Some of my earliest memories as a child involve experiences  with the supernatural.

    To give you some background, I lived in a very typical middle class neighborhood in the early 60's on the south side of town. We were a normal little hard working family in most aspects. I guess where we differed was the fact that my mother was very psychic and she and her side of the family practiced communicating with other planes of existence through table tapping. We would all gather and sit around a small square table, touch finger to finger on one side of the table, summon spirits and ask questions with replies being either one or two taps for yes and no.

    My mother also practiced automatic writing, where she would channel spirits and the spirits would write on a pad of paper through her. Many times she would write in foreign languages that had to be taken for translation. The only language my mother speaks or knows is English.  As a child, I was exposed to many of these supernatural events and participated many times. Many a time I can remember, a table lifting off the ground and being thrown across a room against a wall.

    Even as a child, I knew we were different than other people and always kept these events to myself, knowing that, first, my friends would not believe it anyway, and second, not wanting my friends to know how weird a family I had. I think keeping these secrets through those years, kind of isolated me as a child and made me feel different. It is a little uncomfortable writing this, even now at almost 40.

    I believe around the age of five or six, I began to wake up in the middle of the night to beings (At the time, I don't think I realized they were ghosts). They were white, hazy and transparent.....they floated next to my bed. I can remember them as clear as if it were yesterday. They would always somehow wake me and then begin speaking to me. I can only remember that before I screamed, they would ask me not to scream and that they had something to tell me. Well, I never waited to hear what it was, because I would scream and my father would run into the room and ask what was wrong. I would tell him about the people in my room. I would end up sleeping in my mother's room and my father would sleep in mine. This became a ritual every night. I'm not sure how long it went on, but my mother tells me she had a hard time even going into the room because of the strong energy she felt in it.  Years later, she also told me that many times before I began screaming at age five or six, she used to hear me talking to someone in my room, I have no memory of that. 

    We had an old antique rocker (My mother still has it today) that once belonged to my Great Grandmother. It used to rock by itself at night. We were so used to it, that we hardly noticed it. But when I was older and had friends over to spend the night, if they happened to notice the rocker, they would freak out. I used to laugh about it.

    I think all these experiences climaxed one night when I was sleeping in my mother's room (as usual) and my father was sleeping in my room. I was awakened by my mother screaming. All I remember is running to the hall door and I saw my father in the hall yelling at my mom "What's wrong?" She was screaming about a man floating down the hall. At the same time, I saw the dark figure floating down the hall right past my father, who was jumping around and could not see him. The dark figure had one of those ten gallon hats like Abe Lincoln wore, and he floated down the hall and right through the back wall of the back bedroom. It was not long after that....that my mom stopped delving into the supernatural and never did it again.  Also, her side of the family would only table tap, etc....once in a great while.

    While living at my aunt Rita's house for awhile, I had a very strange experience. I came home late one night and went to my bedroom. When I got to my room, the bedroom door was locked. I thought this was odd, but thought "Oh well". So I went and found something to stick into the lock hole, to try to pry the lock open. After fiddling around with it, maybe 30 minutes, it was hopeless, I couldn't get the door open, so I decided to try to get into my room from the window. So I went outside, opened the window and just as I was climbing into the window, I felt this cold sensation, kind of like a light cold breeze. It was a very unusual feeling....I've heard about people feeling a sudden gush of cold air, and that's the only way I can describe it, it was like a cold wind blew at me from inside the room. Anyway, I'd managed to finally get myself all the way into this pitch black room. I found my way to the door, and to my shock, the door was open. At first, I thought, it had to be someone playing a prank on me, to scare me. So I walked around the house and looked around, but no one else was home. To this day, I can not explain, how that door opened, because when I left to go to the window, it was still locked from the inside. That is the only experience I remember having in that house. I also want to mention, this all happened just before my aunt Regina moved in and her and my aunt Rita started experiencing all this strange stuff there.

    I had several other experiences at my grandmother's house...please go to the link "Mama's House" to read about the events I experienced there.

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