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These photos were taken in February 2002, using the Sony Mavica.  Being we know the home is haunted, we just had to see if anything significant would show up....and it did.  There were about 90 plus pictures taken and these were the most interesting, showing orbs through out the home.  In addition to the photos, we also got one orb flying from the kitchen into the livingroom on video.  We hope to take more photos and video at a later date to see if we can get any other type of phenomena.
This picture was taken in the living room. Although it was the 28th picture taken, it was the first that we actually captured something on film that night. We all agreed that we could see a face looking down in the far left of this orb.
This image was captured in the kitchen.  It has been enlarged and cropped for better viewing.  It appears to be splitting in flight.  The previous picture taken before this one and the one following didn't show anything.
Corey is teasing Becky about the orb that appeared above her in an earlier picture.  Little does he know that another one is right there beneath his fingertips, getting in on the conversation.
Here are some consecutive pictures, to show how quickly orbs move around.  The top left photo shows one sitting next to Mama, as if to get in on the photo shoot.  The top right shows one on the sofa, just a few feet from Judy.  The bottom middle photo shows one (hard to see) on Justin's hip and one (hard to see) on Judy's right shoulder.
The top picture was taken, showing nothing......then two pictures later, the orb shows up above Mama in the picture.
Here we have a picture of Laura and Alex (Alex "was" previously skeptic, but not anymore).  Little do they know just how close the orbs are to them.  One on Laura's leg and several hovering in the kitchen on the ceiling.
This photo was taken in Mama's bedroom, using a Kodak camera. About 36 pictures were taken through out the house this night, but this was the only photo to show something very significant in it. It appears to be an orb or orbs flying very quickly either out of the closet or into the room from the outside wall. Ironically, just beyond the wall this stream seems to fade away at (behind the recliner) is an open, un-used well. See more detail below:
This picture shows "3" faces found in the original photo shown just above this picture. There are other faces through out the photo....but they are too small to enlarge. As you can see, I had a difficult time enlarging these three faces so that you could see them well enough to make out what they are.
This picture was taken for an art project the kids were working on for Christmas. On a roll of 24 pictures....four children were photographed in this exact location....taking two pictures of each child....this is the only photo that had anything strange in it. The camera used was an Eckerd's brand disposable camera. I have also included the negative of this picture.
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