I have a very active sixth sense.  I have had many encounters and this is just one of them.  I've been working for the same company for some time now our building has several sets of elevators.  We never use one of the elevators that are located on the other side of the building because it's only services up to the 20th floor and my office is on the 31st floor.  However, all the elevators stop on the 12th floor where the office fast food is located.  This particular day, after lunch my friend and I decided to go down to the ground floor to smoke at the park, across from the office.  Since we were going down anyway, we can use any of the elevators to go down to the ground floor.  This particular day because we decided to use the set of elevators that is located closest to the cafeteria exit.  The doors opened and we clearly saw that the arrow was pointing downward...but to our surprise when we got into the elevator, it began to ascend up.  Suddenly the elevator stopped at the 16th floor and when the doors opened it were pitch black.  We heard what sounded like a girl crying.  We were dumbfounded because it's impossible for anyone to be in that area, since that floor is completely abandoned.  My friend kept frantically pushing the close button, but no matter how many times she pushed that button, the elevator doors just wouldn't close.  Because we were stuck like that for about ten minutes already, I just closed my eyes, expecting the worse.  Finally I opened my eyes and while the cries were still very audible in the distance I pushed the close button in one last effort and the doors finally closed.  We descended down to the ground floor in peace and went on to the park to smoke.  We were both pretty shaken by this and from that day forward, never used that elevator again!

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