When I was about ten; my mom, step dad, brother, two sisters and myself lived in an old South Tampa home.  I remember always seeing a small bright light "orb" moving through out the house.  This went on for a long time.  Well one night, the light was in my room.  I watched as it moved through the wall and in to the backyard.  When I looked out the window, I saw a little girl in a white dress with gray lace just standing there smiling at me.  I ran to my mom's room and told her what I saw.  When my mom looked out the window she didn't see the little girl but she said she saw a bright light as it faded away.  I only saw the little girl one other time after this, when I was coming home from school.  I was walking up to the house and saw her in the front window just smiling out at me.  I never saw the little girl again after that, but we all continued to see the orbs until we moved out of the house.  I never could find any information on the history of the house or who this child was.  The house is no longer there.

On 5/16/08, I received a phone call from my friend John. He asked me to come by Melech Hospital,  you see he has bone cancer. The doctors at the hospital say he has very little time  left. John has been my friend for 15 years. He knows I am into the paranormal. I brought my camera with me because he said their was paranormal happening at this particular place . I arrived around 1 o'clock in the afternoon, when I walked into the waiting room, I got this strange feeling that there was some one in the room with me, but i was alone so I thought. At the same time I was sitting down, I turned on my camera. All at once the chairs pulled out of place they were once at. I snapped a picture but all I got was an orb or "dust" in the picture. What just happen scared the hell out of me. I went to John's room # 21, i didn't  tell John what just happen. While I was walking to his bed he asked me did I feel it when you  walked into waiting room. I told him what happen to me and he said that was nothing. John told me, he has been seeing black shadows coming into his room and going back out into the hallway. John called his sister earlier that day to sign him out of this place. The reason he called me; he wanted me to  come by so I can experience this before he leaves.  While I was waiting for his sister to sign him out, we were talking about his health. In the corner of the room is a blue rocking chair caught are eyes, both of us were looking at. The chair seemed to be moving back and forth as if some thing was in the chair. It was a black mass or one of the shadows was just sitting their, as soon as it noticed we were watching it. It shot out of the chair faster than you can blink a your eye . I toke two pictures of the thing while it was fleeing. All I got was an orb or "dust". After what happen John wanted to go out side to wait for his sister, he is living with his sister now , he is not improving. He does not want to talk as much or receive phone calls I don't think he has much longer. I really love this guy, God be with him.
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