The house we've been living in for the past 13 years, is haunted by a ghost named Charlie and at least one (possibly more) ghost kitties. Charlie was the husband of the previous owner. He died from cancer in the master bedroom. The kitties are probably the cats we've had who have died. My mother has said she has heard someone call her name when no one was around and has felt someone get on the bed when she was in the room alone. My father has said he has felt kitties get on the bed when there were no cats in the room and has felt Charlie poke him in the back.  When my father was fixing up the master bedroom and he took pictures of his progress. When he got the pictures back there was a weird ghostly mist that appeared in three of the pictures. My sisters have said they have seen shadows of Charlie. Some of their friends have seen a man with a baseball cap wandering around (Charlie wore a cap while he was getting chemotherapy). Charlie has woke me up whispering my name in my ear.  He once jumped on my bed and nearly knocked me out of it.  Also, he made music come from the fan. I have felt ghost kitties get on my bed and purr in my ear when there were no cats in the room.  We feel that Charlie is here because he wants to let us know he's still around and we feel that he's not trying to hurt or scare anyone....because if that was his intentions, he would of done it by now.

I truly believe the house I grew up in was haunted.  Though we were the original owners, as far as I know, the house was built on farm land. When I was about 13 years old, I was awakened one night by the sound of loud, whispering voices that seemed to be coming from our living room. My bedroom was located at the opposite end of the house from the living room. I got out of bed to investigate and ran into my father in the hallway. He had also been awakened by the voices. While standing in the hall, we also heard the muffled sound of footsteps. The living room was carpeted, but underneath were hardwood floors that would creak if you stepped on the right spot. It seemed there were two male voices and one female. The men seemed to be arguing and it appeared that the woman was trying to get them to be quiet. Daddy and I listened for a few more minutes and then began walking down the hall towards the living room. We distinctly heard the woman say, "Shhhhh, someone's coming." Then, there was the sound of the chain lock on the front door rattling. When my dad and I entered the living room, it was quiet, but there was a definite chill in the air. We sat in there talking about what we heard for the longest time. We never experienced this again.

One night, I was awakened by a loud noise in my bedroom. I couldn't determine what it was, so I went back to sleep. The next morning I realized the mirror that hung on the wall over my vanity table was missing. I slept with my bedroom door open, so I when I closed the door.....there behind the door, leaning against the wall was the mirror. It was a good three feet from where it originally hung on the wall. It wasn't broken and the chains that hung on it, were still intact. We couldn't figure out how it managed to "fall" three feet away and then lean against the wall.

In 1978, my father passed away.  Mom continued to live in our home, even after my sister and I moved out. Mom would hear music being played in the house and could never track down the source. Later, when she kept my daughter and nephew, they too would also hear the mysterious music. This continued until Mom sold the house. When she was in the process of moving out, we hired an officer from the correctional facility to help us with the moving. He was a friend of my sister's. Late one night, while moving stuff from the attic, he noticed flashing lights in the house and the sound of classical music being played. By this time, the downstairs was almost empty. There were no radios or television sets anywhere in the house. He was pretty spooked by this and refused to come back and finish helping clean out the attic.

My grandparents lived down the street from where we used to live. My grandfather died in the house in 1972. My cousin was going to move in with grandmother, but until she could get moved, my Mom and I spent a few nights in the house, so grandmother wouldn't be alone. Mom slept in the bedroom that my grandfather occupied. I slept on the couch in the living room with their little Chihuahua, Nina, curled up with me. I was awakened that first night by Nina whimpering and shaking. I looked up and there in the dining room area was my grandfather. I could see him clearly. I was too shocked to move.....I just continued to stare and eventually he just faded away. I didn't tell anyone about this for many years. I didn't want to upset my grandmother and I wasn't sure anyone would believe me. I never saw him again. Grandmother died a few months later and the family sold the house. The house has changed hands many times over the years and according to some of the neighbors, the occupants have claimed it's haunted. I can easily believe this.

I don't think the house I'm living in now is haunted, but there have been strange things to occur over the years. One being, My husband and I bought our present home in 1981. We were the 3rd owners to occupy this house. None of the previous owners died in the house. When I was pregnant with our daughter I had a very strange experience one night a few weeks prior to her birth in February of 1985. I wasn't sleeping well for obvious reasons; the baby taking up so much of my breathing room, the constant trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night and of course the anticipation of her birth. I also had a terrible fear that I was keeping to myself. I didn't dare discuss it with my husband or doctor or anyone. Looking back, I should have. But, I feared the baby was dead; I wasn't detecting any movement. (Later, I find out this is fairly common as the baby settles deeper in the heads down position for birth. Not much wiggle room at that point.) This particular night, I was laying awake, my husband snoring away beside me. I was worrying and fretting and praying for my baby. Suddenly, I felt this warmth and peace come over me. Then, I noticed a glowing ball of light hovering at the foot of my bed. It had no discernable shape; just a glowing ball of peaceful light. I tried to wake my husband to witness this, but I couldn't move or speak. This lasted maybe 20 minutes. The ball of light just slowly dimmed until it was completely gone. I was then able to speak and move. I woke my husband, but of course he couldn't make heads or tails of what I was trying to tell him. All I know, is that after this experience, I KNEW that my baby was fine and I had nothing to worry about. I think this must have been my guardian angel there to comfort me and assure me. My daughter is now a beautiful young lady of 17.

When my daughter was about 4 years old, I had a very disturbing experience. It was a Saturday night and my husband was working the night shift. I'd gotten my daughter bathed and went to bed early. It was about 11 p.m., so I decided to read up on my Sunday School lessons for the next morning. I was teaching one of the children's Sunday School classes. We'd only recently returned to the church after an absence of about 3 years. I turned out the night stand light about midnight and had just closed my eyes when I became aware of someone "staring" at me. I opened my eyes and at first thought that Rudy, our mixed lab had wandered into my bedroom wanting to go out. But as my eyes focused in the darkened room, I realized it was NOT Rudy. As I continued to stare, the "dog" opened his mouth WIDE and it was like staring into the very fires of hell. I propped myself up on my elbow and spoke to the monster dog. "You are not Rudy, you do not belong here. In the name of Jesus Christ, leave this house immediately."  The "dog" snarled and then vanished. I was quite upset of course and picked up the phone and called my sister. I told her what happened and she said that she'd had a similar experience when she returned to the Church. She was visited in her bedroom by a dark cloaked figure. She also commanded that he leave in the name of Jesus Christ. She later discussed it with her priest. My sister is Episcopal and I'm Lutheran. Her priest said it's not uncommon for Satan to try and sway Christians who've been unchurched but returned. So, even though, I've not exactly experienced any ghostly phenomena, I have experienced Good and evil in this house.

When I was about 7 or 8 (I'm 18 now) I lived in a big Victorian house with my mom. Well, the layout of the house was so that you had to go through the master bedroom to get to the bathroom. Well, the house was so old it didn't have heating and air.  The only air-conditioner and heater were in the master bedroom so we both slept in there. One night after my mom had gone to bed, around 9 p.m. I was getting ready to go to bed. I had just laid down and I was staring straight ahead, which was in the bathroom, when I saw what looked like a woman who might be in her 20's in a wedding gown just standing there.  As I watched the woman, she started to move forward. I got really scared and pulled the covers up over my head, and about an hour later I finally fell asleep.

My mom used to work the graveyard shift at the plant she worked at. Well I was staying at our neighbor's house and I had gone back home with their daughter to get something. The door was locked so I had to climb through the window to get in. My friend went first and as I was stepping through the window she said "shhh...listen".  I listened for a second and heard what sounded like a little girl laughing from the direction of my room, which had been added on from the porch. We crawled back out the window and started running. The windows of that house usually stayed up by themselves but when we were about half way across the yard, when I heard the window slam shut.  I looked back and sure enough it was closed.  After that I refused to stay in that house alone!

In 1961, my parents were married and moved into a two-story white frame house with a 2nd floor balcony. It was said that there was a woman who'd been killed by lightning on this balcony.  Just starting out and a lack of money was a bigger factor than ghost rumors. Well a week or so after they moved in, mom made a white cake with white icing and left it to sit on the kitchen table while they went into town to shop. Upon their return home, mom said the icing had totally left the cake and was in a 2'' wide path across the table, on the floor and straight to the back door. Oddly, the icing had also turned a shade of lime green.

One smothering hot summer day my mother was ironing in the upstairs bedroom when the room suddenly turned ice cold. She felt the form of what she perceived to be a heavy set older woman come up reach around and hug her from behind. She ran from the room frightened but she recalled it was a reassuring kind of hug. Also, Dad said one night he felt someone at the foot of the bed slowly tugging the blankets off them. It happened several times and he shouted out "Stop it"! It never happened again.

My dad's father stayed with my parents a few days after he and my dad's mother were separated, and he slept upstairs. He came down the next morning with his blanket and pillow saying he'd never go back up there again. He heard voices in the hallway whispering words he couldn't make out and this kept him awake.  He got up several times to close the door only to awaken and find it open. He slid a heavy dresser to block the door and it stayed closed till he awoke up the next morning. When he awoke the dresser was sitting next to his bed, and the door was again open!

When I was little, I always awoke in the middle of the night screaming. Sometimes, I never knew why. Other times, it was nightmares. The closest bedroom to mine, was my brother's, so I would run in and ask if I could stay until I felt better. He never really minded the company and if I annoyed him with questions or such, I would just go to my parents room, the next door down the hall. Late one night, I woke up terrified. I ran to my brother's room and he agreed to let me stay for a while. After I had calmed down, my brother and I began to talk. I don't know what it was, but suddenly we were both looking towards the left wall. Two huge green arms were reaching out and then disappeared back into the wall. We told our parents but they didn't believe us, so we kept quiet and never told anyone again. We never knew what it was, and we never saw it again.

This photo was taken in the bathroom of our house, we bought back in 2002. The diamond shaped, fire looking, glowing orb, appears to have a face in the center of it. I believe this is the face of my Grand Mother. The reason I believe this is because, when I told my dad about the photo, over the phone, he told me that he has a diamond shaped birth mark on his thigh. I think dad was beginning to think a lot like me, since the Death of my mom back in 1999. When something would happen, he would be the first one I would call to start explaining things to. Well, I lost my dad back in Oct-2003. I believe I made his knowing he was going to pass, a little easier for him, because of the things I would tell him. He passed from cancer, sadly, and now I believe he visits our home, along with mom, other family members and one of my best friends. There is also a fire glowing bright light UNDER the hammer. To me, I see what looks like a big man's hand. I see the side view of the hand, the thumb, and forefinger. I believe this hand to be my Great Grand Father's hand, my dad's Grand Father, and his Mother's, Father. The reason I say that, is because he was a carpenter himself. The other reason I say this is because if you'll notice, you can see the face in the diamond, and well to me, the face seems to be looking toward the hammer. I have many other photo's as well, and I am now writing a book on the subject of my Ghost. Each one of my photo's are well defined, and with great details in them. One thing I am very grateful for, is the fact that I can honestly say I know who my Ghost are, by the way they come to me. It seems they make sure that they know how to get my attention! And believe me they certainly do! When this photo was taken, there was no sun shinning through, otherwise, the sun would have been everywhere, and not just in certain forms, and certainly not UNDER the hammer. So do I believe in "GHOST" ?????? You Betcha!!!  (Click here to view Kim's photos)

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