During the civil war, our house was used as a hide out. One night a friend spend the night. She woke up about three hours later, saying she kept hearing men shouting to hurry up.  She looked up and saw a white figure standing before her, a man wearing a war outfit and a gun.  He waved at her, then just disappeared! I woke up when she screamed.needless to say, she never spent the night at our home again.

One night my friends and I were playing with an ouija board. We were asking questions like "What is your name?" "How old are you?" and stuff like that.  My friend wanted to joke around and asked when her dad was going to die. I told her not to, because when my mom was little, she asked when her friend was going to die and it said "In two weeks" and it came true!  My friend didn't listen to me and asked anyway.  Needless to say, the ouija responded that her father would die tomorrow!!  We all gasped and ran out of the room. Later, after we'd went to sleep, there was a phone call, around three in the morning from my friend's mom.  She said that her dad was in a car wreck and didn't make it, he was dead!!

I was over at a friend's house with my digital camera, snapping some shots of my friend's brothers' wrestling match. Upon examining the photos, I realized I'd captured 5 orbs in one of the pictures!  When I asked the owner of the house about it, surprisingly she had a lot of history on the place. She even stated she'd had a few ghost encounters herself and that another family member had also captured orbs in their photos.  From what I gather, a little boy and his younger sister died in that house and there may even be a possible link to a mine explosion that tragically happened in that area years ago. (Click here to view Justin's photos)

On October 5th 2004 around 5:30 am I was getting ready for work when I heard a steam train whistle, echoing through the woods. My first thought was that it was kind of early for someone to be running a steam train.  I went down stairs to put on my jacket and boots…when I heard it again.  Each time it would last about 1 minute and I heard it 3 times.   At first, I didn't think much about it.  So, I got in my car and started to drive to work.  It was then that I realized there are no train tracks in Blakeslee....the closest town with train tracks is Jim Thrope or Stroudsburg.  Each is about 20 miles away.  I know I am not crazy but I know what I heard and it was the unmistakable sound of a train whistle traveling along its phantom path through the woods near my home.

In my teenage years, my mother took me and my older sister to the Poconos and we had our share of experiences there as well.  The first experience was when we were staying at my aunt's house while our house was being built.  I had gone to bed, and my mother and sister were still up talking in the living room, and it was around this time of year (late October). They were waiting for my stepfather to come home from work. All of a sudden, there was a knocking on the door. I could actually hear it from downstairs. My mother went to check the door and there was no one there.  The funny part is that the door is a glass door, so had there been anyone there, we could have seen them from the inside.  Anyway, at the instant, my mom opened the door and realized there was no one there, both she and my sister said simultaneously, "Death was knocking on the door." and a couple of days later, a close friend of the family had passed on.

After we moved into our new house, sometime in February, my sister's father had gotten ill with cancer. He didn't have much time left and we knew we'd have to make the trip to his funeral soon enough. Days passed and we were all waiting for that call to come and when the day came, rather than receive a phone call we got a nice surprise instead. I think we were just going about our day, cleaning, still putting things in order around the house, when all of a sudden we heard a loud banging noise coming from the bathroom my sister and I shared upstairs.  When we went up to check, there was the bathroom curtain (rod and all) on the floor.  How that happened when the rod was set securely in place, we don't know... But what was really interesting was that the phone rang, shortly after.  It was a family member informing us that my sister's father had passed on just a little earlier.

On another occasion (and here's the last story for today, because I can really write you a book about all the crazy stuff that goes on with us), stepfather's mother was very ill.  She'd gotten cancer and was in the hospital for a couple of days. We were basically waiting for her to pass on as well. My mother and stepfather had gone to NY (where she lived) to visit her and to start packing up her belongings in her apartment.  My sister and I were home alone.  It was around Christmas time and I was baking sugar cookies and cleaning.  I had the vacuum cleaner plugged into the wall and going back and forth between baking and vacuuming. My sister was just about headed out the door to go to work and was talking to me as I was setting some cookies down on the baking sheet, when all of a sudden the vacuum cleaner turned itself on....We both looked at each other, incredibly startled...At that moment I said, "She died..." I went over and turned off the vacuum and then laughed it off and said, "Oh, maybe I didn't shut it off right..." Even though it had been off for more than an hour...Suddenly the phone rings...It was my mother calling to inform us that my stepfather's mother had just passed away....Needless to say, I didn't stay in the house. I went right to work with my sister and just hung around with her until she was done. (Cick here for more contributions by Ishanie)

(Jessica H.)
I would first like to mention that I know ghosts and spirits exist. I have had many supernatural encounters. Back in 2000 my father passed away in his sleep from a heart attack. Ever since his passing, I have experienced unexplainable encounters with lights, touch on lamps coming on in the middle of the night, car headlights coming on, interior car lights coming on, phones ringing with just someone's breathing on the other end, and orbs showing up in photos. Most photos we've taken were in my church during my nephew's (now my godson) baptism. The orbs are very bright and noticeable. They even come home with us after the ceremony and appear in photos from my mother's house. There are multiple orbs which I believe to be my dad, grandfather, and grandmother. I have so many stories to tell. I will start with the earliest memory of my deceased grandfather, whom I believe is still haunting on earth. When I was six years old my grandma with the kitty cat's husband had shot himself in the head over severe depression. Being as young as I was, I was not informed of how he had died. Whenever we had gone to visit my grandma, I had to go past his bedroom to use the bathroom. I began going up the stairs, when I got this enormous chilling and frightful sensation, but I had to pee, so continued on. As I started coming down the hallway to his door, I saw a huge blood stain on the carpet, and no sooner than my eyes looked back up from the ground, I saw him standing there in a black hooded gown. It froze me solid. I can remember screaming for my mom and dad, but nothing came out of my mouth, and I could not run. The bottom half of him was undistinguishable. It seemed to just be hazy, no facial features were distinct either, but I knew it was him. He vanished in seconds, but it seemed like eternity. After that, I never went to the bathroom without my mom. A few months after my experience, my grandma said he had appeared to her in a black hood and gown begging her to pray for him. (Click here to view Jessica's photos)

(Jessica H.)
My father had died in his sleep of a heart attack. Days following his funeral, my two sisters and I were up late waiting for my mom to come home from working 3-11. When she arrived home we all ended up getting into a very emotional discussion about my father. By this time it was probably somewhere around midnight, or a little after. At this point we were all in tears, and comforting each other with found memories. Then, I spotted headlights in the drive way. I told my mother someone was there, and of course she wandered" Who's coming here at this time of night?" When we went to the front door to see, here the headlights for her car had been turned on. Oddly enough, there wasn't anyone around, and our dog Burtus always barked at anything that came near our house, but he was sound asleep in the basement.  A few weeks after the headlights incident, I was having a dream that I was relaxing with my dad just having a friendly discussion. In my dream he gave me hug that felt so real it woke me out of my sleep. I was a little disturbed by the real feeling so it was difficult to fall back asleep.  I laid there thinking about my dad when the touch lamp that sits on top of my dresser just came on. I didn't look for explanations or reasoning, I just knew my dad was there. It was very comforting.  It seems that my dad has taken a liking to letting us know of his presence through lights. On my little sister's birthday following dad's death, we were all gathered in mom's kitchen to sing happy birthday. Soon after the singing began, the three way lamp around the corner in the living room suddenly turned brighter, and brighter again. I was the only one to see this, for I looked around at everyone else, but they just kept on singing. Later, when we all gathered back into the living room, my older sister asked who turned the lamp up so high, because we were wasting electricity. I told her it just did that while we were singing. Suddenly my little sister began to cry "Dad was telling me happy birthday" like she just knew. No questions asked.  Years later and here we are getting Vanessa's (my little sis) baby baptized. I wonder if daddy's going to be here. My mom asked me. I reassured her that he would be. There weren't any lights involved, but when we got the pictures back there were orbs all through the photos.

I wish people would stop trying to denounce the obvious. These spirits are part of life, and deserve to be acknowledged. It would be nice to have people realize that we're not out of our minds, but are just encountering part of everyday life. (Click here to view Jessica's photos)

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