The house I grew up in was definitely haunted. We would hear loud footsteps in the kitchen and attic. Doors would also mysteriously slam.  When I was little, I heard the sound of someone singing the kitchen.  As I got closer, I was stunned to discover that the singing seemed to be coming from the sink drain. Upon entering the room, the singing came to an abrupt stop. Things would also happen to my mother, stepfather and brother, like the water suddenly turning on and off.  The water would quickly switch from hot to cold, then a while later, turn off again and then come on, being scolding hot. Around the time I was 15 and my brother Cris was 16, my parents had gone out of town and we were both sleeping in my brother's room.  My brother had gotten up briefly to run to the bathroom and no sooner did he leave, the blankets started to shake and crinkle.  Then suddenly out of no where, they just flew up in the air.  Just as Cris returned, everything came to a sudden stop.  I told my parents what had happened and needless to say, we moved out of this house two months later.

My mother has a mirror hanging in her foyer. From the living room, the mirror's reflection is of the hallway. Occasionally, a girl with shoulder length brown hair can be seen in this mirror walking in the hallway. From the shoulders down, her image is very vague. From the shoulders up, she can be seen clearly. Along with her appearance, one of the bedrooms in the house is always exceptionally cold in the winter and extremely warm in the summer. My parents have had the air ducts checked for possible damage only to find that they are working properly. In the same room, the electricity will cease to work for a period of a few hours and then spontaneously begin to work again. My parents have had the electrical wiring checked for flaws and have found nothing wrong. Also, a knocking sound can be heard on one of the walls in this bedroom. It is a slow, precise knock that repeats itself several times. My parents built the house themselves on land given to my father by his father. As far as we know, the land has no history, other than being a cotton field many years ago.

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I like to stop at bridges and look down what ever they have crossed, in hopes of finding a treasure. A wooden train trestle would be the prize on this day. My love of railroading, water and adventure, all in one spot. Then out of the corner of my eye I see a house. It is old but in perfect condition. No falling post or peeling plank. The trees around the old house were beautiful....a little strange in appearance but beautiful. Their "arms" reached out as trying to hold something. I don't get the skitz too often but, then a good breeze picked up and I got a really weird feeling that I should leave quickly. It wasn't really a threatening feeling but one of just "Move along, please".....and needless to say, I felt it was time to leave this old house and its protectors.  I heeded the warning and made no advance upon the old house, then left quietly....and I would advise anyone else to do the same!

My story happened when I was a young girl. My step-father built a house on the highway and nothing exciting ever happened there until one night when I was having a sleep over. It was about midnight and me and one of my friends were looking out the window and saw a figure floating across the front yard. Now, I have a big front yard so we yelled for everyone else to come to the window and everyone witnessed the figure. It was white, tall and looked like a male. We have pretty thick woods beside our house so we never knew what went on around us. About two days later my step-dad was reading the paper and discovered they had found a dead man's body in the woods next to our house. We were some freaked out little girls. From then on I never looked out that window at night!

When I was 16, my uncle who was a preacher had started preaching at a little church in the Longview area.  I had stayed the weekend with my cousin and one night about midnight we snuck out of the house to smoke.  There were two incidents that night. The first happened while we were smoking on the opposite side of the church building, from the house.  We heard a very loud growl.  It was very low toned and sounded like nothing I've ever heard before.  We of coarse, ran terrified back to the house and sat on the front porch, trying to figure out what it was that we heard. Next thing we knew, we saw a green light moving back and forth across the road, just past the line where the street lights were.  There was a cemetery near to where this mysterious green light was moving, but didn't actually enter the cemetery. It looked as if someone were pacing back and forth, occasionally pausing and lifting the light as if to look further.  We walked out to see what was happening and while we were still in the street lamp's glow, we could see dust coming up in front of us. It was as if someone were walking ahead of us.  The green light then went into the cemetery and disappeared down into the ground.  We could hear the sound of running in the kudzu to our left so we turned and ran back to the house.  I could swear that as I made my last run to the house, something tugged at the back of my shirt.  The next morning we asked our uncle if there were any lights in the cemetery and he said that there must be, because sometimes when he is up late preparing his sermons, he sees a green light, lighting the road out by the cemetery.

About 5 years ago, we built our house on a piece of property which is located on a dead-end-road.  According to records, there used to be an old homestead and plantation located on our property.  There was also a school building here. At the end of the Civil War, approximately one hundred confederate soldiers from S. Carolina used the school for a makeshift hospital. Several of them died and were buried in the field behind our house. There were also several slaves hanged in the woods on the other side of the field. I believe our woods are very haunted. When we purchased the property, the only thing left of the old place was a chimney.  We tore it down. We positioned our house among the ancient oaks, just as the original house had been. We styled our house after the two story, white houses of the Old South, complete with a wrap around porch. After it was done, the house looked like it had always been there. A few months after we moved in, one of my daughters began refusing to sleep in her bedroom. She would only go in there during the day. She was seriously afraid and finally told me that at night, she hears someone in her closet rummaging around. She also said she saw a man standing at the top of the stairs looking off in to the distance. She says he doesn't move or speak, just stares straight ahead. She described him as an older black male in overalls and an old hat, like a farmer. One day, my other daughter was in the bathroom and was talking to her sister; who she thought was in the closet. She came downstairs and found her sister in the kitchen. She became very frightened because she said whoever was in the closet was moving things around. When we went up there, the clothes were scattered all over the floor. As for the man, both girls have seen him. I haven't seen him, but have heard footsteps when I'm home alone. My daughters have also reported seeing a little girl in the closet. They say she is angry looking and then fades away. I know that our property is part of what used to be a large plantation and I wonder if the caretaker is still watching over things. The little girl? I don't know who she could be. Perhaps the spoiled child of the plantation owner who is angry because she thinks someone else is in her room.

When I was 6 years old, my parents divorced.  I believe this was about the same time I started "seeing things".  I have heard of people on Coast to Coast talk about "shadow people".  I don't know if what I saw was a shadow person or an apparition…you can be the judge.  After my parents' divorce, I started seeing out of the corner of my eye a black, shadowy figure peering around corners.  When I would turn around, it would move out of sight.  By this I mean "move" and not disappear.  The figure was of a man about 6 or so feet tall and it always wore a brimmed hat; like the kind men of the fifties wore to church and town.  I saw this figure for seven years off and on until I was 13, but haven't seen it since.  The reason I kind of dismiss the shadow people theory is when I was 15, I found an old photo of my grandfather who had died of a brain tumor when my dad was around 10 years old.  He was standing (about 6' tall) beside a tree wearing the exact shaped hat that the figure had worn.  My theory is that my grandfather checked on me from time to time until he decided that I was old enough to take care of myself.

By the time I was 9 years old, my mother had remarried and we had moved into a log house in the country.  There were two double French doors on the back porch.  One leading to the kitchen and the other led to my room.  One night I was awakened by the sound of the doorknob on the doors rattling until they finally opened.  I was terrified and decided to lay as still as I could with my eyes shut tight, as most young children would do in that situation.  I heard two sets of footsteps on the wood floor of my room and could "feel" the presence of someone standing at my bed.  The wind was also blowing in the now open door.  Next thing I remember, the door carefully closed.  I worked up the courage to look to see who was in my room.  Just before I peeked, I heard the sound of metal clicking, like the hammer of a gun cocking (my stepfather was an avid hunter and gunman so I was well acquainted with the sound of the hammer of a gun cocking). I then heard a low voice saying "no".  I looked at the clock; it was 12:30 AM.  I prayed for my life and the next time, oddly enough when I checked the clock again it was now 3:30 AM.  I know this wasn't a dream.  For those agonizing hours, I could hear footsteps walking through the house.  I drifted back to sleep after I checked the clock the last time.  The next morning, before I could ask my stepfather if he heard anyone in the house, my mother told me that I was in their bedroom upstairs a 1:00 AM standing in the doorway with my shotgun loaded.  It has been suggested to me that I was astral projecting.  It has also been suggested that what I experienced was caused by a poltergeist; but if this was true, I could've been dreaming/sleep walking.

I have always been intrigued by the paranormal, but I hardly ever went looking for "ghosts".  My best friend lived in an old antebellum style house.  One night while we were in his third story bedroom, we heard boxes and things being thrown around in the room adjoining his.  We never went to see what was going one, but the next morning that room was a total mess with boxes and clothes strewn everywhere.  His mother was furious with us because she had spent the entire previous day boxing and arranging the clothes for a rummage sale.  She never believed our story of what happened in that room.

Sometime around my junior year of high school, I moved in with my dad.  His house is an unassuming ranch style house, set off the main highway surrounded by woods.  I remember this particular time of my life being the most active…paranormally.  My room was almost always cold, though I kept the A/C vent closed even in summer.  I had a little feisty mixed breed dog that was very old and had cataracts so that she was nearly blind.  If the dog slept in my room at night, the next day her eyes would be clear for the day.  One night as I was reading in bed and suddenly felt a presence in my room.  The edge of the bed sank down as if someone had sat on the edge of the bed to tuck me in, although I got the distinct feeling that this entity had no desire to "tuck" me in.  Another night the covers were yanked off of me and thrown in the floor.  I tried to tell my dad that the house was haunted and of course he never believed me…that was until this one particular morning.  It was on a Sunday morning.  I was lying awake in bed, not wanting to put my feet on the cold floor just yet, when I heard someone beating on my closed bedroom door.  I thought it was my dog trying to get in, but I noticed that the bottom corner of the door was bowing in with every blow.  The doors were hollow and it appeared as if someone was kicking the bottom of the door trying to get it open.  This went on for about 5 minutes and finally stopped when my dad started yelling at me about making all that noise slamming the cabinets.  I met my dad in the kitchen and told him what I saw.  He never believed me...until a week later.  My dad heard someone calling his name outside his upstairs bedroom door one night.  He said it sounded like his brother, who at the time lived about forty miles away, but there was no one else except his wife in the house and she was in the bed with him.  I made a few phone calls to get help ridding the house of the entity and, to my knowledge; there have been no further incidents in this house.

I was dreaming one night that I was in a field surrounded by vampires.  I was preparing to fight them when the leader of the coven told me that I must join because I was too weak.  I learned at an early age to control my dreams and only had nightmares when things got out of control.  Things were getting a bit out of hand so I screamed the name of one of my best friends.  My friend showed up and together, we defeated the vampires. END OF DREAM.  The next day, when I arrived at school, my friend came up to me and said, "You know you can always count on me, but how about a little warning next time you call me to save your ass from vampires."  That's all he said.  I had not spoken to a single person before that conversation.

My Grandmother died when I was 16 and left me her car, a 1972 Chevelle.  One night I was almost home, when I fell asleep at the wheel.  I heard my Grandmother's voice saying "Hun, wake up.  You're running off the road.  Wake up!"  I woke up and indeed I had run off the road.  I looked to the passenger side and saw the out line of her glowing in blue and white.  After 2 or 3 seconds, she faded out of sight.

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