I've lived in a variety of houses during my time here on earth and a few have had some strange happenings. One of the most violent towards my family happened in Deadwood, South Dakota. My mom loved plants and had a huge collection of them. We had just moved and about a week after we were in the house they all started dieing. We had never had problems with that before, we figured it was probably just the move. The plants continued to die for about a month and then something else happened. There was a corner in our room near a closet that made us all uncomfortable.  One night my brother woke up and told my mom he had seen something in the corner. He described it as a shapeless mist floating above the floor. It was never spotted after that again. Then after months of living there (the plants still wilting) my step brother and I smelled smoke coming from the downstairs apartment (the house was a duplex). We told our parents and sure enough it was on fire. I was told to stay outside and watch my little brother while they called the fire department. I was sitting outside the house wondering if some angry spirit wanted us out and just then, the number on the front of our house fell and barely missed my leg leaving only a scratch from one of the many nails used to hold it to the house. Soon after that incident we moved.  In the next house the plants flourished and all seemed well again, though the hauntings didn't stop there. My brother continually reported seeing a little girl in our room and a red haired woman walking up the stairs. On top of that he heard footsteps when nobody was there and constantly heard voices on the stairs. Even though it was kind of spooky they seemed like decent spirits and they never really bothered us.

We had just moved into this house and decided to take a few pictures to send home, to let everyone see what a nice place we'd gotten. What I didn't realize was what would show up in the pictures. It was a clear day, no rain, no other sort of odd weather conditions that would cause such an affect to show up in these two pictures. Thinking back now, I put two and two together and realized that this town had a lot of cemeteries near by....including Indian ones. (Click here to view Kim's photos)

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