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Yes! Ghost and spirits are two different things all together.

A Ghost is the disembodied soul of a deceased person who has not yet successfully crossed over. They become anchored, grounded or stuck for many reasons. They can and will attach themselves to locations, physical objects and sometimes people.

A Spirit is a person who has passed away and made a successful transition. They should never be mistaken for a ghost, because unlike ghost, they are not "stuck" here and can return and visit with us at will.


Residual haunting: This is where a specific event has been imprinted and caught in time. The event witnessed is very much like watching a small clip from a movie, over and over's very repetitious and does not vary in any way at all. This form of haunting is not interactive with the living.  Some may mistaken a ghost waving at them or staring at them…when in fact, the energy or scene you are viewing doesn't know you are there at all…they are only re-enacting a specific event and it may appear they are looking right at you, when in fact their not.

Classic Haunting: This is where you will find your typical ghostly activity of sounds, smells and interaction with the living. The energies in a classic haunting are often doing things to let you know their there or want assistance or help or merely want attention.

Poltergeist: This is the most noisy and destructive of paranormal activity. They are the true noise makers and can cause quite a bit of noise and havoc.

Negative, non-human infestation: These are energies that some refer to as "Demonic energies" or "Lower-level energies".  Cases involving negative, non-human energies are rare.  The characteristics of such an infestation or presence are less than desirable. 


I have personally witnessed ghost in many shapes and forms. I'm sure there are many forms not mentioned here. What I have personally witnessed are the following forms:

Apparitions:  I've witnessed them looking as alive as you and I. There was nothing to indicate to me that what I was witnessing was not that of a living person, until they mysteriously disappeared into thin air.  I've also seen them with certain areas of the body were not complete or whole….like only a torso with arms and a cat without a head. I've seen them looking very much like a person out of a black and white movie…just different hues of black, gray and white. They have appeared completely solid and also semi-transparent. They have also appeared as shadowy silhouettes with very defined shapes of the body…such as the head, shoulders and arms. I've seen them where they were vague shadows with no specific form.

Orbs and/or Anomalies:  Tiny round circular forms of light. This is believed to be the easiest form for a ghost to manifest. It is believed it takes less energy appear in this form and it is the most common form captured on film. I've seen them to appear almost like a tiny puff of smoke that swelled and shrunk as it stuttered to get closer. I've also witnessed orbs flutter almost as if to have wings on both sides. I have heard that orbs come in a variety of colors, although I've only witnessed them as white and black.  I have witnessed something to this day that I have no idea what it was…but it was a cluster of colors almost like an opal…where it sparkled in a complete ball of light and then vanished.

Demons:  These are not ghost.  Just to let you know what the demon I saw looked like. I'm sure there are other variations. The one I saw was about two feet in height, it must have had claws of some sort because as it paced back and forth, I could hear what sounded like long nails dragging into the floor. It had three horns, in which each horn consisted of another three all twisted together, almost braided…and the color was that of old aging ivory. The center horn was much longer then the outer two. I would say the center horn was 12" plus in length and the outer two were about three to four inches shorter…and the horns were about four inches in circumference.  There were absolutely no sounds to this being, other than the dragging of its two feet as it paced back and forth…no grunts, growls or otherwise as many believe you may hear with something of that nature.


The most obvious would be to see apparitions or forms of people who are not living. Other signs include, but are not limited to…you could have one or more of the following: Cold spots. Tapping, wrapping and knocking sounds. Sounds of disarray, like objects being dropped or broken. Doors opening, closing, locking, unlocking and/or slamming on their own. Malfunctioning appliances, electronic devices and electrical disturbances such as lights flickering or turning on and off. Phone or door bell ringing. Batteries being drained in an untimely manner. Living plants and flowers dying. Pets and young children acting as though their interacting, watching, playing or chasing something that isn't visible to the naked eye. Anomalies showing up in photos and or on film. Inaudible whispering…where the voices are much too low and talking too fast to understand. Obvious whispering, talking, humming and whistling. Sounds of music, footsteps, stomping, running or dragging feet. Aromas, good and bad…of tobacco, cooking, flowers, perfume, cologne, rotten garbage or other offensive odors and if you smell this one…start to worry...sulfur.  Items moving on their own accord as if to slide slightly, move an obvious distance or items disappearing and reappearing in a location they were not originally placed or left.  Unfamiliar items being found…from another era or items not recognized that you own. Coins being found on the floor or scattered about. The less obvious but most common are glimpses of a quick movement out of the peripheral vision. More obvious are as mentioned first in this list…apparitions, shadows and fog or smoke like masses. Water puddles or drips coming from unexplainable sources…sometimes clear, sometimes of a thicker and/or colored substance.  Voices on electronic devices such as tape recordings or answering machines that shouldn't be there. Items such as toys, dolls, balls, etc.. moving across the floor on their own accord. Items being thrown or tossed across a room.  Furniture being moved or rearranged in a room…including beds shaking and such.  Nightmares or dreams that seem to have the feeling of information is being relayed to you or visions of an account or person(s) you know nothing about. Although I want to include the feeling of being awakened and held down…this is very iffy….because there is something referred to as sleep paralysis in which a person's mind will awaken before the body has fully returned to the awaken state and a person can often feel as though an invisible force is holding them down or restraining them. But, there are accounts in which paranormal activity is responsible for similar types of sensations. Feelings of being touched, caressed, pinched, hit or scratched.  Feelings of being watched, starred at or followed. Gushes of wind, light or heavy.  Bugs, especially flies showing up and swarming in a specific area. I have to mention that a lot of these signs are associated with less than appealing or pleasant energies….and if you experience anything that you find quite unnerving or you feel in danger, you should heed the warning and get assistance immediately with the problem. You should not ignore it and hope it goes away on its own. Some situations do require extensive, professional assistance.


There are different methods you can use.  A paranormal group will use a variety of devices and methods to gather evidence of a haunting. I do not recommend you attempt to gather evidence on your own accord.  Please leave that to the trained professionals.  The most popular forms of equipment used are:

EMF Detector (Electromagnetic Field Detector): This instrument measures fluctuation in magnetic fields.  A cheaper version would be a simple camping compass.

Camera: 35mm or digital equipped with flash

Audio recorder:  There are various models from digital to cassette.  If you use a cassette recorder, always use an external microphone.  Most models are great for capturing EVP (electronic voice phenomena).

Video Recorder: Video recorder should be equipped with night vision and/or infrared.  Some of the newer models have an advanced setting that allows you to record with a more sensitive nightshot setting.  Be careful when recording around lights, etc....because you will get almost a comet looking trail behind anything....from bugs to dim lighting.

Divining rods:  A very controversial method of tracking energy (ghost) attachments. But in my opinion…very accurate when used correctly.  Just be sure to do a baseline test around the location and note where there are electrical outlets, power sources and water sources.  You don't want to pick up on a false reading.

Compass:  Great for picking up on geomagnetic fluctuations.

Digital Thermometer:  Needed for checking temperature fluctuations.....detecting abnormal or sudden hot and/or cold spots.

White Candle:  It is believed that energies are attracted to the flame.

White noise:  Setting a TV or radio on a non-broadcasting station.  Be want to ensure that if you are attempting to do an evp session, that you are not recording any audible voices, music or noises that may be slipping in and out through the broadcast.

Note: I can not express enough that unless you are a trained investigator, it is not advised that you attempt to gather evidence yourself.  Also...if you are insistent on attempting to gather evidence of a possible haunting or attempting to document your own haunting....don't go at it alone!  Find a partner to work with.  Never, ever, ever....attempt to gather evidence alone, on your own.


I would highly suggest not trying to rid the energies yourself. I would however suggest contacting a reputable paranormal investigations group, your locator minister or such, a psychic who deals in the contact and/or removal of energies or a demonologist if necessary. But if you're set on doing it on your own. There are a few helpful tips I've heard about that I can pass along. Depending on what you feel most comfortable doing.  You could burn sage, in which there is a specific method to doing…you could ask the dealer in which you're purchasing the sage from how to go about it or look up instructions on the Internet.  You could pour kosher salt around the parameter of your home while saying a prayer….this is also useful in riding unwanted snails from your garden.  But be sure to leave a small gap in the circle, as to not "trap" anything in.   You could take holy water and bless the home. One method I am aware of is where you put holy water on your finger tip and make the sign of the cross while praying completely around each and every opening at the location…such as windows and doors.  You could also simply ask the energies with a firm, yet kind, respectful voice to go to the light, they don't belong there.  Again…there's a certain method to that, I would read up on it or ask someone familiar with blessing locations what they suggest.  You could hang or place religious items through out the home….preferably blessed items.


Most often because their unaware their dead. Sometimes it's something a little more complicated as they need assistance, want you to know something or relay a message, maybe they just didn't want to move on…and decided to stick around.  They may be looking for something or someone no longer at the location. Perhaps they were very fond of the location and just wanted to stay or return there after death. Keep in mind, you are as much as an intruder or stranger to them as they are to you, so always try and be as respectful to them as possible.


Simple….the land may have a history and that's where the attachment is. Just because a building is new or has no history of death in it, doesn't mean that it can't be haunted.  Sometimes a ghost can become attached to the land or an object brought to the location. If you're at a new building and suddenly notice activity, it could be that what ever was on the land had been dormant for a period of time and has just recently come out.  Also, If you've recently bought a second hand object, someone gave you an item, or brought an item to the location that has an attachment to it, then chances are you've just brought the activity to the location.


Well…one of the biggest things that I'm aware of that will do it almost every time is renovation and remodeling.  For some odd reason when renovation and remodeling are going on….it seems to stir things up and bring out what ever was dormant.  It could have a lot to do with a whole disruption of the environment and or conditions that kept them dormant for all this time. It could be that they don't approve of what you're doing….there is no right guess or answer to it. It's just something that can happen.


Anything and Everything.  It could be as small as a pin or as large as a house.  It just depends.  Most often people purchase things like dolls, jewelry, books, paintings, furniture or other objects from yard sales, estate sales, antique stores, etc…without realizing there is an attachment to it.  The only safe thing you can do to prevent this is just not bring these items to the location.


In my opinion, no place is sacred. Every inch of this earth has had some sort of history to it and I believe that every location has a possibility of capturing or encountering phenomena.  But the most common locations would be places like cemeteries, funeral homes, locations where a death has taken place. But hauntings are not limited to these locations. In brief, ghosts are everywhere.


Most people think that a "Full Moon" means that the ghosts and goblins are going to be roaming....when in fact that is just a folklore.  As odd as it sounds...a "Full Moon" affects the living more so than paranormal activity.  Statistics show there are spikes in crime and odd behavior during the time of a "Full Moon".  But know this...A "New Moon' does have an effect on on paranormal activity and there always seems to be a spike in activity anywhere from 5 days prior to 5 days following a "Full Moon". your calendars for a "New Moon" and be prepared for a possible increase in paranormal activity during that week.  We've provided the moon cycle here, so that you can track the next "New Moon".


First and foremost....don't panic!!  Children are more susceptible to experiencing paranormal activity than adults.   Ask yourself well do you know your child and would them telling you that a kid is sitting at the foot of their bed could be something their saying for attention or part of an imaginary friend or be the result of something they saw on TV or overheard.  If you know your child wouldn't make something like that up and is able to provide vivid details of the encounter and what they are describing fits the signs of a haunting....then take action immediately.  Contact a reputable group in your area and share what your child has confided in you.  They will be able to assist you with understanding how to deal with the problem, if they find evidence of a haunting.  The worse thing you could do is to express fear or attempt to convince the child that their imagining the event.  You must be supportive of the child's experience whether you believe in ghosts or not.  The problem is...the child does and if their being bothered to the point that it is affecting their well must put all your beliefs aside and assist this child to be relief.  Your child deserves to feel safe in their own home.  You are the only resource to give that child protection, support and relief.


I never recommend attempting to communicate with matter how harmless you are convinced the energy may be.  And I definitely would advice to steer clear of any communication using channeling tools.  You have no idea what you are actually dealing with.  Often energies will appear harmless....but often this is a trick to gain your trust or sympathy.  Once you open that door.....and they get is often very hard to rid them.'s best to just leave them alone and get immediate assistance from a professional in the field. (See our Ouija Board page for opinions from experts and eerie stories from our readers)
This page is not intended to intrude on anyone's beliefs or otherwise.

It is information that I have found helpful while researching and educating myself on what I have personally dealt with for the last forty plus years and what I have gathered through extensive research and interviews with experts in the field of the paranormal.

My goal in creating this page is to hopefully answer questions that you may have about the paranormal.

What are ghosts?

How do you know if a location is truly haunted?

What are my options if I am experiencing paranormal activity?

What should I do if my child is troubled by visitations with unseen visitors?

Should I attempt to communicate with the ghost that reside
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