Experienced by Juanita:
One afternoon I went in the backyard to retrieve something from our little utility shed. I was walking, when suddenly this feeling came over me...it felt like someone watching me. I stopped for a moment and thought someone might be walking behind me. So I turned around to look, not really expecting to see anything. There stood an old woman....she had a red checkered dress on. She didn't say anything, just stood there looking at me....in broad daylight. I blinked and she suddenly just disappeared. Just as I turned around to head back to the shed, a large snake came squirmming out of the shed. To this day, I look at her appearance as something helpful. Because the few moments it took me to stop and notice her, could have been a very tragic event. I have a pheobia of snakes, not to mention I don't know what kind of snake it was, nor do I know whether or not it was poisonous. So she really did help me in more way than one.

One night my mother and I were sitting in the living room watching television. My mother's English bull dog Lucy Bell was laying on the floor near my mother. For no apparent reason, Lucy sat up and began to growl. The hair literally stood straight up all along her back. We just sat there and watched as she kept growling in a low tone as if she felt threatened or sensed something. Suddenly she began to bark and growl louder. She then ran to the middle of the floor and began lunging out at something. After a while she began running around as if she were following something and trying to attack it. We just sat there startled by all of this. We couldn't see anything.....but we knew by the way she was acting....she definitely did. My gut feeling told me she saw a ghost. Eventually it went away and Lucy settled down.

Experienced by Becky:
I came down to visit the family for a few weeks.  It was the same night Kimberly came over and took all those pictures of the orbs in Mama's house.  That night, I was asleep on the sofa.  I turned over and suddenly I got a strong wiff of perfume.  I turned over and couldn't smell it anymore. Then after a few minutes, I turned over again and didn't smell anything....so I thought that what ever it was had passed.  A few minutes went by and the smell hit me again.  This time I recognized the perfume smell....and it was like it was right under my nose.  It was the smell of one of my mother's neighbors, Mrs. Kirk, that had passed away some years back.  I covered my head and slept like that the rest of the night.

Experienced by Rita & Regina:
A typical Saturday night, we'd pick up Mama and go catch a movie....but this Saturday night, ended like no other. It all started on the way home from the movie. We had just gotten to an intersection on the other side of town and I was sitting in the back seat of Rita's Toyota Supra when the oddest thing happened. She had a phone (not a cordless) on the back seat next to me. She had planned on taking it back to the store, because...oddly it wouldn't ring or work right. Anyway, it was sitting next to me and all of a sudden, the phone rang. It rang exactly three times and Rita gazed back at me through the rear view mirror and said...."Was that the phone?" and I said "Yah" very startled. So, just out of curiosity, I picked up the phone and listened, but it was dead. When we got to Mama's house to drop her off, we noticed her bedroom light on. Then suddenly we saw this image of a man walk past the bedroom, as if someone was in the bedroom walking around. We sat there and watched. Rita made the remark that someone was walking around the bedroom looking for money. So after a while, we went into the house and looked around. The whole house was locked and secured from the inside, so there was no obvious reason someone could of been in the house. We never figured that one out, now we just figured it must of been Mama's ghost wandering around.

Experienced by Toni:
I was a very young child, so I really don't remember this happening, I just remember the story being told to me later. I was in a back bedroom playing and came running into the living room and told my mother "Mama, Mama, come see, there's a baby jumping up and down on the bed and it's walking up the walls!" This story was very disturbing because just a few years prior to this incident, my uncle had two babies that had died in that very room!

Another encounter I experienced in my parents home was one night after my sister Kimberly and I went to bed, I woke up to find a man standing on the side of my bed.  All I remember is seeing him just standing there, with red curly hair and dark rimmed glasses.  When it sunk in that this man was standing right next to me, I began screaming, closed my eyes and when I opened them, he was gone. I was so shaken by seeing this man, that I woke up my sister to tell her what happened. Later I found out that other family members also encountered a man in this very room. Although they never got a good look at him, they described nearly exactly what I experienced with waking up to find him right there, next to their bed.

When I was growing up, I remember my mother complaining about knocking in the pipes all the time. At the time, we thought it was just air in the pipes....but I can recall hearing it and now that I'm older, I recall a very distinctive sound of someone pounding on metal....it was definately not air in the pipes. I believe it may have something to do with the spirits traveling back and forth through the open well.

Another very odd thing that I witnessed in this house was right after our house caught fire. During the clean up of the debris, I happened to notice on a wall stud, right near the front door....on the very wall, my parent's had a picture of Christ hanging....I discovered a very unusual marking.  I called my cousin Dean over to take a look....to see if he agreed with what I was seeing.  What it was, was what appeared to be the sillouette of some sort of creature. I always thought it looked demonic. You could make out a very distinctive profile of an animal looking thing, with the head and open mouth with jagged teeth. The image is still there today, it was later covered up with sheet rock.

Experienced by Dean:
This all happened back when I was a teenager. It was almost like a tradition for all the grand kids to gather together and spend the weekend at my grandparents house. Grandma would make a great make-shift bed out of a mattress, blankets and pillows on the living room floor. One night after everyone had already gone to sleep, something very strange happened. My cousin Eddie and I were the only ones still up and all the lights were out. We were just laying there trying to fall asleep. Suddenly we heard this odd sound of walking in the living room. It sounded like an animal with hooves, walking on two legs. We just laid there in fright as "this thing" kept circling around us over and over. We had our heads covered so we couldn't see what is was. One of us, I don't remember who, mustered up enough courage to take a quick look from under the blankets....but nothing was there. I think this was the scardest I've ever been in my whole life.

On another occasion....myself, my little brother Dallas, my cousins  Eddie and Kenny (which are brothers) decided to stay up and goof off for awhile after everyone had gone to bed. We were just sitting around on the bed playing around, when a car passed by on the street outside. The headlights came in through the living room window...as the light passed by a corner, we saw a young boy standing there watching us. We freaked out. We climbed under the blankets and just waited. When another car passed by we looked out to see if the boy was still there, but by this time, he'd gone.

Experienced by Timmy:
One afternoon my sister Kimberly and I were at the kitchen table playing a game of cards. All of a sudden we heard the sound of glass smashing to the floor in the living room. We both said to each other "What was that?" We jumped up and walked into the living room to see what had happened, but found nothing laying on the floor. There was nothing broken. We just stood there, looking at each other in disbelief.

One night, I fell asleep on the couch in the living room. I woke up and saw all these insects swarming around my head. It startled me at first and I quickly covered my head with a blanket. After a second or two, I uncovered my head and they just all disappeared.

While I was living in my grandmother's house, I used to constantly hear sounds of someone walking around the kitchen and through the hall way. Most of the time, I would get up to see what it was, but would never find anything. The sound always stopped just as I got to the kitchen. This happened quite often.

I don't remember too much about this encounter, except one night I had fallen asleep on the sofa. I woke up sometime in the middle of the night to see a face looking at me. At first I thought it was one of my uncles looking in through one of the small windows on the front door...but once I was fully awake, I realized it wasn't one of them at all...it was a ghost.

Experienced by Tiza:
My mother (Becky), brother (Glenn) and I used to came down to visit one summer and stayed in grandma's house for our visit. For as long as I can remember, even as a child, I always had an uncomfortable feeling in that house. It was like the air wasn't just cut and dry. There was always a very creepy feel to it. I'm twenty six now, and the only unsettling personal experience I had was when I was 17. One night I was laying on the couch in the living room, facing the street and my mom was on the other couch, facing the kitchen, which was directly opposite of me. My brother was laying on the floor on a cot. For some reason, I was extra uncomfortable on this trip. I found it hard to go to sleep and stayed up late watching TV, it seemed to help me to fall asleep, not to mention it was big screen TV and provided plenty of light. Anyway, the kitchen light was the kind that had a dimmer switch. I believe I'd already turned the TV off, because I was getting tired. I recall this as if it just happened yesterday. Someone or something came out of the back bedroom, at the end of the hall. No one was staying in that room at the time...it was empty. After it came out of this room, I sounded like someone dragging their feet slowly down the hallway with a pair of slippers on. I felt my heart beginning to pound rapidly. I was wide awake by this time and I recall each event with accuracy. It slowly turned the light down, dimming the switch, as though they'd done it many times before, and felt comfortable doing this, like a routine. I had left this light on myself and was absolutely petrified as I noticed the light being turned off. I was glued to the couch and prayed intensely to the Lord to see me through this ordeal. This thing then began to walk around the kitchen for awhile. Then it just became very quiet, as if to stop for a moment. I laid there so still, as I didn't want it to even hear me breathing, because I didn't want to come to where I was at. I have to say, it seemed like forever and I have never been so scared as I was that moment. My heart was pounding so hard, I felt each beat as it pounded in my chest. I was frozen and knew I was now experiencing what I always suspected to exist in that house. I didn't know what to expect. The sound of the dragging feet seemed to work it's way to the front bathroom. It wasn't hard to determine which rooms the sounds were coming from, because the house is small and the rooms all very close together. After it went into the bathroom, it never came back out. As I laid there to come up with a logical explanation of what I'd just heard, but I couldn't. I thought about my aunt and grandmother also in the house, but my grandmother's room was on the other side of the house, not in the direction the walking came from and it wasn't my aunt Juanita, she was sound asleep. I waited, and even built up the courage to go the edge of the living room/kitchen entry. But just as I thought, no one was there. I kept calling out to my mother, but she was in such a sound sleep she couldn't hear my low calls. I was so scared, I stayed up all night until I saw the sun rise, then I finally dosed off. The next morning, after everyone was awake and sitting out on the front porch....I decided to confirm what I experienced. I asked my mother, because she was always the first one up, whether the kitchen light was on or off when she got up....and she replied "off". My aunt Juanita also must of heard the same thing, because she asked me who was walking around in the hallway that night. I have to say, that I have never and hope to never feel the fear that I did that night, it was enough to last me a lifetime.

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