Located on top of a hill in the middle of one acre of land; in a rural part of Arkansas, my husband and I found what we believed to be the perfect home.  It was exactly what we were looking for, solidly built but needing a facelift. The second time we looked at the house, I got an awful feeling in the master bedroom, I felt watched by something angry. Disregarding this eerie feeling, we decided to purchase the home.  We moved in on April 1st....closing on it in June of the same year.  We discovered that a young mother previously occupied the house.  Strangely she used the den for a bedroom and the master bedroom and bath went oddly unused. When I walked into the master bath it became obvious why. The walk-in closet is located in the bathroom and hate just radiated from it. I'm usually pretty practical, but even after we moved in, I used the closets in the kid's rooms and wouldn't go near ours. Something in there hated, I was waking up between 4:20 and 4:23 every morning and I could smell fresh cigarette smoke, as if someone were in the bedroom with us, smoking. I couldn't really read the feeling I got from this entity, it seemed to be just watching, and I think....waiting. Of course all this time, things were disappearing and showing up in places that we wouldn't and sometimes couldn't have put them. I also heard noises in the attic crawlspace, as if someone were scooting boxes across the floor, but when we looked up there to do some electrical work, it was all rafters and insulation. Before I tell you what happened in the early morning hours on Easter let me first describe my children. I have a 14 year old son and 4 year old daughter that are very much alike.  Both imaginative, outgoing and creative. I also have a 6 year old son who is none of these things; he's very practical and literal. My daughter has complained several times of a strange dog in her room at night that she is afraid of (my dog is an outside animal only). I always assumed she was dreaming or telling me stories because she is very imaginative.  Both boys are very close and share a bedroom. They both sleep in a very dark room and have never been bothered by the dark. At 4:22 Easter morning, my 6 year old came in our bedroom, calling to his Daddy.  He has never come into our room at night before. He told me that someone had climbed into his bed and it wasn't his brother.  I told him it must have been one of the cats (we have two, and yes, they seem to follow things around our bedroom with their eyes) and he said "No, because they talked to me".  I tucked him in next to his Dad and checked around the house. The next day I had his older brother talk to him about what had happened because I was frightened and I didn't want him to pick up on my feelings. He told his brother that someone big had crawled into bed with him, and of course he thought it was his brother. When he said his brother's name, whoever or whatever it was....pinned him to the bed, leaned into his face and said "I'm going to eat you for lunch".  He also stated that whoever it was had breath that smelled like poop, which sounds like sulfur to me.  It worried me so much that I had a friend who is Wiccan come over and help me cleanse the house. We used blessed water and sea salts. The "smoking" visitor, my waking up at 4:20 and the evil feeling in the closet all seemed to subside afterwards. But I must confess, I still get the eerie feeling that something is still lingering around....waiting.  I can't help but wonder if it's really gone.  I've come out of sleep several times (no particular time) and realized that something was standing close to my side of the bed. It appeared closer to the foot of the bed, than the head but like before, I just go back to sleep. I don't seem to fear what ever it is, for some reason....which isn't like me at all! I decided to contact a psychic about our situation and he said it sounded like a demon in our house.  He advised us to continue praying and blessing the house, which I do often, in hopes it would eventually lose interest in us and move on. He also said it appeared the home was also occupied by a friendlier spirit that wouldn't be compelled to leave because of blessings or prayer. I think this spirit is still here. Luckily, nothing bad has happened since that Easter or the one since then. There have been several incidents of items missing and turning up later in places that couldn't have been missed. For instance, I was cooking one night and when I went to get my spice shakers they were gone. I keep them on a small countertop between the refrigerator and the stove. There are three of them and they were no where to be found. Because my husband often walks off with the salt shaker I naturally assumed that he had moved them and asked him to come in and help me find them. We searched the cabinets and every where else we could think of, but they were nowhere to be found. I gave up on looking for them, so I used the spices out of the larger canisters that I refill from. I was still talking to my husband as he was walking out of the room....when I turned around to replace the canisters, all three spice shakers were in plain sight exactly where they were supposed to be in the first place! Oddly, I hadn't left the room and was standing within three feet of the counter the whole time, where the shakers magically reappeared! Similar things have happened with checkbooks and the telephone directory that goes into my billfold. The strangest thing was probably when my 14 year old son told me that we needed to fix the toilet in the main bathroom because the lid was slamming itself when he was home alone in the afternoon. He wasn't frightened, he honestly thought it was just something that needed to be repaired. Shortly after he told me this, my husband had to go under the house to repair some duct work and discovered that a previous shoddy repair job on the toilet waste pipe had come loose and was just starting to pour raw sewage on the ground under our house. This can be very dangerous because along with the health risks of raw sewage, sewer gases can build up in contained areas and actually cause an explosion. The banging commode lid stopped as soon as we made the proper repairs.  I am glad for this helpful spirit and have asked it to not scare the children.  So far it hasn't. The demon seems to be repelled, but I can still feel it around, as if waiting. So I'll continue to pray and bless the house until it loses interest and finds easier targets than we seem to be.

A few years ago, my aunt lived in a trailer no more than one hundred feet from where her new house now sits. Almost everyone that lived there and visited had strange encounters with a small child wearing a red baseball cap. One day, my aunt was going out to her car to leave and she saw the child. Thinking it was one of her boys skipping school, she followed him calling out her son's name. The boy never turned around, but kept walking away from her. He disappeared around the house and when she turned the corner, she saw nothing. A few weeks later, my sister and I were visiting her. We were in the dining room and there is a sliding glass door. Right beside the door was a mirror. My sister was standing in front of the mirror fixing her hair and make up and getting ready to go out when I seen a strange look come across her face and she looked out the back door, turned to me, and then looked again. When I asked her what was wrong, she simply looked at me again. Finally I got it out of her. She told me that she had seen in the mirror a small child running through the yard chasing a baseball but when she turned to the door, no one was there. I thought she was imagining things. We went to my aunt and told her about it and she told us that she had seen him too. That night while my sister and cousin (Kelly) were out on the town, I decided to go sleep in Kelly's bed. I turned out the lights and shut the door and laid down. I kept thinking about that little boy when all of a sudden, the bed started shaking violently. It was so bad that the headboard was hitting against the wall. I jumped up and ran out of the room and told my aunt what had happened. She told me that it had happened to Kelly a few times also and that I could sleep with her if I was scared. Of course I was scared!! After that, we would see him throwing the baseball up in the air one minute, then the next he'd be gone. Sometimes, no one would even be in the back room (my cousin's room) and we could hear the headboard and what sounded like laughing. The last night I was there, I was asleep on the couch and I awoke to the sound of Kelly walking really fast down the hall. She came in the living room where me and my sister were laying and told us that her bed had started shaking again but this time, she saw the little boy. He was jumping on the bed beside her laughing. They moved out of the trailer only a couple of months after. I've moved up here since then and every time I visit my aunt, I can't help but wonder if the little ghost child still plays in the spot where the trailer used to sit!

(Ann Field)
Educated and absorbed in career and family, I had a secret. Something I didn't want to tell anyone. They'd think I was crazy...a weirdo. I had seen a ghost when I was teenager. Not something well balanced people lay claim to in mixed company.

It was 1966. I was 16 yrs old at the time. It was evening and I was studying. I heard the door of my room come open and assumed it was my mother coming in to check on me. When I looked up…I saw a girl about my age. She was dressed in clothing of another time (maybe the late 1800's). She wore a bonnet and I couldn't see her face because of the brim. Her sleeves were 3/4 length and her arms were thin like mine. She walked towards me and bent down to where I was sitting. I remember her hand reaching towards my arm. Although she was non-threatening...I was terrified. She was transparent and not part of our world and was trying to touch me. "Run. Run. Run," my brain told me. My heart pounding, I dropped to my knees and scrambled under the furniture to avoid where she stood. I could see the door of my room. I came to my feet and ran to find my mother. '"Don't look. Just run. Don't look back! Run!' my mind screamed.
I know my mother believed me when I told her, (I fathom my mother had her own secret) but, like all good mothers, she told me I had simply imagined it…maybe fallen off to sleep and dreamed it. I accepted my mother's answer. It was far more comforting than dealing with what I knew was true. My ghost was real.

I am 55 years old now and the memory of my ghost has stayed with me all these years as if it were yesterday. She never came back to visit. I don't blame her. I guess I was quite rude-considering. She left me something very important, though. I have treasured it all my life. THE INDISPUTABLE KNOWLEDGE that there is much beyond our world.

On Saturday, January 15, 2005, my buddy Robert Daniel and I got our equipment together. We had been making plans for a few weeks for one of our crazy adventures. This time it would not be a biking trip to another town, or a hike up a mountain. This time we were going ghost hunting.

A few weeks earlier, we had been watching some programs on ghost hunting. This peeked our interest and we decided we wanted to give it a try.

I packed two flashlights, a digital camera and a hand held tape recorder that my brother had given me for my birthday.

It was about 9 pm and our first stop was going to be at the old African-American cemetery, South of McCrory, where the mysterious Rev. Dehorne was buried.

When we got to the area, we soon noticed a big tree that uprooted and blocked the entrance to Dehorne's resting place. We climbed over the tree and I took a few pictures of the area with my camera. I then took my tape recorder, pressed record, and laid it on the front of Dehorne's tombstone.

We got back in my car and headed down to Oddfellows Cemetery to get some pictures. About an hour later, we made our way back to Dehorne's grave. I was anxious to see if there were any unusual sounds or messages.

I urged Robert to go and get the recorder while I took his picture by the stone. He said he didn't want to and that I should get it and he'd take my picture instead. Finally we both walked over to the headstone. Robert shined his flashlight down and to our shock, the recorder was gone. We looked all around the area but couldn't find it. Maybe someone had been watching us and took it when we left, or maybe a raccoon came and picked it up because it was shiny. Who knows? Or. Maybe Dehorne was offended by our intrusion.

That night we went back to the house and I downloaded the pictures on my computer. Only one showed something unusual and it was from Oddfellows Cemetery. Around one tombstone was a few bright glowing lights. I saw some other pictures like this on the ghost hunting shows we watched. They referred to the lights as "Orbs."

I thought my ghost hunting adventure was over. I lost my favorite tape recorder, I only got one questionable photo, and I thought I might be getting a cold from the chilly night air, so I decided to go to bed. That's when something very startling happened.

At 12:30am, my wife and I were sound asleep and suddenly the stereo in the living room came on full blast. It was playing the song "I'm a Soul Man." We both jumped up in the bed. My first thought was that a car had rammed the house and was inside the living room. We quickly went to the living room and turned it off. It was a very strange thing. It took me most of the night to get back to sleep. Could this have been a warning to me from the other side?

I can't say that I will never go on another ghost hunt, but I defiantly do not recommend it to anyone else. I have come to the conclusion that the dead should be left alone and if we are going to seek anything from the other side, it should be God.

My husband and I lived together for a year before getting married.  A couple of months after our wedding we found out we had to move.  We searched for a house to buy because we didn't want to pay rent anymore.  We found a house in the small town where I grew up and after some hesitation; my husband, agreed to move there (he was a city boy).  We had 3 dogs and our yard was not fenced.  We did not have to worry about our small male dog running out of the house into the yard, but the other two dogs had to stay at my mom's house until we were completely moved in.  One of the dogs; Tooter, had been mine since she was a puppy.  She was still adjusting to my husband (she did not like men) and to be honest he was not that fond of her either because she always tried to bite him.  My husband was unpacking as I brought one more load of boxes from our previous house.  When I walked in he asked me in almost an angry tone "When did I bring Tooter home?"  He thought we agreed to wait until we were completely moved in.  I told him we did and she was still at my mom's home.  He then asked what it was that was small and black that he heard and saw run up the stairs.  I told him I was unsure but it wasn't Tooter.  We went upstairs and there was nothing to be found.  He did not believe in ghosts, but he does now because of that incident and the other things we have experienced in our home.  At night when it is quiet, we sometimes hear old fashioned music playing.
It is very faint, but if one of us walks around the outside of the house no music can be heard, but the person inside can still hear it.  Nothing extreme happens here and we are not alarmed by anything that has happened.  If we hear the music we just turn up the fan to drown the noise out and go to sleep.

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