When I was 14, going on 15, my great grandmother passed away.  I was devastated.  I was very close to my great grandma. Before she died she told me that I would never lose her and that she would be with me forever. She handed me an antique snow dome; she'd had it since she was a child. The night she died we all stayed at the hospital. The next day, we made her funeral arrangements. That night I heard a very odd sound. I woke up and looked around to discover the snow dome she gave me was gone. I was kind of freaked out by the whole thing but fell right back to sleep. The next night, around the same time of night my great grandmother died, I heard music playing. As I laid there, realizing this music sounded very familiar, it was then that it hit me.....it was the music my great grandmother used to listened to every night before she went to bed. I looked around to find where the snow dome was and to my surprise it was just sitting there, moving and playing. There was no way anyone could of done this....besides it had been broken since she was a kid. Goosebumps covered my back as I laid there frozen, listening to the music as it just kept getting louder. Then it just suddenly stopped. I was really scared.  I asked my mother to sleep in my room the next night to see if it would do it again, but she said that nothing strange happened. Now the fourth night is when everything went crazy. That night I was home alone, my parents had gone out for dinner. The morning following,  I told my mother that the snow dome had played music again.  My mother laughed and said that the dome could not play....it was broken.  She decided to fix the problem, I watched as she placed the snow dome in her room and locked the door behind her. That night my parents said they would be out late. It was around 1:30 in the morning, when I heard the music begin playing.  I went into the hallway to see what was going on and I saw it.....the snow dome was no longer behind the locked door, it was now sitting on my desk playing the music. At that moment, all the doors started to slam open and closed. This went on for a good 3 or 4 minutes.  I  ran outside and I could see the lights flickering on and off in the house and hear doors slamming open and closed.....then silence. All I could do was sit outside and wait for my parents to return home. When they finally arrived home, I told them what had happened. They were so shocked to hear what I'd been through, but soon explained what they believed might be going on.  They said that my great grandmother had written me a letter not knowing she wasn't going to live for very much longer.  She said to me "Jordan, I love you very much and I want you to know that if you ever want to talk to me just listen to the music".  I can't help but wonder, if all this occurred, because my great grandmother was just trying to send me a message or just her way of saying....goodbye.

When my parents found out that I was smoking and causing problems they sent me to a boarding school for troubled kids in the remote forest area of New Mexico. Boy what a time I had there.  The school was split up where the boys lived at a small area with 3 big houses, a wood shed, a laundry room, a school building and a trailer.  the girls lived 2 miles away in a big two-story mansion. The mansion was built right next to an Indian burial ground. I hated when I would be out in the woods around that house by myself...I always felt threatened. I heard stories about ghosts haunting the girls there, but I had never witnessed anything myself. I think those stories were fake. However, one time I was going for a hike behind the place and it got dark. I stumbled into the burial grounds. I was scared at first, but  thought I had nothing to be afraid of, so I decided to stay and look around. I saw broken pottery, some gravestones and what appeared to be houses....but I didn't want to stand in them and make sure. I thought it was pretty cool in there. When I was walking away it was very dark.  The moon light that managed to fit through the tree branches and lit my path.  I looked back one last time and saw a man standing there. I was scared, yet I didn't run...I just stood there looking back. He didn't show any threatening gestures,  so I just looked at him until it got pitch black and the moon didn't light the area anymore. I stumbled back out and eventually found my way back to the mansion where I discovered everyone worrying about me missing. They thought I ran away, which I admit, I had tried before.

At the same place they had a remote cabin where they put the kids who caused the most problems.  I'd been sent there a few times and hated it. I heard stories about a ghost that lived near there, who would sometimes communicate with the kids in the cabin. One time, when I was in the cabin talking to my friend about this story he said let's try it. He said "If there is a ghost here tap on the wood once". I heard a tap...I couldn't believe it, so I made my friend stand up. We were the only ones in the cabin at the time. He then said "If you are not here to cause harm tap once, if you are, tap twice". There was one tap. We felt relieved. This went on for about 4 minutes until an adult walked in to check on us. After he left, about a half hour later we continued talking to the ghost. We named him tapping Patrick, for some funny reason.

One night I decided to sleep in my sister's room.  Our parents had gone to bed and the only light on in the house was the TV in her room that we were watching.  My sister got up to go to the bathroom to brush her teeth and get ready for bed.  I was standing at the TV changing the channel when I suddenly felt someone watching me.  I also heard something behind me so I turned around.  Standing in her doorway was a lady in a long black dress and a black wide brimmed hat just staring at me.  I was terrified.  I collapsed to the floor and put a blanket over me and began sobbing.  I didn't know what else to do.  I couldn't get a scream out.  When my sister came back to her room she was really scared by how shaken up I was.  We slept with the lights on and the door closed that night.

I have seen a young girl in my parent's home on more than one occasion.  She looks about the age of ten and from an earlier era.  She has long ringlets and she is always wearing a dress with Mary Jane's.  The first time I encountered her I was vacuuming in the hallway to the bedrooms and I started getting a strange feeling.  I looked into my parents room and there sitting on the bed was this girl watching me.  I dropped the vacuum and booked it out of the house.  I was so shook up it took a lot of reassuring from my Dad to get me to go back inside.  The next time I saw her I was lying in my parent's bed watching TV when I heard giggling.  I looked towards the hallway and the girl ran past the door.  I jumped up and ran to my parents in tears.  A couple months after the last sighting I was helping my mom clean out one of our spare bedrooms when she came upon a bunch of old framed photographs of her ancestors.  There in the picture is the girl that I have been seeing.  I had goosebumps for hours.  I still can not look at those photographs.

I was trying to fall asleep one night when I began to hear what sounded like someone pacing in the hallway outside my room.  I was immediately scared being that I was home with my mom and she is in a wheelchair and unable to pace in general.  I could hear the carpet shift as someone walked or dragged their feet.  It started sounding closer and closer.  I held my breath as I expected whoever or whatever it was to appear in the hall in front of my door.  At that very moment my dog jumped up and went and lay behind the door so that it would close.  What a good dog.

From about the time I was 16 up until almost 20 I had a baby monitor in my room so that I could hear my mom in the night in case she needed something.  My mother had multiple sclerosis upon other things and it progressively got worse and enabled her from the things we do in our everyday life.  Since my dad worked nights I was her caretaker during that time.  I would wake up in the middle of the night and hear whispering coming over the monitor.  Sometimes I would be able to make out a word here and there but not too often.  One terrifying night I heard the whispering and I heard my mom whispering back.  I swallowed hard and gathered my courage and went into her room.  She was laying there wide awake.  I asked her who she was talking to and she responded there was a man in her room.  I told her to not speak of him because she was scaring me and she obliged.  To this day I have never told anyone about this because when I did tell my dad or sister about these things (my mom woke me many nights claiming to see things in her room) they would tell me it was the drugs she was on and that she was hallucinating.  I don't believe that is true because I heard whoever she was talking to.

When my dog was still a pup (many years ago) he would always wake up in the middle of the night and need to go outside.  Around that time my dad was not working nights so he was usually the one to get up with him.  He was very hesitant to tell me this story because he knows I scare easy and I have had my share of scares in our home.  Anyway he finally fesses up that when he is waiting for the dog to come back in the house he would sometimes hear whistling.  The whistling would be a distinct tune but he could never place a finger on what it was.  He said it would give him the creepiest feeling and we would go yell at my dog to come inside so he could lock up and rush back to bed.  About a year or so after him telling me this he began working nights and I became the new candidate for my dog's late night pee break.  After a few times of getting up and waiting for him I too began to hear the whistling, just like my dad said in a the same eerie tune.  My hair would stand straight on end but I could never pin point where the whistling was coming from which was especially unnerving.  The whistling would scare me so much I would make a point to take my dog outside before bed time so that he would not get up at night, sometimes it would not help.  I still do not know what tune we were hearing but I bet if I ever heard it again I would get the willies.

I work weekends at a restaurant and usually after my shift I would go home and take a shower.  First I should say that I have had quite a few experiences in my parent's house.  Second I should say that these experiences and my feelings of uneasiness in the house increased after my mom died.  Third my father works nights so I was always home alone at night, when things would really happen.  This occurrence happened to me at least a dozen times if not more.  To this day it is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.  I would be in the shower and I would hear a knock.  I would convince myself I was hearing things and to brush it off.  Then it would come louder.  Then louder and louder until it was like someone was banging with all their might on the bathroom door.  Just as suddenly as it started it would stop.  There were times I would sit in the bathroom and cry because I was too scared to come out.  I began to take my cell phone with me into the bathroom and if it would happen I would call my sister, my dad, or my boyfriend in tears asking them to please come over.  I would wait in the bathroom until they arrived.  I moved out not too long after these occurrences for many reasons other than usually being scared but also because I felt it was starting to really take a toll on me mentally and emotionally.

I live in Santa Fe, NM and it seems like almost all the towns have some sort of ghost or history in every building. My dad had cancer and passed away in 2001. His wishes were to die at home, so we left him there. On Halloween I was getting my little brother ready to go trick or treating while my grandma and my auntie were going to take care of my dad, while my mom was at work (She worked nights at State police, where I currently work. There are strange things that happen in this building as well). Well I took my brother trick or treating when we were almost done, my auntie called me that my dad was freaking her out because he sees two little girls. She said "He’s pointing and laughing at them and telling them that they are mean and rude." because the girls were pointing and laughing at him. So we went home because my auntie is very sensitive, but he had just fallen asleep. My dad passed away 7 days later. Well the story continues, in 2004 my mother purchased a new mobile home and put it on our land exactly where our old mobile home was. We had only lived in our new mobile home maybe 6 months when one night my mom woke up both my brother and I. She was screaming at the top of her lungs like she was getting murdered. Her bed is right next to the bathroom, so she told us she was turning positions and when she turned she opened her eyes and saw too little girls playing on the floor in her bathroom. I believe they are the same little girls that my dad saw.

A lot of strange things happen in my house being that my dad passed there, in 1986 my great grandfather died on the same property.  He was burned alive in his house by arsons.  We were told by a psychic that our whole neighborhood was a battle field from the Indians which I believe because Santo Doming Pueblo is a 15 minute drive from my house, and everyone in the neighborhood we talk too say that strange things happen in their houses. Lights will turn off, and on by themselves. Doors will open and close gates as well. Radios turn on, things go missing and sometimes they come back or they end up at my grandma’s house (She lives right next door, our yards connect). We have had our house blessed and still things happen. I do not get scared because I have an interest in this kind of stuff, although once and a while I do when something new happens. We also see shadows dark figures, or mist, we also hear foot steps, or slippers dragging on the floor. Some times when I driving home I will see a figure walking down the street, and when I look in rear view mirror it’s gone.

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