Mark writes:
"I was thinking about how hard it is for the soldiers, and was overwhelmed with gratitude. This song basically wrote itself at that point."

He continues:
"I hope you download it and pass it on. I don't ever want to make a cent from this song. We live our lives every day, still in a country with freedom and privileges that are second to none.

If this song helps people remember that there are men and women at this very moment laying their lives on the line with no questions asked to protect that and if this song is ever heard by a soldier and lets them know that there are people back home that care and think about them every day...then this song will have served it's purpose."
Mark and his friend Jon created
"Soldier Wall"
as a way to say


to all the men and women that so bravely serve
our country
(past, present and future).

Anyone can post a picture and message.

Please visit link below
& pass it on!
The song "Soldier" was written after Mark watched a television show
about the soldiers in Iraq and their families.
All of the royalties from this song will be donated to the families of soldiers that did not make it home, and disabled veterans.
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