When I was a young child, my father used to take us children by a farm with a lovely little farm house. He always said that someday this would be his. In 1982 the gentleman who owned the house "Judd Bell" was murdered there behind the house and his only living sister decided to sell it. My father bought it. I was a junior in high school and dad decided not to move until I graduated because we lived in another county. He took me there and asked me if I liked it. I said, "It doesn't matter if I like it, because I will never live there." He told me that someday I would that it would be mine. The whole time that my mother and father lived there they would tell the whole family about the odd sounds and the knockings at the door and all the strange things that happened there. I have always tried to be a logical person and I have to admit was slightly skeptical. One early summer evening I dropped by to pick my mother up to take her somewhere and went around the back of the house where there was a cellar which was used to store canned food from the garden. Suddenly, I heard music coming from within the cellar. Trying to be logical, I thought that one of my nephews had put some sort of musical toy in there and that was what I was hearing. I then proceeded to literally take everything out of the cellar to find out where the music was coming from and it still played although the cellar was completely empty. I then went and got my dad and he laughed and said that he had been hearing it for a long time. Over the years many incidents occurred and made a believer out of me. My father passed away on January 2, 1991, and the house was left empty for a while. My mother then moved out of the county and suggested that my family and I move into the house since it was legally mine. We moved in and of course the first night heard doors slamming closed and noises all the time. We became very used to this and even lovingly called them "Judd." On December 14, 1999, my oldest daughter was home sick from school and I being 7 months pregnant at the time decided to stay home from work with her. We had a sectional in the living room and she lay on one end of it and I on the other. Just as we lay there watching television, we heard the most horrible sounds coming out of her and her sister's bedroom. It sounded like someone was literally picking their daybeds up and throwing them back down. We immediately ran into their room and of course there was nothing there. Later that same night I was in the kitchen fixing some homemade cookies and I looked down the hall which ran into the living room where the girls were and saw a man with a leather jacket and blue jeans on smoking a cigarette hunched down sitting in my house! My first response was to scream. My daughters ran into the hall and seeing nothing came directly through him! It disappeared. All night long our front door which was dead bolted from the inside kept coming unlocked and opening up and I was constantly getting up and closing and locking it back. The next morning my daughter was still not feeling well and asked if she could stay home another day from school and I had this horrible feeling of dread and told her no, I thought she should go on to school. My husband had to take me to work that day because I had had car problems the day before also. I walked into my office and turned my computer on. Just as the screen was appearing the telephone starting ringing. I looked at the caller ID and it was my next door neighbor calling to make sure my husband was not at home (Normally, with his work schedule he would have been in the bed asleep) because my house was on fire. My home burned to the ground leaving on the chimney standing. I can't help but think that the events that happened the night before was our friend "Judd" trying to warn me. We still live on the same property and will eventually build a new home right on the same place as the other house.

(Dean and Jennifer)
My wife, myself and my two stepsons moved into a trailer in Oak Grove, this was in December of 1999. My wife was 6 months pregnant at the time, when one night shortly before Christmas we were sitting in our bedroom on the bed, it was about 3 a.m., when we heard footsteps coming down the hallway into the living room. My wife got up to go out into the living room, assuming that it was one of her 9 year old twin sons, and she turned on the light to find nothing. She then went down the hall to her son's room, to find them asleep. She came back to the bedroom and said that there was nothing there. Another occasion I was at work all night (on staff duty--I am in the military) and she told me the following morning that when she was preparing for bed, she thought she heard something and felt something watching her, when she laid down, she felt a weight on top of her, very heavy like crushing her down onto the bed and then heard a very distinct whisper (in a man's voice) say "I hate you!" in her right ear. A couple of nights later around 1 a.m., I was laying in bed, fully awake when I glanced to my left, and near my bedroom door, I saw a human figure, the same height as the doorway, with it's arm partially twisted around the inside of the room, with its hand on the doorknob. I saw no facial features, except for the eyes, the figure seemed to be in some sort of mist. Several times after that, the same figure was seen in the kitchen near the refrigerator, in a direct sight from the bedroom. We had several incidences of electrical problems. While living in the trailer, shortly after my daughter was born, every time we tried to put her in her crib in the spare room, off from the hallway, she would scream and cry relentlessly, we eventually had to move her into our bedroom, and things settled down. We could not put her down in that room in the day or night. The entire trailer seemed to give off this eerie feeling of being watched. It just seemed like something was there. We moved out after housing became available. We now live in Military Housing where my wife's PC tries to sign online by itself (and it is NOT set to do that), we have had clock radios come on by itself, on a station its not even set on. We suspect the latter is maybe my wife's recently deceased brother, because both the PC and the clock radio belonged to him.

I was born and grew up in Louisville, and my grandmother was briefly in Waverly because she had TB, recently my husband and I actually went up to visit the place. This past year in May, my husband and I and  our 3 children  went to Louisville to visit my parents. While we were there, my husband and I decided to go up to Waverly, on our attempt we discovered that it is in the process of being torn down, and there were workers there, so we came back the next day, and walked up the hill (which actually leads to the main entrance). This hill is steep and up along the hill you can see several holes in the ground where they used to push the bodies through, if you shine a flashlight in there. Once we got up the hill, we discovered that ALL of the entrances were sealed off. Well, we found a broken window on one of the lower floors, so we crawled through. I saw no blood stains anywhere, but felt very odd, like a pulsating inside my head. I did feel as though I was being watched, and some areas of that place were frigidly cold. My husband stayed on the lower level and I traveled up to the 3rd floor (not knowing about a little girl ghost). Nothing happened except it seemed I heard faint giggles, and while I was walking down the hall to go find my husband, I heard someone call my name "Jennifer!", I figured it was him and he was trying to scare me. I stopped, and waited, I looked ahead of me and to my left about 100 ft up, I saw a door move, like someone was behind it. I was really thinking it was him when I walked up to the door, and all of a sudden a strong gust of wind blew and I heard footsteps coming toward me, I looked down the hall to see my husband coming out of the stairwell and walking straight towards me. I froze, then backed up against the opposite wall. He said he had been on the higher level near the elevator shaft. He said he had not called my name, and believe me, there was no one else out there that day. When I walked to the door that had moved and tried to move it, it would not budge. He tried the door, it would not move for him either. I honestly believe there is something in there and this place should be investigated!

While living in Louisville before joining the military, I encountered several ghosts on the third floor of Waverly Hills Sanitarium.  About a week before Halloween, my friends and I decided to visit this known haunted location.  While heading up the dirt road, my friends and I all heard what sounded like screams.  At the time, we didn't pay too much attention to it, because none of of us were sure that the others heard it too.  When we go to the front of the building, we walked around a few times until we finally were able to gain entrance by moving the wood blockades from our path.  We decided to split up and look around the bottom floors and eventually work our way up to the forth floor.  When my friend and I reached the third floor, I heard two whispering voices and then a small giggle.  I poked my head around the corner, I was greeted by a cold draft. I peered down the hall and was shocked to see a female looking at me.  I would say she was in her middle thirties, dressed in a nurse's uniform and in her hand appeared to look like a scalpel.  Directly on her side was a small girl giggling.  As I watched them in amazement, my friend had just came around the corner at the other end of the hall.  He stopped, apparently also shocked at seeing these two apparitions.  The little girl then pointed at me and smiled and just as she did this, the nurse turned to where I could see the other hand and in it was something very strange. I swear it looked as if she were holding her intestine, which appeared to be hanging out of an incision directly under one of her breast. The incision seemed to go all the way down to her naval area.  No sooner did she turn and I was able to see what she was holding in her hand, she just vanished before my eyes.  However, the little girl didn't leave so quickly.  I don't know what came over me, but I decided to start working my way closer to this child and as I got closer, my friend also seemed to follow my lead and get in for a closer look.  I would say we were about nine feet from this girl when suddenly she spoke out loud and asked us to stop and then said "This is fun, what is your names"?  Stunned, we just stopped dead in our tracks.  She asked again and then began heading towards a door, waving at my friend to take a look.  Curious, I also began heading to see what she wanted him to see....but she told me to stop, apparently because she didn't want me to see what was behind the door.  I was staring at my friend, to see his reaction to what ever was behind the door...and from the look on his face, I could tell it must of been pretty scary.  I walked over to where this child was standing and saw that she had written something in the dust on the said "Don't come back, if they find you, they'll put you in there" and next to it was a little arrow.  I looked in the direction the arrow was pointing and saw what looked like a little boy getting ready to hang himself. At the same time, the little girl sat down on a bed (that wasn't even there before then) and then she just vanished before our eyes.  Not knowing what to think about what we had just witnessed, my friend and went down the stairs and decided we'd had enough, it was time to go.  Just then, we heard a door slam shut and sounds of locks.  Talking on the way back to the car, it was then that we decided to call her "The little girl on the third floor".  We have since returned to a few more times, but never saw her or any other spirits there again. I understand that this building has either already been demolished or is in the process of being torn down.

My grandmother, a devout Christian, told me a story that she and her sister had when they were younger. Evidently they were spending the night at their grandmother's house. It was an old farmhouse way out in the dark fields of the county. Very little, if any, electric light could be seen from outside. They were sleeping in the same bed when they felt what seemed to be two large shoes (like farmer's work boots) standing and walking on the bed. Of course they were so frightened they could hardly move. One of them decided to pull the blankets over their heads, so they couldn't see these shoes. As they did this, the blankets were yanked off them! They were so mortified they went screaming to their parents, telling them of this account, which has remained a story in my family for years!

I lived in my Grandmother's house my whole life and never noticed anything weird happen until I was about twelve years old, when my Mom and Mamall moved my bedroom to the downstairs area of the house.  It was my first night in my new room and I was laying in bed, too excited to sleep.  I rolled over and was looking over my new space, when I happened to glance at the door and saw a shadowy figure standing there.  I asked out loud who was there, but got no answer.  I then sat up and looked a little closer and that's when I realized what I was looking at.  It was a tall fact he was so tall, his head looked like it was touching the top of the door frame.  He had on a brown bowler hat and brown suit.  He never spoke to me, he just stood there looking at me for about a minute, then turned and started to walk down the hallway.  I jumped up to see where he was going when he just suddenly vanished before my eyes.  It scared me half to death and I started sleeping with my door closed and locked, so I wouldn't have to see him anymore. But this didn't stop him....I continued to see him through out the house and all through my teens years and up until I moved out of the house on my own.  He also would take and hide things like my car keys and hairbrush only to return them on the shelf in the laundry room a few days later.  Over time, for reasons unknown to myself I named this spirit "Edmond".  I'm not sure why I picked that name for far as I know, according to my grandparents, the house was new when they moved into it, so there were no previous occupants. Although there was a graveyard nearby, so perhaps "Edmond" found his way to our home.  When I was sixteen years old my friends and I were sitting downstairs in the family room, talking.  I looked over at my friend Lori.  She was staring down the hall towards my bedroom.  I looked in that direction to see what she were looking at and there stood Edmond.  I had just told her about him a few days before and asked if she'd believed me now.  I guess Edmond didn't like me talking about him to anyone because suddenly my bedroom door slammed shut and then we heard the loud sounds of things falling to the floor in the bathroom.  The crash was so loud, my Mamall yelled down and asked what we were doing to be making so much noise and asked us to please settle down.  My friends and I rushed into the bathroom to see how big of a mess was made, only to discover not a thing out of place or broken.  I continued to see him on a daily basis, walking around the downstairs area of the house and nothing really major happened until the night before I moved out of the house. All night my bedroom door, which I kept locked would open on by itself and the door kept slamming open and shut over and over again.  The boxes I had my things packed in kept falling over and the box that I had most of my clothes in, opened twice and my clothes were thrown about the room.  I don't think Edmond would have ever hurt me and felt that perhaps all these things happening when I were moving out might of been that he was upset that I was leaving him. After moving out and into my own apartment, I thought my ghost days were over....I couldn't of been more wrong! (See Stephanie's encounters below)

My boyfriend Josh and I (whom I am now married to) moved into a really nice apartment complex, right behind a mortuary.  We lived there for about four years and it was filled with constant paranormal activity.  The spirits seemed to just wander through the location, as if they were passing through a revolving door, making all sorts of noises.  We'd never know if the next spirit would be mean or spiteful.   I even would catch a glimpse of something or someone out of the corner of my eye every now and then.  Some of the things we encountered were hearing footsteps, knocking noises and things moving on their own.  Sometimes I'd also get a quick glimpse of something or someone out the corner of my eyes. I hated being the last one up.  It would scare the patootie out of me.  I'd have to go around checking the doors and turning off all the lights, by myself.  I'd walk down a long dark hall to my bedroom and after living there for about three months, I'd put night lights all over the apartment.  I had one in every room of the house. I think the most frightening encounter we had was when my husband was out of town on business.  I was home alone and sitting in the living room, watching television.  I heard something in the spare bedroom.  I got up to go check to see what the noise was, but nothing was there.  I returned to the living room and continued watching t.v. when the channels began changing on their own. The lights then began flickering and all of a sudden there was a very loud noise coming from the spare bedroom, again.  It sounded like someone had a hammer, bashing in all the walls.  I was so scared that I began crying.  I stood in the middle of the living room for about a minute and then became very angry and started screaming "I don't know who you are....but if you don't stop this instant, they would be very sorry!"  when suddenly all the noise stopped instantly.  I was so freaked out that I got dressed and left for several hours.

I am a paranormal investigator and would like to share the current status of  Wavery Hills. It still stands tall and in fact one of the known spirits at this location goes by the name of Mary. Included in the resident spirits is a little boy who likes to play with a leather ball. I personally live near the sanitarium and have seen glimpses of horses pulling down one of the old roads out there. I would also like to note that according to the current owners, there is no plans on tearing the old building fact there are plans of organizing a way of taking donations to revive the place.

One night some friends and I snuck into the haunted Waverly Hills Sanitarium.  We searched the first three levels and heard screams and a couple of times voices that sounded like they were saying "Who are they?", "Why is their reasons here?".  I was spooked at all the noises we heard, including footsteps and loud cries for help.  On the third level, we heard and saw things like doors slamming and windows being tapped on.  My brother and I were on teh forth floor (our goal was to get to the fifth level to see room 502).  While on the forth floor, I strolled away from my brother...down the hallways and passed a certain door. I saw a young child just standing there...a little boy, probably about 7 or 8 years old.  He giggled at me and as I started to step into the room, he seemed very excited to have me there. He appeared to be carrying a little ball and started bouncing it.  I just watched...scared out of my mind.  I then asked him who he was, but he didn't answer.  He asked me the same question and I replyed "Ashes". He bounced the ball and said "Your brother is about to be in trouble".  Suddenly I heard my brother screaming as he ran down the hall. I found him locked inside a room...our other friends arrived and started trying to break down the door.  My brother was screaming about a woman who had a napkin in her hand and was very sad looking.  We finally broke the door in and decided to bale out.  As we left, I stared up at the forth floor and saw the little boy looking out one of the windows...he had a very sad expression on his face. Then I looked over at the sign above the door that said "Sanitarium". After this encounter, I believe that ghost and apparitions are real!

When I was a little boy, my dad would always tell us ghost stories. One of his stories was about when he was young and had to get up before daylight and walk to school.  This one particular morning, he was walking down the long dark hollow and heard something walking behind him. He knew he were alone, yet he still felt compelled to stop and look to see if he could see anything…only to discover when he stopped, the sound would also stop.  Scared, he threw a rock on the hill thinking if it were an animal he'd frighten it off.  He started walking again, only to realize that the sound were still following him… he found himself running to get away from what ever were behind him.  I always thought the story were more some sort of tale to frighten me for fun….but soon realized that it weren't.  I decided one day to go to the hollow to try and scare my sisters and some friends.  I hid in the woods and started making different sounds.  I had done this many times before…but this one time was different.  I decided to stray away from my usual spot and this time, hide behind an old abandoned barn.  I waited for them to come walking by…when there in the dark were two white figure looking images, floating just above the road.  I got so scared that I ran to my car. While I were running, I turned around to see the figures slowing descending into the ground.  By the time my friends showed up, I was too shaken to try and scare them.  I never figured out what it were that I witnessed….but from that day on, I never doubted what my father had been telling me all those years he encountered!

Here is also another one of my experiences in the same hollow. We where going to play pranks on friends again. Well let me tell you how it started. As teenagers we would have friends over to the house. About dark we tell stories about the hollow things we had seen and thing we where told about that happened long ago. They would always say well right or they would say we where lying. Thing didn’t always happen so to make sure they where scared we would come up with a plane. Someone would sneak out of the house and drive up there before we would leave and hide. To make sure they got scared they would make noise or bang thing together. So on this night it was my brother in laws turn to scare our friends. So we left early. I decide to wait in the car and he would do the scaring. I was sitting in the car waiting for our friends to start screaming. When I saw a floating white figure on the hill beside the old family cemetery. I watched thinking my eyes where playing tricks on me. As I watched it slowly descended into the small grave. Which was the grave of my older brother whom died at birth over 30 years ago. As it disappeared out of site there was a scratching sound coming from under the car. Then I heard the scratching sound on top of the car and all the way around the car. I saw nothing. Being scared I started the car and went down the road where I found my friends and brother in law. He got in the car and we started to leave we looked out the window and the trees where bending over in the road as if something was trying to stop us. The windows where down there was no wind. After reaching the main road we looked behind us the trees where all standing up straight. Remember there is no longer any one leaving up there and everyone whom knew we where there was in the car. This was not our last trip.

This is a true story that happened to my Uncle. This happened in the same hollow that I had my experiences with ghost happened. Let me tell you a little about my uncle before we get started. He has always walked every where he goes. He was never afraid of anything or any place.  He has even slept in graveyards overnight by himself. Now I will tell you what he told me. One night he was walking home from church and he decided to take a short cut across the hill through the hollow, which he had done many times before. But on this particular night, things where different. He started to walk over the hill. He had reached the same point where his brother had heard the footsteps. As he started walking, he heard footsteps behind him. He turned and saw nothing. As he continued to walk, he felt like something was getting closer to him and now he said he felt a warm breathe on his neck. Frightened, he began to walk faster and but then he said, the footsteps no longer sounded human .  As he started to sounded to him like he was being chased by a horse. He once again turned to look and there was nothing there. He ran until he could hardly breathe. When he slowed down, he said it sounded as if a horse ran right past him but still, he could not see anything.  He said it ran until he could no longer here it running anymore.

(Told by Billy, Experienced by his sister)
One exceptionally warm and muggy August night turned out to be more than we had ever imagined it could be. We were all in a holler not to far from where we had played so enceinte as young children. Little did we know what was just up the dark crocked road. I and my aunt had decided to park the vehicle in the middle of the one lane dusty dark gravel road. Some of the others had decided that they were going to walk the dark muggy path. It was extremely hot that night so I had my window rolled down. The path up the dusky gravel road was light by the light of the full August moon. As we sat waiting on the others to come back not knowing what was about to happen I heard something thinking it was my imagination running wild I hesitated to say anything to my aunt. As I listened closer to see what the noise was I realized it wasn’t just my imagination. It was something beside the long strand of barb fence that was just beside the vehicle. CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH went the dried leaves that lay on the foggy night ground. I realized at that point it wasn’t the others that had walked up the dark muggy path that was light by the full August moon. I thought that I would let the vehicle down in neutral and it would roll backwards and the noise would go away. I was extremely wrong when I would put the brakes on in the vehicle the mysterious crunching of the leaves would stop. As the vehicle would roll farther and faster the crunching of the leaves would roll farther and faster after this continued for a while I got so scared I had realized that there was something that didn’t want me to be in that holler on the muggy full mooned August night. As I started to panic and wonder if that thing that was following us was going to get us before we could escape it the others come walking down the road. When they got into the vehicle they were horrified by the same thing had walked up and down the holler with them that Full mooned night. To this day I have never returned to that holler when it was a full mooned August night.

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