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Back when I was around twenty-one years old, I had a friend named Sharon and she lived with her parents in a trailer in a town called Lutz. One night we decided to go to a park called Nye Park, located on Lutz Lake Fern Rd. We were sitting under a pavilion playing a game of yahtzee. The weather was really bad, it had been storming and before we knew it, we'd lost track of time and suddenly all the big lights went off. So we headed back to the car, got into the car, and realized we'd forgotten the game on the table. After a few minutes, we saw the weather wasn't going to die down, so we both headed back to the pavilion to gather up our things, by the time we got back to the car we were soaked from head to toe. Suddenly a strong scent of flowers overwhelmed us. Sharon remarked my perfume sure was strong when it got wet, wasn't my perfume she smelled, as a matter of fact, I thought it was her perfume. Well, we decided to call it a night, we had a long drive back to her parents place. While driving down this long stretch of road, out of no where these head lights came beaming at us, as if to be right on my bumper. I kept looking in the mirrors, but couldn't see anything, only the bright lights. Suddenly as we went around a curve, Sharon's door swung open...strangely, her door hadn't been ajar or anything and that door had never swung open like that before. At the same time, her door swung open, the headlights just first I thought perhaps who ever was following us, turned their lights off, but still I couldn't see any car behind this point, I have to admit, I really got scared. Well....we finally made it home in one piece. We decided to go right to bed. Later, after everyone was sleeping, Sharon woke me up shaking me. She was crying hysterically and said there was a man at the foot of her bed, leaning over towards her, pointing his finger at her. After what we'd already been through that night, I was not about to take the covers off my head. He finally went away. Later she described what she saw and she said it was an older man with gray hair, but oddly his body was missing from the waist down....we figured it had to be a ghost or something. Perhaps he followed us from the park, perhaps what ever his fate was the night he died, we relived it driving down that deserted road...we don't know, maybe we'll never know...but one's things for sure, what ever happened that night, was beyond strange. I get goose bumps just thinking about it!

One night while visiting at my sister Kimberly's house. Kimberly, John and the kids decided to run out and grab some fast food. I decided to just stay there and wait until they got home. After they left I was sitting in the living room on the couch reading a magazine. After they'd been gone for a few minutes, something caught my eye in the dining room. When I looked up to see what it was, there was a ghost...a little girl around 7 years old. She had blond hair and a pink frilly dress on. She just stood there for a few seconds staring at me, then just vanished before my eyes. I was so scared, I didn't know what to think. When Kimberly and the family got home I told her what I'd seen. They said that they'd never seen her before, but it must of been one of the many ghosts who come and go in that house.

It was near Christmas 2001 when this happened.  I was sitting on the sofa watching t.v. at Kimberly and John's house. Something caught my eye....I turned to look and just for a an instant it was there, and the next it wasn't.  But I saw it long enough to realize what I'd seen.  I saw what looked like a young girl....about the same age of the girl I saw before in their house.....and her body, her shoulder was leaned against the dividing wall between the living room and the foyer.  She just stood there, with her head leaning on her shoulder and her legs crossed.  She was staring straight ahead at the t.v.....and I got the impression from the way she was leaning and looking that she appeared bored.

I was at Kimberly and John's house, watching a movie.  Sometime during this movie, something caught my eye in the dining room.  I could see out of the corner of my eye, a man, standing in the dining room, as if to peek around the corner into the living room.  I didn't want to say anything right away, but then Kimberly also had an experience, so I felt compelled to tell her what I'd seen.  She asked me what he looked like, but being I only saw him very briefly and he seemed to disappear as I tried to look directly at him, I couldn't really describe what I saw, only that it was definately a man.

My husband Gary collects all kinds of Indian artifacts. He digs to find them, but he rarely does. He and his friends will get up at the break of dawn, drive for hours and climb fences with "No Trespassing" signs if they think they've found a good place to dig. I constantly warn him that he's going to get in trouble one of these days. His love for fossils and arrowheads drive him to satisfy his appetite. For some reason he's not as lucky as his friends finding things and he gets desperate to own nice pieces to the point that if he sees a collection for sale that he can afford he'll make the purchase. He slipped up and mentioned that his latest purchase supposedly was obtained illegally from an Indian burial ground. He's had them for sometime and I really don't think a lot about them until one night.....I awoke with the feeling that something was walking on the bed. I could feel the bed sinking as whatever it was moved towards me! Suddenly I couldn't move because something was holding me down. I was terrified and I also tried to scream but nothing would come out! Gary was laying right beside me inches away and I couldn't even reach out to him. Something on the side of the bed caught my eyes. I looked toward the side of the bed (with my eyes only) and I could see a dark shadow rising up towards my head as if trying to get into my mouth. This seemed to last forever to me! At last I broke free. I lay there not believing what had just happened to me. I was terrified. The next morning I told my husband what had happened and he thought I was probably having a nightmare. As the story circulated within the family, it just so happens that a family member through marriage claims to be psychic What was astounding is that she does not know about my husband's love for arrowheads and Indian artifacts. She contacted me and told me that she sees in our household an unhappy Indian warrior. This brought goosebumps to my arms. She said that there was a possession of this Indian that he considered very sacred and he was after my husband but he would go through me to get to him. Needless to say, all the arrowheads were removed from this house. I went to a Catholic church and filled a bottle with holy water and sprinkled it all over the house and said a prayer. My husband took them to his mothers for safe keeping. The poor woman suddenly came down with an undiagnosed illness and is now deceased.

When Rita got married to Jim they decided to build a home. They bought a piece of property, had the land cleared and built their first new home. During the eight years of their marriage there were no strange occurrences in the house. Then came a divorce and Jim agreed to let Rita have the house as part of the divorce settlement. Rita, not wanting to live by herself, rented the bedrooms out to family members.

The first to rent one of the rooms was our nephew Eddie and his wife Betty.  Eddie would always seem to have some sort of weird experiences in the house, but the only one I could actually verify was the incident with my dog Googles.  Eddie, Betty and myself (Rita) were in the family room watching a movie.  I noticed Eddie kept getting up and going into the kitchen area and looking out the window of the door going out to the carport.  Eddie had returned to the family room and seemed a bit uneasy about something.  Next thing I knew he got up and pulled the blind down to the window next to the sliding glass doors.  He then remarked that he was going to bed.  I was puzzled why he would just decide to get up in the middle of the movie and go to bed, so I asked him "You're not going to watch the rest of the movie?" and he remarked something to the affect that he was spooked about something he kept hearing outside.  He was somewhat irritated that neither Betty nor myself could also hear this sound....but we didn't hear anything.  He got very excited and seemed in a panic state and remarked that what ever it was....was now on the carport.  I got up to look, noticed my dog Googles was standing at the door, growling at something too....but I couldn't see anything.  He then left and went to bed, because he was so scared.  I admit, what ever he saw or heard.....had to be there, because Googles never acted this way what ever it was....she was sensing it also.  Soon after, Eddie and Betty moved out.

Our nephew Dean moved in soon after.  (See Dean's Page for his experience in this house)

One night our brother Anthony was over and we were watching a boxing match on cable t.v.  As we all sat in the family room watching this fight, suddenly we heard what sounded like a stack of books or boxes falling to the floor in the living room.  Anthony remarked "Something just fell".  We all got up and looked that way, but nothing was on the floor.  We went in there to investigate, but still....there wasn't anything in that room that would of made that sound....we were baffled.

Right after Dean moved out, Regina and her friend Pam moved in.  All was well until one night.  Out of the wild blue, there was a heavy pounding on the bedroom doors. Rita lay in her bed not knowing if she was awakened by a dream or if she really heard the pounding. After a minute or so, there were sounds coming from the kitchen of pots and pans being dropped repeatedly to the floor. The next thing Rita heard was Regina's voice calling out "Rita are you up?" Then Pam's voice called out from her closed door "Who's up making all that racket?" It was immediately determined that someone was in the house besides us. We all peered from our rooms at each other staring down the dark hallway to the kitchen. The sounds had stopped suddenly. Rita told the others to come into her room because she had a gun and a telephone, and felt someone had broken into the house and was trying to lure us into the kitchen. She drew her gun and told Regina to get on the phone and call 911 and report someone in our house. In the meantime, Rita stood at her bedroom door and called out..."If anyone's there...I have a gun!". It seemed like forever before the police arrived. All the while we were listening for other sounds or possibly the person leaving. When the police arrived we saw their light shining all over the carport. Rita crawled quickly to the carport door, wearily having to pass the kitchen to let the police in. The police entered with guns drawn and we quickly started turning on lights expecting the back sliding door to be open. Surprisingly all the doors and windows in the house were locked tight. Then our attention turned to the kitchen and the recollection of the pots and pan noises. We expected to see pots and pans all over the place. To our amazement everything was in place. Sheepishly we tried to explain to the police that we had no explanations, but we all heard the same sounds that awoke each of us as we slept in our own rooms with the doors closed. That was just the beginning of other unexplained noises.

A few weeks following the above incident something else happened.  We were the only one's home at the time. It was early in the morning and we were both in our seperate bedrooms, getting ready for work.  We both heard a wrapping sound on the wall.  Rita called out to Regina "I don't believe it....did you hear that?" and Regina replied "Yah, I heard it".

I have to mention that after we sold this house and moved into a house we had built, my sister Judy mentioned something to us, that confirmed what we had been experiencing in this home was not our imagination.  Judy's insurance man just so happened to be the same insurance man of the people who bought Rita's house.  He asked Judy if she knew whether or not the house her sister Rita lived in was haunted or not.  Judy asked why he asked that question and he briefly told her that the woman living in the home now, was one of his clients....and that she mentioned she thought the home was haunted.

While our current home was being built, we moved into our brother Anthony's duplex.  We were living in the back half of the duplex.  During that time that we lived there, we experienced only one very bizarre thing.  We were in the living room, watching t.v. when we "both" saw what looked like a dark image or shadow of a person walking through the kitchen.  We both got up to look to see if maybe Anthony or someone else was there, but no one was in there.  We were pretty much stumped and scared by the incident.


Experienced by Toni:
One night, while visiting Rita, Regina and Gary's house...I had a strange encounter.  Kimberly had come over to work on Rita's and Gary's computer.  Regina and Kimberly was sitting at the computer, working on it.  I didn't know at the time, but Rita and Gary had gone out to eat with Gary's father.  I was sitting at the kitchen counter, reading.  I got up to go over to Regina and Kimberly, when I saw what looked like a man walk through Rita and Gary's bedroom and go into the closet.  I don't think it sunk in what I saw....until I went over to Regina and Kimberly and remarked about it.  They said "We're the only one's here...Rita and Gary went out to eat".  I freaked.

Experienced by Kimberly:
Not even a week after Toni told us that she'd seen a man walk into Rita and Gary's closet I too had an experience.  I was in Regina's room, helping set up her internet service on her new computer...she was standing to my left with her arm leaning on the tv cabinet. It was late...and I thought I saw...I thought one of my kids walk up and stand just outside of the doorway. I turned to look...thinking they were wondering when I was coming home...but when I turned to one was there. I whispered to Regina "I just saw someone standing outside your door"  She replied "I've been seeing the same thing".