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Because of the different phenomena occuring in Judy and Junior's home, we decided to take pictures, video and voice recordings.

This is what we have gotten to date (November 2002):
This picture was taken in the middle bedroom, used for storage and excerise equipment. Prior to taking this picture, we went in each room of the house with divining rods and this room showed a significant reaction.  Actually when facing the closet, the rods swung to the left and then when turned in that direction, they again swung to the left, indicating for us to continue in the direction they were sending us.  When we finally got to the corner shown above in the picture, the rods crossed, indicating to us that there was activity here.  Using a cassette recorder with an external microphone, we were able to capture a voice.  We then began taking pictures.  This is the only photo that we were able to take, before the camera's battery went dead.  When we returned with another camera, nothing significant showed up in any of the photos taken.
This is a recording of a woman or child saying either "7 (pause) 8" or saying "78".
Because the voice is like a whisper and very faint, we can't quite distinguish which it is saying.
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