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What's my opinion on the Ouija board??
Well….it's not good, that's for sure.  I'm sure there are many groups and/or individuals out there who have used the board in a respectful manner and who have had great success at using it.  These individuals I would assume are well trained and experienced in knowing when a negative energy is trying to enter or make contact and know how to handle the situation accordingly by blocking out these energies or by refusing further communication from them.  I, myself…am not one of those individuals and would haven't the faintest idea if I were talking to sweet ole granny or the devil himself.  Because these energies lie….they say what they think you will buy into to gain your trust and sympathy for further contact…that one opportunity for you to open the door for them to enter to make you life….in a matter of speaking, a living hell.

I'm no angel…I have been in the room where it's been in use many times and recall one incident that impacted me for about ten years.  The Ouija was asked when each and every person in the room would die…well, when it got to me (I was not participating in using the board, I was just standing in the back of the room watching), it said in the year "199?"  From 1990 to 1999, I lived in fear that this would be my last year.  I never knew when the day would come that I would simply drop dead. The board said it would happen…and I was stupid enough to believe it!!  I had no clue at the time that these energies being contacted would lie…but they do.

I was told many times by paranormal investigators and psychics that I was lucky…let me further explain. I had a relative drop by with some friends one night.  Well, one of the visitors was very into the paranormal and had heard about our home being haunted.  This guy I have to say was good…about as good at lying as the Ouija board is. I believed him when he told me he had used the board many times before and was well trained and educated in the use of the board. He assured me everything I'd ever heard was nothing more than stories….myths.  Well…I fell for it hook, line and sinker.  Because I didn't own an Ouija board, he and another individual ran out and bought one up at the local department store.  He and a two other individuals went at it for a while, but had no success in contacting any of the spirits in our home to find out why they were here and what they wanted…but my cousin and I sure did.  Curiosity about killed the cat….because her and I were standing there, watching…eagerly waiting to see if we could make contact…and we did. That planchette flew around the board answering every question with misspelled words and nonsense answers.  Finally…the board got a little better with its communication and began telling us that "he" was a four year old child, with something wrong with his feet and that he were not the only one present. He said there were six other spirits with him….of which were standing behind (and it gave the initials of two of the individuals in the room)...that did it for every living, breathing person in the room….we quickly closed the session and tossed the board out.  My family has stories of using the Ouija board that could fill a library.  Back in the 70's, people didn't know about the board, as they do now…people then, thought it were just a game.  Well…thank goodness over time, people are starting to know more and more about the spirit realm and types of energies contacted through the board…and are finding out very differently….it's not just a game!  It's about as safe as Russian roulette if you want my honest opinion.

Sorry for getting side tracked…but back to the night my cousin and I used the board with three other people watching around us.  My use of the board had no ill affects….as I said, I was one of the lucky ones according to paranormal investigators and psychics I've spoken with concerning the incident.  But my cousin was not so lucky.  When she went home that night, she obviously didn't go home alone.  All hell broke loose at her home.  Things went so crazy that the home had to be blessed and cleansed twice afterwards.  Months following the use of the board, she were plagued with horrible nightmares, electricity being turned on and off, water running, getting locked into rooms mysteriously….just to name a few.  She were basically being tormented.  Anyway…that's just one aftermath of using the board…my brother who was a pastor, had a daughter whose friend became obsessed with an energy she contacted and later committed suicide, so they could be together forever.  When I heard the story, it sounded like something right out of a movie…but being my brother was a well respected pastor, I knew he weren't pulling my leg for kicks.

This is a serious matter…and the quicker people discover how potentially dangerous using the board can be, the better.  I cringe when I'm in a store and see one sitting on the shelf in the toy section….THE TOY SECTION, where my kids can pick it up and ask me what kind of game is this? "Whoa…put that down slowly and no one will get hurt".  But it's not just Ouija boards…it's tarot cards, it's table tapping, automatic writing, séances and what ever other means people find in contacting the dead. My advice…if you want to play with fire, expect to get burned.  If you don't know what you're doing and you think it can't happen to you, think again. There are books written about people who have lost their homes, lost their loved ones and lost their sanity tampering with something they knew nothing about….or very little about. So, next time someone asks you if you want to get in on a little innocent spooky fun….think about all individuals out there who weren't so lucky and who's lives changed that very moment they said "Yes".

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When I was 15, my friend Terry who was a couple of years older than me, spent the night. There is no way either of our parents would allow us to own or have an Ouija board in our possession, so we decided to make our own with poster board and scissors. I myself really didn't believe in the Ouija and what many claimed it could do. I just always assumed that someone was always pushing it to say whatever they wanted it to say. Terry really wanted to do this, so I decided to go along with it, figuring she was just going to try and scare me or something. We talked with a spirit that just so happened to call herself Terry also. You can guess, I didn't believe this thing was really moving on its own. I had my mind set that she was moving it the whole time. Well, we started to argue over it, when all of a sudden the planchette started to spin around really fast. Still assuming it was Terry, I got mad. Then it just suddenly stopped. That was it. Terry started telling me that you are suppose to make it say goodbye or it stays here. Still mad, I said "Yeah, right…whatever." We started talking about other stuff and in the washroom; which is on the other side of the kitchen, we started hearing a lot of noise. Now there were 3 doors to that room. One went outside, one connected to the kitchen, and the other connected to my sister's room. My sister was an RN and was working the night shift, so no one was in her room. We knew no one could have gone through the kitchen, because they would have had to go right past us and we would have seen them. The outside door was locked and bolted from the inside, so that excluded anyone coming in from outside. Both of us just stood there as the sound got louder and louder. My dad had a bunch of empty boxes stacked up in front of the outside door. To me, it sounded like two people were throwing these boxes back and forth all over the room. Of course we were scared but I didn't associate it with anything having to do with ghost, etc… I was thinking that someone had gotten in from outside, somehow. I don't know why, but I grabbed up a butcher knife and told Terry to go and get Byron, my brother.  He and my parents were asleep. All this time, you could still hear these boxes being tossed around everywhere. Terry and Byron came up to me at the door and you could tell by the look on Byron's face, he was hearing the commotion too. He took the knife from me and jerked the door open…everything at that moment went dead silent. The boxes had been moved, because they were laying everywhere…but no signs of anyone in the room. Needless to say, we were all pretty freaked out.  I didn't dare tell him what we'd be up to earlier with playing with the Ouija board. To this day, I can find any explanation as to why we heard what we did or how the boxes got moved.

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On another occasion, I was at a friend's house playing with an Ouija board when the doors got ripped open. The door was not only locked and dead bolted, but it also was chain locked from inside. The reason being, there was a six foot drop-off and they didn't want any of the kids to open it and have a long fall. This particular incident, it was like what ever was channeled in, came in through the front door and busted out the backdoor. My friend even ended up getting into serious trouble for tearing up the door and locks from her stepdad. To this day, because of all the trouble she got into, her little brother still remembers the incident. He was outside at the time, but heard all the noise from the doors.  Since my encounters with the Ouija….I have never used it again.

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Brandy Stark
with S.P.I.R.T.S. of St. Petersburg
When I was a teenager; around the age of 16, I found an Ouija board at a yard sale and bought it for $.25.  Skeptical of the Ouija, I devised an experiment deemed to test if was simply a matter of self-suggestion:  I was going to ask what pet would die next and think to myself "fish". We had several adult cats, dogs and guinea pigs who were not elderly and in very good health, but I had a tank of tropical fish, several of which were getting on in fish years.  I was trying to "trick" the board by seeing if it would give me the answer I was thinking, which would be a logical conclusion.

I tried the Ouija board with my mother, a skeptic of all things supernatural.  After setting it up, I asked my question.  We put our fingertips on the planchette and waited.  After five seconds of no response, Mom tired of "wasting her time" and decided that she was going to bed and left the room.  I put the board away and didn't think about it for a few days.

Later that same week, I was talking to a male friend of mine on the phone.  I was telling him of my disbelief and attempt at experimentation with the board. I had just told him the question that I was going to ask it "What pet would be the next to die?"  I took a breath, told him "And the answer I was looking for was…." when all of a sudden the books on the shelf behind me tipped over.  They knocked into a figurine and sent it to the floor, where it shattered.  The figurine was of a ceramic fish.

These books had never tipped over before and were securely in place. I have not seen them fall in such a manner since this time period (almost 13 years later). The timing of the fall was too eerie…it was EXACTLY at the point where I would have said "fish". My friend said that he heard the noise and that I sounded stunned.  Though it was a long distance call, I ended it hastily, went and got the Ouija board out of my closet and put it in the garage.  I would not touch it again.  My mother had to get rid of it without my knowledge as I so feared it. I think that was a warning for me.  I have taken Ouija boards seriously since then.  If they do not channel the dead, then they certainly set up a psychological premise which I don't think should be tampered with.  I feel it is like opening the door to a stranger -- either an earthbound.

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Susan Granby
with S.P.I.R.T.S. of St. Petersburg
When I was young I was given an Ouija Board as a birthday present.  My sisters and I decided to have a séance that night.  We were all young; 12 or so, and had no idea what we were doing.  We asked for a sign that someone was there and the light bulbs in two lamps in the room popped.  Had there not been lampshades we would have been sprayed with glass.  From that day on I never touched an Ouija Board again.  I did have a teacher (Wiccan Priestess) about 20 years ago that taught me how to make "Talking Letters" but those were done under strict ritual conditions and only to be used in the presence of a well trained user.  I still know how to make them, but haven't used them in years.  It takes a lot of energy and when I did use them, I would be drained to the point it would take two days to recover!  I have found that using my own intuition is a much easier and safer way to receive communications that are meant for this side.

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Amy Hoge
with S.P.I.R.T.S. of St. Petersburg
I had my experience when I was around 16/17 and lets just say I was not as smart with it as I would be now (not that I use it any more).  My (at the time) boyfriend contacted a slave in the early 1800's named Abe.  His spelling was terrible and spelled based on phonics as opposed to the proper spelling.  I think at one time Abe tried to "possess" my boyfriend because his skin went ice cold and he lost control of his arms...which began to shake and jump.  After that occurrence we went to a Metaphysical bookstore and asked for help.  They helped with a protection ritual and an official closing of the session.

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with S.P.I.R.T.S. of St. Petersburg
Here is my story on Ouija boards.  My aunt and sister were playing with one when I was a small child and it would move on its own.  One time they reached a spirit who called himself "Henry the Eighth" as in "THEE" Henry the Eighth.  They began asking him questions and even got out the encyclopedia to ask specific questions that they absolutely would not know the answer to.  Someone not on the board would read the encyclopedia and write down the questions, giving them to my aunt and sister.  Unless they read minds, they could not have answered them correctly.  Each question was answered correctly.  There was now doubt that they were in contact with him.  After that, my aunt became what she thought was possessed by the spirit and until she threw the board away, she could not shake the spirit.  It was not a friendly one either.  It was never touched again.

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When I was about 8 or 9 years old we moved into a house which had a scary history, as it turns out. My mom and dad took my youngest brother to dinner. Linda (my sister) and I didn't want to go. We were instructed to bring the boxes of books in the garage, upstairs to the library. While we were doing this, we found an old Ouija board and started playing with it.  I thought for sure it was my sister pushing it as it told me I was going to be hit by a car and die by the time I was 10. Which obviously 24 years later, I'm still here. It also said there were 5 spirits in the house and said it's name was "JACKS" Boring and we put it away. That was when we started hearing footsteps in other parts of the house running, lights going on and off, radios blaring that we knew we had turned off, doors slamming, knocking and rapping in the wood. Boxes being moved about in the attic, etc. We lived there for 5 years and I can tell you that, I have nightmares to this day. Now this house was on the road which was formerly known as the "The Santa Fe Trail". A couple of miles up the road was where the Santa Fe Trail and the Pikes Peak Trail met. There were Indian encampments, settlements and a bad stagecoach accident/fire all in the general vicinity. I don't know if Linda and I had invited something into the house or it was there to begin with. My family are seers so I suppose I should just get used to it, but I have never been free of hauntings since then.

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I went to a friend's house to stay for the weekend.  My friend and I always love ghost stories, magic, psychics and anything else mysterious.  Those things would just get us going when we were bored.  Well, I decided to bring my Ouija board...which we've used many times and usually wait until midnight to use it.  This particular night, it was midnight and we were playing with it...just asking regular, everyday things.  When all of a sudden, it said "Don't be alarmed, in the next few hours, you're going to get a cold chill running through your bodies". We asked it "what do you mean don't be alarmed?" Well, the board replied that I and all the people around me will notice something in the next hour.  Well, right after I said that, my friends little brother came into the room with us and it just started to hit us...."This was what it were telling us were going to happen".  My friend's brother is terrified of ghost, so we all decided to just put the board up and wait to see what, if anything happened.  My friend said he had an idea.  I got out this string that attaches to a crystal.  He said it's kind of like a mini Ouija board and you can ask it yes and no questions. Well, we said "For yes, move it vertically and for no, move it horizontally".  We also requested that the responses cause the crystal to move fast and big, so we can detect when a spirit is present.  We hung this crystal on a string from a lamp and waited.  It was about a half an hour to an hour later when all of a sudden we heard a big ting-ting sound coming from the lamp. We flipped on the light and the crystal was swinging violently.  I mean it was starting to really scare me and my friend. I can only imagine how my friend's little brother would of reacted if he'd witnessed this.  We turned the lights off and got real calm and quiet. The atmosphere in the room seemed to change...it got eerily quiet and it felt as if something were about to jump out at us at any minute.  It also got really hot, really fast.  My friend remarked that he thought something big was about to happen...right when he said that, we heard the door creek open.  It wasn't much...but it was like someone were trying to sneak by us.  Then suddenly it got real cold and I mean so cold that we were shivering and covering up.  All of a sudden you could see a light blue or white colored light getting brighter as it got closer.  Then just as quickly as it appeared, it were gone.  Then it appeared again, only this time it got real bright and was coming from in the middle of the closet.  While we were focusing on that, my friend's little brother said "Look over there" and when we turned to look in that direction, you could see a shadow like someone were waking by.  Next thing we knew, the crystal was reacting to it and it just fell off the lamp. This shadow appeared to wave as if to tell us "Yeah, I'm here, but I won't hurt you". The wind blew outside and right when the wind blew, the shadow was vanished.

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While visiting a friend who lives in a haunted, we decided to mess around with his mother's Ouija board.  At about 11:30 we lit some candles and turned off all the lights.  There were three of us and we all put our fingertips on the planchette.  We started out by asking if any spirits were in the room....the planchette moved slowly towards "Yes".  We began asking other questions, but each time the planchette would move, it would go straight to "Goodbye".  We tried a few more times and finally we were contacted by someone. He said that he was a firefighter who died in the twin towers on 9/11.  He spelled out "fire" and "911". We figured he must of died in the 9/11 tragedy.  We knew he was a firefighter because when we asked him if he was, the planchette went to "Yes". When we asked him his name, the planchette went to three letters, we assumed his initials.  I have tried to use the Ouija board multiple times since then, but have haven't had the same results as we did that night.

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One boring summer night, my neighbor suggested we give the Ouija board a try. Everyone in our apartment complex were fully aware it were haunted….so I agreed.  I wanted to get my baby to sleep first. As I rocked my baby to sleep, I asked my neighbor how she came to have this Ouija board, because she had never mentioned it before. She said that the lady on the other side of her was carrying it out to the dump the day before, so she asked her why she was throwing it away...because it seemed to be good condition. The other neighbor said that she was throwing it away because ever since she had it in her apartment, things were falling off the walls and breaking. My neighbor said "Well if you don't mind I would like to have it."  That's how she got it.  Now that my daughter was in a good deep sleep, I made a pallet for her upstairs in my neighbor's bedroom. I put her on the floor because I didn't want her falling off the bed and getting hurt. I also didn't want her in the same room as we toyed around with the Ouija board. Some more friends came over, so all together there were four of us. The spirit we contacted said "No" when we asked if it were a man.  It also said "No" when we asked if it were a woman. At this point, I took my hands off the board.  One of the other people there told me that was a bad idea because that was opening the circle we had formed. I immediately put my hands back on the board but my friend said it was too late, that it was already let out. Right after he said this, we heard a big bang in the room upstairs where my baby was.  My baby started to cry. When we went to check, nothing was moved and my baby seemed to be only startled by the noise. After that, I decided I wanted nothing more to do with the Ouija board. (Read more of Sabrina's stories on our Indiana Page)

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A few years ago, my husband wanted to go to his sister's home for a visit in Denver Colorado.  I hate flying....so I decided to pull out the board to ask if we would in fact be making the trip....it responded "Yes" and also confirmed we'd be flying there.  I left the board out and without realizing it, my daughter and her friend took it into her room to play around with it.  They were in her room trying to use it when all of a sudden the planchette flew out of their hands and landed all the way across the room.  Needless to say it put a good scare into them and to this day, my daughter will not use one again!

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Recently, my friend Aaron lost control of his motorcycle and died.  Prior to the accident, Aaron, myself and a few friends; Brutus, Meagan and Alex decided to play with the Ouija board.  We played for a while, when all of a sudden the planchette just froze.  We couldn't move it for anything.  Next thing we knew, the planchette just started moving on its own. We sat on the floor in amazement, watching this board acting on its own free will.  All of a sudden, the planchette turned in Aaron's direction and scooted forward about an inch or so.  Right about that moment, Aaron's cell phone rang.  He picked up his phone, expecting it would be someone he knew calling him, only who ever or what ever were on the other line, hung up.  That's when we decided we'd pack up the board.  Not long following this incident is when Aaron had his accident.

After Aaron's accident, my friend Meagan and I decided we'd try and contact him using the Ouija board.  We were in the living room with only candles for lighting. We had a picture of Aaron sitting across from us.  We asked "Is Aaron H---s (blocked out actual name to protect identity) there?"  The board replied "Yes".  I then asked "How are you doing?"  The board responded "Great".  Then before we could ask any further questions, the planchette said "Stop".  We asked "Stop what?"  The board said "All".  We then asked "All of what?"  Then Meagan asked "Do you want us to leave you alone?" The board replied "Yes".  We both looked at each other and Meagan said "He wants to rest in peace".  I agreed and we then said "Bye".  It then said "Bye Brett".  Meagan said "I love you Aaron" and the planchette spelled out "I love you too Meagan".  We took our hands off the planchette and it moved on it's own to "Goodbye".  Needless to say, we both were pretty teary eyed after that.

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When one of my friend's was about eleven years old, she went to a party where everyone was playing with an Ouija board.  One of the girls said to the board "Give us a sign that you're here" and all of a sudden all the lights in the house went crazy.  Everyone were pretty freaked out and ended up destroying the board.

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When I was about 17 or 18, I was at a friend's house….a friend who swears to this day her house is haunted.  She claims that her and other family members would hear all kinds of sounds….especially when they were alone or if it were an exceptionally quiet night.  Something even tried to get in one of the doors once, but when they looked out the window to see who was there, they found nothing…no one.  Anyway, this particular night, my friends and I decided to play with an Ouija board.  I have never personally ever used one before…and after this incident, will never participate in using one again!  The planchette began moving on its own free will.  As if that weren't bad enough, we didn't properly close the session and I swear something evil followed me home that night.  I tried to tell my parents about it, but I don't think they believed me.  There were nights when I would hear what sounded like a stick being tapped on the walls, circling the whole parameter of my bedroom.  I feel that's where this evil entity dwelled, because the rest of the house was uneventful.  I began having horrible dreams.  I would wake up and try to get out of my room as fast as I could…always with some sort of interference, preventing me.  I woke up once and felt as if I couldn't get out of bed.  It was pitch dark….blacker than black that night.  I threw my blanket off and tried to find my way to the door.  It took me about ten minutes before I finally found the door handle and light switch….it was as if they had just vanished from my room for that period of time.  When I finally got hold of the handle to the door, for some reason I couldn't get that door to open for anything.  I had to pop my window out and crawl out of the room that way.  I had left home for a while….I returned to find my bedroom door wide open and just fine. One night, I also heard something fall in the bath room; next to where I was at…it was very loud.   After I finally moved out and in with my boyfriend (who is now my husband), it didn't seem to follow me…it continued to stick to only that room of my parents home.  My brother moved into my bedroom after I left and he too reported unusual occurrences in that room as well….but he seemed to experience more than I did.  He was so disturbed by the things happening in his room that he ended up putting all sorts of crosses, religious pictures and even a wooden statue of Christ he got from our pastor, all over his room for protection.  One day I went into his room and discovered the top of a statue appeared to be burned.  That's when he told me about the weird occurrences happening in his room…including the statue appeared to have smoke coming out of it.  Another disturbing thing that happened was that a cross had flipped in an upside down position in the middle of the night.  He also claimed he felt as if he were being choked at different times.  The same sounds I heard when I stayed in this room, he heard as well.  Eventually, a family bought the place from my parents.  They had two young girls, ages 11 and 12.  I was talking with a friend of mine and they told me that the new owners swear one of the rooms is haunted…I can only guess what room they would be referring to.  I have no doubt that what ever we did that night with the Ouija board….what ever was moving that planchette came home with me…and to this day, still dwells in that one of room of our old home.

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I was 16 and living in Massachusetts when I first saw a real Ouija board in use. I went to my friend's house on a Friday night. His father used to buy us all beer and let us drink in his apartment.  His mother was kind of "hippie-ish" and very much into witch craft and things of that nature.  My friends and I were all playing Playstation one night, knocking back beers. I had just finished my beer and went to the kitchen to grab another, when I noticed all the lights were off and lit candles on the table.  My friend's mother and two other girls (who graduated years before me) were sitting at the table with an Ouija board. This wasn't one of those Milton Bradley boards you buy in a store....this thing looked ancient. It was a huge circle with all the letters, numbers and every spelled out word you could think of. The two girls had their hands on the planchette and my friend's mother had a pad and pen. As I walked by, I snickered to myself and shook my head. I remember one of the girls asking me what was so funny? As I turned to walk back to my friend's room, one of the girls said "Wait...wait! Come here and try this real quick if you think it's so funny".  So I did and 8 years later it still creeps me out to talk about it.   As soon as I put my hand on this thing, it began whirling around spelling out my first and last name. I was very impressed because neither of these girls knew who I was or at least I didn't think they did. The girls asked who we were speaking with. The board spelled out "T-H-I-S   I-S   A-J" so I began asking it questions about the future, still in disbelief. It answered all of them, but still...these were future questions that I was asking out loud. Anyone with their hand on this thing could be moving it to make any response they wanted. So I asked the girls "Does this work if I ask a question in my mind?" They told me to concentrate on a question and usually the spirit will answer. So I did. The board spelled out "Y-O-U   D-I-E   5-1" I was shocked. One of the girls said "Oh boy...you just asked it when you were gonna die. That's not always a good idea".  I asked one final question before ending my session, I asked: "AJ, what is my mother's middle name?"  Immediately the board spelled out "J-E-A-N-N-E".  I remember taking my hand off and my eyes welling up. That was when I knew right there that it wasn't the girls who were playing some magic trick on me. By this time all my friends were standing behind me laughing. I ran into the other room and sat down.  A few came in telling me I had too much to drink, but I know what I saw happen. Several of my friends tried to use it after me, but nothing worked for them so of coarse this led them to believe I was just drunk and making this up in my mind. I was not drunk that night and was in no doubt, in contact with this energy who called himself "AJ".  I didn't tell anyone this story for years. Only recently did I tell my mother all about it. I told her how this spirit knew her middle name and my name. When I told her his name was "AJ" she thought for a minute and said "You know, you had a great uncle named Armond Jones, but no one ever called him that. He was always called "AJ". I never knew of this man prior.  For a while I dwelled on the whole "Dead at 51" remark, but not so much now because some of the other "future-type" questions I was asking that night didn't come true. Maybe these spirits are just having fun with us.  When people say "I never want to touch an Ouija board again"...I concur. Today I would very much like to use a board again, but would be a little more careful with my questions. However I am 25 years old now and most people would call that sort of thing "Child's play".

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Two summers ago, I started working at a camp...a haunted camp. No one has ever shared these stories outside of the camp, in fear it may scare campers away.  During staff week I heard talk of ghosts and spirits at the camp; but being a skeptic, I just blew them off.  The more I listened, the more real it became. Senior staff members, even the camp director, told stories that chilled me to the bone.  On the fourth night of staff week I was invited to use the Ouija board in the chapel. I had used one as a child, but assumed it was always just people moving it around. This time was different. You can tell if the Ouija pointer (planchette) is working…because it floats. If someone is moving it, the pointer will scrape, but it was floating and making no noise. When we asked who it was, it gave three initials. We asked what it did before it died and it said "loging". We took this as "logging"….the camp used to be used for logging and a "lumberjack" was not likely to know how to spell correctly. We asked a few more uninteresting questions that I cannot recall, because I was preoccupied with the rustling I heard nearby. It was the unmistakable sound of footsteps. After about three minutes of hearing footsteps that sounded like they were walking around the chapel and gradually getting louder (oh yeah, the chapel is outside, and it just has a roof and foundation, it is not an enclosed building), all of the sudden the pointer wrenched sideways and fell upon the word "GO". We took the message to heed and beat foot out of there. This is my own personal account of an Ouija board experience, but according to another staff member's mother who decided to join one night, she was shaken back and forth by a spirit and the Ouija board flipped itself over.

The last incident of my second summer was in the chapel again. We were playing with the Ouija board again, but this time….we didn't get such a nice spirit. It said nasty things to us like "kill you" and "die". It said, "GO or DIE", so we decided to take the first option and we left. As we were walking away, I looked back and saw a face in the window of the small room connected to the chapel.  It was glowing silver. I was about fifty yards away and I could not make out much except an outline, but my friend saw it too and it was enough to make us run.  (Read more incidents about this haunted camp under our "Secret Locations" page in our reader submitted stories section.)

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Jade P.
During my rebellious teen years, my cousin Anthony and I were very close.  Our parents got together every week to play poker.  Being so young, our parents always brought us along with them.  One night the card game was hosted at our house.  While our parents were occupied with their poker game, Anthony and I entertained ourselves with the Ouija board.  This particular night was different from any other I've ever encountered.  Supposedly we weren't communicating with the spirit realm, instead we were communicating with the living....and they claimed to belong to some sort of "supernatural intuition circle".  They explained to us that each member of this circle's name began with the letters that spelled out "O-U-I-J-A".  They introduced themselves as "Owen, Ursula and Ingo"....oddly, my name started with the letter "J" and my cousins with the letter "A"....which completed the circle that night.  Unable to fathom the idea that such a coincidence would occur and that we would be participating in such an unbelievable session....My response was: "Okay, if you are alive then here is my phone number (xxx-xxx-xxxx), call me".  Out of sheer curiosity, we began searching for the phone in case they did call us.  Just then we heard the phone ringing. The phone was next to my parents and their friend's in the other room, where they were playing cards.  My mom answered the phone...it was a collect call from Brazil.  She immediately hung up and asked us what was the reason for all this...suspecting we were responsible for the odd phone call.  Just then the phone rang again, this time the collect call was from California.  She hung up and started yelling at us...knowing we had something to do with the odd phone calls.  Our parents were aware we used the Ouija board, but were completely against it.  We were brought up in a Catholic family and not supposed to tamper around with such things.  Being we were young and rebels, we were addicted.  The phone rang once more that night; my other answered it and who ever it was...spoke a foreign language she couldn't understand...so she hung up the phone.  I will never forget how much trouble we got into that night because of this.  Needless to say, that wasn't the end our adventures with the Ouija board, we played it again many times afterwards and have many frightening stories to share about it.

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I've played with Ouija boards many times. And as most…I was extremely skeptical of the paranormal…especially Ouija boards. For my fifteenth birthday I bought an Ouija board and a group of about 6 girls, played.  Now the board moved (a lot), answered questions, so on and so forth. I've always thought in the back of my mind "HA, someone's moving it" and I'm sure, someone was. I put it away and never really tried touching it again until two years later. Then, two weeks ago when a summer night grew boring, I found the board in my closet. My friend Jessica and I decided to use the board.  Now, as I said before, the board "worked" before in front of me and a huge group of giddy little girls. And, I was always certain that some one was moving it, but this night, was NOT the case. The planchette was moving with such speed, our hands were chasing it across the board. It freaked me out. I never believed in it until that night. The person gave us their "information", etc. I guess it was a simple Ouija board conversation….we asked things like "Who we would marry", etc.  I played again a week later with two other people and talked with a man named "Q".  He apparently didn't like me. Every time I would ask a question, he would ignore me and he even said he didn't like me. I know it's against the rules and you're not supposed to ask the spirit to give you a sign that it is there... but we did it anyway. My friend's dog went totally insane outside her bedroom door and doors were closing downstairs in her house. That seriously freaked us out. Now I played AGAIN just two days ago with another friend and we spoke with a female that called herself "Evara" and said she knew my friend (Jacqi) in a past life in France or something. She wouldn't let us leave and said she had some urgent news for us. She kept giving us letters and we couldn't figure out what she was trying to say. Then she began to spell out a sentence. Basically she said "He sees trust Jacqi" ... "Find God".  Just to let you know my friend Jacqi used to be a real good kid and all that stuff, but the past year she has been rolling down hill and picking up some serious speed.  So, I can see how that is relevant to her life. Yesterday her and I played again and we spoke with a person that called herself "Terri" but then later told us she was kidding and gave us her initials "GES" or something similar. The person began just answering questions and then started telling us that we shouldn't be on the board and that it's dangerous. We asked it if she wanted us to leave, she replied "No".  Then she spelled out "Seed ten, serve God" and she said god was angry we were playing the board. Everything she said was not like she spelled out the whole sentence.  "God is angry you are playing this ladies", she spelled "ANGRY" and we asked if she was angry, she replied "No".  We asked if God was angry, she replied "Yes". Then we asked if it was because we were tinkering with the board, she replied "Yes". Anyway, she then told us we have talked to evil spirits before and God has protected us, but we need to stop. She spelled "Stop", "Stay away", "People are angry" (for us playing), "People pay" and "Quit".  Then she told us to go. I don't think I'm going to be playing with my OUIJA board, for a long time…if not forever!

Contributed by:
Mike G.
One night, my friend Ryan, Tiffany and I were using the Ouija board in Ryan's old room.  There wasn't much in the room except for a mini bookshelf, a closet, a TV hanging on the wall and a very dim gel light that barely lit the room.  I started to grow bored after contacting "friendly ghost" all night….so I decided to ask if there were any evil energies around, to show us their presence.  I asked if they would open the closet door real fast to scare us and the board replied "yes".  We decided to start counting down 10…9…8…7…6...(staring at the closet door waiting) …5…4…3…2…1.  All of a sudden, instead of the closet door opening…the gel lamp's cord got violently yanked from the electrical socket!  Right then, we realized we'd gotten more than we bargained for.  We all huddled in the corner, shocked.  We called the cell phone to one of the other people, elsewhere in the house to come help turn the main light on. When they came to the room…we discovered not only had the cord been yanked from the socket, but there were mysterious scratch marks near the socket as well.

Contributor Wishes To Remain
When I was fourteen, my sister, myself, and our friend Mia were bored half out of our minds during summer vacation a few years back. I'd heard about Ouija boards, and was fascinated by them, so I suggested we play. Keep in mind; this was about one in the morning. They agreed and since we didn't have a real one, we made one on the back of a box, using a cookie cutter for the planchette. We wrote down various words, numbers 1-20, and the alphabet. My sister didn't want to have her hands on it, so Mia told her to make up the questions and ask them. When Mia and I placed our hands on our planchette, my sister asked "Is Linda P---- (last name excluded for protection) here?" (Linda had committed suicide in our home before we bought it). The planchette flew to yes, and before my sister could say her next question out loud, spelled out my own name.  My sister said "Will she have a happy life?" and the planchette drifted between yes and no, and then moved to spell "J-U-L-Y" and hover above the numbers "2-8-2-0-0-5". We dismissed it, and my sister asked if Mia was going to remain a virgin until her wedding night like she wanted to. The planchette shot to the top of the box, out of our hands, and then spelled "R-A-P-E". Mia stared at me and I asked, "When?" It then spelled out "A-L-R-E-I-D-Y". Mia blinked and my sister said "When? Who?" It then moved to "J-U-N-E" and
"1-9-9-8". It moved to spell out the name "R-Y-A-N".  The box then flew across the room, crashed into my stereo, and we heard my sister's door slam. We scrambled to right the box, and Mia grabbed our pointer, put it back on, and motioned for me to put my fingers back on it again.  She asked "Who's here?" and it spelled out "S-H-A-N-E". It then spelled out "D-E-A-T-H"  "D-R-I-N-K-I-N-G" and "G-R-A-D-U-A-T-I-O-N".  I finally figured it out. My cousin, Shane, had died the night of his graduation after he had been drinking and then went to drive his friend's home.  I asked, "How are you?" and he then told me not to go on the golf course in 2005. We asked him a few more questions, but nothing happened. After we gave it up and started talking about random, usually girl stuff, I noticed the pointer moving rapidly across the box. I poked Mia, and told her to look. We watched as it spelled out the name "Andy" and then the word 'murder'. I put my fingers back on it and Mia told me to let go, this was stupid, and I did.

Since that night, there's been a bullet lodged into my bedroom ceiling that no one can get out.

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When I  was about 12 years old, I went to my friend's family Halloween party. We were bored so we went to the garage to see what we could find to do. We found and old Ouija board sitting on the game rack and asked her aunt if we could take it back to my friends house. She said we could. So we did. When we got there we went to her room and shut all the lights off (except a little lamp). We were talking to someone and I didn't believe that it was moving on its own and blamed it on my friend. She asked the board to give us a sign that something was there. About 2 minutes later her dresser and bed started shaking really hard. It scared us so bad,  we put it away. We went to bed about an hour later and put the board under her bed neatly. When we woke up it wasn't there any longer. We haven't seen the board since.

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I've used the board twice and don't think I'll ever be using it again.  The first time was with my friend John.  I had heard about the Ouija before, but never tried it. Being a firm believer in the supernatural; I had a feeling it was going to work…and sure enough, not even ten seconds in to our session, it was working.  I fell in to a trance-like state. We were on it hours, but it only seemed like 15-20 minutes. At first it told us it was a little boy.  It couldn't spell very well and it also claimed it had died of a sickness at a young age. Then it said bye.  We were so intrigued by the board we didn't want to stop, so we asked if there was anyone else out there that wanted to speak with us. Then a middle aged man claimed he was passing through noticed we were using the board. Then the most frightening thing happened of all. My friend John had a friend that died when he was 14 and he claimed to be his friend. I never met him, but my friend John was crying and I knew I wasn't moving it, so I know that this spirit either had to be John's friend or else it was an imposter. It was talking a lot about how he was in heaven and all kinds of other weird stuff. It soon became dark and we realized we had been on the Ouija for hours. The next incident was with another friend.  My friend Tina, her mom and myself decided to mess around with it one night. What ever we made contact with, claimed to be a spirit that haunted her house that she had lived in a few years back. It was an evil spirit or at least one that was kind of sick in the head. The spirit that claimed to be from her other house used to kill the rabbits they had in cages in their backyard. They said they would often go outside to feed them and to their horror, find one or two rabbits dead, seemingly killed by a broken neck. There would be smells of raw sewage and other nasty, foul smells in their backyard sometimes. Anyway, Tina's mom asked the spirit to prove that it was there by tapping on the wall…sure enough…there was a tap on the wall.  The tapping didn't come from the living room (the room we were in), but instead sounded as if it had come from Tina's bedroom, down the hall. By this point, I was pretty freaked out and if that wasn't enough, we decided to see if it could read minds. I often wonder if it was reading our minds or if we were tapping in to this entity and it influenced what numbers we chose. I still ponder over my strange experiences to this day and wonder how this board really works. I am still very curious, but I vowed never to mess with the board again. I have done some soul searching and my guess is that this board is like a piece of the tree of knowledge from The Garden of Eden. Knowledge we are not supposed to have; forbidden. From my own personal experiences, in my opinion, whatever is communicating through this channeling tool lies and can see into your mind if you open it and invite it in. It will seemingly know all your deepest darkest secrets….if you allow it to. My advice is to stay away from this thing, because when you look in to the abyss, the abyss looks back at you!

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Being an opened minded skeptic, I always believed that the "Ouija" was fake and someone always pushed the planchette around. My friend and I decided one day to see for ourselves.  One of us kept our eyes closed, while the other watched. I decided to close my eyes first and have a little fun scaring my friend.  I kept my eyes BARELY open…just enough to see what I was doing. I pushed it purposely to make it appear to spell out my friend's first name (just to freak him out). As I pushed it, I got to the third letter in his name and all of a sudden the planchette froze. It was as though it was cemented to the board. At this point my friend yelled "You were moving it!" because my hand went forward but the planchette stopped.  Being young, I said "No, I wasn't!"  He said "Gimme the mover" but it wouldn't budge.  My friend leaned over to me and said "Why won't it move?" just as he finished his sentence, the planchette began spinning on its own accord!  I grabbed and tugged at it until I was able to force it to "goodbye". Next thing we knew, the light turned off.  We made our way to my bedroom door and right then, we realized how quiet everything around us became.  We looked back at the planchette (which was the glow in the dark kind) and it looked so mysterious and eerie in the pitch dark. To this day, my Ouija board sits dusty in our game closet. No one ever believes that this happened except for my friend who was there to witness the whole thing.

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When I was 17, I moved in to a 2 bedroom unit.  Me and my mates made an Ouija board and used it.  I feel it must have opened a gateway for a bad entity.  When I moved in the house it made no noises, but after that; you could feel a bad presence.  Where ever this entity would go, the walls and ceiling around it would creak.  At night I would be lying in bed and I could hear it creaking in the lounge room and then start to move into my bedroom.  I would then feel pressure on my bed and a feeling as though something was pushing down on the bed.  It would also turn things on like the fan over the stove and the heater; which was gas.  You could physically see the dial move.   Also, my mood started to change while I was there.  It got to the point where I was too scared to sleep there, so I stayed up at my mums a lot.  She got sick of it so she took her psychic circle there.  My mum has been talking to a spirit called Wayne for years.  She talked to the spirit and it said it didn't want to leave, but with the assistance of the spirit named Wayne, he made it leave.  When I returned home, I could feel the entity had gone.  (Please visit our Australia page to read more of Christine's experiences.)

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I had always heard stories of Ouija boards and was always quite curious about it after I saw my friends using one at a party. Soon enough I bought one from a woman online. The first time I used it, it worked right away! Most of the time, my younger sister and I played because everyone else in the house was too afraid. It always moved fast when we used it together. One day we got bored and brought it to what we thought was the scariest place in the house. Our small workshop filled with tools and junk. My sister told me to get candles while she set the board up. I was about 10 feet away from her when the lights suddenly went out! I looked at her and she was dead frozen because she was no where near the switch. We ran out of there so fast and screaming. We went back to put it away and decided to try again for a few more minutes. I was shaking but we put our hands on the planchette. It was moving around crazy trying to go to all four corners of the board. Then all of a sudden things in the room started falling. We were so freaked out yet the Ouija board and its mysteries, still fascinates me.

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I used to work in a Cottage hospital; built by local people, from money they received from raffles, knitting and other resources. The first Public TV was set up by a guy called Eddison, in that hospital. The top of three floors was the old nurse's home. Only about 16 rooms, it wasn't very big. Two large bathrooms and a roof access used for…Shhh….sometimes topless bathing. I lived a long drive off so I turned on my talents and cleaned a bathroom to use to save time. This allowed me to change at work if need be. On several occasions it was filled with hot water. Not by me… If there was ever a place for eyes watching you it was there. Ok to get to Ouija. Some guys were altering the water tanks in the roof. There were some old items of furniture in one or two rooms. One was a large dresser with mirror. They made some letters and tried with a felt tip pen tapped to a glass. Nothing happened. I had to patrol and lock it every night, a perfect setting for eyes on your back. You could feel them. All quiet and locked up.  I went home and the next morning the guys arrived to make an early start on the tanks so I took them up to unlock the Nurse's home. As I turned to go about my work, one of the guys was calling out "Come here", look at this.  The mirror was covered with the words. Not bad! Over and over, it all looked like the same writing. They didn't try it out again. Some weeks later I was unlocking as usual…the main ward. There were only two wards and this one was good for a cup off coffee. The doors however were locked. Inside was a desk pushed up against it. A nurse saw me and came to the door to move the desk and unlock the door. She went on to tell me at the start of her shift she was watching the day staff leaving through the door. A nurse appeared on the stairs to her left. She was wearing an old fashioned uniform. About 24 years old, with a medium build and short blonde hair.  She was wearing a black nurse cape.  She smiled and waved. As she approached the main door, she said it was like she turned slowly into a column of thin smoke. It slowly lowered and spread to the floor and looked as though it was being sucked under the door. I asked a nurse that was in a separate part of the hospital if she knew a blond nurse years ago; she has been there since a teenager. She described the woman that was seen the night before. Could it have been the Ouija board??? I am or was an Ouija fan. I even made my own board out of plywood.   I tried a test with an old girlfriend. I actually had a Victorian vase made about 1868.  It weighed in around 2 3/4 pounds and it would whiz round my board like something possessed.  Was it? I don't know much, but I do know that pushing that for a good hour would have had a very sore finger.  I used to split a deck of cards and using a small glass.  It would go to each pile then say two numbers, every single time.

Contributed by:
Jessica L.
I was 12 years old and spending the night at my friend's house in the southwest. She had an Ouija board and suggested that we play with it. I was intrigued, so I agreed. We contacted a spirit almost immediately and asked it what its name was. It obliged and told us his name was Ray. We asked a few questions and then got sleepy, so we went to bed… I do not recall if we said good bye or not, my guess is NO. This session did not strike me as odd and I never discussed it with anyone, as I probably would have been frowned upon by my religious friends for tampering with such a "toy". Then, 3 years later, I was at a different friend's 15th birthday sleep over and one of her guests brought an Ouija board. The girls set it up, lit candles and began a session. I did not want to touch the planchette, as I did not believe that the Ouija board was for real, but I did help ask questions. They were able to contact a spirit right away and I asked what its name was, the girls spelled out "R-A-Y". I went silent and white as a ghost, I felt shivers run up and down my spine, had I mentioned the incident to one of these girls, were they trying to scare me? No, I had not said anything to any of them and it was clear to me then that this was not just a game. I slowly regained my voice and told the girls to ask it if he knew me and he said yes! I thought we should ask some more constructive questions to ease my fears and we asked who the next president of the USA (it was Clinton at the time) would be and before the planchette could move, all the candles in the room blew out and a balloon on the floor popped. Every one screamed and ran out to the back yard… I had tears in my eyes and I felt beside myself. We could not imagine why this spirit would do such a nasty thing and I told the girls then that I had spoke to him before and he was pleasant. This made my friends even more scared… which I did not want to do. We gathered our wits and went inside. We put away the board and looked for what could have possible made the balloon pop and candles extinguish- there was nothing to account for the strange happenings. My friends and I never really spoke of the event again as it gave us all the willies and if our parents knew they would be upset. Five years later and I am in the mid-west telling ghost stories on a stormy night, sitting in a screened-in porch with nothing but candles for light, as the electricity had failed. The tales wander on to the topic of Ouija boards. After my friends told their equally (if not more) eerie Ouija board stories I offered to tell mine, but that I had never told anyone for fear that the spirit was following me. As I uttered these very words, a huge clap of thunder rang out followed by a flash of lightening and a gust of wind, every candle on the porch went out, except for one, the one sitting on the ledge and seemingly most susceptible to the wind, the one directly behind my head. I screamed in realization of what had just happened and, simultaneously, leaped into the lap of my friend bawling like a little baby. Even my friends could not believe their own eyes. I did end up telling them my story and each time I do it gets easier and I get less frightened. I can say this though; I will never again touch an Ouija board. I have since experienced ghostly encounters, but I just tell myself it is good old' Ray, saying, "Hello!"

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When I was 12 years old, my friend Dylan and I were having a sleep over at my house. I was babysitting my 8 year old sister Stacey. Dylan and I were down stairs (where some rather odd things have been happening) and Stacey was upstairs in my parent's bedroom watching television with the door closed. I had told her Dylan and I were going to go downstairs for a little bit and that she shouldn't come down or turn on any lights, since we were using the Ouija board and wanted the best results. We set up for everything and turned off all the lights and lit a candle. The Ouija Board was set out in front of us and we were on either side. For a few minutes we just sat there and waited with our fingers on the planchette. There was a soft knock in the bathroom, only about 15 feet away. So I asked if there was a spirit present, the planchette moved to "YES". Dylan and I started talking to it, and there was something blowing on the candle. Dylan held her breath as did I. The candle flame still blew. There was a loud crash in the bathroom and Dylan and I were both getting really freaked out. We both decided to go upstairs for a while to decide what to do next. I blew out the candle and went upstairs.  We went downstairs once again to try to get this entity to go away. The doors were all closed and the candle was lit. I was getting very, very scared now. From what I knew about ghosts and spirits, they couldn't do anything physical except close and shut doors and make noises. I knew that the spirit had to be evil (which this nameless one was) and very powerful to effect the living world. Dylan started to talk to it (the entity didn't like me and wouldn't answer to my questions) the entity had said it died of torture, so Dylan used that against it. The entity left and the house was still. Both of us turned on all the lights in the house we possibly could, except the downstairs bathroom, and decided to do a house blessing. Neither of us goes to the local church so we couldn't get the minister there to do a blessing. So I did it. What we did was take purified water and my mother's rosary and put them in a glass container for 21 minutes. After that I put on my cross and went into every room of the house and said a prayer while putting "Holy" water in the shape of a cross. The house then had a purified, peaceful feeling, and nothing like that ever happened again.

Contributed by:
Crystal M.
I had always wanted a Ouija board even after reading allot of stuff on the net about how dangerous they are. I guess the fact that I am into all aspects of the paranormal field made me want one even more. My parents bought me one for Christmas and much to my delight they agreed to "play" with the board one night. We asked it random questions which I cannot remember but the one thing that stuck out vividly in my mind and still does to this day is the board telling us that my father will die due to a massive heart attack! We all looked at each other and thought yeah right, this board is just a game nothing will happen like it said it would. We continued to mess with the board for 30 minutes longer and then went to bed laughing at what we were told by the board. Oh I forgot to mention one very important point, The person that we contacted that night said he was the devil! Anyway the next day we woke up and started our day like normal and all was well, my father was fine, as was my mother. A little bit later my mother and father informed me that they were going to go grocery shopping and they left only to return with some very disturbing news that I overheard them talking about. When they were shopping my dad was overcome by chest pains bad enough for him to be seen by the doctor the next day, I know what your thinking, he should have went to see the doctor when it happened but he is a very stubborn MAN. The doctor told him that he had a very mild heart episode, not quite a heart attack but not too damn far from one either! I got rid of that board immediately when I found out what had happened. You might be a skeptic but the board told us that it would happen and the next day after messing with the board it did!!!! I will never touch a Ouija board again but the scary thing is I have had a severely strong urge to make my own and I keep fighting that urge because of what happened to my father 3 years ago. IF YOU DON'T THINK THAT PLAYING WITH A OUIJA BOARD IS DANGEROUS THINK AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Contributed by:
My name is Marnie and I am from Australia and this is my story. One night when I was about eleven my brother who was twelve had a friend come and stay at our place. Our house was not haunted so it's hard to know why or how this happened. But my brother and his friend had found an Ouija board and decided to play with it but would not let me join in so I just sat and watched. At first I was convinced it was all rubbish that they were moving it when they started talking to a man who called him self the watcher who spelt out words like hell and death and other not very nice words. To say the least I was so scarred I thought my heart was going to beat right out of my chest! Every one but us three were out that night and my brother and his friend started to get scarred but would not leave well enough alone. The planchette flew across the room and the candles started to flicker wildly when there was no wind or breeze from any where because all doors and windows were shut and locked tightly because we were home alone! The curtains started to raise as though there was a major breeze the door to my mums rooms down the hall slammed shut and our lounge room light shattered and we heard a young woman scream a blood curdling scream yet there was no one but me my brother and his friend so to this day when we discuss it we have no explanation as to what happened we never told my mum she would have got so mad and to this day non of us have ever played with the dangerous and unknown!!!

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My best friend Kayla and I decided to get an Ouija bored to see if it really worked.  I wasn't positive that it did, but she knew that it did.  Kayla and I were trying to get it to work for hours and it never did. So we decided to do it somewhere else, but not in the bathroom.  So we went into living room and finally it happened. We encountered a spirit.  At first I thought it was Kayla, but then I knew it wasn't. I heard a knock on the door and I just thought it was someone for her sister or something. I looked out the door and all I saw was a car outside.  So, I sat down. A few minutes later we tried it again. It said its name was Karen. And I just thought Kayla was trying to scare me. So I went along with it. Two minutes later, the back door swung open and I saw a black figure run up the stairs.  I know it wasn't Kayla and everyone was sleeping at their house.  I started to freak out. After that, I heard heavy footsteps upstairs and I started to yell. Then it was completely quiet. I got up to get on the couch and all the sudden it sounded like shooting. I got under the blanket and started to pray. After I got out of the blanket, I looked in the kitchen and I saw someone staring at me.  It was like I did something wrong.  I started to get tears in my eyes and Kayla was just so calm. Kayla went upstairs. I told her to be careful and when she got half way up the stairs she screamed. I ran outside.  When she got outside she was bleeding but she didn't know. I asked her if she tripped on anything and she said no. I took a closer look at it and it looked like a knife went into her leg.  I had enough of it. I went inside thinking I was going to be all big bad and tough and all of a sudden it was like I passed out for a few seconds. I saw someone standing in front of me with a nasty look on its face. So I closed my eyes and it was slowly fading away when I opened them. But the rest of the night it was still there when I opened my eyes. Till this day Kayla and I will always sleep with the lights on.

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My story started when a friend and I went on holiday for a few days to the South of England, which is supposed to be riddled with witchcraft and the like, especially in Dartmoor. We stopped in a hotel and late into the evening we got bored and went downstairs to the bar, where two staff were sitting after their shifts. They were talking about ghost stories and then we decided to play the Ouija from letters from a scrabble board and we used an upturned wine glass for the planchette. The glass started to move and everyone thought each other was moving it, so the two staff got up and left Marie and myself still playing it. It spelled out that it was her granddad then it said "Billy loves" which was her boyfriend. She kept asking me if I was moving it, but I wasn't. I asked if it could give us proof it was working and it spelled out "GOSS" which turned out to be one of the staff's surname. When we said Goss, he heard and came over and it spelled it out again. We have never met this guy before. We also asked if there was a god and the glass kept making figure of eight shapes. A few weeks after this event, something tried to possess me one night as I was climbing into bed, something hit me in the back, but I could tell it wasn't human, this happened three times over a period of about one minute, each time it winded the hell out of me. I prayed to god to save me and then it went. I have never messed around with the paranormal since.

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I was about 16 at the time.  About 10 of us from our church choir decided to gather at a one of the group's house and hang out after choir practice one night because he would be alone that night as the rest of his family were visiting relatives.  We talked about it at practice and our conversation was overheard by some members that we didn't want to join our gathering, but we didn't want to hurt their feelings either.  Steve, the son of the homeowner, talked one of the groups to leave early then call and pretend to be the father stating they were coming home early.  We would all leave, then come back and the unwanted guests would not be the wiser.  The plan was put into effect and it worked like a charm.  The invited group returned in a few minutes and we sat around listening to music and cracking jokes.  We decided to lock the doors and turn off most of the lights just in case the unwanted guests returned.  I locked the front door myself. 

One of the groups found an Ouija board in a closet and we started playing with it.  There were 7 boys and 3 girls in the group and at first two boys started with the Ouija board.  Nothing much happened and they gave up.  I picked it up and was just looking at it when one of the girls asked if I wanted to try it with her.  We did and almost immediately the pointer started moving and answering our usual kid questions.  Like "what color is so-in-so's panties" and "who's going to die first" that type of questions.  By this time the whole gang was hovering around us, each wanting us to ask their question.  About this time the house phone rang and we all got quiet because we thought it might be Steve's parents.  This was long before Caller ID so we had no way to know who was on the other end.  Steve answered the phone and he got a peculiar look on his face and hung up.  When asked who it was, he said that he didn't know and all they said was, "You'd better stop what you're doing".  We figured it was one of the unwanted and they were trying to make us feel bad for what we did to them.  We shrugged it off and continued on our merry way asking our questions of the Ouija.  Next the questions became a little more sinister.  We asked who was on the phone and it gave some initials (I think) of someone we didn't know.  We asked if there were any ghosts present and it answered "YES".  About that time all the power in the house went out.  After searching for a bit we discovered the main breaker had been turned off.  Not tripped as would happen with an overload, but turned OFF.  Again, we thought it was one of us playing a trick on the rest of us, so we continued.  Shortly after returning to the board the person that left early before to call and pretend he was Steve's father walked in the front door.  He scared the hound out of us.  We all kind of chuckled nervously and then he asked who was standing outside the door when he pulled into the drive.  None of us had been outside and that reminded me that I had locked the front door.  He said it was standing half open and there was a man about half-way in when he pulled up and when he got out of his car, they were gone.  Well, the phone rang at that time and again we all got quiet.  Steve answered and about the time he got the phone to his ear we all could hear a gruff deep voice coming from the receiver.  Steve slammed the phone down and jumped, and I do mean JUMPED backward about 10 feet.  He looked like he was scared to death and shaking as if he were freezing.  He said the voice screamed, "STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING RIGHT NOW!"  Well, these events kind of shook us all up and we decided to heed the warning.  At least for a few minutes.  The girl and I started using the board again, but this time there was a sense of dread in me.  Before I was having fun, but now it was as though I knew something bad would happen and sure enough it did.  Joan, the girl I was on the board with, asked a question about the presence of evil.  I don't remember exactly how she worded it, but the pointer started moving wildly around the board.  Joan let out a scream and took her fingers off the pointer and covered her face as the pointer continued to dart from one side of the board to the other.  I took my fingers off and the pointer made three more trips across the board before stopping.  I mean that thing went from one side to the other, stopped briefly and went back to the other side all by itself.  It might have been trying to spell something but it didn't stop long enough on any letter or number to be able to read what was beneath.  By this time everyone was freaking out.  The girls left and went to their respective homes.  All the boys stayed over night, but none of us slept because we kept hearing voices, bumps, groans and furniture moving around in the house.  We all went into the living room, the site of our night's activities to discover the whole living room furniture was rearranged.  Steve got mad thinking it was one of us and when we convinced him it wasn't, we put everything back where it was before.  About the time I got into bed, I heard it again and ran into the living room to catch whoever was doing it.  As I got into the living room I saw the sofa sliding across the floor with no one around it.  It didn't move far, only a few feet before it stopped.  I turned and went back to bed.  We heard those noises go on almost all night.  The next day, the furniture had been rearranged again; all of the dishes and drinking glasses were sitting out on the counters.  We left and Steve went with us, afraid to stay there by himself.  When his parents returned later that day, he went home.  He says he didn't tell his parents about the incidents and they never happened again.

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I was at my friend Alyssa's house; we were in the attic looking for a board game that's when we found the Ouija board. So we put it in her room and saved it to play at midnight when no one was awake. So its midnight now and we took out the Ouija board. Alyssa warned me that this is scary shit so I thought it can't be that scary it's a game. When we started to play we asked the ghosts name and it spelled out Ann. I just thought it was an illusion or some trick so I didn't think it was a big deal or amazing. The little piece that you used to spell out the words was slowly spinning and at the same time the lights in the room was getting dim then really, really bright. I didn't care about that either I thought it was some electrical problem. Then the big mirror in her room was banging against the wall constantly and the Ouija board started moving up and down on the floor. Alyssa looked frightened then I knew Alyssa wasn't doing this. Out side of her door we herd all weird beeping sounds and we didn't wanna check because we were scared to death. Then I picked up the Ouija board and threw it at the wall when I threw this cold chill went up my spine, then suddenly everything stopped. About a month later we went to my house and did the same thing it was the same ghost named Ann and when we were playing my lights were dimming then getting really, really bright, and the TV in my room was on but it was on mute and suddenly the volume on the TV turned really loud then a pillow on my bed just randomly flew off and landed right in front of Alyssa, again I threw the Ouija board at the wall and everything stopped. After those two experiences I never even touched or looked at an Ouija board again.

If you're thinking about playing with the Ouija board you better be in for some SERIOUSE and SCARY shit.

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About 13 years ago; myself and 5 friends thought it would be fun to play about making our own Ouija board (stupidly). We wrote out the letters of the alphabet, 0-9, good evil, yes and no and bye on pieces of paper. Then placed them on a table in my friend's living room with an upturned glass, we lit a candle and proceeded to attempt to contact someone. After a few failed attempts some one or thing responded at first we thought someone was pushing the glass until we asked for a relative to come through. Well my mate Barry thought it was a relative of his and began asking questions only he would know to which the correct answer came through   all well and good or so we thought...... All of a sudden the glass starts getting faster and we ask for it to go to bye it went to no ...we asked if was still Barry's relative and the glass again went to no. When asked who is it the name spelt was simply DEVIL    ...Ok who is the joker ... by the look on everyone's face it was none of them. Being the big  clever  17 year olds we were we started to try and make it angry by asking stupid questions ( it worked ) the glass started going mad round and round and flew off the table straight into poor Darren's lap well we all jumped up ( poor Darren went to the toilet for about an hour ).

The next night we thought it a good idea to do it again, we had some new guests my cousin and her friend. Reluctantly Darren joined in again, I decided I would take notes we began with the usual is anybody there but no one answered so my cousin suggested contacting our deceased granddad. So we called for him and believe he came through great again only asked questions my self or my cousin could now (neither of us were touching the glass) again correct answers... the glass went to bye when asked. So we began again  this time a spirit came through we asked are you good or evil ...straight to evil ... it started to say things like you're all going to die  leave now  same old stuff  until it has a message for all who were there the night before  it simply spelt out "cursed"  ( oh joy ) . No sooner did it say that the flame on the candle bent over then went back up straight. Needless to say we ended it there. Since that night I have not touched an Ouija board and now know they are dangerous. As for being cursed I'm not sure my luck isn't good but it could be worse. Darren's house has had allot of strange things happen since then a big black shadow has been seen many times passing the window and electrical goods turn on and off on their own.

Contributed by:
Bella and Elle
We recently bought an Ouija board and decided to try it out. On Saturday it just wouldn't work. There were three of us. It was us and our friend Joanna. Joanna thought it was just a big joke. We finally gave up and decided that the dumb thing was a rip off. The next morning Joanna left and Elle and I decided to try again. This time, it moved. Elle and I were both convinced that each other were moving it. We decided to play along and ask some questions. First we asked what the ghost's name was. It replied "Beth". We asked if it would hurt us or bring bad things upon us. It answered "No" Here is a list of our questions and Beth's actual answers...

What's your name?  Beth
Will you hurt us?  No
How old were you when you died?  23
How did you die?  Hung
Why?  Depression
Why were you depressed?  Abused
By who?  Husband
Did you tell anyone?  Yes
Why didn't they do anything?  They didn't believe
Why didn't you talk last night?  The other girl didn't believe
Did you have kids?  Yes
How many?  2
Boys or girls?  Both
How old were they?  2 and 4
Which was older? The girl or the boy?  Boy
What were their names? Peter and Ryleigh
What was your husband's name?  Sgt. Ronald Hamilton
Is Beth short for Elizabeth?  No
What is your full name?  Bethany Timmunds
What year did you die?  1899
Did you live in this house?  Yes
Which room?  This one
Are there any more ghosts besides you?  Yes
What's their name?  Sam

(That was really scary because my (Bella) uncle's name was Sam and he passed away in the basement right below my room)

Is it Bella's uncle?  Yes
Would you like to be our friend?  Yes
I'm Elle.

(Then the planchette started to move on it's own) Wait, "What's her name?" (Beth spelled this and the planchette spun around to point at me (Bella).  We then decided to make it say goodbye...This ghost was (Luckily very nice and friendly)

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A couple of years ago, I ran across an old Ouija Board dated 1919. I remember how fascinated I was with an experience when I was about 10 with one, so I thought that this "board game" would be fun to fool around with again.

My son, when he was very young, told me about looking out his bed room window and seeing three "glowing figures" coming from the field toward his window one night. He also stated that they even entered his room and stood at the foot of his bed. He covered his head with the blankets thinking that they would go away, and when he uncovered his head, they were still there... then they vanished. I attributed this to a "bad dream" at the time.

There is this old, beautiful house on my property, built in 1926; the builder also signed and dated his name in the rafters in the attic. "Cool" I thought, that he took so much pride in his work (like an artist) to do such a thing.

Anyway, we were in this old house, working the Ouija thing and so forth. My son asked me to see if what he saw was real or not. We got an answer and allot more! The two people who were at the board knew nothing about this; in fact, they did not know the name of the road we live on or anything else much about this neck of the woods.

I asked if there were any ghosts who wanted to speak (not at all taking any of this seriously).
"YES" replied the board.
“Who are you?” I asked.
"ANNA MILLS" was the reply.
As our guests worked the Ouija board. “Why are you here?” I asked, and the planchette began to move quickly.
"I DIED HERE ON THE MUNGER SHAW ROAD". (Our guests didn't even know the name of this road.)
“How?” I inquired.
"TRUCK", the board answered.
“How?” I asked.
"RUN OVER", Anna replied.
“When?” I asked
"1936". Anna replied.
At this point, I was having fun with this game. I did not at all take this seriously; after all, this thing is just a game. “So if this is all true, where is your body so that I can bring you some flowers?” I jokingly asked. Her answer sent chills down my spine.
"YOU ARE THERE", she answered.
“What do you mean?”
"SKATTERED" (misspelled by an 8 year old)

She gave us a lot of information that night. She is with two uncles who are elusive, but protecting her. She was visiting them here when her death occurred. Things have happened after that as well than before. When I first put the trailer house where it is (now abandoned, for I am now living in the old house), my ex-wife and I heard the distinctive voice of a child crying - that I can say without a doubt. My ex also told me that she seen a small girl one night fleeing out the door one late night (blew her off). And so did I one night when I woke up to use the bathroom, you know, through the corner of the eye, I attributed this to late night-half asleep stuff.

We did the Ouija again with two other people, again the same conversation with this Anna Mills. I cannot find any records of her existence of her anywhere, though. Then again, out here in the sticks (especially back in the '30s, records may have not been so critical; heck, I know a guy that have two people buried in his front yard from back then; that's in the days when they did things like that). I did ask her who her uncles were, and she remained allusive on that info.

Okay, I know this all sounds really weird, and I did not believe a thing about all of this until about a year ago...

I went for a walk, as I have quite often. I walked across the field on a winter moonlit night. On my way back, I distinctly saw two people "sneaking" around the trailer. Thinking that someone was trying to break in, I approached one of them. I yelled out to them, what did they want, ready to confront the intruders. I swear that I was within 15 feet of the guy wearing a plaid shirt and bib overalls when he took an abrupt right turn and went right through the wall of the trailer house - right below my son's old bedroom. I could see each and every detail of his face, and the texture of his clothes! He looked just like a real person - that would "appear" under a full-lit moon. I stopped dead in my tracks, but somehow I was not frightened out of my wits as one would suspect. Rather a comforting feeling came over me. By the way, when I first called out to them, the other ran into the woods.

All of this I merely attributed to suggestive thinking, thinking I saw things that I imagined and so forth. Perhaps it was a restless walk late at night and so forth.
About a month ago, I was visiting my sister and her family at their house miles away. Her daughter also had an old message board that her father found years ago in an attic of an old school that he once worked at. The planchette was missing, so for fun I went to work in his wood shop and made a really nice wood one for them. With her and her boyfriend at the board, I asked “Anna are you here?”  "HI, RICK", the board replied.

This really freaked them out! “Tell us the story that you told me the last time we spoke,” I asked. Again, the same info that came up a year before. I did not reveal any of the prior things that Anna said to anyone there, but there it was, again the same. She said that I did see here once, and that she and her uncles did visit my son. I did not ask any of this, once the planchette began to move, she went on and on and on. I asked her if she liked what I did with the old house (it still looks as it did in the 30’s-except for the addition of electricity and pluming, and she said that she feel at home. I asked her if she ever enters the house, and she said,

"NO. BAD MEMMORYS". (Again misspelled by an eight year old girl.)

Lately, at night through the corner of an eye, my son as well as I have seen someone fleeting past the kitchen window. Even our dog sends an alert that somebody is here, when in fact there isn't. The last time I used the board (being a skeptic, I always have someone else use it) she said that she wanted to meet me along the edge of the field at one o'clock in the morning. “Promise?” I asked.
"I PROMISE", she answered.

I never bothered. I'm not sure if I believe in such things, but it is fun to think about... Perhaps it is true!

The person I rented the place out to said that he seen a girl standing in the doorway of his room, and told him to "get out"....I described Anna to him and he said that is who she looked like......several people have seen shadows of figures darting back and forth of my house (next door) several times..........each and every night these shadows can be seen......

Two people have died there within my lifetime and I found my uncle dead right outside the door when I was 17.

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any of the stories found on this or
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without prior consent.
~Thank You~
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I see the danger in Ouija boards, but not in the
fact that it lets bad things in. 

That may be a
secondary risk.

I see the danger in when it
actually works, and people actually make contact,
and paranormal stuff actually starts happening,
the people get so afraid that it actually worked
that they freak out and imagine that all sorts of
demons are after them.

That is the real danger of
Ouija boards. What did you expect after all from
contacting the dead?
Our group has worked several cases where the
paranormal activity greatly increased after certain family members used an
Ouija board
to contact entities.

These cases are some of
the worst we've worked.

Nasty smells, banging and knocking sounds throughout the day and night,
object movement

I even had my ribs broken on one case when a set of golf clubs was thrown at me from across the room.

We always ask clients if they have used an Ouija board during the initial interview,
and they always say, "No."

We always find out later that they had used one.

This may be sold as a game, but I can attest to the fact that it is NO game! The board opens doorways to all sorts of lower level beings that don't belong on this plane.
Quoted by:

Doris "Dusty" Smith
President & Founder of The Daytona Beach Paranormal Research Group, Inc.
Quoted by:

S. Jones
South Florida Ghost Team
Quoted by:

The National Ghost
Hunters Society
Proud member of the TAPS family & the AGS
President & Founder of
The International Association of
Cemetery Preservationists, Inc.
Owner & Operator of
Haunts of the
World's Most Famous
Beach Ghost Tours

Well, as long as the
Ouija board
has been around, you would think that people would have wizened up.

There are too many cases in which, someone has gotten injured or harassed after or during the use of
the Ouija Board.

Parker Bros does not care what the outcome or dangers are as long as they make money.

The Ouija Board opens doors and the user has no idea
of what is happening.
The user is drawn into a
world of total obsession
with the board and continues to work the board alone.

Whatever entity has come through is malevolent and uses the person to keep the door open for others to come through.

The person may believe that they have contacted a loved one when in reality; it could very well be a demonic spirit that is mimicking the deceased individual.

They should all be burned and forgotten. But as long as there are thrill seekers and idiots, the Ouija board will remain active in society.
The National
Ghost Hunters Society
believes that this life
is not our only life.

"May the dead show us what
the living cannot see"

If they do not channel the dead, then they certainly set up a
psychological premise
which I don't think
should be tampered with.

I feel it is like opening the door to a stranger -- you never know what you will get!

Quoted by:

Brandy Stark
Quoted by:

Jamie Clemons
Chicagoland Ghost Club
They can be traced back to the ancient Greeks who used what was called a "talking table"

They too said that you should never use the "Table" while drunk or sick.

Its was used by the followers of Pathagoras.

I do not condemn the board BUT, It isn't a toy and should be used with great care.  It can be harmful (like any tool) if its not used well.

These are a few rules
I tell students:

1. Never never never use a board by yourself!
The people who get into
trouble do this.

2. Always use at least
three people.

3. The person asking the questions should not be
on the board
(using the planchette).

4. Never believe what is
spelled out until checked.

5. If anything bad happens
on the board,
stop using it at once.
(Like if you should contact Hitler, Satan or
some such evil person).

6. Keep good notes.
People have written novels using Ouija Boards--some are good.

7. More good things come out
of the board than evil--
For every horror story,
I have files of good communication.

Author of Hollywood Ghosts,
The Ghost Stalkers Guide to
Haunted California
And Ghosts of
the Haunted Coast

First ghost hunter
on the internet,
Investigating haunted sites since 1978
Quoted by:

Richard Senate
First ghost hunter on the internet, Investigating since 1978
My feelings about
Ouija Boards is this:

They are very dangerous toys.

I liken it to giving a 4 year old a chemistry set!

The ones you purchase today are mass produced on assembly lines.

this tool that is used to open a portal to other realms
is open to absorbing
the energy of anyone
who works with it.

What if you have a very angry,
hostile person working
in that factory?

That energy will be sealed
within the item.

"I have found that using my own intuition is a much easier
and safer way to receive
communications that are
meant for this side."
I do think that there are people who can successfully use it
and have no problems,
but they are far and few in between.

Unless you have many,
many years of psychic, mediumship, channeling, experience then

Quoted by:

Susan Granby
S.P.I.R.I.T.S of St. Petersburg

Quoted by:

S.P.I.R.I.T.S of St. Petersburg

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