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    One afternoon, my father was sitting out on the front porch as he always did, enjoying the afternoon. A man had walked up out of nowhere and asked to see my brother Anthony. My father explained to the man, that Anthony was not home at the moment, but was more than welcome to grab a seat and wait for him. Anthony should be returning home anytime. After a long wait and much conversation, the man stood up and explained that he couldn't wait any longer, he had to be leaving, but to let Anthony know that he had stopped by. My father obliged. A while later, Anthony arrived home and my father immediately told him that (I don't remember the man's name) had stopped by and said he had something very important to tell him. My brother Anthony, asked my father if he was sure that's who it was. And my father said that's what he said his name was and went on to describe the appearance of the man, and what he was wearing. My brother was very shocked. He had just come home from that very man's funeral. 

    When my father was a very young child, he had gotten very sick. He was laying in bed and nothing could be done to break his high fever. He said his mother had tried everything. He had fallen asleep and was awakened to what appeared to be an angel standing over him. She gently began to brush his face with her wings. He laid there thinking to himself, that this was the most beautiful image he'd ever seen. He then fell back to sleep. When he awoke, his fever was completely gone. Daddy always told a story about when he was a young child that he used to visit a home of one of his relatives and every time he would go into the bathroom, he would see a woman rise out of the bathtub and disappear. When he grew up and told this story, it was then that he found out that a woman had drowned in that very bath tub. 

    My father always said that in his younger years he was approached by a demon. It came to him in human form. I asked him what it looked like and he said, it took the form of a man, dressed kind of like a hippy. He said that he fought this demon, as he would a man, and that at one point, he thought this force was going to get the best of him. He said, he told this demon "It's either going to be you or me!" and said at that point, he put all his faith in God and it was then that he won the battle.

    My brother Rudy, also while living in my mother's house said he was approached by a demon. At the time, he was going to college studying to be a pastor. He said that during his study, he got into the book of revelations and admitted he found it fascinating. His professor continued to warn him that he was becoming too curious about it. Rudy began to check out books from the library containing this type of subject matter. He said he noticed that he would suddenly wake up singing hymns. So he asked his professor the reason for this. His professor told him that it was the holy spirit's way of protecting his soul while he slept. Then one night, his professor said, after thinking about his conversation with Rudy, he decided to call him on the phone to warn him. He thought perhaps Rudy was getting in too deep, that he was becoming obsessed with something that he was not ready or prepared for. Unfortunately, he was not able to reach Rudy by phone that night. That turned out to be the very same night Rudy said he was approached by a demon and was forced to choose between his faith in God and his obsession.....He said after a long physical and mental battle, his faith prevailed. From that day forward, he was the first to tell you, that there "were" such things as ghosts and demons. And the only thing that saved him, was his faith in God. He went on to be a professor and a very loved pastor at several churches. 

    All my sisters and brothers will tell you that my mother's house is not the only haunted house on her street. Her neighbor; I won't mention his name, had a very large side yard. There was excellent pecan picking there and the kids used to love to go over there and play in the yard. But without fail, every time someone would get even within several feet of the house, a distinct sound of a baby crying would always come from within the house. Ironically, only a man lived in the house, alone, there was no baby in that house. This sound coming from this house, as far as we know, still continues to this day. 

    My brother Anthony and his wife used to live with my mother and father at one time. Anthony had lost his first son at a very young age, he had breathing difficulties. His second son, died of the very same thing.....both at a very young age. Both died in the very same bedroom of my mother's house. Several incidents surround the death of the two babies. One was after deciding to take a family photo in our parent's back yard. My mother was holding one of the infants in her arms. When the photo was developed, in the background there is a very distinct image of an angel with her warms wide open, as if to levitate behind my mother and the child. Within several months after taking the photo, the child died. This photo still exists today, somewhere mixed amongst other family photos.  Anthony was always awakened to his wife in a hysterical state. She claimed that the spirits of their children would wake her in the middle of the night and be standing at the closet calling out to her with open arms. Pleading with her to join them. This event didn't go away until they moved out of our parent's home.  After the death of the babies, it was very difficult for the family. Anthony had a friend who owned a fuel oil delivery service and at their home, they used to do seances. His friend offered him and his wife to join them, perhaps to find some kind of comfort or relief in communicating with their children from beyond. The very night they decided to go to the seance. My sister Judy was at home with her son Frankie, who was the exact same age of one of Anthony's sons at the time of their death. Junior was sitting in a rocker, rocking Frankie to sleep. Judy said that Junior suddenly sat up and began saying something was wrong with Frankie, he wasn't breathing. They immediately called the family doctor and he told them to get Frankie to the hospital right away. When they arrived at the hospital, Frankie still was not breathing and already starting to change color. They rushed him to the back and pulled the curtains and asked Judy and Junior to wait in the lobby. After hooking Frankie up to several monitors, he just snapped out of it. He woke up laughing and playing as usual. They then decided to run test on him to find out what had caused this lifeless state. The test showed nothing. So they released him to go home. After Judy arrived home, she called at my mother's house to tell them what had happened. Becky answered the phone and sounded very upset about something. So Judy went on to tell her that they had just returned from the hospital with Frankie. Becky said that was odd, because Anthony and his wife had just returned home from the seance and they both had been very upset over something. Come to find out, at the same exact time that Frankie went lifeless, is the same exact time, that the spirit of the baby came and was able to communicate during the seance. 

    Anthony would always claim that he would see the spirit of Rita's pet dog Googles. He said without fail, Googles would come to the back sliding glass doors and just stand there gazing through the glass as if to wait for someone to let her in. Oddly, Googles was buried not more 4 feet of those very doors. 

    Anthony's second wife left him after an incident that happened in a house they lived in. His wife would constantly tell him that she saw a woman with glowing red eyes. He brushed it off that it was only her imagination. But one night he found out otherwise. They were both sitting in the living room watching television when he was approached, or shall I see nearly attacked by this woman. He said this woman with the glowing red eyes tried to attack him. He went running out of the house and jumped into his truck to leave, but it wouldn't start. He ended up having to walk all the way to my mother's house. When he arrived, he was in hysterics. After calming down, he realized that he had left his wife, alone with this thing. That evening, he had Rita and Regina drive him back to the house to check things out and to pick up a few things. What ever was there, was gone by then. Needless to say, so was his wife.