A while ago I realized I could talk to ghost and see visions of things still to come. One day my friend told me he had a weird dream about a girl who was a ghost and I was there. So I thought, "Hey, what if this really is a ghost who needs help".  So I told him to tell the girl to come see me and I will help her in any way I can.  So, he said aloud "Please, if you are here, go see my friend Steve".  The next thing he knew, he felt something weird and then it went away. So about a minute later he Instant Messaged me "I told her and if she heard me, I am sure she went to you". So, I closed my eyes and waited for maybe 30 seconds when I saw a beautiful young girl about 18-21 years old, giving off a radiating bluish light. At first I must say I was pretty scared, but I decided I would talk to her. So, I asked "What is it you came to me and my friend for"?  And I heard a faint voice saying "I need help". So I kind of freaked, since this was the first time a ghost ever talked to me. But I again worked up courage and asked "What kind of help? I will do what I can" and she said "I died without saying good-bye to my boy friend".  So, I said "So, do you want me to try contacting him and telling him good-bye for you"?  And she said "Yes, please thank you". At this point I thought "How am I gonna contact someone like this"? And then I asked her "What is his name"? And I have forgotten the name she said, but I think it was A..... something with an A. So I decided, why don't I try using telepathy? I have done it once before.  So, I tried saying "good-bye", but I still can't be sure he heard me. After this little occurrence she didn't come back until one night when I was talking to my cousin who said "I think a ghost is haunting my house".  So, I said "Really? Well ask them who they are and what they want".  So he did and to my surprise he said "It's a girl about who looks 18-20 years old  and she wants you".  I just then thought "OH MY GOD she's back"!  So I told him to tell her to come see me. I think I must have some protection so that ghost must first be given my permission to see me.  Anyway this time she wanted me to find her mother for her since she had moved after the girls death. So I got some sense of Michigan and that was the last I have seen her.  But the two occurrences have only been in the year 2001 and very recent, so maybe she will come back some other time. To this day I don't know where she is, but would really like to see her again.

I heard this story from a friend one night while we were talking about the old cattle coral and vent for the abandoned mine, near where she lived. She told me that she and some friends had been camping out there one night and they had all gone to sleep. They had a fire and at some point; during the night, she woke up while everyone else was still asleep. She got up and sat by the fire and must of dozed off because when she opened her eyes, she saw a man that looked like an old miner/prospector sitting across from her and his eyes had an unearthly glow in them! That freaked her out and she closed her eyes because she couldn't believe what she was seeing. When she opened them again he was gone.

One night, I came home late from hanging out with friends. We live a ways out of town and there are houses around us fairly close but they usually don't leave outside lights on at night. We always have our outside lights on because it is easier to see insects and snakes if you have to be outside at night. Anyways, I was walking from my car to the house when I heard footsteps crunching in the gravel between ours and our neighbor's house. I figured our neighbor was going out to check on something in his driveway.....but then the footsteps started coming towards me. They weren't running or anything, just coming on, deliberately one step at a time. Now you'd think that if it was my neighbor coming to ask me something, he would have spoken up, but I never heard or saw nothing. It was very dark and I had no flashlight, so I don't know if it was a person or what. I just got to the door and opened it as quickly as I could, got inside and locked it behind me. I told my mom and we went outside to see if we could see anything. I naturally grabbed a gun, in case it was somebody trying to rob the houses around there, but we never saw or heard anything else.

About seven years ago, my family and I decided to go see the movie "The Sixth Sense" with Bruce Willis. After the movie my mom was searching her purse for the car keys. I happened to reach into my pocket for no reason at all and found a set of Ford car keys that didn’t look familiar at all because my father's never owned a Ford. As I held them out in my hand I asked my dad if he'd dropped them into my pocket for safe keeping. With my hand held out my dad started asking me where I'd gotten the keys. My dad suddenly began to cry begging for an answer from me, but I couldn't give him one because I had no idea where they came from. Seeing my father that upset I too started to cry and my brother and mother shortly there after. My dad finally took the keys from my hand and explained to me that these keys belonged to his grandfather that died in 1988 and there was no way that I could have had them because before I was born he'd thrown these keys into Apache Lake and there were no spares. My great grand-dad had to call a lock-smith so they could drive home from the lake. When we got home my dad kept the keys with him and later that night put them in a junk drawer of ours. The next morning I asked my dad where he'd put them because I wanted to look at them. He told me, and I went to the junk drawer but they were gone. We searched high and low and we still haven't found those keys.

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