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A Few Words from Kimberly

What's my opinion on the Ouija board??
Well….it's not good, that's for sure.  I'm sure there are many groups and/or individuals out there who have used the board in a respectful manner and who have had great success at using it.  These individuals I would assume are well trained and experienced in knowing when a negative energy is trying to enter or make contact and know how to handle the situation accordingly by blocking out these energies or by refusing further communication from them.  I, myself…am not one of those individuals and would haven't the faintest idea if I were talking to sweet ole granny or the devil himself.  Because these energies lie….they say what they think you will buy into to gain your trust and sympathy for further contact…that one opportunity for you to open the door for them to enter to make you life….in a matter of speaking, a living hell.

I'm no angel…I have been in the room where it's been in use many times and recall one incident that impacted me for about ten years.  The Ouija was asked when each and every person in the room would die…well, when it got to me (I was not participating in using the board, I was just standing in the back of the room watching), it said in the year "199?"  From 1990 to 1999, I lived in fear that this would be my last year.  I never knew when the day would come that I would simply drop dead. The board said it would happen…and I was stupid enough to believe it!!  I had no clue at the time that these energies being contacted would lie…but they do.

I was told many times by paranormal investigators and psychics that I was lucky…let me further explain. I had a relative drop by with some friends one night.  Well, one of the visitors was very into the paranormal and had heard about our home being haunted.  This guy I have to say was good…about as good at lying as the Ouija board is. I believed him when he told me he had used the board many times before and was well trained and educated in the use of the board. He assured me everything I'd ever heard was nothing more than stories….myths.  Well…I fell for it hook, line and sinker.  Because I didn't own an Ouija board, he and another individual ran out and bought one up at the local department store.  He and a two other individuals went at it for a while, but had no success in contacting any of the spirits in our home to find out why they were here and what they wanted…but my cousin and I sure did.  Curiosity about killed the cat….because her and I were standing there, watching…eagerly waiting to see if we could make contact…and we did. That planchette flew around the board answering every question with misspelled words and nonsense answers.  Finally…the board got a little better with its communication and began telling us that "he" was a four year old child, with something wrong with his feet and that he were not the only one present. He said there were six other spirits with him….of which were standing behind (and it gave the initials of two of the individuals in the room)...that did it for every living, breathing person in the room….we quickly closed the session and tossed the board out.  My family has stories of using the Ouija board that could fill a library.  Back in the 70's, people didn't know about the board, as they do now…people then, thought it were just a game.  Well…thank goodness over time, people are starting to know more and more about the spirit realm and types of energies contacted through the board…and are finding out very differently….it's not just a game!  It's about as safe as Russian roulette if you want my honest opinion.

Sorry for getting side tracked…but back to the night my cousin and I used the board with three other people watching around us.  My use of the board had no ill affects….as I said, I was one of the lucky ones according to paranormal investigators and psychics I've spoken with concerning the incident.  But my cousin was not so lucky.  When she went home that night, she obviously didn't go home alone.  All hell broke loose at her home.  Things went so crazy that the home had to be blessed and cleansed twice afterwards.  Months following the use of the board, she were plagued with horrible nightmares, electricity being turned on and off, water running, getting locked into rooms mysteriously….just to name a few.  She were basically being tormented.  Anyway…that's just one aftermath of using the board…my brother who was a pastor, had a daughter whose friend became obsessed with an energy she contacted and later committed suicide, so they could be together forever.  When I heard the story, it sounded like something right out of a movie…but being my brother was a well respected pastor, I knew he weren't pulling my leg for kicks.

This is a serious matter…and the quicker people discover how potentially dangerous using the board can be, the better.  I cringe when I'm in a store and see one sitting on the shelf in the toy section….THE TOY SECTION, where my kids can pick it up and ask me what kind of game is this? "Whoa…put that down slowly and no one will get hurt".  But it's not just Ouija boards…it's tarot cards, it's table tapping, automatic writing, séances and what ever other means people find in contacting the dead. My advice…if you want to play with fire, expect to get burned.  If you don't know what you're doing and you think it can't happen to you, think again. There are books written about people who have lost their homes, lost their loved ones and lost their sanity tampering with something they knew nothing about….or very little about. So, next time someone asks you if you want to get in on a little innocent spooky fun….think about all individuals out there who weren't so lucky and who's lives changed that very moment they said "Yes".

Contributed by:
When I was 15, my friend Terry who was a couple of years older than me, spent the night. There is no way either of our parents would allow us to own or have an Ouija board in our possession, so we decided to make our own with poster board and scissors. I myself really didn't believe in the Ouija and what many claimed it could do. I just always assumed that someone was always pushing it to say whatever they wanted it to say. Terry really wanted to do this, so I decided to go along with it, figuring she was just going to try and scare me or something. We talked with a spirit that just so happened to call herself Terry also. You can guess, I didn't believe this thing was really moving on its own. I had my mind set that she was moving it the whole time. Well, we started to argue over it, when all of a sudden the planchette started to spin around really fast. Still assuming it was Terry, I got mad. Then it just suddenly stopped. That was it. Terry started telling me that you are suppose to make it say goodbye or it stays here. Still mad, I said "Yeah, right…whatever." We started talking about other stuff and in the washroom; which is on the other side of the kitchen, we started hearing a lot of noise. Now there were 3 doors to that room. One went outside, one connected to the kitchen, and the other connected to my sister's room. My sister was an RN and was working the night shift, so no one was in her room. We knew no one could have gone through the kitchen, because they would have had to go right past us and we would have seen them. The outside door was locked and bolted from the inside, so that excluded anyone coming in from outside. Both of us just stood there as the sound got louder and louder. My dad had a bunch of empty boxes stacked up in front of the outside door. To me, it sounded like two people were throwing these boxes back and forth all over the room. Of course we were scared but I didn't associate it with anything having to do with ghost, etc… I was thinking that someone had gotten in from outside, somehow. I don't know why, but I grabbed up a butcher knife and told Terry to go and get Byron, my brother.  He and my parents were asleep. All this time, you could still hear these boxes being tossed around everywhere. Terry and Byron came up to me at the door and you could tell by the look on Byron's face, he was hearing the commotion too. He took the knife from me and jerked the door open…everything at that moment went dead silent. The boxes had been moved, because they were laying everywhere…but no signs of anyone in the room. Needless to say, we were all pretty freaked out.  I didn't dare tell him what we'd be up to earlier with playing with the Ouija board. To this day, I can find any explanation as to why we heard what we did or how the boxes got moved.

Contributed by:
On another occasion, I was at a friend's house playing with an Ouija board when the doors got ripped open. The door was not only locked and dead bolted, but it also was chain locked from inside. The reason being, there was a six foot drop-off and they didn't want any of the kids to open it and have a long fall. This particular incident, it was like what ever was channeled in, came in through the front door and busted out the backdoor. My friend even ended up getting into serious trouble for tearing up the door and locks from her stepdad. To this day, because of all the trouble she got into, her little brother still remembers the incident. He was outside at the time, but heard all the noise from the doors.  Since my encounters with the Ouija….I have never used it again.

Contributed by:
Brandy Stark
with S.P.I.R.T.S. of St. Petersburg
When I was a teenager; around the age of 16, I found an Ouija board at a yard sale and bought it for $.25.  Skeptical of the Ouija, I devised an experiment deemed to test if was simply a matter of self-suggestion:  I was going to ask what pet would die next and think to myself "fish". We had several adult cats, dogs and guinea pigs who were not elderly and in very good health, but I had a tank of tropical fish, several of which were getting on in fish years.  I was trying to "trick" the board by seeing if it would give me the answer I was thinking, which would be a logical conclusion.

I tried the Ouija board with my mother, a skeptic of all things supernatural.  After setting it up, I asked my question.  We put our fingertips on the planchette and waited.  After five seconds of no response, Mom tired of "wasting her time" and decided that she was going to bed and left the room.  I put the board away and didn't think about it for a few days.

Later that same week, I was talking to a male friend of mine on the phone.  I was telling him of my disbelief and attempt at experimentation with the board. I had just told him the question that I was going to ask it "What pet would be the next to die?"  I took a breath, told him "And the answer I was looking for was…." when all of a sudden the books on the shelf behind me tipped over.  They knocked into a figurine and sent it to the floor, where it shattered.  The figurine was of a ceramic fish.

These books had never tipped over before and were securely in place. I have not seen them fall in such a manner since this time period (almost 13 years later). The timing of the fall was too eerie…it was EXACTLY at the point where I would have said "fish". My friend said that he heard the noise and that I sounded stunned.  Though it was a long distance call, I ended it hastily, went and got the Ouija board out of my closet and put it in the garage.  I would not touch it again.  My mother had to get rid of it without my knowledge as I so feared it. I think that was a warning for me.  I have taken Ouija boards seriously since then.  If they do not channel the dead, then they certainly set up a psychological premise which I don't think should be tampered with.  I feel it is like opening the door to a stranger -- either an earthbound.

Contributed by:
Susan Granby
with S.P.I.R.T.S. of St. Petersburg
When I was young I was given an Ouija Board as a birthday present.  My sisters and I decided to have a séance that night.  We were all young; 12 or so, and had no idea what we were doing.  We asked for a sign that someone was there and the light bulbs in two lamps in the room popped.  Had there not been lampshades we would have been sprayed with glass.  From that day on I never touched an Ouija Board again.  I did have a teacher (Wiccan Priestess) about 20 years ago that taught me how to make "Talking Letters" but those were done under strict ritual conditions and only to be used in the presence of a well trained user.  I still know how to make them, but haven't used them in years.  It takes a lot of energy and when I did use them, I would be drained to the point it would take two days to recover!  I have found that using my own intuition is a much easier and safer way to receive communications that are meant for this side.

Contributed by:
Amy Hoge
with S.P.I.R.T.S. of St. Petersburg
I had my experience when I was around 16/17 and lets just say I was not as smart with it as I would be now (not that I use it any more).  My (at the time) boyfriend contacted a slave in the early 1800's named Abe.  His spelling was terrible and spelled based on phonics as opposed to the proper spelling.  I think at one time Abe tried to "possess" my boyfriend because his skin went ice cold and he lost control of his arms...which began to shake and jump.  After that occurrence we went to a Metaphysical bookstore and asked for help.  They helped with a protection ritual and an official closing of the session.

Contributed by:
with S.P.I.R.T.S. of St. Petersburg
Here is my story on Ouija boards.  My aunt and sister were playing with one when I was a small child and it would move on its own.  One time they reached a spirit who called himself "Henry the Eighth" as in "THEE" Henry the Eighth.  They began asking him questions and even got out the encyclopedia to ask specific questions that they absolutely would not know the answer to.  Someone not on the board would read the encyclopedia and write down the questions, giving them to my aunt and sister.  Unless they read minds, they could not have answered them correctly.  Each question was answered correctly.  There was now doubt that they were in contact with him.  After that, my aunt became what she thought was possessed by the spirit and until she threw the board away, she could not shake the spirit.  It was not a friendly one either.  It was never touched again.

Contributed by:
When I was about 8 or 9 years old we moved into a house which had a scary history, as it turns out. My mom and dad took my youngest brother to dinner. Linda (my sister) and I didn't want to go. We were instructed to bring the boxes of books in the garage, upstairs to the library. While we were doing this, we found an old Ouija board and started playing with it.  I thought for sure it was my sister pushing it as it told me I was going to be hit by a car and die by the time I was 10. Which obviously 24 years later, I'm still here. It also said there were 5 spirits in the house and said it's name was "JACKS" Boring and we put it away. That was when we started hearing footsteps in other parts of the house running, lights going on and off, radios blaring that we knew we had turned off, doors slamming, knocking and rapping in the wood. Boxes being moved about in the attic, etc. We lived there for 5 years and I can tell you that, I have nightmares to this day. Now this house was on the road which was formerly known as the "The Santa Fe Trail". A couple of miles up the road was where the Santa Fe Trail and the Pikes Peak Trail met. There were Indian encampments, settlements and a bad stagecoach accident/fire all in the general vicinity. I don't know if Linda and I had invited something into the house or it was there to begin with. My family are seers so I suppose I should just get used to it, but I have never been free of hauntings since then.

Contributed by:
I went to a friend's house to stay for the weekend.  My friend and I always love ghost stories, magic, psychics and anything else mysterious.  Those things would just get us going when we were bored.  Well, I decided to bring my Ouija board...which we've used many times and usually wait until midnight to use it.  This particular night, it was midnight and we were playing with it...just asking regular, everyday things.  When all of a sudden, it said "Don't be alarmed, in the next few hours, you're going to get a cold chill running through your bodies". We asked it "what do you mean don't be alarmed?" Well, the board replied that I and all the people around me will notice something in the next hour.  Well, right after I said that, my friends little brother came into the room with us and it just started to hit us...."This was what it were telling us were going to happen".  My friend's brother is terrified of ghost, so we all decided to just put the board up and wait to see what, if anything happened.  My friend said he had an idea.  I got out this string that attaches to a crystal.  He said it's kind of like a mini Ouija board and you can ask it yes and no questions. Well, we said "For yes, move it vertically and for no, move it horizontally".  We also requested that the responses cause the crystal to move fast and big, so we can detect when a spirit is present.  We hung this crystal on a string from a lamp and waited.  It was about a half an hour to an hour later when all of a sudden we heard a big ting-ting sound coming from the lamp. We flipped on the light and the crystal was swinging violently.  I mean it was starting to really scare me and my friend. I can only imagine how my friend's little brother would of reacted if he'd witnessed this.  We turned the lights off and got real calm and quiet. The atmosphere in the room seemed to got eerily quiet and it felt as if something were about to jump out at us at any minute.  It also got really hot, really fast.  My friend remarked that he thought something big was about to happen...right when he said that, we heard the door creek open.  It wasn't much...but it was like someone were trying to sneak by us.  Then suddenly it got real cold and I mean so cold that we were shivering and covering up.  All of a sudden you could see a light blue or white colored light getting brighter as it got closer.  Then just as quickly as it appeared, it were gone.  Then it appeared again, only this time it got real bright and was coming from in the middle of the closet.  While we were focusing on that, my friend's little brother said "Look over there" and when we turned to look in that direction, you could see a shadow like someone were waking by.  Next thing we knew, the crystal was reacting to it and it just fell off the lamp. This shadow appeared to wave as if to tell us "Yeah, I'm here, but I won't hurt you". The wind blew outside and right when the wind blew, the shadow was vanished.

Contributed by:
While visiting a friend who lives in a haunted, we decided to mess around with his mother's Ouija board. At about 11:30 we lit some candles and turned off all the lights.  There were three of us and we all put our fingertips on the planchette.  We started out by asking if any spirits were in the room....the planchette moved slowly towards "Yes".  We began asking other questions, but each time the planchette would move, it would go straight to "Goodbye".  We tried a few more times and finally we were contacted by someone. He said that he was a firefighter who died in the twin towers on 9/11.  He spelled out "fire" and "911". We figured he must of died in the 9/11 tragedy.  We knew he was a firefighter because when we asked him if he was, the planchette went to "Yes". When we asked him his name, the planchette went to three letters, we assumed his initials.  I have tried to use the Ouija board multiple times since then, but have haven't had the same results as we did that night.

Contributed by:
One boring summer night, my neighbor suggested we give the Ouija board a try. Everyone in our apartment complex were fully aware it were haunted….so I agreed.  I wanted to get my baby to sleep first. As I rocked my baby to sleep, I asked my neighbor how she came to have this Ouija board, because she had never mentioned it before. She said that the lady on the other side of her was carrying it out to the dump the day before, so she asked her why she was throwing it away...because it seemed to be good condition. The other neighbor said that she was throwing it away because ever since she had it in her apartment, things were falling off the walls and breaking. My neighbor said "Well if you don't mind I would like to have it."  That's how she got it.  Now that my daughter was in a good deep sleep, I made a pallet for her upstairs in my neighbor's bedroom. I put her on the floor because I didn't want her falling off the bed and getting hurt. I also didn't want her in the same room as we toyed around with the Ouija board. Some more friends came over, so all together there were four of us. The spirit we contacted said "No" when we asked if it were a man.  It also said "No" when we asked if it were a woman. At this point, I took my hands off the board.  One of the other people there told me that was a bad idea because that was opening the circle we had formed. I immediately put my hands back on the board but my friend said it was too late, that it was already let out. Right after he said this, we heard a big bang in the room upstairs where my baby was.  My baby started to cry. When we went to check, nothing was moved and my baby seemed to be only startled by the noise. After that, I decided I wanted nothing more to do with the Ouija board. (Read more of Sabrina's stories on our Indiana Page)

Contributed by:
A few years ago, my husband wanted to go to his sister's home for a visit in Denver Colorado.  I hate I decided to pull out the board to ask if we would in fact be making the responded "Yes" and also confirmed we'd be flying there.  I left the board out and without realizing it, my daughter and her friend took it into her room to play around with it. They were in her room trying to use it when all of a sudden the planchette flew out of their hands and landed all the way across the room.  Needless to say it put a good scare into them and to this day, my daughter will not use one again!

Contributed by:
Recently, my friend Aaron lost control of his motorcycle and died.  Prior to the accident, Aaron, myself and a few friends; Brutus, Meagan and Alex decided to play with the Ouija board.  We played for a while, when all of a sudden the planchette just froze. We couldn't move it for anything.  Next thing we knew, the planchette just started moving on its own. We sat on the floor in amazement, watching this board acting on its own free will.  All of a sudden, the planchette turned in Aaron's direction and scooted forward about an inch or so.  Right about that moment, Aaron's cell phone rang.  He picked up his phone, expecting it would be someone he knew calling him, only who ever or what ever were on the other line, hung up.  That's when we decided we'd pack up the board.  Not long following this incident is when Aaron had his accident.

After Aaron's accident, my friend Meagan and I decided we'd try and contact him using the Ouija board.  We were in the living room with only candles for lighting. We had a picture of Aaron sitting across from us.  We asked "Is Aaron H---s (blocked out actual name to protect identity) there?"  The board replied "Yes".  I then asked "How are you doing?"  The board responded "Great".  Then before we could ask any further questions, the planchette said "Stop".  We asked "Stop what?"  The board said "All".  We then asked "All of what?"  Then Meagan asked "Do you want us to leave you alone?" The board replied "Yes".  We both looked at each other and Meagan said "He wants to rest in peace".  I agreed and we then said "Bye".  It then said "Bye Brett".  Meagan said "I love you Aaron" and the planchette spelled out "I love you too Meagan".  We took our hands off the planchette and it moved on it's own to "Goodbye".  Needless to say, we both were pretty teary eyed after that.

Contributed by:
When one of my friend's was about eleven years old, she went to a party where everyone was playing with an Ouija board.  One of the girls said to the board "Give us a sign that you're here" and all of a sudden all the lights in the house went crazy.  Everyone were pretty freaked out and ended up destroying the board.

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