After coming home from the hospital from hand surgery, I fell asleep in my bedroom. I was in a sound sleep due to the pain medication given to me. My mother said she would wake me up when it was time for my next dose of medication should be taken. So, when I was shaken on my shoulder to wake up, naturally I expected my mother to be there. But when I opened my eyes the room was very dark, since night had fallen and the bedroom door was closed. I walked into the kitchen and asked my mother why she had waited so late to wake me. She replied she had not wanted to disturb me since I was sleeping so soundly, in fact she was not the one who had been in my room to wake me at all and no one else was home, just the two of us. I immediately thought of my father who had passed away a few years before. I immediately found comfort in the thought that Daddy had been watching over me and a gentle shake on the shoulder from the grave is indeed a comforting feeling....Thanks Daddy!

While out running errands one evening with my husband and children we came to a stop at a traffic light. This very strange feeling came over me and I had a vision. I told my husband that I thought it wouldn't be wise to stop at a grocery store (won't say the name of the store) on the way home, because it wouldn't be safe. I told him that I had a vision of a man going to the store with a gun and shooting people. Well, we brushed it off, until my sister Regina came over two days later and asked if I'd heard the news about the grocery store (again, won't say the name of the store) down the street? Then she proceeded to tell us that a man had gone there and shot several people then himself. 

On Halloween night, while out trick or treating, we were on the way back to my sister Judy's house.... well just as we got on my sister's street, we passed a house and I got a vision of any old woman looking out of the screen door at me. I turned to my sister Toni and told her "That house is haunted by an old woman" my sister Judy, who was behind us, caught up to us and said "What did you say about that house?" I replied "It's haunted by an old woman" she replied "How do you know that?" I said "Because I just saw her as we passed by" Judy replied back "That's very weird...because the neighbors always said the house was haunted after the old woman who lived there died a few years ago". 

Late one night while driving home from visiting my sister Toni and her family, I had a premonition of a black vehicle being in an accident. Well because our vehicle was black, I asked my husband to be extra careful and told him of the vision I had. Well about 10 miles down the road, there was an accident...a black car had crashed into a telephone pole! 

My cousin Kenny called me one night, wanting to know how brave I was...well...I questioned why of coarse. He said, that there was a trailer he was thinking about renting, but had heard some rumors about it. He wanted my husband and I to go stay one night with him there, to see if the rumors were true. If nothing happened, then he'd take his chances and move I had to hear the details...turned out, the trailer had been empty for a while, because a priest had lived there less than a week before hanging himself, but that's not all...the couple before him, lasted only a week, until one of them hung themselves there. Well, we passed on the invite and Kenny never did move in. 

My cousin Kenny and his family all went on vacation one week. They asked me to drop by their house several times a day to feed their dogs and the fish. One afternoon, my husband, the kids and I all went by as usual. My husband and the kids took the dogs out, while I stayed inside, waiting for them to come back in. I was sitting in the living room when I saw something move in the hall way. I looked over and saw a black haze, it was so large that it went from the floor to the ceiling in height. It had no shape or form and it traveled from their daughter's bedroom door way, down the hall and went right through the closed door of the spare bedroom. I jumped up and ran to the sliding glass doors and called out to my husband. I told him what I'd just seen. A few days later, Regina mentioned to me that she saw something strange in our dining room...she described the exact same thing I saw at Kenny's house....I can't help but wonder if it might have followed us home.

One incident happened the night before my son was to have his surgery. We were at the hospital and my son had already fallen asleep. I was laying on one of those hide-away couches in the room. It was positioned right next to his bed. I had a hard time falling asleep. I sat upwards and went to look at my son, to see how he was doing. When I looked up, on the opposite end of his bed, there was this head of a child peeking over at me. The image was grayish white in color and bald, with dark eyes. It just kept looking back at me. Then it just slowly disappeared as it went down on the side of the bed. The first thought that ran through my head was that it was climbing under his bed and coming towards me. I just laid there not knowing what to do. But after a few moments, nothing happened. We were there a few more days after the surgery, but I never saw this spirit again.

The kids and I were driving down the road, on our way home from visiting my mother.  I was behind this one specific small car, through most of the travel home.  I drive an SUV, so we were higher up than the car in front of us.  I could see pretty clear into the car traveling in front of me....and suddenly out of nowhere, like the moment I blinked, suddenly there was a passenger in the car.  It appeared to be a tall slender individual. The neck was very thin, the head was oddly shaped....very long and thin, like the neck. And this person's head was resting sideways on the passenger window, as if they were asleep there.  I made a remark to the kids "Where did they come from?", because I was behind this one car for probably almost twenty minutes and had stopped at numerous stop lights along the way...and never saw this person before.  The seat was definitely not reclined where this person suddenly appeared from, I don't know.  Anyway, I watched as the passenger continued to rest their head on the window, as we sat at the intersection, waiting for the light to change and as soon as the light changed and we proceeded, the car got into a turning lane to turn into a convenient store, I kept going straight ahead and as I passed this car, I looked into the car, curious about the passenger....there was no one in this car, except for the driver.  I believe that I might of actually seen a ghost in that car!

This isn't the only time that I have seen mysterious things suddenly appear in cars.  I can recall one night, long before my husband and I were married, we were out at a car lot, after hours, admiring a car they had on the lot.  I was standing on the sidewalk and got this eerie feeling to turn around and the time I didn't know what I was supposed to see, until a taxi passed by.  I can still remember the moment I looked into the backseat of that taxi....and to be honest with you, whether it's my mind playing tricks on me about this memory, I don't know.  But I remember this taxi cab as it drove down the street past us....and it was as if it were going in slow motion and when I looked into the back window of the cab....I saw what I swear to this day to be a ghost.  It was an elderly woman and she had both hands pressed up against the back window and her mouth was wide open as if to be yelling out something.  Her eyes were strange too, it was like they were open as wide as possible, almost a look of fright.  I still can't get over what I saw that night...and to this day, when I see a cab, I remember that night and how strange that woman looked in the backseat.

I had to run out to the store one evening to pick up some things at the local grocery store. On my way home, I passed by my sister in law Judy's house. Just as I got up to the house, I slowed down to beep the horn, like I always do when I pass their house. When I got right up to the house, I saw what I thought to be my brother in law Junior sitting on the front porch in the rocker. I nearly came to a stop and waved at him, but he just sat there rocking, staring into space. So, I headed on home. When I'd gotten home I told my wife Toni that I had just passed Judy's house and saw Junior on the porch, etc....and asked her if he might of been mad at us about anything, because it was very unusual for Junior to ignore me like that. He was a very friendly person, and this was very out of character for him. Toni thought perhaps he just didn't recognize the car, so she called Judy to find out what was going on. After their brief conversation, Toni looked at me and said "I don't know who you saw, but it wasn't Junior...he's been at work all evening!"

I had just started dating my wife Toni at the time. We had gone by her sister Kimberly's house, for a visit. Upon arriving, we were walking up the walkway and I as I looked into the living room windows. I saw Kimberly sitting on the sofa. Laying behind her on the back of the sofa was the distinct image or shape of a very large cat. I mentioned to Toni "I didn't know your sister had a cat." Toni replied "She doesn't." I went on to tell her what I had just seen. Oddly, the cat I described....had died about a month before.

My mother-in-law told me this story when I'd first gotten married. She said that years ago, her husband had been called off to the war. They were at the train station, and Franklin had just boarded. She had seen a little girl at the station, also boarding this train. She stood and watched as the train left the station. As it left she said the steam coming from the stack of the train made the shape of a coffin....after a few moments, she then saw the image of the young child in the smoke. She was very upset, because she thought perhaps this was a sign of something terrible forth coming. Later, she found out that her vision had come true...the train had crashed, and amongst the victims....was the little girl she'd seen in the smoke. 

One night, my sister Rita and her husband Jim came by for a visit. As soon as they walked in the house, I told Rita I had something very strange to tell her....she replied, she too had something strange to tell me. So she proceeded to tell me that the night before, she'd woke up in the middle of the night and rolled over and looked at Jim (her husband) and saw a head sitting on top of his chest. It was just sitting there, but it wasn't her husband's face and it had very scary eyes. She said she was petrified. I gasped and said you're not going to believe this...I was just going to tell you the exact same thing. That same night, I also woke up and rolled over and looked at Junior (my husband) and saw a head sitting on top of his chest and it was also staring at me with strange eyes! We never found out what the connection was or why we both saw the same thing, around the same time that night. 

One weekend I decided to hit a couple of yard sales. I came across a sale that day with lots of toys. Most of the things were in twos, because the stuff had belonged to twin girls. My daughter had picked out this unique little mermaid doll. It was the kind that you could take in the bath tub and play. So I took it home, put some batteries in it, but the darn thing wouldn't work. I took the batteries out and explained to my daughter that it wouldn't work, but still would be something neat to have in the tub. About a month later....late one night, I was home alone with the kids. I'd gotten up to go do something and while walking around, I heard the sound of music playing. At first the sound was very faint and it had a very eerie tone to it, almost like funeral music. I checked on the kids and looked around to see where the music was coming from. I couldn't pin point the location, it almost sounded like it might be coming from outside, but I really wasn't sure. The music started to get louder and by then, I was really starting to get scared. I called my husband at work to tell him....he too heard the music over the telephone. By this had gotten very, very loud. He decided to leave work and come home to check things out. On his way home, he called my parents to go to the house to check on me, until he got home and also called the police to have them come check the house out, just in case someone was in the house trying to scare me. Upon my husband, my parents and the police arriving, the music came to a sudden stop. The police came in and did a thorough check of the house, but turned up nothing. My husband thought it would be best, while he returned to work, that me and the kids stay at my parents house that night. The next morning, my mother wanted to go back to our house to look around, she thought there might be a logical explanation to the mysterious music. When we'd gotten back to the house, we looked around and didn't hear anything at first, but as we passed the main bathroom, the music started again. We were so scared we didn't know what to do. My mother (Judy) said it sounded as though the music was coming from the bathroom. I opened the door, when we went in...we saw the mermaid, leaned up against the side of the bath tub...her hair was soaking wet and dripping, as if someone had just dunked her underwater...I have to say, her eyes had this scary, unusual look to them...I'd never noticed before. The music was also very really did sound like funeral music, nothing I've ever heard come from a toy before. I reached down and picked the doll up so I could turn it off and when I turned her over...there were no batteries in it! My mother and I were speechless. Needless to say...we quickly got rid of the doll! 

One afternoon we were outside of our mother's house. We were heading out to the cars, when we saw this obviously large, odd figure gliding through the air between the trees. As it approached us, we noticed it was an old B52 bomber. We mentioned to each other that it was flying very, very low....and because we couldn't hear the engines running, it might be in distress.  We ran along the sidewalk, to follow it. It was flying so low I was able to get the numbers off the plane. As we got to the end of the sidewalk, it just disappeared into the trees. We thought perhaps it must of crashed somewhere. We ran back home and I called all the local airports to report what we saw. But every call ended with the same response "There had been no record of the plane". To this day, the only logical explanation of what we saw that day must of been a ghost plane.

I had decided to plan a nice vacation to go visit my sister Becky out of state. At the time, I had a close friend who worked for one of the local bus services. We had discussed the trip many times. Because I was so scared of getting lost and he was so experienced with the route, he offered to map out the whole trip for me. Well....I'm sad to say, shortly after, he died in a tragic accident, while on his route. It seemed like everything was now going haywire. First, I lost my friend and then I started to have problems with the car I was going to drive on the trip. At fist, I was reluctant to even make the trip, everything seemed to be going wrong. Well, after thinking it over and getting the car fixed, several times....I thought I'd go ahead and make the trip. I was traveling along a long stretch of highway, when I noticed a bus following a short distance behind this point I really couldn't make out the type of bus service it was. After several miles of watching this bus in the mirror, my car started to give me trouble and I had to pull off the road. When I looked behind me the bus was no longer there. I thought, well it must of gotten off at one of the exits when I wasn't paying attention. So, after taking care of the problem with the car, we were back on the road. We finally made it to my sister's house. Everything went great and Becky decided to return home with me to finish out the summer vacation. We were headed back home, when the bad luck started up again. The first thing that happened was we were sitting a red light in the early morning hours and a drunk driver hit us from behind. He took off and left us stranded. We went to some local residents and called the police, fortunately they were apprehended that same morning. Well, we finally got back on the road, with our tail lights all smashed. Just as we entered our home state, we noticed a bus traveling behind us. It was so close the tail lights were right on us. I was able to make out the bus number and it's destination on the front of the bus. I mentioned to Becky that my friend who recently died had driven that same exact route. The weather started getting very bad. We found out there was a tornado in the area. So we pulled off the side of the road and both of us, clearly saw the bus logo on the side and back of the bus as it passed right by. We got out and decided to paint the tail light bulb with nail polish so we could be seen by other cars behind us. We got back on the road and a few miles up, we saw the bus on the side of the road. I mentioned something to Becky that it appeared the bus was having trouble. She said we really could be of no assistance to them, but should go on ahead to the next exit and call for help. When we got into the city, I called that bus service of the bus we saw. I gave them the bus number and destination off the front of the bus. We were told, that route had been temporarily discontinued since the tragic accident of that bus on it's route. The service they were referring to, is the accident I mentioned earlier that my friend died in. I was very distraught. What did we see? To this day, I can't help but think, my friend was with me the whole trip through!

Several years back when my son Glenn was about 10 years old I used to walk him up a little dirt road in front of our trailer to the main highway for him to wait for the school bus. That's also where the mailboxes used to sit. Nearly every morning while we'd stand around waiting he'd swear he'd see a white dog hanging around the mailboxes. He'd always say "Mama, look there's that white dog" and I would look but never see it. This happened very often. Now that he's older, he recalls the dog not appearing like a real dog. It looked more like a ghost or spirit of a dog. Many dogs lost their lives along that highway, maybe this one just thought it found a home with Glenn.

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