Sometime back, my boyfriend had purchased a home, that had been built atop a hill, scenically overlooking the rest of the world. After living in the home for awhile, he decided to have a swimming pool put in. It was then, that this dream home, suddenly turned into a nightmare. While digging the ground for the pool....bones, skulls and other such human remains were unearthed.  Upon doing a little investigation into this, we found out that the land had once been the site of an Indian burial ground. Soon after the desecration of this unknown gravesite, my boyfriend began enduring several hideous attacks while sleeping. He would be awakened in the middle of the night, by an unknown source, choking him. He would fight and struggle for his every breath, to break free from this angry attacker. It wasn't long afterwards that he decided enough was enough and had to leave the home and it's restless, angry spirits behind.

When I was around eighteen years old, I had a haunting visit, that sticks to me to this day. It was a Saturday morning and I was awakened by what felt like someone sitting on the edge of my bed. I sat up to look, expecting to find my mother there, instead I was startled to see my grandfather, Mac. To say the least, I was terrified and as I screamed in fright, he just disappeared. He had died almost four years prior of a heart attack. My grandmother found him, sitting at the steering wheel of the car, in the driveway, thanks to Trixie, their trusty chihuahua. Trixie had jumped into the car with him for a ride to the store, but she must of sensed something was terribly wrong and jumped out to fetch my grandmother, to alert her. Is he lost, unaware of his death? Or was his visit, his way of letting me know that he is ok?  For years I would spend the summer with him and my grandmother. Unfortunately, he passed on, just before I made my usual visit that summer. My mother has also seen him several times, but that is another story.

When I was a teenager, my friend and I used to always walk home through an orange grove. This day, our journey was different than any other.  It was between 2 and 3 in the afternoon. As we were walking, I happened to look ahead, to see a woman, dressed like a Quaker, washing clothes in a big tub with a wash board, all a while humming a tune.  I stopped dead in my tracks, looked at my friend and asked "How weird! Do you see that lady"?  My friend replied "Yes".  At that moment, as if to hear us talking about her, she stopped her chores and looked straight at the both of us.  As she stood there staring at us, the deadness in her eyes sent chills up our spines. We immediately sensed something was not right about this ghostly apparition. On an instant, we took off running as fast as our legs would carry us. At one point, I turned back to catch one last glimpse of this mysterious woman, but she was gone.  Her washing tub....everything....had just vanished into thin air!

My daughter had just moved down from New Jersey and had to temporarily store some things in our garage.  It was around the time, my television went on the blink.  She said that I could use the one she had brought down with her.  I was watching television late one night and the t.v. began acting strangely. It would flash off and on and make strange electrical sparking noises. I turned the televison off, hoping it would not catch fire or something. The following day, I called a repairman out to come take a look at it....all was fine. Again, I was watching television late at night and it began doing it again, but this time I got the eerie feeling that I was not alone....I was being watched intensely by someone.  I decided to head off to bed.  The following day, I brought up the television to my daughter, she told me that she'd never used the television before bringing it down with her. She went on to tell me that the t.v. had come from a friend of theirs who had commmited suicide.  When they found the poor soul, the t.v. was still on.  I knew then, that this had to be the bizzare explanation behind this t.v. acting so strangely. I have since removed the t.v. from our home, solving the problem.

When I was around five or six years old, my older brother and I had bedrooms at opposite ends of the hallway.  My mother would always leave a night light on in the hall for us, in case we had to get up in the middle of the night.  Every night after everyone was asleep, I would be awakened by a strange feeling of someone watching me.  This feeling would soon follow with a ghostly visit by the shadowy figure of a large man.  He would pace up and down the hall, stopping at my bedroom doorway.  Although he would never enter my room, he would stand there, watching me for a brief while, then go on his way. Even though my brother never mentioned seeing this spirit, I believe he would head down the hall to my brother's room, where he would disappear.  This occurance went on for almost two years.  My mother also have a several encounters in this house.

I want to give a little background of who I am and how I grew up.  I am not what I consider to be a shallow minded person in any way.  I do come from a very “religious” background. I grew up in a Christian home that believes in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I believe in Heaven, as well as Hell. I am very opened minded about the spiritual side of things. I don’t believe in ghosts, but I do believe in demons. I am not trying to push my beliefs on any one, but this is what I firmly believe. I believe the Lord has shown me certain things. I do not proclaim to be a psychic, but I am very sensitive to the spiritual realm. Ever since I was very young, I have seen “supernatural” beings, both demonic and heavenly. But, more of the evil kind than anything else. I have had a lifetime of experiences, but want to share some of the encounters my wife and I had when we first got married. We both have had prior experiences; but never anything like this before. At the time, I was a banquet supervisor at one of the local hotels. I would work long days and sleep for only 3 hours, about 3 days a week. We had just had a baby girl and she was approximately one month old. We would sleep downstairs in our apartment, since it was a hassle for my wife to walk up and down the stairs. I was sleeping on the recliner, our daughter was in a bassinette and my wife slept on a futon mattress on the floor. It was late in the night about 2 a.m when all of a sudden I woke up and saw a black shadow hovering over my wife while she slept. Now as a Christian, I believe in the power of Jesus' death and resurrection and the authority that he gave us to battle against the Devil and his minions. But as a 21 year old guy being scared for his family, I froze and could not say anything to get rid of this thing. I could hear the Holy Spirit inside of me saying "Speak out against it or it will never leave". But I was too scared. So, I watched it float about 2 feet off the ground and then it moved upstairs. I didn’t mention anything to my wife because I didn’t want to scare her. A few days later; I had to be at work at 2:30 am and at about 9 that morning, I got a phone call from my hysterical wife. She told me she had a bad dream about our apartment. She said in her dream that she went upstairs to use the bathroom and something told her to look under the sink. So out of curiosity, she opened the two little cabinet doors under the sink and saw a hole in the wall that looked directly into our bedroom. She said she then heard someone telling her to lift the bottom board to the sink. When she did, she found a chicken claw lying there underneath the bottom board. She then woke up to see a person floating above her as if lying down with his head propped up on his hand like he was watching tv. She told me she couldn’t move or even speak. It felt as if someone were pinning her down and had a hand covering her mouth. Because she couldn’t speak, she said she began to pray to the Lord to protect her inside her mind. She said she then moved her finger and as soon as she did, the being left. She got up, rushed to check on our baby and saw that she was still sleeping and fine.  She went upstairs to the bathroom and looked under the sink and saw a whole that looked directly into our bedroom….just as it was in her dream. She then thought about the wooden board and the chicken claw but was too scared to look. That's when she called me. Things only got worse afterwards. I began waking up and seeing a dark figure standing at the foot of my bed…just watching my wife and myself sleep. When it saw that I was awake, it would then go into our little girl's bedroom (by this time we were sleeping upstairs).  My stereo down stairs would turn on by itself and the volume would be maxed out. This went on for a while. We ended up moving to Colorado and I enlisted in the army. I still have encounters to this day, but I have educated myself and made the Lord a firm foundation in my life. Through him, I feel I can handle and cast out all these intruders.  I have never forced my beliefs on anyone…but know and strongly feel that everything I've experienced, I could not have gotten through it without Jesus.

My grandmother was taken from us when I was about 5 years old. She died of lung cancer due to smoking.  My mom always believed that though she weren't with us anymore, she would still watch over us. When my mom and her two sisters where young, my mom said Grandma would check all the bedrooms before she going to sleep. She would go around and turn off all the tvs that had been left on and make sure that her three girls were tucked in and safe for the night. This didn't stopped even after she died. At the time she died, my two aunts were still living with my grandfather in their home. They both had expriences where they had left the tv on and fallen asleep...only to wake up and the tv was found off. They both asked if the other had done it and went on to ask their father, who said that he didn't go into either of their rooms. At the time this happened, none of their tvs  had sleep timers. My grandmother didn't just stay at her house. My mother (the oldest of the girls) and I lived across town in an apartment, during all of this happening. My mom also experienced my grandmother turning off the tv. My mom assured her that we could take care of ourselves now and that she didn't have to worry anymore. I dont know exactly when it stopped, but my grandmother eventually decided to rest. My mother and I eventually moved to Wisconsin and my aunts and  grandfather moved out of the old house. Nothing has been said of her in the ways of a haunting since then.

There was this old abonded hospital a few blocks away from where I lived. My friends heard rumors about ghosts in there. So one day; I by myself, headed over there at around 6 pm....about an hour before the sun would set. I pushed on the door which happened to be unlocked and walked in. It was 4 stories tall and on the bottom floor it had electricity, because a company used this building to keep file cabinets in. I browsed around and then walked upstairs. The whole place was really creepy and I always felt like there was something behind me. I got lost up there (I think on the 4th floor) and I was walking around in the dark looking for a door or a way out when I found a window. I stuck my head out and looked at the sky, it was totally dark. I then thought I was a real idiot for not telling anyone I was coming here. I wandered around thinking "Ahh, I'm screwed now". I was walking down a small flight of steps about 4 or 5 steps when something grabbed my ankle and tripped me. I looked back and saw nothing. I don't think I would of seen anything anyway, because it was completly dark. I got up and started walking faster...not wanting to run, because I could'nt see. I felt a small rumbling noise and these two doors in front of me opened up and there was a flickering light in there. I looked in and it appeared to be an elevator. I did not want to stay in that place any longer, so I stepped in the elevator and turned around. I went to push the button, but the door started closing before I could. I thought what an idiot I was. As the doors were closing, I looked back towards the steps and saw this shadow moving towards me. I closed my eyes and when I opened them the doors were closed and I was in the elevator with the flickering lights. It started decending, for around 30 seconds...which felt more like 3 hours. Finally the door opened and I stepped out into the pitch blackness of the room. The doors closed behind me and I looked around. I saw what appeared to be a glass door a ways away with the moon light pouring in from outside. I ran for the door as fast as I could and when I got to it, it was locked. I looked around some more almost panicking, when I found the door that I first came in through. I exited and ran home as fast as I possbily could without looking back.

My grandmother and I have always been very close; in fact I stay over there quite often and even have my own bedroom there.  About six years ago I had my first encounter.  I was in my old bedroom (I have since switched rooms) playing with my dolls.  All of a sudden my bed started to shake violently.  It scared me so much that I ran in to the kitchen where my grandmother was and told her what happened.  She didn't seem to believe me and tried to convince me it were only my imagination....but that didn't help.  I was still frightened about returning to my room, so at bedtime when she made sure I were all snug in my bed, I waited until she went to her room for the night and I snuck into the living room to sleep.  Not long after that, I switched bedrooms. I began sleeping in the room my uncle used to sleep in.  I was in my new room playing with my dolls.  After I were finished playing, I put the dolls in the trunk at the end of my bed.  I was watching tv when all of a sudden I heard a wrapping noise coming from inside the trunk.  It sounded like one of the dolls was knocking on the inside of the trunk.  When I opened the trunk lid to see what the noise was all about, I discovered one the head to one of the dolls I'd just been playing with had it's head ripped from it's body.  Needless to say I was horrified and soon got rid of all my dolls!  On another occasion; I was thirteen at the time, it had been storming all day long and by night fall the storm had gotten worse.  I was in the living room with my grandmother.  She asked me to get some candles and matches from the back room.  In the closet was a teddy bear that played Christmas music when you pressed its paw.  Well, while I was getting the candles and matches, I heard the sound of this teddy bear, faintly playing the song "We wish you a Merry Christmas". The only people in the house at the time were my grandparents and I knew there was no way anyone had been in that area to press the paw to make it play this music I was hearing.  Another odd incident happened one night while I was sitting on the back porch, listening to the radio.  I was just relaxing and looking out the through the screen on the porch when I realized there was a mysterious light imminating from the old barn.  It was very mesmerizing.  I stared at it a while, trying to figure out where this source of light could of been coming from. At first I thought it may have been a flashlight, but that was excluded because no one would have been in the barn at this time of night. Then I thought perhaps a glow bug, but it was much too bright for that. When I told my grandparents about the light, I was surprised to hear that they had also witnessed this mysterious light on various occasions.  So many bizarre things happen in Grandma's house....including hall lights going on and off on their own, doors shaking and electronic toys acting strangely.  There is also a strange singing that I've heard coming from my bedroom closet.

I have had many paranormal experiences through out my life, including psychic visions, out of body experiences and lucid dreams.  Just to tell you a few of my experiences….my husband is building on a porch to our home and closing it in. I have seen things off and on prior to this work being done, but for some bizarre reason the activity has spiked since this particular renovation.  One day while walking in the woods (we live on 8 acres of land) I heard a child's voice calling "Mama".  I'm not sure if it was a boy or a girl's voice, but it sounded as though this child were lost and trying to find their mother. The voice sounded as though they were between the ages of 5 and 7 years old. There were no other kids around and it sounded too close to be an actual child from the neighborhood. Later that night, I again heard that same child calling. My son was fast asleep, so I know it wasn't him. Strange thing is, my husband woke up around this time, claiming he felt as though someone were sucking on his leg.  At first he thought it was a bug, but when he felt his leg, it was all wet.  Several weeks back, I also experienced something strange while taking a shower.  I heard someone in the bathroom with me, by the toilet.  I began hearing a male voice humming a tune and at the time; didn't pay it much mind, figuring it was my husband.  Then it dawned on me that I had the door shut and I hadn't heard anyone come in. When I looked out, no one was there and the door was still closed.  Well to put my mind at ease, I asked my husband if it were him, but he said "No, he was watching tv the entire time".  I have also heard someone outside in the hallway, and it wasn't my husband or child.  One day I heard what sounded like someone cough; it was also a male voice.  I then saw faded sneakers and they faded right before my eyes. I have had so many experiences and to give you a little background history of some of the other things I've encounter…back in 89', I was living in Bolivia and starting to awaken to the spiritual realm. We were living in this multi-level house. This one particular night, my first husband; now ex, was gone to class and his parents went to a party. Well I was playing a game on the computer, when all of a sudden I felt there was a presence right behind me. I knew there was someone there. I didn't even have to wonder if it was imagination. I was too scared to look around. I began to pray and it all of a sudden went away. I found out later that the last person who lived in this house was a man and he died in it. I knew it was him.

A few months later, we all moved to Germany (where my first husband and his family were originally from). His parents just bought an old farm house that had been renovated a few years prior. Additions added on etc... Well one night I went to bed early while my husband and his parents were catching up on old times. I was not asleep…but almost there, when for some reason I looked at this wall.  This was an original section of the house. Out of this wall, a portal seemed to appear. I saw a tall blonde haired man walking, like he walking down a tunnel or long corridor. Needless to say, I was scared to death and couldn't move.  I watched as he came closer and closer to me until he eventually came out of the wall. I just threw the blanket over my head. I could feel him coming closer and I began praying.  Then all of a sudden I felt him shaking me. I fell unconscious. I woke up the next morning and remembered the whole ordeal.  Knowing it really happened, yet not knowing how to tell anyone I was attacked by a spirit. I have never forgotten that night.

Then years down the road, we moved again, into a house that was like a two story apartment. We lived on the top floor and the bottom floor was rented out to someone else. I had a chair by my bed that I put my clothes on.  One night I woke up and discovered a little blonde headed girl sitting in the chair. She was adorable, with long curly blonde hair.  She was about 6 to 8 years old and she was moving in the chair…rocking like a little child that can't sit still. She had on old fashioned clothes, with a hat. She didn't seem to notice me. I only saw her that one time.  I have had so many experiences; it doesn't seem to matter where I live. I know now, it's because I'm so sensitive to the energies all around me at these different locations.

I was living in Tallahassee at the time when these strange events occurred. I was living in a singlewide mobile home on a lot that was vacant when I bought it. We had trouble with things disappearing and reappearing in locations that had it been there to begin with, someone would have fallen over them.  We also had problems with the phones.  The phone would ring but no one was on the line, nor was there the usual background noise. It was such a common occurrence we'd laugh and say "oh well must be a haint" as a joke.  We also noticed a pattern to the phone calls. The "haint' calls became more frequent and then something would happen soon after.  It got to the point we began to dread it. On one occasion, my daughter was coming down from N.Y.C. I was working the evening shift at the hospital so this was in the small hours of the AM. The phone started ringing. I was trying to paint my daughter's room and decided to take the phone off the hook to stop the interruptions. What ever it was, it was bound and determined to get my attention because then the doorbell started to ring. It was one of those wireless jobs that had never worked. The button was on the front gate. I looked outside, no one was there and being at the end of a dead-end street there were no houses close enough to activate the bell. Finally I went outside and removed the doorbell from the gate. I pointed the button at the house and pushed. Nothing! I took the thing in the house and put it on the fireplace mantle. It rang again. I removed the batteries and said out loud "'You ring again and I'm going to a motel!" It didn't, but the next day I called my sister to see if my daughter had gotten on the train and also to tell her about the bell ringing. She said "I'm sure it's nothing supernatural" and said my daughter was safely on her way. That was on 9/9/01. My daughter arrived in the wee hours of 9/11/01. We went to bed and were awakened by a call from my sister in NYC at about 9AM- this country was under siege. My sister in law had until about 6 months prior worked for Merill Lynch on the 86 floor of tower 1.  I'd attended nursing school at BMCC which is only a few blocks from here the towers stood, and two of their off campus buildings were destroyed when the towers collapsed. I have since moved to Pensacola and there has been no "haint" calls or  disappearing/reappearing objects that can't be explained. I'm not sure if I miss it or not.

My husband, a friend and I left to a party one night around 2 am on this lonely dirt road.  We had traveled this road many a night, not worrying about anything.  My husband and his friend were a little drunk so I was driving.  I had come around the corner they called haunted corner and there was a little girl in the road holding a water bucket.  Before I could stop the truck, I hit her head on.  I felt the hit and saw her and the bucket go flying through the air. We stopped the truck, got out to see what I had hit and there was no one there or a bucket to prove I had hit anyone, except foot prints and a dint in my truck.  To this day, when I drive down that road, I drive really slowly in case I encounter this phantom child again.

This series of events occurred in remote Loxahatchee Florida near the edge of the Everglades, in Seminole county. It was told to my by my mother, who experienced it first hand. In 1992, she built her retirement home in a remote location surrounded by pines and swamp. Many hours went into landscaping the land into a lush tropical retreat. 

One night she awoke to voices on the front porch. This was odd because she had no neighbors. Cars didn't pass by on the remote road at night. Peering out the window, she saw the image of two men, one of which appeared to be an Indian chief, surveying their land. Heads were nodding in apparent approval of the labor and love that had gone into their land. This incident repeated itself several times.

Then one night, my mother felt a presence in the bedroom with her. She knew it was the two men from the porch. They slipped under the covers of her bed, on either side of her, and cuddled up close. At this point she was frozen with fear and shock. With all the bravery she could muster, she firmly told them "I understand that you appreciate what we have done with your land. But it is our land now. You must leave."  With that, the two spirits got out of her bed and never returned.

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