My friend, her husband and five children have lived in a very haunted house for the last fourteen years. When they first moved in, she knew something wasn't right about the house. There was especially something about the back bedroom next to hers that totally unnerved her. She kept the door shut to keep what ever was in there, in there. None of her kids like that room and spend little if any time in there. They use it now for just storage. One night when her son was just a few years old she woke up to the sound of music coming from his room. Thinking that he had gotten up and was playing, she got up to put him back to bed. When she went into his room, she found him sound asleep and saw that his toy car that was sitting on the shelf was playing music and its lights were flashing. You have to push this car along the floor to make it play and light up. When she picked the car up it stopped. She and her kids have all seen the caps on their milk jugs and juice bottles suddenly pop off and go flying through the air. There is spot in her kitchen near the sink that when you stand there it feels like a cold breeze is passing through you, even on the hottest days, when there is no breeze. She has also heard someone walking up and down her stairs that lead to the basement when nobody but she was there. Her four daughters who sleep downstairs have all seen and experienced things. One night her older daughter woke up and saw a girl dressed in white with long brown hair, standing in her room. Thinking it was one of her sisters she hollered at her and told her to go back to bed. The girl turned around and smiled at her, then walked over to the book shelf and started playing with the toys that were sitting there and then she just vanished. One night one of her daughters and their friends had a slumber party. They were all sleeping downstairs when they were awoken by a girl dressed in white with long blonde hair standing in the room. Her hair and dress were blowing in a breeze even though there was no breeze in the room nor were any windows open. Then like the first girl, she simply disappeared. One night her son, who was almost three, in the middle of potty training was in the bathroom doing his thing. My friend was in the kitchen doing dishes and her husband was watching television with the girls in the living room, when her little boy suddenly shot out of the bathroom with a terrified look on his face and didn't stop running until he reached the safety of his daddy's lap. She said, she had never seen her little boy run so fast. When she asked him what was wrong he pointed wide eyed toward the bathroom and tried to tell her what he had seen, but not being quite three years old, things didn't come out very clear. She went into the bathroom and didn't find anything there. She didn't know what he saw in there but whatever it was it scared the day lights out of him. One day she took pictures of her little boy playing in a card board box in her room and in the hallway outside the room they use for storage. When the pictures came back, the pictures taken in her room and in the hallway had deep red and yellow splashes across them. Pictures taken elsewhere in the house on the same roll came out just fine. She has awoken many a times at night and seen something big and black standing in her doorway. She had also seen and felt the presence of little people in her room. She has woken and been unable to move in her bed and prayed until the feeling went away. Lately her cat, a laid back loveable Persian; who is never bothered by anything, has started hissing at something that's not there. Her oldest daughter was in her room and the cat was laying on the bed and looked toward the door and started hissing and spitting at something that her daughter couldn't see. They often smell the smell of cigarette smoke even though nobody in the house smokes. Things continue to happen on a daily basis there.  When ever I go and visit her, you can feel that something's there. It's a very heavy, oppressive feeling. I have experienced these kinds of things since I was a child and find them very interesting. I experience these kinds of things myself in my house.....but not like this!!

My family used to own a house in southern Idaho that was haunted by what we believe to have been Mormon settlers who died due to lack of food and water in the harsh climate.  Not all of the things there were scary....some of them made a person feel like complete trash for being on the land.  It was as though you were intruding or something.  Luckily, what's there seems to be stuck to that general area, which is a field now.  Two houses were built there and both burned.  The scary ghosts were good at scarring a person.  My Grandfather refused to turn his back on the barn.  Faces looked in through windows and often slammed doors.  Things would run up and down the stairs in the night and often in the day as well.  Shortly after the first house burned down, my Grandparents great aunt and uncle were sleeping in the field while they rebuilt the house.  They saw twenty to thirty people holding hands and dancing around the barn....and another committed suicide.  We've since researched incidents surrounding this land and the homes and have discovered inaccuracies posted on other sites. What we believe is that Mormon settlers once lived there....but the can't seem to find records to verify this.  We're not certain where the first home was built, but we do know it burned down in 1934 and the second was built sometime between the first home burning and 1940.  Also one more note....the house is named Black Utida, because boards turned black and it was in an unincorporated area five miles north of the Utah/Idaho state line and it was in an unincorporated area 5 miles north of the Utah/Idaho State line.

We lived in this house for 5 years and not long after moving in with my husband and young daughter, I started seeing a little girl about my daughter's age, also with the same color hair as my daughter's. She wore a pretty little frilly, flowered dress. I always saw her from the corner of my eye and usually when I saw her, she was running around a corner. Come to find out, she began taking things, like a hairbrush or anything I was using at the time. Needless to say, it would always show up in another place. It got to the point where I would sometimes have to yell at her that I was going to be late and I needed whatever it was that she took, before she would decide to return what ever she took. It was like a game to her. I tried to talking to her, but she would never respond. I started to believe I was one else ever saw her....until one night, after I had my son.  We had friends over and the kids were at their grandparents for the night. We were sitting in the living room and our friend said, "I thought your kids weren't here"? We both responded ,"Their not"! Our friend then replied, "Then who was that little girl that just went down the hall"?!  I knew then that I wasn't crazy! There were other things that we would hear in the house. At night after we went to bed we would hear the floor creak. We had a basement downstairs, so this wasn't unusual....but only when someone was walking on the floor! We also heard the cupboards in the kitchen open and close. It was never a scary feeling though, so we didn't mind living there. We later found out that a girl was kidnapped from the house and murdered. I still to this day, believe that it was probably the child that we saw.

I have had many experiences with ghosts and spirits and such since I was a child but this is one experience  I will never forget. The house I live in with my husband of twenty one years was built in1915 on the site of the Bear River Massacre which occured 52 years before this house was built. The massacre happened on January 29, 1863 when Patrick Edward Connor and some 200 California volunteers attacked a Northwestern Shonshoni indian village to stop the repeated attacks on the Mormon settlers in the area. 250 Shoshoni indians died in the massacre including 90 women and children.

My neighbors and myself have experienced alot of ghostly things while we have lived here and we know they are directly linked to that massacre. But as I said before this is one experience I will never forget.

It all started one evening when I was in the kitchen doing the dishes and my husband TeRill was in the living room watching tv. As I was doing the dishes I saw someone out of the corner of my eye with dark hair, standing by the computer desk in the door way which goes into the living room. Thinking it was my husband I looked up and asked him what he was doing. At that instant I heard my husband snoring and realized it wasn't my husband at all. There standing in the door way, looking right at me was young indian  brave of about 18 years old with jet black hair, dark eyes and tanned skin. Then he just vanished. I wasn't afraid nor did I feel threatened just surprised.

That was just the first of many times I would see him. Most often I would see him in the kitchen or when I came in or out of the kitchen onto the mud porch. He would be peering around the corner at me from the steps that lead down to the basement. He would never approach me, just watch me, that is until one evening when I came face to face with him.

My husband was in the kitchen fixing dinner and I was in the bathroom getting ready to take a bath. As I bent down to turn the water off I suddenly got the feeling that someone was standing behind me. Thinking it was my husband I turned around to see what he wanted and found myself standing face to face, up close and personal with that young indian brave...and I was naked. Suddenly it what seemed like the blink of an eye, he circled me. I could feel a breeze brushing against my skin as he circled me. Then he looked me right in eyes and dissapeared. I was stunned to say the least as I walked into the kitchen and said to my husband "Your not gonna believe what just happened." When I told him what happened he got upset and said "I don't want some young guy looking at you naked, even if he is dead!" I just shook my head and laughed and went back and took my bath.

About the time all this was going on, we found out that the Shoshoni indians were in the process of purchasing the land across the road from us with the intention of designating it a sacred indian burial ground. While the negotiations were going on I continued to see the indian brave but when the land was finally turned over to the Shoshoni's, I never saw him again.
I firmly believe that this young indian brave died in the massacre in 1863 and that when the land was given back to his people, and it was made a sacred indian burial ground that he was finally able to be at peace.

When I was an employee at the Family Dollar store in Preston, it didn't take me and the other employees long to realize that our brand new store was haunted. Before the store was built, the old Preston Lumber store had stood on the property for thirty years or more. The owners retired and sold the property and the old store was demolished. We loved our new store and didn't notice anything unusual, until things started happening that none of us could ignore.

One of our assistant managers came in early one morning to catch up on some paper work. She was the only one in the store and was working alone in the office which is located in the back of the store. Everything was quiet in the store until she heard the sound of someone walking around the store, jingling their keys and change in their pocket as they went. Thinking someone else was in there with her; she jumped up and ran out into the store only to find it empty and quiet. She walked around the store and checked in the back room and made sure the back door was securely locked and went back to the office to finish her work. As soon as she sat down and started working again, she heard the footsteps and jingling keys again. This time she was scared and jumped up, ran out and yelled "Leave me alone I am trying to work!" The footsteps stopped and she didn't hear them again the rest of the morning.

The next morning she brought her husband in with her because she didn't want to be in the store alone. She told him about what had happened and was afraid that someone was hiding in the store waiting to get her. He went with her and while she worked in the office he walked around the store and checked the doors and back rooms and found nothing unusual. When he got done he went into the office and sat down with her and told her everything was okay and that there was no one else in the store but them. No sooner had he said that when they heard the sound of someone walking in the store, jingling their keys in their pocket as they went. He raced out into the store ready to go after whoever was out there, only to find the store empty. He searched the whole store again and didn't find anybody there. After that she refused to go into the store alone ever again. Her hubby wasn't too thrilled about being there either, but he refused to leave her alone.

Then other things began to happen. We had very large framed pictures sitting on the bottom shelf at the end of the front aisle which was clearly visible from the cash registers. One morning it was kind of slow and the other cashier and I were talking about this and that when all of a sudden we heard a loud crash. When we turned around we saw several of the very large framed pictures lying on the floor with shattered glass everywhere. The manager came out to see what had happened and we told her we didn't know what happened. We were just talking when they crashed to the floor for no reason. These pictures hadn't just slipped off the shelf. There was a safety rack in front of them that ran the length of the shelf that kept them from sliding off. They had been grabbed from the top and flipped onto the floor. One of our other employees came out of the back room to help clean up the mess and told us this wasn't the first time this had happened. He had seen it happen before and had cleaned up the last mess too. This wasn't the first time it happened nor would it be the last.

Having experienced these types of things since I was a child I was excited about working in a haunted store and felt no threat or fear from whoever it was at all. I had no doubt it was a man and I felt he had been a long time customer of the old Preston Lumber store and was unhappy about it being torn down and the new store being built in its place. One day it was quiet in the store and I was straightening things when I decided to talk to whoever it was that was there. I told him that I knew he was there and that it was okay, that he was welcome there. I told him that I knew he was unhappy about the new store and that, that was why he was doing what he was doing. I asked him to please stop breaking things because this store was a good thing and Preston really needed it. When I finished, I thanked him for listening and turned and started back down the aisle. I was about half way down the aisle when I heard a loud bang behind me. I turned around to see what had happened and their lying in the on the floor in the middle of the aisle was a paint pan and roller, that had been sitting neatly on the shelves with the others just moments before. There was no way this could have slid to the floor either, because of the same safety rack that ran the length of that aisle and every aisle in the store! I picked it up and put back and went back to the registers and just shook my head.

Many a night while the assistant manager was back in the office counting the tills and I was out sweeping and mopping the floors I would hear things hit the floor all the time. I would find packages of barrettes or jewelry or candy lying on the floor. These couldn't have just slipped off their holders. You had to grab them and pull them off to get them off their holders.

I never felt afraid of whoever it was that was haunting the Family Dollar Store. I guess they just missed the old Lumber store and wanted us to know about it...and he did.

This school house was built by the Department of Indian Affairs around the turn of the century. A medicine man of the local Shoshone Bannock tribe advised against building on the land that was chosen, saying it was "not good" and had many restless spirits that would be released by the building project.

His warnings were ignored and the school was built. The first autumn after classes had begun, a fire started in the school basement and many of the children were overcome with smoke inhalation and perished. Witnesses say they saw children in the school's second floor screaming at the windows.

The DOIA blamed the medicine man for the fire, though charges were eventually dropped. Rumors persisted that the white school teacher started the fire after suffering a nervous breakdown and kept children from escaping. The structure was neither repaired nor demolished and still stands to this day.

This site is EXTREMELY haunted and not in a way that should be visited for entertainment. Stories persist of the sound of screaming children being heard from outside the building and the apparition of a teacher can be clearly seen in the windows. Cars often fail to start in the area and a small black dog that stands and stares silently at visitors has been seen in the area for decades. People who have actually entered the structure have reported feeling apparitions rush past them in the dark, the sound of children screaming, objects being thrown and intense feelings of heat and asphyxiation.

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