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  When Junior and I first got married, we moved in with my in-laws Ethlene and Franklin. Every night when we went to bed I would hear the sound of organ or funeral music coming from our bedroom closet. It was a very eerie sound. This was very odd, because in that same closet my mother in law kept clothing and personal possessions of family members that had passed away in her family. The music would immediately start playing as soon as I turned off the bedroom light. If woke up my husband for him to hear it, it would then stop. I discussed this with my father, because he was very knowledgeable about the supernatural. He told me as long as the belongings to the deceased stayed in that closet I would probably continue to hear the music, he also believed that the spirits knew they were getting to me and would eventually drive me crazy if we didn't either remove the items or move out of that house. We ended up talking about it and decided it would be best if we moved out and in with my parents for a while until we could find an apartment. One evening we decided to go to the fair, when we got home, we found our bedroom completely upside down. The bed was destroyed into pieces and everything in that room was just scattered about everywhere. The rest of the house was fine, so we knew that it couldn't have been someone breaking in, or else they would of tampered with the rest of the house. We ended up leaving the house that night and moved in with my parents. We only went back briefly to gather our things.

    The events I'm about to tell you basically started when my father in law Franklin died. Ethlene (my mother in law) decided to have his body transported to Georgia to be buried there. The night before Franklin was to be transported...turned out be a very unusual evening. Her brother came down with his herse. He parked it outside in the front yard, with Franklin safely locked inside a coffin. The first thing that happened was, some family members had driven their camper down to transport Ethlene and the kids, and also to follow the herse back to Georgia. Her family members were outside in the camper, getting everything ready for bed, they had decided they would sleep out there that night. Ethlene called them in for dinner, just as they got up to the front door they heard a loud explosion. They turned around to see what was going on and saw the camper on fire. They immediately called the fire department. After the firemen finally put the fire out, the fire chief showed up to investigate the cause of the fire. He told Ethlene and the family that he'd never seen anything like it before. He said when he entered the camper, everything was destroyed except a blanket that had obviously been laying on the bed at the
time. He said it was completely in tact, not burned or singed in any way. It was up on the ceiling of the camper as though it were attached somehow. He also could not find any cause for the fire, he said in these exact words "This whole thing has me baffled" Later that same evening, Ethlene and a neighbor Irene were in the kitchen late, talking. Brenda (Franklin's daughter) came walking into the kitchen where they were at. In a very deep, strange voice, different from her own, she looked at them both and said "Don't talk about my father that way!" Ethlene replied "We're not saying anything bad about your daddy". The next morning Ethlene woke up to what sounded like Brenda talking to someone in the kitchen. When she went to the to the kitchen, she found Brenda sitting at the table. Ethlene asked her who she'd been talking to and Brenda replied "Daddy". Ethlene told her that her father was dead, and she couldn't have possibly been talking to him. Brenda insisted she had and said that his face was covered with all kinds of makeup or paint. Later, Ethlene told her brother (who drove the herse) about what Brenda had said, he told her that was very odd, because the funeral home hadn't had time to embalm him, so in order to preserve the body, they had to put lots of makeup all over his face.

    After Ethlene got back from Georgia with the girls, she decided to stay a while in the house. She would call us all hours of the night to come pick her up because strange things were happening in the house that scared her. One night when she called us, she told us that someone was in the house throwing pots and pans all over the kitchen. When we pulled up in the drive way, we saw a man with a jacket on, walking in the screen room and into the kitchen. But the area we saw him walk to, there wasn't a door there. When we got to the porch, no one was there. We went inside and Ethlene had locked herself in her bedroom and wouldn't come out because she was so scared. We looked in the kitchen and didn't see any pots and pans laying any where.

    On another occasion, strange things started happening.....ghostly encounters, that scared her and when she went to leave, her car wouldn't start. When she opened the hood she found that someone or something had removed the cables from the battery so she couldn't leave. She ended up selling us the house and moving back to Georgia.

    We didn't move into the house right away, because so many things had happened there and I was too scared to live there. For a brief time, my sister Regina lived in the house. After about a year, Regina said nothing unusual happened so we decided to move in.

    One evening we were working in the living room, laying linoleum and the front door swung open. We thought maybe it wasn't closed all the way and the wind blew it open. Junior went over and closed it. A few minutes later the door swung open again. Junior went back to the door, closed it and this time he shook it real hard to make sure it was closed nice and tight and remarked "Now I know it's closed this time, let's see it open again!" We went back to working and with in a few minutes, the door swung open again!

    For years, nothing ever really happened other than odd noises here and there, that we just brushed off. But one afternoon for no apparent reason it just started all back up. I was outside working in the backyard with the kids. I looked up and saw what I thought was my husband standing at the back door watching us. I made a joke about him not coming out to help and the kids looked up and I knew they saw him too. After a few minutes I went inside to get something to drink and decided to go tease my husband about not coming out to help. I looked all over...but he wasn't home...he was still at work!

    One evening, my daughter and I were home alone and I was taking a nap in the living room. I was woken up by the sound of running water in the kitchen. It sounded like the water was going full blast. So I called out to my daughter, thinking it was her. I heard her bedroom door open. I got up and went into the kitchen, she came in and I asked her if she was just in the kitchen running the water. She replied she'd thought it was me. At that moment we thought perhaps someone was in the house. So I decided to go to my bedroom to get our gun, just then we heard a loud sound come from a room we were remodeling. It sounded like something very heavy falling over. I decided to go to the living room to call the police. Just as we were rushing past this area that was being remodeled, the plastic that covered the entry way blew at us real hard, we felt a force like someone was on the other end either pushing the plastic at us or someone diving through it to get us. We screamed at the top of our lungs and ran to the front door. My husband had just gotten off from work and pulled in the drive way. We told him that we thought someone was in the house trying to get us. He checked around and even went into that room with the plastic, but the exterior door was locked from the inside, and didn't see anything that could have fallen over. He did a check of the rest of the house and didn't find anything or anyone.

    I was taking a shower one morning and my daughter started banging on the door and screaming hysterically. When I opened the door she said that she saw a man standing at the kitchen table staring at her. I looked around and didn't see anything. She saw this same man several times afterwards. She recalls him appearing and disappearing like a ghost.

    One night my daughter and I were home alone and were in the living room watching television. We heard a sound coming from the hall way. At first it sounded like a faint howling. The longer we sat there and listened the louder it got and more distinctive. It sounded like a man's voice making a moaning kept getting louder and louder, then just came to an abrupt stop. We got up and looked around but didn't find anything.

    When my son Frankie was just a child, something very odd happened one evening. We were in the living room and my husband Junior had been rocking Frankie to sleep. When he'd gotten up to put him in his crib, he noticed Frankie quit breathing. We panicked and called his doctor right away. He told us to rush him to the emergency room for help. When we got to the emergency room, he was already turning blue....the doctor and nurses were already waiting outside for him and rushed him to the back area and sent us to the waiting room. They tried desperately to bring him back to life. Within a short while, they came to us and told us that he'd just snapped out of it. They also said they'd run all kinds of test on him, but the results turned up nothing. They decided to release him to go home. When we went back to pick him up, he was sitting there playing as if nothing had happened. When I'd gotten home, I called my mother's house to let everyone know what had happened and my sister Becky answered. She sounded very distraught about something as soon as she answered the phone. I told her what had happened, she said that was very strange, because our brother Anthony and his wife had just gotten home and he was very upset and crying. They had just gotten back from a seance. He said that he was able to contact his son who had died recently. We found out...around the time Anthony had spoken with his son in the seance, is exactly when my son Frankie had this episode of being lifeless. When all this happened, my son was around the same age as my brother's son was, when he died.

    I went off to visit relatives one evening with my daughter Roxanne. When we got back to my house, she dropped me off in the driveway...she waited until I'd gotten safely into the house. Upon opening the front door, just as I took my first step into the living room, I heard the loud sound of someone running through the kitchen and down the hall. I made a quick turn around and went back outside and told Roxanne that I just heard someone running through the house. She got out of her van and went in to investigate. She didn't see or hear anything. Just around this time, my daughter Laura pulled up in the yard. She got out of her car, holding her chest, very teary eyed, saying how happy she was to see us home. She said...earlier she was home alone and had just sat down to eat, when she heard someone walking around the house. It scared her so bad, she had to leave. She drove around looking for us, but when she couldn't find us, she just kept driving around until someone got home. Oddly, we heard the same thing that night...only at different times.

    One evening I had my niece Avalon over for a visit. We were sitting in the kitchen working on a puzzle. There were a set of crutches leaned against the wall in the kitchen. Oddly, one fell for no reason. Avalon got up, picked it up and placed it back against the wall. A few minutes had gone by and out of no where we heard this loud sounded like someone trying to break the back door down. It was so loud, we literally jumped out of our seats. I grabbed Avalon and told her to hurry and hide in my room. I got on the phone and called my daughter to come over. We just sat in that room seemed like forever. I told Avalon, as soon as Roxanne pulls up in the drive way, to run as fast as her little legs could carry her...don't stop for anything, just keep going until she was out of the front door. When Roxanne arrived, I sent Avalon out...with me hot on her trail. We just sat outside for a while, waiting to see if we could see anything or anyone in the house. After a few minutes, Roxanne got the flash light and we went to the back yard to look around, but didn't see anything...we never did come up with a logical explanation for what we heard that night.

    Lately, I don't know why, but our doors have been mysteriously opening for no apparent reason. On several occasions I would come home to find the back door open and the door still locked.

    One night I'd gotten home and my daughter Roxanne waited for me outside as usual, to make sure I make it into the house safe. As I walked into the front door, I heard the distinctive sound of someone running through the kitchen. I immediately looked over to see what it was, but couldn't see anyone. I did however notice, my back door appeared partially open. I immediately ran outside and told Roxanne. She asked me if perhaps it was my daughter Laura. I told her I wasn't sure. So she called Laura's cell phone, hoping Laura would be in her bedroom. But it turned out Laura was at a friend's house and hadn't been home for hours. She told Laura what was going on. Laura came back home with her friend and his father. They did a thorough check of the house, but they couldn't find where anyone could of possibly gotten into the house. At this point, we decided it would be best to contact the police, because this was beginning to happen too often and we wanted answers. When the police got there, they also did their search and examination of the whole house. They could find no possible way anyone could of entered the home. Everything seemed to be locked from the inside and there were no obvious signs of forced entry. To this day, we still continue to come home to the doors being open.

    I know this is going to sound strange, but to me I find it very disturbing. We had a family dog named Cody. He was a very loyal pet. He grew old and died one afternoon from apparent heart failure. Not long after his death, my daughter Laura and I would frequently hear the sounds of him howling beneath the house. At first, we thought a dog had somehow managed to get into our fenced yard and work his way underneath the house. But every time we would hear the howling coming from the floor of our home, we would go outside to investigate to see if we could find the source. We would always come up empty handed and puzzled.

   One evening, I was in the kitchen cooking and I turned to walk out of the kitchen.....that's when I saw the spirit of our pet Cody. He was scratching at the back door, as to ask to be let in. I was so shocked beyond explanation. When my daughter Laura came home, I told her what I'd seen and she didn't know what to think. But I am positive, that what I saw was my dog Cody.....and I will never be convinced otherwise. I'd never heard of animals or pets coming back as ghosts. This was all new to me. Because I couldn't bear the thought of seeing him outside like that, looking in at me, I decided to hang blinds on that door to cover the glass area he peered in through. To this day, off and on, we still hear him howling outside and beneath the floor.

    I was not aware of the facts of what ghosts are capable of or how playful they can be, until I was speaking with Kimberly about my situation. One afternoon she called me to tell me about the recent events in her house and I decided to tell her about the odd things that started happening around our house. It all started with a favorite watch I own. I wear this watch all the time, but sometimes I have to take it off while working around the house. The first time the watch came up missing, I had taken it off and placed it on the dresser. When I went to get the watch, it was gone. I mentioned my watch was missing to Junior and he said that it was on the dresser in the bedroom. We went to check and it wasn't there. He swore that's where he saw it, exactly where I swore I left it. It turned up several days later in a junk drawer. This kept happening.  Once I took it off at the sink and put it on top of a canister. I looked at it and thought to myself, now I know I put it on this canister. When I went back to get it, it was gone. I went to the junk drawer, and there it was.

    Every night, my husband Junior before going to bed, will sit in the rocker in our bedroom and place his slippers right next to the rocker. In the morning, he gets dressed and puts on his slippers and comes into the kitchen. Well this one morning, he got up and next thing I knew he came into the kitchen complaining that one of his slippers was missing. We searched all over the house for that slipper but couldn't find it anywhere. We even went outside looking for it. We couldn't find it anywhere. The next morning, when he woke up, he came into the kitchen with both slippers on. I asked him where he'd found it and he said it was sitting right next to the rocker as usual. Well, a couple of days later.....he woke up and came into the kitchen, complaining one of his slippers was missing again. This time, I had my daughters help us tear the house apart to find the slipper. We pulled bed linen off and everything, determined to find the slipper. It has yet to turn up. I was told, that it is not uncommon for ghosts to take things, hide them, then return them when they want to....sometimes return them in unusual places or places we least expect....just like my watch.  Well, update.....Junior's slipper turned up....a week later, I might add. Junior found it....under our bed. Let me remind you that we had searched this area....three of us, no less than 3 times each, with a flashlight and everything. How it got there I haven't a clue....but it definitely wasn't there before. His slippers continue to this day, to disappear and randomly reappear, when ever they feel like it. That is not the only things, little things all over the house will disappear and then reappear days later, in either the spot the were originally in or in different spots.

    One afternoon, I spent most of the day, doing laundry and washing my husband's uniforms. My daughter had arrived home and needed to wash her uniforms as well. So, I decided rather than stick Junior's uniforms in the dryer, I would let Laura have the laundry room. So, I took all Junior's uniforms to the bathroom, hung them up one by one on the shower pole....and left them there to dry. I had been in and out of the bathroom, several times that day and saw the uniforms it wasn't like I didn't remember that I did this. Well, later that night, my husband came home from work, was gathering his things for work the next day, and asked me about his uniforms. I went to he bathroom to get them down....but they were gone. I found this very odd, so I asked my daughter Laura, if she knew what happened to the uniforms, she too saw them hanging in the bathroom. I searched all over for the uniforms....couldn't find them. So Junior went to the laundry room, and there they were. Back in the washing machine....all bundled up and soaking wet. It didn't make sense, because Laura used the washing machine and dryer after I if I washed them before her, and I remember hanging them up and both Laura and I saw them hanging in the bathroom....who put them back in the washer???? We haven't got a clue!

    I was home with my grandson, Matthew. We were just sitting around the kitchen, when I heard my daughter Laura arrive home. I heard her walk through the living room and then she walked into the kitchen, walked right past me, walked to her bedroom and closed the door. I called out to her a few times, because earlier I asked her to stop at the store and pick me a few lottery tickets. When she didn't answer, I called out to her again....still no answer. So I went to her bedroom to find out if she was ok and find out why she was answering me calling her. But when I opened her bedroom door, she wasn't there. I walked out of her bedroom, asked my grandson if he saw her leave her room, and he said no. So I went back to her room, looked again, still no Laura. I thought this was very strange, because we both saw her walk right past us. So, I called her on her cell phone....she was all the way on the other side of town! I was shocked! I don't know who or what that was that came into the house.....but one thing's for sure, it wasn't my daughter!

    I was home alone late one night, in the kitchen washing dishes.  All of a sudden, I saw something out of the corner of my eye, come and stand right next to me.  It startled me, so I kind of jumped away.  I turned to look, expecting to see my daughter or husband, but no one was there.  A couple of minutes went by and it happened again.  The strange thing about it is....I just didn't see someone walk up, but I could also feel something there....right there in my face....watching what I was doing. It really is a scary feeling, being there alone and this happening.

    I (Laura) had gone to bed. At around 3:30 in the morning, I woke up for some unknown reason. As I laid in my bed, I heard this strange sound coming from inside my bedroom. I sat up to look what was going on and what I saw shocked me. My closet door was opening and closing over and over. I was scared to death. I jumped out of my bed went to run for the door, but no matter what I did, the door wouldn't open. It was as if someone were holding it from the outside, so I couldn't open it or the door was locked, but no matter what I did....that door just wouldn't open. I sat down on the edge of my bed and put my face in my hands, scared, not knowing what to do. All the while listening to my closet door still opening and closing violently. Then all of a sudden, my door slowly opened about a half a foot. I grabbed the door, swung it open further and headed out to turn all the lights in the house on.  My mother woke up later, confused why all the lights in the house were on....she questioned what was going on. I went on to explain to her what had happened. She asked if I might of been sleeping.  I told it could be possible, except it wouldn't explain why I was wide awake....watching and listening to all of this going on.  I know what happened, and I definately was not asleep!

    Two nights after my daughter Laura had a strange encounter in her bedroom, I too had a bizarre experience. I woke up and thought I heard someone moving around the house. But when I sat up, it no longer sounded as if someone were moving around, but sounded more like a tapping or light knocking sound coming from in the kitchen. I sat there for a while listening to it....puzzled at what was going on....yet, I couldn't get myself to get up to go look.  I was very scared, afraid I'd have a similar encounter to what Laura did a few nights before.

    I was home alone, in the kitchen working a puzzle.  Suddenly I heard what sounded like a coin spinning.  Then it stopped.  A few minutes went by and I heard it again.  This time I got up to look around....when I did, I never expected what I saw!  I looked around and on the floor, there was a penny, standing on it's edge....upright....then all of a sudden, it just fell over.  I was so scared that I called my sister Becky on the phone to tell her what had just happened, shortly after my daughter Laura arrived home.

    I was home alone and drifted off to sleep on the sofa.  I woke up to the feeling of someone sitting on the end of the sofa.  I could feel the cushion sink down, as it would if someone sat down on it.  I really couldn't see because it was dark.  I tried focusing my eyes to see that area, but didn't see anyone there.  At first I thought it w either my daughter or my husband.  When I got up and turned on the one was home.

    This didn't recently happen, but my daughter Laura was telling her boyfriend Alex about this and it reminded me about when this happened, several years ago.  My kitchen cabinets were all seperate cabinets, connected together and then the counter top was one complete piece.  One morning we woke up to find one of the cabinet on the end, laying out in the middle of the kitchen floor.  It looked like it had drug out from underneath the counter top and just pushed into the middle of the kitchen floor. We have no idea how it got there.....but we definately know none of us moved it there.

    I'd been working on my kitchen cabinets....and it seems that every time I do something in the house, something always ends up disappearing and then reappearing later, after I've given up looking for it any longer.  This one particular day, I was glad that Junior was home, so he could verify this happening.  I had taken apart one of the cabinets and laid the screw on the counter. When I asked Junior to hand it back to me, he said it wasn't there.  We looked all over for this screw and it was no where.  So, assuming it must of rolled somewhere and we wouldn't find it, I left and went to find another one to replace it.  When I got back, the screw was back where I had originally left it...Junior was shocked, because he too looked in this exact spot, who knows how many times and it wasn't there before.

    I was working in the kitchen and decided to take a little break.  So, my grandson Matthew and I went outside for a little while.  I heard the phone ring, so I went inside to get it.  When I went to go back in the house to put the phone back on the charge, the door was all of a sudden locked.  Now, you would have to know how this door takes effort to lock this door...and neither of us had touched that lock.  I couldn't help but wonder if something deliberately locked me out of the house.

    I had fallen asleep on the couch, watching t.v. I don't know what time it was when I woke up, but I had woken up from a nightmare.  The nightmare seemed so real, that really thinking about it now, I can't tell whether I were dreaming or whether I really woke and this happened.  But when I woke up, I definately wasn't still half asleep, I was awake and when I got my eyes focused, I could swear that I saw the living room, where I was sitting, full of people.  It startled me at first, then all of a sudden, they just disappeared.  Like I said, I can't swear what I saw was real or whether or not it was my mind playing tricks on me when I woke up....but if I had to say what I felt it was, I would swear, I saw what I saw and I wasn't dreaming.

    I stopped by the house to eat and get a quick shower.  I had heated up some noodles and because they were so hot, I put them in the refrigerator to cool off, while I got my shower.  I was in the bathroom, running the water, waiting for it to get hot, when suddenly I heard something in Mom and Dad's room.  It sounded like someone jumping up and down on the floor real hard...stomping their feet.  I walked out of the bathroom, opened their door to look in....but no one was there.  I kind of put it in the back of my head and went ahead and began taking my shower.  Off and on, I kept getting this strange feeling that someone was watching me and I even pulled the shower curtain back a couple of times to check to see if anyone were there.  Well, after I got my shower, I got my food and went into the living room and got the phone.  I was sitting there eating, when all of a sudden, I heard someone come running down the hall, really fast and it was like they were stomping their feet real hard while they were running.  I jumped up, took off outside on the porch and called my boyfriend Alex to come over.  He got there....checked the house, but didn't find anything unusual.

     The very morning following what happened with something stomping it's feet at home....I had stayed over at a friend's house.  I came home, sometime around six in the morning, to pick up some things before going to work.  I pulled up in the drive-way and saw that the living room was glowing a blue color through the windows and door.  I figured Mom must of fallen asleep on the couch, with the t.v. on.  So, I walked up the first couple of steps and all of a sudden, there was this man, standing on the other side of the door, inside the living room.  I stepped up onto the porch and before I knew it, he had his face up to the window on the door, looking out at me.  What's strange is, when he looked out at me, he didn't move the curtain and look out, he stuck his face right through the curtain.  Then all of a sudden, he took off, running towards the kitchen and just as he got right up the where the living room turns into the kitchen, he just vanished before my eyes and that blue glow in the living room was gone.  I tapped on the window, for someone to let me in, because I was scared half to death....and that's when it dawned on me that the t.v. was never on to begin what ever that glow was, must of been from that man I saw.

    Kimberly and John came over to take pictures in our house.  I just had to know whether all this stuff is really going on.....especially after what Laura saw.  Laura and Alex came over to watch to see if we would get anything in the pictures we were going to take.  Well....what we found out, was "not" what I expected we'd find.  We did get a couple of pictures that shows something's there and a voice on a tape recording.  That very night, after everyone went home and Junior was home from work. I was in the living room watching t.v. I ended up falling asleep on the couch and in the middle of the night, some time after two in the morning, I woke up.  I heard thunder, real first I thought it was thundering outside, but that's when I noticed the couch was vibrating.  And before I could get up.....I began hearing what sounded like someone walking around the living room, stomping their feet.  They just kept circling the living room, over and over....and all the while, the couch was still vibrating.  Finally, when I couldn't take it anymore, I jumped up and went to the bedroom, where Junior was.

    A few days, following the above incident...I was in the kitchen washing dishes.  I just got this creepy feeling that someone was behind me, watching me.   A couple of times, I felt it so strong, I had to turn around to see if anyone were there.  Well, before I knew it....I was feeling like something touching the back of my hair....pushing it up.  I got my hand, rubbed my head, thinking maybe a bug flew in the house and was on me....but I didn't feel anything.  Again it did it and it kept doing it, pushing the back of my hair up, until I went into the living room.

    I was sitting at the kitchen table, looking at some new Christmas snowman ornaments I bought.   I needed to cut the strings off them, so I got up to find a pair of scissors.  I went to the place that I always keep them, but they weren't there.  So, I went around the house, looking all over for a pair....and finally got some.  I walked back to the table, where I had the ornaments laid out and was shocked to find a pair of kid scissors sitting right on top of my ornaments.  I could not believe it.  I don't know where these scissors came from or how they got there....but it was pretty disturbing.

    I was sitting at the kitchen table and was startled by the sound of voices behind me whispering about something.  I have to say that what I heard, the voices....were talking very fast and very low.  It sounded to me, like more than one person in the room discussing something.  I had to leave the house, because I just didn't know what to make of this.  I later spoke to my daughter Laura about what had happened, and she too fessed up and said, she didn't want to frighten me, but one two occasions, she'd also heard people they were discussing something.  She agreed that the voices were in a whispering tone, yet they sounded like they were right in the same room, but talked so fast, you couldn't understand a word they said.  But it was definitely a conversation or discussion type sound, of more than one person talking.

    I was sitting in the kitchen working a puzzle.  My grand daughter was with me, keeping me company.  I heard a knock at the front door, she heard it too, because she got up to answer the door.  She returned back to the sofa and said that no one was there.  Again it happened and it happened a third time...this time, she was apparently frustrated with the knocking....because she remarked to me that she was sick of getting up tot answer the door, when no one was there.  I didn't want to tell her that this was a regular thing going on here....because I knew it would frighten her, so I just didn't say anything at all to her...and the knocking stopped.

    I was sitting in the living room, waiting for Laura to drop me off at my mother's house for a visit.  She was running late shopping, so I just sat there waiting for her, figuring she'd show up any minute.  Well, I just got this very strange, eerie feeling that I was being watched, so I decided I'd go stand by the door and wait for her.  When she didn't show up, I ended up calling my sister Becky to come get me, because I just couldn't shake that feeling of being watched.  Well, while waiting for her to come, it began to get dark outside and I don't know what it was I saw, but while looking out the front door, I saw what looked like a camera flash going off in the living room (behind me). I turned to look to see what the flash was, but nothing was on, not the t.v., nothing.  It happened a couple of times again and I just couldn't stand there anymore, I kind of got the creepy feeling that it was something having to do with what ever is going on with ghost in our house, so I ended up waiting for Becky at the street.

  I  was sitting in the living room watching t.v. and pretty much, wasn't scared or anything, because I've began to just accept the idea that our house is haunted and what ever is here, isn't trying to scare us....just maybe let us know it's here.  So, while I was watching t.v....I heard what sounded like someone pulling out the chairs from the table in the kitchen.  This went on for a little while and I told myself that I wasn't going to let it scare me....that I'd just ignore it.  Well I guess what ever was doing this, really wanted to get my attention, because the next thing I knew, I heard what sounded like someone in the kitchen, running real hard and dragging a chair or pushing a chair along.  I took off outside as fast as I could, because "now" I was scared.

    I don't know why, but whenever I blow-dry my hair, something very strange happens. Suddenly something will start pounding really, really hard on the wall in the closet....or the wall that adjoins the other bedroom.  Normally, I try to ignore it....but just recently, I got up the nerve to go to the other bedroom, open the door and shout in it "Stop all that pounding!".  I don't know how or where I got the courage to do it....but I did.  Ironically, it has happened again since then. But that's not all that has happened.  Sometimes when I'm blowing drying my hair....I will keep my bedroom door open. I do this, because of the last time I was in my room, something locked me in....and now, I will leave the door open and put something in the frame of the door, like a shoe or something, to prevent the door from closing all the way. But sometimes, on a couple of occasions, I have gotten this really strong feeling that I'm being watched.  And only a couple of those times....when I got this really intense feeling that someone is watching me, I will look up and just get a glimpse of something moving out of the doorway.  Once I was facing the mirror and when I got that feeling, I looked up, I saw what looked like someone just jumping out of the way of the door, as to hide behind the wall. I got up to look, not knowing who it was.....and no one would be there.

    I had just gotten home from work. After parking in the driveway, I was getting my things together and I got the weirdest feeling to look up. When I did, I saw this face, looking out the window at me. At first, I was in shock at what I saw. All it was, was a eyes, that area seemed blacked out or missing and the mouth also seemed as if it weren't there.  The more I looked back at this face, staring back at me, I felt as though I were mesmerized by it...I just couldn't stop looking back at this face.  I reached down and grabbed my cell phone to call my mother, who was in the house at the time. I wanted her to come outside and look at what I was seeing. When I began dialing the number, looking back and forth between the phone and the face....I noticed the face began to slowly fade away.  Then before I knew it, it was completely gone.  I sat there, not believing what I had just seen.  I didn't get out of the car right away, not because I was scared or anything....because, I can't explain it....what I saw, didn't scare me, even though I know it probably or normally would have...but it didn't.  As I sat there, thinking about this face, trying to remember as much as I could about it and the details of it....wondering how in the world I was going to explain this to people.....I was staring straight ahead at the window and the face began to appear again.  It was there for only a second or two....and when I blinked, it was gone. Not like before, it seemed like it was there for the longest time. I do remember this, that this face, I would swear, it looked very similar, if not the same as the face I saw before, peering out at me and it had the entire room glowing blue. The details I will never forget, it was definitely male and had brown hair, as I said, no eyes and no mouth. No neck, no shoulders, no nothing....but just a face.

    It was quiet around here for a little while.  I hadn't had any really scary experiences like I had been having for a while there.....Laura seems to be the focus of attention lately.  Anyhow....I was sitting in the living room watching t.v., when I could of swore I heard talking. I turned the t.v. down, didn't hear anything.  Turned it back up and again, it sounded like people talking...and I knew it wasn't coming from the t.v.  I waited a while, then quickly turned the volume down on the remote and I could of swore for just a second, I heard women talking in the kitchen.

    I was in the bedroom, waiting for Laura and Alex to get home with pizza.  I heard the living room door open and close, then I heard footsteps in the kitchen. I figured they were home, walked out....didn't see anyone in the kitchen, went to the living room....still no one.....walked to the front door, looked out....Laura's car wasn't there.  I went back in the bedroom, thinking how strange that was, hoping that nothing else would happen, while I was home alone....and again, I heard it again. I heard the front door open, then close, then footsteps. I didn't dare come out the bedroom, this time....because I wasn't sure if this would keep happening and I didn't want to come out and see something there.  But then I heard Laura call to me and I came out and asked if she had just come home a few minutes ago, then leave and she said she hadn't.

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