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I know over the years, there has been lots of talk about my house being haunted. The last few years I've had several visits from what I believe to be a spirit. I call her "My Lady In White". She is actually more like a messenger of bad news. On several occasions I've seen her outside in the front yard. She walked across the front yard, past my picture window and up onto the front porch. She is so clear and vivid, so human looking. Once I thought it was my daughter Toni coming for a visit. I couldn't figure out why she would be home from work so early in the afternoon. I just sat waiting for her to walk in the front door, but when no one came....I went to the front porch....but no one was there. Although the image is always dressed in white, she always changes who she's going to appear to be. Sometimes she will look like someone I don't know, sometimes in the form of a family member. At first I used to only see her wandering around outside, but now she is appearing inside my house. I've seen her pass through the kitchen. Once I was sitting in the living room, I looked up and there she was. She was just standing there staring at me. Her presence made me very uncomfortable, so I closed my eyes and hoped she would go away. When I opened my eyes, she was gone. Usually right after her appearances, I will receive bad news about one of my family members. Usually the family member she has taken the form of, dressed all in white. Just like my brother Raymond...the spirit came in the form of him walking up my walk way, wearing his hat....I actually thought it was him...days later I received terrible news about him.

I truly believe that something is following me where ever I go. My daughter Juanita and I decided to take a vacation and go up and visit my daughter Becky. We had only been visiting for 2 days when I noticed a gold medallion I had hanging on a chain around my neck was gone. Everyone got together and started looking around the house. We looked everywhere for it. It's about the size of a half dollar, so we figured it couldn't be too hard to find. After turning the house upside down and Becky literally turning up the carpet looking for it, we came up empty handed. After more than a week passed by, we decided it was lost for good. On the morning we were supposed to come home, I was heading down the hall and just as I turned into one of the rooms, I felt something hit me from behind. It was like someone had thrown something at me, very hard. It was somewhat dark, so I couldn't see what hit me. I turned around to look to see who was behind me, but no one was around. So, I leaned down to pick up this object that came flying at me and as I picked it up, I was stunned. I went to the kitchen to tell the girls what had happened. After I told them about this event, I opened my hand and there it was, the medallion. Everyone just sat there baffled.  On the way home, someone made the remark about my ghost following me everywhere I went and making sure I didn't come home empty handed.

My lady in white succeeds again. I had gone to bed and was awoken to someone calling my name, "Eulalia, Eulalia"....It kept calling me, over and over. I sat up in bed and heard it again, "Eulalia". I didn't recognize the woman's voice calling me, so I answered "Who's there?", I waited then called out again "Who is it?". But no answer. So, I went back to sleep. The next day, my daughters Becky and Juanita decided to go for a visit to my other daughter Judy's house. When we got there, my grandson Jeffrey and his wife Kelly were there. He began telling us that he had just returned from the emergency room. He had apparently been at work and fallen high from a ladder and gotten hurt. My daughter Becky asked him, "When did this all happen?" and he replied "About 9:30 or 10:00 last night". That was the exact same time, the woman had awoken me, calling my name. I have to admit, when I was awoken by her call; I knew deep inside, she was trying to tell me something.

Back in the year 1978, our house was involved in an intense fire. The house nearly burned down to the ground. Most of the back of the house was consumed by the fire. The fire was determined to have began in the far back bedroom. Ironically the same bedroom most of the events that have occurred have either happened in this specific bedroom or within the area of that bedroom. Several surrounding neighbors, from either direction in the neighborhood, claimed that the morning of the fire, they heard intense screaming. As if someone were screaming in agony or pain. It was definitely not the whistling of the wood, as some have asked over the years. The neighbors claimed this was a distint hollering for help, screaming and crying. Luckily, no one was injured in the fire. This is not the strange part of the this tragic event....what is strange is that, after it was safe to rummage through the house, searching for anything salvageable.....our family began to discover the only objects not damaged in the fire, were only items of a religious nature. A picture of Christ hanging in the living room....the frame was nothing but ash, but the picture laid beneath the suet, rolled up, unharmed. All bibles, through out the home, were also unharmed, burned or scorched in any way. The back bedroom, where the fire began....that room, nothing was left, not even walls....everything in that area of the house, was ash, including a television, furniture, etc.....But.....any and all religious items, such as a rosary contained in a small silver bible jewelry box.....everything was burned around it, but this item remained completely intact, without any burns or damage. Bibles, crosses and anything of a religious nature.....was untouched. To this day, our family puzzles over this tragedy, but are very grateful, that no one was hurt. Although most of the front part of the house remained intact, it was remodeled and the remaining back to middle parts of the house were rebuilt, using any salvageable wood, timber and beams.....and to this day, the house continues to experience strange events.

Thanksgiving, most of the family had left with the exception of Juanita, Kimberly, John, Corey, Justin and Avalon.  I thought I heard someone moving around in my bathroom, so I asked Avalon who was in my bathroom...she didn't I called out "Is anyone in the bathroom?"  I got a reply...."Yes". It was a woman's voice...Avalon also heard it and remarked it must be Kimberly or Juanita....but when she went to check, no one was there....everyone was outside on the front porch.
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