My friend Shane just began renting out a house in Ohio. He got it for a really good deal.  I admit I was a little jealous of at first, because I had been looking for a place to live in myself, since starting college. While I was helping him move in, we noticed all the neighbors kept watching us.  We thought it was kind of strange, but then we just figured that they were surprised to see a college kid renting out a fairly nice house. A couple of nights later, we had a pretty big party.  After we finished unpacking everything, we got pretty smashed. I walked out into the backyard to have a cigarette, leaned against the wall, then suddenly I heard someone start talking to me.  I thought it was just another person from the party, so I began to talk back. I was feeling pretty tipsy and didn't even think to look at the person.  We started to talk about the neighborhood and the house, which led us to talking about a local high school down the street.  The man said something to me about how he had called them winning the state championships last year. I laughed, because they hadn't even been close to making the playoffs since winning the state championships back in the 1930's.  Struck by how odd this was, I looked over and no one was there. I went in and told my friends, but they all just laughed and said I had too much to drink. Three nights later Shane called me at my apartment, frantically telling me how he woke up to what sounded like three men having a conversation in the kitchen.  I told him to go check it out, figuring he could handle himself because he was a pretty tough guy.  So he went downstairs, but nothing was there.  Also, every time he leaves a message on my answering machine, even though he's alone, I can hear voices in the background as if other people are in the house with him.  The landlord seems to dismiss any unusual occurrences in the house and the neighbors haven't helped too much, other than saying that previous tenants seemed to always move out very quickly.  It's been four months since all this started taking place and still continues to this day.

I was about 14 years old. My mom, sisters and I lived in a trailer on a rented lot. I don't know what started all of it but there were all sort of noises in the middle of the night. I remember one night everyone was asleep and I started hearing a tapping sound on the other side of my bedroom wall. I thought I was imagining this, but I wasn't. On the other side of my wall was my sister's bedroom closet. I went in to see if they were trying to scare me and they both were fast asleep. The tapping was still going on. So I crawled in bed next to my sister and covered my head and fell asleep. That was the first of many supernatural experiences for me.

My husband's dog died around the same time we were trying to save a cat fighting for it's life.  We had been experiencing a lot of activity with voices calling my mother in law day and night. We've also witnessed someone or something walk down the hall and outside the door.  At the time we took a photo, we were just taking pictures of our puppy as it grew.....not realizing we'd get a picture of what we had seen walking outside this door. What's odd is that you can often feel as if someone is standing at this door, looking in or watching you through this door.  We even saw an orb go right through our living room once. We were shocked to see that it showed up in our photos (Click here to see Kira's photos).  We have also seen the cat that had died bouncing around the rooms near lights casting shadows. It was pretty trippy and the dog that died, we saw him a few times as well. He even stood on my husband right after his death like he used to do before he died.  My husband was napping and he felt this. He didn't see him, just felt him and heard breathing after a few minutes. It just left and he looked up and nothing there. He was happy it happened we think he was saying goodbye to him. (Click here to see Kira's photos).  We also got a picture showing streaks going across the monitor on our computer.  What's odd is that there also seems to be an animal figure in the monitor as well.

When I was about twelve years old, my family and I moved into an old two story house.  I hated the basement, it was made of rock...not brick or cinder blocks....just rocks.  I would never go down there without taking someone along with me.  I never really experienced anything down there, but just got a very uncomfortable, disturbing feeling from the area.  We later renovated the house and it was absolutely beautiful.  We didn't change much of the existing exterior, but did a lot with the exterior, sprucing it up.  One night I had a friend sleep over.  At the time, my parents were out for the night.  The staircase was located in the middle of the house, which connected the kitchen, dining room and living room.  Off from the living room was a doorway to a covered patio.  My friend and I were goofing off in the living room and at some point  we turned towards the kitchen and when we did, in a blink of an eye, I watched as two figures headed down the stairwell.  Oddly it appeared that one was chasing the other. One figure was black and had no face, nor feet.  It appeared as if it were dressed in something resembling a nun's outfit.  The other figure appeared only as a white cloudy looking figure, with the same appearance.  They traveled straight from the stairs and through the door, leading to the patio.  At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me...until I looked over at my friend and realized by her expression, she'd seen it too.  She was as white as a ghost herself and as we began talking....she described seeing the exact same thing I did.  I dismissed the incident over the years and never had another encounter like it, except that horrible feeling I continued to get from the basement area.  My brother was in the Air Force at the time and eventually moved back home with his wife and baby daughter.  They ended up staying in my bedroom.  My room was the last room on the second story and it was a normal room....except the attic entrance was located in my closet ceiling. That's another area, I can't explain why...but also got odd feelings about.  Eventually we moved, but we must of brought something along with us....because I discovered both my brother and I began having dreams about the home....and to date, continue to have these dreams often.  I dream that I'm back in my old room and something in that room frightens me.  It never makes itself known, but I can feel the uncontrollable urge to get out of there....all the while, fighting my way down the staircase, but never fully coming to the bottom of the stairs, before waking up. The house also takes on an abandoned appearance and things become old and begin falling apart....but it still continues it's undeniable appearance I once called home.  A few years ago, my brother and I were talking about our past when we ended up on the subject of that house.  I started sharing my dreams I'd been having when my brother just turned completely pale.  Mind you, this is a man who was in the military, a big guy, with very little sense of humor.  I asked him what was wrong and he said he'd also been having similar dreams about the house. Listening to his dreams were like reliving my own....they were so similar in detail.  The only exception is that in his dreams, my room has wooden slat walls, where you can see right through to the other side. I don't know the history of the house and frankly, it frightens me to even think about it....but I know someday, I will pursue this. I need to know what the connection is to this home, why my brother and I seem to be plagued with dreams of our past in this home.

One night my boyfriend, his brothers and three cousins were lying in bed.  The bathroom is in this room and they said that the strangest thing happened. The door knob to the bathroom went crazy...twisting and turning. They knew no one was around or in the bathroom at the time, so they couldn't figure out what was causing this phenomena to occur.  To date, this is the only bizarre thing that has happened in this home.

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My best friend lives right down the street from me in a one story house.  His mom is very into the paranormal and says that many of the other homes they've lived in also had strange things happening in them.  Some of the things they've encountered were objects being taken, drawers flying open and cold spots that would mysteriously come and go.  In June 2004, my friend and I decided to do a little ghost hunting…in his house.  I brought my 35mm camera, along with my camera phone.  According to my friend and his family, the majority of activity happens around midnight, so we decided that we would conduct our investigation then.  At midnight, everyone gathered in the living room and turned every single light source off in the house...needless to say it was eerily pitch black.  We started out by walking through each and every room in the house, using the camera phone to take pictures (so we would know if we were getting any results right away)....we hadn't gotten to the kitchen or my friend's mother's room yet....and hadn't gotten anything out of the ordinary...yet.  There were five of us all bunched together, walking through the hall, heading towards the kitchen.  Half way through the kitchen I walked through a cold spot on the floor.  It was a small area and reached about as high as my knees then just disappeared.  On the other side of the kitchen is my friend's mother's bedroom doorway.  I decided to take a picture with my 35mm camera, using only the flash for lighting...when I took the picture, everyone gasped and jumped back.  I didn't see anything because I was looking through my viewfinder at the time, but everyone else swore they saw something lying in the doorway.  Next thing I knew, my camera began acting crazy and unfortunately I had to open the camera to fix the problem...which led to my exposing all my film.  We decided to turn all the lights on and take a break for a while.  I soon discovered that right before I took my picture, my friend's mom had also snapped a picture with her camera phone, getting an eerie image of what appears to be a dog.  You can clearly see eyes, snout, ears and the shape of its head.  What's so bizarre about this picture is, a couple of weeks prior to our capturing this picture, my friend's dog Yoshi, died of antifreeze poisoning. He was a Labrador Retriever. And what makes this picture even more bizarre is that Yoshi died in that doorway we took the picture of the apparent dog. We also got another picture that night, but haven't been able to make out what it is. I was hoping your readers could tell me what they think the picture is of. (Click here to see Scott's photos).

My boyfriend and his parents moved into a home in October of 2004, just in time for Halloween.   On Halloween, my boyfriend and I decided to stay home and hand out candy.  It gave us a chance to meet all the new neighbors.  That night, we discovered that rumor had it that the house was haunted.  I wasn't surprised at hearing this, because just prior to that night, I had experienced something in the basement.  My boyfriend's bedroom is down there and I was unpacking some of his things.  There's a door that goes from his bedroom to the laundry room.  As I walked past the door, I got the eerie feeling of being watched….but just dismissed it as nothing….the neighbors informed us of what they felt about the house, now this weird feeling I got made sense.  I spoke to my boyfriend's mother about it.  She did all she could to find out as much information as could about the house.  The house is pretty old and the only thing she could find out about the house was that an old couple owned it, prior to her landlord bought it.  The old man; Jamies died while the couple had lived there.  A few years later, the old woman moved out.  A few later, my boyfriend's parents reported hearing odd things upstairs, like items moving, footsteps and other unusual, out of the ordinary sounds.  On another occasion, I was sitting in the living room with my boyfriend.  We heard a bang come from upstairs.  We knew no one was home, except us…..and the dog was locked up in his cage in the dining room.  We didn't dare go check to see what all the commotion was about.  Shortly after I brought my cat to go live with my boyfriend and his parents, I noticed she began to act strangely.  She acted as though she was chasing or playing with something….not visible to me that is.  She had never acted like this before.  She was never the playful type.  A couple of times, while my boyfriend and I were laying on his bed watching tv, she came running out of the laundry room on to his bed, batting at something….again that we couldn't see.  We've come to realize that the home is haunted and decided to call the ghost "Jamies".

My sister has a son who sleepwalks along with other problems that he has. On weekends, she locks the door to the upstairs where the children sleep, to keep him from sleepwalking out of the house and on to the main highway. Well early Saturday morning I was awakened by the feeling of someone standing at the foot of my bed, I looked down and saw what appeared to be my daughter. I was so sure it was her that I tapped my husband to wake him and have him move over to let her climb up between us. I said "Jeff, Dorothy's awake move over." Then when I looked to tell her to climb on up, she was gone. Well the first thing I did is tell Jeff that I was going to see what was wrong (she ALWAYS climbed in bed with us). He said ok and said he would go too. Well we walk through the dining room and kitchen to the stairs but the door was still locked. It is a latch that latches from the kitchen side only. Jeff and I looked at each other and I told him "Kim must have been up and let her out then when she came back into the kitchen she let her back up." So I went into my sister's room to ask her and she and her boyfriend were still asleep. We went back to bed and when my sister got up and let the kids come down, I asked Dorothy what was wrong, and why she didn't climb in bed with me, she said she hadn't been downstairs yet. Being she was only three, I figured she was still half asleep and didn't remember coming down. So I asked my sister if Dorothy had said anything to her when she let her out. My sister told me that she didn't let anyone out until just now. I eventually let it go and almost forgot that it happened. But I didn't realize that ghosts can take the form of a living person until a few years ago. It looked so much like her that it even had a pacifier in its mouth. I shortly broke her of the pacifier so I couldn't be mistaken again.

I've lived in our two story house for three and a half years. It is said that an old man hung himself here. That;s the only thing I've found out about it. Anyway, one night about two years ago my mom and I were watching a movie and we heard a big bang and then a baby crying.  The sound came from upstairs. We were too scared to go up there but finally I decided to check to see what it was. I went upstairs to my room and there was no windows open (it was winter) and found nothing that may have fallen. No radio or television was on either (to make the baby sound). Then one night I went upstairs to my bedroom and my porcelain doll was moved over by my window looking out. No one was home all I don't know how the doll got there.  Another thing that has happened to me in this house was that my doll has a bear hanging from its hand.  I  was watching the movie pet cemetery when the bear started to move. It was scary.  Also, one night my mother was getting ready for bed.  She listens to the radio when she does go to bed. There was a porcelain doll on the night stand right beside the alarm clock. The radio was on the alarm clock, but to turn it on you have to switch the button to the back. She turned it on and about 5 min later it turned off.   The time was still right, so it wasn't that the electric had gone out.  She checked the switch it was turned and found it was in the off position, so she turned it back on.  About 5 minutes later it turned back off. Then my mom was afraid that it was the porcelain doll so she moved it to the other side of the room. To this day, I get afraid of what im going to hear or see.

It was New Year's Eve. My mom and I were sitting on the floor in the living room watching TV. All of a sudden the wreath on our door started to move and tap on the door. There was no wind or breeze at all. A couple years back my uncle had died in this same house. After that; when ever this happened, my mom always told me that it was my uncle's way of saying "Happy New Year!"

I would like to submit an odd occurrence that happened to me about 14 years ago.  I was attending a local college at the time, living with my folks to save expenses.  My parents lived in a 1940’s-50’s “cracker-box” house.  It was a one and a half story with an attic dormer and full, finished basement.  I slept in the attic dormer.  It had a window at both ends and my bed was next to one of them.  I had been sleeping soundly, when I awoke suddenly.  I had a small window air-conditioner running as it was a hot and sticky night.  By the light of the street lamps I saw the figure of a woman standing by the side of my bed.  She was backlit by the light so I saw no facial features, but she looked as real and 3-dimensional as you or I…she even swayed slightly from side to side, just as a person does when standing.  She had curly hair, was short and wore a housecoat.  She greatly resembled my mother who has those features.  I remember wondering why my mom was standing by my bed in the middle of the night, watching me sleep.  I called out “Mom?”, but there was no fact there was no sound at all, no creaking floor boards, no sound of breathing, nothing.  I can recall the exact moment that I realized what I was looking at was not my mother.  My heart gave one single great thump…that I could feel throughout my entire body, then came the adrenaline burst.  I stared for what seemed like an eternity before gaining the courage to tear my gaze away and turn on my bedside lamp.  When I did, there was nothing there.  There was literally no time for any human being to go around my bed, walk to the stairs and make their way down, in order to leave the room.  There was also nowhere they could hide in the short time it took to switch my light on.  When I turned off the light, the figure didn’t return.   To this day I have absolutely no idea who or what I saw.  I know of no deaths that happened in or around the house and I have had no other incidents in it. I only know that I never felt comfortable in that room and still don't, even when my family goes back to visit. My parents still live in the house.

In 1976 my son's godmother lived in a house that was moved from a graveyard.  The bathroom had two doors, one from the kitchen and one from her room.  She was married to a horrible man that used to smack her around.  This particular day, they got in to a big fight and he had her by the throat in the bathroom, over the tub.  He was squeezing so tight, she was near to passing out.  She felt something grab him off of her. It pushed him out the door and locked both doors to the bathroom, so he couldn't get back in.  For about ten minutes, he screamed for her to unlock the doors.  He tried everything to get in, but the doors wouldn't unlock.  He finally gave up and left.  As he was walking down the steps, the doors unlocked and she could get out.  We truly believed the ghost of that house saved her life.  I'd been there many times and always kind of "felt" something there, but never really scared.  We used to see shadows, but never thought anything of it until that day.

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