can not stay here. You also need to leave Mom alone. If you are mad that we haven't done as you wished, we are sorry but you need to give us time." Nothing strange or unusual happened after that until a few weeks later. Again my mother and I were going to bed when I heard the sound of footsteps in the hallway. The moment that I heard the step I knew who's they belonged to. It was the same sound that my father's boot used to make on the wooden floor in the hallway. In an instant I got up and went to my mother's room. I asked if she was alright and if she had heard what I had just heard. She said yes. Daddy is still in the house but he no longer does things to harm my mother, me or my sister. Sometimes I will catch a glimpse of him. When my husband and I were just married I saw him or at least part of him. My mother, my husband and I were getting ready for church one day. My husband is the cowboy type and likes to wear his Wranglers where ever he goes. Well on this particular day I was sitting at the dining room table; putting on my make up.  I looked up in the direction of my mother's bed room and saw a pair of legs making their way to my mother's bedroom wearing a pair of Wranglers. At first I thought it was my husband so I called out to him. It just so happened my husband was sitting in the living room watching t.v. The only other man in my life that wore Wranglers like my husband, was my father. Whether it is a family member or a family pet, I believe they are always watching over us. And though there are people out there that don't believe, I for one.... I believe.

When I was a freshman in high school I lost a beloved cat of mine. A few weeks after he died, I decided to get a snack from the kitchen. It was getting dark and the lights were out in the kitchen. As I walked in I could make out a dark figure on top of the washing machine. It was in the shape of a long haired cat. When I turned on the light, the figure disappeared. I wasn't scared by this at all because I knew who it was. My cat Pelis was a long haired cat and his usual sitting place was on the washing machine. Every once in a while when I am at my mother's house I will catch a glimpse of Pelis, either out of the corner of my eye or I will see his tail wrap around the corner as he makes his way from room to room. Up until a few weeks ago I was the only one that would see Pelis. A family friend of ours was over to visit my mom. Like all 8 year olds, she likes to color and she was in the living room coloring away. My mother then said that Kelsey (our friend) came into the kitchen and asked my mother where the cat was. Thinking that Kelsey was talking about my present cat, my mother said " Oh, Whitie probably sneaked in". That is when Kelsey said, "Oh no Connie, it wasn't that cat. The cat I saw was a gray cat with lots of fur".  Kelsey had gone on to describe my cat Pelis. It surprised my mom at first because Kelsey was only a baby when Pelis died. My mother then smiled at Kelsey and told her that it was "Becky's ghost kitty" and to not be afraid of it if she saw it again.

When I was 23, my ex-girlfriend decided to sleep over. While we were in bed I had my arms around the top part of her body, but my arms resting under her arms. Then all of a sudden she said she felt as though someone was tapping her shoulder. Keep in mind my arms were under her arms. Before this happened with her, my roommate and I had something weird happen. We were both in need for some quick cash and at the time, had no way of getting it. Then one day I was making my bed when I found $10 in the sheets all rolled up. Not knowing where or who it came from I asked everybody I knew if it was their $10. But everyone said no and that they wouldn't roll their money like that. Then not to long afterwards, my roommate and I were arguing about ghosts, how I didn't believe in them and he believed that it was his father that had been the one to mysteriously place the money in my room. Finally, we went to bed and I had been asleep for a while when something woke me up. What I heard was someone walking into my room and I felt that someone was in there watching me, from right over my bed. Then it moved to the door way. Not being able to see anything and thinking that it was my roommate I said " I know it is you Fred. Quit trying to scare me".  But what ever it was never answered me so I just covered my whole face and tried to go back to sleep. The next morning I asked Fred if he had been in my room. He swore up and down that it wasn't him. To this day I still don't know what it was.

My grandmother and my aunt (her daughter) were on their way back from seeing the doctor out of town, when they were in an accident. My aunt passed out and drove the car off an over pass. The death report says that my aunt died from the impact, but my grandmother believes she was dead before the car ever went off the over pass. Well, to continue with the story.....My grandmother was still grieving two months after being in the hospital when she was asking God, "Why did you have to take my daughter? Why couldn't you take me?  I have lived my life, but my daughter had only lived half her life." Then one night she was lying in bed asleep only to wake up and see my aunt's spirit before her. My aunt came to tell my grandmother that everything is ok and everything had its reasons, and that she needs to stop grieving for her. Then she just disappeared. Some people thought it might of been a dream, others believe it was really my aunt returning to help my grandmother with her grief and to let her go, so that she too could find eternal peace.

Shortly after my second divorce ,a good friend, her son, my two sons and my two daughters, along with myself teamed up as roommates to save on money and rented a house in Texas. A big two-story, 4 bedroom, right on the lake. The lady we rented it from told us it was haunted by her husband; Harry, who had died from cancer in the house. We all had no problem with that since my  mother; Carrie, who was also dead, was with me all the time.  Then along with my dad, my ex-father-in-law, my grandmother who had raised me and somebody I do not know. Verle had had several encounters with ghost also, so that did not bother us at all that the house was haunted. We even joked "The more the merrier"!  The house had stood empty for almost a year due to rumors of it being haunted, so we had our work cut out for us, cleaning it. Everything was still just like it was when Harry died. His wife said he told her he would haunt this place as long as it stood since he built it and she was leaving him alone to die a lonely, painful death. The first two days of cleaning went uneventful. We moved Harry's hospital bed out on day 3 and he did not like where we put it, I guess. We were all tired and went to town for a bite to eat. When we returned, the bed we had sat outside was gone. We thought nothing about it until we walked in the house. There was the bed right back in the same place it had been to start with! We all thought somebody was just pulling something on us. I said out loud "Look Harry, we like it here and we would really like it if you would let us stay without any trouble".  I will introduce you to a very pretty woman who you will get along with if you will just let us stay."  We all almost ran out of the house right then when we heard a noise upstairs. Of course all of us had to go see what the noise was. You guessed it, we found nothing!  When we returned to the downstairs bedroom, the bed was gone!  It was back outside where we had put it to start with. There had also been an old wicker rocker in the room that we also sat outside. When we all went out side and found the bed, the chair was rocking. Robert; my oldest son, said "Okay, Harry you stop that rocking right now"!  The chair stopped at once. Robert quickly said "I was only playing Harry, you just rock all you want."  The chair at once started rocking again. This was our first meeting with Harry.....but far from the last!

When I was in fourth grade, my family and I moved into this really old victorian looking house. Our first day there, my mother was unpacking all of the bath items and found a glass jar of what looked like ashes. Thinking it might have just been a really full ashtray, we dumped them in our backyard. A few weeks later, my mother started hearing footsteps up and down the hall. She would then call out "Please don't scare me" and the footsteps would stop. Then one day, she was babysitting a little boy no more than 6 or 7 months old when she laid him down for a nap, covered him up and went to the bathroom. While she was in there, she heard the baby cooing and laughing. Not knowing why, she went to check on him and he was no longer laying down but sitting up playing and his blanket was folded neatly beside him. My mother and the baby were the only ones in the house that day or so she thought. Several times, at night, I would be laying in my bed and I always laid on my stomach and I would feel a patting on my back. Then, around Christmas time, my whole family was in the kitchen playing monopoly. We had stockings that when you pressed their hand, they would play Christmas music. All of a sudden, they simultaneously started playing. This startled us because no one was in the living room. Being the curious little child I was, I got up and walked in the living room. When I got there, they were swaying back and forth, playing music, but stopped suddenly a few seconds after my entrance. My stepfather arrived in the living room with me and as he did, I called out "play again," and they did. Things like this went on all the time, but never scared me or any of my family members because we always got a sense of peace.

Last year, the day before Valentine's Day, two of my best friends Katie and Jenna (names have been changed) decided to decorate Katie's mom's office as a Valentine's Day surprise. Katie's mom was the principal at the elementary school in our town so they got key from the janitor and went there after a basketball game. It was around 9 p.m. when they got there. They unlocked the door and walked in. We've heard many stories of ghosts being in our school so they were a little scared to say the least to be in the place alone at night. As a matter of fact, my mom used to work for a woman who's daughter was hit in the back of the head by a swing and killed on the playground. Katie and Jenna were just about to walk in the office when they heard what sounded like children playing. They described it to be like when your watching a movie and you have two people talking but you can hear children laughing and playing in the background. Both girls just stood there, silent. Katie proceeded to tell Jenna they needed to get in the office and lock the door but as she talked, the noise got louder. When they would get quiet, it seemed to subside some. After a few minutes, they finally got the office open and ran in, turned on all of the lights and locked the door. They decorated the office and went to leave, scared that they would hear the sounds again but they didn't. When they told me this story, I got this really weird feeling because I too, have had experiences in the school. One night, after a basketball game I'd played, I had to go back up to the gym because I had left my school books up there. I made my friend go with me because it was dark. We got up there and right as I went to pick up my school books, she started screaming and running out the door. I looked up and seen what seemed to be a shadow flying around one of the basketball goals. I know it sounds weird. Also one day, I left one of my classes to go to the restroom. There was door in the bathroom that went up to the school attic. It was always locked because of asbestos that was up there but as I was in there alone, I heard that door open slighly and then shut. Thinking it might have been a janitor, I went to the door and tried to open it but it was locked up tight. I thought this weird because the door that goes out to the hall was very big and loud when opened and shut but I never heard anyone come in or out of the bathroom!

The house we used to live in prior to this home was definitely haunted.  Sometimes at night we would hear people talking in the living room.  At night you could also hear as if someone were crying.  Also, we used to have a pool table in the garage and often you would hear what sounded like someone in there playing pool.  On another occasion, I remember combing my hair in the mirror and seeing an old man pass behind me. I also saw this man in my mother's bathroom once. He was dressed in old fashioned clothes. I froze as this man just stood there, staring at me...then he just vanished.  Other things began happening as well. A shadow would often follow me and my brother around the house.  My brother was even physically harmed by what ever was in that house. He woke up one morning to find his back scratched....he still has the scars from that attack.  My brother had a water bed and once, it felt as if someone had pushed the water bed real hard to wake him up. He was so scared.  This happened to me as well. I was sleeping on the water bed and looking up at the ceiling....when suddenly I felt something wet.  I realized someone or something was throwing my aunt's make-up at my brother and I.  I saw this bottle up in the air, but couldn't keep an eye on it. I ended up sleeping with the covers over my head. The next morning we woke up to find make-up everywhere. Sometimes my t.v. would turn off and on during the night. We have since moved from this house and every so often, I will pass by the this day, no one lives in the house.

I lived in a subdivision in Katy, called Fountain View.  I moved there when I was bout twelve years old.  The first year there, something really strange happened.  My sister Lilly said that she heard someone banging on her bedroom walls in the middle of the night. My mother reported items hung would start to sway, like chandeliers and some other little things. She said that there was no explanation for it, like a draft or anything else to cause these items to suddenly start to sway.  She said they would just start to swing for a little while then suddenly stop.  A year later my friend Gram and I were hanging around outside, walking through the subdivision and stuff and about two in the morning, I suggested we go sit on the benches at the park across the street from my house. Gram was reluctant and said that he had a bad feeling and didn't want to.  I said ok and then a little while later, asked again.  This time he agreed and we started heading that way.  I was walking and talking to Gram when suddenly about half way there, he looked forward and took off in the opposite direction.  While he was running off, I turned to watch, yelling "Gram, what are you doing"??? No sooner did I turn back around, I saw a short ghost, wearing purple right beside the bench where we were going to sit at.  I ran across the street to where Gram was.  We stood there trying to calm down, while trying to look back at the park, but the ghost was gone by then.  By now, didn't want to be outside any longer, so we headed to my house.  We went through the gate, closed it and entered to backyard to go to the back door. Just as we reached the back door, the gate began to shake furiously. We took off into the house, like speeding bullets. About a week to a month later, I was getting ready to go to school.  It was early, still dark outside and just as I was getting to the fridge to get something for breakfast, I saw something.  I was looking at the fridge and out of the corner of my eye, I saw an arm pass by.  I closed the fridge, thinking it must of been Lilly going I called out to her "Lilly, was that you"?  No answer.  As I exited the kitchen and into the hall, I looked around an no one was there. That was the last thing I experienced in that house.

My family used to own a ranch in the Texas Hill Country. The Bandera/Tarpley area to be exact. The ranch house was built in the early 1900's and had been kept in very good condition, undergoing a few remodels with each owner in order to update it. When my parents bought it in the early '90's, the house had only had 4 owners before them. We loved going to the ranch on the weekends and swimming in the lake, riding horses, etc. The house was relatively quiet for the first few months. Our first Christmas there, we realized we had another "roommate" staying with us. The Christmas tree kept falling over, and the presents were always being re-arranged. Finally, we anchored the tree to the wall with fishing line and put the presents away until it was time to open them. That seemed to work, since all was relatively quiet for a month or so after Christmas. Then, one day I was watching t.v. downstairs and heard what sounded like furniture being moved around upstairs. I went to check and nothing had been moved. My first thought was that someone was playing a trick on me, of course. Then I realized it was only my dad and I at home and he had been watching t.v. with me. Hearing furniture being moved around and having items like keys and shoes disappear from one room only to be found in another became a common occurrence. The ghost seemed friendly, so we just said "hello" every once in a while, and that was that.  One night however, I will never forget. I was laying in bed watching t.v.,  trying to go to sleep. All of a sudden, I was paralyzed and felt my arms being "tacked" up against the headboard and someone or something trying to lay on top of me as if to attack me. Being Catholic, I started praying and asking for help from St. Michael the Archangel and my grandfather who had always protected me. All of a sudden, I saw what seemed like a flash of light come from the wall. In what seemed like a millisecond, all was fine and I could tell I would be alright. The next day I told my parents what happened. I never spent the night there again and they sold the ranch shortly afterwards.

I have had many things happen to me. But, I'm not the only one to experience these things. We moved into our house last December. Almost immediately, weird things started to happen. My sister is a very paranoid girl; and sometimes, I find it hard to believe the things she tells me. One time she ran to me and told me something was scratching on her window. She said it was making an up and down noise.  She insisted it couldn't be a bug or animal because the windows are to high.  I didn't believe her. I just shut my door and locked it. I freaked out when I began hearing the same type of noise.  I ran to her and told her that I'd just heard the same thing she'd been hearing. Our parents were asleep. We didn't want to wake them. We turned off all the lights so we could see who or what was making this odd noise. When it started scratching on my window again, I pulled the blinds up very very fast, but nothing was there. Another thing that happened to us, happened while my sister and I were talking in her bedroom. All of a sudden we heard something strange and it was as if we both stopped talking at the exact same time.  We heard what sounded like heavy breathing. Our three beagles are scared of her room. They stand in the doorway barking and crying. It's really creepy. One time my dog Bella jumped on my bed and started barking at the wall. She then followed the wall until she stopped at the window. It were as if something were crawling on the wall. But what ever she saw, I couldn't see.

Everyone knows the legend about the haunted train tracks in San Antonio. If not the story goes that a school bus of children was hit on the train tracks and to this day, if you park your vehicle about 20 feet from the tracks and put your car in neutral, an unseen force will inexplicably push your vehicle a good distance.  Some report that if you sprinkle powder or such on your trunk or bumper, you will actually find hand prints. It's believed that the children who were killed in this accident are the one's responsible for pushing the vehicles.  The streets have also been named after these children.  Anyway, Some friends and I decided to give it a go.  When we got there, we wiped the bumper completely clean. Then added powder, making sure we didn't touch the bumper with our hands, of course. Then we drove the car up on the hill, right where the train tracks began. The car started to roll down. Woo-Hoo! Yeah right, I didn't believe it.  I always thought it was the force or gravity or something. Then down the hill we drove to the side and checked the bumper. Nothing. Go figure. Then back up the hill we headed to give it another try. But this time, instead of parking right where the train tracks began, we parked further back, almost where the streets are.  Well when we turned the car off, all of us got out and popped open the back of our SUV and all sat down. We didn't think nothing would happen because gravity couldn't possibly pull us....we were too far behind. I freaked when the car started rolling very slow at once then began to pick up speed. You can't help but laugh; it's such a strange moment, you don't know what to believe! All of us saw three shadows behind the car, that definitely weren't ours. There were three of us...tall, tall and short. The shadow didn't match our heights....they were short, tall, short. It didn't make sense! Since that night, my mind has changed about those tracks. But I don't know what to say it is gravity or ghosts that are worried another will die on those train tracks.

I definitely believe in ghost.  Back in 1991 my uncle died.  It wasn't a pleasant death...he'd been accused of abusing a child and spent some time in jail.  Instead of going back, he shot and killed himself.  Anyway, in 1996 my grandfather also died...which his death was sudden as well.  He had a tracheotomy and wasn't able to breath on his own for a while.  When the doctors at the hospital felt he was strong enough to breath on his own, they took him off the respirator....but turns out he wasn't well enough to breath on his own and he died twenty minutes later.  So, these are the two men that I feel may possibly haunt our home....not because they ever died in the house, but because they did lived most of their lives in the house.  Nothing really started happening until after my grandfather died.  I remember it was the week to the day of his death, May 1996.  I was cold and went to get a blanket out of the hall closet.  Not realizing it, but I happened to grab the blanket my grandfather used to sleep with for years.  I grabbed it and made mention of it to my grandmother, who had been sitting in the living room.  As I turned around, I saw a figure walk across the back of the kitchen, from the left side of the bar to the right.  I remember it so clearly.  The figure came barely above the top of the bar and was hunched over, wearing what appeared to be a white t-shirt.  Needless to say, that described my grandfather to the tee.  He had osteoporosis and had become stooped over the coarse of many years...shrinking him down from nearly six feet tall to barely five feet, six inches or so.  I didn't need to take a double take either, I looked and followed it for a good five or six seconds before my mother asked what was wrong.  Apparently, the color had drained from my face.  When he was in better health, my grandfather used to sit in the bar stool to the left of the the area I'd seen this hunched over figure at.  It may have just been a memory triggered by the fact that I grabbed his blanket or some other explainable reason...but I hardly doubt it.  Little things continued to happen after that.  Lights would turn off when I left the room and turn on when I came back in.  I remember hearing the sound of some drumsticks I used to have in my room hit on my old dresser.  I've seen coke cans turn on their side and skitter across the floor of my room.  I've heard my name being called and my face being touched.  There are so many typical paranormal encounters that I've experienced. I remember there was a night in which my grandmother was having a horrible coughing fit....just a very violent coughing spell.  I got up worried that I was going to need to take her to the hospital because she'd been coughing for almost three hours straight.  I threw on some descent clothes and turned off my tv, computer and everything else and went to open my door to leave.  As soon as I did, I could see a tall figure walk over to her bed and stand next to the length of the bed.  At that very moment, her coughing stopped. I waited two hours before falling asleep and in that time, I didn't hear her cough again.  Then on another occasion, I was on the phone talking to some girl on the phone at one in the morning.  My grandmother used to be quite the nazi about me keeping my bed too close to the wall. She expected me to keep it at least six inches from the wall, so it would be easy to make the bed.  Anyway, I was talking on the phone to this girl and suddenly with me on the bed, my bed moved and butted up against the wall.  What was surprising about this is that it is a queen size bed and with me being 200 lbs, it was tough enough without anything on the bed to move, but with me on it, it was nearly impossible. Another incident that occurred, happened while I was working at Chase.  It was around the time I was training and we would often get off early.  This one particular day, I got off around eleven in the morning.  My aunt was in town for a doctor's appointment and they were going to be gone that day.  I was in the impression that she was going to drive her car up.  So, when I got home, I didn't see any car in the driveway.  The garage door was pulled down, so I assumed they were gone. As I drove to the front of the house and pulled into the driveway, I thought I saw someone standing in the window, behind the drawn sheers.  This person was around my aunt's least at a glance.  I found it odd that they were home and just figured the doctor's appointment must of gotten cancelled or something.  I pulled up to the garage door to find my grandmother's car gone.  So I figured, we'll...their gone. I proceeded into the house and found it quiet and empty.  The moment I stepped foot into the living room, every single hair on my arms and neck stood on end.  It felt as if there were someone in the room with me.  It's like when you know someone is in a room with you and you feel that the space you're in is just smaller because that person is there.  Anyway,  I suddenly felt the coldest sensation move over my entire body.  It eventually passed but that was the creepiest feeling I've ever felt.  Then there was the time that I was in the living room, watching t.v. with my grandmother.  She was telling me how her t.v. would keep switching channels on her.  She would be watching channel eight and for no explainable reason, would just switch to channel five on it's own.  But when she'd press the previous channel button on the remote, it would switch from channel eight to another different channel.  I witnessed this happening myself on a few occasions as well.  One time after I saw this happen, I heard a thug sound.  It sounded like someone had taken their fist and just hit the side of the microwave oven.  I said out loud "Did you hear that?"  and my grandmother replied "It was just the house settling".  Now as far as I know, there is no metallic sound to a house settling, to my knowledge.  I'm not the only one who has experienced things in this house.  My grandmother said she's encountered one strange occurrence.  She said she woke up one night and hear Jeff's voice saying "Momma" over and over again.  She said she could have been dreaming, but the look on her face led me to believe it wasn't just a dream.  There have been so many peculiar things happening lately, for example....over the last few days when she has woken up in the morning to turn her coffee maker on, it is already on.  Now she says the timer as been set....but if the timer had been set...why would it only come on randomly and not every day the timer is set for??  The other night, I went in the kitchen to get some chips and a drink.  When I walked into the living room, I saw a flash of light streak across the far wall.  It's like the sun off of your watch reflect onto the wall or something....and it definitely wasn't the headlights to car, because I would of heard as the car drove by.  I proceeded to get my food and drink and walk back into the living room, only to see the same thing again on the opposite wall from where I was standing.  The most current occurrence was when I unplugged a lamp and was going to give it back to a friend.  I'd unplugged the lamp from the power strip.  I went to pick it up to wrap the power cord around the base and realized the lamp was on! But it wasn't even plugged in!  I stared at it for a few seconds and then it just went off again.

I was renting an extra bedroom from my friend Walker at the time.  He and his mom had their own house.  I picked up a cork board to start keeping sentimental items related to my grandfather.  I hung it up to the left of my bed, about shoulder level to me on the wall.  There was a ceiling fan in the room as well.  It had four lights on it.  The string to turn the lights on was off a long metal beaded string, very much like dog tags hang from.  It took a fair amount of force to click it on and off.  One click of the string and it would turn on one set of lights, a second click would turn on another set of lights, third click would turn on all the lights and the forth click would turn all the lights off.  I also had a red bulb that I put in one of the sockets for a cool mood affect.  Well, eventually, I'd start coming in from work to find the red light had been clicked twice.  I asked Walker and his mom if they had done it...but both insisted they hadn't.  After a couple of week of this, Walker's mom came to talk to me.  We both dismissed the cat having anything to do with it because he would have to not only jump up and latch his claw firmly in the metal chain, but because the red light would only come on with a second click, he would of had to click it several times to get that particular light to come on.  Walker's mom began telling me about something that happened twenty years prior to my moving in.  She had lived in that room and one night a spirit came to her and they began to communicate.  At first she said she was afraid and eventually she got comfortable enough to start having conversations with this spirit.  After a period of time, she grew uncomfortable and even began to feel threatened by it.  It would apparently get angry with her for not wanting to talk. I forget what she said happened, but evidentially, the spirit stopped appearing, up until I moved in.  Now, some might dismiss this as nothing....I did myself, but over the coarse of a few nights, I began to think otherwise.  Over the coarse of the next few nights, I started waking up in the middle of the night and seeing someone sitting in a chair across the room from me.  I could never see it clearly, because it was dark, but enough so to tell that someone was definitely sitting in the chair I played my guitar at. It would just sit there, watching me.  One night I stated out loud that whatever it was was, making me uncomfortable.  It stopped a couple of nights later....but he day after it stopped, I came home to find the entire left side of my cork board that I had the things of my grandfather scratched up.  Again, I asked Walker and his mom about it...and they both said they wouldn't do such a thing. Later that night I woke up again and saw the figure had returned and was sitting across the room.  I began to sleep with the red light on, but even when I woke up in the middle of the night and saw the figure sitting in the chair, I still....even with the red light on, couldn't make out the features....and to top it off, I'd wake up and the red light would then be off, as if someone had turned it off while I were sleeping. This went on for quite a while and for what ever reasons, I just chose not to mention to Walker and his mother.  Over a coarse of time, it began to scare me so much that I could only imagine what it was in this room, so I began to pray out loud.  This seemed to stop it and I didn't stay in with Walker and his mother much longer after that.

(Christopher Gerbig)
Shadows Of The Past
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My wife and I had rented an apartment in a not so nice area of Dallas.  From the time we moved in, we never really felt comfortable there.  My oldest daughter began complaining that a man was waking her and her sisters up at night and would not let them go back to sleep unless they talked with him. Their bedroom did have a door that led to the rear stairs of the apartment, and so I became concerned that someone was sneaking in at night.  I made certain the door was locked and added a second lock that could only be opened from the inside. The complaints continued from my children about the man waking them.  In my wife and I's bedroom, we had a ceiling fan that the motor had burned out in rendering the fan useless yet still serviceable as a light fixture. While lying in bed one night reading by a small table lamp, the fan began to turn of it's own accord.  Not fast, just as though a person was gently pushing the blades with a fingertip.  I nudged my wife awake and told her to look at it. She just frowned and said it was the air conditioner turning it, and immediately after saying that, then the air conditioner turned on. The fan never moved of it's own volition during the day, not even with the air conditioner on, but many times I would awaken in the very early morning hours and see it turning, just ever so slowly, and even though at times I would stop it, it would start again, not gradual as though by a draft, yet suddenly, as though a hand was pushing the blades. It wasn't until after we had moved from the apartment that we were told by the manager that the previous occupant had been a young Mexican man who had been killed in a fight over his leather jacket while returning from the corner store just a few months before we moved in. To this day, that apartment has not had a tenant over the required 6 month lease period, and it is a fact that few have ever completed the 6 months.

My grandfather died 5 years ago. Like in many families; after the funeral, stories about the deceased are shared. After my grandfather's funeral, my family and I started sharing some stories. I made a comment that made my family stop and literally not say a word for what seemed like forever.  When mentioning my grandfather's old house, I said, "I loved that house, even though I saw death there".  I said it very casually and turned away because I thought it sounded dumb. It wasn't long when a cousin said he saw it too. Later, an uncle said he had several weird experiences, then an aunt, then another on and so forth. It turns out we all had experienced some kind of phenomenon but never mentioned it to each other in fear of not being believed. But, now it was time to accept that my grandparents' old house was haunted and we had "all" experienced something there. The house was built in a private, secluded area surrounded by five other houses. The children (At the time, I was about 13 or 14) were able to go outside till late, as long as we didn't leave outside the area and wander into the street. Well, it was getting late and my cousins and I were playing outside, but decided to go watch a movie instead. We all ran inside, but had run back outside to get something. I remember it like it was yesterday.  The sun wasn't completely gone, so there was a bit of sunlight left. I looked up and about 50 feet in front of me was a man. He was dressed in normal clothing, so I ignored it and stopped to tie my shoelace.  When I finished and turned up, he was now wearing a black cloak. I couldn't see his face because the cloak was covering it and it was getting darker outside. I kept staring...wanting to run, but couldn't. I saw the cloak move, but when I  looked down there were no feet. He had what seemed like a stick with a blade, but I couldn't see his hands. Finally, he started to look up and reveal his face to me. As he looked straight at me, I realized the cloak was empty...there was no face! I can't explain it, but even though there was no face, I felt it looking at me. That is when I realized it was  time for me to run as fast as I could. As my family shared more weird experiences, we all felt relief about finally sharing out encounters with one another.  None where as scary as my aunt Rebecca's story. She was the last one to live in that house. She remembers a hot, summer night as she was getting ready to go to sleep. She had put down my little cousins  to sleep on the other side of the house. (Note: my cousins had already mentioned they had many weird things happen to them). She said she got undressed and began feeling as if someone were looking at her. She put it off as being nervous for being alone, since she had just gone through a divorce.  She felt very cold; even though it was the middle of the summer (we reach temperatures of the mid 90s to 105 or so). She remembers laying down and being restless. After moving around in search for a comfortable position, she found it by laying on her stomach with one hand hanging off the bed.  She felt something climb into bed. As she was to turn around to see who or what it was, she felt someone lay on top of her. She remembers the weight being much more than hers because she couldn't lift herself up. She felt as if she were back to back with someone. After minutes of praying and wondering what to do, she lifted her dangling hand and touched who ever was on top of her.  She thought she would touch the back of her head, instead it was a face. She remembers feeling the nose, lips and eyes. The skin felt as if it were that of an older wrinkly person. She had had enough and finally asked it who it was and what was it doing there. It simply replied, "Julia....I am laying down because I am tired." My aunt told her to please leave and never to come back. Just as she said that, my aunt felt the presence lift off her. My aunt turned around as quickly as possible to look at it, but by then it was gone.  Soon after, she moved out and never returned to that house.

I have always believed in the unexplained.  Lots of strange and creepy things have happened to my two brothers and I.  One specific room in our home used to have weird things happen in it, but I personally encountered things through out our home.  My first encounter came one night while I was talking on the phone to a friend.  All the doors were closed and I had only a night light on.  While chatting with my friend on the phone, suddenly I felt something out of the felt as though something bad were in the room with me.  I got quiet for a second and next thing I knew, the night light slowly began to fade until it were completely off and I were left in the pitch dark.  I didn't even have time to think twice about what I were going to do next....I was so scared I immediately dropped the phone and just took off to turn the other light on, on the other side of the room.  I ran to my brother Omar's room, told him what happened, but he acted like he didn't believe me.  So, I took a deep breath, went back in my room, closed the door, assumed there must be a logical explanation for what I experienced and resumed my conversation on the phone.  Next thing I knew....the light began to dim again, slowly....slowly....until what little light was left, faded away again.  Now...I was worried and my heart began beating right out of my chest!  I ran out of the room with my little sister still asleep, oblivious to what was happening.  I ran to my mother, exclaiming what I'd just encountered, but her explanation was that the light was probably about ready to go out....but somehow, in my gut, I knew different.  The next day when I arrived home from school, I turned on the light without any problem what so ever. Assuming someone must of replaced the bulb, I asked my mother if she had switched the light bulbs, but she said she hadn't.   I had no further problems until a few weeks later when I began to feel as if I were being watched and followed around our home.  At the time, we had several mirrors in the first few rooms of the house and as I would pass by one of these mirrors, out of the corner of my eye, I would catch a glimpse of a dark shadow following behind me.  It really freaked me out, but being I felt no one would believe me, I thought I am just going to have to get used to it and ignore it. Well, eventually other things began happening to other family members. The last room in the house and the only room with lots of windows, six to be exact, was occupied by my oldest brother, Oscar.  Every night when he was ready to go to bed, he would close his door.  One particular night, he got the eerie feeling he weren't alone. He felt a presence in the room with him....but chose to ignore it and went to sleep.  Later, it appeared what ever was in the room with him, must of woke him up, because when he woke, he could still feel the presence in the room with him.  Agitated, he began screaming and cussing at it to leave him alone.  He went back to sleep.  When he woke up in the morning, he was shocked to find that he had several unexplained scratches on his back.  After he got married and moved out, my second oldest brother Omar moved into the room.  He too would also close the door behind him when he went to bed at night.  One night he said he woke up to a very weird, loud buzzing sound.  When he went to get up, he felt as though an invisible force were holding him down, because he was unable to was as though he were completely paralyzed.  After much struggling and fighting to move, the noise suddenly stopped and he was able to get up.  Eventually, Omar also got married and moved away.  I then acquired the room.  I always loved and admired the room because of all the light that would shine through all the wonderful windows that filled the room.   I never thought in a million years I, like my brothers, would too encounter bizarre events in the room.  My mother ended up blessing our home while my sister and I were at school and nothing happened for quite a while afterwards.....until years later.  My friends and I decided one time to play with the Ouija board....just for the fun of it.  Well....I had no success with communicating with anything, but my two friends sure did.  We were all so freaked out by the experience that we decided to stop.  I honestly feel, we may have invited what ever was in our home, back....because things started back up within a few months.  Late on night we were all getting ready for bed.  I had my bedroom door open and while laying down on my bed, I was almost asleep when I heard what sounded like footsteps coming from my little sister's room, towards my room.  Assuming it were my mother, I waited until what I thought she would arrive in my room, but she never did.  Curious, I got up to check, but no one was there.  I figured I must be allowing my imagination get the best of me, so I blew it off and decided to just go to bed.  Sometime in the middle of the night, while laying sideways on my arm, I woke up to what felt as if someone were right in my face, near my ear, breathing very heavy.  I jolted up, looked around, but no one was there.  I got so scared that the rest of the night, I hid beneath my covers.  My mother ended up having to bless our home again, because everyone agreed, something really weird was going on.  Since then, nothing has happened, thank goodness!

The first encounter I ever had was when I was about 5 or 6.  My grandmother had a house with lots of land. I lived in a trailer on the property. I went over to see my grandmother and to visit with the new baby that my aunt just had. My grandmother's house was only 1 floor, but it was rather big. Three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a huge living room and kitchen, along with a huge porch. One of the bed rooms was my grandmother's and the other was a guest room. I still to this day don't remember what the third room was for, but do know, every time I went near the room I got the chills. It was always cold in there. Well, when my aunt and uncle were there with the baby they stayed in the guest room and put their baby in the third bed room. There was also this black doll that sat on a dresser in there it had red eyes and just had the most evil look about it. Every time my grandmother put it away, somehow, it always managed to find it's way back in the same spot on the dresser. I honestly believe this doll was the source to all the strange occurrences. When the baby was taking a nap in that room, she woke up screaming. We all ran in there to see what happened. To our shock the crib was packed full of magazines....piled on top of the baby. She was fine just a little scared.  The next day my sister and I were over there again and this time we were playing in the living room. We were playing with our toys from the toy box when my sister said that she wished she had a train. About 10 minutes later a my grandfather's model train came in to the room. It just floated right in the room on it's own accord.  We told grandmother about it but she thought we were lying. After that, I can't recall any further experiences in the home.

In 1994 I became engaged to Dan. He had been taking a leave of absence from his job as a chef, because his uncle was terminally ill and he was staying at "Unc's" house, taking care of him. After Unc died, I moved in and shortly thereafter started hearing a noise like a big dog's claws clicking on the wooden floor. If you've ever lived with a big dog, you'll know the sound I'm talking about. But the dog in question had been Unc's dog and been dead for years. Dan and I would sit in the living room, which had a large mirror on one wall.  I would see figures moving about in the mirror which had no substance when I turned around. Now I have been seeing and hearing things other people couldn't for some time, so I wasn't particularly spooked about any of this, until the night shortly following Thanksgiving when I had to rush Dan to the hospital. At the hospital, they told my soon to be husband that he had certain health problems that could be controlled, but when I was I was allowed in to see him, he told me, "I'm going to die." I hushed him and explained to him that he couldn't possibly, we were just starting our lives together and hadn't had our last dance yet. Of course, I was wrong....he could and he did. I couldn't believe it when they told me, I kept insisting they let me see him. But I managed (with a LOT of help) to arrange the funeral and the memorial and take care of business. Although I continued to live in the house we had shared, I had to help with the estate sale (remember I wasn't his wife yet) and dispose of the assets, as I had no rights. However, I also couldn't sleep in our bed. I couldn't go there and not find him. About two weeks after the fact, I was sleeping on the love seat when I felt a tap on my hand. I heard Dan very clearly tell me "You don't eat enough and you cry too much. Come to bed".  I got up and went into our bedroom and slept on my side of the bed. It was so clear that I could even feel his chest hair under my cheek. He told me he couldn't stay, but to sleep. In the morning I could smell his cologne on my pillow. Dan came to me a few times after that, and then finally told me "Enough, I have to go now". He never came again, but I know he still watches.

About two months after moving into a doublewide mobile home, we realized something were seriously was haunted.  The first incident happened to my oldest son, who was two going on three at the time.  I was cleaning his room, while he were two doors down in his toy room playing.  All of a sudden he came running to me crying and screaming there was a man in the room.  At the time, it freaked me out, because my son and I were home alone.  I walked around and checked to see whom this man he claimed to have seen was...but found no one in the home.  Later, I became pregnant with my second child.  I was about seven months pregnant at the time.  My oldest son would often climb into bed with my husband and I.  This one particular night, he was in our bed, singing himself a song.  I started hearing the floor creek at the end of the bed and next thing I knew, my son literally began trying to get under me....screaming "NO!"  It then sounded like something jumped out of the bedroom and ran down the hall. I woke my husband up and told him that someone was in the house.  He immediately jumped out of bed to go check things out.  There wasn't anyone there....and there certainly wasn't enough time for someone to get out of the house undetected.  My son ended up sleeping with us for the next two weeks following.  On another occasion, my friend came to stay the night because her husband worked nights and she didn't want to be alone.  We were sitting at the dining room table, which faced the hallway.  All of a sudden I looked up for some odd reason and saw a tall white, misty looking figure come out of the playroom.  It went into the kitchen and then just disappeared.  Two nights later, my friend and her husband decided to spend the night.  They slept in the playroom...the same room where most of the activity had occurred.  My friend said she woke up in the middle of the night to the feeling that she were being watched or starred at.  When her eyes focused, she saw the dark shadow of a man walking around in if he were looking for something.  There have been many other things happen in this home that I couldn't explain.  We no longer live there, but I discovered the family now living in the home; a grandmother and her granddaughter, also report having strange encounters there as well.

When it comes to old houses, one can sense an unspoken welcome. Other old houses seem to posses an underlying secret of unspeakable memories. But, what can be said of a new house? Well, it too can be a place of mystery when it becomes haunted. The following is one of many true accounts. We purchased a new house four years ago but, soon began to realize we were not it's only occupants. At first it was just little things. I would be awakened in the middle of the night by strange music. On other nights I would wake to the sound of a voice, or lots of voices whispering and talking. Hearing noises by something that could not be seen was startling enough but, seeing what walked down the hallway was even worse. Our five year old grandson, Anthony, is an only child. Then one day, in June of 2004 a most memorable little playmate arrived to keep Anthony company. He was a boy named Eric, around the same age as Anthony and as friendly or mischievous as any little boy could be. Our grandson was excited to have this little companion and he soon forgot about being lonely. Eric shared all the same enjoyments as Anthony, especially the fact that-----we couldn't see him! The usual activities continued with a rattling of the windows and a knocking on the walls. On many occasions we would see our grandson's toys moving on their own. One day every toy with wheels found its way to the living room, as Anthony lay sleeping on the couch. It was a brave attempt, on Anthony's part to take the blame for these disruptive happenings. I am sure Eric found this more than amusing, since his little pranks continued on. Of course, we tried to overlook the little things but, one day something happened that, we could not forgive. On a hot, sultry, July afternoon, Anthony asked if he and Eric could go swimming. Needless to say, I welcomed the break from housework and agreed that, he should indeed go swimming. Within ten minutes of being in the water, Anthony was talking to someone and I knew just who that someone was. I casually asked him, if Eric was in the water with him? He seemed unhappy when he answered me saying, "No, he's not, Eric is afraid of the water." I curiously asked why Eric had a fear of the water. Anthony seemed agitated and raised his voice saying, "Cause Eric died in the water, that's why!" I was taken by that remark. Something didn't feel right considering it was Eric's idea and why would he suggest swimming, if he feared the water? I cautiously stood up, walked the few feet to the pool and held out my hand. On the outside of the pool, closest to my grandson, there was a chill spot. Anthony looked puzzled and was starring hard at me when he asked, "Do you feel the cold?" I nodded as I walked around the pool. It was July, it was hot but, the chill spot followed me as I moved. When I stopped, it stopped beside me. I forced a smile and cheerfully leaned over and asked Anthony to take my hand. I told him, it was time we went inside. He was starring to the left of me and began moving back and away, pleading with me to let him swim a few minutes more. I felt the sensation of something invisible and hostile moving away from me and then the presence was gone. Trying to seem calm, I asked Anthony if he could see Eric. Again, he became angry. "See, what you did; now you made him leave!" I breathed a sigh of relief. I was glad he was gone! I sat down beside the pool, trying to collect my thoughts. I motioned for Anthony, telling him to move to where I was, if he wanted to stay in the water a while longer. He walked towards me and when he reached the shallow end, he suddenly got down on all fours and began to crawl, with only his head above water. I jumped up and into the pool yelling, as I headed for him, "Why are you doing that?" Anthony only managed to say, "Because he told me..." and in an instant his head was under the water and his shoulders were heaving upwards. He was clearly pulling and hitting at something around the back of his neck. I reached down and grabbed him under his arms, jerking him up and out of the water. He was horrified, as he gasped for air. I was holding him tightly, as I stepped out of the pool. Without thinking and speaking in a harsh, hate filled voice, I screamed, "Get out of here now, Eric!" I felt sick and weak, from the inside out and fell to my knees crying. All I could do was run my hands over Anthony's face and repeatedly ask him, if he was all right? And, all he could do was search the area with his eyes and shiver. I tried to be reassuring and told him, "You're safe now baby, Eric is gone." But, I didn't know that for a fact, I couldn't see him, or feel his cold presence? Without forethought, I found myself desperate to know the truth and whispering to Anthony, "He is gone, isn't he?" The atmosphere grew still. The only sound I heard was Anthony weeping, as he buried his head on my shoulder, his arms clinging around me like a vine. I stood up and hurriedly walked towards the house. I grabbed a towel from the patio chair and wrapped it around him. Just as I was about to reach for the door knob, Anthony raised up, glanced around, put his mouth to my ear and whispered, "He's gone, Grandma, but he'll come back." To that I added, "Well, he'd better be gone! And, I hope to God, he doesn't come back!" Once inside, I locked the door, sat Anthony on the nearest dinning room chair and began drying him off. We were both shaken by the experience. Neither of us felt comfortable but, I was compelled to ask, why Eric would try to hurt him? Anthony said nothing. As I dressed him, he just stood there in silence, with this confused look on his face. So, I repeated my question and followed that by several other questions. Still nothing. I called my husband and told him what happened. The silence coming from him suddenly jolted my memory. For goodness sakes! He is famous for being the biggest skeptic this family has ever known. But, I didn't wait for his usual sarcastic remarks. I boldly told him, "Before you say anything, I did not imagine this, I am not loosing my mind and neither is Anthony!" I slammed the phone down and took Anthony out the front with me. He was home within minutes. Pulling into the driveway, he found us standing there waiting. Anthony was up and running. He jumped into his Grandpa's arms and began crying all over again. I couldn't get a word in edgewise. Anthony didn't stop talking until he had told the entire story from beginning to end, including details I had no knowledge of? The whole time he was talking, Anthony constantly referred to his attacker as "the ghost." Who was I to question why he did this? As far as I could tell, he was doing a great job of transforming a skeptic, into a believer. Afterwards, Anthony demanded that, his Grandpa drain the pool out. Great idea! Works for me. Of course Grandpa agreed, he had just been enlightened on the subject of ghosts. Ironic, how someone can suddenly developed a fear of something they didn't think existed. And so, the next morning Anthony jumped for joy at the site of our empty pool.

I think I knew before we moved in to our home that it was haunted....I could feel it deep down in my bones.  The first night we stayed in the house, I dreamed that I was sitting in my living room and a small boy was running back and forth through the house.  I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was looking for his Mommy.  I told him that I was sorry, but she was not here.  It didn't occur to me until the next day while I was in the shower, something strange happened.  Even though I was bathing in scolding hot water, it sudden became icy cold and next thing I knew I was poked in the hip by small invisible fingers.  Later that day, I told my husband what happened and to my surprise he said he too had experienced something unusual.  He said while he was scrapping paint off the window, he felt a sudden tug on the back of his pant leg.  The next night, while we were setting up our bed, the child must have been trying to get my attention as well...because I felt a sudden tug on the back of my shirt.  I had to laugh, because all of this was so new to me, that it was almost humorously unbelievable.  Little did we know this was only the beginning.  We have a remote control truck that seems to move about on its own accord.  The only way it will move is if you touch the remote antenna to the truck antenna...but somehow, someway...this truck will begin running wild through out the house without anyone operating it!  One night, I was in bed and my husband was on the computer.  Next thing I knew, I felt something...someone....lay on my hair.  I assumed it must be the little boy, missing his mother so desperately, he saw me as a mother figure and cuddled up to go to sleep.  Jokingly I said out loud "There are toys in the garage, go play with them in there".  We soon discovered this little male child isn't the only ghost in our home. We've also witnessed a woman who seems to frequent our kitchen.  I don't know how, but I had a feeling there was also a female child in the house as well, but never knew for sure. I never encountered her, only felt her presence but the confirmation came one day when one of the children insisted they were talking to a little girl in our bedroom.  We weren't aware there was a man in the house too....until I was in the bathroom and heard a man's voice talk to my children.  They were lying on our bedroom floor sleeping and I distinctly heard a male voice asking the children how they were doing.  When I came out to see who it was, no one was there.  These are only a handful of the many things we encounter in this home....our experiences continue to date.  (Click here to view Shelli's photos)

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In an apartment I moved into when I first came down here, I seemed something that smelled like, body waste, literally. It was almost overwhelming and it came almost primarily from my room. I went into an extremely bad mood and hated just about everything. Then it went a way and I was fine. It was the only time the smell had ever generated in the area.

In the same apartment, I saw a boy with no face sitting on the radio. It was about midnight and I was too tired to worry much about him. I told him not to break it and I lay down on my bed. I remember he had clothing on that looked like stuff my grandpa wore when he was young and he looked about my age. He was wear khaki pants, and that was the most dominant feature about him. That and that he FELT like he was my age. I could tell for sure though.

A few days later, my mom was outside with our soon to be house-mate, and I decided to dance around the apartment while they weren't in it. I jumped once and almost lost my footing so I had to stop and stand still for a minute. When I knew my balance was just fine, I heard the same noise my feet made when they bounced onto the carpet behind me. I turned and saw a flash of khaki fly down the hall and into my room. Naturally, I ran and joined my mom and our soon-to-be room-mate outside.

I had to watch our soon to be roommate's animals one weekend a week later while she was at her mother's for a family party. I accidentally broke the lock (I don't know how but I had to get someone to come fix it) and my Mom was at work. I stayed up at her apartment on the second floor (mine was on the first floor) and called a maintenance (sp) man on the emergency line. I sincerely hoped he would come that night, because I had no intention of falling asleep with door unlocked in a nearly empty apartment that wasn't my own. I waited in the dim light of the living room ceiling fan with the TV off and the animals asleep (a cat and a ferret). I was perfectly happy, except for the fact that the apartment was a little chilly. It was just the temperature our soon-to-be room-mate likes to keep her area. I didn't turn on the TV because I was scared I'd break it or some how mess it up and get in more trouble. So I went back down stairs (quickly) and grabbed my book. I came back up, skipping stairs as I went and went into the apartment. The living room light was off and the ferret was running around in her cage, wide awake. The cat was no where in sight. I figured I must've turned the light off absent-mindedly and woke Willow (the ferret) up when I shut the door. I flicked the light back on and sat down on the couch. I read for nearly a half hour when I heard Willow making weird noises. I went to her and played with her until I heard something thump against the window. I shut Willows cage door and went to check it out. The closer I got to the noise though, the softer it got. So I stopped in the middle of the living room and looked around. I saw that the bathroom light was on and I watched it go off again a split second later. I was in shock. I stepped closer to the door and noticed (out of the corner of my eye) that the curtain was rippling. When I looked at it straight on, it stopped. I heard the thumping on the window again, I ignored it. I pretended it never happened and sat down on the couch and turned the TV on. The repair man came a few hours later. I didn't think about it until the next day when the soon-to-be room-mate came home.

We (room-mate, mom and me) got a house. It is in a completely different area then the apartment, which made it completely beautiful to me. We went over one night with my mom's boyfriend, so we could start painting and getting the house ready for us to live in. I went right to work and started painting one of the walls in my room. Our room-mate; Stephanie found something in the garage and called for everyone to come over and look to see what she found. I ignored that and kept painting. It sounded like something good, and unless it was an animal in the garage, I didn't really want to see it. I continued to paint even after they were all in the garage. I heard running behind me so I turned and saw a flash of khaki go across the door way to my room. I wait for every one to come in and checking to see what they were wearing. No one was wearing khaki.

At the high school I go to (just started this year, I'm in 10th grade) I was in the cafeteria and looked up at the sky lights,... it was a REALLY cloudy day and I looked up and saw a flash of yellowish-gold light float a little above the other students head the speed off else where. I don't know what it was or where it went.

I looked through the window of the door leading to the dance room entry way, I saw a girl with black hair, wearing all blue except for some white sneakers behind the second door that lead into the dance room. She looked depressed because she had her head down and she was very relaxed and slumped against the door. I opened the door, which takes seconds to open and went in, and there was no trace of her. I went into the dance room for class just the same. She wasn't even in the dance classroom.

I was at home, getting in the water ready so I could shower when I felt a cold draft run up my legs and my back. The cold air swooped over my stomach and chest and I was in a very warm bathroom. My skin below shirt collar line was freezing. It felt like I just dipped myself in fresh snow. The feeling went a way, and I felt weary about showering. But I eventually did, but the feeling came back every once and awhile, sometimes it would go higher, sometimes it would go lower. I didn't take a very long shower. I just did the basics and I was out of there.

In bed one night, I lay down to sleep and I couldn't. I had too much on my mind. But all that went away when I felt fingers tingling up my left leg. I didn't move. I felt paralyzed. I felt it stop just above my knee and I yelled for my mom. She came in and checked the bed thoroughly for bugs. I never moved once. She put the covers back and assured me that nothing was there and left. I felt the finger on my foot again and I turned over. Hoping it would stop. It didn't. Instead it went up further until it reached mid-thigh and stayed there. Then I felt the same feeling on my right leg, the same one that was current on my left. It went up until it was a bit higher then my left legs. Then they both went down slowly at the same time. I was so scared. I couldn't scream, yell, cry or move…nothing. When they were at my ankles I finally started to say stuff like," go away" and "stop". It faded away and I feel asleep when my mom came in with my puppy and left us to sleep.

My husband's brother was 16 years old when died in a bad wreck.  He lived next door to my mother at the time of his death. About a year after his death, my husband and I started dating. We had been dating about a month. I was enrolled in the Police Academy at the time.  Well one month, I was late. I was scheduled to go to the doctor the next day to see if I was possibly pregnant when this event happened to me.  I was taking a bath and at the very moment I was thinking "I hope I'm not pregnant", I laid back in the water and suddenly felt this cold gust of air blow and I felt as if someone had lifted my head out of the water. Needless to say I quickly jumped up. I was looking all around trying to figure out what had just happened. I was in a bedroom bathroom with the door open looking into the bedroom. I was trying to convince myself that it was nothing and it didn't happen. I thought to myself that I must be going crazy or something.  All of a sudden my touch lamp in my bedroom went crazy turning on and getting brighter and turning off again and back on, as if someone was touching it. I jumped out of the water and started calling to my mother to come right away. The lamp was still going crazy when my mother came in. My dad thought maybe something might have touched the lamp so, he tested out some of his theories…which didn't work….the lamp didn't come on unless someone touched it. The Irony of it all is that, I did go to the doctor the next day and I was pregnant. We ended up naming our son after my husband's brother, who had passed away. I think it was my brother-in-law, just giving me a heads up, of what I was going to find out the next day.

When I was 13 years old, I spent the night over at my best friend's house. We were lying in separate twin beds.  Her bed was facing the bedroom door and the one I was in was facing a closet with folding double doors.  We were laying there just listening to music and talking. I could tell that my friend was getting sleepy, because she was mumbling when she talked.  So, I decided to let her go to sleep. I was laying down listening to the music (the lights were already out), when I was looking at the closet (the doors were open), all of a sudden I saw it (the angel of death). It was sort of hovering over the floor.  It was a tall figure with black cloak on.   Where the face was suppose to be, there was only darkness. I froze.  All I could think to do is cover up my head and start praying. I prayed to God that what every that was, to not let it be there, when I moved the covers from my head. I got up enough courage and uncovered my head. It was gone. I thanked God...I was at peace after that and went to sleep.  I believe this messenger came to me as a warning of what was in store for my friend and me the next day. We were going to take a day trip to my friend's grandparents' house.  It was pretty far away. After being there for a while, we started to get bored. Her grandparents had this big ranch about a hundred acres, but there was nothing for two teenage girls to do. We asked her dad if we could borrow the car to go down the old dirt roads (he sometimes let us drive it).  He said yes. My friend was driving and I was in the passenger seat.  We were listening to music and talking. We decided to see how fast the car would go. We were going 85 mph down these dirt roads, when we hit a sand bed and my friend lost control of the vehicle.  We hit a tree head on (going 85 mph). We were about 2 miles away from her Grandparent's ranch house and in the middle of no were. The motor of the car was pushed inside of the car and was on top of my friend's foot. My door was broken and I could not get it open. All I could think to do was climb over to the back seat and try to get my friend out. I had four broken ribs and could hardly breathe. All I could think to do is get out of the car, which was now on fire.  I started yelling as loud as I could for help. Her grandfather came up on the wreck at that same time. He got my friend out of the vehicle and we drove back to the house to call the ambulance. Her parents decided to meet the paramedics half way, so we left to go to the hospital (we were pretty bad off). By the time we got back to where the vehicle was it was burnt to a crisp after exploding. We both made it to the hospital. I came out of the wreck with four broken ribs, a broken nose, bruises across my stomach and chest, and my face looked like Freddy Kruger had gotten a hold of it. My friend had a crushed foot, a broken jaw, a broken hip bone and concussion. A lot of people said that we had angels watching us that day.

The funny thing about all of this is I don't remember putting my seat belt on or taking it off, yet I had seat belt bruise across my stomach and chest. My mother ended up moving us. My friend and I kept in touch by writing to each other, but eventually lost contact with each other. After I was grown, I decided to find her number and call her. We talked a long time. She told me "You know what I saw that night before the wreck?"  She went on to describe the exact same thing that I saw that night….the angel of death. I think that our angels were watching over us. I think the angel of death was there to warn us about what was going to happen and when I prayed to God (he sent his angels).  This was an experience I will never forget….and will never sleep by a closet with an open door again!

I would like to know if anyone else has had an experience like my own with the angel of death. I am interested in knowing more about it.
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My grandma owns a home in a little community called BlueTown, near La Feria. During the time of the Mexican-American War there were some skirmishes around that place and of course a lot of the people died. In my grandma's back yard there is a stump of a big, old Mesquite tree that was used to hang the dead.  They were executed and their bodies left to rot. When the war ended, they took down the skeletons and rotting bodies and buried them all over the area of my grandma's yard.  My uncles were digging up some banana trees on the sides of the house when they found a human skeleton. They took out the bones (intended on keeping them) and began to dig deeper.  They believed in the legend about my grandma's uncle burying money under a dead body, during the war. But my grandma got scared and commanded them to rebury the bones. So they did. Then that very night, my mom; still young, was in her room brushing her hair in the mirror and directly behind her was a window. When she looked past here reflection, she said she saw a horrible, pale face PRESSED against the window pane. She said its eyes were red and it gave her an ugly stare of anger. She screamed and ran out of the room.  My uncles came in to inspect the room. They found no one. So they went outside to inspect the window and found that the place where they found the body was right below her window. It is still there to this day.  The most eerie part of the house is my mom's old room and the bathroom hallway.  Years later after my mom had married; my dad was sitting outside in the porch. When my mom looked out the glass door, she saw a man dressed in old fashioned black clothing, talking to my dad. She blinked once and the man was gone. She went outside and asked him who he was talking to. My dad gave her a weird look and said no one was around.

My uncle lived in Rio Hondo, in the middle of no where.  On his land he had two houses, a trailer and behind that was one a small blue house. Behind the small blue house was a field, tall grasses and forest of thorn trees. One time when my cousins and all still lived there, the eldest of my uncles family; Jr. and my two other cousins, went walking back there for the heck of it. Later they stumbled upon the charred remains of a small house. They snooped around for a bit more and Jr. found what appeared to be human bones. Like his weird uncles before him, he wanted to keep the skull. Thankfully he didn't. Come to find out; there is a legend about this home and the remains my uncles stumbled upon. As legend has it; supposedly, a women lived there with drunken, abusive husband. One night he came home more drunk than usual, and she must have upset him because he started chasing her saying he was going kill her. She ran out of the house to a neighbor's, frantically banging on the doors for help.  No one answered, too scared to open the door for the poor woman. Eventually, her husband caught up to her and killed her. As the story goes, he dragged her back to the house where he cut up her body and then burned down the house with himself and the remains of his wife's body in it, so the police couldn't find them. In the middle of the night my cousin, Cindy; woke to go to the bathroom. She was walking back to the trailer where my uncle was sleeping.  She was far enough from the blue house to see the top of the roof.  She said that she suddenly felt an odd presence staring at her. As she looked up, she saw a lady in a white gown glaring at her with an evil look, crouching on the roof of the blue house.  She was so upset, she ran inside the house had trouble falling back to sleep.

My cousin Amos owned a small wrestling action figure…it was his favorite doll. One night my cousins and brother were messing around with it and annoying Amos. Jokingly, Amos said "It's gonna get you guys in the middle of the night if you don't stop!"  But my relentless cousins and sibling did not listen. They were camping outside the house and Amos had fallen asleep with the doll next to him. My brother and older cousins were playing and joking around. They had built a camp fire for the fun of it. Then when they got a little quiet, some one; I don't know who, spotted the doll and it was moving!! It got up and started walking towards them. No matter how unbelievable it sounds it's true! It scared the hell out of them and they all jumped up screaming.  Eventually someone kicked or grabbed it and threw it into the fire! They even swore while it was burning it made a whistling sound that almost sounded eerily like human screams.  Amos woke up to find his doll burning in the fire.  Needless to say, he was very upset and when they tried to explain to him what happened with the doll, he refused to believe them.

The paranormal activity really started in 2002.  My uncle was the first to experience the strange events I'm about to share.  It all began with him claiming that he felt something heavy on him at night and he had very difficult time breathing. He said he started praying and whatever was on top of him would slowly go away. We have a saying for this " Que se te carga el muerto".  It means a spirit gets on top of you, when it wants something from you. Well when this usually happens in Mexico, the spirit usually wants you to find some money he buried when he was alive; but they say if you find the money and you keep it, somebody in your family dies. So you do get the money, but in exchange he takes somebody from your family.  After a while it kept on happening to him every night.  Once he actually asked the spirit what it wanted.  He said he could barely hear little whispers, but couldn't understand what it was trying to say to him. After about two weeks my mom got tired of it so she got the house blessed. We thought it had worked because for about a week nothing happened to my uncle and everything calmed down.  All of a sudden it started again…but his time it was worse. Now the spirit bothered everyone that stayed in the room with my uncle. That was not very good for me because I slept in that room with my uncle, a cousin and my brother. Everybody in that room had their own little experience, including me. What I heard really creeped me out. I heard little tapping noises on my window. It sounded like someone tapping on it with a coin or something. You might think it was someone in the backyard, but that's not possible because my dog is very mean at night and if you just open the door from the backyard he starts barking at you. My dog would have started barking before I heard the tapping noise, but it didn't.  My brother also heard tapping noise but that was a day after. The thing that really got my brother scared was what my cousin saw. My cousin said he saw a black shadow sitting down right beside my brother when he was sleeping. He said that the shadow was just staring at my brother. If I were my brother I would be really scared too. That kept on happening for a long time. Then my cousin moved out in 2004 and one of my other cousins moved in.  My cousin was around 26 years old at the time. He too began to hear tapping sounds on the window, but he was actually brave enough to check to see what the noise was. What he saw was really creepy. If I were him, I think I would have fainted. He said he saw a black man that looked young, but half of his face was all cut up. My cousin told us that he was right in front of the window. He said that the spirit was waving his arm telling my cousin to follow him.  My cousin actually went outside and found the spirit by our fence in the backyard.  He said the spirit then appeared to jump the fence and wave his arm again for my cousin to continue following him. My cousin got really scared and went back inside. My mom asked him if he thought it was a real person.  He said he didn't think so because my dog would have surely attacked anyone who would have gotten in to the yard…but the dog was rather by the garage cowering in fear.  Out of curiosity, we asked him why he would go outside if he saw a stranger with his face was all cut up.  He told us that he thought the man may need help or something. My mom once again blessed the house, hoping to finally rid the ghost from our home. The activity didn't completely stop, but it did at least calmed down a little. You can still hear noises in the middle of the night and sometimes see a shadow either on the front porch or in the house.

For my 15th birthday, my mom said I could have a couple of friends over to stay the night. This was very exciting for me because of our financial situation at the time; we hadn't done anything to celebrate birthdays in my household for 3 years. Don't get me wrong we always said happy birthday to each other, we just couldn't afford gifts or cards or cakes. So to actually have a small slumber party was the best gift I could get! I don't like cake so my mom had a friend of hers that owned a bakery make up a layout of about 20 different types of pastries that were so beautiful that my two friends and I felt like we were the richest people in the least for the night. We played music and danced. Acted silly, played dress up and makeover and all the great stuff teenage girls do.  That part of the story is one of my fondest memories growing up.  My best friends at the time were Melanie and Wendy. Anyways it was growing late and the three of us were getting tired. My mom had given us permission to sleep in the master bedroom since my grandfather no longer used it and because the second bedroom was at the very back of the house so my mom stayed there so she wouldn't be disturbed by all the teenage giggling. So we all piled up in the bed and said good night to each other. I was at the far left; Melanie was in the middle and Wendy on the right. Wendy was a little afraid of the dark so we left the main bathroom light on and the master bedroom door open so some of the light would shine in on her side of the bed. My side and the mini bath were in complete darkness.  With her content enough to go to sleep, I took off my glasses, laying them on the left bedside table and turned off the lamp that was on the same table. We all got settled under the covers when I felt like something was staring holes though me. All the hair on my neck and arms stood on end. I described to you earlier on in this email just how blind I was without my glasses so what I thought I would find looking around the room searching for the source of this strange feeling was beyond me.  But search I did and it didn't take long for me to pinpoint it either even in my blind state! What I saw, I couldn't believe my eyes because for a brief moment I saw perfectly clear. Every Detail in the room was laid out before my eyes. I could actually see as clearly with my glasses off as I did with them on! Then I located something that is just hard to really explain with words. It was a dark grayish mass of something floating in the top left corner of the mini bathroom. It was more like hovering because I could see it slightly moving up and down like it was trying to maintain its position. Out of habit I grabbed my glasses and the image hadn't changed. It was my eyes playing tricks on me.  Then like you all of a sudden I was overcome with a mass of negative feelings. Extreme hatred, the desire to destroy, sadness, grief and something pure evil just washed over me. Terrified, but not able to look away, I asked Melanie if she was awake. When she answered that she was her voice cracked as if she was distressed. I knew the answer before I asked but needed to hear it any ways. I asked her if she saw what I saw. YES SHE DID!  She described it right back to me exactly as I was seeing it and feeling it. The glob or orb or what ever it was about as big around as the cover of those oscillating stand up fans that you get at Wal-Mart. it appeared to be very dense and wobbled alot but held its place in the top corner of the bathroom. As we laid there scared out of our wits whispering about this thing Wendy snored loud and deep. Not wanting to scare her (since she was already scared of the dark) but needing to get out of the room as quickly as possible because the feelings we were getting from this thing was coming off more and more dangerous, Melanie elbowed Wendy awake. We both told her to get up and get out of the bed. Half asleep she did so and then happened to look into the mirror on top of the long dresser. Dazed she asked us what the thing was she saw in the mirror. Pointing to the top corner of the mirror closest to the door was the reflection of the glob/ orb / mass that Melanie and I had seen. Problem was that as described before there is a closet blocking the view of the bathroom from the mirror. However what we were seeing in the mirror was the glob in the bathroom and no closet to block the view. That was enough for Melanie and me. We each grabbed Wendy's hand as she stood there dumbfounded hollered "don't ask! Run" and dragged her out of there. We ran straight into my grandmother's old sick room and huddled in the floor around my grandmother's favorite rocking chair. Melanie and I were extremely close to my grandmother in life and so the first thing we did was beg for her spirit to come and protect us. Over and over again we begged her for her help. All of a sudden this serene warmth washed over all three of us like arms pulling us close. Wendy, not really understanding what was going on said she didn't know what just happened in the other room but she had never been more scared in her life. She then asked which one of us was humming a lullaby. Melanie and I both looked at each other and knew that my grandmother was letting us know that she was there protecting us and that it was ok to relax. The three of us soon fell into the deepest sleeps of our lives. Upon waking up we all felt refreshed and started discussing the events of the night. We finally got the courage to go back into the master bedroom. The glob was gone and once again the closet was blocking the view of the bathroom from the mirror. It was as if nothing had happened except that we all saw something that night.

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